Ken8521SeraphX, well.. what issues? i have intel graphics and i'm not having any issues(note, i don't run desktop effects or play games)00:00
yofelSeraphX: well, what exactly are your issues? x won't start? wrong resolution? to slow? no 3D?00:00
SeraphXwell... its not that much of an issue, but i dont really know what it would do instead00:01
SeraphXin glxgears when i dont move the mouse it starts stuttering00:01
SeraphXand i get really low fps00:01
SeraphXabout 3000:01
Ken8521which intel device o you have?00:01
Ken8521hmm, i have gm96500:02
yofelmy 954gme works ok, but it's a slow card in the first place (eeePC)00:03
SeraphXit runs normal, when mouse it not dissapperaing00:04
SeraphXjust from the point when the cursor is being removed it begins stuttering00:05
SeraphXis there any #intelgraphics or something like that?00:05
DaekdroomSeraphX, I think it is #intel-gfx00:07
SeraphXactually, having a second thought.. i doubt that developers dont know about it....00:07
pepeewell, aptitude is trying to remove enlightenment (e17) from my machine00:12
Ken8521"let it, let it, let it, let it"00:13
pepee"The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libeina-svn-05: Conflicts: libeina0 which is a virtual package.   libeina-svn-06: Conflicts: libeina0 which is a virtual package."00:13
pepeedon't really know what libeina0 is00:14
Votananyone else having more and more packages that cannot be updated via the update manager ?00:19
Ken8521Votan, nope, all good in the hood here..00:19
Votanmh, did u perform a partial upgrade recently Ken8521 ?00:20
androidbruce|lapi am getting updates almost by the .5 hr00:22
androidbruce|lapis this the norm?00:22
Ken8521Votan, negative00:24
Ken8521Votan, i did a full update/upgrade about 2hrs ago.00:24
Votanah I see, that's why than, I ignored the upgade messages so far. I might give the upgrade a shot, nothing major broke ?00:26
androidbruce|lapim still experiencing import issues with Rhythmbox00:27
androidbruce|lapanyone else?00:27
intraderKen8521,yofel: The install of 10.10 has gone well - It seems to cure the problems I described in bug 631130 . I will continue to test00:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 631130 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "In all apps, slow UI since 10.04 install" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63113000:33
yofelpepee: known, e17 is too old, someone synced the enlightment libraries from debian without syncing enlightment itself...00:34
yofelknow the dependencies don't match up :/00:34
yofelpepee: bug 61327100:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 613271 in e17 (Ubuntu) "E17 is not installible due to unmet depends" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61327100:34
yofelpepee: I have a synced e17 package in my ppa, no guarantee if it works right though https://launchpad.net/~yofel/+archive/off-ppa00:36
pepeeyofel, no changes00:47
yofelpepee: can you try again in about 10 minutes? I had the package in a different ppa and just copied it over00:48
pepeeok, no problem00:48
pepeeI will00:48
yofelsoyuz is slow today o.O00:58
Artemis3Hey guys do you know a way to switch from netbook remix to standard gnome? Am i correct unity using composite effects? because openchrome keeps crashing if i place the cursor near it00:58
yofelthe moment I say it e17 got published ^^00:58
Artemis3what? e17? no way...00:59
yofelArtemis3: talking about a ppa of mine00:59
yofelpepee: should work fine now00:59
Artemis3even dukenukem is going out before e17 :P01:00
pepeegood news: http://developers.slashdot.org/story/10/09/28/143204/OpenOfficeorg-Declares-Independence-From-Oracle-Becomes-LibreOffice01:04
Artemis3lol wut libreoffice?01:07
Artemis3they dont need to change the name...01:07
GuyFromHellokay here's an interesting bug.... ubuntu maverick causes my headphone jack to light up... red...01:08
GuyFromHelllike the port itself is lit up.... why is there even an led in there01:08
Artemis3its a feature?01:08
GuyFromHellArtemis3, the led? i've never seen it lit up in any other os (mac and gentoo)01:08
Artemis3see? now you can plug it in the dark ^^01:09
GuyFromHelllol, but it makes me concerned for my hardware. "why is it lit up? is it angry at me?"01:10
GuyFromHelli'd like to file a bug that the led that is emitted from the headphone jack should be brown or purple, not red. Does not fit with the Human theme01:10
Artemis3naw, its helping you01:10
pepeeyofel, no changes, aptitude insists on removing it01:12
yofelodd, works fine here01:12
pepeein fact, I think I should do it, I'm not even using e1701:13
Ken8521pepee, are you sure it's not just removing a metapackage?01:13
cebalrailight in Headphone Jack = TOS-Link, digital output for optical cables01:14
pepeedont know where "libeina0" comes from01:18
GuyFromHellFigured it out. apparently the headphone jack doubles as an optical out and S/PDIF was unmuted in alsamixer01:20
GuyFromHellcebalrai, oh, just read what you said. yes :)01:21
GuyFromHelli didn't realize you could double a headphone jack as optical out01:21
cebalraiI realized it a couple of years ago, when i was trying to figure out, how a laptop is supposed to do S/PDIF using an optical output.01:22
cebalraiPretty neat if you have one of the 3.5mm Mini-TOSLINK adapters01:23
cebalraiof course, any laptop made within the last 2 years has HDMI or DP anyways01:23
lunkshow to enable metacontacts on telepathy?01:25
cebalrai@lunks: right click contact> "Link contact"01:34
cebalraior something like that01:34
lunkscebalrai, i can't find it :( and have already installed libfolks0, libfolks-telepathy0 and restarted telepathy01:35
lunksI'll try relogin on x01:36
cebalrai<all of that should be a dependency of "empathy" anyways.01:37
pepeehmm i'm hearing some "bzzzz", I think is from the touchpad01:37
pepeealso, something changed, now I cant scroll like I used to :(01:38
nuestrai cannot install usplash; it depends on a few packages that are "not going to be installed". Thus gnome-splashscreen-manager fails with "unknown file format" and a few ruby errors. Any ideas? Thanks.01:40
lunksOk, How can I enable meta-contacts on Telepathy? :P01:40
lunksAlso, getting an error: E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.01:42
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:50
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:51
Ken8521GA_Bull, lol, still havin probs?01:51
GA_Bullyea. now my panel is just flat out jacked up.01:51
Ken8521if it's there.. just add a new panel, and delete the jacked up one, and setup the newone how you want it.01:51
GA_Bullnow it's good... yay panel resets.01:51
Ken8521or reset it..01:52
GA_Bullhaha. yea... reseting is almost easier.01:52
Ken8521i like having 1 panel at the top, as opposed to two panels01:52
lunksLooks like Maverick releases so far have been a little unstable for everyone, right?01:53
Ken8521if you consolidate the window buttons w/ Window selector, you can make everything fit nicely in one panel...(unless you're crazy about stuff up there)01:53
Ken8521lunks, i've had no issues at all01:53
lunksKen8521, you're real lucky. :) since what build have you been using it?01:53
Ken8521um, i think i installed alpha301:54
lunksUpgrading Ubuntu, a lot of people told me, have been a little awkward. I usually do it before the final release, but it's rarely smooth. 10.04 was kinda smooth, 10.10 has been a pain.01:54
lunksI have just realized I'm half upgraded. :P01:55
Artemis3hey GA_Bull does that works to remove netbook remix interface?01:56
GA_BullKen, I only use one panel as well.. I just have the top panel, and a cairo dock on bottom.01:56
GA_BullArtemis3, no, I don't believe it will, it is a Gnome panel reset.01:57
GA_BullArtemis3, did you install it as 10.10 and then add on the Unity desktop environment, or did you install as Netbook?01:57
Artemis3as netbook01:57
Artemis3its crashing openchrome...01:58
Artemis3the s3 driver :(01:58
GA_BullWhat you are probably going to have to do, is download 10.10 maverick as a desktop envrionment, and then select that environment when you log on. I'm not sure of the terminal code to get it... let me look.01:59
Artemis3yes i was hoping to avoid that...01:59
GA_BullYea, I can't seem to find it.02:00
GA_BullI am not sure if that is even possible honestly. Netbook is a Unity Envrionment... Desktop is Gnome.02:00
Artemis3ill try installing ubuntu-desktop and uninstalling packages around02:01
GA_BullWhat I did to fix the crashing problem was just flat out install 10.10 desktop on there, and play around with the GUI to make it look good . worked quite well.02:01
Artemis3ill do that if i can't find which package belongs to unity02:02
GA_BullI hated 10.10 netbook remix. and i only had it for all of an hour.02:02
Ken85211, whole, frustrating, annoying, hour02:02
GA_BullExtremely, and Ken knows that. hahahaha. He shared it with me on here.02:08
lunksLooks like my Ubuntu is fully updated, but I don't see metacontacts yet. Does anyone who has successfully able to use metacontacts on telepathy could tell me what version number is it on and what you accomplished to do it?02:16
lunksI have already installed libfolks0 and libfolks-telepathy0, but it doesn't seem to work02:16
lunksOn empathy, I mean :P (although it has to be enabled on telepathy)02:17
Ken8521impathy just sucks02:22
lunksKen8521, i see your point, but I feel like pidgin sucks even more. :P02:22
Ken8521ugh, are you serious?02:22
Artemis3i like pidgin02:22
Ken8521pidgin is the cats meow, IMO.02:23
johnjohn101i just upgraded my ubuntu and it went into a continuous loop during installation and now I can't get my screen..02:23
Ken8521broken upgrades... ftw!02:24
Ken8521that's why i never upgrade... if it goes fine, great, if it doesn't, it's just epic fail.02:24
Ken8521i never even upgraded Windows, always did clean installs.02:24
Ken8521but w/ Windows, it was expensive02:25
lunksKen8521, yup. I once tried to use some features on pidgin which were not released yet, and the IRC channels weren't friendly at all. It's the kind of software community which just doesn't give a damn about what their user think, mostly.02:25
johnjohn101windows blows, this is the first time I've had a problem upgrading ubuntu, I guess I can wait until rc is out on thursday02:25
lunksEmpathy on the other way has a gol more akin to what people want on an IM on linux.02:25
johnjohn101kind of disappointing02:25
lunksKen8521, I use Ubuntu because it has things like this channel. :P02:26
Ken8521yeah, support for Linux is nice... ubuntuforums is a great resource as well.02:26
GA_Bulldear god. I have 176 updates... sigh.02:30
Ken8521i'm checking now to see if i have updates, i don't think i do...02:31
Ken8521nope, up to date02:32
psusiit's a shame the new lvm tools didn't make it into maverick... being able to snapshot before an upgrade, and roll back if it all goes tits up will be nice02:35
johnjohn101i was so stoked for 10.10.  now I'm not so sure02:37
Ken8521johnjohn101, why?02:37
johnjohn101flash crashes02:37
Ken8521johnjohn101, no problem here at Camp Ken02:38
johnjohn101a lot of errors even in the beta02:38
Ken8521johnjohn101, "in the beta"... who's to say these issues you're having won't be fixed by final release.... i think to many people install beta's, and expect stuff to work perfectly02:38
johnjohn101if someone can tell me how to get my ubuntu back, like in safe mode, I don't have grub02:38
Ken8521johnjohn101, is it a single boot machine...02:40
Ken8521cuz single boot machines, skip grub by default.02:40
johnjohn101yep single boot02:40
GA_BullI've had no problem with flash crashing whatsoever.02:40
Ken8521johnjohn101, well thats why... grub isn't missing.02:41
johnjohn101i get flash crashing in firefox almost 15 times a day02:41
Ken8521it's there..(assuming your m achine is booting properly)... it's just not displayed cuz it's a single boot machine02:41
johnjohn101well how to I boot into recovery mode02:41
Ken8521hold on02:41
GA_Bulli haven't so far. i did just stop running firefox and start running chrome again.02:41
psusinpviewer has been crashing on me just about every time I close a tab using it... but I just chalked it up to me using chromium and flash sucking a fat one02:41
GA_Bullrecovery mode. before you log on. change the desktop environment to recovery mode.02:42
johnjohn101i don't even get to the logon screen02:42
GA_Bullah. hmm....02:42
johnjohn101it happened during this last "update"02:42
Lunks...and someone knows how to enable MSN webcam video on empathy?02:44
Ken8521johnjohn101, gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub02:45
Ken85213rd line. you'll see "Grub_Hidden_Timeout=0".. .. comment that out to look like this.. "#Grub_Hidden_Timeout=0"02:46
Ken8521after that edit is done, close the file.02:46
Ken8521then in the terminal, type "sudo update-grub2"02:46
Ken8521*obviously, make sure you save the changes when you close it02:47
DanaGMy gripe with the Maverick grub: savedefault doesn't work.02:50
DanaGIt never sets "saved_entry" in grubenv.02:50
crucialhoaxBanshee from the repos is extremely unstable on my system, logs show nothing. any suggestions?02:51
Ken8521crucialhoax, haven't messed w/ banshee yet02:53
Ken8521somebody was complaining about rythmbox earlier02:53
crucialhoaxKen8521: darn, it crashes every time its opened02:54
Ken8521hmm, hang on02:54
Ken8521it's installing now crucialhoax i'll check it out02:55
crucialhoaxKen8521: Thanks a lot, you didnt have to install it just for my complication.02:55
Ken8521crucialhoax, eh... who knwos.. it might work no prob for me.02:55
Ken8521of course, i tmight not either....lol02:55
crucialhoaxTrue true02:56
Ken8521man, it needed a ton of crap installed, i'll tell you that..lol02:57
crucialhoaxYeah... It has a ton of dependencies.02:57
crucialhoaxI may know how to reproduce this.02:58
Ken8521crucialhoax, it just started up fine for me.02:58
Ken8521are you using 32 or 64bit?02:59
crucialhoaxKen8521: Yea it starts up fine for me too, the thing is as soon as it started playing, it would freeze every time I chaged the song02:59
Ken8521oh ok.03:00
Ken8521well i didn't try playing any music.03:00
crucialhoaxEnable the BPM Detection extension03:00
Ken8521crucialhoax, have you tried running it in terminal, and seeing if you get an output when it crashes?03:00
crucialhoaxKen8521: There isnt any output that suggests the crash :/03:00
crucialhoaxbut disable it in the preferences03:00
Ken8521hmm, i dunno03:01
crucialhoaxI think that was the problem..03:02
crucialhoaxYep [knock on wood] I had the BPM Detection extension loaded, but for my music preferences I had its option unticked. It seems to be functioning fine now..03:04
Ken8521well good03:04
Ken8521problem solved03:04
crucialhoaxI believe I will post that on my bug report.03:04
tweakhi. i instanned an icon theme but want to modify it and cant find where it was installed to even through file search. any ideas where i can find it?03:09
Ken8521what icon theme... it's probably in /usr/share/icons.. would be my first guess03:10
Ken8521is it just an icon theme, or is it a complete theme?(window manager, etc..)03:10
tweakyeah i thought so too but it doesnt seem to be there. just icon theme.03:10
crucialhoaxtweak: Check ~/.icons03:11
Ken8521oh thats right... /.icons is probably where ti is.03:11
tweak /home/user/.icons?03:12
crucialhoaxtweak: Yes03:12
Ken8521it's probably there03:12
tweakcrucialhoax: Ken8521 : thank you03:12
Ken8521i completely forgot about that directory03:12
Ken8521guess thats why it's hidden03:13
crucialhoaxtweak: No problem. Remember that directory, a lot of icons themes install there. /usr/share/icons is for icons that are system-wide03:13
crucialhoax~/icons are your user specific installed icon sets03:13
tweaknow to try and figure out which one i need to modify :p thanks yeah they are there03:14
crucialhoaxtweak: Nice lol03:14
crucialhoaxtweak: Hope it works out for ya :)03:14
Ken8521what do you guys think of the default wallpapers?03:14
tweakme too :p im sure it will with a likke tweaking03:14
GA_BullKen, meh... it's ok, cool concept...03:31
Ken8521yeah.... i just thought it was ok.03:31
Ken8521GA_Bull, this is what i ended up w/.. i like it.  http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=70560&file1=70560-1.jpg&file2=70560-2.jpg&file3=&name=Xuks03:32
Ken8521tjhats a better link03:33
GA_BullKen8521, you make that? (sorry, missed the entire previous conversation)03:33
Ken8521nope.. just bored, looking for some wallpapers on gnome-look.org03:33
Ken8521lmao, are you kidding, my idea of quality art, is stick figures03:34
GA_Bulllol, I used to do graphic design. Kind stopped for a while. I was a pretty freakin awesome designer if I may say so myself...03:37
Ken8521not me man03:37
Ken8521i'm a nerd, but not a creative nerd03:37
GA_BullLol, I loved it, oh, well in my free time, and as profession I am a Theatrical Lighting Designer, Master Electrician, Programmer, Audio Tech, Technical Director, Actor, Singer, Dancer, etc...03:38
GA_BullI jsut listed the titles I have recently had haha.03:38
GA_BullYea, I have a strange combination of talents.03:38
GA_BullI also Kayak, and Rock Climb.03:39
GA_BullAnd work on trucks.03:39
Ken8521i done work for a guy, probably 5-6mo ago... he traveled all around the country setting up major concerts, etc.. he was some sort of sound tech.03:39
GA_BullAudio Designer?03:39
GA_Bulloh, I also do some Costume work... aka sew and stuff...03:39
LunksWhat packages do I need for MSN webcam?03:39
Ken8521i dont know his position, he had a slab leak and i needed to jackhammer his floor, and he left his keys w/ his neighbor so i could get in and out over the next 2 days.03:39
LunksI already have the latest empathy03:40
Ken8521Lunks, not sure about w/ empathy.. have you considered just installing aMsn?03:40
Ken8521GA_Bull, my only hobby(other than Linux and nerd stuff) is shootin guns.03:40
GA_BullKen8521, I love me some guns (:03:41
GA_BullI love shootin.03:41
GA_Bulloh, other hobby. Camping. lol03:41
Ken8521yeah, shooting might be the only thing i enjoy more than linux.03:41
Ken8521GA_Bull, really?.. me and you would probably get along well.03:41
Ken8521i camp a lot.03:41
Ken8521at least 4-5x a year.03:41
Ken8521but i'm not a wuss like most folks, for me "camping season" starts in November and ends in March(ie, cold weather camping..lol)03:42
GA_BullI just this last weekend got back from the mountains for a short camping and caving trip.03:42
Ken8521yeah, we don't really have mountains here.03:42
Ken8521speed bumps are referred to as humongous hills03:42
GA_BullHaha, where ya located? ifn ya don't mind me askin. lol.03:42
GA_BullYea, yall are pretty freakin flat haha.03:43
Ken8521yeah, for sure.03:43
LunksKen8521, if I used aMSN, what would I have to do to enable it? Maybe the steps are similar03:43
Ken8521i've got some places i go camping though, that have some great trails, etc.. out in BFE, so nobody bothers me.03:43
Ken8521Lunks, honestly, i don't know.. i don't have a webcam, but i know the one person i know who uses a webcam w/ msn.. uses it w/ aMSN.. and he set it up w/o my help, and he's an idiot03:44
Ken8521i mean that as respectfully as possible03:44
Ken8521I put linux on my machine cuz i got sick of clearing spyware/viruses off his machine03:44
LunksKen8521, hahaha then I honestly hope the steps are not similar at all :P03:44
Ken8521Lunks, like i said, i don't use it, but i think aMsn.. is pretty straight forward03:45
Ken8521are you sure your webcam is working properly under Linux?03:45
Ken8521GA_Bull, do you guys get cold weather downt here?03:45
Ken8521or are winters pretty mild?03:45
GA_BullWinters are pretty mild, weather is still in the 90's right now.03:46
Ken8521see, i hate heat like that03:46
Ken8521my life dream is to move to alaska03:46
GA_BullHaha, it's been this temperature since like, march lol.03:46
Ken8521a 2-3mo summer sounsd pretty awesome to m.e03:46
Ken8521we've actually had a very mild september.. usually september is a scorcher03:46
LunksKen8521, empathy complains about a missing codec when trying to chat with MSN users. GTalk is fine, it works great03:47
GA_BullI Love snow, just cold, not so much, snow+cold, is great.03:47
Ken8521Lunks, ok, so you've verified your camera is working.. thats more what i was curioius about.03:47
LunksKen8521, yep03:47
Ken8521GA_Bull, i'm just the opposite, i love it when it's balls freezing cold.. but i don't care much for snow.03:47
Ken8521a little snow, doesn't bother me03:47
GA_BullKen8521, I especially love camping in the snow...03:48
GA_Bullone of my favorite things.03:48
Ken8521but last year, we were getting 8in one day, 5in the next, 3in the next, then 3 day sof semi-warm weather, it would start to melt, then it woudl freeze, and roads would be a sheet of ice03:48
Ken8521GA_Bull, oh yeah, i totally agree.. like i said, i can live w/o the snow... but cold weather camping is awesome.... people always tell me i'm crazy when i go camping when it's november, and the high is 35.. and the low in the single digits.03:48
Ken8521it's not bad though, the key, is quality gear... you get stuff knowing you'll be battling the cold, and it's really not bad at all.03:49
GA_BullDear god, it's that cold in November?!03:49
Ken8521oh yeah. towards the end of november? not uncommon at all.03:49
GA_BullI'm not sure it has ever been that cold in Georgia.03:49
Ken8521usually our "bitter cold" months though, hit around end of jan/early feb.03:49
Ken8521i try to work in 2 3 day trips usually in feb03:49
GA_BullIf anything that would be like mid jan.03:50
Ken8521yah, it gets pretty cold here towards thanksgiving.. usually isn't snowing yet, but sometimes it is.03:50
GA_BullThe lowest "low" i think i've ever seen is like 26. Or something.03:50
Ken852126?.. thats jacket weather03:50
GA_BullOk, I lie, I think it's gotten down to like, 18. Maybe. That's a stretch.03:50
GA_BullIt was about 78 this morning and I was wearing jeans and a jacket.03:51
GA_BullI would carry around a campfire if it was 18 degrees.03:51
Ken8521i don't wear a jacket till it hits around 30-35.. usually i just wear sweatshirts and jeans... and i stay plenty warm03:51
Ken8521when it gets into the bitter cold months, (like i said, end of jan and feb) i have a heavy coat03:51
GA_BullUm.... yeaaaaa.... bout that. haha. I start wearing light jackets when it hits mid 70's. I start wearing my varsity jacket and other leather jackets/heavy jackets, about mid 60's.03:52
Ken8521really my  main issue w/ snow.. isn't so much i hate the snow.. it's that the city/state here.. does a horrible job of keeping roads cleared, not to mention the idiots that can't drive on them.03:52
Ken8521if our roads could be reasonably clear, it would bother me03:53
Ken8521i remember one time, i had to go to Michigan to pick up a convict and bring him back to Indiana.03:54
Ken8521usually, that was a 1 day trip(leave early in the AM, back in the PM)03:54
Ken8521but because the weather was bad, we drove up one day, and drove back th enext.03:54
Ken8521i mean, where we were picking this guy up(near the lake) they must have gotten like 2-3ft of snow.. and people were acting lke it was no big deal03:55
Ken8521in Indy?.. they'd have declared a state of emergency and shut the city down03:55
GA_BullYea, georgia seems to be unbelievably good at keeping roads clear, because we're not used to snow, so when the first snowflake falls the entire state locks down, every store sells out of bread and milk, schools shut down, and every Georgia Department of Trans. Snow Truck is on the road, that's like 200 trucks for the metro atlanta area.03:55
GA_Bulland that's not even when it starts accumulating. at like 3 inches, everythings a state of emergency.03:56
Ken8521indy goes to "state of emergency" at about 6in03:56
Ken8521which is ridiculous for a midwestern city03:56
GA_BullYea, I've seen 6 in once. when i was about 703:56
GA_BullI wish it snowed more though. I'm thinking about moving to the mountains.03:57
GA_BullEventually that is.03:57
=== ubuntuplus1cj is now known as cjae
GA_BullI have no idea what kind of job I could have up there... but I don't care... I just want to live in the mountains.03:58
GA_BullIf I get my SwiftWater White Water Rescue certification then I could do that... but it's gonna take me forever to get that.03:59
Ken8521the pastor of our church he is real into white water rafting04:01
GA_BullI can't wait though, I'm considering just changing my major, getting an Emergency Medicine degree, and doing Search and Rescue. I would love that to death, and I could live in the mountains.04:01
Ken8521that would be pretty col04:02
Ken8521but man, a medicine degree is EXPENSIVE04:02
GA_BullI'm already a Pre-Med major, and Georgia has amazing scholarships. aka the HOPE fund.04:03
GA_Bullpays my full tuition as long as i'm in a State University and have above a 3.504:04
Ken8521"hope and change"... lol.  I hope we change it back04:04
Ken8521that's not bad.04:04
GA_BullUm, no. I love HOPE. if they got rid of it I'd be screwed... I wouldn't be able to go through college haha.04:04
GA_BullAnd our state lottery funds it.04:04
Ken8521lol, i was just kidding04:05
GA_Bullhahaha. That's the only part of Georgia's education system I like... other than that, I believe we are either the second or third worst education system in America.04:05
Ken8521ours isn't exactly shocking the world w/ it's efficiency04:07
GA_BullIt's completely horrible, I got out of high school as quickly as i could04:07
Ken8521i wasn't to big a fan of HS either04:07
Ken8521i could have graduated as a junior, but the school system wouldn't let me( had all my required classes, etc..)04:08
Ken8521so my senior year, they put me in a work program, where i went to school for 3hrs in the morning, and was allowed to work 40hrs a week04:08
GA_BullI just left HS and went to College 2 year early, and my HS pays my full tuition.04:08
GA_BullI gotta run, speaking of school, I have an impromptu exam in the morning. So I'm off.04:09
Ken8521all right man, goo dluck04:09
nOStahlso I just updated to 10.1004:16
nOStahltook 4 hours of downloading and compiling heh04:16
nOStahlno.... it was 5 and half hours just looked at the clock04:16
nOStahlbut im here heh.04:16
nOStahlunit sure looks/feels like gnome shell a bit?04:16
nOStahlor is it just me04:16
intraderI would like to run skype in 10.10beta. I can't find it in the package manager - only python-skype.04:25
nOStahlits not packaged yet for 10.10 specifically04:27
intradern0Stahl, thanks I will download from there. That is what I had to do for 10.04 (and it runs Ok there)04:30
nOStahlI cant wait for some new innovation in skype linux04:32
nOStahlit works great I just want a nicer wrapper for the gui haha04:32
nOStahllooks very old04:32
negahbanis any one else experiencing x.org process using lots of cpu? using 'awesome' wm and nvidia drivers04:32
nOStahlnot here, running the new unity launcher04:33
nOStahlI kinda like this.04:33
nOStahlran across a gnome project called global menu04:33
negahbanglxinfo is also reporting direct rendering capability is working04:33
nOStahlit aims to move the menu options from the individual windows and up to the top bar04:33
nOStahlnow with the new unity, it looks like they fine tuned globalmenu04:35
nOStahlits flowing very wel.04:35
intradern0Stahl, I have trouble with the installation. After download I have a choice of opening in Archive Manager or Ubuntu Software center. The file has a type of .deb04:37
nOStahlgo to terminal type in sudo apt-get install dpkg04:37
nOStahlmake sure its installed.04:37
intradern0Stahl, where dpkg is the .deb file?04:38
nOStahlin your downloads folder04:38
nOStahldpkg is the program that uses .deb files04:39
glebihannOStahl: you cannot run apt-get install dpkg... apt-get is based on dpkg04:40
nOStahlah true04:40
glebihanintrader: opening the .deb file with software center should work, or run "dpkg -i debfile.deb"04:41
nOStahlman, my eee pc 901 feels like a brand new experience with ubuntu 10.1004:44
nOStahlmuch spit and polish over 10.0404:44
intradern0Stahl, no go, it tells me 'Unable to locate package skype-ubuntu-intrepid... Couldn't find any package by regex 'skype-ubuntu-intrepid...'04:45
glebihanintrader: what's this package ?04:45
glebihanintrader: why don't you install the "skype" package from the repos ?04:46
intradern0Stahl, the I cd to Downloads, then issue `sudo apt-get install skype*.deb`04:46
glebihanintrader: dpkg -i skype*.deb04:47
glebihannot apt-get04:47
intradern0Stahl, all that shows there is python-skype04:47
glebihanbut you can also run "sudo apt-get install skype"04:47
intraderglebihan, tells me Package 'skype' has no installation candidate04:49
Ken8521ok, i just found something really weird04:50
Ken8521my number pad is not working..04:50
glebihanintrader: you have to enable the multiverse repo04:50
glebihanno sorry04:50
glebihanmy mistake04:51
glebihango with the dpkg -i command04:51
Ken8521man that's stupid, why do they have the numberpad set to be overridden by the mouse by default?04:52
Ken8521that is ignorant as hell.04:52
intraderglebihan, I am lost with what you said. how do I enable the multiverse repo? etc.. 'go with dbkg -i command'?04:53
glebihanintrader: forget about the multiverse repo, was a mistake04:53
glebihanintrader: run "sudo dpkg -i skype*.deb" from the download folder04:54
intraderglebihan, a bunch of dependency problems: libqt4, libqtcore4, etc.04:56
glebihanintrader: try "gdebi skype*.deb"04:57
glebihanintrader: should install the dependencies04:57
intraderglebihan, how? gdebi not found04:58
intraderglebihan, boy, I did not have to do any of this for 10.04!04:59
nOStahl10.10 is not live04:59
nOStahlit is alpha04:59
glebihanintrader: you can run "sudo apt-get install gdebi"05:00
intradern0Stahl, well beta - I understand05:00
glebihanintrader: then you'll be able to run the previous command05:00
intraderglebihan, a bunch of dependencies missint for `sudo apt-get install gdebi`05:02
intraderglebihan, same dependencies of skype, it seems.05:02
glebihanintrader: that's weird, could you pastebin the complete error message ?05:03
intraderglebihan, should I stream to a file in downloads, and then what?05:04
glebihanintrader: just copy the error message you're getting with "sudo apt-get install gdebi" to http://paste.ubuntu.com"05:05
intraderglebihan, done05:09
glebihanintrader: give me the address so I can have a look05:09
intraderglebhihan, http://paste.ubuntu.com/502438/05:10
bullgard4What Ubuntu website will show the Maverick milestones?05:10
glebihanbullgard4: launchpad05:11
intraderglebihan, http://paste.ubuntu.com/502438/05:11
bullgard4glebihan: hahaha!05:11
glebihanbullgard4: ?05:11
bullgard4glebihan: ?05:12
intraderglebihan, the address is http://paste.ubuntu.com/502438/05:12
glebihanintrader: I'm looking at it05:12
intraderI don't know why completion of nicks is not working in Xchat for 10.10beta05:13
glebihanintrader: could you also pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list file ?05:13
glebihanintrader: btw, completion working here05:13
intraderglebihan, is there a way to upload or should I vi or textedit?05:14
glebihanintrader: if you have pastebinit installed, you can run "pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list"05:15
nOStahlso i've been playing around for last hour with unity05:15
nOStahlI need to give gnome shell a try05:15
nOStahlso I can make a decision05:15
intraderglebihan, I have not install pastebinit05:16
glebihanintrader: then you'll have to use a text editor as I guess you'll get errors if you try to install pastebinit too05:16
intraderglebihan, pastebinit has the same dependencies problem05:17
glebihanintrader: that's what I thought, open sources.list and paste it to paste.ubuntu.com05:18
intraderglebihan,ok, here are the sources.list http://paste.ubuntu.com/502441/05:20
intraderglebihan, beta makes this very tough!05:21
glebihanintrader: have you run "sudo apt-get update" before trying all of this ?05:22
intraderglebihan, no05:24
glebihanintrader: then run it and then "sudo apt-get install gdebi again"05:25
=== SolidLiq is now known as solid_liq
intraderglebihan, same dependency problems, plus gdebi-core05:27
glebihanintrader: what do you get if you run "sudo apt-get install gdebi-core" ?05:28
intraderglebihan, same as with my initial pastebin05:29
intraderglebihan, dependency hell if I try to load the dependencies05:29
glebihanintrader: try "apt-get -f install gdebi"05:31
intraderglebihan, same, including gdebi-core05:32
glebihanintrader: ok then you may try changing the mirror you're using, try the main server05:32
intraderAll in all I see that 10.10 beta is much more usable compared to 10.0405:33
intraderglebihan, and how do I do that?05:33
glebihanintrader: in System->Administration->Software sources, select Download from "Main server"05:34
intraderglebihan, tells me that I have 1 broken package in system and to use the filter....???05:37
glebihanintrader: does it tell which package is broken ?05:37
intraderglebihan, no, simply that I should use a filter to locate it.....????05:38
glebihanintrader: run "sudo apt-get update" again and pastebin the output05:38
intraderglebihan, done - http://paste.ubuntu.com/502448/05:41
glebihanintrader: looks good, try "sudo apt-get install gdebi" again05:42
intraderglebihan, same dependency problems05:43
glebihanintrader: could you run "sudo apt-get install gdebi-core" again and pastebin the complete output ?05:45
intraderglebihan, done, http://paste.ubuntu.com/502451/05:47
intraderglebihan, same output for gdebi-core05:48
glebihanintrader: exact same output ?05:48
intraderglebihan, only the line about gdebi-core05:49
glebihanintrader: yes show me that one05:49
intraderglebihan, is missing from the pastebin I sent.05:50
intraderglebihan, here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/502454/05:51
glebihanintrader: try "sudo apt-get-f remove skype"05:52
* lucent :X05:52
intraderglebihan, done  - no problems '1 not fully installed or removed', etc.05:54
glebihanintrader: now "sudo apt-get install gdebi-core" again ?05:55
intraderglebihan, looks good, wow this is intricate05:56
glebihanintrader: ok, let's go for "sudo apt-get install gdebi" then05:56
glebihanintrader: we're gonna get there :)05:57
intraderglebihan, no problems :)05:58
glebihanintrader: so now back to the gdebi command : "sudo gdebi skype*.deb" from the download folder05:58
intraderglebihan, and what is gdebi05:59
glebihanintrader: gdebi is a dpkg tool which handles dependencies when installing packages05:59
glebihanintrader: about the same thing as apt-get except that it can it installs from files instead of repos06:00
intraderglebihan, its doing it 85%06:01
intraderglebihan, done with no errors, just a lot of output.06:02
glebihanintrader: ok then try launching skype06:02
intraderglebihan, doing that06:02
intraderglebihan, waiting ..... for sign in06:04
intraderglebihan, no I see my daughter at Randolph College. Great seems to be up06:06
glebihanintrader: nice :)06:06
intraderglebihan, that was a marathon, thanks a million!06:07
glebihanintrader: you're welcome :)06:07
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glebihanintrader: you're still there ?06:49
intraderLittle glitches in the skype uI  - no tooltips in the title area07:06
glebihanintrader: skype for linux is still beta, there may be a few bugs07:07
intraderOr in other areas except for the currently opened contact. Is this the proper place. Glad to see you there glebihan!07:07
glebihanintrader: btw, wanted to let you know that I found out skype was in the partner repository07:07
intraderglebihan, and how do I find that?07:08
glebihanintrader: you can add this repository with the following command: sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"07:08
glebihanintrader: then after "sudo apt-get update" you'll find skype in your software manager07:09
intraderglebihan, do I need to reinstall?07:11
glebihanintrader: this will allow skype to be upgraded just as other software installed on your system07:11
glebihanintrader: no you can just check if there's an update available07:11
intraderglebihan, that is good07:11
intraderglebihan, and how do I do that?07:14
glebihanintrader: sudo apt-get upgrade07:14
glebihanintrader: after sudo apt-get update07:14
glebihanintrader: I mean first update then upgrade07:15
intraderglebihan, do I mention skype?07:15
glebihanintrader: no, this will install all available updates07:16
intraderglebihan, big update07:16
glebihanintrader: not surprising, updates are very frequent on beta (I personally upgrade 2 or 3 times a day)07:17
intraderglebihan, I am finding 10.10 much better - I wonder whether you saw bug 63113007:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 631130 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "In all apps, slow UI since 10.04 install" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63113007:19
glebihanintrader: I did not see that bug report, but I did notice some great improvements with maverick07:20
glebihanintrader: in fact, it's the first time I've been able to run compiz without considerably slowing down my system07:21
intraderglebihan, yes I have noticed - I don't know whether I am running compiz; but the UI is much peppier and works as it should compared to 10.0407:21
glebihanintrader: if you did a default install, you're probably running compiz, you can check that in System->Preferences->Appearance07:23
glebihanintrader: if the effects are enabled, you're running compiz07:23
intraderglebihan, by the way, last night I tried openSolaris on this same box and it ran very well. So 10.10 is keeping up!07:23
rxdis lzma kernel support on 10.10?07:24
intraderglebihan, once 10.10 is out I will upgrade all my boxes (laptops galore)07:25
intraderglebihan, how do I enable compiz?07:26
glebihanintrader: did you check in System->Preferences->Appearance ?07:27
intraderglebihan, this is a very old laptop (dell inspiron 8200 with nvidia)07:27
glebihanrxd: looks like it is supported07:27
glebihanintrader: should still  be working07:28
glebihanintrader: you can give it a try and see07:28
intraderglebihan, for now 'none' - should I try?07:28
glebihanintrader: try Normal in a first time, if it works you can try Extra although it will use more resources07:29
rxdglebihan: nice, so we get smaller sizes of squashfs07:29
intraderglebihan, it went pretty bad including moving the terminal's location on the screen!07:31
glebihanintrader: well that can happen when switching window manager07:31
intraderglebihan, I will try the 'normal' mode once the upgrade is over. I understand - a little.07:32
glebihanintrader: anyhow, compiz is not that useful, it's just adding some effects07:33
glebihanintrader: I noticed it was working now, but I still switched back to metacity :)07:33
intraderglebihan, I think I will try 'normal', but 'none' is fine for me.07:34
kishonI get this error in the boot "request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464ci" and my board stops booting.. any pointers??07:40
intraderglebihan, I wonder how long will this last - still going, going ...07:42
glebihanintrader: what is ?07:42
intraderglebihan, the upgrade07:43
glebihanintrader: oh if you haven't run it recently, it can take some time...07:44
glebihanintrader: did you see how many packages were to be upgraded ?07:45
intraderglebihan, no I did not notice - it must be everything07:47
glebihanintrader: It's never everything, but it can be hundreds (even thousands) of packages...07:47
glebihanintrader: even by running upgrades several times a day, I sometimes happen to get about 100 updates at once...07:48
intraderglebihan, it may take the rest of the night07:48
intraderglebihan, amazing process - how to they keep this sane?07:49
glebihanintrader: well this is due to the fact that we're very close to the final release, and they do not always keep it sane, some upgrades bring errors or broken packages, but they usually are fixed very quickly07:50
intraderglebihan, running 93 root tasks/daemons - is this normal?07:51
glebihanintrader: well yes, not surprising07:52
intraderglebihan, I did the count on the 10.04 (was 83), looking for a keylogger I have on the 10.04.07:53
glebihanintrader: I have 123 here...07:55
intraderglebihan, lots of errors can't open picbuf loader for many modules. Hopefully no harm07:56
glebihanintrader: this shouldn't be a major issue07:57
intraderglebihan, continuing - including setup of grub07:58
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intraderglebihan, done --seems ok08:09
intraderglebihan, it seems Ok after reboot.08:14
glebihanintrader: nice :)08:14
intraderglebihan, thanks to your help!08:14
glebihanintrader: you're welcome08:14
rxdglebihan: no lzma kernel support yet on 10.1008:53
glebihanrxd: maybe I'm mistaking, but this looks like it:https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/lzma08:57
rxdglebihan: found the squashfs-tools for lzma ver 4 and try making 2 squashfs one using gzip and one using lzma...i can't mount the lzma squashfs so meaning no lzma support yet09:00
rxdlzma it ok we can make it but i was thinking maybe modules for the  kernel already included09:01
glebihanrxd: sorry won't be able to help you further since I don't use it, maybe you could trying asking a question on the page I sent you or contacting one of the projects' admin09:02
rxdglebihan: ok thank u09:03
kishon I get this error in the boot "request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464ci" and my board stops booting.. any pointers??09:11
KarenPalenHas anyone addressed the compiz bug about pointers? I am really tired of using a "default" pointer" for SOME things ...09:27
KarenPalenYes I know how to work around it, but a real fix would really be nice!09:28
kishon I get this error in the boot "request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464ci" and my board stops booting.. any pointers??09:29
piquadratHi! Does Inkscape crash on startup for someone else since this morning?09:37
bobthemilkmanI'm running 10.10, and a few days ago apt-get upgrade told me I had several hundred updates (up from 0 the previous day), including firefox.  Now my firefox installation is quite strange. There's menu items that are blank, and several of my add-ons quit working.  Is this typical behavior?  How should I fix this?  I already tried removing and installing firefox, but not purging and installing.10:20
bobthemilkmanI'd prefer to keep many of my settings.10:20
bobthemilkmanAbout says the current version is 3.6.10, I thought I had 3.6.x before that, but I'm not sure.10:21
KoterpillarAre there any working Broadcom WiFi drivers in Maverick?10:35
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yofelbobthemilkman: that shouldn't break usually.. and what do you mean by 'blank'? no text shown? firefox works fine here by the way. Also, you could try to purge and reinstall firefox, a purge will not erase the settings in ~/.mozilla11:52
bobthemilkmanOkay, I purged and reinstalled, but I still have the problem, and yes, I mean blank as in no text shown.  Let me attach a screenshot.12:18
bobthemilkmanOkay, evidently the screenshot tool won't work when I have menus open o.O12:19
glebihanbobthemilkman: you can delay the screenshot if you use it from Applicatoins->Accessories12:20
bobthemilkmanI got it via a sleep 5; gnome-screenshot command.12:21
bobthemilkmanOf course, now in an unrelated issue, nautilus won't open, making it difficult to upload said screenshot... o.O12:22
glebihanbobthemilkman: install pastebinit, and run pastebinit /path/to/file12:23
bobthemilkmanOh man, when did ubuntu get that tool?12:23
bobthemilkmanI had been searching all over for an ubuntu version of wgetpaste (gentoo version of similar tool).12:23
glebihanbobthemilkman: I don't know, but I think it's been some time already12:24
bobthemilkmanIt doesn't have an image mode :(12:24
bobthemilkmanHowever, you can download and save it as a .png.12:24
glebihanbobthemilkman: yes got it, looks like it's menu items from extensions which are missing12:26
bobthemilkmanThat could be it!12:26
bobthemilkmanSome of my extensions weren't working properly at all!12:27
bobthemilkmanAnd come to think of it, I think these other missing ones were also from extensions!12:27
glebihanbobthemilkman: I confirm, just checked you have all default firefox menu items12:27
bobthemilkmanCan you check that the tools menu default is ..., Error Console, Page Info, ...?12:29
glebihanbobthemilkman: yes it is12:29
bobthemilkmanOkay, there's only a few other missing ones, so I think that'll be fine.12:30
bobthemilkmanBut it's strange that firefox didn't give me an error or warning saying that my addons were incompatible with the current version, and that it also isn't displaying any sort of updated version.12:30
glebihanbobthemilkman: yes something must have gone wrong at some point, maybe you should try reinstalling your extensions12:31
BigWhaleAre there any trouble with 10.10 LiveCD and lvm? pvscan is telling me that there are no volumes to be found12:35
BigWhalebut fdisk -lu lists all the drives and all the partitions as it should...12:35
bobthemilkmanglebihan: Okay, I uninstalled and reinstalled one, but it's menu entries are still missing.... Perhaps I should be asking in #mozilla instead of here...12:35
glebihanbobthemilkman: probably yes12:36
glebihanbobthemilkman: just an idea, this could be related to locale issues12:37
bobthemilkmanThat might be it!12:37
bobthemilkmanI think I removed en_GB!12:38
maxbI'm experiencing some very off behaviour with maverick - occasionally my computer becomes really slow, and the gnome panel applet says something is eating massive amounts of *system* CPU time12:38
glebihanmaxb: do you know which process is causing this ? if not, use "top" to find out12:39
maxbIt's no process at all, it's something in-kernel12:39
glebihanmaxb: everything that runs is a process12:40
maxbThis time I tried hitting an assortment of logging magic sysrqs, and vt-switching to a text vt. The box hung. I pressed the powerOff magic sysrq, and it eventually happened about a minute later12:40
maxbglebihan: Well, it's something top can't see12:40
bobthemilkmanOkay, I managed to solve the problem by running rm -rf ~/.mozilla/firefox/(profilename)/*, and then copying %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ix3bu8qu.default\* over from a windows virtual machine which had almost all the same addons installed.13:01
bobthemilkmanAlso, evidently flashplugin-nonfree no longer works.13:04
TiKdoes anyone in here use rythmbox?13:10
TiKit seems broken to me13:10
glebihanTiK: what's the issue ?13:11
TiKI had all my mom's music backed up13:12
TiKso I loaded a VM and reset the ipod13:12
TiKand added all the music back into it13:12
TiKclosed rythmbox13:13
TiKopened it back up13:13
TiKnothing added13:13
TiKthe files (music) can be acessed13:13
TiKand were added13:13
TiKif you open them up and chose one out of the folders13:13
TiKthey show up as "other" under advanced13:14
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:14
glebihanTiK: sorry, have no experience with iPod13:14
TiKI love the enter key :)13:14
TiKIpods are shitty I'd never buy one13:15
TiKitunes is buggy in a VM and fluppes crashes13:15
TiKmaybe Ill do itwith rythmbox in 10.04 :/ in a VM13:17
bazhangTiK, language please13:18
flexxxvhy, I have a strange prob with the x server. I can't force it to use 100Hz with the nvidia drivers. It just seems like my xorg gets ignored partly. any idea on how to solve?13:20
flexxxvI mean I cant force it to use 100 hz on startup13:20
flexxxvI can change as user at any time13:20
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ubuntu_userhello, I got a problem with Xubuntu 10.10 beta installation, I gone thru the process of choosing language, partitions, username etc. and it started to install things but now the installer is stalled with text "removing conflicting operating system files" how to know if it's done or how to unstall it?14:00
ubuntu_userI also restarted and done the process from start but it also stalled and now I'm in live cd without a system, please help14:00
ubuntu_userthere isn't any disk activity nor dvdrom :(14:02
ubuntu_userthis is the state of my installation: http://tinyurl.com/2we6ech14:06
ubuntu_useris it done?14:06
SaRyubuntu_user, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCKnownIssues14:07
ubuntu_userI got AMD machine14:07
ubuntu_usernot powerpc14:07
StrontiumDogI installed Maverick beta from an alternate image on a USB stick everything seemed to go ok,  Now when I boot all i get is a test prompt and no network.  If I force network and start x I get "DBus.Error.FileNotFound"  any ideas cause I cant find anything???14:07
StrontiumDog**test should be text14:08
StrontiumDogI get the DBus error when I try and run "System Administration Additional Drivers"14:09
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=== SpockVulcan is now known as AndrewMC
SaRyare you trying it via wubi ..14:20
elitrouhi guys. can anyone help me to set up broadband connection?14:47
patdk-wksure, plug the wires in, plug in the power, turn on pc :)14:47
elitrouhmm, i meant the mobile broadband:)14:48
patdk-wkwhat adaptor?14:48
elitroubandluxe C278, USB14:48
elitroui've tried both KnetworkManager and the new widget14:49
elitrouthought about trying command line script to find out the problem, cause GUI applications doesn't provide any error info14:50
patdk-wksounds like it is one of them cdrom on device things, so you have to unmount the cdrom first to make it work14:55
neurochromeAm I missing something?  just installed 10.10 via USB and there was nowhere to select the host name during the installer (which is pretty crap at the moment)... Not that impressed with the re-design...  Anyway criticism aside, where is the host name selection?  Has it been removed for 'user-friendliness'?!14:56
* neurochrome is sick to death of this drive towards 'user-friendliness' that in actual fact makes your life harder14:57
charlie-tcaneurochrome: I believe it has, on the desktop image. You can still select it on the alternate images, though14:58
charlie-tcaneurochrome: the belief seems to be if you use the alternate image, choice is good. If you use the Desktop image, keep it as simple as possible.14:59
neurochromecharlie-tca, There's a reason I'm still using Jaunty...  I'll give Maverick a chance, but Arch is fast becoming my prime alternative to Canonical's insanity.15:01
charlie-tcaWhy not just use the alternate cd to install? If you are using Arch, you have the knowledge.15:02
neurochromecharlie-tca, I guess in future I'll have to.  I don't see why the need for such changes, people are not that stupid.15:03
alvinIn Kubuntu, you can still select a hostname in the desktop installer15:04
patdk-wkit's not a stupid thing, I believe15:04
charlie-tcaThey may not be stupid, but they really don't have the knowledge to know what to put in those choices. Ubuntu is simplicity, for those who need it15:04
patdk-wkbut a more, less questions the better15:04
Ken8521why on earth is the number pad disabled by default?.. that is freakin STUPID15:05
patdk-wkmine isn't :)15:05
Ken8521does anyone use the numberpad to control the cursor?15:05
Ken8521patdk-wk, well it was on two of my machines.15:05
neurochromeThe design team are morons though.  that home button is garish, and someone' obviously just got out of design school (ooh, look at that lovely web2.0 shiny button)  The green message icon is also rank.  The lack of user-input is a worrying development15:05
Ken8521it was killing me yesterday, i wa trying to play urban terror, the numlock key was on, and i couldn't use the numberpad..lol15:05
neurochromedon't like the new calculator design either... Minimal is better for me15:06
charlie-tcaYou have read this, right? http://design.canonical.com/2010/06/when-new-users-first-encounter-ubuntu-5-show-stoppers/15:07
Ken8521the new calculator doesn't bother me to bad15:07
neurochromepatdk-wk, you're wrong.  The installer hung on a low-end ION chipset machine because of the oh-so-clever installation in the background.  That is not user friendly and would put me off if I was a new user straight away15:07
alvinlol, it's true: bug 62808715:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 628087 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Maverick ubiquity lacks option to change computer name" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62808715:07
neurochromeasking the machines name is important, if people have multiple machines they want to be able to distinguish between them on the network15:08
Ken8521neurochrome, i agree, i like that feature a lot.15:09
neurochromeif 'Jim' has two desktops and install Maverick on both of them, they are both called 'Jim-Desktop' on the network... This is EPIC FAIL15:09
alvinI never considerd that a feature, but a necessity :-)15:09
patdk-wkneurochrome, I have no idea how what you said related to anything I said being wrong15:09
neurochromealvin, exactly15:09
neurochromepatdk-wk, you said less quesitons the better... this is a NECESSARY question15:10
neurochromeremoving it is just dumb15:10
neurochromebut then again, Ubuntu appears to be aiming itself towards idiots, not 'human-beings', anymore15:10
popeythat bug was fixed over a week ago15:10
neurochromeI've been a loyal fan for a long time, and have seen many stupid moves, every release there is more to be said for the bad than the good.. this is not a good trend15:11
neurochromepopey, that is something at least15:11
jbroomeneurochrome: it has always been that way15:11
neurochromejbroome, I wish I could keep Jaunty... So sad it is being buried... 8/15:12
Ken8521neurochrome, why can't you keep it?15:13
neurochromeKen8521, It won't receive updates after a few weeks15:13
Ken8521oh thats right, it's about EOL.15:13
neurochromeno more security-updates, etc15:13
neurochromeI run the latest release of Ubuntu alongside XBMC on both my Revo's... But my laptop will likely see Arch, given that Ubuntu is becoming unruly15:14
popeywell, you have two choices, go back to 8.04 or forward to 9.1015:14
neurochromeIt has some nice features, and the latest software - always a bonus, but the design and direction is getting tiresome15:15
popeywell, or leave and use something else :)15:15
neurochrome8.04 sucked ass15:15
neurochrome9.10 was ok15:15
Ken8521yes it did... 8.04 was awful15:15
neurochrome10.04 was ok15:15
neurochromefeisty and gutsy were GREAT15:15
neurochromev fast too15:15
popeyI am liking 10.1015:15
Ken8521i heard a lot of complaints about 9.04.. not sure why.. jaunty worked well for me.15:16
Ken85218.10.. i don't know if it was good, or if I was just thrilled not to be using 8.04 anymore15:16
patdk-wkI had lots of issues with jaunty15:16
Ken8521jaunty worked quite well for me.15:16
Ken8521actually, the last distro i really had problems w/, was Gutsy, but it was just a lot of configuring, etc... 8.04, was just dreadfully slow.15:17
patdk-wkI stopped upgrading most of my machines at 8.0415:17
patdk-wkcause they are running xen15:18
patdk-wkthe non-xen machines are all running lucid15:18
popeythe only issue I had was the release that had a crappy intel driver15:18
patdk-wkheh, intel wireless driver in karmic trashed ext3 on my laptop on every install15:18
patdk-wkI had to disable the wireless in the bios, install, install backport modules, then turn it on15:19
* patdk-wk thinks he is way off topic of 10.1015:19
Ken8521how did the wireless driver trash ext3?15:20
Ken8521i use atheros... so i dunno15:20
patdk-wkI would like to know :)15:20
patdk-wkbut during the install, the root partition would go into readonly mode15:20
neurochrome8.04 was slow and buggy... 9.04 was perfect on my hardware.... the vast majority of complaints was with hardware... not the performance15:20
patdk-wkdoing a check, fsck said it was pretty well trashed15:20
patdk-wkhappened on 3 installs, before  Ifigured out it was the wireless doing it15:21
patdk-wklaptop was a year old at that time, been working fine with 8.10 and 9.04, did a badblock scan on the drive, it was good15:22
patdk-wkDid an install without wifi, turned wifi on after install, trashed15:22
patdk-wkkarmic x64 on a lenovo sl500 laptop with intel 5100 wifi15:25
patdk-wkI'm pretty sure I had filed a bug report15:25
neurochromepatdk-wk, so lucid was a blessing for you then?!15:26
patdk-wkkarmic was fine for me15:26
patdk-wkjust installation issues, after that it was good15:26
neurochromeI guess the best thing for Ubuntu, for me at least, would be to make things friendly for new users, but to adopt rolling release, meaning I could customise without having to go to a new stupider install 6 months down the line15:27
patdk-wklucid is just lots of video card issues15:27
neurochromeand maverick?   what are the problems there, other than horrible design.... (and that wallpaper! hahahahaha what a fucking joke)15:28
patdk-wkmaverick isn't released yet, so I can't say :)15:28
patdk-wkso far my issues with maverick have been fixed before release15:28
patdk-wkbut this is also the first time (before beta) that I have used ubuntu trials15:29
Ken8521ubuntu wallpapers always suck.15:29
Ken8521so do their default themes15:29
noeljbwith maverick?  fingerprint auth is broken for sudo; brasero is broken (upstream), period; various other things.  unfortunately, brasero is also badly broken in lucid as well.15:29
patdk-wkI hardly ever install, but just upgrade, so I don't notice15:29
neurochromeKen8521, au contrare... fiesty, gutsy, interpid, jaunty all had great wallpapers15:29
patdk-wkonly do installs of ubuntu-server, and no wallpapers or themes on them15:29
Ken8521i never upgrade, just clean install.15:29
Ken8521neurochrome, oh i disagree...15:30
androidbrucei just save my /home15:30
androidbruceand reinstall15:30
Ken8521i've been using this one, and i like it a lot.. http://gnome-look.org/CONTENT/content-files/70560-Xuks.jpg15:30
Ken8521i don't even save my /home... i just nuke15:30
patdk-wkI have way too many things I would have to customize and fix to do that15:30
patdk-wkcraploads of stuff in /etc and /usr/share and other places15:30
neurochromeRolling release is not an upgrade.. it is constant updates to latest... not as drastic15:30
Ken8521i keep a "configuration file".. and when I set a program exactly how I want it, i note in that file the options I set... then it goes w/ my backups... when I reinstall, I open that confiruation file, and just run through it and set everything how i want it.. takes me about 25mn,.15:31
noeljbif you don't like the default wallpaper, change it.15:31
neurochromeI do15:31
Ken8521noeljb, i don't think there was a discussion that it couldn't be changed15:31
Ken8521i just said the default ones suck15:31
Ken8521always have15:31
androidbruceKen8521, default anything alwasy sucks15:31
androidbrucein most aspects of life15:32
Ken8521androidbruce, mst of the time, you're right15:32
Ken8521thank goodness for gnome-look15:32
androidbruceexcept for Android, Vanilla AOSP FTW15:32
noeljb<<shrug>> if "sucks" means it isn't to your taste, someone will always think that it sucks.15:33
Ken8521noeljb, exactly15:33
androidbrucewhoa! no updates this am15:33
Ken8521it's kinda like gnome vs kde vs xfce vs e17 vs openbox vs e17 vs.. on and on15:33
* patdk-wk doesn't like stock android15:33
androidbrucefeels like a release is on it's way, oh wait....:)15:33
Ken8521it's all gonna be up to the user15:33
androidbrucepatdk-wk, say what? well i mean adw launcher but otherwise stock15:34
Ken8521i'm just glad we don't get stuck w/ a GUI because some nerd says its best.. we have our choice of a wide variety of desktop GUI's, or if you're so inclined, write your own15:34
noeljbI use both kde and gnome.  generally gnome.  kde isn't as well supported in terms of integration, which is a bit of a shame, because too many of the gnome apps suffer in comparison to kde's.15:34
Ken8521i can't bear to use KDE>.. i'd rather use windows.15:34
androidbrucenoeljb, as far as asthetics or functionality?15:34
patdk-wkI hate android stock email, sms15:35
Ken8521functionality, i've not found KDE to be any better/worse than Gnome.. maybe a tad slower... but for the most part, just as capable, but OMG is it ugly15:35
noeljbandroidbruce, functionality.  I'm getting rather tired of seeing critical defects.15:35
androidbrucei have only used kde for a small period of time, i just found it to be uber heavy15:36
neurochromeKDE is slow, but it has awesome tools, and is far better looking than anything the Ubuntu design toeam knock out15:36
noeljbalthough at the moment, vinagre is OK; brasero has been badly broken since 2.30.15:36
neurochromebrasero is shocking at the moment... I hope vinagre works with compiz now... 8/15:37
noeljbI've had to take extra steps to ensure against data loss, when it works at all.15:37
Ken8521brasero is one of the first apps i nuke after a clean install... why they've not replaced it w/ Gnomebaker, I'll never know15:37
neurochromethen there is k3b.. which is better than anything gnome has to offer....15:37
alvinK3B is working fine :-) It even reports my cd drive to be capable of burning at a whopping 700x15:37
neurochromeBurn is coming to linux though... that'll be swell15:38
Ken8521neurochrome, k3b is fine.. it's actually one of the few KDE apps i like.15:38
Ken8521neurochrome, what is Burn?15:38
noeljbI've got two current critical bugs open against it.  One, it silently drops part of the directory tree; two, it generates corrupt ISO images.15:38
neurochromeA mac app...15:38
neurochromeshould be good15:39
Ken8521looks good, but gnomebaker/k3b work fine for me... iw ouldn't go to some extraordinary efforts to install Burn(ie, compile it)15:40
neurochromeanyway going to go and try and sort Maverick out.... wish me luck... I may dislike canonical even more by the end of the day...15:40
noeljbKen8521, does brasero have anything that gnomebaker doesn't?  (other than bugs)?15:40
Ken8521other than it works?... i don't think so.15:40
neurochromeBurn will get a native port and a binary at some point15:40
noeljbI'll give GnomeBaker a look.15:41
Ken8521noeljb, its actually pretty good.. has a nice, clean look to it... like i said.. Brasero is usually one of the first 2-3 apps i nuke on a clean install, and Gnomebaker goes in its place15:42
Ken8521noeljb, u ever use the nero4linux app?15:44
noeljbwhat are the other 2?  I generally keep most things, and install what I want (e.g., I keep vi around, but install emacs)15:44
noeljbnope, haven't seen nero4linux15:45
Ken8521oh there's a few apps I remove cuz i don't need them.... Pitivi I have no use for, i used to always remove F-spot, now I remove Shotwell... i have no use for photo management software, i also nuke empathy and evolution15:45
Ken8521then i install, vlc, audacious, easytag, frostwire, skype, gimp, gnomebaker, opera, xchat, and google earth15:46
Ken8521after i update a new install, i do that all in one shot, and it doesn't take long at all.15:46
Ken8521frostwire usually takes the longest, cuz i have to install java w/ it.15:47
Ken8521i also install some remote desktop stuff so i can use vnc.15:48
noeljbKen8521, the only non-free app I install is VMware.15:49
Ken8521yeah,, i have vbox (non-free) also... forgot about that15:49
noeljbpitivi is piti-full.  I use kdevlive at the moment, but the NLE wars are still early skirmishes.15:49
Ken8521i need the non-free version cuz i need usb support15:50
Ken8521speaking of remote desktop.. have you guys tried the free Linux version of teamviewer?15:50
Ken8521if you have family that is computer stupid, and needs help a lot.. it is awesome... no router configuration needed, etc15:50
Ken8521just talk them through downloading and installing it.15:51
Ken8521it's free for non-enterprise stuff.15:51
Ken8521i use it in case i'm helping someone who's to braindead to open ports on their router15:52
Ken8521and it works perfect15:52
noeljbWell, I installed GB, running it, create new data dvd, browse to directory containing files I want, clicked add files, and the entire windows has gone gray while it pounds my HD.  Not overly impressed with the dead UI during scanning.15:54
Ken8521noeljb, strange... i never have problems w/ it15:54
Ken8521i guess the other option is k3b, if you don't mind KDE dependencies15:54
noeljbwell, I added 4.5GB in one shot.  And it does appear to have it.15:55
Ken8521noeljb, have you ever tried teamviewer?15:57
Ken8521i don't know how handy it would be for you, but considering i'm the nerd for family that is spread out across the state, it's handy15:57
noeljbKen8521, GB can't make a .ISO file??  Can only burn to a device?15:58
Ken8521sure it can15:59
Ken8521oh wait, make an ISO?..15:59
noeljbyes, write to a .ISO file.15:59
Ken8521i always use DD for that15:59
noeljbI want to make a .ISO from files on my host OS.16:00
Ken8521yeah, use DD16:00
noeljbAnd that handles the proper format how?16:00
Ken8521not 100% usure, it just works.16:00
Ken8521i've ripped games to ISO w/ it before...16:01
noeljbAh, you've RIPPED, which means from a formatted DVD to an ISO.  I need to put the ISO together.  And, yes, I could use the bear skins and bone knives approach, but would prefer to have a decent app.16:03
Ken8521yeah, sorry about that16:03
Ken8521noeljb, what about mkiso?16:05
Ken8521i always forget about that tool16:05
noeljbThat falls into the " bear skins and bone knives" category.  :-)16:05
noeljbsee also  bear genisoimage.  same category.16:06
Ken8521never used that16:06
noeljber, drop the "bear" in the above.  bad paste.16:07
Ken8521you would think there's a tool for that16:07
noeljbthere is.  brasero is intended to be the front end.16:07
Ken8521ic, brasero just sucks.16:07
noeljbhmm ... let's see what rdepends shows.16:07
Ken8521noeljb, there's a tool called "isomaster" in the repos.. woud that work?16:08
Ken8521i'm installing it now16:08
Daekdroom!info isomaster16:13
ubottuisomaster (source: isomaster): A graphical CD image editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.7-2 (maverick), package size 197 kB, installed size 1196 kB16:13
Ken8521ah wait, it doesn't look like it creates iso's16:13
DaekdroomKen8521, I wonder why it is called "isomaster" then o.o16:15
Ken8521Daekdroom, sure makes you wonder doesn't it?16:15
Ken8521i wonder if k3b does it?16:19
Ken8521that's a crapload of dependencies for 1 kde app though16:19
Ken8521!info graveman16:21
ubottuPackage graveman does not exist in maverick16:21
DaekdroomKen8521, KDE apps require the whole KDE base to come along16:21
Ken8521Daekdroom, yeah, i know16:21
Ken8521it's still kinda irritating though16:22
PiciKen8521: I only see that package in dapper.16:22
Ken8521noeljb, if you don't mind installing KDE dependencies, K3b does exactly what you want it to do.. i just did it.16:25
Ken8521strange Gnomebaker doesn't have that capability.16:25
Ken8521hey wait, Gnomebaker does have that capability... noeljb what the heck are yout alking about?16:27
Ken8521so just another reason to remove brasero...lol16:27
noeljbKen8521, where?16:27
noeljbtrying genisoimage -o ~/test.iso -RJ --iso-level 4 * for a test16:28
noeljbKen8521, the option to burn DVD iso is to burn a DVD *from* an ISO.16:28
Ken8521noeljb, choose the type of media(data CD in my case)... add the files you want, then click Burn.. on the next window, it says "only create Image".. choose that, and choose where you want the ISo stored16:29
Ken8521i just created an ISO of some pictures.16:29
noeljbah ... nice to hide that.  I'll look again.16:29
Ken8521yeah, i never noticed it efore either.. and i've used gnoembaker a long time..lol16:30
Ken8521and i just opened the iso w/ archive manager and extracted it, it seems to work fine16:30
noeljbI'll try it.  :-)16:31
Ken8521noeljb, i just created a small one to try it(about 50mb worth of pictures).. but it seems fine.16:32
Ken8521now to get all these KDE dependencies off my machine16:33
nemohm. so. our network here exposes both WEP and WPA for some odd reason16:35
nemoI never want to connect to WEP so I go to Network Connections, choose Edit16:35
mrandrzejakdoes anyone know where the software sources link has gone in maverick?16:35
nemoand uncheck "Connect Automatically"16:35
nemobut. the "apply" button stays grey.16:35
Ken8521mrandrzejak, it's now in Ubuntu Software Center16:35
Ken8521nemo, lol.16:35
nemoin order to prevent that, I have to type in a bogus password16:35
nemoI just don't want to even get the password prompt16:36
Ken8521mrandrzejak, or you can use the repository tool in Synaptic.. same thing really16:36
Ken8521dang, software center is actually gonna have software available for purchase now.16:37
mrandrzejakthanks. this doesnt seem as user friendly anymore.16:37
Ken8521i hope they don't go the way of Linspire, and you have to pay for most of your apps16:37
Ken8521mrandrzejak, it is.. it's just a few things were moved around a bit.. thats all.16:38
Ken8521it took me a few minutes to find it to... but i usually just used the sources tool in synaptic, so it wasn't a big deal16:38
mrandrzejakin software center, i would have to go to installed software and then uninstall PPA if thats what im trying to do?16:38
Ken8521are you trying to uninstall it, or just remove the repository?16:39
mrandrzejakthe reps in synaptic are much easier. thanks for that16:39
HukkaAfter upgrading to beta, my aptitude new spews a load of "Internal error: found 2 (choice -> promotion) mappings for a single choice" when solving broken packages16:39
HukkaGoogle doesn't really say what that error means16:39
noeljbKen8521, gnomebaker #fail.  Can't handle directories deeper than 6.16:40
noeljbI'll uninstall it as useless now.16:41
Ken8521mrandrzejak, it's the same tool in software center... edit/software sources...and it's the same thing16:41
Ken8521noeljb, really?16:41
Ken8521i don't have directories that deep on my system, so this tool works fine.16:41
noeljbreally.  it doesn't provide the correct options to genisoimage, assuming that compatibility with MS-Windows is of any interest.16:42
Ken8521wel, considering i use windows about 2x a month.. compatibility w/ windows isn't a concern16:42
mrandrzejakohh OK Ken8521 - thanks... thats easy too. i didnt see it16:42
Ken8521i like the "Featured" and "What's New" on software center16:43
Ken8521mrandrzejak, yeah, thats actually what i was talking about.. iw asn't really clear the first time i told you16:43
mrandrzejakno, my fault, i should have looked around16:43
Ken8521eh.. if thats the worst thing you do all day, you're still ok16:43
mrandrzejakwished it never was moved! 5 years of it being in one place, and then its gone!16:44
Ken8521yeah, it shocked me to.. i was so used to it being there.. it was quite a shock when i didn't see it16:44
Ken8521mrandrzejak, lol.. actually i just looked you can add it there.. it's just not there by default16:44
Ken8521right click menu, edit menus, go down and highlight administration.. on the right, put a check next to software sources.16:45
Ken8521i'll tell you the one that kicked me in the junk, was the number pad controlling the mouse cursor by default(even w/ numlock on).. it took me a minute to figure that out.. i thought something was wrong w/ my keyboard, till i tested it in a virtual install of XP16:46
AyrtonI'm using ubuntu 10.10 (netbook) and the app Files & Folders not working very well...16:48
luckysmacki cant seem to activate dual monitors on my laptop. I have HP Pavillion dv7, with ATI HD Radeon 340016:49
Ken8521Ayrton, there were a few people here complaining about a lot of problems w/ the NBR.16:49
Ayrtonthe all files show my download folder and my favorited folders, instead my homedir..16:49
mrandrzejakyah, its back. thanks!16:49
Ken8521luckysmack, still no luck w/ that?  you were hear yesterday weren't you16:49
Ken8521mrandrzejak, sometimes we just can't see the forest because we're blinded by the trees.16:50
AyrtonKen8521, someone is having trouble with the files & folders app?16:50
Ken8521Ayrton, i don't kno about that exactly, but yesterday there were several folks here complaining about NBR and having a lot of bugs/problems16:50
Ken8521Ayrton, did you upgrade or clean install?16:50
AyrtonKen8521, clean install yeasterday and today I upgraded16:51
luckysmackKen8521: yea i was. i installed from scratch too. still no dice16:51
Ayrtonyesterday I'm see a lot of bugs. But when I updated, just this is happening16:51
Ayrtonall the other thinks is working good =]16:51
Ken8521luckysmack, hmm.16:51
Ken8521Ayrton, i know yesterday, one person installed normal Gnome, and i think he said it was working fine16:52
luckysmacki can still do mirrored screens though16:52
Ken8521luckysmack, thats the strangest thing about your problem.. it would make mroe sense if one monitor worked, and the other didn't.. at least w/ mirrored screens, it's seeing the other monitor.16:52
Ken8521luckysmack, did you buy chance have a copy of your old xorg.conf?(from 10.04)...16:53
Ken8521i've been using the same xorg.conf since i think 9.04..lol16:53
AyrtonKen8521, and you know who working in the developing of the Files & Folders app?16:53
Ken8521Ayrton, absolutely no cle.16:53
Ken8521lemme skype shuttleworth real quick and ask him16:53
luckysmackKen8521: i tried that yesterday and didnt work either16:53
Oli```Anybody with on the nvidia driver noticed that Mav is pretty sluggish with text operations? `gtkperf -a -c 1000` is taking 283 seconds (about 150 more than it should need)16:54
Ken8521luckysmack, i'm saying did you try it on the new install...16:54
Ken8521Oli```, uh no..lol16:54
luckysmackno i didnt. didnt even think to save the old xorg for the fresh install. skipped my mind. figures16:55
Ken8521yeha, well it's gone now.16:55
Oli```Ken8521: No you haven't noticed or no it shouldn't be going as fast as I think it should... Or something else?16:55
Ken8521no, i haven't noticed16:56
luckysmackyea i know.16:56
Ken8521luckysmack, depending on how adventurous you ant to be.16:56
Ken8521reinstall 10.04, set up the ati correctly16:56
Ken8521save your xorg.conf, then clean install 10.1016:56
luckysmackaww. lol16:56
Ken8521i keep a backup of xorg.conf w/ my backups..... so i don't have to worry bout losing it16:57
luckysmackyea i should add it to my backup list. well i suppose you learn right.16:58
luckysmackbut im sure there has to be a way to get it to work.16:58
Ken8521yup.. pretty much16:58
nemoyay. update-manager works fine when gksudo wrapped17:03
nemoDIE POLKIT DIE :)17:03
Ken8521nemo, why not just run sudo updgrade, sudo dist-upgrade?17:03
Ken8521no real reason to wrap it in gksudo, unless you just want to.17:03
nemoKen8521: huh?17:03
nemoKen8521: I'm talking about the update-manager gui. obviously I could do everything from the commandline17:04
Ken8521nemo, i take it you were having problems w/ update manager... well, just open a terminal and run sudo apt-get upgrade and or sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.. and it will bring you current17:04
Ken8521oh ok.17:04
nemoKen8521: I don't have problems w/ update-manager17:04
nemoI have problems w/ polkit17:04
nemowhich sucks in horrible ways17:04
Ken8521ahh.. ok.17:04
Ken8521what is polkit17:04
Ken8521!info polkit17:04
ubottuPackage polkit does not exist in maverick17:04
nemoKen8521: an authentication module17:05
Ken8521oh ok.17:05
nemoused by update-manager, users and groups, network17:05
nemoits main skill is working badly with everything else17:05
Ken8521yeah, sometimes i think sticking w/ Debian would be easier17:05
nemodoesn't work with nxserver, ssh -YC or fprint17:05
nemoso, no remote administration of polkit stuff, and no use of fingerprint swiping17:06
nemoKen8521: debian uses polkit too, sometimes17:06
nemoI don't know for the same things17:06
nemohaven't used it in a long while17:06
Ken8521yeah, but Debian usually isn't as cranky as Ubuntu17:06
nemohm. users-admin does *not* work w/ gksudo17:07
nemoappears to just hang.17:07
nemoheh. hangs even if I abort on commandline17:07
nemohad to sudo killall users-admin17:08
nemolet's try nm-connection-editor17:08
nemomight not be a good idea to wrap that one though since it does some stuff in local profile/keyring17:09
nemoand some stuff system-wide17:09
nemoah well.17:09
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bjsniderOli```, the beta driver that's in the x-updates ppa fixes that issue17:17
Oli```bjsnider: Cheers! I'd been installing the nvidia driver manually but slipped behind a release (I'm on 260.19.04 vs 260.19.06) so I'll give that a try. I'll stick to the PPA now. Seems easier than reinstalling every kernel update (assuming there's a dkms script bundled in)17:32
Oli```bjsnider: Hmm. What package do I actually want to install? The PPA talks about a mythical nvidia-graphics-drivers package but I can't find that.17:35
Oli```Or do I have to use jockey?17:35
Ken8521is jockey even in maverick?17:37
Ken8521i thought it went away in like 9.0417:38
Ken8521or at least was being phased out17:38
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
Oli```I really just meant whatever the doobrie is that most people use to install non-free hardware drivers is. I haven't used it whatever it's called in at least a year17:38
bjsniderOli``, we use jockey to install the driver.17:42
Oli``It didn't work for me. Tried to restart gdm and it just froze. Installed the latest driver directly from nvidia and it worked as expected. This might just be because I didn't do a full restart and the new kernel module wasn't loaded (understandable as I was in a live X session when I installed it). Hopefully future updates will work but it's not too much of a pain until then17:46
Ken8521Oli``, well i use the hardware driver mgr... it's always worked fine.17:46
sunshinepantsis there a solution for enabling compiz with intel on 10.10?  looks like glx is absent after installing.. this is actually a hybrid notebook that has nvidia  and intel gpu's17:46
Oli``And gtkperf is back down to 58.0317:46
Oli``Thanks bjsnider17:46
bjsniderOli``, it could be because the nvidia installer is not compatible with ubuntu, which is why we package them in official ppas like x-updates so people will not go out and pooch their systems by using the .run files17:51
noeljbbjsnider, does x-updates replace the vdpau ppa for nvidia updates now?17:52
Oli``bjsnider: I've been using them long before a PPA for them existed. Just a habit I got into as well as building my own kernels. Makes me feel geeky deep inside.17:53
bjsnidernoeljb, for driver updates since lucid, it does17:55
noeljbbjsnider, good to know.17:55
bjsniderinstalling kernels does not destroy mesa files like the nvidia installer does. and nvidia recommends using distribution installers instead of their own17:55
GA_Bullso... Dropbox for Linux... much better than Dropbox for windows...17:56
GA_Bullor am I the only dropbox user here?17:56
androidbruce|lapGA_Bull, im with you17:57
androidbruce|lapi love Dropbox17:57
GA_BullAnd it seems to be running fantastically on 10.1017:57
androidbruce|lapi also love UbuntuOne17:57
androidbruce|lapGA_Bull, runs well17:57
androidbruce|lapbut the repos were borked17:58
Ken8521what is dropbox?17:58
Ken8521!info dropbox17:58
androidbruce|lapKen8521, dropbox.com17:58
ubottuPackage dropbox does not exist in maverick17:58
Ken8521oh ok.17:58
Ken8521i don't do online file backup17:58
androidbruce|lapKen8521, its great for collaboration or working on multiple machines17:59
GA_BullKen, essentially, an online server to store files and such, however it connects in to your file folder. so it's essentially seamless integreation with your OS.17:59
GA_Bulland yea. I have it on all my comps and my phone so I always have my important files on every machine.17:59
androidbruce|lapGA_Bull, indeed Android Dropbox client is nice17:59
GA_Bulland collaboration is great with it cause it's so easy to get a public link.17:59
androidbruce|lapGA_Bull, yup18:00
GA_BullI have blackberry, the application is pretty lacking, to the point that i just uninstalled it...18:00
GA_BullI just use the mobile site.18:00
androidbruce|lapoh man im sorry, we need to get you an android device18:00
GA_BullI want one, i'm just broke as crap :(18:00
GA_BullNow if you happen to be looking to give one away, i'll take one :P18:00
androidbruce|lapGA_Bull, yeah what carrier?18:00
GA_BullVerizon Wireless.18:01
androidbruce|lapok, I bet i can get you a Droid1 for about 100-15018:01
GA_Bullhmm, maybeeee... pull up a private chat.18:01
GA_Bullifn ya don't mind... don't wanna fill this board with unrelated stuff.18:01
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GA_BullAnybody know how to Remove a Desktop Running Environment on 10.10.18:20
robin0800GA_Bull: use system monitor18:21
GA_Bullrobin0800, wow, didn't even think to check there. Thanks!18:21
GA_Bullrobin0800, wait, how do I remove one from system mointor?18:24
GA_BullIt's not really a process, I just downloaded unity on top of 10.10 so I could select between them, and I want to get rid of unity all together.18:25
robin0800GA_Bull: use ubuntu software centre then18:26
GA_BullHmm, i'll try, I installed it through Terminal... so i'll see if it's there.18:26
robin0800GA_Bull: it will be18:26
BlaDe^Hi guys, since upgrading my volume icon has disappeared from my tray -- any ideas how to get it back?18:28
GA_BullBlaDe^ you can reset the panels to default and it will be there18:28
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »18:28
GA_BullBlaDe^ i've had that problem recently.18:28
robin0800GA_Bull: terminal uses apt so does the software centre and synaptic package manager as well18:28
BlaDe^I see, thanks18:29
BlaDe^yup it's back. thanks18:29
GA_Bullrobin0800, yea, just didn't think bout that...18:29
GA_BullBlaDe^, np.18:30
GA_Bullrobin0800, thanks.18:31
GA_BullI'm off... just updated, now restarting...18:33
Dr_WillisHmm. Somehow grub died on one of my machines...  just a flashign cursor.. its not been updated in like a week+ booted it today. No Grub.  Since it aparently happened a week or so ago (update wise) its proberly not worth bug reporting is it?  Anyone else seen/heard of similer issues lately?18:38
glebihanDr_Willis: you mean no grub or no grub menu ?18:40
glebihanDr_Willis: it may be bug 64125918:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 641259 in grub2 (Ubuntu Maverick) "grub does not appear to load after maverick post-beta install" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64125918:41
Dr_Willisit dosent go to the grub menu. stops at a _ flashing. I booted a live cd. and chrooted/reinstalled grub. and it still did it..18:41
Dr_WillisI dident 'update' however.. i just chrooted in and reinstalled grub.18:42
Dr_WillisGuess i can chroot in and apt-get update/upgrade..18:42
Dr_Willisbut its just a laptop. that  i was testing it on. I may just wait and do a clean reinstall when its released.18:43
glebihanDr_Willis: the comments on the bug report are not very optimistic on the chances to get it fixed in time for the final release...18:44
Dr_Williswell it was working on this system fine for ages.. i then update/upgraded one day.. shut down.. then dident sart it back up till like a week later.18:45
uvacavany have issues with Atheros AR9285 wireless? My wireless runs slow (like a few kb/sec). I tried installing linux-backports-modules-wireless-maverick-generic but didnt help18:46
Dr_Willisnight all...18:47
glebihanDr_Willis: this matches the date of the report, September 17th, doesn't it ?18:47
GA_BullRandom question of the hour for yall... favorite compression tool?18:48
GA_Bull(I ask because I want a new one.18:48
domedagenAnyone in here wants a HoN trail for the native client?18:49
domedagenI'll try regular ubuntu then18:50
Ken8521compression tool?18:52
Ken8521never really needed one18:52
Ken8521uvacav, maybe try using ndiswrapper?18:53
GA_BullKen8521, I'm thinkin I'm just gonna stick to 7zip, it was my compression tool when I was running windows...18:55
GA_BullWorks well.18:55
Ken8521for some reason, my headphones aren't working18:56
Ken8521i thought ti was my earbuds, but just checked them, and thats not it.18:56
uvacavKen8521: yeah thanks what i was about to work on, thanks for the suggestion18:56
Ken8521!bug 65086318:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 650863 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "10.10 headphone jack does not work" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65086318:57
Ken8521i guess i'll try the fix...lol18:58
Ken8521brb, gonna see if that worked18:59
Ken8521well, that didn't work19:02
GA_Bullwelp... nothing there either. haha19:07
Ken8521i can't understand what would be causing this.19:07
GA_Bulljust drivers screwed up probably.19:07
GA_BullI had that problem with ubuntu 8.19:07
Ken8521the sound works fine on the internal speakers, when i plug in headphones... internal speakers go off(so it detects it) but nothing comes through the earbud.19:07
GA_BullHave you updated recently?19:08
Ken8521just about 5min ago19:09
GA_Bullthat may be it. lol.19:09
GA_Bullnow i'm nervous my headphones aren't gonna work. I just updated too.19:09
Ken8521no, mine haven't worked since yesterday.. i thought it was my headphones that were bad, cuz my kitten got ahold of them...19:10
Ken8521so i switched to a new pair today, and still no joy19:10
Ken8521on another note.. anybod ever tried kitty burger? tastes like chicken19:10
intrader_Noticed that .sh files are not executable as they were in 10.04; also pharo.sh does nothing - should start pharo's vm, etc.19:11
intrader_I have made pharo.sh executable in the properties.19:12
yofelintrader_: where is the .sh? it needs the executable bit set19:12
intrader_yofel, good to see you here - the .sh is in my /home/Projects/Smalltalk/Pharo folder which I copied from back up (from 10.04)19:13
yofelah, it might have lost the executable bit during the copy then19:14
intrader_yofel, yes - however it does nothing - just disappears; should start pharo (a Smalltalk variant)19:15
Ken8521allr ight fellas, i'm gonna play some urban terror..19:16
Ken8521back in a bit.19:16
intrader_yofel, is loosing the executable during copy normal, or is it something new in 10.1019:16
yofelintrader_: afaik it should keep it, but it did happen to me a few times19:16
intrader_yofel, and how did my nick gain '_' at end?19:17
yofelintrader_: you are there twice in this channel, as intrader_ and intrader, so the client choose intrader_ as intrader was already used19:18
intrader_yofel, yesterday I did not notice; used by whom?19:19
yofelintrader_: use '/whois intrader' and check the server tab19:19
yofelfrom what I see, used by you19:20
yofelgot a client idling around somewhere else?19:20
intrader_yofel, how did you find out. and not that I know. However, the XChat of 10.04 may have left it around. I will restart that and clean up.19:22
yofelintrader_: I compared the /whois output of both nicks, and they  have the same host (intrader!~intrader@cpe-98-154-214-192.socal.res.rr.com)19:23
intrader_yofel, thanks - as to the pharo.sh, is maverick the problem?19:24
yofelcan't say, depends what the script does, maybe some other file is missing the executable bit too, does running the script in a terminal give an error?19:25
intrader_yofel, It looks like it has set Pharo.sh to uppercase - but it still says 'Pharo.sh: command not found'19:28
yofelis there a Pharo.sh somewhere?19:30
yofelfilenames are case sensitive, so pharo.sh != Pharo.sh19:30
intrader_yofel, in the proper folder19:30
intrader_yofel, from which I issue command - I have cd to the folder19:31
yofeland it calls the Pharo.sh properly and doesn't assume it's in the PATH?19:31
intrader_yofel, does it mean anything that file name is in green in terminal ls output?19:32
yofelit has the executable bit19:32
intrader_yofel, does it mean anything that file name is in green in terminal ls output; has three x's for all groups.19:33
yofel'x' is the eXecutable bit, first is the owner, then the group, and then others19:34
yofeland files that are executable are shown green  in the colored ls output19:35
intrader_yofel, I will pastebin Pharo.sh http://paste.ubuntu.com/502777/19:38
=== sidnei_ is now known as sidnei
intraderyofel, I quit the other XChar session - I am still here19:39
yofelgood, just wanted to ask that :P19:39
yofelhow are you calling the file btw.? If you are in the folder you have to call it with './Pharo.sh' or with the full path if it's not in $PATH19:40
intraderI simply 'Open' the file; or in the termnal, I type Pharo.sh19:40
yofelthen try './Pharo.sh'19:41
* yofel tries to understand why they use 'APP=`dirname $0`' o.O19:41
intraderyofel, I guess that says to set $APP to the current folder19:43
yofeldoes 'Contents/Linux686/squeak' have executable permissions19:43
yofelright, was confused as I tried it in the terminal, but it only makes sense in scripts19:44
intraderyofel, the executable bit is off in squeak within Linux686 - I think that this is regression for 10.1019:46
yofelI would blame the copy, however that happened19:47
intraderyofel, I did the copy from the context menu of the folder I had the pharo in.19:48
yofelah, no idea how nautilus handels copies, but it should preserve permissions..19:48
intraderyofel, I will startup the backup and see what's the problem19:50
intraderyofel, the Pharo.sh does not have the executable bit in the backup - neither does squeak have it. It must have been 10.04 when I backed up.19:54
intraderyofel, I did the backup by copy and paste in the 10.0419:55
yofelprobably messed up then, don't ask me why that happened though19:56
intraderyofel, I don't think that it is the 10.1019:56
yofelif the backup is missing the permissions, then it's defenitely not maverick19:57
intraderyofel, right you are19:57
shcherbakwhat font is used for new ubuntu?20:03
Picishcherbak: Check the topic20:03
shcherbakPici, and?20:04
Picishcherbak: It specifically mentions the font.20:04
intraderyofel, I checked in a thumbdrive - the executable bit is not on on either Pharo.sh or squeak. Notice that is uses the command EXEC to execute it.20:05
intraderyofel, I will boot up another laptop with 9.04 and see whether the version on the thumbdrive works20:07
intraderyofel, on 9.04, the context menu offers 'Open' as if Pharo.sh was executable. This is definitely different in 10.10. The pharo IDE starts normally on the 9.04 box.20:15
yofelyou're not using a FAT formatted usb stick by chance?20:15
intraderyofel, perhaps in both the thumdrive and the NDAS backup, why?20:16
shcherbakPici, have asked for name of font used in new ubuntu logo, one name of one file, do not need to read whole dev and designg papers20:17
Picishcherbak: I'm sorry, most people ask what it is and then where they can get it.20:18
yofelbecause the default vfat mount options have changed in gnome (more specific: 'showexec' was added) - now only .EXE .BAT and .COM are executable, other's are not20:18
yofelisn't there a 'ttf-ubuntu-font-family' package in the archive now? (not sure what it contains though)20:19
intraderyofel, and also .sh files - shell files will not work!20:19
yofelintrader: well, the reason Is probably that .sh isn't a windows executable format, we had complaints about shell, pyhton, perl, whatever scripts not working anymore20:21
yofelyou can open a textfile without being asked if you want to execute it in nautilus now though20:21
intraderyofel, why would they want to have .EXE, .BAT, and .COM files as executable? Terrible security problems!20:21
yofelerm... those files are *supposed* to be executable??20:22
yofelfat is a windows filesystem, so there's nothing wrong with it behaving like on windows IMHO20:22
intraderyofel, no they should not. I could construct a .COM or .EXE that would execute in linux!20:22
yofelwell, take it up with the person that did the change in udisks20:23
intraderyofel, as to .BAT files, they should be innocuous as there is no interpreter for them.20:24
yofelor the person that wrote the 'showexec' mount option for vfat20:24
* yofel goes to look if anyone bothered to file a bug about that...20:24
intraderyofel, thanks - this could be major. It should not be part of mount however.20:25
yofelwell, the mount option is part of mount, the setting that the mount option is used is part of udisks20:26
intraderyofel, the Iranians are having a hey day with the thumdrive with the worm. We would have them in linux, if this behavior goes forward20:26
BlaDe^Hi guys, I have this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/610440?comments=all20:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 610440 in linux (Ubuntu) "ath5k phy0: gain calibration timeout after Kernel Upgrade" [Undecided,New]20:27
BlaDe^it was also an issue on 10.04, i was hoping a kernel upgrade would fix it. but it didn't20:27
yofelcan't find anything on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udisks except bug 56147920:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 561479 in udisks (Ubuntu) "Windows executable on unwritable removable media cannot execute with Wine due to lack of executable bit" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56147920:28
yofelintrader: the change was a fix for bug 14335 by the way20:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 14335 in udisks (Ubuntu) "nautilus wants to execute all text files on vfat and ntfs drives" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1433520:28
intraderyofel, extreme! BAD IDEA. Security problems.20:29
yofelwell, I'm in no position to complain, IMHO it's better than before, as until now *ALL* files on vfat/ntfs were executable20:30
yofels/complain/change it/20:30
intraderyofel, that is extreme - I see why it would be a problem. But .COM, .EXE are exeptions -weird!20:31
yofelwell, feel free to file a bug with 'ubuntu-bug udisks' and flag the bug as a security vulnerability20:32
intraderyofel, but the behavior with shell files, is definitely not Ok either20:34
yofel*that* would be a bug in the mount option20:34
intraderyofel, I am not mounting anything. I am executing a .sh file20:34
yofelyes, but you first have to mount the drive to execute the file :P20:35
intraderyofel, sorry, I don't follow. If I create an .sh file with vi and store it, then behavior of 9.04 and 10.04 would be to offer the context menu to execute it20:36
intraderyofel, whereas in 10.10 you have to set the execute bit.20:37
yofelif you store it on a *FAT* drive yes, not if you store it on a linux filesystem (at least if I remember correctly)20:37
intraderyofel, not on a fat drive - on the ext4 where 10.10 resides20:37
yofelcan't remember how nautilus does it then, dolphin never has a 'Execute' entry in the context menu20:40
yofelanyone with gnome that could check that?20:40
intraderyofel, 9.04 and 10.04 both offer the 'Open' in the context menu. Then a dialog pops up asking whether to execute the sh file.20:41
intraderyofel, you mentioned all kind of problems with interpreted shell programs (perl, python,etc,)20:42
intraderyofel, 'bash' of course20:43
yofelwell, dolhin doesn't have an 'open' entry, it will run or open the file in an editor depending on the executable bit, I remeber nautilus asking that question though20:43
yofeland the behaviour shouldn't have changed for linux filesystems, but as soon as a file comes in contact with fat/ntfs you suffer from showexec20:44
intraderyofel, what is dollhin ? I assure that 9.04 and 10.04 both worked OK.20:44
yofeldefault file manager in KDE20:44
yofelI don't have gnome installed here20:45
intraderyofel, by the way, I just booted openSolaris and it works ok from the thumbdrive - and from local file.20:45
yofelwell, the udisks change is probably ubuntu only, and I really don't know if anything has changed for local files, I don't think so, but I haven't used gnome recently20:46
intraderyofel, openSolaris runs gnome.20:46
yofelerm, please note that the change has *nothing* to do with gnome, gnome just uses udisks to mount the drive now and usdisks uses showexec20:46
yofelmeh, typo festival -.-20:47
intraderyofel, if you recall the script for pharo uses the exec command to force squeak into execution irregardless of whether it has the executable bit or not!20:49
intraderyofel, if you excuse  me I need to join my wife for lunch20:49
yofelsure, but exec fails here if the executable bit is not set20:50
yofelyofel@yofel-thinkpad tmp $ exec Pharo.sh20:50
yofelbash: exec: Pharo.sh: not found20:50
yofelyofel@yofel-thinkpad tmp $ exec ./Pharo.sh20:50
yofelbash: /home/yofel/tmp/Pharo.sh: Permission denied20:50
yofelbash: exec: /home/yofel/tmp/Pharo.sh: cannot execute: Permission denied20:50
yofeland for the file:20:51
yofel22718981 4.0K -rw-r--r--  1 yofel     yofel      221 2010-09-29 20:43 Pharo.sh20:51
yofelwell, that was the bash exec error message, dash (sh) says just: exec: 1: ./Pharo.sh: Permission denied20:56
* yofel goes back to project-neon packaging20:57
bjsniderwhat is project-neon21:00
yofelKDE and amarok daily builds21:00
bjsniderkde? ugh21:01
yofelthe project was abandoned a while ago, and we're resurrecting it with launchpad recipes21:01
bjsniderdidn't amarok screw the pooch awhile back with their version 2 release?21:02
yofelwell, people are still using it (not me though) we have 2.3.221:04
=== ZNC_shookees is now known as shookees
bjsnideryou're not using version 2?21:05
MasterOfDisasterhi, do-release-upgrade doesn't upgrade to maverick: http://pastebin.com/A375RH6m - I have no idea what apt complains about.21:05
yofelbjsnider: I'm not using amarok21:06
bjsniderwhy are you involved in a project to ... hold that thought21:07
bjsniderMasterOfDisaster, that is not an apt error message21:08
bjsnideryofel, why are you involved in a project to create daily builds of software you don't use?21:08
yofelI do use KDE, just not amarok21:08
ChogyDanMasterOfDisaster: are you also gpmidi_wrk?21:09
MasterOfDisasterlink mixup: http://pastebin.com/QwzPCZbf21:09
MasterOfDisasterChogyDan: nope21:09
ChogyDanok, nm  :)21:09
bjsniderMasterOfDisaster, using an ppas?21:10
yofelMasterOfDisaster: try 'sudo do-release-upgrade -d'21:10
yofeloh wait, you're root..21:11
bjsnideror sudo update-manager -d21:11
MasterOfDisasterbjsnider: yes, but shouldn't it list which packages it has problems with?21:11
bjsniderMasterOfDisaster, using any xorg/mesa related ppas?21:11
intraderContext menu no longer offers 'Open' for .sh files21:11
MasterOfDisasterbjsnider: yes21:11
bjsniderpurge them using ppa-purge21:12
MasterOfDisasterbjsnider: thank you, will do that.21:12
MasterOfDisasterbjsnider: seems to work now, thanks again.21:23
intraderContext menu no longer offers 'Open' for .sh files21:39
intraderIf I set the executable bit on the .sh file, it does offer the 'Open' context menu entry.21:40
intraderNote that the .sh file contains (http://paste.ubuntu.com/502777/) - the squeak does not have the execute bit either, but the exec command takes care of it in 9.04 and 10.0421:43
intraderFolks, every file that has '#!' must be offered in the context menu and open - otherwise all kints of bash, perl, python, etc will not work21:48
yofelsame yes and no like for .exe - it should have the executable bit set if you're supposed to execute it21:49
yofelthis is of course not really doable on fat/ntfs :S21:49
androidbruce|lapeveryone's 10.10 running well?21:50
intraderyofel, but in most cases the execute bit will not be on in script files - nothing to do with fat/ntfs!21:50
intraderandroidbruce, yes but I have an issue with shell files (those with '#!')21:51
yofelandroidbruce|lap: more or less, my desktop and thinkpad work fine, my eeePC get's hard freezes sometime after suspend recently21:51
yofelcan't really find out why..21:52
androidbruce|lapyofel, what version are you running on the netbook?21:53
androidbruce|laper eepc21:53
ppl8xhello, is multitouch not avaible on the new beata? its not workin on mine samsung n21021:53
yofelkubuntu maverick on an eeePC 1000H21:53
intraderandroidbruce|lap, what does the '|lap' mean?21:53
androidbruce|lapyofel, why not try ubuntu or a diff desktop environment?21:53
androidbruce|lapintrader, im on my laptop and not my desktop21:53
yofelthe kernel locking up shouldn't have anything to do with the desktop environment21:54
intraderandroidbruce|lap, oh21:54
androidbruce|lapyofel, ohh is the kernel locking?21:54
androidbruce|lapi was thinking in terms of performance21:54
yofelyes, it locks up completely, not even sysrq works anymore, need to reset by power button21:54
androidbruce|lapyofel, tried running logs?21:55
intraderandroidbruce|lap, seems a little slower - specially displaying the icons in menus21:56
yofelwell, I did check the logs, but I can't find anything. It seems to lock up before it has the chance to write any error to the disk21:56
ppl8xhello, is multitouch touchpad not avaible on the new beata? its not workin on mine samsung n21021:57
androidbruce|lapim using the beta on my dell inspiron 1501 and the two finger scroll works21:57
androidbruce|lapbut that's not multitouch i guess21:58
=== funnylookinhat is now known as FunnyLookinHat
intraderFolks, every file that has '#!' must be offered in the context menu and open - otherwise all kinds of bash, perl, python, etc will not work.22:06
UndiFineDnautilus: depends on: readline22:07
yofelintrader: we can't do anything about that, file a bug against nautilus if you want to reach the developers, you can file it at bugszilla.gnome.org too if you want to talk to the developers directly22:07
yofelerm, bugzilla.gnome.org22:08
intraderyofel, what is nautilus?22:08
yofelerm, the gnome file manager?22:08
yofel!info nautilus22:08
ubottunautilus (source: nautilus): file manager and graphical shell for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.32.0-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 1138 kB, installed size 3036 kB22:08
yofelintrader: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage gives instructions on how to find the packagename for the application you're using22:09
intraderyofel, thanks - I thought we could discuss incorrect behavior of 10.10 here - by the way, can I boot 10.10 in kde?22:11
yofelyou can, either use kubuntu or install kubuntu-desktop22:11
yofel(or kde-standard / -full)22:11
intraderyofel, I try to see if the pharo.sh file executes properly22:12
yofelit *should* not mess anything up...22:12
yofelintrader: is the squid file marked as executable?22:12
yofelexec can't execute files that aren't marked as executable22:13
intraderI have noticed that the last update to 10.04 caused the properties of the Pharo.sh file to show up with a dash in the checkmark for executable. Once I set the executable bit, pharo starts normally22:20
intraderOn 10.10, pharo does not start when executed via Pharo.sh event if squeak is set to executable.22:23
svuis anybody able to tell me how to debug GLib-GIO-ERROR?22:25
svuabout missing schema22:25
intraderAnybody, how can I start 10.10 in KDE mode - the menu for selection no longer offered during login22:26
yofelintrader: haven't use gdm in a while, but iirc it becomes available once you have input your user name22:27
intraderyofel, Oh, I notice - however, it only offers 'Recovry Console, Ubuntu Desktop Edition, User defined session.22:29
yofelhm, then it's missing the xsession config file, no idea which package it is part of though22:30
yofelif you want to test dolphin you can just start that from within gnome though22:31
intraderyofel, I tried 'Ubuntu Desktop Edition', and except for bad fonts, same behavior of the shell file. No go.22:32
intraderyofel, how do I start dolphin (is that KDE)?22:33
yofelwell, dolphin is KDEs file manager, which is what you wanted to try I guess, it should be in the applications menu, or press alt+f2 and run 'dolphin'22:34
intraderyofel, I see that the login reverts back to the Desktop Edition without offering me the option of running 'full Gnome'22:35
yofelI have no idea what's the difference between 'ubuntu desktop edition' and full gnome, so can't help you, as the ubuntu desktop edition uses gnome22:36
intraderyofel, dolphin is not a command 'Could no open location 'file:///home/intrader/dolphin' No such file or directory - out of luck I quess22:37
yofelwhy the hell does it want to run /home/intrader/dolphin o.O?22:37
yofeldolphin is /usr/bin/dolphin22:37
intraderyofel, no idea - /usr/bin/dophin - no such file or directory.22:39
yofeldolphin, not dophin, and did you really install kde properly? is the 'dolphin' package installed?22:39
yofel(maybe it would be easier if you would just test a kubuntu live disk)22:40
yofelless chances of messing something up22:40
intraderyofel, I am typing dolphin - I did not install kde explicitly22:41
intraderyofel, should I install it?22:42
yofelwell, as dolphin is part of kde it's not installed in  ubuntu by default, you could either install it, or install kubuntu by installing 'kubuntu-desktop' or just get a kubuntu live disk22:42
yofelintrader: what was it that you wanted to test again?22:43
intraderyofel, to see the behavior assumed of kde in respect to shell files.22:44
Ken8521i really want my speaker jack to work22:44
yofeloh that, very simple: if executable: run it, if not executable: open in kwrite22:44
Ken8521i don't like using the internal speaker cuz i'm usually up late at night and don't want to disturb others.22:44
yofeland that's how it's supposed to work22:45
intraderyofel, the problem is with the behavior of 10.10 vs. shell files that -do not- have the executable bit on. In 9.04 and OpenSolaris as well as suse, mandriva, a shell file is executable if it identifies a shell in the '#!' command on the first line22:46
yofeloh? I guess I never noticed that22:47
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Malkavian_using kubuntu maverick beta, last updates; sudo apt-get upgrade says something about the package kubuntu-desktop being kept back; what does this mean?22:51
yofelMalkavian_: dependency conflict, let me try here22:52
yofelMalkavian_: hm, works fine here, and looking at the latest changes, it should install fine as long as 'plymouth-theme-kubuntu-text', 'ubuntu-extras-keyring' and 'ttf-ubuntu-font-family' are available on your system22:55
yofel_Malkavian_: hm, works fine here, and looking at the latest changes, it should install fine as long as 'plymouth-theme-kubuntu-text', 'ubuntu-extras-keyring' and 'ttf-ubuntu-font-family' are available on your system22:57
yofel_ah wait, apt-get upgrade refuses to install new packages22:57
yofel_use dist-upgrade22:57
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Malkavian_yofel: thanks, dist-upgrade wants to install plymouth-theme-kubuntu-text ttf-ubuntu-font-family ubuntu-extras-keyring22:58
Malkavian_I'll try this, thanks22:58
intraderyofel, I am not able to get back to my Gnome session - I have lost all the bookmarks in firefox, etc.22:58
yofelintrader: I don't get how that would happen, every time I tried to install kubunt on gnome it worked fine23:00
intraderyofel, I had Xmarks addon, and it is gone from firefox. The options for environment selection does not allow me to go back to 'standard gnome'23:00
Ken8521what are the freaking odds.. my original pair of headphones went bad, and i thought it was because my kitten got a hold of them... so after feasting on kitty burgers, i got some new earbuds, and they didn't work either.. "Gotta be Ubuntu..." so just for fun, I popped them on my PC, and it didn't work either... So i took some phones from my Zune, that I KNOW work, and voila.. my headphones work now..lol23:05
Ken8521feel kinda bad for the kitten now.23:05
intraderyofel, I had to reinstall the add-on to firefox. Something not correct with running the alternatives23:05
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Malkavian_yofel: I just did a dist-upgrade, restarted the sistem and tried again apt-get upgrade; it still sais that kubuntu-desktop  has been kept back23:08
yofelMalkavian_: yes, because 'upgrade' doesn't install new packages but only upgrades existing ones, use 'apt-get dist-upgrade'23:09
Malkavian_dist-upgrade also keeps back this package23:09
yofelthat's odd..23:09
Malkavian_as I said, this is a fresh install23:10
Malkavian_no upgrade from jaunty23:10
Ken8521Malkavian_, well, an upgrade to 10.10 from Jaunty would be a bad idea anyway23:12
Ken8521Malkavian_, if the package is being held back, there's a reason... i wouldn't worry about it.23:12
Malkavian_because of intel graphic cards?23:12
Ken8521what does intel graphics cards have to do w/ it?23:13
Malkavian_:-) enabling visual effects on kde make the system behave very strange23:13
Ken8521Malkavian_, well, that i don't know about.. i hate KDE, and I don't use desktop effects23:14
Malkavian_like when I write something in a text box or a chat window, sometimes I have to move the window in order to see my text23:14
Malkavian_they like broke kwin, but I hope it will be fixed before final release23:15
Malkavian_I love kde23:15
* yofel had kde compositing issues with intel, but that was fixed by the new mesa upload23:15
* Malkavian_ doesnt have any idea about mesa 23:15
yofelopen source OpenGL libs23:16
Ken8521Malkavian_, thats the chipset i have....23:18
Malkavian_yes, but you hate kde, so..23:18
Malkavian_i hate gnome with its big buttons23:18
Malkavian_anyway, the kubuntu-desktop package is no problem, just wanted to ask if anyone know something about it23:19
intraderAll, context menu of shell scripts does not offer 'Open' in 10.10. It does so in 9.04. In 10.10 shells scripts must be flagged as executable before the 'Open' context menu appears.23:20
nemoaaaargh. mount.cifs no longer works setuid :( :(23:28
nemothis means I need to put pointless entries in fstab23:29
nemoa lot of 'em23:29
sykeI just upgraded my Dell Precision T3500 workstation to 10.10 from 10.0423:30
sykebut the 10.10 kernel panics on boot, so I had to use the 10.04 kernel23:30
sykeand while 10.10 recognizes my non-boot drives as belonging to a RAID0 stripe, clicking on the "Go to array" link in the Disk Utility and then clicking "Start RAID Array" says there aren't enough components to start the RAID array23:32
sykeeven though Disk utility does auto-detect the two drives as having Linux RAID partitions23:32
sykeusing File->Create->RAID Array in the Disk Utility won't allow me to select the individual drives23:33
sykeany ideas on how to re-start the RAID array I had working in 10.04?23:34
computergeeksjwGuest98415 is me23:41
computergeeksjwI'm running Ubuntu 10.10 beta and I lost the power button and username dropdown (on the top-right corner) During the upgrade process, I got a notification that because something went wrong, something was unloaded from the taskbar. I thought that it was just being weird because it was in the middle of an upgrade, so I clicked Don't Reload. Now it's gone! :( How do I get it back?23:45
intraderAll, context menu of shell scripts does not offer 'Open' in 10.10. It does so in 9.04. In 10.10 shells scripts must be flagged as executable before the 'Open' context menu appears. Something for developers to look into?23:55
kklimondaintrader: you can always report it but it fits the overall changes so It's most likely a design decision23:56

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