QjimboI was wondering if there are any audio drivers for the DigiDesign Mbox 1 avaliable for Ubuntu? At the moment I'm using the Ploytec drivers on Windows and they work great but I want to move over to UbuntuStudio and use it with Ardour02:13
persiaLooks like there is work-in-progress for it (http://www.zamaudio.com/?p=97) but I'm unsure if it's in the Ubuntu kernels.02:15
Qjimbohmm thats for the Mbox 2 unfortunatly02:15
persiaHum.  Dunno then.  You'll want to search.02:16
Qjimboalright been trying, not found anything02:17
Qjimbofigured there might be some others, Digidesign recently dropped Mbox 1 support in their latest Pro Tools patch02:18
Qjimbomeaning there's no official windows 7 support for the mbox 102:18
persiaOh lovely :(02:19
Qjimboyep, gotta love proprietary software/hardware combos :P02:20
Qjimbowhere is the best place to make a support forum post regarding Ubuntu Studio?03:00
persiaFor what kind of support?03:02
persiaI'm sure the answer is somewhere in forums.ubuntu.com, but more specifically is tricky, and if you're looking for application support for some of the more specific applications, there are some more well-targeted application-specific fora03:03
Qjimbowell I just wanted to post the question I asked here about the mbox 1, just wanted to know the best place03:05
Qjimboseeing as it's a very audio-person kinda specific question03:05
Qjimbothe mbox isn't a general piece of hardware a lot of people have03:06
persiaI'd probably add it to "Hardware & Laptops" or "Ubuntu Studio" at forums.ubuntu.com, but somewhere more general (you're looking for an ALSA driver) might be better.03:12
Qjimboalright thanks03:24
Riddellis ubuntustudio taking any past in the RC release?17:28
holsteinyou mean, is ubuntustudio in feature freeze?17:29
holsteinubuntu is, and i assume the official derivatives need to stick to that too17:30
sinmanI'm having a slight problem, not getting the graphical login, instead i have to login at the command prompt username/password then once logged in i have to type startx everytime. how can i fix this17:53
holsteinis this ubuntustudio?17:53
holsteinor the vanilla install with the packages added?17:53
sinmanyes using ubuntu 10.04 lucid17:53
holsteini would look at the login theme17:54
holsteintry changing it or reinstalling it17:54
holsteini think changing it to another one would tell you something17:54
holsteinif it works or not17:54
holsteinsinman: did you install KDE ?17:55
sinmanno using gnome17:55
holsteinyeah, sounds like a little glitch17:55
sinmanit was working fine up until couple days ago when it started with th ecommand prompt login17:56
holsteinsinman: try updating first as well17:57
sinmanhow would i get X to start again on bootup, i think X got turned off somehow17:57
holsteinmaybe that will just fix it17:57
sinmanI'm completly updated17:57
sinmanis there a way to get X to start when the computer starts17:59
holstein^^ thats backwards17:59
holsteinand for karmic17:59
holsteinbut i would think it would be similar17:59
sinmank i'll check it out and see what happens18:00
sinmanI'm not seeing runlevel I see "stop on runlevel [016]"18:03
holsteinwe need an X guy18:04
holsteini remember dealing with that before18:04
holsteinand i forget how18:04
holsteini think i ended up reinstalling for other reasons before i sorted that out18:05
sinmanI'm on the verge of doing that myself, but want to try to fix first before i do that18:05
holsteinsomebody will know18:06
holsteinyou should check logs too18:06
holsteinand im not sure which ones18:06
holsteini ask everything over in #opensourcemusicians anyways ;)18:06
holsteinyou got a good loco channel?18:06
sinmanasking in the #ubuntu channel to see if someone knows how I can change the runlevel18:06
holsteinand #ubuntu-beginners18:07
holstein#ubuntu can be challenging18:07
sinmanyes it can be18:07
sinmanI'll check the beginners channel18:07
mika__hi... i've finally installed ubuntu studio + the m-audio fast track ultra audio card....it's recognized (lsusb and jack)... but it doesn't play :(18:27
mika__(running 10.10beta)18:27
holsteinhey mika__18:28
holsteindoes JACK start?18:29
holsteinis it using the maudio for certain?18:29
mika__when i try to start jack it says could not connect to jack server as client: overall option failed ; unable to connect to server18:33
mika__(i opened qjackctl)18:33
holsteinso JACK is not recognizing the maudio18:34
holsteinin jackcontrol18:34
holsteinyou'll need to select the maudio18:34
mika__in the config i'm able to select the card as input and output device (with the > button)18:34
holsteinuncheck the realtime box18:34
mika__(and it recognize it as it says: hw:1 fast track ultra)18:34
mika__already did18:34
holsteinmake sure your in the audio group18:34
holsteinand go for it18:35
mika__i'm part of the audio group18:36
holsteinyou can try sudo qjackctl18:36
holsteinsee if it starts that way18:36
holsteindid it work in lucid?18:37
mika__didn't tried18:37
mika__i installed directly maverick18:37
mika__in the ubuntu sound preferences under the hardware tab it doesn't find any card18:38
mika__and in the output i've just a dummy output18:38
holsteini would try ^^18:39
holsteinthats basically lucid live18:39
holsteinyou can...18:40
mika__btw i don't think it'll work under 10.4 :(18:40
holsteinyour jack log18:41
holsteinmika__: what makes you say that?18:41
mika__I used Ubuntu 10.10 beta, and simply plugged the device in, and within audacity set the interface to ALSA and the record and playback device to the M-audio option. By default the 8r handles audio at 48KHz, so don't forget to change your project sample rate.18:41
mika__here he say it worked immediately with 10.10 (it's another model.. more professional, but the basic should be the same..)18:42
holsteinit doesnt have to be18:42
holsteinthe models can have quite different chipsets18:42
mika__(the problem is also that on that pc i don't have internet because the cable doesn't work and i haven't the wifi on it :( )18:42
holsteintheres an alsa update script18:43
holsteini dont see the fast track ultra18:46
mika__on 10.10 is already the 1.0.2318:46
holsteini would hang out over in #opensourcemusicians18:47
holsteinand ask18:47
holsteinsomebody over there might have one18:47
holsteini would let maudio know about it18:47
holsteinand maybe email the list18:47

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