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ubuXubui ran a live xubuntu 904 cd in my inlaws computer and now we cant boot to wondows?03:17
ubuXubuis there a way to fix that?03:17
Book_em_DanoDoes anyone know if the fact that there is no menu option "Software Sources" a result of a bug or is it intentional?03:41
Book_em_Dano...in maverick.03:42
Book_em_DanoDoes anyone know if the old pathway to "Software Sources", Applications ▸ System ▸ Software Sources, which is not present in Maverick at this point, if it is a bug or if it was intentionally removed?03:51
ubuXubuneed some help...06:52
ubuXubui have a desktop with 2 hard drives ..one has xubuntu 904 one has windows xp06:52
ubuXubui want to transfer my files from xp to xubuntu06:52
psycho_oreosfrom which OS?06:53
psycho_oreoserr using which*06:53
ubuXubui want to move the files from the infected windows hd to the xubuntu hd06:55
ubuXubui removed an infected windows HD form one computer into my xubuntu computer06:55
psycho_oreosso you should use linux, read up on NTFS *which should be supported under linux for most parts*06:56
ubuXubumy plan is too put the files in xubuntu then put the drive back in its normal computer and reinstall windows06:56
ubuXubui am using linux07:01
ubuXubuall i gotta do now is figure out how to move files from one hard drive to the next07:01
ubuXubuthey are now both side by side in the same computer07:01
psycho_oreosdrag and drop?07:02
ubuXubuyeah i was gonna  but what i mean is i cant see this 2nd hard yet?07:03
ubuXubui just bolted it inside the computer a lil while ago and was expecting to see it on my screen or in the menus somewhere07:03
ubuXubuthen iwas gonna try to move files07:04
psycho_oreoscheck via fdisk -l if xubuntu can see the second hard disk07:04
ubuXubumaybe it is dev ?07:05
psycho_oreosit will start with /dev, yes but it will have more characters07:06
ubuXubuhmm so somewhere in here there is a file..that is how this new hd i installed should show up right?07:08
psycho_oreosfdisk -l is a command line tool that will show you any detected storage devices and their capacities, etc07:09
ubuXubufound a buch of ata files that were modifed just a lil while ago?07:11
ubuXubusata files?07:12
psycho_oreosI don't know what you're on about, which program did you use?07:13
ubuXubueh its ok07:19
DesmoAnyone familiar with Xubuntu (xfce) playing silly games after install? No panel, no right click, no window functionality?07:23
DesmoIf I log in as root then itś A-OK, but logging in as root is bad, mmmḱay?07:23
edakirican OpenOffice be confgured to use the GTK theme?09:13
knomeedakiri, not really09:26
ablomenedakiri, http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OpenOffice#Set_OOo_environment_variable << this seems to work, though icons etc won't change09:37
edakiriablomen, knome: i'm looking for color scheme to be be same as the desktop (GTK) color scheme.  that text says 'gnome soffice' is the default value, but OpenOffice is not using the color scheme XFCE or most GTK apps (including goffice) use.09:40
knomeedakiri, openoffice is not problematic, and there's only so much gtk themes can do09:40
edakiriIf there is no problem, what is the solution?09:41
knomei mean, it is problematic ;]09:42
knomesorry, too early for logical sentences09:42
edakiriInstalling the package openoffice-gtk made the UI mostly alright.  knome, ablomen11:28
edakiriThat variable seems to have no effect.11:34
Zvezda I am using Xubuntu 10.4, how can I make a certain program load automatically on start up?13:09
Sysi-settings -> sessions&startup13:09
Sysi-or just check box in logout window13:10
Zvezdawhat is command?13:12
knomeZvezda, the command/app you want to run.13:16
ZvezdaSysi-   how do I add the command for the program I want to autostartup?13:49
Zvezdaits in Applications, Networking.  Called "TeamViewer"13:49
Sysi-try on command line, i guess just 'teamviever'14:03
HewtHi there I have a little problem with my sound on xubuntu, is this the right place to post a question about such things?14:58
HewtOke, my sound did work till a few days ago14:59
HewtNow it stopped, so I googled a bit14:59
HewtFound a ubuntu page where they said I could reset all sound settings15:00
HewtI'll try to find it.. for reference..15:00
HewtBut it did not solve the problem15:00
HewtOne thing I noticed, when I reboot the sound of my computer is set to mute15:00
HewtDoes anyone here have other options to solve this?15:01
Hewt reference page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting15:02
HewtAnyone? Or am I to bold15:02
Hewtmore specific: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting#Manual%20Installation15:03
HewtAnother thing that might help: When I toggle the headphone slider in the Alsa mixer, the noise of the speaker disapears. So it does do something.15:07
edakiriHewt: you could uninstall pulse audio. that is what i did.15:10
HewtThanks for the reply, sudo apt-get --purge remove pulseaudio?15:15
HewtIm new to this kind of things, as you might notice15:15
Hewtor does apt-remove exicts15:15
Hewtif I delete pulse audio, is it still possible for more than one app to output sound?15:21
HewtOke deleted pulse audio, did not have any effect, so now i did reinstall "sudo apt-get install  pulseaudio" is that all I have to do to get it back?15:24
edakiriHewt: most or all of the pulse audio packages start with pa in the name, like pa-prefs.15:44
HewtHi there all, thanks for the help15:45
HewtIn the mixer I found the PCM slider, when I put this up it did work again15:46
Riddellcharlie-tca: is xubuntu in good shape for starting RC testing tomorrow?17:22
charlie-tcaRiddell: Docs are not going to be updated, but other than that we are in good shape17:25
knome!ask | xubuntu79718:02
ubottuxubuntu797: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:02
TheSheepknome: I think he wanted to display the list of commands in order to quit ;)18:09
likemindeadI have a buddy who's getting a segmentation fault while trying to install Skype. HALP?18:31
TheSheepwhat does 'trying to install skype' mean exactly?18:40
likemindeadHe added the partner repo and then ran "sudo apt-get install skype" in a terminal. Worked great for me. Not so much for him. :-\18:42
TheSheepno other messages, just Segmentation Fault?18:49
TheSheepit's the apt-get that's erroring out?18:49
likemindeadI'm not sure. He's a few states away. I'm trying to get him to jump on IRC.18:50
highvoltage1/win 2419:44
Sysi-i/win 24/719:45
highvoltageheh, oops :)19:45
highvoltageand lol19:46
ChaiwallaI just downloaded a program in Xubuntu.  How do I make it autostart?21:42
mark76Settings menu Sessions and Start Up21:42
ChaiwallaI don't see the program in there?21:43
Chaiwallawhen I click Add...21:43
mark76I'm not on Xfce at the moment21:43
ChaiwallaIt says "Name, Description, Command"21:43
mark76Oh. You have to do that yourseld21:44
mark76God damn it21:44
Chaiwallalol I got ay21:44
Chaiwallahow do I do command?21:44
mark76Do you know the name of the program?21:44
Chaiwallayeah, I was the one who downloaded it21:45
Chaiwallaits called "TeamViewer"21:45
Sysi-if you have program opened when you shut down you should have it opened next time if you chech the box in logout window21:45
Chaiwallaits a remote desktop viewer thing21:45
ChaiwallaI tried that Sysi-   no luck21:45
mark76What happens when you type teamviewer into a terminal?21:46
Sysi-try: rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions/*21:46
Sysi-that program isnt from repositories?21:46
TheSheepChaiwalla: how do you start it normally?21:46
ChaiwallaI click Applications, Networking, TeamViewer21:47
Chaiwallait didn't come with Xubuntu21:47
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories21:47
mark76If you can run it from a terminal by typing teamviewer into the terminal that's the command21:48
ubottuA general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents21:48
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto21:48
mark76Someone has to come up with a better name than bum21:48
Sysi-don't download and install random packages from internet, if you don't kno what you're doing or reading manual21:49
Chaiwallahow do I see if I can run it from terminal?21:49
Sysi-how did you install it?21:50
ChaiwallaI downloaded it21:50
Sysi-after that21:50
Chaiwallafrom here21:51
Chaiwallaand opened the file21:51
Chaiwallaand then it installed21:51
Sysi-hrmm, i dunno about installing random debs, never tried21:51
Chaiwallaits in the applications -  Networking menu21:52
Chaiwallaisn't there some way to make it open up?21:52
Sysi-try: rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions/*21:53
Sysi-and then saving session21:53
ChaiwallaI typed that in and nothing happened21:54
Chaiwallahey mark21:56
Chaiwallastill can't get it21:56
mark76Hey Chaiwalla21:57
mark76Milk, two sugars please21:57
ChaiwallaI typed that command in terminal and nothing happened21:57
Chaiwallalol sure np21:57
mark76what about TeamViewer?21:57
Chaiwallawhat about it?21:57
mark76Have you tried that in a terminal?21:57
Chaiwallahow do I do that?21:57
mark76Open a terminal and type TeamViewer21:58
Chaiwallait says TeamViewer" command not found21:58
Chaiwallait says TeamViewer: command not found21:58
Sysi-Chaiwalla: "nothing" -> succesfull21:59
Sysi-it removed files21:59
Chaiwallait worked as21:59
Chaiwallait opened the program21:59
ChaiwallaI guess it was case-sensitive22:00
Chaiwallanow what?22:00
mark76Then that's your command22:00
mark76Type that into the autostart thingy22:00
Chaiwallaok lemme try22:02
Chaiwallayaay it worked22:19
Chaiwallateamviewer is the command22:19
Chaiwallaanyway to make it open into Workstation 2 instead?22:19
Chaiwallaor to make it open and minimize?22:19
mark76Oh God knows22:20
mark76I don't do that22:20
bperryhi, can I set a config to make xfce4-terminal start maximised?22:23
bperryI have a shell script that I would like to start full screen22:23
bperrysh script.sh is how I run it22:23
bperrybut xfce4-terminal is the default terminal and I don't see how I can make it stat max by default22:23
bperrystart maximized*22:24
bperrythe --fullscreen argument doesn't help since I am not calling xfce4-terminal directly22:24
knomebperry, google 'devilspie'22:25
knomeChaiwalla, you too, google 'devilspie'22:25
bperrydoes it work for xfce? i thought it was gnome only22:25
knomeafaik it works for xfce as well22:26
bperrycool, checking it now22:26
knome!info devilspie22:26
ubottudevilspie (source: devilspie): find windows and perform actions on them. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.22-1 (lucid), package size 28 kB, installed size 128 kB22:26

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