PendulumTheMuso: would you or do you know anyone who might be able to do a talk on how developers can make applications accessible?02:24
macoi would like to learn such info02:25
Pendulum(for one of the classroom weeks)02:25
macoall i got right now is "avoid webkit & flash"02:25
Pendulummaco: and for anything on the web javascript ;-)02:25
macoapparently no!02:25
Pendulummaco: oh?02:25
macoa blind guy in #diaspora informed me there ARE ways to do AJAX such that screenreaders can handle them decently02:26
TheMusoPendulum: I know of people who could give guidelines, but not a talk.02:26
macohe's on the ubuntu-a11y mailing list, but i forget his name...02:26
macoTheMuso: there was a "wait are we talking about the same luke?" moment in that conversation ;-)02:26
macoPendulum: http://accessibleajax.clcworld.net/02:27
macothough knowing TheMuso's workflow for screenreader, i'm still inclined to avoid it02:27
PendulumTheMuso: by the way, I did not get UDS sponsorship so can't go. Are you okay with Charlie & Nigel running a more community/outreach session on accessibility? (as I assume you're running a devel one)02:27
TheMusoPendulum: Sure.02:27
TheMusoI am not sure if there will be adevel session for accessibility as such, but their might be, given that there is a good chance I will be working on making unity more accessible for Natty.02:28
PendulumTheMuso: awesome02:28
charlie-tcaAs long we are gathered here, anyone got ideas on the accessibility session for Ubuntu Open Week?02:29
charlie-tcausers week, ?02:29
Pendulumcharlie-tca: feel free to look at the logs from my User Day talk02:29
Pendulumcharlie-tca: open week :)02:29
PendulumTheMuso: also, jono has suggested I post to the ubuntu-devel mailing list to get input on how to get developers more aware/involved in accessibility stuff. Do you have any advice about that?02:30
TheMusoPendulum: Not really.02:30
PendulumI thought I'd ask in case you had any magic words of wisdom ;-)02:31
charlie-tcaPendulum: I been waiting 6 months for words of wisdom from Xubuntu devs, it doesn't seem to be coming either.02:32
TheMusoRe ajax, it depends on how well the browser accessibility -> screen reader communication is integrated.02:36
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AlanBellhi all17:35
AlanBellcould someone take a look at a website for me from a low vision/screenreader point of view17:36
AlanBelland http://beta.ubuntu-uk.org17:36
charlie-tcasomething on the beta site makes the text blur a bit. It might be the grey color of the text combined with the image on the page.17:38
charlie-tcaThe footer text is very difficult to see17:39
AlanBellah yes, not sure what, if anything is going in the footer, but yes I see the grey on grey17:39
charlie-tcaWell, the first site, I guess17:40
charlie-tcaThe http://beta.ubuntu-uk.org , the third paragraph seems to be the easiest to read17:40
AlanBellok, interesting17:40
AlanBellthat should be showing up in the new ubuntu font if you have that installed17:41
AlanBellexcept for the third paragraph which is monospaced17:41
charlie-tcaI don't understand it, but the letters are very easy to distinguish compared to the other paragraphs17:41
AlanBellit is just nonsense17:41
charlie-tcaI am not sure what is making http://beta.ubuntu-uk.org/2010/09/29/announcing-the-new-ubuntu-uk-org/ text difficult to focus. It might be the contrast?17:43
AlanBellat the moment the text is a dark grey, I will make it a bit closer to black17:43
AlanBelldo you have the new ubuntu font installed?17:44
charlie-tcaI still have the beta font17:44
AlanBellyeah, that should be fine17:44
charlie-tcaI just have to really work to focus the text there17:46
charlie-tcahmm, and I didn't think I had issues with this stuff?17:46
charlie-tcaI changed to high contrast svg icon set last night. WOW! I can see the icons again17:48
AlanBellcan you try again now17:49
charlie-tcaThat helps a lot17:51
charlie-tcaI can focus all of the text easier now17:52
AlanBellfor reference the text was #444 now it is black17:52
AlanBellI also made the italics in the blockquote bit bigger as I think italics tend to get harder to read when smaller17:53
charlie-tcaI think my eyes carry some of the image blur to the text. If I scroll the page down to get rid of the image, I can see it better17:53
AlanBelland I have made all the body content text 10% larger17:53
charlie-tcaItalics are always an issue. I am pretty sure they shrink the text for it purposely. 17:54
AlanBellthat is interesting, so the drop shadow/blur thing on the image is disruptive for you17:54
charlie-tcaYeah, kind of crazy. My mind doesn't accept these things could be an issue, but my eyes are weird, sometimes17:54
AlanBellhmm, issue unique to you?17:55
charlie-tcaI don't really know. It would be good to get some more opinions, though17:56
AlanBellwill do. I haven't shown that dropshadow thing to anyone yet, not sure if anyone will like it yet!17:56
AlanBellI have been quite carefull about allowing the text to be scaled really big or small without breaking the layout17:58
charlie-tcaMy eyes do stupid things. I used to be able to print everything in 6pt to save space. Now, some days, 14pt is too hard to read17:58
charlie-tcaI think your layout looks good. I even like the image in there!17:58
AlanBellit was originally designed by the web team as a fixed width layout, I made it fluid17:59
AlanBelldesigners seem to have some crazy obsession with 960px fixed width layouts17:59
charlie-tcaGoes back to 1024 x 768 monitors, doesn't it?18:01
charlie-tcaSome of the wide screen monitors, the page is way too wide to read easily18:02
AlanBellthere is this http://960.gs site which has a graphic designer fanbase18:03
JanCon a 1920x1080 display with 9pt fonts you don't want text the width of your screen, but nobody forces you to have your browser window that wide of course...18:23
charlie-tcaapparently, I keep my browser just wide enough to display a 1024 wide page18:24
JanCand having such a wide screen allows you to use things like the Tree Style Tab plugin, which is just awesome  ;)18:24
JanCespecially if you often have 100+ tabs open18:25
charlie-tcaI could see that. I don't usually open more than 20 or thirty, myself18:26
JanCit might still be useful, as it allows to order tabs in meaningful groups etc.18:26
AlanBellJanC: actually I have a 2048x1152 monitor and I often do read things full width20:04
JanCdepends on what DPI & font size you use20:05
JanCbut 300 characters on a line doesn't improve reading  ;)20:05
AlanBellyeah, depends, I like things that are good at zooming in and out20:05

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