thorwilvish: http://www.projblog.com/?p=180316:32
vishthorwil: oh nice!17:00
vishthorwil: i think john is a bit disconnected from us.. what do you think? it seems his only connection is via ML..17:00
thorwilvish: yes, he is17:00
thorwilwell, it shouldn't be necessary to be on irc. it can become so damn costly on time/attention17:03
thorwilvish: how do you think about never having a https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Natty ?17:09
vishthorwil: +1 ;)17:09
thorwilvish: how to handle themes, then?17:10
vishthorwil: we can just have them in "Incoming" no need a natty  as of now … but we could look at it later17:11
thorwilvish: what i have in mind is reworking things a bit, to use our wiki front page for to-the-point info, with pointer to where stuff is supposed to go (flickr, art-owl, spreadubuntu)17:14
vishthorwil: cool! we *need* to re-work the wiki17:15
thorwili guess a page for a (community) themes package wouldn't hurt, though the general-incoming vs specific-incoming madness shouldn't be repeated. so the one themes page should always be current17:16
thorwilvish: for the mailing list, we have to consider a "this is for people who work on art with and/or for *buntu" take as opposed to a standing team list17:20
vishthorwil: hmm, what is a "standing team list"?17:21
thorwilvish: the presumption that there is or will be a continuous team effort17:22
vishheh ;)17:23
uni4dfxanyone here familiar with the Radiance theme?19:54
uni4dfxi've noticed the close window button does not change to grey when clicked19:57
uni4dfxbut the rest of the buttons do19:57
uni4dfxit seems to be missing the colorize="shade/gtk:bg[SELECTED]/.7"/ argument in the definition20:01
uni4dfxactually no20:08
uni4dfxline 364 needs to have alpha=".2"20:08
uni4dfxinstead of alpha=".9"20:08
uni4dfxit's a 1 character easy fix, why won't anyone do anything about it?20:09
darkmatteryou assume the pressed state is meant to be greyish20:20
uni4dfxdarkmatter yes, because it makes sense20:22
uni4dfxthe alpha .9 is not even noticeable, so it feels like you aren't clicking the button20:22
uni4dfxit should be .2 like the other two buttons20:23
darkmatterlets see. one redish orange and two greyish sand buttons. greyish sand still greyish sand on highlight (but lighter), pressed state still greyish sand but concave. redish orange close button, redish orange on highlight, makes total sense for it to be redish orange and concave when pressed. not saying I particularly love the new theme, but at least the colour usage is consistent20:26
uni4dfxit's ugly and inconsistent20:27
uni4dfxtwo buttons have the click effect20:27
uni4dfxthe 3rd does not20:27
uni4dfxthe icon is identical to the normal focused state20:29
uni4dfxso when you click it, it jumps back to normal focused20:29
uni4dfxi'm sorry but that does not make sense20:29
darkmatterit has a discernible click effect here. and is consistent with the other two (ignoring the skewed highlight on the close), just the colour is different20:30
uni4dfxno it does not have a discernible click effect20:33
uni4dfxand making an exception for just one button is anything BUT consistent20:34
uni4dfxbut seriously, why am i wasting my time20:35
uni4dfxyou guys will never fix anything20:35
uni4dfxyou never listen to users20:35
uni4dfxyou make some retarded changes like moving the window buttons and aligning the title to the left which looks absolutely horrific20:36
uni4dfxbut who cares, you must have your way20:36
darkmatterit's not really an exception. it a different _colour_ and the effect is consistent aside from the difference in colour values (at least here it is) a discernible click is still discernible. but if it's that big of a deal, I would suggest you do somethging constructive, like discussing it witth the people that designed it20:37
uni4dfxso go ahead, make it ugly20:37
uni4dfxin your mind you actually do think it's "consistent" and "pretty"20:37
darkmattergoing all "woe is me" on the community doesn't help you're cause20:37
uni4dfxi am sick of tired of this bullsh*t20:38
uni4dfxevery time the same story20:38
uni4dfxsomeone finds a bug, and the devs make up stupid excuses not to fix it20:38
thorwiluni4dfx: you are not talking with members of the canonical design team here20:38
uni4dfxno wonder linux on the desktop isn't going anywhere20:39
uni4dfxand it shall clearly remain this way20:39
thorwiluni4dfx: if you want to have a chance to do so, try london office hours20:39
darkmatteruni4dfx: you realize you're complaining to the art "community" and not the canonical team doing the themes, correct? can we have a little less of the directing blame/hate at the people who didn't do it? thank you20:39
uni4dfxfine, but you still support them apparently20:40
uni4dfxtheir stupid ideas more precisely20:40
uni4dfxi'm done with this20:41
uni4dfxi'm gonna submit a patch to launchpad, but i know nobody will look at it20:41
uni4dfxi should stop caring about others, seriously...20:41
uni4dfxtrying to fix anything in ubuntu is a complete waste of time20:42
thorwilsheesh, what a drama queen20:42
darkmattersomeone woke up soiled this morn'20:42
darkmatterthat or he's 10-ish ;)20:42
thorwilthose physics demonstration / playthings where you have a row of pendulums with balls that will pass on an impulse ... do they have a name?20:48
darkmatterperpetual motion thingimobies20:50
darkmatterthere are several different ones. not sure about the individual names of each contraption20:52
thorwilfound that with a collection of terms. so "newton's pendulum" it is21:01

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