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Guest9696help with the nvidia driver. ubuntu dosnt see my device00:58
seidosGuest9696, what is your question?01:00
Guest9696seidos: ive installed the latest nvidia driver and when i start up before the login screen it says no device and gives me options to use preconfigured setup and it works, i also cant access the nvidia control panel01:02
seidosGuest9696, i haven't configured an nvidia card in awhile.  but i think you want "nv" under Driver in xorg.01:07
seidoslet me see what google has to say01:07
seidosGuest9696, have you seen this howto:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia01:07
Guest9696ive searched the forums for an answer for the past few days and none of the things seemed to work01:08
seidosGuest9696, where did you learn how to install the driver?01:09
Guest9696using jockey and command line both yealded the same results01:10
seidosGuest9696, yeah, after successfully installing the binary nvidia driver you should have "nv" under the section "Device" in xorg.conf01:10
Guest9696its an onboard nvidia g105m in a laptop01:11
seidosGuest9696, you can try changing it manually in xorg.conf, to see what happens when you boot up.01:11
Guest9696if thats any help01:11
seidosGuest9696, here is a sample xorg.conf that someone posted:  http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/76471-nvidia-xorg-conf.html01:11
Guest9696i will do that and be back on01:11
seidosGuest9696, all right, just type my nick when you come back to get my attention01:12
zac_seidos im back and it still dosnt work01:20
seidosyeah, i kept reading and apparently it's supposed to be "nvidia" not "nv"01:21
seidoswhat exactly isn't working?  is it reverting to vesa mode?01:22
seidoszac_, ^^01:22
zac_i dont know really is there more information you need?01:22
seidosi'm not sure how much help i can be, but i'll keep trying01:22
seidoswell, yeah, because i'm not sure what you should try next.  did you read this completely:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia ?01:23
seidosthat is probably the next step.01:23
zac_yes i did01:23
seidoszac_, oh, what nvidia chipset is it?  are you searching on ubuntuforums with information from what shows up in lspci?01:23
zac_http://ubuntuguide.net/install-nvidia-graphical-driver-in-ubuntu-lucid-10-04 heres another thing i read01:23
seidosso you're using 10.04?01:24
zac_nvidia g105m01:24
zac_http://pastebin.com/45DnPduK heres lspci01:25
seidoszac_, have you seen this yet:  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-990978-p-5.html01:25
seidoswell, maybe this is the problem.  lspci say you have two vga compatible controllers01:26
seidosmight want to check sudo lshw to see what modules are being loaded?  if there is a module loaded for the intel vga controller you can remove it using sudo rmmod module-name01:26
seidoszac_, ^^01:27
zac_okay ill show you the pastebins01:29
seidosdo lsmod | grep nvidia01:30
seidoszac_, ^^01:30
seidosit says unclaimed for the intel controller.  i think that's good.01:30
zac_nvidia              10832442  001:31
zac_thats what i get01:31
seidosi don't know.  i'm comparing it to my lsmod for intel_agp and there is more info01:32
seidosoh, try lsmod | grep nv01:32
seidosdid you change xorg.conf back to nvidia?01:32
seidosyou must have, since nvidia is showing up in lshw01:32
zac_nvidia              10832442  001:33
zac_yes i did01:33
seidoszac_, all right, let's go back.  what is the problem?  it looks like the nvidia driver is loaded.  maybe it doesn't work with the g105m...01:33
zac_also every time i start up i have to edit the grub to nomodeset instead of quiet splash for it to even boot to the login screen01:34
seidosare you unable to enable compiz?  or is the resolution low?01:34
zac_i checked the nvidia website it does01:34
zac_the resolution is fine...whats compiz?01:34
seidoscompiz is the program for 3d effects01:35
seidossystem -> preferences -> appearance -> desktop effects01:35
seidoszac_, never heard of the nomodeset issue you are having.01:35
seidoszac_, what laptop do you have?  i don't think you said01:37
zac_the asus ux50 v01:38
zac_when i tried compiz it gave me this01:38
zac_Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".01:38
zac_Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".01:38
zac_Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".01:38
zac_compiz (core) - Fatal: glXCreateContext failed01:38
zac_compiz (core) - Error: Failed to manage screen: 001:38
zac_compiz (core) - Fatal: No manageable screens found on display :1.001:38
seidosthe only other thing i can think of is that you need a different version of the nvidia module.01:39
seidosi mean, the module is loaded.  why it isn't working is a different story.01:39
seidoszac_, ^^01:39
mush53hello does anyone work with eclipse here?01:39
seidoszac_, you might want to check on the forums for asus ux50 v01:40
zac_yeah it says that theres a bug with laptop nvidia graphics cards01:40
seidoszac_, on launchpad?01:40
zac_maybe itll be fixed with maverick?01:40
seidoszac_, oh.  not sure.01:41
zac_it also says something about Nouveau being a fix but i have no idea how to configure it01:41
seidoszac_, what is nouveau?  a method for installing the nvidia binary driver?01:41
zac_or blacklisting vga16fb01:42
zac_nouveau is an open source alternative to the closed source nvidia driver01:42
seidosand nouveau is different from nv?01:43
zac_so ive read...01:44
seidoszac_, and you tried blacklisting vga16fb, nouveau, rivafb, nvidiafb, rivatv?01:44
seidosyou can check to see if any of those modules are loaded using lsmod | grep module-name01:45
zac_yeah it works but i still cant change my display settings01:45
seidoszac_, what display settings do you want to change on your laptop?01:46
seidoszac_, well compiz isn't working either.  that's obviously a sign something isn't working with the nvidia module01:49
zac_i have no idea what to do next01:50
zac_maybe call nvidia or asus01:50
seidoszac_, seen this thread:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1194965&highlight=nvidia+driver+resolution01:50
seidosa phone call might help, assuming they support linux O_o01:51
zac_yeah lets hope01:51
seidoswell, if you just bought the laptop, and you really want to use ubuntu, you might return it an ubuntu certified/ready laptop, or one that is known to work with ubuntu01:52
seidoszac_, ^^01:53
zac_no its been awhile01:53
seidosoh, ok01:53
zac_so im stuck till a fix comes out01:53
zac_or maverick fixes it hopefully01:53
seidoswell, you can try to explore finding a solution yourself.01:54
seidosi mean, what are the developers going to do?01:54
seidoszac_, maybe use the open source driver, the closed source binary driver is dependent on nvidia to fix...asumming the problem with with the binary driver.01:55
zac_yeah but im a linux noob and ive spent days on this and still no fix01:55
seidosi don't know what the difference is between nv and nouveau.  or if the open source driver support desktop effects.01:55
seidoszac_, there there01:55
seidos*pat* *pat*01:55
zac_thanks for your time though01:55
seidoszac_, i would explore the open source driver at this point.  come back and let me know how it goes.01:56
zac_ill try to fix this till my fingers fall off. i hate windows that much01:56
zac_okay i will01:56
seidosi know the feeling, i had trouble with this laptop.  power management was a nightmare.01:56
seidosthe driver for the integrated intel graphics is much better now though.01:57
zac_how long did that take?01:57
zac_to figure out01:57
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snipeis this the right place for ubunut newbie?02:33
seidossnipe, it is the right place for beginners :)02:34
snipei'm a long time windows user, knows nothing about ubuntu yet02:34
seidossnipe, well, good luck using ubuntu.  if you have questions ask in here, and if you want to chat with ubuntu users you might want to check out #ubuntu-offtopic02:36
snipeonly question i have so far  ... i tried to install a program through wine that uses netframe work, it starts to run the install and hangs after it says it's installing net . is there something else i need to do first?02:37
seidossnipe, i don't know.  you might want to check out http://appdb.winehq.org to see if they have anything on the app you are trying to run02:38
snipethe program is curse client , it's an add on programm for WOW02:38
snipeok thanks02:38
geirhaIsn't that just a collection of lua scripts?02:39
snipei really dont know anything about scripts .. just puts add ons in world of warcraft game02:40
snipethe game alone plays great in ubuntu but i haven't figured the add ons out yet02:41
geirhaThe dotnet framework probably doesn't work well with wine, though I'm not sure.02:43
snipeok , there maybe another way to get the add ons in ubuntu but i'll check the wine site first02:44
snipemaybe i can copy the add on folder from my windows install and put it in the wine install ?02:45
duanedesign'lo all02:53
stlsaintMohan_chml: root@myserver:/home# bash bitnami-redmine-1.0.1-0-linux-installer.bin03:15
stlsaintbitnami-redmine-1.0.1-0-linux-installer.bin: bitnami-redmine-1.0.1-0-linux-installer.bin: cannot execute binary file03:15
Mohan_chmlstlsaint: you tried it by keeping it in bash?03:16
Mohan_chmlor ans sbin/bash?03:16
stlsaintTomL: sup03:20
TomLstlsaint, trying to do some research before I ask stupid questions.03:21
stlsaintonly stupid questions are the ones not asked... ;)03:22
TomLstlsaint, I still have the same two questions.  Why would I want to long into a shell other than /bin/bash and where can I find a chart showing the different colors for file types in bash.03:23
stlsaintTomL: you can set the colors you want, have you taken a gander at your bashrc03:23
geirhaTomL: bash doesn't color files, but ls does.03:24
geirhaTomL: dircolors -p > dircolors.txt03:25
geirhaThat'll show you the defaults. The mapping from numbers to colors you can find at03:25
TomLstlsaint, Yes, I am aware that I can set the colors that I want.  Found many, many websites explaing that process.  But nothing telling me what the default colors are.  I opened the file that sets those defaults and see the codes, but I will have to manually decifer each file type and color from the color number.03:25
phillwzkriesse you have mail03:28
stlsaintMohan_chml: strange, i was able to start install on centOS but not ubuntu :\03:29
Mohan_chmlstlsaint: check for the corresponding packages to be installed for it. Better google that issue finding needed packages03:30
stlsaintyea but even in my main OS install i couldnt run the script03:31
Mohan_chmlTwo Zachs here??03:32
geirhaTomL: dircolors -p | sed 's/.*\([0-9][0-9];[0-9][0-9]\).*/'$'\e''[\1m&'$'\e''[0m/'03:34
geirhaYes, it's cryptic, but it should help you half way. :)03:35
TomLgeirha, Yes.  Cryptic.  What should I do with it?03:35
TomLOh...  It is a BASH command, right?03:35
geirhaYou run it in a terminal. It will color the lines by the color code on each line (if any)03:36
geirhadircolors -p > ~/mydircolors # then edit that file to your liking, and check underways with   sed 's/.*\([0-9][0-9];[0-9][0-9]\).*/'$'\e''[\1m&'$'\e''[0m/' ~/mydircolors03:37
geirhaOnce you are satisfied, rename it to ~/.dircolors   next time you open a terminal, ls should use the new colors.03:39
TomLgeirha, Best I have seen so far, but still a lot of work for me to put it into a nice chart format.  Still, thanks for your help.03:41
geirhaIt didn't catch the ones with three numbers. This one should: sed 's/^[^ ]* \([0-9;]*\).*/'$'\e''[\1m&'$'\e''[0m/'03:49
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stlsainthey folks anybody know why mysql wouldnt be in /etc/init.d on 10.04 after i install mysql-client?04:36
Mohan_chmlstlsaint: I think it cannot be invoked at startup. phillw Question on your side ^04:38
Mohan_chmlphillw: there?04:38
aveilleuxstlsaint: I didn't think sql was a system process04:38
stlsaintheck i dunno04:39
phillwMohan_chml: I'm here04:39
stlsaintaveilleux: so how do i start it?04:39
Mohan_chmlphillw: look at saint's question04:39
aveilleuxstlsaint: I didn't think it worked that way... It's a database application, it runs on demand04:39
Mohan_chml+1 aveilleux04:40
phillwgive me a minutes, I've just been dragged accross 5 chat areas in the last few minutes,  my poor brain is playing catch up !!!!04:40
stlsaintaveilleux: no, in the past i have been able to control it with /etc/init.d/mysql(d) start/stop/restart04:40
Mohan_chmlphillw: lol okies :P04:40
Mohan_chmlstlsaint: you used LAMPP??04:41
phillwstlsaint: did you you install LAMP as per https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP or did you use an outdated set of instructions?04:42
phillwstlsaint: sorry, my bad.... https://wiki.edubuntu.org/phillw/draft is the most up to date set I have written04:47
sabqat9just updated ubuntu - now my wired/wireless network card does not work - i am using a dell inspiron 1521 - system worked fine before update05:21
sabqat9can't get any internet connection started05:21
seidossabqat9, can you ping the local gateway?05:23
seidossabqat9, have you tried ifconfig?05:23
sabqat9sorry but i am new to linux - what are you suggesting05:26
seidos!tab | sabqat905:26
ubot2sabqat9: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:26
seidossabqat9, typing "ifconfig" in a terminal will give you a list of recognized network devices.  you can also type sudo lshw to see if there is a module loaded for your network devices.05:27
sabqat9i typed ifconfig - split second window appeared - nothing happened - typed sudo lshw - same thing same result05:31
aveilleuxsabqat9: Where are you typing these? Into Terminal?05:32
seidossabqat9, applications -> accessories -> terminal?05:33
sabqat9sorry - i did alt f2 first time - now using actual terminal - i have a list of info for ifconfig05:40
seidos!paste | sabqat905:40
ubot2sabqat9: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:40
sabqat9i remember using the sudo lshw command before - network UNCLAIMED05:40
seidossabqat9, i'm guessing if it worked before, you probably just need to find out what module needs to load for your network device05:41
sabqat9used lshw -C network       network UNCLAIMED05:41
sabqat9I remember going through this same procedure in this chat before - I don't exactly remember what I did - I do remember that having to reboot several times finally shook something in place for me05:42
seidossabqat9, it shows network UNCLAIMED for both wired and wireless?05:43
seidossabqat9, if you haven't rebooted to try and fix it, you might try typing sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart in terminal05:44
sabqat9tried nothing happened05:46
sabqat9does the explanation in the link make any sense to follow - for my situation?05:53
aveilleuxsabqat9: I don't see why not05:54
sabqat9followed the directions from the link i posted above - worked like a chamr06:04
shahanI am facing this problem for few days06:59
shahanwhile I am going to browsing any website.. this appears06:59
shahanthen I need to get certificate06:59
duanedesignshahan: are you using any kind of  proxy service?07:04
shahanduanedesign: no...07:05
shahanduanedesign: Mine is a WIfi internet, and its DHCP07:05
shahanduanedesign: I need nothing to configure07:05
duanedesignis your system date and time correct?07:05
duanedesignshahan: looks like that might be the issue, the screenshot says Jan1 12:28am07:08
duanedesignunless you have had this problem for awhile now :)07:08
shahanduanedesign: I had date/time problem while I took the snap... I took it for about 15 mins ago :)07:09
geirhaSounds like you need a new BIOS battery07:12
geirhaThe battery it uses to keep the clock going when there's not power.07:13
duanedesignhello geirha :)07:15
geirhaHello :)07:15
shahanduanedesign: tnx.... It was the problem of date/time wrongly configured. Actually my Battery(of motherboard) has may be damaged. For this its being changing automatically... :)07:19
shahancan I make my folder size more small07:59
shahanbecause, its look too big07:59
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JMeKHi, I'm really totally new at Ubuntu. Needless to say I have problems. Problem #1 is my Wacom Bamboo tablet/pen CTL-460. I already made a forum-threa here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1582902, but we make little progress. Anyone?10:13
JMeKAm I calling in a desert? Doing something wrong?10:21
Red2hi, i just updated ubuntu 10.04 and when i boot it i get:"GNU GRUB Version 1.98-1ubuntu Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word TAB  lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible  device or file completion."10:25
Red2what shoould i do?10:25
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Silver_Fox_Hello AbhiJit11:11
AbhiJitgood afternoon Silver_Fox_11:11
Silver_Fox_Welcome back AbhiJit11:19
AbhiJitSilver_Fox_, was closed xchat accidently! :)11:19
duanedesignmorning all11:30
shahanduanedesign: its evening there in BANGLADESH :)11:32
duanedesignJMeK: hello11:33
Silver_Fox_Hello duanedesign .11:36
duanedesignJMeK: for help with Wacom Bamboo Driver there is a PPA with the drivers11:36
duanedesignJMeK: http://blog.brettalton.com/2010/08/28/install-the-wacom-bamboo-driver-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx-using-ppas-tutorialhowto/11:37
duanedesignSilver_Fox_: howdy11:37
JMeKThanks, I'ĺl have a look!11:38
duanedesignJMeK: np, hope it works for you.. Glad you stuck around. Sometimes it takes a little while for someone to show up (wake UP) and see your post :)11:39
duanedesignJMeK: i will also provide the same info on the forum post. That way if it works others can benefit from the answer11:40
duanedesignSilver_Fox_: i was just reading k.mandala's blog. I like. Neat stuff on using linux on old computers11:41
Silver_Fox_I often read that blog duanedesign  :) Some useful and interesting stuff on it11:42
mR0_how to install nvidia driver manually?11:49
duanedesignhello mR0_11:53
mR0_hlo daunedesign11:54
LeMoiLibHello, if Anyone of you uses RKward the interface for R software, can he/she tell me why I don't have an icon for it on my desktop?11:55
JMeKThanks duanedesign. The only trouble is: we tried these three lines of code (the PPA) that seems to work for everyone. But in UbuntuStudio it just doesn't seem to work. I'm just not sure if it's me and my beginners-mistakes, or some kind of bug in UbuntuStudio11:55
duanedesignmR0_: does the driver installed automagically not work correctly?11:57
duanedesignmR0_: if you download the .run file from NVIDIA site. Make it executable. Reboot. Press ESC to get to grub menu, boot into recovery mode. Choose  'Drop to Shell'  cd /home/<username>/Desktop, or wherever the .run is. Then command sudo ./<filename>.run12:00
mR0_yes it did noy detect my nvidia. Then I tried to download from website. But it can't be installed. I have to remove/disable "nouveau" first12:00
duanedesignmR0_: yeah the nouveau will conflict12:00
mR0_What I can  do?12:01
duanedesignmR0_: you can remove the open source nouveau driver with the command: sudo apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau12:02
mR0_duanedesign: then install the driver?12:03
duanedesignmR0_: yes. You can also blacklist the driver12:05
duanedesigngksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf    and add- blacklist nouveau12:05
duanedesignmR0_: http://paste.rtg.in.ua/6cd9f43e552fbfa096118ec263d50a91/12:07
mR0_WeW, thanks duanedesign. I'll try now... I'll back 4 u later12:07
duanedesignthis might help^^ Step 712:08
duanedesignwill of course be a different name depending on the driver12:08
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geekosopherMohan_chml: congrats!13:51
bobo123it is possible to see all outgoint network connections from ubuntu? so I for example can see if VLC connect to an album-art-server when I play an mp3 with it?13:56
Mohan_chmlhey geekosopher. ty :)13:58
Mohan_chmlbobo123: are you talking about monitoring the network?13:59
stlsaintduanedesign: ping14:05
duanedesignbobo123: i like iftop14:07
duanedesignstlsaint: pong14:07
duanedesignand hello mr mohi14:07
Mohan_chmlohai duanedesign (:14:08
stlsaintduanedesign: clicompanion will soon be featured on webupd8!! ;)14:11
stlsaintalright, guess thats not as awesome as i thought it would be :P14:12
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philinuxahoy piskie14:14
=== AndrewMC is now known as SpockVulcan
philinuxAnd all ;)14:14
IAmNotThatGuyheya philinux14:14
IAmNotThatGuyand piskie14:14
duanedesignstlsaint: sweet14:15
duanedesignstlsaint: that is awesome14:15
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philinuxPourin down here ;(14:19
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hobgoblinthat's a pair then philinux14:20
philinuxYeah grim isn't it. Just had some furniture delivered today. Faffing around trying to decide where it all goes lol14:21
philinuxNobody seems to have any problems today in here. Thats good14:22
Silver_Fox_Shh, don't say that philinux , you'll jynx it ;)14:23
hobgoblinphilinux: mostly put it on the floor14:23
* philinux ponders floor plan14:23
philinuxhobgoblin: it the hifi thats the problem, large ish tannoy speakers14:24
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skeebythere any song recognition software for ubuntu?14:25
hobgoblinphilinux: in my world - you set the music up then do the rest14:25
stlsaintduanedesign: heck yea man, webupd8 will give some major exposure to the project14:25
stlsaintduanedesign: i talked with site admin on it!! W00T!14:26
duanedesignstlsaint: i need to get busy getting the new version ready :)14:27
duanedesignstlsaint: thank you14:27
skeebyi need to know the name of this song in someones youtube video =(14:27
Mohan_chmlskeeby: you are watching a video and you want to know about the album?14:28
philinuxskeeby: ask in the forums, maybe the cafe. Someone will know14:28
skeebyits not the video im interested in, just the song it plays lol14:29
stlsaintduanedesign: meh i figure you have a couple weeks still :D14:29
stlsaintl8er folks14:29
skeebyits so groovy and mellow14:29
Mohan_chmlskeeby: you tried googling the lyric?14:30
skeebyits instrumental14:30
skeebyso no i havent =p14:30
skeebygive me some credit guys im not THAT retarded =(14:30
Mohan_chmlskeeby: as philinux said, try fourums cafe where there is a possibility that you can get the answer14:31
hobgoblinskeeby: no idea if there's software that will do it - nor linux software14:32
skeebyif i still had my droid phone ic ould be listening to the whole song right now =(14:33
skeebytheres gotta be a linux port for something like that i would think14:34
hobgoblinskeeby: funnily enough I know what that song is ;)14:34
skeebyshare your wisdom!14:34
hobgoblinnot sure if I should to be honest :)14:35
skeebydont play games with my emotions =(14:35
hobgoblinhow about if I tell you how I know what the song is first ....14:35
hobgoblinI looked underneath the youtube flash frame above the comments and there it is - the name of the song ...14:36
skeebyi dont see it...14:37
skeebyare we looking at the same video? lol14:37
hobgoblinskeeby: it was your link - hang on for a screeny14:38
skeebyim going to facepalm myself arent i14:39
sabqat9my wireless/wired card is not working again - using dell inspiron 1521 laptop (has broadcom network card) - used 'lshw -C network' in terminal - got '-network UNCLAIMED'14:40
sabqat9problems arose after recent update of ubuntu - network was working properly before14:41
hobgoblinskeeby: http://i.imgur.com/YTraX.png /facepalm away14:41
skeebywow mine doesnt show that14:41
skeebythank you so much though14:42
hobgoblinreally? oh well I'll not refuse to read anything you type again then lol14:42
skeebythis is gonna bug me now14:42
hobgoblinwelcome - I hate not knowing some music - I hate it a lot ...14:42
skeebythe hell am i missing a frame for =(14:43
hobgoblinno idea - but at least you have some music tolisten to while you ponder that mystery ;)14:43
skeebyhahaha true14:43
skeebyand its quite mellow14:44
hobgoblinI'd not say that - daevid allen is mellow14:44
skeebyhaha talk about ironic, i loaded a music video of that song, and its showing that frame underneath the description rofl14:45
Silver_Fox_Nothing is as mellow as this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrbni0tVBZ814:45
Silver_Fox_@ hobgoblin14:45
skeebylisting it as just "Machine" on the music video though14:46
hobgoblinthat is ...14:46
skeebyrofl silver fox14:46
skeebythanks btw hobgoblin14:49
skeebynot sure why i dont get that fram in some videos14:49
mR0my nvidia doesn't seem working. Any advices?14:49
skeebyuninstall it completely14:50
skeebyand reinstall the latest nvidia package14:50
skeebyu just update to 10.10?14:50
mR0skeeby: I already installed from synaptic, but it still not detect my nvidia14:51
skeebywhat version of ubuntu are u on14:51
mR0what about manual install through consol?14:51
mR0skeeby: 10.0414:51
skeebydoes it just load u into command prompt when u boot trying to load with nvidia?14:52
mR0how can do that?14:53
skeebywell first off14:53
skeebywhat exactly do u mean when u say it doesnt work? are u getting errors or what?14:53
mR0skeeby: my nvidia detected on system>administration>hardware driver. But it not working when Applying desktop effect14:55
skeebycan u open the nvidia screen settings from system>administration14:56
skeebyim sorry nvidia x server settings14:57
mR0Then I got this "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."14:57
skeebywhat happens when u run that in a terminal as root14:58
mR0I got this "ALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.14:59
mR0                  At least one Device section is required.14:59
mR0Backed up file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' as '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'14:59
mR0New X configuration file written to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'14:59
skeebyok open up your xorg.conf as root15:01
mR0It show me a blank page15:03
seidosskeeby, just a thought, you might want to have him check to make sure the "nvidia" driver module is loaded in lsmod and/or lshw.15:03
skeebyif its blank u didnt open the right file/directory15:04
mR0yes "/etc/x11/"15:05
skeebycaps sensitive15:05
mR0I did it, Wht should I do now?15:06
skeebylook in Section "Device"15:06
skeebywhats it say for "Driver"15:07
seidosmR0, is your system a notebook?15:08
skeebywas that the first time u ran the nvidia-xconfig as root?15:08
seidoshmmm, had someone come in earlier.  nvidia wasn't working for them.  they an asus uv50 notebook i think it was.  i think the nvidia chip was a gm180, if i recall correctly.15:09
skeebyand seidos i dont think lsmod shows what we're lookin for, it didnt return anything relavant on my system15:09
seidosskeeby, lsmod | grep nvidia should show something.  if the nvidia module is loaded it'll be listed in lsmod15:10
mR0this my nvidia "G 103m 512mb with CUDA"15:10
skeebywait nvm i passed that nvidia part right up15:10
skeebywell his nvidia module is definitely not loaded atm thats already established15:10
skeebysince he cant open the nvidia x server config15:10
skeebyerr settings  app in system>administration15:11
seidosskeeby, it may be loaded and not working?  lshw should say for sure though.15:11
skeebyso maybe a "lshw | grep nvidia" ?15:12
seidosmaybe lshw -C nvidia15:12
seidosgrep doesn't work so good with lshw :(15:12
seidosmR0, you can try sudo lshw -C nvidia15:13
skeebyit didnt return anything for me here15:13
seidosme neither15:13
skeebygrep however did work lol15:13
seidosskeeby, i don't like using grep with lshw because it doesn't include enough info :/15:13
mR0I did't see anything :(15:14
skeebyit should atleast show the driver configuration15:14
mR0skeeby, nothing happen here :(15:14
seidosmR0, just run sudo lshw and look for your video adapter.15:14
seidosmR0, under "configuration" it should say driver=<something>15:15
seidoswell, driver=nvidia is what it should say...but i didn't want to spoil the surprise15:16
mR0Im searching15:16
seidosskeeby, so what to try if the module is loaded?  i don't have an nvidia chip.  try another version of the binary driver?15:16
Mohan_chmlskeeby: you are doing good =] and hey seidos15:16
seidoshey Mohan_chml15:16
skeebyhey hey15:16
mR0I got something like this "*-display15:17
mR0                description: VGA compatible controller15:17
mR0                product: G98M [GeForce G 103M]15:17
mR0                vendor: nVidia Corporation15:17
mR0                physical id: 015:17
skeebyah >_<15:17
mR0                bus info: pci@0000:01:00.015:17
mR0                version: a115:17
mR0                width: 64 bits15:17
mR0                clock: 33MHz15:17
mR0                capabilities: pm msi pciexpress bus_master cap_list rom15:17
mR0                configuration: driver=nvidia latency=015:17
Mohan_chmlmR0: STOP15:17
mR0                resources: irq:16 memory:92000000-92ffffff memory:80000000-8ffff"15:17
Mohan_chml!paste | mR015:17
ubot2mR0: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:17
hobgoblinoh dear - please don't do that mR015:17
Mohan_chmlmR0: got it???15:18
mR0oke2, Im newbie here Im sorry15:18
skeebyoh ty mohan, im new here as well =)15:18
Mohan_chmlno worries. But never repeat this if you goto any official channels15:18
mR0thnks Mohan_chml15:19
seidosmR0, well, an nvidia driver is loaded.  maybe you can try loading a different version.15:19
mR0seidos: how?15:19
seidosnot sure what the best way to do that is.  i don't think envy works on 10.10.15:19
skeebybefore u do, if thats the first time u ran the nvidia-xconfig as root, i would reboot first15:20
skeebythen come back and share the results15:20
skeebyif that didnt do it, we'll continue from where we left off15:20
mR0I'll reboot now...15:21
ubot2Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.15:23
skeebyimgur is really nice too15:23
skeebywelcome back15:24
mR0You're all great!!! it working now :D thanks all15:25
mR0I'll remember this lessons :D15:26
skeebyif you decide to upgrade to 10.1015:26
skeebymake sure u remove the nvidia drivers completely before hand15:27
skeebycause it can cause problems, i know they did for me15:27
skeebyand just reinstall the nvidia-current once ubuntu is updated15:27
skeebyjust a nice bit of info to know before hand =p15:27
seidoshmmm, interesting.  he just needed to run sudo nvidia-xconfig it looks like.15:27
skeebysometimes its the simple things we overlook15:28
seidosthat is listed in this howto:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia15:28
mR0skeeby: I see.... seidos & skeeby you're great!!!15:28
seidosmR0, i didn't really do anything it looks like :)15:29
seidosi meant to say it *isn't* listed in that howto15:30
mR0seidos :P15:30
seidosi guess i should add it15:31
seidosassuming i can15:31
skeebyits in there15:31
skeebyisnt it?15:31
seidosnot stand alone.  did you have him do the other steps listed under "known issues"?15:32
skeebyno, i figured he just needed to finish installing it15:32
seidosthe sudo apt-get install nvidia-current...blah blah blah15:32
seidossudo nvidia-xconfig is only recommended for use under "NVIDIA driver activated but not currently in use in ubuntu 10.04"15:33
elendrum_officedoes anyone here use eclipse CDT for C or C++?15:33
mR0Im done15:33
seidosi guess i should say something like run sudo nvidia-xconfig after enabling driver, or something.15:33
seidoselendrum_office, someone might, but they might be idling15:34
seidosi'm not really sure who our c/c++ programmers are15:34
skeebynot i sir15:35
seidosnot i either15:35
seidosi can write "hello world".  :/15:35
elendrum_officeCool cool, I had eclipse CDT working until I installed the Python plugin. And I just want to edit the enviromental setting so the include and lib paths are set for the eclipse IDE15:35
elendrum_officeSadly I am still learning15:35
mR0Well, see u later guys. I've to go now. Btw, thanks for all15:35
mR0bye... :)15:35
elendrum_officeI am armed with a clue... but thats about it15:36
seidosi haven't heard of anybody that uses eclipse.  i use geany, which doesn't help you at all.15:36
seidoselendrum_office, you might want to try asking in #c15:36
seidosis there a #eclipse?15:36
elendrum_officeI wonder if I can set a bash setting15:36
elendrum_officeI am in the eclipse chan tight now and they dont see many CDT people15:36
elendrum_officeIn the long run this may be telling me something, like you another IDE or just stick to gedit and your own ,make files :-)15:37
elendrum_officeBut, I will learn to write middle ware servers and mix language projects... I will... I just hope to survive the process15:38
seidosi don't even know what CDT is15:39
elendrum_officeCDT is 'C Development Tools'15:39
bobo123Mohan_chml: (sorry I hade to run away from th ecomputer for a while here) yes, like see all connections as they happen (until I press ctrl-c).15:39
skeebyim not gonan be any help on that subject elendrum, im just now trying to get back into development15:40
bobo123fore example if I get a webpage in firefox, then the webserver contacted should be added to the list15:40
seidoselendrum_office, so you're trying to write middle ware servers?  sounds highly challenging.15:41
bobo123duanedesign: yeah I will try install iftop15:41
Mohan_chmlbobo123: FYI, look at the links at the bottom of the following link. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mohi/NetworkMonitoringProject15:42
elendrum_officeSeidos: Might be, I have written a few smaller servers before, my last one used named pipes. I feel like I am ready for more and will do a standard TCP socket on my next one15:47
elendrum_officeI want to write a few inteligent agents in python to connect to my middleware server and have the server push content into a mysql DB15:48
seidoselendrum_office, sounds way too sophisticated for me.  are you already a part of a team?15:49
bobo123Mohan_chml: I look at that too. iftop seems to show what I want though. (I should probably turn off irc while looking though, it must be its fault I contact all those strange one its list)15:51
elendrum_officeWell, sorta, I also do this sort of thing for Genisis Network Solutions. I am just trying to use a better tool for the job.15:52
duanedesignelendrum_office: i have never used eclipse for C. The only IDE for C I have used is Code::Blocks15:53
elendrum_officeOk thanks, well I my mainly just use a text editor like Joe or gedit and just hard code my own make files15:54
elendrum_officels -l15:56
elendrum_officeopps sorry15:56
bodhi_zazenAnyone here want to look at a document I threw up on Tor ?16:18
AbhiJitbodhi_zazen, me16:23
bodhi_zazenOK AbhiJit : http://bodhizazen.net/Tutorials/tor/16:23
bodhi_zazenAny feedback or advice you might have would be appreciated16:24
AbhiJitbodhi_zazen, thank you!16:24
bodhi_zazenno, thank you =)16:24
bodhi_zazenI see a ton of questions on Tor recently, so trying to provide some documentation16:24
bodhi_zazen'lo nothingspecial16:28
AbhiJitbodhi_zazen, i used tor long ago. but gave up on because its hard to configure and it was eating all my speed. so just one question: is there any very simple way like there is a shutdown button on our lapotp - to shutdown laptop - like that is there any 'simple' way or keyboard shorcut which will enable/disable tor? because when i want to use tor i dont care speed. but after that i want speed for normal usage.16:33
AbhiJitbodhi_zazen, but thats only for firefox?16:33
bodhi_zazenIt is a firefox extension16:33
AbhiJitany system wide?16:34
bodhi_zazenIf you using chromium, install proxy switchy16:34
bodhi_zazenFor system wide, see http://bodhizazen.net/Tutorials/tor/#System16:34
bodhi_zazenProxy switchy is very fast and easy to configure16:35
AbhiJitbodhi_zazen, is it like that tor is only available for browsers to use? i mean if i have torbutton enabled on firefox then only my firefox will be use tor and if i have simulteneous torrent download running that torrent will not use tor?16:35
bodhi_zazenIf you set a system proxy, you then can configure your browser to use it, or not16:35
AbhiJiti wll look into it16:35
bodhi_zazenTor is faster then it was in the past, and IMO it helps to have some adblock , so as to not dl undesired stuff on a slow network (Tor)16:36
bodhi_zazenAs far as torrents, it would depend on your client, but you would probably need to configure it to use the system proxy16:36
bodhi_zazenA system proxy is just an environmental variable16:37
bodhi_zazenso you still need to configure your clients16:37
bodhi_zazenso you tell your clinet to use $http_proxy16:37
bodhi_zazenRather then
bodhi_zazenor what have you16:37
philinuxhobgoblin: OT but hifi back up and cookin16:39
eastern_gardensCan you tell me how I can remap or customize a keyboard layout in Ubuntu. I like to change the place of some keys in the Farsi (Persian) layout17:44
duanedesignhello eastern_gardens17:46
eastern_gardensHello duanedesign17:46
duanedesigneastern_gardens: you can run the command:  xev to get the key codes for the different keys. then...17:48
eastern_gardensI just did that in the terminal - it gives information I don't understand such as MotionNotify event, serial 33, synthetic NO, window 0xb800001,17:51
eastern_gardens    root 0x111, subw 0xb800002, time 11922407, (64,10), root:(1094,543),17:51
eastern_gardens    state 0x10, is_hint 0, same_screen YES17:51
duanedesignxmodmap -e "keycode xx = less greater"17:52
duanedesignwould be the example if you were remapping the < > keys17:52
duanedesigneastern_gardens: motion notify is the mouse moving17:54
duanedesigneastern_gardens: you have to keep the mouse still and hit the keys you want17:54
duanedesigneastern_gardens: should look like this http://pastebin.ca/195120317:56
eastern_gardensThis is too advanced for me. What does that show? how does it help in assigning different characters to a particular key?17:58
duanedesigneastern_gardens: you might try 'xkeycaps'17:58
duanedesignyou can install it with the command:  sudo apt-get install xkeycaps17:59
eastern_gardensI am installing it18:00
duanedesigneastern_gardens: it is a gui for the xmodmap command18:01
eastern_gardensSo should I see in some where in the application menus?18:02
duanedesigneastern_gardens: if you do not see it in the applications menu you can run it with the command xkeycaps18:03
duanedesigneastern_gardens: i have never used it so you might look for a tutorial or guide18:03
duanedesigneastern_gardens: just select ok for the keyboard type at the beginning.18:04
aveilleuxAlternate install?18:04
eastern_gardensI ran it in the terminal - two windows opened with keyboard layouts - where can I find a manual?18:04
duanedesigneastern_gardens: the firsst window seemed to select my keyboard layout ok18:05
duanedesigneastern_gardens: so i just typed ok. Once you get to the keyboard you right-click on a key to get a menu. That is as much as I know about that program :)18:05
duanedesignaveilleux: xkeycaps18:06
aveilleuxAhh. Strange program that18:06
duanedesignExchange Keys After selecting this menu item, you are asked to click on another key. That key and the key on which you brought up the menu will be exchanged. This changes the keyboard mapping immediately.18:06
eastern_gardensok. thank you - I'll search else where to see if I can find a guide.18:06
duanedesigneastern_gardens: http://www.jwz.org/xkeycaps/man.html18:07
duanedesignthat is what i found^^ had to scroll down a bit to get to the good stuff :)18:07
eastern_gardensI looked in the list of keyboards - I didn't see a Farsi one, but I was looking very fast may have missed it.18:07
eastern_gardensI can see the manual on the web page - thank you - I will read and if there are more questions - I'll come back another day18:08
duanedesignplease do18:09
eastern_gardensThank you - all - bye for now18:09
duanedesigneastern_gardens: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/4680018:09
duanedesigneastern_gardens: dont know if that helps18:09
eastern_gardensI am opening it now18:11
eastern_gardensNo that link in launchpad is for starting the bilingual system - I have done that but it gives another link for questions and maybe helping other people with the same problem - thank you18:13
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b234afternoon all, I'm looking for help using an intel graphics chip in Ubuntu 10.04. It's installed and running but seems very slow and VMWare tells me 3d graphics will be disabled23:44
stlsaintb234: are you using your recommended video driver?23:45
stlsaintb234: System>Hardware23:46
b234I'm using whatever the default install is - there are no additional drivers recommended23:46
b234well, there are but they're for an unused modem23:47
mininessiei need some i tried running a distro in a virutal box and its running slow how do i make it run faster23:56
stlsaintb234: what distro are you using?23:58
stlsaintb234: are you using xorg.conf?23:59

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