paultaghey persia. You may not remember me ( in fact, I would be shocked if you did ) -- I asked about helping Ubuntu Studio in like 2008-ish? I did not know much MOTU stuff, so I never got involved. I'm OK at it now, and I was wondering how I can help.22:44
paultagfor -N cycle, my -M stuff is pretty locked up22:45
astraljavapaultag: So we meet again. :D22:45
paultagastraljava, howdy there :)22:45
paultagastraljava, I'm about to do a lot more MOTU stuff next cycle :)22:45
astraljavapaultag: I'm hoping too.22:46
astraljavapaultag: Already meant to this cycle, but life got in the way.22:46
paultagI got stuck with a lot of Community stuff this cycle22:47
paultaghappy to do it, but still22:47
astraljavaI got stuck with the house, the puppy, work and studies. :D22:47
rlameiropuppy astraljava ?22:47
astraljavaYeah, a bichon frisé. :D22:47
astraljavaSleeping under my bed as I type. :D22:48
rlameiroi would love to have a newfoundlan.....22:48
astraljavarlameiro: Oh boy they're great!22:48
rlameiroI habe a friend with 2!!22:48
astraljavarlameiro: I'd love myself a bernese mountain dog.22:48
rlameiroeverytime I went to is home i had to secure myself22:48
astraljavaHeheh. :D22:48
rlameirothe male took me dont to the floor when he saw me22:49
rlameirohe was so happy, then start to run towards me22:49
rlameiroand i was on the flor the next second with him drwaling on my face22:50
astraljavaThey're awesome.22:50
astraljavaI knew of one who wouldn't hear any commands, but was there on instant when the fridge door was opened. :D22:50
rlameiroyes they are22:50
rlameiroI like labradors too, and German Dog22:50
astraljavaI'd love to take up a challenge and bring up a rottweiler, but my wife isn't too happy about it.22:51
astraljavaWe had a golden retriever before. He was Golden!22:52
rlameiroi really dont like to much rottweilers22:52
rlameirothey were breed to fight...22:52
astraljavaThey're superbe,22:52
astraljavaonce properly trained.22:52
rlameironewfoundland were breed to save lives22:52
astraljavaNo no, not to fight, but to protect.22:52
astraljavaThey seldom have to fight.22:53
rlameiroastraljava: protecting killing...22:53
rlameiroif you train them well, they are good dogs, but their nature is very agressive towards others22:53
astraljavaThey rarely have to show any force. Normally it's enough that they show their presence.22:53
rlameironot very good when you have a comming child and stuf22:53
astraljavaBut they never harm children, they know what's a real threat and what's child's play. :)22:54
rlameirowell, thas true22:54
astraljava...if trained properly.22:54
astraljavaThat's what I'd wanna do.22:54
rlameiromy frinds dog breeder, had a lot of lucky, his baby son was saved by is newfoundland22:55
astraljavaI've seen them being pulled by their ears and tails by children, they hardly pay any attention.22:55
rlameirothe baby was chocking on the bed when he was sleep22:55
astraljavaThat's awesome! They're wonderful like that!22:55
rlameirothe  dog run as crazy to the wife and pull her arm to the room22:55
rlameirothe baby was already starting to be blue...22:56
rlameiroit was close22:56
astraljavaMan, crazy stuff.22:56
rlameiroand it is a GINORMOUS dog :D22:56
rlameirowell, the german dog is bigger22:56
astraljavaYou take him seriously.22:56
astraljavaYou mean German Shepherd? I don't think so.22:57
rlameironot the sheperd, that is small22:57
rlameiroletme search22:57
astraljavaYou mean the great dane?22:57
astraljavaThat's danish, not german. :D22:58
rlameiroastraljava: DEUTSCH DOGGEN22:58
rlameiroastraljava: http://www.google.com/images?hl=pt-PT&safe=off&q=DEUTSCHE+DOGGE&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=univ&ei=qhOhTO6HAt-M4gaJltTlDQ&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CC8QsAQwAA&biw=1440&bih=63822:59
rlameirothis is a big dog :D22:59
astraljavaSo yeah, the great dane.22:59
astraljavaWonder why it's called the deutsch doggen, I always thought it's danish. Oh well... *shrug*23:00
astraljavaInteresting read, the wikipedia article.23:01
rlameiroastraljava: you really like dosgs :D23:02
astraljavarlameiro: You can tell? :D23:07
rlameironoooooooo, 23:07
persiapaultag, My guess of areas that would benefit from stuff would be 1) review and cleanup of bugs against packages installed by any of the major Ubuntu Studio tasks, 2) help keep the same set of packages fresh in terms of upstream, and coordinated (addressing seemingly odd annoyances like why one has to do similar actions in mutiple places: why one application doesn't know enough about another, etc.), or deeper documentation.23:55

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