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IdleOneHeya Jordan_U01:22
Jordan_UIdleOne: Sorry, mistyped #ubuntu-bots :)01:22
IdleOnehehe no problem01:23
elkyclub trolls, including their dear leader, are currently paying attentions to -women. please keep on the lookout and report any PM attempts here.01:36
elkyclub is persistantly trolling -women now01:59
macoelky: those 3 users currently in there whom i do not recognise?01:59
elkyI'd guess so01:59
elkythey're a creepy bunch too, so they'll be watchign the logs for here.02:00
elkyikonia, ping?02:05
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elkyIf someone sees genii around, ask him what the hell is going on.02:29
elkynhandler, out of curiosity, are you in the club channel?02:35
nhandlerelky: No. I was actually about to join and idle in there after your last comments (but then my internet connection dropped)02:35
elkynhandler, ok thanks.02:36
elkyI've had numerous of them who are not in -women PMing me also.02:36
Amaranthelky: I am03:14
ubottuJordan_U called the ops in #ubuntu (IndiGod)05:28
* nhandler is talking to IndiGod05:31
elkyAmaranth, still up?07:35
ikoniaelky: pong10:44
mahen23i need some ops help in #diaspora12:13
Seeker`how can we help you?12:21
EOFvoice me :)12:25
Seeker`why would we do that?12:28
EOFi don't know, it's probably a bad idea12:29
EOFbut so is a movie about 15-year-old moms with superpowers, but it exists12:30
topyliEOF, need any help from the operators then?12:31
Seeker`so, now you've determined that giving you +v would be a bad idea, is there anything else we can help you with?12:32
EOF( ) <<i just wanted to hug you guys12:32
EOFand leave you with a loop12:32
Seeker`thanks. Seeya.12:33
Seeker`EOF: I thought you were leaving us?12:35
Seeker`-11:32:53- :EOF : and leave you with a loop12:35
EOFi was leaving you *with*12:35
EOFas in give12:35
Seeker`that implies some sort of leaving on your part12:35
EOFand pinging me back here simply made me renotice this cannel out of qite a few12:36
Seeker`there was a point in that. Please read the topic12:36
EOFi think that there should be an ubuntu LXDE live and install media12:37
Seeker`yeah, not really on topic for here. If there isn't anything we can help you with, please /part this channel12:37
EOFcompiz is for people with ADD12:37
EOFsorry guys12:38
EOFi'm not usually drunk at 7AM12:38
EOFbut it's one of those nights12:38
Seeker`do you know what will make it better? typing /part12:38
Seeker`EOF: you leaving?12:40
EOFi rarely ever *leave* a channel12:40
Seeker`!ops | EOF12:40
ubottuEOF: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!12:40
ubottuSeeker` called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (EOF)12:40
EOFi just *leave* it open12:40
GaryEOF: please read the channel topic again12:41
EOFyou just keep saying my name12:41
EOFand i have to reply as a good summaritan12:41
Seeker`Gary: just kick him :P12:41
EOFadn wow, you guys are bored12:41
GaryEOF: we run a no-idle policy here12:42
lhavelund"requested by Gary (EOF)"12:43
lhavelundhow appropriate.12:43
Garyof more fun was my comment to ubottu - <Gary> @comment 28836 no idle policy, user was drunk12:44
* lhavelund leaps at Gary12:44
Seeker`I don't believe he was12:44
Seeker`just an excuse12:45
Seeker`he was probably 1012:45
lhavelundhis reasons aren't really relevant :p12:45
lhavelundI'm wondering why I'm not packing up and going home right now.12:45
ubottuBluesKaj called the ops in #kubuntu (Lymphocyte)14:18
ubottuLymphocyte called the ops in #kubuntu ()14:21
bazhangugh. the "its the same in development and stable version" has begun14:34
AbhiJitwhat is our policy for advertisement?16:43
AbhiJitin #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat16:43
AbhiJiti dont want to compalint. but i just come to know you that one user advertised just a commercial product there to me in pm. nothing wrong in it. product is great. but i just wanted you to know. is that ok to advertise like that?16:44
jpdsSpam is spam.16:45
PiciAbhiJit: Can you paste here what was advertized and who it was from?16:46
jpdsIt sometimes comes in a can.16:46
AbhiJitPici, jpds but you dont tell him my name.16:46
AbhiJiti paste it wait16:46
PiciAbhiJit: Thats fine, we won't.16:46
AbhiJiti dont want to hurt him or to scare him. just go smoothly with him Pici jpds16:48
jpdsAbhiJit: Best thing to do in those cases is just /ignore the person.16:49
AbhiJitjpds, yah16:49
ikonianot really advertising16:49
AbhiJiti see16:49
AbhiJitmay be16:49
AbhiJitactually its in pm thats why i suspected its advertise.16:50
AbhiJitand i dont know that user16:50
ikonialooks like he's just responding to your comment of I want to develop linux apps16:50
jpdsGoing from Java to "REAL Basic" is just like... woah.16:50
ikonia"here have you tried this - it's free"16:50
AbhiJitits not free actually. 30 day trial16:50
AbhiJitmay i go?16:54
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (P1asmaster appears to be abusive - 4.5)18:12
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (tomaw|homeless appears to be abusive - 6)18:24
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (vor1an appears to be abusive - 6)18:34
macooh jeez... a vorian impersonator now18:34
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ubottuDJones called the ops in #ubuntu (flyguy)20:32
PiciHe did the same thing in -offtopic.20:32
ubottuIn ubottu, Gogi said: but no icon is appering on my screen22:34
ikoniaGogi: hello22:35
ikoniaGogi: can we help you today ?22:37
ikoniaGogi: I can see you active in #ubuntu - can we help you with anything here in #ubuntu-ops22:39
Gogimy finger print sensor is not working on ubuntu.what to do?22:39
Gogin greetings to you22:39
ikoniaGogi: this channel is not a support channel, is the operator (admin) channel for the ubuntu core irc channels22:40
Gogithen what can i ask here?22:40
ikoniaGogi: why did you join this channel22:40
Gogimy wlan was not working so i was chatting on support channel there they gave me this link22:41
ikoniaGogi: ok, they gave you the wrong link, this channel is for administration/abuse issues in the ubuntu channels22:42
Gogioops.i am stupid.well please pardon me22:43
ikonianot a problem22:43
ikoniaGogi: always good check a channel topic with the "/topic" command22:43
Gogibut can tell which type of question can i ask at this channel22:44
Gogiok i got22:45
ikoniaGogi: check the topic22:45
Gogithanks for your assistance.22:45
Gogihave a great time.22:45
ikoniahello cyberspace123:17
cyberspace1it's my second time on irc23:18
cyberspace1i'm wondering about a few details23:18
ikoniaok, how can we help23:18
cyberspace1if i type the first letters of your name and hit tab, the rest of your name shows up23:19
cyberspace1in this mode, if i send you a message,23:19
cyberspace1do you get a notification?23:19
cyberspace1like :23:20
ikoniacyberspace1: you may want to ask in #freenode for irc basic help23:20
cyberspace1ikonia, 1try?23:20
ikoniacyberspace1: this channel is really for only dealing with issues to do with the ubuntu channels23:20
cyberspace1i see23:20
ikonia#freenode is general IRC/network help/support23:20
cyberspace1i'm going to look for freenode23:20
ikoniajust join the channel #freenode23:21
cyberspace1freenode is quiet23:22
ikoniayou're not in #freenode23:23
cyberspace1ikonia, i was in freenode-unreg23:50
cyberspace1but i got the answer23:50

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