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Craigwdy2kI'm trying to file my SeaMonkey Adobe Flash Player 9/27/10 binary tarball bug right now...  How do I determine if the bug is a security risk or not...?  I couldn't help but notice the checkbox there for it...00:24
Craigwdy2kI just signed up for a Launchpad Login Services account...  Is this a Universal Login System that Canonical/Ubuntu employ: will this same login work to get access to to help forums too...?00:26
Craigwdy2kget access to help*00:27
Craigwdy2kHow do I enlarge/resize screenshot PNGs with The GIMP...?  I have to admit: the images when viewed online are quite small & unviewable...00:51
Craigwdy2kI just installed the tutorial package: grokking-the-gimp...  Where does the tutorial file get installed to by default & what format is it in exactly...?01:06
amichairis it possible to assign audio to two different output devices simultaniously (in multimedia settings)?01:19
jexmexhi guys, it seems my kubuntu install does not like playing with windows....I will be running synergy just fine, but it drops connection, and then the windows pc and the linux pc can no longer communicate02:01
jexmexand I cannot ping any other computer from the linux pc02:01
jexmexbut can from the windows pc, so it has to be the linux pc (kubuntu)02:02
mplabsI have a big problem. I was upgrading my system to 10.04 but now its all broken!02:23
mplabsI tried using dpkg --configure -a but I have tons of incomplete dependences !02:24
macosudo apt-get install -f02:24
mplabswell, I guess it will be the same, I dont have many packages that are required02:25
mplabsMy source.list after the upgrade: http://pastebin.com:80/spam.php?i=mjT9kJ8i02:26
mplabssorry, it is: http://pastebin.com:80/mjT9kJ8i *02:26
mplabsif I try to do safe-upgrade: http://pastebin.com:80/U4qfukuy02:27
mplabsany help please ?02:27
mplabsI am from a live CD, I cant use internet there02:28
mplabshey, please, it is important02:42
mplabsI dont know what to do02:42
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hagabakaI installed wubi on a windows netbook, and when I try to boot into ubuntu, it shows just a flashing cursor after grub. What should I do?04:32
sinmangood evening everyone04:52
sinmanis there a way i can set the power management in kubuntu?04:52
QwertError after kernel update - (process 306) : GLib-WARNING**: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id(0) | How can I fix this?05:32
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QwertThe default network connection for kubuntu is Auto eth0, how can I edit the settings for it? In manage connections, why don't I see this connection listed?06:25
QwertWhat is the default network connection for Kubuntu06:36
Qwertbazhang, How to see the settings of kwin?06:38
* Qwert waves06:42
darkdelusionsI have returned :)07:19
knubbzehi there, why is there no `Add' button under `Network Connections' -> `VPN' ?07:30
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jmuxHi - I have opened a Lauchpad bug for Lucid (#636488) and got it closed with comment: "Fixed in Maverick, open a task for Lucid, if you need a fix." So how and where to open a task? I just added a nomination for Lucid...09:52
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faLUCEhi. I have wmctrl_1.07-6.diff.gz and a directory named wmctrl-1.07, which contains the file(s) that need to be patched. how can I apply the patch? thanks10:05
avihayfaLUCE: try man patch    or  read http://linux.die.net/man/1/patch10:58
knubbzewhen I plug my earphones into my laptop the music still is played on the speakers11:02
knubbzehow do I change this behaviour?11:02
BajKDoes KDE automatically change the "Computer" icon according to whether it's a notebook or desktop computer or was the laptop icon  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ee/KDE_4.0.png in kde 4.0 just replaced then?11:06
volodyaknubbze: you might want to google for magic options to pass to driver.11:10
volodyaknubbze: this, IIUC, means the driver is not actually aware there's headphone jack11:10
avihayknubbze: yeh, you better find out your exact soundcard model first11:11
avihayvolodya: not necessarily, my driver's default was to switch to 5.1 mode when you plug something in11:12
volodyaavihay: well, there are many ways this can break.11:13
* volodya does not even know how 5.1 can travel over 2-wire line ;-)11:13
knubbzeRealtek ID 67011:14
knubbzethat's what I have11:14
avihaythe internal speakers were the front, the earphons were back, and the mic or line in turned to center or sub11:14
knubbzecurrently downloading something from the realtek site11:15
avihayjust google the exact model number, the word linux or ubuntu and the word earphones11:15
avihaymodel name from lspci or the likes of it11:16
knubbzeknubbze@shirion:~/hda-verb-0.3$ aplay -l11:18
knubbze**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****11:18
knubbzecard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: HDA Generic [HDA Generic] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #011:18
knubbzeI am confused11:19
volodyaknubbze: why? aplay is not supposed to give much details.11:20
knubbzeoh, how would I find out my exact model number then11:20
volodyaUse either lspci, or just your laptop model in google seach.11:20
knubbzeknubbze@shirion:~/hda-verb-0.3$ lspci | grep Audio11:21
knubbze00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 06)11:21
knubbze01:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc Juniper HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 5700 Series]11:21
knubbzeso the intel thing is my exact model number?11:21
avihayI guess11:25
LexSmoothwhere is ru chanell?11:29
avihay!ru | LexSmooth11:30
ubottuLexSmooth: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:30
avihayknubbze: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1473625.html   look at the answer from iavor   , something like that solved the problem for me11:31
LexSmoothПодскажите где тут найти русский канал?11:31
avihayumm, are you looking for channels in russian? or ubuntu/kubuntu support channels?11:33
avihayyes for the first or for the second? if you need ubuntu support in russien, go to #ubuntu-ru11:36
pateranybody from greece11:49
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mplabsHello guys!12:04
mplabsI was doing an upgrade to Lucid but now is it all broken ! Here is what I have if I do safe-upgrade: http://pastebin.com/tk7xMnCb, and here is my source.list: http://pastebin.com/j6LDUDV8, any help please ? I can't execute any application that use gtk for example, I think it's not configured12:04
mplabsI don't have some important packages configured like libgtk2.0-0 g++ kdebase and so on !12:04
mplabsPlease help me, and thank you!12:04
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Apocalypse_dnHi guys! can someone tell me why I can't get KAuth to accept my password? though kdesudo works fine12:46
erendgenвсем привет13:09
FloodBotK1erendgen: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:09
erendgenкто тут делаешь13:09
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chuckf08:55:57 -!- fldc_ [~fldc@] has joined #kubuntu13:57
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lucidfox"You can switch kubuntu to the Gnome style notifications." <-- !!!14:22
lucidfoxI can use notify-osd?14:22
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »14:55
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BluesKajhowdy folks15:00
FloodBotK1bad-boy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:04
bad-boyanybody here?15:04
niteyeyep me15:06
niteyei let kubuntu update the kernel, and now ctrl+alt+F keys don't work anymore to switch console screen15:06
BluesKajniteye, reboot15:08
niteyei did that, its since i boot in the new kernel that it stopped working15:08
niteyebooting in the old kernel and it works again15:08
BluesKajniteye, have you updated today ?15:09
niteyeyup, it wanted to update the kernel15:09
BajKIs there a way of arranging text like boxes in openoffice writer? like in inDesign and not just having to fill up pages with whitespaces/linebreaks to get on a next page?15:12
niteyei suppose it would have things like pagebreaks similar to MS Word15:13
niteyethe thing that stopped working is that i cant use cltr+alt+Fkey anymore so i cant have any session except the graphical one :(15:15
BajKDoes Kubuntu support hybrid graphics?15:41
shadowhywind_does anyone have any ideas on how to replace text in a postscript (ps) file?15:41
BajKon notebooks15:41
BajKthat I have a powerful ATI graphics card for gaming stuff and a lowperformance Intel graphics for working or battery modE?15:42
rysiek|plBajK: it depends on the gfx drivers; my friend has a similar setup (with nVidia) and I think it works for him15:43
BajKhm a friend of mine has the Acer Aspire Timeline X and it does not15:43
BajKhe can switch in notebook bios15:43
BajKbut not on the fly in kde15:43
rysiek|plBajK: send a mail to ATI and the notebook manufacturer and ask them. no, seriously. send it. this way you'll get info, and they will get a signal people are interested and using their hw with Linux15:44
rysiek|plBajK: and under windows is he able to change it on th fly via some GUI?15:44
BajKit does automatically15:44
BajKif he's on battery, it uses the low performance graphics15:45
rysiek|plI'd ask the manufacturers, then15:45
BajKthe ATI empties the battery in bout 2 hours15:45
BajKintel holds for up to 815:45
anygivennamehi....i am using remote sharing ....how do I copy & paste files ?16:12
anygivennamecan anyone help ?16:20
BluesKajpls expalin more clearly , what exactly are trying to copy & paste , from where to where , anygivenname ?16:40
anygivennamefrom pc to ubutu through remote sharing16:43
NeooHi everybody16:51
NeooSomeone online for help plz16:51
Lars_GHey all.16:51
Lars_GQuestion, how do I add more pages/actions on the netbook mode?16:52
NeooI wanna enter into my shell under Consol, donnu cmds16:52
BluesKajneo open the terminal in kmenu / utilities16:53
BluesKajerr Neoo16:54
NeooDon t understant what you want to say dude16:54
NeooTerminal` s already opened16:54
NeooI wanna just enter to my propre shell16:55
Neooanother host...16:55
NeooWhat` s the cmd16:55
BluesKajNeoo, so what do you want to do , ssh ?16:55
Lars_GNeoo: We don't understand what you're trying to do16:55
Neooi buy one shell from one website16:56
Neooand now i` m under Ubuntu16:56
NeooHow can i enter to this shell16:56
Lars_GWhat do you mean you buy a shell from a website? you mean you got an ssh accessible server?16:57
Lars_Gyou bought a program? what?16:57
NeooI bought a shell16:57
Lars_GWhat do you mean you buy a shell from a website? you mean you got an ssh accessible server?16:58
Lars_Gyou bought a program? what?16:58
NeooThey send me the informations of my shell16:58
NeooSsh and port ...16:58
Neooand my username & password16:59
Lars_GOk, then you need to run ssh in the console to acces the server16:59
Lars_Gbasically you need to run ssh user@address16:59
Neooyes dude16:59
Lars_Gand enter the password16:59
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Neoohow ?17:00
NeooWaht` s the command man ?17:00
Lars_GI told you17:00
Lars_Gssh user@address17:01
Neoothx dude ,)17:02
Lars_Gno problem17:02
BluesKaj!who | Neoo17:03
ubottuNeoo: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:03
* gukk_devel is away: Zur Zeit nicht da.17:03
NeooSo, thanks all17:03
Neooand thanks you Lars_G ,)17:03
Neooit`s okey now :D17:03
Lars_GI'm using 4.5 on a netbook, and I can't find how to add a page/activity. On the desktop's cashew there's no activities options. any tips?17:04
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mu3enLars_G: for me, click the desktop cashew (not the panel) choose 'activities' a bar pops up similar to the add widget bar. there on the right is a 'add activity' button. you can also set a separate 'dashboard' activity in the control panel.17:42
piquadratHi! I want to share a folder over the network, but when I click on the "Configure File Sharing..." button, all I get is an error message on the console: "kcmfileshare.desktop" not found18:24
piquadratand locateModule: Could not find module ' "kcmfileshare" '18:25
piquadratnever mind, I found it18:27
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anygivennamehi.....how can I copy & paste to ubuntu machine from another connected machine ?18:47
glauceis there a source for lucid kubuntu backports in a ftp server??18:50
thaniswhat is the command for switching to root ?18:58
glaucethanis: sudo su18:58
JackStoneris krita as functional as gimp??19:04
mu3enanygivenname: scp is probably the command you want for ubuntu to ubuntu19:05
mu3enanygivenname: but from a windows machine, filesharing is mostly via samba still i guess.19:05
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Lars_Gmu3en: trouble is for some reason when I open the desktop cashew (lower bottom left on this install), I have add widgets, add app (app manager), configure search and launch (only, default activity) and lock page, but no activities option19:25
mu3enthat's weird. i'm using fresh install of kubuntu 10.04 with the kubuntu ppa for the kde 4.5.x updates19:27
mu3enLars_G, is that same as you?19:27
Lars_GI'm on kubuntu 10.1019:27
Lars_Gyou're going to send me to +1 ain't you?19:27
Lars_Gtheyr answer is for me to go to kubuntu-dev and it hurts me to piss the devs with these questions19:27
mu3enfar be it for me19:27
Lars_Gthe +1 guys like #ubuntu don't like kde questions much :D19:28
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mu3enat the same time, it is probably the development version that has the issue...and they're likely working on it.19:28
Lars_GWhat's the keystroke to close the cashew?19:29
mu3enlooks like none19:30
Lars_Gthere's no keystroke? even in 4.5 on 10.04? ;P19:30
Lars_Gmeh thanks19:30
Lars_Gwhat was the propper dev channel?19:30
mu3enwhen i pop yakuake with F12 it disappears though...19:30
Lars_GNot here19:30
mu3enis it not kubuntu-dev?19:30
Lars_GI popped yakuake, and opened an app19:30
Lars_Gand it's stuck on open cashew19:31
mu3enstill cashew19:31
mu3enyeah, i get that with the wifi plasmoid sometimes19:31
Lars_Gso if I want to go back to view the desktop... to close the cashew I can't19:31
Lars_Gunless there's a stroke for "show desktop"19:31
Lars_Glet me see if links pulls me thorough this one19:31
mu3enmeta+Q is apparently the keystroke for 'activities...'19:33
Lars_Gok let me check. thanks19:34
mu3enand ctrl+F1/F2/F3 is switch desktops, but since plasma is not dependent on that, it probably will exist acroos desktops19:34
Lars_GApparently not here and I'm looking at the global shortcuts and can't find any definition for activities, on kwin or plasma netbook. hmmm19:35
mu3ensounds 'unimplemented'19:35
Lars_Git does so, I'll keep updating and checking, thanks for the help mu3en19:36
IH8hei4all! Tell me please the name of widgets which is on the desktop after the Kubuntu installation19:36
iECanyone have any ideas why none of my usb drives show up when i run the mount command?19:37
iECmy mouse is usb so i know the usb ports are working19:38
iECbut none of the usb drives i have plugged in show up...nor does my mp3 player19:38
mu3enIH8: think that's 'folder view' and 'microblogging'19:38
mu3eniEC: what/how are you trying to mount19:39
iECim just plugging it in19:39
iECits a usb thumb drive19:39
mu3eniEC: are you checking 'sudo fdisk -l' output19:39
iECi was not...19:39
mu3ennormally should pop up automatically in the new device notifier plasmoid19:40
iECyeah...thats what happened on my previous computer19:40
mu3enso maybe see if you see anything in konsole with the above command19:40
mu3enif you DO see your stick, maybe something else is going on19:41
iECi do see it19:41
iECusb drive is /dev/sdb and my mp3 player is /dev/sdc19:41
mu3enso maybe try this:19:41
mu3encd ~19:41
IH8Does anybody know on what day 10.10 will release?19:42
mu3enmkdir thumbdrive19:42
BluesKajiEC, if the usb device is an audio devive , try gstreamer=properties in the the konsole , you'll get a gui with options19:42
mu3ensudo mount /dev/sdbx thumbdrive/19:42
iECmu3en: shouldnt it auto mount though?19:42
mu3enwhere x is the number of the partition usually sdb1 on a thumb drive19:42
mu3eniEC: it should19:43
BluesKajerr gstreamer-properties , iEC19:43
iECBluesKaj: its not currently installed...im assuming because im on kde and not gnome19:43
mu3enBluesKaj, one usb thumbdrive, one music device19:43
iECshould i install gnome-media anyways?19:43
iECwhen i run the command gstreamer-properties it says to install gnome-media19:44
BluesKajiEC, works on kde too19:44
iECBluesKaj: okay19:44
mu3eni'm not sure what that has to do with mounting a drive...19:44
iECmu3en: ultimatly i just want it to auto mount and pop up in my notifier like it did previously.19:45
BluesKajok, iEC , you're right , becuase i use both kde and gnome.19:45
iECbut i guess as long as i can mount it i can at least get by19:45
mu3eniEC it should do that, i'm just trying to make sure the device CAN actually be mounted19:46
iECi see19:46
iEClet me mount it quick then19:46
mu3eniEC it could be there's issues reading the filesystem or something, hence you can't see it in the plasmoid.19:46
BluesKajmu3en, any usb device is a drive , it should mount ...try the mount command to see what shows19:46
mu3eniEC, plus in the recent 4.x there's no automount by default, think you have to set it separately19:47
mu3enBluesKaj, right, hence my 'mount' command instruction rather than gstreamer...19:47
iECmu3en: it says i must specify the filesystem type19:47
mu3enthe fdisk command earlier should have shwn you that19:47
mu3enthe handle is mount -t vfat for fat filesystem19:48
mu3ensudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdbx thumbdrive/19:48
mu3enbut well, if it doesn't automatically detect, it's not a good sign in general iEC19:48
iECount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb,19:48
iEC       missing codepage or helper program, or other error19:48
iEC       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try19:48
iEC       dmesg | tail  or so19:48
FloodBotK1iEC: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:48
BluesKajmu3en, well mounting is one thing ..getting it to work is another , hence my gstreamer-properties suggestion19:49
iECi was all up to date OS wise on my previous box..and everything auto mounted19:49
iECi got a new pc and installed kubuntu on it and now it wont mount19:49
iECi can try another thumbdrive though19:49
iECto make sure its not a faulty drive19:49
mu3eniEC sounds like a good plan19:49
iECother one is still new in the box even19:49
mu3encould well be19:49
mu3enBluesKaj, absolutely. if it isn't mounting though...19:50
BluesKajiEC, well a few gtklibs never hurt anyone :)19:50
iECthis one didnt auto mount19:50
iECshowed up in fdisk -l though19:50
mu3en[k]ubuntu-restricted-extras anyone??? grin19:50
iECsame error when i try to manualy mount19:51
mu3enit's a new drive right?19:51
Lars_Gmu3en: you grin a lot19:51
iECthe first one i tried is a week old drive19:51
iECthis second one i just pulled out of the box19:51
mu3endo you have gparted?19:51
iECno, but i can install it19:51
mu3ento look at the partitions/format19:51
mu3enLars_G: but not laugh out loud much...19:52
iECinstalling now19:52
BluesKajiEC, yeah , that automount expectation is a problem , I had it yesterday , lsusb , found the dev name and it worked here19:52
iECgparted cannot open display19:53
mu3enif you right click the device notifier icon, you can go to the automount options and just check the box and options19:53
mu3enfor those that like automount by default19:53
mu3ensounds like something wicked that way comes19:53
mu3enyou could do it on CLI via fdisk and mkfs.vfat19:54
mu3enbut not sure if you want to go that way19:54
Lars_Gmu3en: now I think I might be wrong but at least on kubuntu it seems the default has been for it not to automount for a short while, you have to mount it from the dev manager widget.19:55
Lars_GI thought this was a hal/security kit default19:55
mu3enyes, mine never automounted, and i approve19:55
mu3enbut the setting is there if you like it19:55
Lars_Gmu3en: Oh I agree19:56
Lars_GI approve it too19:56
iECim going to grab some lunch, read some documentation, then ill be back if i still cant figure it out19:56
iECthanks for your help guys19:56
mu3enmaybe iEC and BluesKaj don't though, and that's good too19:56
Lars_GGive me a second, I'm gonna go leave a few layers of forehead sking and bone in the wall.19:56
mu3eniEC, good luck, sounds like maybe your machine is suffering though19:56
iECcould be19:56
iECthanks again19:56
Lars_GOur UPS has been damaged four days now, and we just had all servers restar on a small electricity failure19:56
BluesKajLars_G, mu3en , yesterday i mounted a usb speaker system , after lsusb , mount /dev/nameof speakersystem worked19:57
mu3enhow do you mount a speaker system?19:57
anygivennamemu3en: i have samba.....how do I do it from Windows ?19:58
BluesKajit's a Usb device , so I just lsusb , then mount /dev/bosesomething , can't recall the precise name now ...daughter is using it atm19:59
mu3enanygivenname: if samba is set up on your ubuntu machine, you should be able to share folders which you can then navigate to in windows explorer19:59
mu3enBluesKaj, i had no idea usb speakers worked that way, sounds convenient20:00
BluesKajmu3en, they're powered thru the usb port , not bigtime power but it works20:01
anygivennamemu3en: even before installing samba....i was connecting to my ubuntu remotely from a Win machine and having full control except that I could not copy to/from ubuntu machine & it is still the case even after installing samba on the ubuntu machine.....20:03
mu3enanygivenname, if you can ssh, can you also scp?20:04
=== rgreening_ is now known as rgreening
mu3ennot sure how that would work with windows20:04
anygivennamemu3en: pls tell me how....i open a folder....right click & hit copy.....then I go to my Windows desktop screen & ofcourse paste is dimmed & same case if I copy a file on Windows machine....I goto my Ubuntu desktop screen & paste is dimmed aswell20:06
mu3enanygivenname: not sure i understand the situation, take a read of the links here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=90738220:07
mu3enbasically seems you need winscp, putty, or cygwin20:08
mu3enon the windows machine20:08
BluesKajI'm using ssh for windows on W7 , I think it uses a form of putty light , but I have it working on W7 to linux and vice versa20:08
mu3enBluesKaj, can you run scp commands with that?20:08
anygivennamemu3en: in simple...pc at home running Ubuntu & remote sharing is enabled.....I am somewhere with my Windows laptop & I connect to my Ubuntu machine at home & have full control thru remote sharing except that I am unable to copy from it or to it any file20:10
Lars_GNot really, only bloick devices should be mountable in usb20:10
Lars_Git's probable the speakers come with some storage, maybe for drivers, or for convenience20:11
BluesKajmu3en, from linux, yes ...haven't tried it from windows20:11
Lars_Gyes, posix (and linux) shows all devices and processes as files. don't mean they're all really files in a drive somewhere though20:11
mu3enanygivenname: have you tried running something like 'scp /home/myhome/thedocument.txt myname@my.ip.add.ress:20:12
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leif_mu3en: I used pscp myself yesterday to copy files. You have to run it in the command line. then start it with "pscp.exe -r user@host:/path/to/files c:\destination20:13
phoenix_i am not able to connect by mobile(nokia 5800) using kbluetooth. it says "sorry your bluetooth device does not support input service"20:13
leif_the r is for recursive20:13
phoenix_i am using bluesolil bluetooth20:13
mu3enanygivenname: see leif_ comment20:13
kira__hi all20:14
mu3enLars_G: hadn't thought of built in storage on speakers for the driver. pretty smart.20:15
leif_the r is for recursiveGuest96135: I'm not myself today...20:17
anygivennamehow can I use a command line to execute on another machine ?!!20:17
anygivennameprobably u think i wanna copy & paste on the same machine20:19
mu3enanygivenname, not at all, i'm assuming you mean copy paste a file, not a piece of text. that's a whole other story.20:20
anygivennamealthough even on this Ubuntu is complex but this is not what I am asking now20:20
leif_anygivenname: I think I don't understand your question. You want to copy files from the linux pc to the windows pc using the windows pc, right? In that case, download pscp, open the start menu, click on run and type in "cmd" and hit enter.20:20
PiciOr use WinSCP20:20
leif_Pici: Or that, yeah.20:20
PiciFor a gui experience that is.20:21
mu3enright, winscp, putty, cygwin all apparently have that function as in the link above20:21
Scherenhaendenhi everybody... i have here a problem... im trying to get place... on my computer n i found a folder named node.def with about 30GB... knows someone what is that?20:21
anygivennameI want to copy & paste from the Ubuntu to the Windows & vice versa....they are in different placed & connected through remote sharing20:22
anygivennamedifferent places20:22
=== Scherenhaenden is now known as scherenhaenden
leif_Scherenhaenden: have you tried running "file node.def" in a terminal?20:22
BluesKajanygivenname, we already understand that , pls read the advice Pici, leif_ and mu3en are giving you20:23
Picianygivenname: copy and paste files? or selected text? and what exactly is 'remote sharing'?20:23
scherenhaendenbut how?20:23
scherenhaendenleif_:  how? i was trying to read its file on kate...20:24
anygivennameon Ubuntu...goto System...Preferences...then there is a Remote Desktop20:24
anygivennamethat's it20:24
scherenhaendennode.def is a folder n its file are for example ide_gen_disk-11.media or :pc:motherboard:u19:rtc.cow20:25
anygivennameI have it enabled & that's why I am able to connect to this Ubuntu machine from any where in the world20:25
leif_scherenhaenden: you use normal ubuntu? open up the terminal program, navigate to the location the file is at via cd /folder/of/file and in that folder run "file node.def"20:25
Picileif_: its not a file.20:25
scherenhaendenleif_: is not a file... is a folder20:25
Picischerenhaenden: where is the folder?20:25
leif_Pici: Oh, I must have overlooked that minor detail. ;)20:26
scherenhaendenPici: /home/edward/dor/node.def20:26
anygivennamewhen I am connected to it....I want to transfer files to it & transfer files from it20:26
Picianygivenname: Install ssh and fail2ban on your Ubuntu computer and use winSCP on your windows computer.20:26
scherenhaendeni have read something in internet bout qemu with that folder... but i dont know what it is... has 30 Gb n i never could use that qemu... never works ¬¬20:26
anygivennamehow to install ssh and fail2ban ? & what is winSCP ?20:27
mu3enanygivenname, i get it, you have a remote desktop connection20:27
scherenhaendenleif_: is not a problem XD!!... here write a lot of ppl... is not easy to read20:27
Picianygivenname: sudo apt-get install ssh fail2ban20:27
mu3enanygivenname, indeed you cannot copy paste like that, but i understand, it feels like you should.20:28
Picianygivenname: winscp is a tool that lets you connect to a remote server running ssh/sftp and upload/download files.20:28
Picianygivenname: You cannot seemlessly copy and paste files.20:28
leif_scherenhaenden: are there any files in the directory?20:28
Picianygivenname: http://winscp.net/eng/index.php Its free (and open source)20:28
mu3enanygivenname: what you need is: 1. a program called ssh on the ubuntu machine. and 2. a program called cygwin, putty, or winscp on the windows machine20:29
Picianygivenname: WinSCP is the easiest to use of the three.  FileZilla can also connect to SCP if you have that and find it easier.20:29
mu3enso step by step: 1. on your ubuntu machine do "sudo apt-get install ssh" and then on your windows machine go download and install as Pici said.20:29
scherenhaendenleif_: yeah... f.e: :pc:motherboard:u19:rtc.cow20:30
leif_mu3en: doesn't he need the ssh-server package on the ubuntu box?20:30
mu3enthen you can open that winscp program on windows, and enter the details of your ubuntu machine (the same ip number you are connecting using the remote desktop)20:30
BluesKajmu3en, anygivenname , http://sshwindows.sourceforge.net/20:30
scherenhaendensorry i opened one of that files with 18,8 GB on kate...20:31
Picileif_: 'ssh' contains the openssh server and client.20:31
anygivennamegot ssh & fail2ban installed here20:31
BluesKajleif_, yes he does need the openssh server20:31
anygivennameseems they r services not apps20:31
mu3enleif_ just ssh gives that as dependency in (k)ubuntu20:31
mu3enwhat is fail2ban guys?20:31
anygivennamecause they did not appear on the applications tab20:31
Picianygivenname: Thats correct.20:31
mu3enokay: ail2ban scans log files like /var/log/pwdfail or /var/log/apache/error_log and bans IP that makes too many password failures20:32
Picimu3en: It bans excessive failed logins.  Like those from people trying to bruteforce logins.20:32
scherenhaendenwell is not so important... but... if someone could help me to install sound could be great XD!!20:32
Picimu3en: It monitors a bunch of files by default on Ubuntu.20:32
leif_scherenhaenden: those are qemu images. you can use qemu to virtualize another operating system.20:33
scherenhaendenleif_:  yeah... but i just installed qemu20:33
mu3enPici, got it, that's a good addition to internet enabled ssh for sure!20:33
scherenhaendenleif_: i didnt use or make any image20:33
BluesKajmu3en, http://sourceforge.net/projects/fail2ban/20:34
leif_scherenhaenden: that is weird20:34
scherenhaendenleif_: n qemu doesnt work20:34
scherenhaendenworks.. but up now i could not do anything with wemu20:34
leif_scherenhaenden: I do not know much about qemu. I use virtualbox.20:35
scherenhaendenleif_: could u help me to install the sound.... i use vbox too20:35
leif_scherenhaenden: I can give it a try. Which OS do you want to virtualize?20:35
scherenhaendenleif_: well i have a lot of OSs on vbox... i just wanted prove that qemu cuz before i registered my vbox... i could not use usb... now i can... but i was trying to use some opensource virtualmachine20:36
scherenhaendenleif_: hey... always when i start my computer i got to write sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel model=laptopifconfig to get sound20:37
leif_scherenhaenden: You could simply write that line into /etc/modprobe.conf20:39
scherenhaendenyeah but the sound doesnt work like before i lost it20:40
leif_scherenhaenden: what do you mean? That you have to write the line now? Well, if you write that line into /etc/modprobe.conf, it will be loaded whenever you boot.20:41
leif_scherenhaenden: You are welcome20:42
scherenhaendenleif_: the problem is that i had my kmix really cutie n funcionally... but now... i cant here any midi file20:42
scherenhaendenbut i dont know why20:42
FloodBotK1scherenhaenden: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:42
scherenhaendenleif_: hey... i dont have that file modprobe20:43
BluesKaj!intelhda |scherenhaenden, have you looked here ?20:43
ubottuscherenhaenden, have you looked here ?: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto20:43
anygivennameit worked20:43
Picianygivenname: yay20:43
leif_scherenhaenden: then create it.20:43
scherenhaendenoh... ill do it20:43
anygivennamethank you Pici, leif_ and mu3en20:44
leif_scherenhaenden: "sudo touch /etc/modprobe.conf" will create the file.20:44
anygivennamethank you BluesKaj20:44
anygivennameyou all made my day20:44
scherenhaendenBluesKaj: how do u know what is my card?20:45
scherenhaendenubottu:  thanks20:45
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)20:45
scherenhaendenubottu:  oh... ok20:45
BluesKajanygivenname,  i hrlped ?20:45
mu3enanygivenname: happy you got that working, it's a great combo to have remote desktop and scp!20:46
BluesKajscherenhaenden, from your modprobe command20:46
scherenhaendenBluesKaj:  ohh... :S... u right my dear watson20:46
anygivennamei hope there is a similar app like WinSCP that runs on Android20:46
anygivennameso I can do the same thing from my phone20:46
mu3enyes there is20:47
mu3enanygivenname: i have it on android 2.1 on smart q520:47
anygivennamei'm running froyo 2.220:47
anygivennamewhat's the app called?20:47
mu3enanygivenname: nice, still, should be in the market20:48
* BluesKaj is totally dumb about smartphones20:48
mu3enanygivenname: search for ssh20:48
anygivennameisnt ssh a service ?20:48
anygivennameas seems here on ubuntu20:48
leif_anygivenname: http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applications/communication/droidscp_gble.html20:49
mu3enyes, it's a small application that allows secure connections between machines20:49
mu3ennice one leif_20:49
leif_mu3en: don't even own one, but when my contract runs out next year i will get one.20:49
LemaxРад приветствовать!20:50
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke20:50
anygivennamethanks leif_20:51
scherenhaendenBluesKaj: hey i have a question... so ? options snd-hda-intel model=ALC889A or so ? options snd-hda-intel model=ALC889A20:51
leif_anygivenname: no problem20:51
scherenhaendenBluesKaj: hey i have a question... so ? options snd-hda-intel model=ALC889A or so ? options snd-hda-intel model=alc889a20:51
BluesKajyes anygivenname ssh is a service which comes as a sever app and a client app20:51
Lars_GI thought I was in kubuntu :P lol20:51
mu3enLars_G: convergence much?20:52
Lars_Gas long as there's no collusion20:52
BluesKajscherenhaenden, what are you asking ?20:52
scherenhaendenis bug letters or small?20:53
scherenhaendenn how can i save and lock the nano programm :S20:53
mu3enlower or upper case20:53
mu3enand is nano better than vi?20:54
Lars_Gscherenhaenden: try both and see which works.20:54
scherenhaendenLars_G: danke.20:54
scherenhaendenLars_G: thanks*20:54
Lars_Gmu3en: you know.. there was a reason why chesire was so creepy.20:54
Lars_Gscherenhaenden: use a rmmod between them, and check dmesg to see which works20:54
spirov92hi, after an upgrade akregator started crashing. On the command line, I get ""20:54
spirov92Communication problem with  "akregator" , it probably crashed.20:54
spirov92Error message was:  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" : " "Did not receive a reply.20:54
spirov92sorry for the flood20:55
mu3enLars_G, but i think it might have had more to do with the fact he was a semi invisible talking cat.20:55
BluesKajscherenhaenden, how is it listed: lspci | grep -i audio  ...?20:55
leif_scherenhaenden: Strg+X will try and close nano, but it asks to save first when you have changed a file.20:55
Lars_Gmu3en: What a surprise shroedinger would've had if he'd chosen chesire as his cat20:56
Lars_GThe cat is not alive and dead at the same time... there's simply no cat20:56
mu3enLars_G, some major parts of modern philosophy could have gone a very different way20:56
scherenhaenden00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)20:56
scherenhaenden01:05.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc RS880 Audio Device [Radeon HD 4200]20:56
BluesKajscherenhaenden, probly lowercase , but I'm not sure20:56
scherenhaendenill reboot20:57
scherenhaendenim coming20:57
Lars_GHe's comming? wow sound really excites that guy.20:57
spirov92so...I'm getting the error message I posted above, and akregator starts eating a lot of CPU, and doesn't show a window or tray icon. has anyone had this problem?20:58
leif_Lars_G: From his nick I assume he is maybe german. We use that phrase a lot in a different context.20:59
Lars_Gleif_: I guessed so, it was just a bad joke.20:59
mu3enbut hard to resist20:59
Lars_Gleif_: btw that he first used danke also was a tip off20:59
BluesKajIthink he forgot the word "back"21:00
BluesKaji shall return :)21:00
leif_Lars_G: Maybe it would have been easier if I had pmed him in german.21:01
mu3eni'll be back...21:01
Lars_GI think I'll start on my german soon21:01
Lars_GI'm fed up of saying "someday I'll study it"21:01
BluesKajmy german left me many yrs ago , she found some other eurotrash21:02
leif_Lars_G: Be prepared. Or, as Mark Twain put it: They would rather decline two drinks than one german adjective21:03
Lars_Goh my21:03
spirov92ah, there's an upgrade for akregator21:04
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BluesKajer bitte21:07
=== mike_ is now known as Guest3296
mu3enleif_ whoever 'they' are, they are right about that...21:08
leif_mu3en: Foreigners Mark Twain spoke to in germany.21:09
leif_but he should be glad that he went to germany and not to iceland...21:09
Lars_GOr worse yet, Hungary21:10
Lars_Gthe world's hardest language21:10
BluesKajhmm, ever tried finnish? :)21:11
leif_Lars_G: Well, what about finnish? They are somewhat related I think, as well as estonian21:11
BluesKajestonian and finnish are quite close21:12
Lars_GAt least I think I have an advantage, I come from knowing two different languages. that might or might now help with german21:12
BluesKajthe offtopic cop as about to appear :)21:12
leif_Lars_G: Well, in icelandic you have gender specific words for the numbers 1 to 421:13
Lars_GIn spanish most objects are gender specific though21:13
jimmy51_what can i use to convert a partition from ntfs to fat?21:13
mu3engender specific numbers. that's abstract.21:13
Lars_Git's one of the things angloparlants tend to screw the most often, gender21:14
mu3enjimmy51_ destructively you can use gparted21:14
BluesKajmy swedish is barely passable ...don't get much for it since parents passed away21:14
Lars_Gmeh mu3en in Japanese they have different counting numbers for different things you're counting.21:14
jimmy51_mu3en: how about non-destructively :)21:14
Lars_Gflat things, boxy things, etc21:14
leif_Lars_G: That is the same case with german. But it is weird. It is the boy (he), but the girl (it).21:14
jimmy51_(i need to keep windows bootloader intact)21:14
Lars_Gmu3en: Not to mention the importante of managing both the formal and informal modes21:14
mu3enjimmy51_ grin. no idea. there's also a qt rewrite of gparted int he repos that is pretty good.21:15
Lars_Gleif_: Ah, that's why frau is eine?21:15
BluesKajjimmy51_, to hide the grub menu ?21:15
leif_Lars_G: eine is the unspecific form for die (sie)21:15
Lars_GBluesKaj: can't XP's bootloader boot grub too? so you change the order21:16
jimmy51_BluesKaj: no... i've got a booting WinPE on USB, but it's NTFS.  i want it to be FAT.21:16
mu3enLars_G: but at least in japanese counters don't have specific honorifics...21:16
Lars_Gyou boot to XP and then choose linux21:16
spirov92I upgraded akregator and again, the process is eating 80% CPU and not showing a window21:16
mu3enjimmy51_ you can also copy out the bootloader and restore it after using a liveCD, there's info on the wiki21:17
jimmy51_mu3en: hmm... ok21:17
jimmy51_something like dd if=/dev/sdb of=/home/jimmy/bootsect.bin bs=512 count=1 ?21:17
jimmy51_oh wait...21:17
mu3enyup, something like that21:17
jimmy51_that would get the drive's MBR21:17
jimmy51_i just need the partition's stuff21:17
mu3enand then reverse the process after you reformat the partition/drive21:18
BluesKajLars_G, yes , that why I was aking , in order to make windows boot first , change the boot order in etc/default/grub  then sudo update grub , then to boot into linux manually I think holding the shift key down will bring up the grub menu21:18
mu3eni've almost always preferred to move to grub for dual boot though...21:19
BluesKajjimmy51_, make sure the timeout =0 so the boot menu doesn't show up if you want widows to auto boot21:19
BluesKajerr windows21:19
mu3enfreud would be proud.21:19
mu3enhimmy51_ that qt app is called simply partitionmanager21:20
anygivennameis there a way android can be connected to ubuntu with same functionality as Activesync on Win ?21:22
mu3enanygivenname: on android that is mostly done via all the online google services (contacts, mail, etc...)21:23
BluesKajoops I should have done less typing and more reading ... now I'm totally confused :)21:24
BluesKajdin't think the mbr could be saved , except in windows after booting from grub21:25
BluesKajbut I'm still learning , even after 5 yrs on kubuntu21:26
mu3enseems interesting21:28
GiacomoLhi. My apt-get seems broken, when I try "apt-get source python2.6" it says it can't find a source package21:32
GiacomoLi'm pretty sure python has a source package, it's in the Ubuntu repo configured. my sources.list has the relevant deb-src entries21:33
GiacomoLlol, forget it, I found it... the relevant deb-src line had magically lost the "main" tag21:36
* GiacomoL is stupid21:36
v3nd3tta``where is /etc/bootsplash on 10.04 ?21:41
pulaskiHello, I recently upgraded kde 4 to kde 4.5.1. When I add the device notifier widget to a panel on my desktop all of the apps and other widgets on the panel are suddenly no longer displayed in the panel but instead appear along the top of my desktop. If I remove the device notifier by left click on its display on the desktop the panel reverts to its correct configuration. I made a cursory search for device notifier bugs on the21:41
pulaskikde bug tacking system but did not find this particular issue. Has anyone here had a similar experience?21:42
=== elcuco is now known as cuco
spirov92I get the feeling someone screwed up with the KDE packages, everyone is complaining about small bugs21:43
spirov92and I still can't get akregator to work21:43
GiacomoLpulaski: if you have a systray, you can show the device notifier there. Works for me21:44
GiacomoLpulaski: in System Tray Settings -> Display -> Extra, check the device notifier21:44
mu3enit's strange cause i have neither issue (akgregator or notifier), but like GiacomoL i have notifier in the systray21:45
mu3enyou do have to enable it, then check it in the systray settings, then remove it...21:45
pulaskiGiacomoL: Thanks for responding. Yes I use the systray and I have marked it to display the device notifier.  Let me try it again now to see if it performs better. Thanks for the tip.21:46
jimmy51_i just made a fat32 partition on a USB stick.  when i plug it in KDE doesn't ask me what i want to do with it.  why not?21:47
jimmy51_( i don't want to have to mount /dev/sdh1 /media/usbstick or whatever every time)21:47
v3nd3tta``arg, where do put grub bootscreens? not /boot/message anymore? :(21:47
BluesKajjimmy51_, why should it , if it's empty :)?21:49
mu3enjimmy51_ right click the device notifier, go to prefs and make sure your automount prefs are what you want them to be21:49
jimmy51_BluesKaj: ah, so it has to have files on it to prompt to mount?21:49
BluesKajjimmy51_, that's been my experience21:49
mu3eni think kde 4.x usually will just pop out the device notifier plasmoid showing the device plugged in. if you click there, you get more options (view images in gwenview/open in dolphin)21:50
jimmy51_it's popping up now21:51
jimmy51_i mounted manually, cp'd a file, and now it pops up21:51
mu3enas far as i can tell, regardless of the content, but only as long as the format is readable21:51
jimmy51_without a file.... nothing21:51
jimmy51_(and no device manager icon unless something is plugged in)21:51
jimmy51_oh well.  now that i know i have to have a file on it, i'll be ok21:51
v3nd3tta``BluesKaj you can help me? i want to install a bootsplash but i cannot put it at /etc/bootsplash21:52
BluesKajwhat's bootsplash , a grub image background . v3nd3tta`` ?21:54
olskolircis it possible that I can install a boot editor like the one that used to be in versions previous to Karmic?21:54
pulaskiGiacomoL: When I check the device notifier to display in system tray settings it does display but the system tray in the panel changes so that the only apparant traditional system tray icons that remain in the panel are the screen settings icon and what seems to be a shadow of the a new device notifier icon.21:55
v3nd3tta``3 things: a grup background, a kde bootsplash (but that works so far) and a splash for booting (the blue one with white dots)21:55
BluesKajolskolirc, what are trying to edit , the bootloader in lucid is grub2 , the previous version was just grub or legacygrub21:56
olskolircim on karmic and its grub2...I want to go into my system settings and download new boot screens BluesKaj21:57
mu3enpulaski, are those other icons just hidden? there are settings for individual icon hiding too.21:58
BluesKajv3nd3tta``, olskolirc , look here http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-add-a-splash-image-to-grub-2-on-ubuntu-9.0421:59
pulaskiTo be clear, the device notifier icon has changed from what I recall it was in kde 4 to a circle with the usb three pronged symbol within it. What remains in the system tray on the panel is a faint gray outline of the upper arc of the circle and the display settings icon. The mixer, clipboard, printer, update notifier icons, the expand arrow and an extra large device notifier appear in the upper right corner of my desktop where21:59
pulaskithey appear to work normaly if activated.21:59
olskolircthanks BluesKaj22:00
BluesKajthe blue one with white dots , dunno , never tried to change that, v3nd3tta``22:00
v3nd3tta``but it changed as my little bro installed his nvidia drivers on mint... from mint message to black with green dots (nvidia)22:01
pulaskimu3en: Thanks for responding, see my response above.22:01
BluesKajpulaski, it could be one of the hidden icons , click the little arrow beside the speaker icon22:01
mu3enpulaski, you may need to restart X, there are some artifacts afer you mess around with the hiding/systray22:01
BluesKaj!mint | v3nd3tta``22:02
ubottuv3nd3tta``: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org22:02
v3nd3tta``i know :P but i want to change it too22:02
pulaskimu3en: Interesting I clicked on the systray expand arrow on my desktop and all the icons reappeared in the systray on the panel as intended.22:03
pulaskimu3en: I think I'm beginning to undestand.22:04
mu3enpulaski, i think that once you set all the systray setting for hiding etc. and reload, it should work. also, remember you sometimes need to remove the actual notifier in the panel once it been absorbed int he systray, otherwise you end up with two...22:04
anygivennameis there an app that can enable internet sharing to Androind device through USB cable ?22:04
v3nd3tta``okay, i'll have to forget the matrix boot :'(22:05
pulaskimu3en: It may not be a bug but rather a feature. It seems when you click the arrow to expand the systray icons they move to the desktop because when I click on the arrow to again to contract the view of the icons the systray reappears as intended in the panel.22:05
mu3enyeah, that is the setting of the "autohide" in the preferences, but there is also a 'bug' which means they do not refresh the first time you set them up...at least mine did not22:06
mu3enpulaski, rather than 'move to the desktop', they're in a sort of systray popout. also interesting to note that within that pop up, i sometimes get weird artifacts or split text22:07
macoLars_G: american sign language has "classifiers" which is a similar idea to japanese counters (except in ASL used to show motion rather than for counting)22:08
BluesKajone can set the panel icons in system tray settings/device and select always show or whatever options you want, pulaski22:08
mu3enLars_G, maco, classifiers for movement meaning 'types' of movement?22:09
macono meaning types of things that move or are shaped some way...22:09
macolike there's a "things with wheels" handshape that you move to show what the thing with wheels is doing22:10
macoand one for structural things, to show how roofs/walls are shaped22:10
macoand for people to show how they move relative to each other22:10
pulaskimu3en: I see. BluesKaj: Thanks for the tips, I have been doing that. I'm just playing around with things here to see how they work. I imagine I should just get used to a new way of doing things.22:10
mu3enpulaski, very new, but actually, once it's all working the way you like, very efficient.22:11
pulaskimu3en: BluesKaj: Thanks again, cya.22:11
bfpvlanSo what make kubuntu stand out from the rest of distros22:14
jessejazzanot  much in my view having changed about a year ago22:15
BluesKaj!best | bfpvlan22:16
ubottubfpvlan: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.22:16
bfpvlanok sorry22:17
=== leif_ is now known as leif
BluesKajbfpvlan, if you have a specific question , we'll try to answer22:17
jessejazzaI for one have great admiration for Mark Shuttleworth. *buntu got me going in linux but i made the choice to switch to another22:19
mu3enwhatever works for you.22:19
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olskolircdoes anyone actually use this open community widget?  it seems lame.22:35
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vlad__careva din romania???23:03
darkdelusions?? Romanian23:07
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darkdelusionsvlad__:  Please join  #ubuntu-ro23:07
anygivennameis there a way to see all android system files located on my SD Card in Ubuntu ?23:21
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