jappiecr1anybody know where I can find a good teacher manual in Spanish; that is for teachers to get an idea how and with what they can start developing lessons...00:20
alkisgGood morning07:53
kataqwhat is the difference between #ubuntu and #edubuntu?14:09
kataq guess not14:28
ofirkhi :)14:40
ofirkis there someone here that can help me with a LTSP issue?14:40
highvoltagegood morning everyone16:14
coz_hey guys...something odd has been ocurring since this past weeks updates... I am now getting a whole list of packages that want to be removed... and all of them are default install packages....16:45
coz_just clean installed and removed the usual applications I normally remove with edubuntu...but only since this weeks updates has this problem been ocurring16:45
coz_here is what the system wants to remove    http://pastebin.com/EuQwvpS516:47
coz_if I do that ^^   then the least of the issues become system font rendering16:48
jappiecrI am setting up a compu lab for a school in Costa Rica. I (kind of) have the server up and running, that is my thin clients boot and can I can log in using different usernames on different thin clients and all works beautiful!17:09
jappiecrNow the challanges that I run in to: 1) The Thin Client Manager does not show my thin clients.. 2) I am just a hobbiest that wants to make a little difference but I am not a Teacher. I am really missing a manual for day to day use that I can show the teachers (for Spanish speaking educators with very, very limited educational recources and training!)17:12
jappiecrWhen I read about Edubuntu this is what i understood from it: A teacher can create a list of students, assign students to groups (classes/levels) and customize the programs available to those groups. So in day to day use, the teacher would sit the students down behind the screens. Take control of the screens and show the group todays lesson and that give control back to the thin clients so the students can do their work. Meanwhle, the teacher can mon17:16
jappiecritor from her screen  what thye students are doing and if needed help out or gain control....Am I right so far or did I misunderstood?17:16
jappiecrSo far I have been trying configure everything using the 3 different (?!?!) programs; Profile manager, profile editor and lockdown editor....17:18
coz_jappiecr,   what I do know is that you will have to stick around for answers to a question...generally  most people here are doing things and check into the channel at different intervals17:21
jappiecrOk, so I followed the manual and have somewhat set it. Made  profile for Students and teachers (+ one for adminsitrator), assigned different user to to those groups in Profile Manager and here I am...NO CLUE where to go from here!!17:22
jappiecrcoz: no problem I can wait:-)17:22
coz_jappiecr, :)17:23
jappiecray, I am teacher....what do I do? How do I setup my class?, control thin clients? etc, etc...17:23
coz_jappiecr,  the last time I asked a question it took over an hour ..and I just asked one about 1/2 hour ago :)   I would sit back and grade papers or listen to music while you wait  :)17:25
jappiecrall is good! We do what we can when we can.....I hope there are more people out there walking into the same challanges!17:28
coz_jappiecr,   my guess is that there are... and most likely a simple solution17:28
jappiecrCoz: I hope so! But even with the GCompris suite I setup the adm. section and say that clients need to login but when I log in from a TC as a student, there is no login required...as you said; most likely a simple solution if you know what, where and how:-)17:30
jappiecrPatience is a beautiful thing!17:30
coz_jappiecr,  yes :)  in the mean time maybe read here ?  http://www.tuxradar.com/content/ltsp-thin-clients-made-easy17:34
jappiecrcoz_: I have 2 NIC's eth0= for INternet and eth1 = for TC network. In my "Network Connections" it only shows 1 connection (eth0) and this gets an auto IP. The ot18:19
coz_jappiecr,   not sure what the issue is... I would again stick around and see what the guys say here :)18:19
jappiecreth1 I configured to a 10.0.30. network range and all seems to be working. That is my TC's boot and I get to do everything on them. The only thng is that my Network Icon in the upper Panel dissapeard and I cannot seem to get it back...18:20
coz_jappiecr,  make sure the notification area applet is there18:21
coz_jappiecr,  sorry that is the wrong applet... ah I forget what you have to do to get that back  since it is not under the applets menu18:23
coz_brb  have to pick someone up18:23
jappiecrcoz_: CUL18:23
jappiecrwhat would be the Classroom Control package for teachers to use in Edubuntu 10.04 ltsp setup?19:54
mhall119iTalc I think19:55
stgraberMeeting time !20:01
dindaquick questio while we wait for meeting stuff:  can the all the "K" applications be used in regular Ubuntu?  or do you need to be running Kubuntu?20:06
coz_dinda,  you mean like any of the kde applications in ubuntu with gnome?20:07
dindacoz_: yes, exactly20:07
mhall119dinda: yes20:08
coz_dinda,  sure but if you install them onto gnome/ubuntu  they will pull down all of the required kde libraries20:08
mhall119you'll just need the QT and possible KDE libs20:08
dindaok, was wondering how that worked20:08
mhall119like magic ;)20:09
coz_dinda,  in al honesty.. I switched to edubuntu  because I believe there is better performance than if I installed the necessary kde libraries onto an existing ubuntu...could be my imagination:)20:09
* dinda likes magic :)20:09
dindacoz_: interesting, trying to see what a recommended solution would be for a school or teacher who wants those apps20:10
coz_dinda,   you dont want edubuntu?20:10
mhall119dinda: they'll even run on Xfce20:10
coz_dinda,  whichever version of ubuntu you install  ...then installing any kde application...as I said...will pull down all the necessary kde dependencies required20:11
coz_dinda,  so just sudo apt-get install nameofapplication and go  :)20:15
coz_hey guys let me bring this up again   ...something odd has been ocurring since this past weeks updates... I am now getting a whole list of packages that want to be removed... and all of them are default install packages....20:16
coz_just clean installed and removed the usual applications I normally remove with edubuntu...but only since this weeks updates has this problem been ocurring20:16
coz_here is what the system wants to remove    http://pastebin.com/EuQwvpS520:16
mhall119coz_: the team is having a meeting in #ubuntu-meeting right now, so it may take a bit20:17
coz_mhall119,   no problem at all... I can post this later20:17
mhall119dinda: ping23:47

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