sloopymis there a channel for KVM on server? or even just KVM?00:18
arrrghhhi know, sounds crazy right?00:19
sloopymwow, yeah last time a guessed a channel name it wasnt pretty :'/00:20
sloopymbut thanks :')00:20
arrrghhhhaha no worries00:20
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osmosisif CTRL-ALT-DEL isnt responding, are there any other hotkeys I can try?02:01
MalkavianManiacosmosis, for what?02:09
arrrghhhctrl-alt-insert i think for certain vms02:10
arrrghhhctrl-alt-end i think is a rdp thing02:10
osmosisMalkavianManiac, i found the sysreq reboot key02:10
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rivertyEvening all..03:06
rivertyCould anyone assist me with an Apache2 / SSL question?03:08
talcitehi guys, I'm looking for some debugging pointers. I've got a server that is hanging in the reboot process. It stops _right_ before halt is called and the kernel complains about it on the console. The tough part is that I don't have any ttys at that point and the logging daemons have all stopped03:30
talcitedoes anyone have any idea how I can figure out what's holding up the server?03:31
ThomasB2kI have a question. If I change my user password on my server, will everything still work correctly end-user side?03:53
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osmosisany ideas on why a win2k3 kvm guest on ubuntu server works great on hardy, but runs super slow on lucid ?05:17
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ttxScottK: thanks, tag added (tag is server-mrs, stands for "maverickrelease status" and serves to generate the our Release status page)07:17
sorenHoly crap, glusterfs 3.1 looks awesome.09:11
_rubenis that appropriate language in here ? ;)09:12
sorenFor this sort of thing, I'm sure it is. :)09:13
_rubenok :)09:13
_rubenso, what's so awesome about it? haven't looked at it in ages09:13
_rubenor better yet: what do *you think* is awesome about it, in order to prevent a rtf website response ;)09:14
sorenTrying to find the summary... hang on.09:15
sorenGlusterFS has veen teh awsome since forever. Now it's being even more awesome by letting you do everything on-line.09:15
sorenLook at section 3.09:17
_rubenlooks pretty sweet indeed09:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #648604 in openldap (main) "package libldap-2.4-2 2.4.21-0ubuntu5.3 failed to install/upgrade: cannot access archive: No such file or directory" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64860409:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #648605 in dovecot (main) "package dovecot-common 1:1.2.12-1ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should  reinstall it before attempting a removal." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64860509:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #648609 in samba (main) "unable to unmount broken cifs mount" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64860909:36
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uvirtbotNew bug: #648619 in tomcat6 (main) "tomcat6 failed to purge" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64861910:01
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crbhi, anyone got any advice on page allocation failure errors10:05
crbas per http://pastie.org/118394410:05
sorencrb: Maybe you're out of swap.10:09
sorencrb: This is on EC2, right?10:09
sorenA micro instance?10:10
crbnope, c1.medium10:11
crbMem:   1781976k total,  1463264k used,   318712k free,   193556k buffers10:11
crbSwap:   917496k total,    60760k used,   856736k free,   439176k cached10:11
crbfor example10:11
crbbest I've found in other bug reports is bad drivers10:14
crbsoren: any ideas?10:28
erichammondcrb: Are you getting these errors on multiple instances?  Have you tried moving to a new instance in case it's a problem with the underlying host?10:28
crberichammond: Yes, I'm getting them on four instances across two AZs10:29
erichammondcrb: :(10:29
crbthey're under quite a bit of load, they're our production web servers10:29
crbindications from other bugs suggest it's when the kernel can't allocate RAM for connection tracking/netfilter10:29
crbit /might/ be fixed in 2.6.35, but those error reports generally relate to a specific NIC driover10:30
crbalso reported here: http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/thread.jspa?threadID=4393910:31
sorencrb: You can expand the amount of space the kernel can use for nf contracking.10:32
erichammondcrb: What Ubuntu release?10:33
crbesh:  10.0410:34
sorencrb: cat /proc/sys/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_count10:34
sorenYou really should be getting a better error message if that's the limit you're hitting, though.10:34
soren(That's the current count, not the limit)10:35
crbnot there10:35
sorenThe file is missing?10:35
crbI don't think thats my specific error, thats what I found in reading a similar backtrace related to madwifi10:35
crbI doubt I'm running conntrack10:36
crbthese are just web server nodes10:36
sorenAh, right, if iptables aren't loaded at all, that makes sense.10:36
crbmy pastie doesn't refer to conntrack, though it does refer to nf_hook_slow, nf_iterate10:36
crbi'm assuming nf == netfilter10:36
sorenIt is.10:37
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_chris_hej all11:50
_chris_we have a small linux server here with a small hdd. we want to get a bigger hdd and move the whole installation on it, can this be done with clonezilla for example without problems ?11:51
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qman___chris_, not sure if clonezilla is aimed at that sort of thing, but yes, you can simply do a disk image from one to the other11:57
qman__using dd, if nothing else11:57
qman__and then resizing the filesystem11:57
brontosaurusrexwhats the easy way to install apache h264mod?11:57
brontosaurusrexstreaming module that is11:57
qman__brontosaurusrex, doesn't look like it's in the repositories11:59
qman__I'd look for a PPA11:59
brontosaurusrexqman__, ok12:00
qman__failing that, if the creator of the software doesn't have a .deb download, compiling from source is the last resort12:02
qman__if you have to compile though, use checkinstall or similar to create your own package, rather than just 'make install'12:02
qman__to make it easy to upgrade or remove later12:02
brontosaurusrexqman__, nah, i will not compile myself and there seems to be no ppa on https://launchpad.net, only for lighttpd12:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #648527 in clamav (main) "continuance from password changer .Bug 647912" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64852712:39
a_okWhat is the prefered tool to encode WAV to MP3?12:50
joschia_ok: lame13:01
classical__how can i view what is in zip file without unziping it ?13:35
joschiclassical__: `unzip -l /path/to/file.zip`13:37
classical__joschi, txh13:39
classical__joschi, thx*13:39
SeidrHeya - you might see this question alot but I've got to ask it anyway. Are there any known issues in with Ubuntu when using ISPConfig 3 and Jailkit (version 2.12, most recent version) - as I can't for the life of me get new users to be created jailed! :(13:58
SeidrI followed the Perfect Server guide for Ubuntu 10.04 guide on HowtoForge13:59
SeidrThe main issue I seem to be having is the shell is always set to /bin/false, not /usr/sbin/jk_chrootsh when a new user is set as Jailed14:06
yellabshello all14:34
Seidr2Hi yellabs14:35
yellabswhat would be the option to install ubuntu server , to run on one computer and , then multi virtual machines on that pc14:35
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SeidrI can't say I've had a whole load of experience in running VMs on a server, but I have used VMWare in a limited capacity before14:38
yellabsor in other words, the best way to use ubuntu for virtualisation14:38
yellabsesx server ?14:38
SeidrSomeone else might be able to give you a better answer though - if anyone else is awake that is. I'm waiting for someone to answer myself14:38
yellabsSeidr, and what was your question ? i might know that14:39
SeidrIt's regarding ISPConfing, Jailkit(2.12) and Ubuntu 10.04. I followed the Perfect Server guide on HowtoForge to the letter (including installing Jailkit BEFORE ISPConfig) yet any user I create jailed from ISPConfig has their shell set as /bin/false14:40
Seidrthere doesn't seem to be any interaction between ISPConfig and Jailkit at all going on in the logs14:40
joschiyellabs: vmware esx is another operating system. you probably mean vmware server14:43
joschiyellabs: what kind of virtualization do you want? os-level virtualization (e.g. openvz), paravirtualization (e.g. xen) or full virtualization (e.g. virtualbox, kvm, vmware server)?14:43
yellabsi thought kvm would be closer to ubuntu14:45
yellabs ISPConfing, Jailkit(2.12) and Ubuntu 10.04. , thats a hard one14:46
SeidrI was afraid of that - the guide calls for 2.11, however the changes between 2.11 and 2.12 are very minor so I doubt it's a compatibility issue14:47
Seidrespecially as I'm seeing no errors during ISPConfig setup and no errors in the auth log14:47
yellabsi think you followed this tutorial ? http://howtoforge.net/perfect-server-ubuntu-10.04-lucid-lynx-ispconfig-3-p414:48
Seidrthat's correct14:48
yellabsand you are not the only one with the error , http://serverfault.com/questions/185012/ubuntu-10-04-pefect-server-jailkit-2-12-not-working14:49
yellabsbut there are few who have attempted to do it14:49
SeidrHah - uhm, that would be me :)14:49
SeidrI'm just about to go through the process on a VM, to be sure I've not made a stupid mistake somewhere14:49
Seidr(it was late at night when I setup the server, so it's entirely possible)14:49
ttxSpamapS: ping14:50
Seidrbut I've even gone back, removed ISPConfig and made doubly sure Jailkit is installed before proceeding again, so I'm stumped14:50
yellabsmaybe the best thing, although it takes time, is to find out who wrote the tutorial and e-mail him / her14:50
SeidrMm - agreed - once I've gone through this VM setup and confirmed the problem I think I'll do just that.14:50
SeidrThanks for your time yellabs14:51
yellabsor install it again , but using the old 2.11, as said in tutorial14:52
yellabsgod luck14:53
yellabsgood luck *14:53
yellabsbye bye14:53
zulhggdh: ping15:17
hggdhzul: at your service, sir15:18
zulhggdh: did you reproduce that dovecot bug?15:18
hggdhzul: I had it happening to me while going thru a dist-upgrade on Saturday15:19
zulhggdh: how did you reproduce it15:19
zuldid you have like proposed enable as well?15:19
hggdhzul: I did not _reproduce_, I just found a bypass. I am still at loss on what might have caused it... I was going, now, to reinstall dovecot to see if it triggers the issue15:20
hggdh(apt-get --reinstall install dovecot-...)15:21
zulhggdh: gotcha15:21
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hggdhbut *both* 'stop dovecot' and 'start dovecot' would hang15:21
hggdhzul: proposed on Maverick?15:22
zulhggdh: proposed on lucid15:29
hggdhzul: I am running Maverick15:29
zulhggdh: k im able to reproduce it15:34
yunoshhi, i'm trying to pick an iso image when creating a new vm with virt-manager, but the file dialog doesn't show any directories or files15:37
yunoshand if i specify the path manually, it doesn't find the media :(15:42
* zul shakes his fist at upstart15:51
JamesPagezul: having fun?15:53
zulJamesPage: %$#!$%...no15:53
hggdhzul: I have a small issue with upstart: my /tmp fs does not get cleaned on restart. So I run upstart with --debug and... it works...16:12
hggdhso: welcome to the group :-)16:12
zulhggdh: ?!?!16:13
hggdhzul: the group of people surprised by it16:13
ttxSpamapS: reping16:14
ttxsmoser: i'm away Thursday, will you be around to drive the cloud images RC release ?16:22
smoserttx, do you know of any reason not to use today's images for expected RC ?16:22
smoserie, that i can't start testing today ?16:22
qjcgthe version of lighttpd available (1.4.19-0ubuntu3.1) on Hardy has a bug ( http://redmine.lighttpd.net/issues/897 ) that's causing me problems... aside from doing a dist-upgrade or manually installing a new version of lighttpd, are there any other solutions? I don't think there's a backport of a newer version available...16:23
ttxsmoser: I'd use the first one generated after the freeze (00:00 UTC tomorrow)16:24
smoserah. ok.16:24
ttxsmoser: for consistency reasons (RC in cloud images ~= RC in the rest)16:24
smoseryeah. definitely.16:24
ttxsmoser: unless you *know* something introduced today breaks everything :)16:24
smoserwell, i know, i'm just not telling16:24
ttxsmoser: good good.16:25
MTecknologyAny of you know of a good heartbeat system for monitoring server and website uptime?16:36
SpamapSttx: ppppooonnnggggg16:49
ttxSpamapS: heeyyy16:49
ttxSpamapS: so everything freezes tonight, 00:00 UTC on Tuesday16:49
SpamapSttx: Haven't seen feedback on the apache bug16:50
ttxSpamapS: I think your apache proposed fix is a bit too scary at that point, do you concur ?16:50
ttxSpamapS: I commented on the BMP16:50
SpamapSttx: drizzle is nearly done16:50
zulttx: http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/dovecot-debdiff.patch16:51
SpamapSttx: yes, I think it needs a good solid review by the security team, though its straight forward enough I think it should be SRU'able if they're comfortable with it.16:51
ttxSpamapS: full ack. I'll remove it from release radar16:51
thesheff17I need to increase the number of file open handlers for ubuntu 10.04...I have done this for 8.04 but I have a feeling that the /etc/pam.d/common-session session required        pam_limits.so isn't taking...anyone do this for 10.04 yet?16:52
kinygoshi...is this the ubuntu server development channel?16:54
kinygosi'm looking for help with a support(ish) question on ubuntu server16:55
kinygosi heard that ubuntu server 9 is coming to the end of its support lifetime...will it be challenging to upgrade a server running ubuntu 9.04 that's hosting a web application?16:56
kinygosi'm about to go live with a new web application, but the hosting company only provides ubuntu 9.04 on their dedicated servers...i'm concerned that if something comes up that forces me to upgrade ubuntu, i'll be stuck as it will be in production and every minute of downtime will be costly16:58
thesheff17kinygos: best bet would be to install 9.04 on another server, configure your software, do a dist upgrade and see what happens17:00
thesheff17kinygos: don't do it directly on production.17:01
thesheff17kinygos: upgrading the os is the easy part..making sure your application still works is the hard part.17:01
goldcoveUbuntu JeOS, I'm unable to get programs that segfaults to produce core dumps. I've tried to "ulimit -c unlimited", but this does not come into effect as coredump is stuck at 0. Is there a way to fix this?17:16
Riddelljiboumans: how are we looking for starting RC testing tomorrow?17:20
DatzHi, I was wondering what the lastest upgrades were;  linux-headers-2.6.32-25{a} from  linux-headers-2.6.32-24{u}?17:22
DatzI don't beleive there is a changelog entry17:26
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mathiazttx: o/ - I'll take the RC release management over17:45
jdstrandsmoser: hey. this may be a dumb question, but a) what is the most up to date ec2 image for maverick and b) can you point me to the latest/most up to date/relevant wiki page for ec2 and ubuntu?17:50
smoserhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EC2StartersGuide is probably the best place to start.17:51
smoserit has pointers to maverick images17:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #645773 in chkrootkit (main) "chkutmp crashed with SIGSEGV in _Unwind_Backtrace()" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64577317:51
smoserwhich is  17:51
jdstrandsmoser: perfection. thanks17:51
smoserand available programattically from stuff under http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query/17:52
smoserie: http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query/maverick/server/daily.current.txt17:52
zulmathiaz: ping did you have a look at ttx's email?18:09
mathiazzul: yes18:09
mathiazzul: what's the status of bug 64685818:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 646858 in dovecot "dovecot-postfix and upstart incompatibility" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64685818:09
mathiazzul: ?18:09
zulmathiaz: that debdiff fixes the bug18:09
zuland we got confirmation from someone else that it fixes it18:10
zulmathiaz: i just want someone to review the debdiff and get an ack18:11
* mathiaz looks at the bug18:11
mathiazzul: were you able to reproduce the bug?18:17
zulmathiaz: yep18:17
mathiazzul: what is the problem?18:18
zulmathiaz,: hggdh did as well18:18
zulmathiaz: upstart looses track of the pid so it doesnt shutdown18:18
mathiazzul: I'm trying to understand what the problem is in order to check that the patch addresses the correct problem18:19
mathiazzul: is there any debugging traces that the problem with upstart is losing pids?18:20
zulmathiaz: thats fine because it does18:20
zulmathiaz: no there isnt18:20
mathiazzul: so how do you know that upstart looses track of the pid?18:20
zulmathiaz: because when i do a status dovecot it reports the wrong pid18:21
kinygosthesheff17: thank you very much for the advice...apologies for the delay, i had a real life issue to deal with :)18:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #649114 in samba (main) "package winbind 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64911418:22
thesheff17kinygos: np18:22
mathiazzul: do you have any idea why ttx is not able to reproduce the problem?18:23
mathiazzul: hggdh: what is different in your environement?18:23
zulmathiaz: no..but to reproduce it i had to set the postfix to local configuration18:24
zulmathiaz: its possible he didnt have postfix configured18:25
mathiazzul: I think the debdiff is correct. Given that where we are in the release cycle (about to enter RC freeze) I'd like to make *sure* the patch is actually correct18:26
mathiazzul: and not a shot in the dark like... hm it seems to work18:26
mathiazzul: to do so I'd like to fully understand what the problem is18:27
mathiazzul: and prove that the patch is addressing the issue18:27
zulmathiaz: go ahead ill be waiting :)18:27
hggdhmathiaz: I do not run postfix18:27
mathiazzul: hggdh: could you outline a specific configuration that shows the problem?18:28
mathiazand then start upstart in debug mode to figure out why it gets stuck?18:28
zulmathiaz: sure configure postfix to be a local in lucid and upgrade to maverick18:28
mathiazhggdh: is your setup easier?18:28
mathiazhggdh: is it an upgrade from lucid as well?18:29
hggdhmathiaz: no, I was already in maverick, running a dist-upgrade that included dovecot18:29
mathiazhggdh: do you have postfix installed in the system that show cased the bug?18:29
hggdhmathiaz: just confirmed, I do have it, for local delivery18:31
mathiazhggdh: is dovecot-postfix installed?18:31
hggdhmathiaz: no18:31
mathiazhggdh: is dovecot configured to use SASL?18:32
hggdhmathiaz: no. Active dovecot config: http://pastebin.com/TXRnHh1L18:33
ziarkaenAs .img files are not produced any more, what is the best way to install latest server edition via USB?19:02
mathiazziarkaen: you can create bootable usb drive with usb-creator19:03
mathiazziarkaen: and a -server iso19:03
ziarkaenSorry, I'm not running Ubuntu; I'm using another distro.19:04
ziarkaenIs that utility released as source tarball?19:04
mathiazzul: nope19:06
mathiazzul: I haven't reproduce the issue yet19:06
mathiazzul: could you start up a test system that is not working and turn upstart debug on?19:07
mathiazzul: the goal is to check why dovecot fails to restart19:07
zulmathiaz: sure but you should able to do a sudo start dovecot and then sudo stop dovecot as well to reproduce it19:07
mathiazzul: well - I tried - and it works as expected19:08
zulmathiaz: did you have postfix-dovecot installed?19:08
mathiazzul: yes - I've install dovecot-postfix19:08
zulfrom lucid?19:08
mathiazzul: note that this is a brand new maverick install19:08
RoyKmathiaz: heh - you're playing with fire19:09
zulmathiaz: please try the upgrade from lucid with dovecot-postfix installed and postfix configured19:09
mathiazhggdh: is your system also an upgrade from lucid?19:10
mathiazhggdh: is your *dovecot* system also an upgrade from lucid?19:10
mathiazzul: could you compare your lucid dovecot configuration to maverick configuration?19:10
mathiazzul: in /etc/dovecot/ ?19:10
mathiazzul: there may be a change during the upgrade?19:10
zulmathiaz: yes it prompted for a chance19:11
zulchange even19:11
mathiazzul: so the old configuration files should be laying around on the upgraded system19:11
mathiazzul: as .dpkg-{old, new}19:11
mathiazzul: what has changed?19:11
zulmathiaz: just a sec19:12
hggdhmathiaz: yes, I upgraded it from Lucid some 3 months ago19:12
mathiazhggdh: ok19:12
hggdhmathiaz: and I had to hand-stitch the Lucid config for Maverick19:13
zulmathiaz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/501671/19:14
mathiazzul: what's the content of include_try /etc/dovecot/auth.d/*.auth19:14
mathiazzul: ?19:15
mathiazzul: and include_try /etc/dovecot/conf.d/*.conf19:16
mathiazzul: ?19:16
holsteinziarkaen: http://www.revouser.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=79419:19
holstein^^ is that helpful...19:19
uvirtbotholstein: Error: "^" is not a valid command.19:19
ziarkaenholstein, That seems like a specific installation problem; I'm more after an official method to install ubuntu-server from another distro with usb.19:21
holsteinziarkaen: can you use unetbootin on that distro?19:22
ziarkaenholstein, Yes.19:23
holsteini havent tried it personally, but i have suggested it with the ubuntustudio iso19:23
holsteinanother alternate installer19:23
holsteinand i was told it worked19:23
ziarkaenholstein, Thanks.19:25
jdstrandsmoser: last question. looking at http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query/lucid/desktop/daily.current.txt I see 'ebs' and 'instance-store'. what is the difference? (I know ebs is elastic block storage, but don't know what that means in the report)19:31
smoserhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Images has a *little* more info on what you can find there.19:32
smoserbut basically that is the 'root store' . there are two types of instances, ebs root and instance-store.19:32
smoserebs root has root filesystem on a ebs volume19:32
jdstrandthat is what I was thinking19:32
smoserinstance-store has root filesystem on the instance store (ie, when system goes away, so does the root fs)19:33
jdstrandsmoser: so ebs is going to be more expensive?19:33
smoseryou pay 10 cents per GB/Month of provisioned storage19:33
smoserand you pay per IO ops also onto ebs19:33
smoserso, yes, it will be $1.50 / month + IO ops19:34
jdstrandsmoser: thanks again19:34
jdstrandsmoser: hrm:19:49
jdstrandec2-run-instances ami-4ef9a80b -k ec2-keypair -t c1.xlarge19:49
jdstrandClient.InvalidAMIID.NotFound: The AMI ID 'ami-4ef9a80b' does not exist19:49
smoserthat is in us-west-119:50
smoserec2-run-instances -region us-west-1 <....>19:50
jdstrandI didn't see that in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EC2StartersGuide19:50
smoser(i missed a -)19:50
smoserhttp://uec-images.ubuntu.com/server/maverick/current/ has cut and paste lines19:51
smoseri think that SpamapS has some "launch latest" scripts19:51
smoserbut he hides them from me19:51
zulsmoser: because you are not apart of the secret society...besides you have to show the dance19:52
mathiazzul: ok - I'm able to reproduce bug 64685819:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 646858 in dovecot "dovecot-postfix and upstart incompatibility" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64685819:55
mathiazzul: the problem seems triggered by managesieve19:55
mathiazzul: without managesieve dovecot doesn't spawn an extra process and upstart is able to keep track of it19:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #649189 in samba (main) "Samba fails to bind IPv6 on boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64918919:55
zulmathiaz: acked19:56
mathiazzul: with managesieve enabled dovecot spawns another process and upstart looses track of it19:56
zulmathiaz: have you tried the debdiff?19:57
overlord_tmIs it possible to kickstart lucid install with lvm on sw raid, or i have to use preseed?19:57
mathiazzul: the debdiff looks good - please go ahead with the upload20:12
zulmathiaz: thanks20:12
heyblondieAfter installing LAMP, I would like apache to use a www directory on and ntfs partition as the webroot directory. Is that possible?20:12
hggdhis bug 648202 something we should consider for Maverick? I personally do not think so, but...20:13
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 648202 in vsftpd "vsftpd started even if not in standalone mode" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64820220:13
zulmathiaz: thanks20:13
heyblondiehelp with apache configuration anyone, or should I be in another channel?20:15
billybigriggerheyblondie, your config is possible20:19
RoyK(s)he left20:19
mathiazSpamapS: hi - are you working on the drizzle FTBS?20:39
mathiazDaviey: hey!20:41
mathiazDaviey: any news on bug 644733?20:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 644733 in eucalyptus "On upgrade from Lucid to Maverick CC entries in /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus.local.conf are commented out" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64473320:41
Davieymathiaz, working on it atm20:43
mathiazDaviey: great - will you need sponsoring?20:44
Davieymathiaz, aye20:44
Davieymathiaz, Well actually, right now... i'm trying to sort out a db schema issue20:44
* mathiaz guesses it means yes?20:44
mathiazDaviey: I'll be offline for a few hours20:48
Davieymathiaz, ok20:48
mathiazDaviey: I should be back a couple of hours before the freeze is in effect20:48
mathiazDaviey: which is at 00:00 UTC20:48
Davieymathiaz, cool20:48
jdstrandsmoser: ok, so I finally got an image started. I can't ssh, so I looked at the console and see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/501737/20:57
jdstrandsmoser: is this known?20:57
jdstrandsmoser: this is ami-f863899120:57
smoserbug 61327320:57
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 613273 in linux "kernel panic on ec2 in system_call_fastpath" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61327320:58
smoserrestart it20:58
smoserec2 reboot-instances <instance-id>20:58
jdstrandsmoser: should I just do that until it comes up?20:59
smoserit should come up next time21:00
max2hey all i'm having an issue with raid45 - i keep getting : "raid45" is not in the kernel - how can i fix this so my raid5 works? thanks - im installing ubuntu server 10 amd6421:03
jdstrandsmoser: yes, it did. I got confused for a second forgetting that the console is not updated immediately21:04
ChmEarlmax2, do you want to use mdmonitor and software raid? or do you have an onboard fakeraid chip?21:05
max2<ChmEarl> I have an intel board with SATA Raid - and 3x 1GB drives21:05
smoserjdstrand, yeah, thats a pita21:05
jdstrandsmoser: sorry about me being a pita-- it's been a little while since I cranked up an instance :)21:06
max2in the raid bio config i setup a RAID5 for the 3 drives - but i keep getting "is not in the kernel" error21:06
ChmEarlmax2, then lucid-server might be missing the dmraid21:06
smoserjdstrand, no problem.21:06
max2its a bug that has been an issue for over 2 years21:06
JavaAtomSimilar question -- can I put together a software raid (via mdadm) and use multiple hard drives + a partition that is slightly smaller without reducing the usage of each disk to the smaller size?21:06
ChmEarlraid45 is the dmraid stuff21:06
ChmEarlmax2, try the alternate CD21:07
max2<ChmEarl> why? i just got this iso off the site21:07
_rubenJavaAtom: only when using raid0 (which isnt really raid)21:07
max2its the only x64 iso avail21:07
JavaAtom_ruben: So I can't do a raid-5 of sorts like that?21:07
_rubenJavaAtom: raid1/5/10/etc all require equal sized members21:08
JavaAtom_ruben: ahhhh shazbot.21:08
_rubenJavaAtom: and thus will use the largest *common* size available21:08
JavaAtomwell, dropping 30G off of each 1TB drive isn't *too* bad, you think?21:08
JavaAtom(I've got six drives)21:09
max2no one knows how to get raid5 working?21:09
_rubenJavaAtom: why would you chop off a part of only 1 disk?21:09
_rubenmax2: unless you plan to dual boot with windows or something similar, forget about the raid bios and go with plain software raid (mdadm) instead21:09
JavaAtom_ruben: because one of the discs has a normal partition scheme (within about 30GB) and then the rest was used for an LVM partition, which got lumped together with five other 1TB drives to give nearly 6TB of usable space.21:10
max2<_ruben> so how should my STAT drives be setup then?21:10
JavaAtom_ruben: I'd like to use the remaining 900GB on that first disk without installing the whole OS to the raid.21:10
max2isnt hardware raid better then software raid?21:11
_rubenmax2: fakeraid isnt hardware raid21:11
JavaAtommax2: It's supposed to be, but software raid can do interesting things.21:11
max2why will raid5 not work?21:11
_rubenhardware raid >> software raid >> fakeraid21:11
_rubendunno, never cared for fakeraid myself21:11
_rubensoftware raid tends to outperform it easily21:12
max2so i should just set my raid sata drives as notmal drives and use LVM?21:12
JavaAtomhah. I just had a drive fail on that setup <re max2>21:13
_rubenJavaAtom: personally i'd go for creating 2 raid volumes, one for os, one for storage, or just one big one, and carve up using lvm for both os and data21:13
max2i just want to use raid5 with linux21:13
max2why is that so hard21:13
max2this sucks21:13
_rubenmax2: lvm has nothing to do with this21:13
NorkaknHi, I have an md RAID 10, with one disk that drops because of bad blocks.  is there a way to use badblocks or something to get it to just map out the bad ones until we can replace the disk?21:13
_rubensoftware raid can do raid5 just fine21:13
_rubenmy home fileserver has software raid5 over 6 1tb disks21:13
JavaAtommax2: See, the complaints don't help. "This sucks" is counterproductive and generally makes people like myself unhelpful.21:14
max2im just frustrated because this has been a bug for years21:14
JavaAtommax2: No worries. I feel your frustration.21:14
_rubenmax2: configure bios as normal sata disks, and in ubuntu server installer configure the software raid, and then lvm on top of the software raid21:14
JavaAtom_ruben: Maybe I can do what you just suggested to max2...21:14
_rubenmax2: the real bug is hardware vendors still shipping fakeraid chipsets21:14
max2so i should set all my disks to "non-raid"21:14
_rubenmax2: yes21:14
_rubenmax2: and then let the os (ubuntu) do the raid part21:15
max2okay ill do that21:15
_rubeneasier to maintain, and most likely better performance as well21:15
_rubenNorkakn: not that im aware of, i'd just pull the disk and get a replacement asap21:16
Norkakn_ruben: thanks.  I remember them thinking about adding support for it, but I'm not seeing anything about it going live21:16
_rubenNorkakn: ic, i must admit i dont follow the software raid (mdadm) development very closely21:17
_rubenugh .. writing ip addressing schemes is a pita .. ipv4: too little ip addresses .. ipv6: too much ip addresses :p21:20
JavaAtom_ruben: heh -- I'm in the middle of a migration from to a
_rubenJavaAtom: smart move :)21:23
_rubencant wait to get rid of our .. it's almost as bad as using 192.168.{0.1}.0/24 ;)21:23
JavaAtom_ruben: Yeah, well, when you have 8 ip addresses free and you hire three people... that should throw up some flags. :P21:23
JavaAtomah hell, what's the netmask end up being?21:24
_rubenthat'd be /1621:24
JavaAtomah, that's what I thought.21:24
* RoyK renicks failover to fallover21:39
max2so is it a good idea to use LVM with software raid5?21:57
_rubenmax2: i'd say it is22:01
_rubenit adds a layer of flexibility22:01
_ruben(back in the day one couldnt partition mdadm volumes, so it was either building a lot of arrays, or use lvm to carve up an array)22:01
max2so i setup my software raid5 and then setup lvm22:02
_rubenthat's what i tend to do, yes22:04
_rubengrub1 (not sure about grub2) cant have /boot on lvm though, i also tend to create a seperate raid volume for /boot (without lvm)22:05
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sourcemaker_is there a good wiki how to install and setup PROCMAIL + IMAP + FETCHMAIL?22:28
max2should i include all my partitions in my lvm group?22:31
fluvvellcan anyone clarify when chrooting, when is it necessary to mount /dev/ and /dev/pts and /sys  : I've been doing this but can't remember why.23:13
fluvvellI should add that the tree I'm chrooting to is a full system.23:13
dominicdinadahow to add a git repository for some reason i keep getting failed to initialize23:19
dominicdinadafor following these instructions23:21
thesheff17dominicdinada: http://pthree.org/2008/11/28/setup-a-git-repository/23:25
thesheff17dominicdinada: that how to has worked really well for me.23:26
dominicdinadathesheff17: thanks for the info i got git-core etc already23:30
jeeves_MossI know Ubuntu's ruby package is messed, but I can't remember the work around for this error.  anyone?  http://pastebin.ca/194997623:44

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