kklimondahmm, is it good idea to add u1 ribbon to $HOME/Downloads?00:04
kklimondaas it is a default folder for various applications to save downloaded data in it's going to be big.00:05
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duanedesignmorning all10:27
rodrigo_hi duanedesign11:30
duanedesignhey rodrigo_11:31
* duanedesign is working on a creative uses for ubuntu one blog post.11:33
duanedesignbut i am having trouble coming up with a cron job that will take a screenshot of your desktop every N minutes and save with a unique name.11:36
rodrigo_duanedesign, having trouble with picking a unique name?11:40
ryeduanedesign, i keep coming up with doc/docx/otherproprietaryformats convertor that will work by sharing the folder with some other user, which may run all sort of magic software chain that will print the data into pdf and put the generated file back into the share... Every time i think about that I feel that it is not needed :)11:44
duanedesignrodrigo_: yes the rodrigo_ i think that is where the problem is. "/home/duanedesign/$(date=%m-%l-%M).png"  is not working11:45
popeyduanedesign: how about a webcam saving images in your u1 storage?11:45
ryeduanedesign, $(date +%m-%l-%M) ?11:46
ryepopey, that can be done by camE btw11:46
popeythere's a command line "webcam" package which can do it too, thats what I use11:46
duanedesignrye: well the whole line is: 01 04 * * * import -window root -quality 100 "/home/duanedesign/Ubuntu\ One/screenshots/$(date=%m-%l-%M).png"11:46
ryeduanedesign, it will try to run "date=%m-%l-%M" which is not really a command i believe11:47
popeyI get...11:48
popeyimport: unable to open image `/home/alan/Ubuntu\ One/screenshots/.png':  @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2498.11:48
ryepopey, $() expansion breaks11:48
rodrigo_duanedesign, replace that with `date +%Y%m%d`11:49
ryeduanedesign, erm, what is the intended expansion for %m-%l-%M ? it gives pretty strange 09- 1-49.png result now11:49
rodrigo_duanedesign, the '+' is the key11:50
ryeduanedesign, and the space before that + :)11:50
rodrigo_duanedesign, or $(date  +%Y%m%d)11:50
rodrigo_yeah, and the space11:50
duanedesignthank you all!11:51
popeyalso, use a better date format than USA!11:51
popeythen it sorts properly11:51
popeythe USA date format of MM-DD-YYYY is demented in the extreme for file names11:52
duanedesignpopey: yeah the results coming back are weird....11:52
rodrigo_duanedesign, yeah, yyyymmdd is the best, for sorting11:54
duanedesignwhat is @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/249812:03
ryeduanedesign, have you seen lp:~chipaca/+junk/watgui ?12:10
ryeduanedesign, i believe that error is because screenshots folder does not exist12:11
duanedesignrye: /me looking12:19
Chipacakklimonda: I created an old-style u1 token and it started working for me12:58
Chipacakklimonda: so if you have oauthdesktop lying around in some old bzr branch, that's what you want to do :)12:59
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Chipacarye: duanedesign: have you played with that? (the watgui thing)13:39
Chipacarye: duanedesign: you need an old-style (pre-sso) token to get to couch, because of a bug server-side13:40
duanedesignChipaca: i was just trying it13:42
duanedesignChipaca: i am getting http://paste.rtg.in.ua/adddfc9f5c3d54a2c2c494298f90301f/13:50
Chipacaduanedesign: you need the gir1.0-soup-2.4 package13:51
duanedesignaha, that the package13:52
ryeChipaca, i played with that and I won!13:53
duanedesignChipaca: yes, much better now :)13:55
Chipacarye: did you get couch to couch?13:56
ryeChipaca, nope, I am not among the lucky $numberofpeoplewithreplicationenabled13:56
Chipacarye: aha. So what does going to the couch url do for you?13:57
duanedesigni got the 50313:58
ryeChipaca, http://ubuntuone.com/p/HjJ/13:59
ryeChipaca, 503 to be short13:59
Chipacaah well14:00
ryeanybody got alt+PrintScreen running in Maverick?14:00
duanedesignrye: on my lappy it is sysrq instead of prtsc14:03
duanedesignfn + sys rq == screenshot14:03
ryeduanedesign, alt+printscreen should yield the screenshot of the current active window only14:05
psypher246hi ubuntuone team, anyone there?14:24
duanedesignhello psypher24614:27
psypher246hi duane, trying to get my pc added a computer agina, but I can't get to that screen at all14:28
psypher246it was removeed cos the client got confused and told me i need ot add it again14:28
psypher246in the end i removed both and now i can't add it again14:29
psypher246where is the button, add this pc?14:29
psypher246REALLY hope I don't have to upload 20GB again14:30
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psypher246duanedesign: you there?14:31
duanedesignhello, sorry14:32
duanedesignpsypher246: ok can you try the following14:32
duanedesignpsypher246: close the Ubuntu One Preferences (if  open)14:33
duanedesignpsypher246: open a Terminal and run the command:   u1sdtool -q; killall ubuntuone-login; u1sdtool -c14:33
duanedesignthis should open the browser and prompt you to add your computer14:34
psypher246just hanging after:14:35
psypher246$ u1sdtool -q; killall ubuntuone-login; u1sdtool -c14:35
psypher246ubuntuone-syncdaemon stopped.14:35
duanedesignpsypher246: can you open Applications > Preferences >. Password and Encryption Keys14:37
duanedesignsorry, applications > accessories14:37
psypher246yeah i had to dfelete that whoile gnome kyrimg folder cos i changed my password14:38
duanedesignpsypher246: ok so there is no Ubuntu One Token left in Seahorse?14:39
psypher246well there was now14:39
duanedesignif there is could you right-click and delete it14:40
duanedesignpsypher246: ok did the terminal command finally give you a dbus error?14:40
psypher246ok u1sdtool -c does not start the clinet, client started now from me menu and NOW it's asking to join pc, why does the clinet not start with -c?14:40
duanedesignpsypher246: usually when a u1sdtool hangs like that the syncdaemon is busy doing something and not able to respond to your command at the moment14:44
psypher246ok well it looks like it's working. do you know how to get ubuntu one to sync my private encrypted folder?14:45
psypher246tried the right click and sync with ubuntu one, well that just crashed nautilus and now that option is greyed out14:45
ryepsypher246, if you want to sync Private folder you should know that your data will not be encrypted on the servers, if you want to sync .Private folder then the events about file changes may not reach syncdaemon14:55
duanedesignpsypher246: you can check if it 'took' with the command: u1sdtool --list-folders14:55
psypher246no i tried it did take the command15:00
psypher246rye: so trying either private or .private won't work15:00
psypher246so i DIDn'T take the folder and sync it15:01
psypher246list folder shows nothin15:01
ryepsypher246, Private will work but it will not be that private and I had mixed results with using .Private15:01
ryepsypher246, let me try this again15:01
psypher246ok how bout this15:01
ryenow on Maverick :)15:01
psypher246ag forget it it won't work15:01
psypher246so hopefully someday we can have encrypted folders as well on u115:02
psypher246best i can do i create a new encrypted folder in the u1 folder mount it and manually sync my important info which must be encrypted to that folder. will that work?15:03
zeroXtenanyone else having problems with U1 syncing atm?15:15
ryezeroXten, what issue are you experiencing?15:18
zeroXtenahh.. it has gone up15:19
zeroXtenvery slow, and it looks like perhaps the UI doesn't update unless its reopened15:19
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Chipacakklimonda: ping19:11
Chipacakklimonda: have you been able to get the old token?19:11
Chipacakklimonda: if no, can you apply http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/501670/ and tell me if it works for you?19:12
kklimondaChipaca: no, I don't know where to look for it19:12
Chipacanessita: kklimonda has a sso token and a low user id19:13
Chipacanessita: so he's testing :)19:13
kklimondaChipaca: with the patch I get "{"error":"invalid_token","reason":"Invalid OAuth token."}" when I open magic:couch19:14
Chipacakklimonda: rather than the 'bad consumer' you got before19:14
kklimondayes, it's a new error :)19:15
ChipacaI suspected as much19:15
Chipacanessita: thisfred: ^19:15
nessitaChipaca: who's returning that? I mean, who is validating the token and against what source?19:15
Chipacanessita: I think that is couch itself19:16
nessitaright, and is querying the account database... I guess?19:16
Chipacanessita: no, it queers the users database19:16
Chipacanessita: *disastrous* consequences... or wonderful, depending which side of the closet you're on19:17
* Chipaca stops19:17
nessitaChipaca: I know an account database and a storage database. Which one is users? :-)19:18
Chipacanessita: the couchdb _users database19:18
Chipacanessita: open futon and look at yours :)19:19
Chipacanessita: the ubuntu one's one is ... slightly larger19:19
Chipacabut essentially the same :)19:19
Chipacaright, thisfred?19:19
* Chipaca might be getting this all wrong but thinks not19:19
nessitaChipaca: ah, so it may occur that the signal is not processed properly in cloud_server. In any case, I'm submitting a branch and I'll add some debug19:19
* thisfred is not here, but yes, that is correct19:20
Chipacanessita: no, the *invalid* token is because a token can only be 'unpacked' with the right consumer token19:20
Chipacanessita: *handwave*19:20
nessitaChipaca: wait - where is couch trying to unpack it?19:21
Chipacanessita: I don't know - but is that relevant?19:21
nessitaChipaca: yes, it is. I mean, what I consider "unpacking a token" is the code located ion pull_data_from_sso. IF any other piece of code is "unpacking a token" (ie accessing SSO server), we may have a design issue19:22
thisfredI don't think there is any packing or unpacking: the two legged oauth uses the consumer token + secret and the regular token + secret to sign the request and couch uses those four to verifyu the signature19:22
thisfredcouch (on the server) only looks in the _users db19:23
nessitathisfred, Chipaca: were the consumer and token are separated, no need to unpack one from the other, right?19:24
thisfredwe store the 4 bits of oauth info in the user's document19:24
Chipacamy limited understanding is that those four secret bits (the consumer key and secret, and the session key and secret) are not sent over the wire, but that what is sent over the wire needs those four bits at the other end to unpack what is sent over the wire19:24
thisfrednessita: Chipaca: essentially correct, at least when using hmac-sha1, (plaintext does send the tokens)19:24
Chipacahold on19:25
thisfredChipaca: except I wouldn't call it packing/unpacking19:25
Chipacakklimonda: did you uncheck 'hmac'?19:25
Chipacathisfred: poteito, potahto19:25
Chipacathisfred: :-p19:25
thisfredChipaca: well, the content of the request is not packed/encrypted or anything, it's just signed.19:26
thisfredbecause we send it over ssl that's fine19:26
kklimondaChipaca: no, but it doesn't change anything19:26
Chipacakklimonda: ok, thanks19:26
thisfredanyway, back to finding something to eat19:26
* thisfred forages19:27
Chipacakklimonda: ping20:50
kklimondaChipaca: ^21:00
Chipacakklimonda: hi. Question: the error you got re "invalid token", that was with the patch applied, right?21:02
kklimondaChipaca: yes21:02
Chipacakklimonda: could you try generating a brand new sso token and trying again?21:03
Chipacakklimonda: it works for me (tm) :)21:04
kklimondaChipaca: sure, but a bit later21:04
Chipacakklimonda: ok21:05
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