ronocCimi, ping09:21
meebeykenvandine: not for long? :)11:17
ronoc_narrucCimi, ping11:40
Cimihi ronoc_narruc11:40
ronoc_narrucCimi, I saw your tweet11:42
Cimironoc_narruc: I have pushed a branch11:42
Cimibut doesn't work correctly11:42
ronoc_narrucCimi, :(11:43
ronoc_narrucI'll take a look11:43
Cimidoes the exposè event work?11:43
CimiI've tried painting with red11:43
Cimibut nothing is shown11:43
ronoc_narrucright it must be the call at the end of the init method to make to make the bg invisible11:44
Cimiyou could try to fix my branch btw11:44
Cimiit does draw the buttons in the right place11:44
Cimibut they are drawn just when you press a button11:45
Cimisomething might be wrong somewhere11:45
ronoc_narrucCimi, cool I'll take a look in a bit, just chatting with mpt at the mo, thx for the help11:46
ronoc_narrucCimi, did you push those changes12:28
ronoc_narrucjust pulled and got nothing  ?12:28
Cimironoc_narruc: to a different branch12:30
ronoc_narrucCimi, where is it  ??12:31
ronoc_narrucCimi, doesn't compile -> play-button.c:983: error: ‘X’ undeclared (first use in this function)12:33
Cimiuncomment the define12:34
Cimiin the beginning12:34
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Cimironoc: did you try?16:09
ronocCimi, hey, I did yes, no joy, njpatel recommended that I try using the gtkmenuitem instead of the eventbox16:10
ronocCimi, will hopefully have time in the morning, right now I'm working on some spec stuff16:10
sensegood afternoon16:14
sensejcastro, tedg: Is someone working on bug #637202? It has a lot of duplicates, and more keep trickling in.16:21
ubot5`Launchpad bug 637202 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "indicator-application-service crashed on logon (affected: 186, heat: 953)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63720216:21
senseMaybe as much as 40 duplicates.16:21
jcastrosense: I just got a ton of bugmail about that this morning16:34
senseIt's huge16:34
senseand the stacktraces aren't very informative16:34
jcastrokenvandine: is ted around today?16:34
kenvandinei think he should be16:35
kenvandinehe was this morning16:35
seb128it's likely that this crash is on logout16:40
seb128it will go quiet when we turn apport off16:40
seb128users just see it on the next login16:40
Ciminjpatel: there?16:56
Cimidavidbarth seb128 if you have some design-related bugs from the dx team I have some time to work on before17:01
Cimichaotic: why those sshots?17:06
ronocCimi, how about my background bug17:06
Cimironoc: I didn't play with menuitems yet17:07
ronocCimi, apparently if you use a gktmenuitem directly and remove the use of the gtkeventbox and the parent gtkmenuitem17:07
ronocit may work17:07
ronoci was going to start on it now17:07
ronocbut there are plenty of other things I could be doing17:07
ronocanyway I'm terrible at UI stuff17:08
Cimiwill try17:08
ronocif you are stuck for things to do :)17:08
ronocCimi, ^17:08
Cimino worries, I have just 1 day of contract left :D17:09
Cimitrying to be helpful17:09
njpatelCimi, hey17:11
Ciminjpatel: HI17:13
Cimiops, caps lock :)17:13
Ciminjpatel: I was wondering about speed issues and look: for example... why we need blur and gradient on left launcher?17:13
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njpatelCimi, I doubt that is what is causing speed issues (if I'm understanding you correctly)17:16
njpatelCimi, we're finding issues in the vala stuff (some wayward reference holding) which is causing leaks, and that would directly effect performance on intel17:17
chaoticCimi: nosey17:18
Ciminjpatel: I see slowness hovering icons17:19
CimiI mean, they could be faster without blur17:19
Cimiand I don't think the horizontal white gradient on tooltips is that nice17:19
njpatelCimi, sure,  but that is the design17:20
njpatelCimi, it's something we can fix for natty, but to change the design now in unity would get me the wrath of the desktop team17:20
Cimiahaha true17:21
CimiI didn't say I want that in maverick17:21
CimiI was just wondering about speed and design decisions17:21
njpatelright, so speed of effects is something we'll get better at for natty, the look is something chaotic would decide17:22
chaoticnjpatel: the gradient is not quite as intended to be honest17:23
njpatelCimi, to be fair, there was an update to the QL look very late in the cycle that we couldn't implement. They looked very nice17:23
njpateldon't have one on hand, it's on one of the bugs chaotic would know17:23
njpatelchaotic, sure, but that needs to the tweaked over a few times I think, as values from the mockups don't translate well over to gl/netbook-screens17:24
chaoticcimi: have uploaded17:24
CimiI could try implementing them if you want17:25
chaoticCimi: :)17:27
Cimichaotic: even though17:27
Cimichaotic: :P17:27
Cimichaotic: I still don't know why we are using black desaturated tooltips in light themes17:28
chaoticI think we need to move the highlight proportional to the QL depth so oyu don't see much of it on a single line tooltip17:28
Cimichaotic: imho they are a bit out of place with the rest of the design17:28
Cimichaotic: I am talking about both unity and light-themes17:28
chaoticthey reflect the materials of the dash and some other things you haven't even seen yet17:29
Cimiso, dropbox them :)17:29
chaoticCimi: all in good time17:32
Cimichaotic: ahah ok boss17:32
chaoticCimi: I might look at those materials for panels actually in the future17:37
chaoticCimi: in answer to: I still don't know why we are using black desaturated tooltips in light themes - ideally I want to get the white text to look like it is lit from behind, out of the dark background17:41
chaoticCimi: Mark wants a high contrast version of the theme - we need to research and start playing17:42
Cimichaotic: "high contrast"17:45
Cimichaotic: what do you mean, something like High Contrast theme or just increasing contrast?17:45
chaoticperhaps considering both17:46
chaoticand looking into colour blindness, etc...17:46
Cimicolor blindness we are ok17:46
senseIndeed, I haven't heard complaints from my father yet, and he is slightly colour-blind. :)17:54
chaotichmmm, I might blog to get a sense if anyone does have problems17:59
Cimichaotic: color blindness should be between green and red18:02
Cimiif we have only one tone (red) it will be ok18:02

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