doctormocjohnston: I'm back from a loco thing. do you need me?00:28
doctormonigelb: I forgot what I needed to tell you, but if you're here I will try and remember.00:28
doctormoOh right, the websuite commit thing for lernid00:28
ScottLi thought i had found a "team reporting" package on launchpad today at work, but now can't find it...am i daft?00:29
ScottLnm, found it https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-teamreports00:29
duanedesign'lo all02:52
Pendulumhi duanedesign02:53
duanedesignPendulum: nigel off to see about his visa? /me crosses fingers02:54
Pendulumduanedesign: he made it onto the train according to his last text to me02:55
doctormonigelb, paultag, jcastro and czajkowski: You guys are all top 5 community team chatter boxes in my irc report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/502429/04:28
doctormoYou can tell who is usually super verbose too, ScottL takes that honour averaging 15 words per message.04:29
doctormoIf you guys notice some aliasing problems, that code is tricky and it could always do with more tweaking.04:30
cjohnstondoctormo: !fail   im not even on it04:38
cjohnstonyou should do that in -locoteams doctormo04:42
doctormocjohnston: It's not perfect, I'm still working out why some people disapear and others are there twice.04:44
duanedesigndoctormo: cool06:53
duanedesigndoctormo: we have something similar for #ubuntu-beginners. Kinda fun stats to look at06:53
duanedesigndoctormo: haha, paultag is high on the list in that channel too http://lukjad007.homeunix.org/ircstats/ubuntu-beginners/06:54
=== maco changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: Work Items: http://bit.ly/coZgIY || Things to work on (in order): AppDeveloperWeek, OpenWeek Call for Speakers, Release Parties, UDS Prep || Happy birthday, pleia2!
kim0morning ubuntians08:04
dpmmorning everyone!08:41
dholbachgood morning08:43
dpmhey, look who's here08:43
dpmgood morning dholbach, welcome back!08:43
dholbachinternet at my parents' place didn't work, so I had to drive over to a friend's place - I wasn't slacking! :)08:43
dholbachhey dpm08:43
dpmyeah, yeah....08:44
dholbachhow are you all doing?08:44
dpmfine!, how was your holiday?08:44
czajkowskidholbach: welcome back !08:44
dholbachit was absolutely fantastic08:44
dholbachnever found friendlier and more helpful people on the planet08:44
dholbachI didn't find any terrorists :)08:45
aramorning dholbach!08:47
aradholbach, welcome back!08:47
dholbachhola ara08:48
dholbachhow are you doing?08:48
aradholbach, good thanks! glad to hear you had a great time08:48
* dholbach hugs you all08:48
* dpm hugs dholbach!08:57
kim0dholbach: Welcome back man!08:57
dholbachheya kim008:58
kim0Had fun there ? :)08:58
* kim0 reading what you've written up there08:58
kim0oh cool .. looks like you had fund08:58
dholbachkim0, I totally had fun there - it was amazing08:59
kim0Awesome :)08:59
dholbachkim0, but I didn't see everything, so I need to go back one day08:59
dholbachinsha'allah :)08:59
kim0hehe insha'Allah indeed09:00
vishyay! return of *the* dholbach ! :D09:00
vishdholbach: you dont know how many people get disappointed when they realized you aernt around ;)09:01
dholbachvish, haha, not really - people were surely glad they had a bit of peace while I was gone :)09:01
vishdholbach: havent seen many of those, but *I*'m getting a bit tired of giving out your return date ;p09:03
nigelbomg! dholbach is back!09:15
nigelbdholbach: WELCOME BACK!09:15
dholbachhey nigelb :)09:16
nigelbdholbach: Had awesome fun? I heard you came on the newspaper :)09:16
dholbachyeah, I gave a talk in Esfahan09:16
nigelbAnyway, great to have you back09:17
czajkowskinigelb: get the visa ?09:17
nigelbI shall hound you for pictures later09:17
nigelbczajkowski: Interview tomorrow morning09:17
czajkowskiah thought it was tday09:17
nigelbczajkowski: nah, just getting to the city today09:18
nigelbAlso, I had an awesome train journey today! I <3 trains :)09:21
dholbachdpm, thanks for doing the listadmin duties :)09:29
nigelbhaha doctormo, me and czajkowski seem to be the top chatterboxes here09:31
nigelbczajkowski: Recovred from conference?09:31
dpmdholbach, no worries, any time. It was easy, I just marked everything as spam. I guess the lists have been a bit silent these last days :P09:32
dholbachdpm, awesome :)09:33
dholbachpleia2, Happy Birthday! :)09:44
nigelbpleia2: Happy Birthday!09:48
duanedesignmorning all09:53
nigelbmorning duanedesign09:53
duanedesignnigelb: glad you had a safe trip09:54
nigelbduanedesign: heh, thanks :)09:54
duanedesignnigelb: i wish we had more trains in the US.  :\09:55
nigelbduanedesign: heh, it was a very comfortable trip.  I <3 trains.09:59
nigelbThere were like 3 kids in the seats around me09:59
nigelband they were all running and playing and shouting - fun times.10:00
nigelbThey reminded of me several years back :p10:00
* czajkowski has just seent he new banner and table cloth for approved Teams 10:02
nigelboh, Nice :)10:04
duanedesignmy loco is finally starting to get active again. Got some new members who are interested in getting involved.10:08
duanedesignbeen almost a year since I have been able to have 'Get Loco approved' as one of my goals.10:09
czajkowskiduanedesign: if you ever need a hand10:10
czajkowskior want to bang some ideas out just let me know10:10
czajkowskiyou can pm or mail me or skype10:10
duanedesignthank you very much czajkowski10:11
nigelbczajkowski: I'll probably take that offer, but can I hound you at UDS instead?10:12
duanedesignsom of the people getting to orlando around the same time as me have some similar interests. Looks like the cab ride to the hotel could be fun :)10:15
czajkowskigood stuff anything I can help with just ask10:15
duanedesigni've also made plans to go have beers with several people. I dont drink, lol. But the beverage isnt important. Besides 'we will have a beer' isnt necesarily a literal statement10:18
popey\o/ beer10:19
duanedesignthat is awesome popey10:20
czajkowskiduanedesign: so true!10:21
czajkowskiit's a social thing10:21
czajkowskithough I drank a lot at the weekend so think I need a break again10:21
duanedesignpopey: do you still get the screencast ML?10:22
popeymmmmm, guinness in dublin last weekend was so yummy10:22
duanedesigngusiness is good bear10:23
duanedesignlol, beert10:23
popeyyou been drinking? :)10:23
duanedesignwhew got it10:23
duanedesignpopey: got someone who is making quite a few screencasts. they are getting better. Still need to work on his script a bit. Lots of umms and akward pauses.10:25
popeyyeah, i saw a couple10:25
popeyI have scripted a few new ones10:25
nigelbpopey: haha, good stuff10:26
popeyooo hello dholbach you back?10:26
nigelbpopey: did you end up reaching dublin last weekend? :p10:26
popeywe did10:26
nigelband did you put porn in his bag? :P10:27
popeyhehe, no10:27
duanedesignoff to get breakfast....mmmm doughnuts <insert popeys link>10:27
popeytempted to put a windows magazine in there10:27
nigelbmuch worse than porn10:27
nigelbthe shame of getting caught with a windows magazine!10:27
dholbachpopey, yep, thanks :)10:39
dholbachpopey, how are you?10:39
popeygood good!10:40
* dholbach → lunch11:12
duanedesigndidnt someone have a blog post on Wacom Bamboo tablets11:34
duanedesignon Planet Ubuntu11:34
duanedesignaha it was [d]octormo11:35
* nigelb cant believe popey actually looks at the sounder list11:40
popeyI'm a moderator, I have to11:40
nigelbpopey: Also, that tweet had an extra '.', which blocks it from linking correctly :)11:42
popeynigelb: the dot in front was intentional11:51
nigelbpopey: oh? because you don't want to link hem?11:51
popeyno, thats not it11:51
popeythe dot means everyone sees the tweet11:52
popeynot just the recipient11:52
nigelbAh.  Oh.  Does the recipient get to see too?11:53
popeyrecipient always sees because I @them11:53
ScottLlol doctormo12:02
AlanBellpopey: doesn't everyone see the tweet anyway?12:06
popeymany people filter out @replies where the @ is the first character12:08
AlanBellI had no idea that was possible12:10
nigelbwow, the photos are beautiful from Daniel's trip :)12:42
akgranerjcastro, Pendulum I've added you as helpers for today's sessions as well - not sure I will be online when the day starts  - but had a great 1st day at Grace Hopper can't wait to see what today brings12:47
jcastromake sure you blog about your day!12:48
akgranerI came back home to get some Ubuntu CD's as Stormy had plenty of Fedora and openSuse ones12:48
akgranerjcastro, doing that now :-)12:48
dholbachhola jcastro12:51
jcastroomg you are back!!!!12:51
nigelbjcastro: now you can take a break and assign all your tasks to him :p12:52
akgranerdholbach, lives! :-)  want me to add you as a helper to the rest of app dev week as well :-)  (I have to ask you know)12:52
dholbachakgraner, I'm recovering from under a pile of 10000 emails12:53
dholbachakgraner, let's say "I don't know"12:53
nigelbWe all know "I don't know" = "yes, please" :p12:53
randaakgraner, I can send you more if you need.... I was waiting for Rick Spencer's answer to send the Cd's... but he never came back to me with the quantity12:53
akgranerdholbach, hehe - :-)12:53
dholbachnigelb, feel free to take my spot12:53
nigelbdholbach: I was originally supposed, but not in town :)12:54
* nigelb has a beach to visit in the evening :p12:54
akgranerranda, it's just today and tomorrow now :-) if they can be there in the am that would be great12:54
akgranerthere is a whole Open Source track tomorrow12:54
Pendulumnigelb: thanks for rubbing that in :P12:54
nigelbPendulum: haha12:54
randano akgraner it is too late now. I am saying that you can use all you have and then I can send YOU more. But the CDS are sent from Holland so they wont get there by tomorrow12:54
akgranerranda, DOH!  yes please can you end me some more12:55
akgranerI'll be using all the ones I have for sure12:55
randaof course akgraner :)12:55
akgranerranda, thank you!!!12:55
nhandlerWelcome back dholbach12:55
dholbachthanks nhandler12:56
dholbachhola randa12:56
randahey dholbach!! you are back!12:56
dholbachyes :)12:56
nigelbdholbach: That is a beautiful photoset :)12:56
dholbachthanks nigelb12:57
akgranerdholbach, you take the BEST pictures12:57
dholbachakgraner, I'm not sure about that, but I'm glad you like them :)12:57
nigelbdholbach: Did you actually recieve that many tea invites? ;)12:57
dholbachnigelb, very very close to it12:58
nigelboh, hahah http://picasaweb.google.com/daniel.holbach/Iran#552229578132059350612:58
dholbachI met the friendliest people on the planet there12:58
nigelbAlso, lol @ http://picasaweb.google.com/daniel.holbach/Iran#552229593424407123412:59
nigelbdholbach: the first picture I linked should be on your FB :)12:59
dholbachnigelb, not sure :)13:02
jcastrodude those pics look awesome13:20
jcastrodholbach: did you meet murat on the way there?13:20
Pendulumdholbach: do you know Persian?13:21
* nigelb liked that really big cone icecream13:21
Pendulum(just was noticing the photos of the bookshop and stuff)13:21
nigelbIs persian = arabic?13:22
Pendulumnigelb: they don't speak arabic in Iran, they speak Persian13:22
Pendulumdifferent language13:22
nigelbPendulum: I can only recognize arabic numbers, but the pictures of numbers were arabic and I could make them out13:23
nigelbmaybe they share same alphabets or something13:23
Pendulumthey may13:23
nigelbah, numbers are similar13:24
dholbachPendulum, I started learning it and learnt a bit more there - how about you? do you know any? persian?13:24
dholbachPersian uses the arabic alphabet but has 4 letters more13:24
dholbachand through common history and intermingling culture a lot of words are the same13:25
Pendulumdholbach: no. I suspect it'd be difficult for me to learn over here without raising suspicion (plus as I'm sure I'd never get to go to Iran, I don't know where I'd use it)13:25
Pendulumdholbach: was just curious :)13:25
nigelbIf I get lost, all I know how to say in arabic is "I don't know arabic"13:25
dholbachPendulum, raising suspicion, maybe :)13:25
dholbachalthough I saw americans in Iran too13:26
jcastroJFo: are you awake yet big country?13:26
nigelbI thought JFo was on taiwan time13:26
JFojcastro, I am13:26
jcastroI knew it!13:26
Pendulumdholbach: there can't have been that many. I looked into what it takes to get a visa as an American and I couldn't figure out how I'd qualify as "tourist" does not seem to be a valid visa option13:26
JFonigelb, I am sleeping on US Eastern, but my body is still very much Taiwan time13:27
nigelbJFo: lol13:27
dholbachPendulum, that's the checkbox I used on my application form, hm13:27
Pendulumand regarding languages, I am very sadly only fluent in English and know some French and a very tiny bit of Dutch13:27
Pendulumdholbach: it's specific to US, I think13:27
dholbachit had "[ ] pilgrimage" too13:27
Pendulumdholbach: somehow I think when your country calls their country the 'Axis of Evil' and calls for imposing lots of sanctions, they're less likely to want you in their country ;-)13:28
Pendulumor maybe the US doesn't want Americans going over, which is also possible13:28
jcastroJFo: stackexchange is launching for real on 10.10 with a real theme and domain, etc. I think you guys are all set.13:29
jcastroyou have enough rep to kill junk13:29
JFojcastro, sweet13:29
dholbachPendulum, everybody I talked to was able to differentiate between "person from country" and "government of country"13:29
nigelbjcastro: Oh, WOW13:29
jcastroJFo: make sure your voting good stuff up, it's fast, for example kees is new has some nice answers13:29
jcastronigelb: yeah mt is working on the theme, it's apparently hot13:29
Pendulumdholbach: sorry, I meant more that the government of said country doesn't want you13:30
nigelbjcastro: No wonder folks are pissed at Ubuntu being successful in stackexchange - we're way more awesome that we think we are13:30
jcastrohaving wine questions answered by the wine maintainer is also a nice bonus, so feel free to vote scott ritchie up13:30
dholbachPendulum, ah ok - yeah, maybe - although I'm sure there's ways to get in there13:30
jcastronigelb: I live to make people hate me. :)13:31
Pendulumdholbach: I suspect if I suddently became a scholar (in a non-threatening way) or started a travel program or something, it'd be fine ;-)13:31
nigelbjcastro: heh :)13:31
Pendulumdholbach: and I plan on living a long time so who knows what may chance in the next 30 years13:31
dholbachPendulum, get an invitation letter from somebody of the ubuntu community :)13:32
Pendulumdholbach: haha. that might be the best idea yet ;-)13:32
nigelbdholbach: plan a uds there :p13:32
JFoI'd love to visit Iran13:32
Pendulumdholbach: I just like travel and meeting new people and stuff13:32
JFotons of ancient things to see and experience13:32
dholbachand the people are so incredibly hospitable13:33
PendulumJFo: did you see the Rick Steves special on Iran?13:33
JFoPendulum, I have not13:33
JFoneed to though13:33
dholbachI met people in the morning in a tea house, they paid my breakfast and showed me their city for the rest of the day and didn't allow me to pay anything13:33
dholbachetc etc etc13:33
JFowow, very nice13:33
dholbachstuff like that happened to me every single day, multiple times13:33
PendulumJFo: it's quite good. although before the last Iranian election. I wanted to go to Iran before seeing it and really wanted to go to Iran after seeing it13:33
nigelbI can vouch for middle east hospitality any day :)13:33
JFoPendulum, I can imagine13:34
nigelbJFo: wow, ubuntu gamer is nice13:34
nigelbah, ohso13:34
JFooh BTW, in unrelated news... 11 days left till 10.10.1013:34
jcastronigelb: I've been talking with one of the SE guys over email, they're pretty impressed how we runs things there.13:34
PendulumJFo: that's scary13:35
JFotomorrow is 10 days till 10.10.1013:35
jcastrothey wanted to get us out of beta earlier than all the others as an example on how to do it right13:35
czajkowskino pressure13:35
jcastrowe opted for 10.10 instead13:35
nigelbjcastro: heh, that is awesome :)13:35
nigelbOh, I just noticed Ubuntu discussion on my facebook feed from non-ubuntu folks13:35
nigelbI was like wow, these are my juniors talking about Ubuntu and forums, etc13:35
nigelbI linked them to SE :D13:36
jcastrosend them ALL TO ME13:36
nigelbgladly :)13:36
jcastrosomeone asked the perfect question13:36
jcastroI was like "what ... what are the chances?!?!"13:36
jcastrothat's what I do!13:37
nigelbjcastro: that one's specifically for you :D13:37
jcastroI know!13:37
jcastrothe bummer is13:37
nigelbyou asked the question? :p13:37
jcastroI've been waiting to hit 2000, because that's the threshold for getting access to the mod tools13:37
jcastroand I hit the rep cap yesterday (you can only gain 200 in one day to avoid gaming the system)13:38
jcastroso now I am stuck at 1952, lol13:38
jcastroso those 14 upvotes went into the ether13:38
jcastrowoo, someone just +1'ed me!13:38
nigelbI should participate in Se more.13:40
JFojcastro, that was me :)13:46
scott-workdoctormo: ping13:50
scott-workubuntu studio is now team reporting :)13:52
akgranerCatch you all in a bit - back to Atlanta I go :-) woo hoo!!!13:56
czajkowskiscott-work: whooo this makes me and nhandler very happy14:00
scott-workczajkowski: good :)14:00
* vish wonders how stackexchange is different from Ubuntuforums14:10
* vish reads http://meta.ubuntu.stackexchange.com/questions/257/i-am-new-here-how-does-stackexchange-work14:10
jcastroI made a video dude!14:10
vishoh! yea, I'm lazy :D14:11
* vish watches video instead14:11
popeylogin.launchpad.net seems broken14:11
popeywhen i try to logon to loco.ubuntu.com14:12
popeyanyone else getting this?14:12
popeyOpenID transaction in progress... (which takes ages)14:12
jcastromessed up for me too14:19
vishhmm , i cant login into stackexchange either with open id..14:19
jcastroI think we broke the internet14:22
popeyjcastro: fix it14:24
* JFo kicks it while it is down14:24
* popey pokes jfo with bug 64279214:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 642792 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "ALT+PrtSc not recognised (affects: 4) (dups: 1) (heat: 412)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64279214:25
* JFo looks14:26
JFopopey, you running X?14:29
popey(I am not at the machine exhibiting the issue right now)14:29
JFopopey, see #u-k14:30
* vish can confirm popey's bug too.. and JFo , it haz a dup too ;)14:30
=== Mamarok_ is now known as Mamarok
JFovish, I recognize it14:31
vishJFo: oh, i meant, i'm now on the sys with the problem14:31
vishjcastro: one thing i like about stackexchange is you dont need to create a new account.. your /future/ video could have been about using gmail/yahoo id.. much easier for new folks to start using it14:33
jcastrovish: they're working on putting the ubuntuone thing there like a button like google and yahoo14:34
jcastroso it's easier for people to just use their ubuntu id14:34
czajkowskipopey broken the internet14:35
JFohe kept hitting ALT+PrtSc14:35
jcastrocyphermox: I'm going to kill you14:36
JFouh oh14:36
jcastro"Good idea. I think making sure connman and network-manager can be used14:36
jcastrointerchangeably is a good thing, regardless of the choices made w/r/t14:36
jcastrowhich GUI will be default where. After all, having choice is the14:36
jcastrofundamental idea behind open source ;)"14:36
jcastrono dude, pick the best one14:36
jcastroso I don't have to care about that crap14:36
JFomy perspective is make one work and tell me to use that14:37
JFo"variety creates the headache of having to choose" -JFo14:37
jcastroalso, open source isn't about choice. That's just made up.14:38
jcastroopen source is about open source14:38
jcastro"OpenOffice's future was doomed from the day when Oracle acquired SUN Microsystems."14:47
jcastrobecause the future was bright for OOo before!14:48
cyphermoxjcastro, hehe :D14:49
cyphermoxjcastro, my plan is to make the network backend irrelevant, so I guess for the GUI there would be just one :)14:50
JFohighlander gui14:50
cyphermoxJFo, exactly ;)14:50
jcastrodholbach: I don't know if you noticed, but not only did we finish off the AppDevWeek schedule, we had to add another row of slots!14:53
dholbachjcastro, there's a couple of folks who replied and said they can't make their slots14:54
dholbachbut I think akgraner is aware of it14:54
dholbachthanks a lot for looking into it everybody!14:54
jcastroI moved the ruby one to friday14:54
jcastrothat's the only one I am aware of14:54
AlanBellthursday 18:00 is still open14:54
AlanBelland friday 16:0014:55
AlanBellbut yeah, lots of classes going on and being awesome14:55
Pendulumfriday can be thought of as a bathroom break :P14:58
jonomorning all15:58
jonowelcome back dholbach! :-)15:58
dholbachheya jono15:58
dholbachthanks jono15:58
jcastrocall today?16:00
jonojcastro, yup16:00
dpmmorning jono16:00
jonojcastro, dholbach, kim0, dpm lets try mumble16:00
jonohey dpm16:00
jcastrojono: we can hear you16:02
jonojcastro, dholbach, kim0, dpm can you guys hear me?16:02
jcastroand each other16:02
kim0jono: can do16:02
dholbachjono, yes16:02
jcastrocheck the mute!16:03
dholbachjcastro, kim0, dpm: do you guys use UNE?16:03
dpmdholbach, I do on my netbook16:03
kim0although I want to play with it16:03
dholbachhow do I get the mumble window to show up? :)16:03
dpmdholbach, I don't know, I've never used it there16:04
dholbachdpm, kim0, jcastro, jono: http://picasaweb.google.com/daniel.holbach/Iran :)16:07
jcastrojono: your mic is hot16:07
doctormojcastro: warning, out of context!16:10
sensegood afternoon16:14
highvoltagegood afternoon sense16:15
sensehi highvoltage16:15
jonodholbach, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityReview/Sep2010/Packaging16:22
jcastrofor 11.04 dholbach will make debhelper8!16:24
dholbachjcastro, not sure about that :-P16:25
jonodpm, you are breaking up a lot16:32
jcastrodpm: you totally cut out16:32
jonoI recommend you finish this conversation on IRC16:32
dpmjono, jcastro, yeah, let's do that16:33
dpmjono, dholbach, kim0, jcastro, bye!16:33
dpm(crappy mumble)16:33
kim0dpm: bye16:33
jcastrook my friends, I call it a LUNCHTIME16:48
dholbachalright my friends, I call it a day17:03
dholbachsee you tomorrow17:03
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
czajkowskiwhoooooooo Good Karma has arrived!!!18:00
senseczajkowski: In what form did it manifest itself?18:06
doctormosense: My wife is good Kama.18:07
sensedoctormo: Yeah, we know you're lucky already! :)18:07
doctormoHow are you sense and what are you up to?18:08
sensedoctormo: I'm fine, and I'm busy with finding out what I was supposed to be working again (I really should use GTG again).18:09
senseMaybe I should pay some attention to the Deluge AppInd, but that bug is so nasty!18:09
doctormosense: I have plenty of things I could give to you to work on :-P18:09
* sense runs away and hides before doctormo can say anything more.18:09
doctormoI've been playing with a drag and drop uploader in firefox, which is very interesting.18:10
senseIs it easy to make it workable?18:10
doctormosense: Yes and no, it's made in such a way as to make some things easy and other things no so much.18:16
duanedesignwhat sense is taking requests for taking work off our hands :)18:25
JFodoctormo, all I heard was "sense is taking requests for taking work off our hands" :)18:26
* czajkowski does a little dance !18:27
* czajkowski pours a very large JD and no coke and a ton of ice! 18:27
czajkowskiJFo: I wish I had coke too18:28
* JFo drop ships a coke to czajkowski 18:28
JFo<-can't drink JD... would be fighting inanimate objects18:29
* czajkowski and JD are best of buddies18:29
doctormoThat reminds me, I have a chocolate manhatten in the freezer waiting to be drunk.18:31
czajkowskia what ?18:32
doctormoMy wife has convinced me that if I'm going to stay home without a job all day, then I should be able to make cocktails as in the 50s.18:38
cjohnstondoctormo jcastro jono https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/loco-directory  New LoCo Directory Mailing List18:40
doctormojoined, tah18:41
jonocjohnston, sweet!18:41
cjohnstonjono: LD is lookin quite nice!18:42
jonocjohnston, it looks awesome!18:42
czajkowskipleia2: Happy Birthday!!!18:56
pleia2thanks czajkowski :)18:56
highvoltagehappy birthday pleia2! hope you have a great year!18:58
jcastrojono: seif moved his class so I am sending the appdevweek people to your show, so say hi! (In about 3 minutes)19:00
jcastroand then we'll resume app week19:00
* czajkowski got a job 19:02
JFograts czajkowski!!19:03
duanedesigncongrats czajkowski19:06
duanedesignczajkowski: hopefully now it is my turn :)19:06
pleia2yay czajkowski!19:06
czajkowskithanks folks19:06
duanedesignpleia2: happy B-day19:08
cjohnstonhappy bday pleia219:10
duanedesignpleia2: ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪ happy birthday pleia2 ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪19:11
JFogo pleia2, it's your birthday...19:11
pleia2thanks duanedesign, cjohnston :)19:11
duanedesignjono is posting a link to a picture of hime with hair :D19:11
cjohnstonpost it here19:12
JFoholy hairy jono batman!19:15
highvoltageczajkowski: whohoo!19:18
jcastroI wonder why my mails to -devel still go in the mod queue, I'm sending from ubuntu.com and I've been subbed for like 4 years20:33
cjohnstonmaybe its a hint20:34
czajkowskijcastro: message length ?20:34
jcastroI don't think it's that20:34
scott-workdoctormo: are you around yet?22:10
nhandlerjcastro: I think in the moderation email it mentions the reason22:13
jcastro"Post by non-developer to moderated list."22:17
macoyou have to get someone to whitelist you22:19
macoemail the admins (bottom of listinfo page)22:21
jcastroahh, thanks!22:23
doctormoscott-work: back22:36
scott-workdoctormo:  how is your tablet packaging coming along?  are you close to getting it into the ubuntu repositories?22:38
doctormoscott-work: I haven't had any response or communication so far.22:39
scott-workdoctormo:  have you filed a bug to get it into the repositories?22:39
scott-workdoctormo: we could also talk to someone at the debian mulitmedia team about it as well22:40
doctormono I don't think22:40
scott-workdoctormo: sorry, my webchat window buggered on me22:46
ScottLdoctormo, i would really like to position myself and Ubuntu Studio as strong advocates for your package23:40
ScottLdoctormo, i would really like to get it into the archives so that it can be included in Ubuntu Studio :)23:40
doctormoScottL: This would be the wizardpen user space driver.23:53

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