Thommashello. can someone answer my question. I need different perspective on this issue.01:45
LeoNerdAsk your question, don't wait for someone to reply01:48
ThommasShould we subsidize child rearing?01:49
LeoNerdThere's 117 of us in here, we're not all going to say "go ahead"01:49
Thommassorry :/01:49
fullermdSure, but not child fronting.  Child siding is great for property values though.01:51
Thommaswhat about my question. child rearing01:52
fullermdI'm not sure.  Is there a bzr plugin for that?01:52
fullermd(mind you, I'll bet version control would be handy for that...)01:53
poolieThommas: no, i don't think we should01:58
poolieor are you talking about children in a vcs tree?01:58
Thommascan you tell me y01:59
poolieuh, do you have the wrong channel perhaps?02:04
poolielifeless: "ker-lick...."02:13
maxbjelmer: Hi. Apparently we still have a narrow window open to slot 2.2.1 into maverick-release. I guess it will be one of us who does the packaging.02:15
lifelesspoolie: wasn't needed :)02:17
fullermdShucks.  I was looking forward to his plugin   :(02:19
pooliemaxb, maybe pitti can do it?02:55
maxbDoes pitti do bzr stuff? I assume he was commenting on the bug in an ubuntu-sru / ubuntu-release approver capacity02:57
maxbAnyway, I've already done 2.2.1 in the PPA02:57
maxbSo really what we need now is some aggressive verification of the PPA build as specified by the microreleasexception02:58
pooliewe should also check the diff by hand there03:17
* maxb wonders what to call this package03:30
maxb2.2.1-0ubuntu1 I suppose03:30
=== FryGuy_ is now known as FryGuy-
pooliemaxb, i'm running 2.2.1 from the ppa on maverick and it looks ok so far04:53
poolieand i read the diff, and posted on bug 636930 that it looks ok to me04:53
ubot5`Launchpad bug 636930 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "Upgrading a repository fails with 'Inter1and2Helper' object has no attribute 'source_repo' (affected: 5, heat: 48)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63693004:53
GungaDinis it possible to change the message of a commit?05:43
sidneiGungaDin, bzr uncommit then bzr commit again?05:56
stubSo being a Launchpad developer I run with the beta PPA. I just got a crash, and it attempted to go via apport, but apport blocks it as I don't have a genuine Ubuntu package. This workflow might need tweaking.05:56
sidneistub, +1 for fixing that!05:57
pooliestub, that's interesting, i thought that was fixed05:58
poolieplease file a but explaining just what happened05:59
stubBug #391015  is inprogress , which seems to be the apport issue06:00
ubot5`Launchpad bug 391015 in Bazaar "apport package hook for Bazaar (affected: 1, heat: 7)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39101506:00
stubOh - I'm running lucid on my main machine so apport changes might not be backported from maverick06:00
GaryvdMjam: Don't know if you are still awake? The ec2 instance is still up.06:05
pooliehello GaryvdM06:16
poolieGaryvdM: do you want me to shut it down?06:16
GaryvdMHi poolie06:16
GaryvdMpoolie: Yes please06:17
poolieGaryvdM: done06:27
pooliedo you have a gpg key?06:27
GaryvdMpoolie: Yes: 018A3A1D06:29
GaryvdMpoolie: The one you signed previously.06:29
vilahi all !08:07
GaryvdMHi vila08:09
vilaGaryvdM: hey ! You're up early or late ? :)08:10
GaryvdMDuring work. :-) Having a lull after the storm.08:11
vilaGaryvdM: hehe, thanks for your hard work there !08:12
pooliehi there vila08:20
GaryvdMpoolie: Got the mail - thanks08:25
poolienp, thanks for your help08:26
pooliehi vila, i might ask pitti about the SRU, if you haven't today08:57
vilapoolie: ok. Thanks for adding the diff, I should have thought about that...08:58
vilapoolie: and about the 323111-orphans* reviews ?08:59
lifelesspoolie: do it asap, RC freeze hit about 5 hours back09:00
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vilapoolie: I'm not sure I understand: "i might ask pitti about the SRU, if you haven't today", can you ping me when you have talked to pitti ?09:34
poolievila i did talk to him09:35
poolieapparently it froze a few days ago and it's too late for the release but it can go in as an SRU soon afterwards09:35
pooliewe should have asked for it sooner09:35
poolievila, we should get maxb or jelmer to upload the package09:38
vilapoolie: ok, so what should we do then ? ha.ok09:38
vilamaxb: is it what you were referring to earlier when you said:09:40
vila* maxb wonders what to call this package09:40
vila<maxb> 2.2.1-0ubuntu1 I suppose09:40
=== beaumonta is now known as abeaumont_
maxbvila, poolie oh, asked I asked ScottK last night and he seemed to think a post-RC release pocket upload was still an option09:45
poolieoh, ok09:45
pooliewell, can you do whatever seems best and legal?09:45
maxbWell, I have no upload perms, so I'll have to loiter on IRC and beg a sponsor09:46
vila...and update bug #636930 ?09:46
ubot5`Launchpad bug 636930 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "Upgrading a repository fails with 'Inter1and2Helper' object has no attribute 'source_repo' (affected: 5, heat: 48)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63693009:46
maxbAlso, anyone know how we decide what bugs to list in debian/changelog?09:46
maxbjelmer: around? ^^^09:47
jelmermaxb: otp09:47
jelmermaxb: hi09:52
pooliehi jelmer, maxb09:52
maxbjelmer: Hi. So I started to prepare 2.2.1-0ubuntu1 last night, and of all the minor points, got stuck on wondering how we usually decide what bugs to reference in the debian/changelog09:53
jelmer'morning poolie09:53
jelmermaxb: we mention the ones that were closed by this particular release09:54
jelmeror more specifically, the ones fixed by this upload since the previous upload.09:54
maxbso... everything with a LP id in NEWS?09:55
maxbjelmer: ok, my hesitation was that there don't seem to be enough entries under 2.2.0-1 to account for that policy09:58
maxbfor example,10:00
maxb* Recursive binding for checkouts is now detected by bzr. A clear error10:00
maxb  message is shown to the user. (Parth Malwankar, #405192)10:00
maxbin NEWS but not debian/changelog10:00
jelmermaxb: Those bug ids are debian bugs, not launchpad bugs10:00
jelmermaxb: where I close bugs with launchpad ids it would only be for bugs that have a ubuntu bug task10:00
maxbAh!, so only list in debian/changelog open ubuntu bugtasks to be closed?10:01
maxbrather than the entire contents of NEWS10:02
stewartjelmer, hi! i'm having some issues with rebase. I'm basically wanting to rewrite history before a certain revision in the repository so that revision 3 (and all after it) are the same, but that the history from another repository is inserted before revision 3. i can't seem to get it to recognise that the directories named the same in each repo are actually the same (i just get foo.moved)10:02
stewartjelmer, any ideas/suggestions?10:02
jelmermaxb: yep10:02
maxbjelmer: great. Well then, I need to go to work now, but I could put together a package at lunchtime and hunt for a sponsor10:04
jelmerstewart: bzr-rebase doesn't really help with different file ids10:06
stewartjelmer, i had feared that :)10:06
maxbstewart: Maybe you could use bzr-fastexport/import, plus some manual hackery on the streams?10:09
stewartmaxb, that's my next thought10:10
mgzmorning all.10:19
vilamgz: morning marting ;)10:23
vilamgz: I still have a few minutes to joke about this typo, your fix is playing on pqm ;)10:24
jelmermaxb: thanks for taking care of that, btw!10:31
vilamgz: wow, I couldn't believe there are *no* thread leaks in bzr.dev (at least in the last runs I did) and just create one to be sure... and it was detected :)10:35
vilafor the record, when I prepared 2.0.6 there was ~2500 leaks10:36
mgznix had that many? there's still work to do on window, though.10:38
mgzand urk, I need to leave already, wanted to review the ~mgordan branch before I went10:39
vilamgz: yup, but they tend to be stealth... :-/10:39
jmljam: I'm really really sorry I haven't got to your patches yet.12:29
jmljam: I haven't forgotten them though.12:29
zygamy friend is having problems using bzr send12:36
zygahe is behind a firewall12:36
zygaand cannot push using regular methods12:36
zygagsc, please pastebin the command you executed and the output of that command12:36
zygait seems that bzr thinks there are no changes between his tree and the public tree12:37
zygagsc, could you do bzr missing and tell us if it shows anything?12:37
gsczyga: Using saved parent location: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/linaro-image-tools/linaro-image-tools/ You have 1 extra revision(s): ------------------------------------------------------------ revno: 121 committer: r65073 <r65073@r65073-imx51> branch nick: linaro-image-tools timestamp: Wed 2010-09-29 17:09:31 -0400 message:   Add imx51 for --dev option support.12:37
gsczyga: sorry, how to use pastebin, i'm new to irc12:38
zygagsc, go to pastebin.ubuntu.com and paste long output there12:38
gsczyga: and then?12:40
zygagsc, paste the url of the result ehre12:40
gsczyga: how can you guys see that?12:40
zygagsc, could you try a shorter version, bzr send -o foo.bundle12:41
* zyga has no idea what's wrong12:44
zygavila, ping12:44
maxbPlease pastebin the output of 'bzr info' in the local branch12:45
maxbAh, you are being caught out by that bogus definition of submit branch12:47
* zyga never understood what submit branch was12:47
maxbIt is the default location for 'bzr send'ing against12:47
gschow should I state the submit branch?12:48
maxbJust manually edit the .bzr/branch/branch.conf and delete the line defining the submit branch12:48
gscmaxb: done. what's the correct one?12:49
maxbOr, bzr send --remember actual-submit-branch12:49
gscmaxb: i am new to bzr, what's the "actual-submit-branch" in my case?12:50
maxbuh, lp:linaro-image-tools, I suppose12:50
maxbSo, try bzr send -o foo.bundle --remember lp:linaro-image-tools12:50
gscmaxb: bzr: ERROR: Connection error: Couldn't resolve host 'xmlrpc.edge.launchpad.net' [Errno -2] Name or service not known12:51
gscmaxb: fyi, i am beind a firewall12:51
zygamaxb, he's behind a firewall of some kind12:51
maxboh, ok, I guess you'll need to use the long form http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/linaro-image-tools/linaro-image-tools/ then12:52
gscBundling 1 revision(s).12:52
maxbSounds like it12:53
zygamaxb, thanks :)12:54
gscmaxb: then what's the url for my branch?12:54
maxbgsc: I don't quite understand your question?12:54
zygagsc, there is none12:54
zygagsc, you did not publish your branch12:54
zygagsc, you made something that you can email12:55
zygagsc, without ssh access you cannot publish a branch on lp12:55
gscunderstood.  Thanks a lot, zyga and maxb.12:55
zygagsc, well actually you can but it's complex12:55
zygagsc, if you can make your branch visible via http12:56
zygagsc, you could ask launchpad to mirror your branch12:56
gsczyga: sound complicated, forget about it. thanks zyga.12:56
gscquick question: how can I change my name and email output by bzr whoami?12:57
zygagsc, just pass them as arguments12:58
zygagsc 'bzr whoami zygmunt krynicki <my@email>12:58
gsczyga: cool, thanks12:59
maxbDon't forget to quote the entire string12:59
gscmaxb: yeah, I'm seeing the example in help. Thanks.13:00
vilagsc: 'bzr send' uses your 'public' branch to reduce the size of the bundle, so you can use any branch that is in the ancestry of your branch, or even the submit branch itself13:24
gscvila: Thanks for the info13:25
mgedminoh woe is me: I used bzr commit in a svn checkout by accident, now the working dir is all fscked up :(13:42
mgedminoh, look removing $Id$ lines and bzr committing seems to have fixed it13:46
mgedminno it hasn't13:47
mgedminin case anybody cares: the error is that on svn commit, I get svn: Checksum mismatch for '/home/mg/src/.../.svn/text-base/filename.svn-base'; expected: '2fa79c790b164142e92763cbafd898b7', actual: '01f96e4634bb165ec8d95c4e6ade8e9e' and it aborts the commit13:50
jmlvila: do you use an emacs frontend to bzr?14:05
vilajml: dvc14:06
vilabut only slightly, the plan is to move to vc itself14:07
jmlvila: your plan or someone else's?14:07
vilamine :)14:07
dashdvc is pretty good14:07
viladvc targets *all* dvcs and progress is kind of slow and I can't... easily parse the weird lisp macros they use (which more or less forbids debugging)14:08
dashheh heh14:08
dashwell it's better than eclipse support for bzr14:08
jmldash, vila: know anyone who's actually using vc for bzr?14:09
vilait serves me well and did so for the last 4 years but I use only a tiny part of: dvc-status and dvc-diff14:09
vilajml: emacs hackers ?14:09
dashjml: i have, briefly, but it just didn't do as much14:09
* jml nods sagely14:09
dashthe diff support is definitely the dvc feature i use the most14:10
jmldash, vila: btw, have I shown you lp:difftodo before?14:10
vilajml: ideally vc.el should use direct access to bzrlib instead of bzr14:10
dashjml: hm! no14:10
vilajml: shown no, mentioned, yes, several times, did I install it ? stupidly no :(14:10
jmldash: it's a thing that parses Python diffs, extracts new/modified XXX comments and formats them in a compile-mode friendly way14:10
jmlthere's a bzr plugin in it, and it's pretty easy to hook up to emacs.14:11
jmlM-x bzr-todo RET14:11
vilajml: spawning an external bzr or using python from emacs ?14:11
jmlvila: spawning.14:12
* vila should stop hoping too much :-/14:12
vilajml: sorry, that was totally unrelated to difftodo14:12
jmlvila: np :)14:12
vilajml: anyway, as far as emacs and bzr are concerned, the swiss army knive is still diff-mode IMHO when I'm not editing a file, I'm more or less always in a diff-mode buffer (dvc itself only slightly specialize it by adding a list of files at the top and some navigation)14:14
vilajml: which is why I still haven't installed difftodo, 'alt-z m' brings me a 'diff -rsubmit:' buffer where my TODO/FIXME *are*14:16
jmlvila: ahh, I see.14:16
jmlvila: sometimes having the list can be useful. it's generated from 'di -r submit:'14:17
* vila nods14:17
vilaI still plan to try it14:17
* vila puts it on its TODO now that it's a wikkid instance14:18
jmlheh heh14:18
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d1bquestion what file handles https connections14:40
d1band can you link me to it ?14:40
d1bplease ;)14:40
GaryvdMd1b: I think there are more than one implementations in bzr. one is the std python library urllib214:42
GaryvdMd1b: What for?14:43
d1bGaryvdM: i might have a vul to report14:43
d1bbut first i need to see the code14:43
d1bim on a bug reporting spree atm14:43
GaryvdMLet me look for you14:43
mgzit's known that urllib2 doesn't check certs, it's the main reason it's not the only module used14:44
GaryvdMd1b: Hint: bzrlib/transports14:44
d1bGaryvdM: thank you - just the file in a http location to your bzr thing14:44
d1bGaryvdM: im not looking ;)14:44
d1bim just reporting it if exists14:44
d1band i need to see code to do that14:44
d1bmgz: please link me14:45
mgzpycurl however does check.14:45
d1bmgz: but you aren't using pycurl anymore i thought14:45
d1bbzr doesn't dep on it14:45
Glenjaminit uses it if its there14:46
d1bGlenjamin: and if it isn't ?14:46
d1bbecause by default it won't be14:46
d1bon ubuntu14:46
GaryvdMd1b: it's a suggested dep. Maybe we should bump it to a recommended dep.14:48
GaryvdMd1b: A bug report would be good.14:48
d1bGaryvdM: dude14:49
d1bfirst link me to the file14:49
d1bi might have a real vul to report14:49
d1bif you can't do that14:49
d1bthen fail14:49
GaryvdMsorry transport not transports14:50
d1bum... http://launchpad14:51
d1b http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ ...14:51
d1band urllib is used if pycurl isn't available right14:51
d1bi have a vul to report14:53
d1b50% sure atm14:53
d1bconfirming now14:53
d1bok 85% sure14:53
d1bby default on ubuntu with bzr installed (as pycurl won't be) you are vulnerable to a mitm attack14:53
d1bas per python bug  http://bugs.python.org/issue158914:54
dashd1b: but bzr supports signed revisions, so it doesn't matter. :)14:54
d1bas you do not check against hte common name14:54
d1bdash: supports != use14:54
vilamgz: meh, see my last comment on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~gz/bzr/use_testtools_timings_625594/+merge/3678414:54
mgzyeah vila, I just this second read it.14:54
vilamgz: wth ?14:54
d1bso by default i can mitm your bzr clients14:54
mgzd1b, go ahead and file a report, it'll get to the right people.14:55
d1bmgz: it shall be done :)14:55
d1bill file it against bzr in ubuntu14:56
d1bbut it probably applies to debian / every other project who won't have pycurl isntalled14:56
mgzvila: I don't quite understand, but I'll try to. this code makes me cry.14:56
d1bi think you are now deping on it14:57
d1bnot sure14:57
d1bim still going to report it, it exists against any client without pycurl installed14:58
d1bwhich is a possability14:58
vilad1b: people who care about cert verification should use pycurl14:58
vilad1b: this is known14:58
d1bvila: yes but aren't told this14:58
d1bvila: where is it filed?14:58
d1bin bzr?14:58
d1b or told to people14:58
d1bwhere do i report the bug to?14:59
d1bnm found it14:59
d1bvila: that has nothing to do with this bug15:00
d1bread what it says15:00
vilad1b: I read it long ago15:00
d1b Once certificate validation is implemented15:00
d1bfor urllib (easy for 2.6), we can get rid of pycurl. For python15:00
d1b2.4 and 2.5 though, that will mean replacing the pycurl15:00
d1bdependency by a python-https[1] dependency.15:00
d1bthat means15:00
d1bthat the vul im reporting right now15:00
d1bis kind of there ;)15:01
d1bvila: because15:01
d1bssl was implemented using socket for python 2.6 >15:01
d1bin bzr15:01
vilad1b: I wrote this faq, I know what is said there :)15:01
d1bvila: ok15:01
d1bso the comment states that when ssl is done using socket and you aren't supporting 2.5 / 2.4 python -> use that15:01
d1band drop pycurl15:01
d1band your comment here is not really true.15:02
d1bbecause now there is an attempt to validate the ssl15:02
d1bthat's why socket is used15:02
d1berh ssl()15:02
d1bbut that implemenation is wrong15:02
vilayes, and the plan is to implement the cert verification *on top* of what the ssl module provides15:02
d1bvila: at the present time you are vul :)15:03
d1bget back to me when that is done15:03
vilahehe, patches welcome15:03
vilaif you want cert verification *now* install pycurl15:03
d1bpatch is remove urllib15:03
d1bonly suport pycurl15:03
d1bfrom me ;)15:03
vilad1b: sure, as long as you had support for ctrl-c pycurl and prompting for passwords and all niceties provided by urllib ;)15:04
d1bsecurity >15:04
vilad1b: use ssh15:05
d1bvila: this is true :)15:06
d1bexcept then you need ssh ;)15:06
vilad1b: now you're talking about convenience :)15:06
d1bvila: bzr does not dep on pycurl15:07
vilad1b: but more importantly, what will a mitm attack will gives ?15:07
d1ba copy of the repo15:07
d1band this is bad for private repos15:07
d1baka your corporate users15:07
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d1band also commit access ;)15:08
vilawhich can 1) use pycurl (which is still the default for https if installed) 2) use ssh 3) use private networks15:08
d1bvila: if installed15:08
d1bbut it isn't a dep!15:08
d1bit suggests pycurl15:08
d1bit doesn't dep pycurl15:08
vilano, it was a deliberate decision15:09
d1bi should state that this is not true i just remembered15:09
d1bi have recommends disabled15:09
d1bdon't nkow if the default bzr will do that ..15:09
d1bsuggests will be installed right?15:09
vilaI advocate keeping it but the consensus was that the vast majority of users just don't verify certs anyway15:09
d1bso it should be a dep in anycase15:10
d1band not a suggests15:10
d1bok via synaptic15:12
d1bit isn't pulling in pycurl..15:12
d1bnor via apt-get15:12
d1b http://pastebin.com/Ec0cJ0eA15:12
d1bso recommends is not the same as suggests15:13
d1bvila: yeah?15:13
* d1b reports15:14
vilad1b: you'd better add your comments to the existing one so your new bug doesn't get marked as duplicated15:15
d1bvila: yeah dude how do i make a new bug?15:15
d1blaunchpad is confusing15:15
d1bnm gotit15:15
d1bhad to put the url in manually can't find a link15:15
vilalet me introduce you to our lovely bot: bug #8208615:17
ubot5`Launchpad bug 82086 in Bazaar "pycurl transport causes tracebacks if the server's SSL cert cannot be verified. (affected: 3, heat: 43)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8208615:17
vilathanks ubot5`15:17
d1bvila: ;)15:17
d1bvila: reported15:20
d1b https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/65116115:20
ubot5`'Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized\nResponse headers:\n---\ncontent-length: 21\ncontent-type: text/plain\ndate: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 14:20:55 GMT\nserver: zope.server.http (HTTP)\nstatus: 401\nvary: Accept-Encoding\nvia: 1.1 wildcard.edge.launchpad.net\nx-powered-by: Zope (www.zope.org), Python (www.python.org)\n---\nResponse body:\n---\nBug 651161 is private\n---\n (https://launchpad.net/bugs/651161)'15:20
d1bwhat no15:21
d1bthis is already public via irc15:21
mgzha, ubot fail. you ticked the 'security' box I take it?15:21
d1bmgz: yeah ;)15:22
d1b https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/65116115:22
ubot5`Launchpad bug 651161 in Bazaar "bzr fails to verify ssl validity in https connections - by default --> as pycurl isn't a dep only a suggestion (affected: 1, heat: 260)" [Undecided,New]15:22
mgzright, can just edit private off via web interface.15:22
d1bthere we go15:22
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MTecknologyI pulled a branch, then had to overwrite the latest change to the branch, now I get an error when I try to pull the branch from another location - how can I tell it to ignore this last change?15:51
MTecknologyIt says the branches diverged.. I want them back together..15:52
vilaMTecknology: pull --overwrite15:52
MTecknologyvila: awesome- thanks15:53
CardinalFangHi all, jelmer.  I'm trying to use the bzr-svn plugin for the first time, (with versions in Ubuntu Maverick,) and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, if anything.16:02
CardinalFangBranching "https://guest@androi" gets me 'unknown bzrdir format ""'16:03
CardinalFangNo http-basic "guest@" and I get 'No route to host' error (perhaps some SSL problem?).16:04
CardinalFangEr, no , that gets me 'Unable to handle http code 401', even though I (think) I set "user = guest" in my locations.conf .16:05
CardinalFangFinally, "svn://" gets me the no-route-to-host.16:05
CardinalFangHmm, the doc says the plugin can do several things, but none of them is "branch".  I don't think "pull" counts.16:07
GlenjaminCardinalFang: whatever location you'd pass to svn checkout, bzr branch/pull/checkout should accept16:12
Glenjaminoh, i see you've got some pycurl problems, try using https+urllib://16:13
* CardinalFang tries.16:13
CardinalFangHell yeah.  Glenjamin, she goes!16:14
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jeremywI see in bzrlib.builtins.cmd_ls.run(), there is a cleanup like this: self.add_cleanup(tree.lock_read().unlock)17:40
jeremywWhat's that for?17:40
mgzjeremyw: it's a slightly confusing spelling of "this operation needs a read lock for the duration, that then gets unlocked"17:42
mgzroryy: was hoping to catch you, one of the things we need before your branch can land is for you to do this: <http://www.canonical.com/contributors>17:44
roryymgz: hi.  was wondering about that, assumed the patch was too small17:45
roryymgz: will get on it17:45
mgzgreat, shout if you have any questions.17:46
jeremywmgz: Thanks.17:47
roryymgz: send it to contributor-agreement@canonical.com and Martin Pool?17:57
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roryyok, done17:58
mgzcool. when australia wakes up you'll get added to the right team.18:04
fullermdAustralia's so lazy.  Sleeping all day, every day...18:04
jeremywAnyone got a minute to help me better understand locking?  I see this stuff is abstracted in the command logic and I just need to better understand it.18:07
jeremywI think I figured it out and was actually confused by my test repository lacking content.  ;)18:09
jeremywSo...let's say I have an Inventory[Directory|File], how might one go about getting the last revision the item was changed in?18:16
jeremywI'm looking into the API but if someone beats me to it...18:19
ovnicrafthi folks i was searching for alias for location i want to use for push,pull, etc i search in man but nothing result18:20
fullermdjeremyw: BTW, did those docs help you back a week or so?18:20
jeremywfullermd: Yeah.  I am figuring out how to get deeper and deeper.  Now, I've got a working tree and I'm listing the files.  In doing so, I'd also like to get more information like the revision at which the files were last modified.18:22
jeremywOf course your docs don't cover that so I'm tracing the API as I go.18:22
fullermdYeah.  I don't really go below the UI  :)18:22
jeremywfullermd: It helped a lot actually.  I know the difference between the higher level objects and can go between them easily.18:22
ovnicrafthow i can do this?18:24
fullermdovnicraft: I'm not sure I understand the question...18:25
jeremywfullermd: I need to go below the UI.  It's not difficult.  :)  It just takes some deeper learning and it's coming along nicely, I'm just missing something that takes an Inventory[Directory/File] and gives me revision information.18:25
roryyovnicraft: does "bzr help location-alias" help?18:25
ovnicraftroryy, yes i found this http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.1/en/user-reference/location-alias-help.html18:26
ovnicraftroryy, but i have 2 locations for pull18:30
ovnicrafti want to bzr pull location1 and bzr pull location218:30
roryyovnicraft: i'm no expert, i'm afraid.  perhaps you can use a command alias for that ('bzr pl1' and 'bzr pl2') or write two shell scripts or cmd files?18:31
ovnicraftbzr must do this hg do it XD18:32
ovnicraftbtw thx18:32
roryydoes what?  user-specifiable location aliases?18:32
mgzgot OOPS-1733N1768 commenting on an mp, but comment seems to have gone through anyway18:37
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mgzhm, don't think I quite worded that properly. ah well, lifeless will understand.19:03
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jeremywDoes anyone know of a better way to get a revision object, or just the revision id, that a file was last changed based on the file's id?19:19
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jamjeremw: better than what way?20:28
jamtree.inventory[file_id].revision ?20:28
jeremywjam: That might be what I need.  :)  Basically, I've looked at how the log module does it and it's very slow.20:29
jeremywjam: Basically, my intent is to get the last modified revision of a path.20:29
jeremywThe quickest way.20:29
bfrogis there a large repo that has bzr git and hg versions?20:37
bfroglike there's a hg mirror of the kernel which is useful to compare git and hg with20:38
fullermdI presume you could translate one with bzr-git or fast-{im,ex}port if nothing else.20:41
fullermdhttps://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/linux/trunk looks like an import of the Linux kernel.20:43
bfroglaunchpad, joy, so that'll only take like 10 hours to clone20:45
bfroglaunchpad has to be the slowest site on the internet to host a project, I never get anymore than about 15kbps from there, meanwhile kernel.org is like 1.5mb ...20:46
* fullermd shrugs.20:47
fullermdI didn't say it was better than a chocolate chip cookie.  Just a good first guess to look for a pile of imports of projects in $OTHER_VCS.20:47
bfrogyeah I hear you20:48
bfrogits more a complaint towards launchpad than anything else20:48
roryywow - 3000 branches in vcs-imports21:17
vilaroryy: you mean https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports ?21:20
vilatalk about ruining jokes... I was about to propose him to have a look at https://code.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu21:21
thumperanyone have definitive knowledge if bzr reconfigure --unstacked works on LP?21:35
fullermdI was told the other day that it does.21:36
maxbthumper: yes, it does, provided the old stacking location is valid21:37
thumpernow I don't have to write an annoying script21:38
thumperdoes it do it server side or client side?21:38
thumperover bzr+ssh?21:38
maxbUm. Are stacking changes *ever* clever enough to be server-side?21:40
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jammaxb, thumper: actually the design is explicit that smart process can't see the stacked-upon repository, so it *can't* be done via bzr+ssh smart rpc22:17
jamand thumper, we never had our conversation about Branch Revision22:18
thumperjam: ok22:18
thumperjam: no, we didn't22:18
thumperjam: just in the standup now22:18
jamthumper: the joys of daylight savings changes22:18
tsmithis it possible to get bzr-svn to remember my svn username and password?22:35
thumpertsmith: you can add the username and password in the url22:40
tsmithi'm not about to save the password in bash_history :O22:40
tsmithbut thanks for the tip22:40
jamtsmith: I think you can look at "bzr help authentication"22:41
jamalso, I thought there was something about setting username via svn, which we would then remember22:41
tsmithjam: omg that worked (remembering the pass via svn)22:41
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jbowtieHello all.23:07
thumperjam: are you still around?23:10
jamthumper: I actually need to go pick up my son now. if you want to talk via phone, we could talk in about 20 min23:11
thumperjam: yeah, that could work23:13

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