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nhandlerSo, any ideas about my weird recipe issue?00:54
wgrantjames_w: How do you know it has? The +files link 404s?00:57
james_wwgrant: yeah00:58
wgrantnhandler: When did you make the change?00:58
nhandlerwgrant: Within the past 24 hours. However, there have been several builds using the recipe since the chance was made, all used the old ppa00:58
wgrantjames_w: Known Soyuz bug. The file probably isn't actually gone. Which file, which PPA?00:59
james_wwgrant: ok, it's not important then00:59
james_wwgrant: I got it from the history of the primary archive, and if it's a known bug it doesn't need any more investigation00:59
wgrantjames_w: It may be the known bug.01:01
james_wI think I deleted the packages now, let me check01:01
james_wyeah, deleted them, sorry01:02
wgrantBug #52280001:04
ubot5`Launchpad bug 522800 in Soyuz "Broken link in PPA package details page (404) (affected: 6, heat: 28)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52280001:04
wgrantThe diagnosis in the comments is wrong -- the description is correct.01:05
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ochosihi everyone, was trying to upload to my ppa (via dput) five times now and the transfer always stalled one kb before completion, what could be causing this?12:07
bigjoolsochosi: it's a known bug, we don't really know why.  Can you try using sftp instead?12:07
ochosiaha, same url as with dput?12:07
ochosibigjools: i edited dput.cf and set sftp as method. same result.12:15
bigjoolsochosi: I've never seen it happen with sftp, can you paste your session?12:16
ochosibigjools: http://pastebin.com/Ur0T1K5w12:16
maxbThe sftp mode of dput does not support progress indicators, thus, you must be using ftp12:18
ochosihm, ok, let me check dput.cf again whether i made a mistake there12:18
maxbochosi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/502574/12:18
ochosithanks maxb, sftp works now12:21
ochosiok, i got an AttributeError but the upload has been successful this time12:24
bigjoolsyes, that's harmless12:24
ochosiok, thanks for your help bigjools and maxb12:25
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ochosithe launchpad ppa-uploading page tells me i need to upload .dsc,.changes etc. when using sftp, but dput complains when i try to upload anything other than source.changes13:10
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mgedmindput takes the .changes files and figures out which dsc/etc. it needs to upload13:12
wgrantSo just give it the .changes -- it will upload the rest automatically.13:12
ochosiright, somehow i was surprised that my ppa didn't show a build-queue for the package (as it used to until last week, when i uploaded a package with ftp), so i thought i missed something13:13
wgrantochosi: That can take up to five minutes to appear.13:14
ochosiwgrant: is it possible that lp slightly changed its layout in that respect?13:14
wgrantochosi: That hasn't changed significantly for around a year.13:15
ochosiwgrant: hm, ok. well thanks anyway, it seems it worked out ok13:15
ochosi(i just thought i remembered some line saying "1 package waiting to build" and that doesn't appear anymore)13:16
wgrantochosi: Hm, that should still be there.13:16
wgrantUnless the build has started already.13:16
ochosiyeah, strange, it wasn't. although it showed that i recently uploaded a package13:16
wgrantochosi: Which is your PPA?13:17
ochosiwgrant: https://launchpad.net/~shimmerproject/+archive/ppa13:17
wgrantochosi: The build finished three minutes after the upload was processed. So you may have missed the message.13:18
ochosiwgrant: it's not impossible (but i thought i monitored it closely)13:19
ochosiwgrant: i'll check again when i upload packages next time13:20
wgrantochosi: One thing that has changed: as of a few hours ago builds are being dispatched much more quickly.13:20
wgrantSo it's going to be a lot easier to miss that message.13:21
ochosiah right, that might be it13:21
ochosii realised that this build went through very quickly13:21
wgrantPreviously it could have even taken 15 minutes to dispatch.13:22
wgrantNow it should be seconds.13:22
ochosicool, what changed?13:23
ochosi(btw copying packages still seems to take as long as before)13:24
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wgrantWhat takes a long time?13:24
wgrantWaiting for them to be published?13:24
ochosicopying packages from lucid to maverick13:24
ochosiyeah, actually i guess it's publishing13:25
ochosinot copying that takes a while13:25
wgrantThat only happens every five minutes at the moment.13:25
ochosiright, 5min is actually not that long13:25
wgrantIt's the same for copied and uploaded packages.13:25
ochosimaybe i should stop refreshing that page every min :)13:25
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m2jHi, is there a reason why launchpad delivers UTF-8 encoded HTML files without encoding information in the XML header?13:52
jmlm2j: probably not?13:54
LinuxJedigrr... vpns can be a pita sometimes13:57
m2jjml: Someone reported wired characters, but he disapperaed before I could ask for the browser. I think he uses Windows. If I can expect that it is a Launchpad bug I will report it.13:57
jmlm2j: best to go ahead & report it.13:57
m2jjml: OK. I will do so.13:57
jmlm2j: thanks. :)13:57
* mgedmin ponders the meaning of XML headers in HTML files13:57
m2jmgedmin: In the HTML file there is a XML doctype information. But neigther there nore in the HTML header there is a encoding information.14:01
mgedminyou mean <!doctype>?  that's not XML and it doesn't contain encoding information in any case14:02
mgedminan <?xml version="1.0"?> implies UTF-8, unless a different encoding is explicitly specified14:03
mgedmin<meta charset="UTF-8"> would be nice to have, though14:03
mgedmin(well, probably the old <meta http-equiv=... spelling of it)14:04
m2jmgedmin: OK. So I should make a bug report to ask for a <meta charset="UTF-8"> entry?14:04
* mgedmin <-- not a launchpad developer14:05
mgedminif I were, I suppose I'd be most interested in a bug saying: "if I do these steps: ..., I get weird characters instead of the correct ones shown here"14:05
m2jmgedmin: So I can't do anything cause the porblem occured on someone others computer and I don't know the details.14:07
popeyis login.launchpad.net broken?14:13
popeyLost something?14:13
popeyThere's no page with this address in the Launchpad Login Service. Check that you entered the address correctly and try again.14:13
popey(Error ID: 1733carambolalaunchpad21)14:13
popeywhen trying to logon to loco.ubuntu.com14:13
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thekornit seems like the OpenID service is down/broken/whatever15:33
thekornI get Error ID: 1733carambolalaunchpad108)  when I try to login to identi.ca15:34
thekornwith   https://launchpad.net/~thekorn    as OPenID url15:35
noodles775thekorn, wgrant: apparently it's fixed now? (so I've been told by the ISD guys).15:50
wgrantnoodles775: Indeed, thanks.15:51
wgrantpopey: It should be fixed now.15:51
* popey tries15:51
popeywgrant: confirmed15:52
marsbigjools, ping, I have a newbie question about getting distro packages into a PPA15:55
bigjoolsmars: yep?15:55
marsbigjools, ok, so I read the PPA docs, but I still don't see how (or if) I can get this into my PPA: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/psycopg2/2.0.13-2ubuntu215:56
marsbigjools, I thought "I can just copy the package", but does that not work for getting distro packages into a PPA?15:57
bigjoolsmars: copying from distro to a PPA is easy with the API, not easy with the UI15:57
marsbigjools, is there a recipe for doing so, and if it is not written down somewhere, where would we write it down for others to see?15:58
bigjoolsmars: use the IArchive.syncSource() API call15:58
marsI have the dread feeling that I am trying to fix the lawnmower by sticking my hand in it...15:59
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mg_Can anyone help me with a question about legal jurisdiction for Launchpad? Both Sourceforge and Google block access from certain countries due to American political restrictions and I would like to avoid this problem. I currently have a project on Sourceforge that I would like to move elsewhere due to this and am looking for assurances that I won't run into the same problem on Launchpad.16:37
noodles775bac: ^^ Is that something you looked at once before?16:38
mg_I asked that question here a couple of weekends ago, but I was told to try asking it during a weekday when it was more likely someone would be here who could answer it.16:38
noodles775mg_: as far as I know, Launchpad is not under American political restrictions as it's not hosted in the states, but best to wait for someone who knows more.16:39
mg_Sourceforge sprang the change on their users without warning, which was a bit of a shock.16:40
bacmg_: yours is a question for mrevell16:44
mg_Mathew Revel? How should I contact him? Via e-mail?16:44
mrevellHi mg_16:44
mg_I had a question about legal juristdiction, I'll copy paste it here again16:45
mg_Can anyone help me with a question about legal jurisdiction for Launchpad? Both Sourceforge and Google block access from certain countries due to American political restrictions and I would like to avoid this problem. I currently have a project on Sourceforge that I would like to move elsewhere due to this and am looking for assurances that I won't run into the same problem on Launchpad.16:45
mrevellmg_: Launchpad is hosted in the UK, it's okay I saw your question16:45
mrevellmg_: Can you give me your email address please? (PM is fine) I'll get a better answer for you.16:45
mg_I don't have a lauchpad account, how would I PM you?16:46
mrevellmg_: I meant in IRC ... /msg mrevell Here's my email address16:47
mrevellor similar16:47
mg_Sorry, I don't use IRC much, so I didn't know that. However, no e-mail address showed up in your PM.16:48
mrevellmg_:  My email address is matthew.revell@canonical.com16:49
mg_Thanks, I will send you that right away.16:49
mrevellmg_ Thanks :)16:49
mg_Thanks, your PM just showed up now (it was delayed for some reason).16:50
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mtaylorif there's any losas around, I've got a user who's trying to reset his password and aparently it's not working17:17
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marsbigjools, I added a working recipe for what you described earlier to copy the old package forward to Maverick: https://help.launchpad.net/API/Examples17:30
bigjoolsmars: you probably want to have include_binaries=True17:31
bigjoolsbut looks good, thanks.  If people are going to backport to PPAs I'd rather they copied than re-upload I guess.17:32
marsbigjools, btw, I like the PPA build icons.  Nice use of animation17:34
bigjoolsyeah we've had those a while now!17:34
marsWell, I have never used PPAs before :p17:34
bigjoolsoh really?  how did you find the experience?17:34
marswell, I found the "Create your PPA" page a bit confusing.  It says "Read the ToC", and "Sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct", but17:35
marsbut the link to Terms of Service was at the top of the page, not by the checkbox that says "Yes, I read the document you are asking for"17:36
bigjoolsmars: would you mind filing bugs?17:36
marsbigjools, certainly17:37
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marsbigjools, besides that it was straight-forward17:37
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bcurtiswx_whats the limit to direct contacts through launchpad?18:11
bcurtiswx_1 per 2 hours?18:11
macoi thought 3 per day...18:12
bcurtiswx_i sent 1 today... and it said i can't try again for another 2 hours18:12
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ari-tczewwhere can I request a bug in paste.ubuntu.com? it's affected by spam-bots.19:19
tgm4883affected by spam bots?19:21
ari-tczewtgm4883: http://paste.ubuntu.com/502764/19:23
tgm4883yea but, I mean do you just browse the pastebin or something?19:23
ari-tczewtgm4883: I watched with curiosity on random pastebins and I noticed spam.19:24
tgm4883but.... why?19:25
tgm4883you just like to look at random logs?19:25
ari-tczewtgm4883: as I said: with curiosity. do you have any sensible questions?19:26
tgm4883I guess you probably want to report a bug to https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website19:26
tgm4883ari-tczew, so you want them to delete the spam then?19:26
ari-tczewtgm4883: OMFG... Cleaning spam is not a way. this website needs to be fixed. e.g. there should be a token for prevent.19:28
tgm4883ari-tczew, chill out dude. Just asking. not entirely sure how you are going to prevent all the spam in the world19:29
tgm4883especially on a pastebin. How do you expect to prohibit spammers from putting up spam on it and yet still allow anonymous users to post things?19:31
ari-tczewtgm4883: I mean prevent spam @paste.ubuntu.com. where do you see "in the world"? and about my upset: you are asking for obvious things.19:31
tgm4883ari-tczew, no, I don't think you understand pastebin19:31
tgm4883 How do you expect to prohibit spammers from putting up spam on paste.ubuntu.com and yet still allow anonymous users to post things?19:32
tgm4883also, what is obvious to one person, isn't obvious to all19:33
tgm4883otherwise there would be no bugs (aside from lazy developers)19:33
ari-tczewtgm4883: the first thing on my mind was token19:33
maxbA token?19:34
maxbThis sounds like you would break pastebinit19:34
tgm4883ari-tczew, again, I don't think you understand the premise behind pastebins19:34
tgm4883maxb, I think it would break anything that uses the API19:35
tgm4883ari-tczew, I don't want it to seem like I'm dismissing your idea, I do want to fix bugs. Either I don't understand your thoughts on how to fix the issue, or you don't understand how pastebins work19:37
tgm4883If it's me just being dense, please explain19:37
tgm4883brb in 5 for lunch19:38
* micahg thinks this is OT19:39
ari-tczewtgm4883: lol, paste.ubuntu.com wanted me to login through openid, so where is the anonymous?20:05
micahgari-tczew: that's only for download20:06
ari-tczewmicahg: nope. now my full name is exist when I want to paste something20:07
ari-tczewyour anonymous sucks20:07
micahgari-tczew: only if you've logged in in the past20:08
ari-tczewmicahg: ok, so where is the log-out option?20:08
ari-tczewclear cookies?20:08
micahgari-tczew: yeah, delete the cookie (that's probably worth filing a bug on :))20:09
* micahg still thinks this is OT :)20:09
ari-tczewI don't care about. I asked where can I talk about this case. I didn't get an answer.20:10
micahgari-tczew: ah, #ubuntu-website :)20:11
ari-tczewthanks micahg20:11
tgm4883yea this is OT. ari-tczew you can do it anonymous, I just did. In either case, I posted the link long ago for you to file the bug against20:21
snoflakewhat does it mean to mark a blueprint as superseded?20:26
tgm4883snoflake, I've always used it as "Some other blueprint/bug fix/something else has essentially added the functionality that this blueprint was meant to accomplish, thus this blueprint isn't needed anymore"20:35
snoflaketgm4883: thanks20:51
blindvtsinzui, see my comment on bug 540195 (in your inbox)20:53
ubot5`Launchpad bug 540195 in Launchpad Registry "ssh keys are not linked if the key doesn't have a comment (affected: 1, heat: 1)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54019520:53
blindvtsinzui, i don't know where i could patch that in myself but you get the idea.. Please holler if i can help to rectify this somehow. TIA20:54
blindvtsinzui, oh, and i hereby assign this trivial snippet to you, if this would be of concern to somebody ;)20:55
blindvts/assign/assign copyright for this/20:55
sinzuiblindvt, The issue is why do we require a comment. I am not sure if we can drop it, or permit it to be empty20:59
blindvtsinzui, someone (you?) said that we need it as a link-text.21:00
sinzuinot me but that make it clear it is needed by Launchpad. But since it is not required by ssh, we might consider a way to generate the comment21:01
blindvtanother thing: my "Translation import queue for open-phd-guiding" still lists my two files as "needs review" after 24 hours. Whom should i poke to get that reviewed? :)21:02
blindvtsinzui, the comment is in fact needed as link-name. I've entered "Bernhard" as comment and that resulted in this html-code: http://paste.debian.net/92424/21:04
sinzuiblindvt, a rosetta admin like jtv, danilo or henninge can help qith the queue21:06
blindvtsinzui, so a default of kind or "id" is fine. I'd pick the hardcoded string "id" just to avoid using user-provided input but i don't know how the surrounding code looks like.21:06
blindvtsinzui, see?21:07
sinzuiI think we could make the SSHKeySet.new() method  fallback to Person.name if the comment is not needed.21:08
sinzuiI do not think the comment needs to be unique, so using name (which is launchpad id) will work fine21:09
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maxbLP certainly is quite happy letting me add multiple keys with the same comment21:09
maxbThe comment is really only useful to the owner of the key to easily pick which one to delete21:10
blindvtmaxb, and for the UI to provide a clickable link. '<a href="+sshkeys">id</a>' works but an empty comment like '<a href="+sshkeys"></a>' would be a bit counter-intuitive21:12
blindvtmaxb, i only have one key there, but if all keys just point to +sshkeys then any comment would do21:13
maxbyes, it's not a very obvious UI21:14
blindvtmaxb, to summarize: default comment to "id" and everybody is happy (and raise more elaborate error-messages for import errors like in the snippet i pasted to this issue)21:14
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