moisohaha sorry mate00:02
moisoso, you installed spanish language pack in 10.10, and it says "adelante" ?00:03
UndiFineDAtr`as and Adelante00:05
UndiFineDeh Atr'as00:06
UndiFineDok ok, I'll do it, fire up the character thing00:06
moisowhat do we do? if there is something to do? Or as i said, I change the text to math the button00:07
UndiFineDAtrĂ¡s and Adelante00:07
UndiFineDwell in one of the above 3 packages it is diffirent than what you'd expect00:08
UndiFineDI do not understand what those google pages say, but my bet, by occuring so often, more spanish people encountered this ?00:09
UndiFineDis this true ?00:09
UndiFineDif so, either in pygtk it is wrong or the python webbrowser thing00:10
UndiFineDgtk we already checked00:10
UndiFineDand if we know which, we can report it to them00:11
UndiFineDpygtk translations are done in ubuntu translations, which means it could be anywhere00:12
moisoi checked with other spanish user over the ubuntu-es forum. It seems they00:23
moisoit seems adelante it used in ubuntu00:23
UndiFineDdoes adelante make more sense in "next song"00:32
UndiFineDtomorrow another day01:04
UndiFineDIm off to bed01:04
moisono undifined, for next song it should be "siguiente"01:08
=== zz_Crisco is now known as Crisco
Muscovymoiso, thanks for helping. :D03:08
moisoyou're welcome. I love this community attitude!05:59
UndiFineDgood morning07:21
aprilgHi everyone10:30
aprilgUndiFineD you there?10:30
UndiFineDhay aprilg13:41
UndiFineDi am away for about 5 hours15:21
SilasleHi UndiFineD17:45
webrskHi UndiFineD and Silasle :)17:53
UndiFineDlightbox works fine :)18:35
SilasleExcept that forward and back isn't working18:36
UndiFineDi had no issue going forward18:37
SilasleIn lightbox?18:38
UndiFineDno I did not try that18:38
UndiFineDehm this does not seem markup language consistent .... <screenshot src="" /></screenshot>23:14
UndiFineDeither <screenshot src=""></screenshot>23:15
UndiFineDor <screenshot src="" />23:15

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