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RAOFNo Eastern Edition, then?00:30
RAOFThere'd normally be a Desktop team meeting: Eastern Edition (for all of us in the future).00:32
bcurtiswxohh, ok00:33
TheMusoBy the looks of it, Rick hasn't been around for 6 hours or so, at least that is his idle time.00:35
bcurtiswx[UPDATING] gnome-screensaver00:39
rickspencer3hey RAOF00:43
rickspencer3hey TheMuso00:43
rickspencer3I've been around00:43
rickspencer3however, I haven't had time to prepare for the meeting and such :(00:43
* rickspencer3 looks at meeting wiki00:43
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rickspencer3RAOF, TheMuso?00:49
RAOFSorry; I'm pondering if shouting at this code will make it reveal where it's returning a BadDrawable without printing something to Xorg.0.log. :)00:50
* rickspencer3 POUNDS FIST ON DESK00:51
rickspencer3just doing what I can to help RAOF00:51
RAOFTa :)00:51
rickspencer3RAOF, TheMuso so, I have nothing to add to the meeting minutes, except a couple of things00:52
rickspencer31. the new font is in! depending on testing, it may get set to be default for maverick00:52
rickspencer32. UDS ...00:52
rickspencer3so, we started some discussion on @u-d regarding the different tracks00:53
rickspencer3so, around next week, it will be time to start creating blueprints00:53
rickspencer3TheMuso, it looks like your rotation is going through ok, but lynda is out this week00:55
rickspencer3but sabdfl and dbarth and everybody ack'ed it00:55
rickspencer3so, I don't foresee any problems00:55
TheMusorickspencer3: I'd like to announce this to the accessibility community. Should I wait for official word/the official ok before doing so?00:56
rickspencer3TheMuso, well ...00:56
rickspencer3I think it's fine to mention that you are planning on it00:56
rickspencer3and it looks like it is going to happen00:57
rickspencer3but maybe leave the 5% wiggle room in case something goes haywire00:57
TheMusoOk sounds good.00:57
rickspencer3but really, I don't foresee any issues00:57
rickspencer3of course, I rarely do :/00:57
rickspencer3TheMuso, I'm happy for you00:57
rickspencer3I think it will be fun and useful, and a much deserved break from routine00:58
TheMusoYeah, should be good. David emailed me regarding the project the other day, I am yet to respond, been busy with bugs/final freeze stuff.00:58
TheMusoIntend to get back to him today.00:58
rickspencer3sounds great00:58
TheMusoYeah, need to start reading up on the mystery that is atk...00:59
TheMuso...and clutter + cally00:59
RAOFYou're going to be a11y-ing unity (or something similar)?  Cool!01:00
TheMusoRAOF: pretty much.01:00
TheMusoI really should install it, and get used to it in its current state.01:03
bcurtiswxchrisccoulson, did your patch for gnome-screensaver Don't crash on systems that don't support XF86VM or XRANDR gamma fade get backported to 2.30.0 (im getting patch failures on build)01:07
bcurtiswxfor 2.30.101:07
rickspencer3folks, it's been a looong dy01:12
rickspencer3time for me to go to real life01:13
desrtrickspencer3: good night01:13
rickspencer3unless RAOF or TheMuso need something01:13
bcurtiswxnite rickspencer301:13
RAOFGood night!01:13
TheMusoFine here.01:13
rickspencer3thanks bcurtiswx :)01:13
rickspencer3desrt, Orlando?01:13
desrtya.  of course01:13
desrtbooked my tix today01:13
desrttook me a second to figure out what you were trying to say :)01:14
desrthave a good night :)01:14
rickspencer3g'night all01:14
candomanI've installed 10.04 AMD64 on an Intel core i3 laptop inside of Win7....on boot, Ubuntu hangs....any known issues?02:59
tgall_fooany xfce / xubuntu experts about ?03:13
charlie-tcaNot an expert, but might have an answer03:14
tgall_foodo you know what controls the layout of the menu up at the top ? IE Applications / firefox icon ... etc ?03:14
charlie-tcaI do not. but the experts in #xubuntu-devel probably do03:15
tgall_foook thanks charlie-tca .. I'll wander over there03:15
charlie-tcasorry to chase you around03:15
tgall_fooo it's ok .. all part of the fun!03:16
pittiGood morning07:47
didrocksgood morning08:26
RAOFAloha didrocks08:27
didrockshey RAOF08:27
pittisabdfl: we'll SRU the missing Klingon glyphs, won't we?08:30
didrockshey pitti ;)08:31
pittibonjour didrocks08:31
didrocksyou will patch the font to get Klingon support? :)08:31
aragood morning seb12808:31
seb128hey ara didrocks pitti08:31
didrockssalut seb12808:32
araseb128, I tried to run "unity -p" in the machine where quadrapassel was failing, and it fails as well08:32
arahey pitti, didrocks08:32
* pitti waves to ara and seb12808:32
RAOFara: Yeah, I've hunted that down.08:32
seb128ara, ok, so seems it's either a clutter or xorg issue08:32
RAOFIt's a mesa issue.08:32
didrocksI saw some bug report about quadrapssel failing under UNE08:32
araRAOF has the answer :)08:33
didrockstried yesterday and can't reproduce with my card/driver08:33
RAOFBut, of course, it's a mesa issue in resource clean up, so I'd like to ensure that I don't cause memory leaks in the process of fixing it.08:33
sabdflpitti: i hope so. those Klingons can be short-tempered08:37
sabdflwe're negotiating a copyright assignment from the Klingon Federation right now08:37
SmSpillazsabdfl: hahahahaa08:38
seb128mvo, hey08:39
seb128mvo, great work on software-center this cycle ;-)08:39
seb128hey dpm08:41
dpmhey seb128, morning08:41
pittisabdfl: the guys that they send when they have a grudge are usually NOT lawyers, though08:41
didrocksmvo: hey, for your information, desktopcouch is now syncing! and I got my oneconf machines synced!!! ;)08:42
mvoseb128: thanks :)08:45
mvodidrocks: really?!?08:45
didrocksmvo: yeah, for real :)08:45
mvocool, I had given up hope already ;)08:47
* mvo tries it out once again08:47
didrocksmvo: do you have some data with an old oneconf version (old == before the first packaged version)? (I slightly changed the format and I need to fix it today as I was synced with an old machine)08:50
mvodidrocks: possible, but i'm not sure, how do I find out?08:51
didrocksmvo: you will have a oneconf-service crash when clicking on inventory on ubuntu one, but the window should appear :)08:52
mvodidrocks: its something else then, look like a issue somewhere deep inside /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/ubuntuone/api/restclient.py and libproxy and ctypes08:53
didrocksyeah, that's one call I'm making in the settings dialog08:54
mvoit looks like its crashing while calling px_proxy_factory_get_proxies()08:54
mvounset http_proxy08:55
didrocksit's unset there08:55
mvobang, now again08:55
mvoagain in libproxy08:56
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zygamvo, hi11:37
zygamvo, could the software center notify of finished aptd transactions (stuff being installed) if someone triggered the operation then closed the software center?11:38
vuntzdidrocks: ok, seb128 left, so question for you :-)11:54
vuntzdidrocks: I'm going to release pango 1.28.3 which will require gobject-introspection 0.9.5. The only change in there, though, is a change to fix the build with recent versions of gobject-introspection11:55
vuntzdidrocks: I guess you won't care much?11:55
Laneyjcastro: awesome post!11:55
didrocksvuntz: well, as we don't have gobject-introspection 0.9.5 and if the only change is to fix building with this one, I think we won't care much, right :)11:56
Laney♥ banshee ♥11:56
didrocksvuntz: thanks for the info ;)11:57
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mvozyga: hello, yes, that can be done. sofware-center will also pick up the transaction if you open it later (if the transaction is still runinng of couse)12:24
zygamvo, right, I realize it can be done, I'm just (lazily) pointing out that it's something that could probably give lots of benefit12:25
didrocksdpm: not sure what's the process for invalid translation: bug #65072212:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 650722 in unity "MAJOR error in french translation (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65072212:27
seb128didrocks, reassign to language-pack-gnome-fr12:28
seb128didrocks, you might want to assign to ubuntu-l10n-fr as well12:28
seb128or whatever is the french translation team name in launchpad12:28
dpmseb128, didrocks we tend not to assign bugs to language packs12:29
dpmin translations12:29
mvozyga: indeed, food of thought for mpt :)12:29
dpmwe rather add an ubuntu-translations task12:29
dpmand assign it to the teams12:29
didrocksok, doing then12:29
didrocksthanks seb128 and dpm :)12:29
dpmthe team names are always ubuntu-l10n-$CODE12:29
dpmI've just done that12:30
didrocksseeing that, thanks!12:30
seb128dpm, I tend to assign to langpacks ;-)12:30
seb128dpm, should we just mark the task invalid and open an ubuntu-translations one rather?12:30
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dpmseb128, the translations task has already been open. As for marking the unity task as invalid, I'll leave it up to didrocks to decide :). I think it's useful to have it, to know which project or package is affected, but the maintainer might have another view12:32
didrocks(already marked as invalid :p)12:33
dpmthere you go :)12:33
didrocksjust left there, but I like and try get a NEW status cleaned12:33
seb128dpm, well it's not a bug in unity, that's why I usually reassign to the langpacks12:33
aquariusmvo, ping12:33
dpmseb128, that's fine, but I'd suggest reassigning it to ubuntu-translations then, as then we have an overview of translations bugs there. It's much easier than to follow the bugs for all language packs12:35
seb128dpm, well ubuntu-translations is a project no?12:35
seb128dpm, you can't reassign an ubuntu task to a project12:35
mvohey aquarius12:35
seb128you either need to close it or reassign to an ubuntu source12:35
seb128dpm, but yeah, gotcha you guys care about having an ubuntu-translations task, whatever we do with the ubuntu task doesn't matter a lot12:36
aquariusmvo, we're starting to roll out the fixes to desktopcouch now; didrocks tells me you're still having problems, and I just want to clarify what your problem is so that I can know that it's one of the things that the rollouts will fix :)12:36
dpmseb128, ah, I see, I hadn't thought of that. Yeah, so reassigning to langpack and adding an ubuntu-translations task might then be best12:37
mvoaquarius: in a nutshell its not syncing12:37
aquariusmvo, I could use a slightly bigger nutshell than that :)12:38
mvoaquarius: haha, sure. hold on a sec I will pastebin the output of /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-service12:38
seb128dpm, ok, great, thanks12:38
seb128mvo, syncing is overrated ;-)12:38
aquariusseb128, sssssh! don't say that! you'll make me cry :)12:38
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mvoaquarius: it *looks* like the problem is that I need to register this (new) machine on the web, but none of the gtk tools told me that, the u1 control panel says its connected12:39
aquariusmvo, if the control panel says it's connected then DC picks up on that, so I suspect that isn't quite the problem. If you can pastebin I'll take a look12:42
mvoaquarius: "INFO:root:This machine hasn't authorized itself to Ubuntu One; replication to the cloud isn't possible until it has.  See 'ubuntuone-client-applet'." <- but the applet tells me nothing (and there is no such command). I feel a bit stupid now, what knob did I forgot to turn?12:42
* aquarius does the scratchy-head thing12:42
mvoaquarius: the ubuntuone panel in preference tells me that "bod" (my machine) is connected12:42
aquariusa lightbulb goes on12:42
aquariusneed to clarify something with chipaca :)12:43
aquarius(the error message needs updating to not refer to the applet, oops :))12:45
mvook :)12:45
aquariusI know what the problem is, I just need to find out what the status of the fix is. It's all SSO's fault. :-)12:46
seb128aquarius, hey btw ;-) keep your nice work I'm sure one day desktopcouch will work for somebody ;-)12:47
aquariusseb128, that's the Holy Grail I'm aiming for. :)12:47
mvothat is works for somebody? or for everybody ;) ?12:47
aquariusit works for *some* people now, promise12:48
seb128some being kenvandine? ;-)12:48
seb128I'm sure you paid him to say that it works for him!12:48
aquariusI'm too busy paying ken for all the other stuff he does for me, let alone that, hehe12:49
bcurtiswxseb128, i did this last night https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bcurtiswx/ubuntu/maverick/gnome-themes/gnome-themes-2.32.0/+merge/3693913:15
seb128bcurtiswx, thanks13:18
bcurtiswxseb128, NP.  off to work. wee13:19
seb128see you!13:19
Chipacaaquarius: hi13:23
Chipacaaquarius: what?13:23
mterryNouveau can't handle unity apparently?  too bad13:26
aquariusmvo, which version of desktopcouch do you have?13:26
aquariusChipaca, ^13:29
Chipacathere should be a new version RSN13:31
ChipacaI was expecting it to be in the archive already13:31
Chipacaneed to check on that13:31
nessitaChipaca: seems like is not... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/desktopcouch13:31
mvoI can build myself or instlal from a ppa if that helps?13:33
didrocksmterry: some people can get it, but most of people trying seem to fail, right13:35
mterrydidrocks, oh, it's good enough on some cards, but not others?  Interesting13:35
mterrydidrocks, seems like unity doesn't stress cards too much.  seems odd13:35
didrocksmterry: yeah, some people were telling that they happily run it.13:36
didrocksmterry: well, there is the direct GL calls too13:36
nessitamvo: if you want to build, this is the branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~cmiller/ubuntu/maverick/desktopcouch/0.6.913:37
seb128mvo, dget http://launchpadlibrarian.net/56680222/desktopcouch_0.6.9-0ubuntu1.dsc?13:38
kenvandineChipaca, it is in the unapproved queue13:38
seb128mvo, it's in the unapproved queue13:38
kenvandinehey seb12813:38
seb128hello kenvandine13:38
nessitakenvandine: any idea why is unapproved?13:39
seb128nessita, because we are frozen for RC13:40
seb128nothing get it until RC is out13:40
seb128and only selected updates will be accepted between RC and release13:40
nessitaseb128: isn't there any way of getting this in? desktopcouch will not work on RC for U1 otherwise13:41
seb128CDs images have been rolled yesterday13:41
seb128there will be no respin out of blocker bugs13:42
mterryOh noes.  /me just chose the wrong hard drive to erase during ISO testing13:42
seb128this is not really a blocker for the CD and doesn't warrant restarting spinning all isos and testing them again13:42
seb128mterry, urg :-(13:42
nessitaseb128: I understand. Thanks for the info :-)13:43
mterryHopefully I have a recent workable backup13:43
mvonessita, seb128: thanks, I have it now installed, its giving more output, unfortunately still a bunch of ServerError: (400, ('invalid_consumer', 'Invalid consumer (key or signature method).'))13:52
nessitamvo: yeah, that's a server issue me and thisfred are working on13:53
mvoaha, ok13:53
nessitamvo: the fact that you have a 400 means the desktop part "worked" (server bug is #648921)13:54
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jcastroseb128: that tomboy menu bug you 'Low'ed breaks tomboy for derivatives like xubuntu, which don't ship app indicators14:03
seb128jcastro, I just lowered the tomboy task because it seemed to be an appindicator issue14:04
seb128jcastro, feel free to change the settings14:04
jcastroactually I was hoping for help on that one. :)14:04
seb128but I doubt the settings will make a difference on who does what on that14:04
jcastroyeah, I just saw the one person complaining14:04
seb128it just need somebody to work on it14:05
kenvandinedidrocks, when une fails on the livecd, because of graphics, the fallback requires typing in the user name in gdm14:05
kenvandinedidrocks, which is weird, people might not know the username is ubuntu...14:05
seb128jcastro, well xubuntu probably doesn't ship mono either14:05
kenvandinenot sure what causes that... do we hide that user from the gdm list somehow?14:05
jcastroseb128: I heard ken needs something to do today14:05
seb128jcastro, it's probably the sort of issue we can sru14:05
* jcastro runs14:05
kenvandinedidrocks, good news is it worked :)14:05
seb128jcastro, it doesn't need to be fixed on the CD14:05
* kenvandine smacks jcastro14:05
didrockskenvandine: this is a gdm issue on the live, not une :)14:05
mterrykenvandine, I just filed bug 651085 about that14:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 651085 in netbook-meta (Ubuntu) "When installing UNE, not clear what to do when GPU isn't supported (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65108514:05
kenvandinedidrocks, i figured...14:05
didrockskenvandine: but it's still better than before where there was a crash :)14:06
kenvandinedidrocks, the fallback is nice though :)14:06
kenvandinegood work14:06
didrocksheh, thanks :)14:06
didrockskenvandine: it's not ubuntu-meta, it's gdm14:08
didrocksoupss, mterry ^^14:08
mterrydidrocks, OK, will move14:09
didrocksit's a general issue when you logout in the live session14:10
didrockshum, maybe that's because I'm writing .dmrc btw14:12
* didrocks thinks harder14:12
didrocksneed to try the desktop live again :)14:12
kenvandinei can test that...14:13
kenvandineshould i remove the .dmrc and restart gdm?14:13
didrockskenvandine: yes please! :)14:13
kenvandinei just started booting une live in a VM14:13
didrockshum, you will have autologin I guess14:13
kenvandineit will fallback14:14
didrocksyeah, but it will create .dmrc then :p14:14
kenvandineoh... yeah14:14
didrocksthe .dmrc is created by the fallback in fact14:14
didrocksso that it chooses the gnome session then14:14
kenvandinei removed it after the fallback14:14
didrocksyeah, but it will be too late :)14:14
kenvandinebut of course that just causes a loop14:14
didrocksgdm will have been restarted!14:14
kenvandineactually it does work14:15
didrockshum, can you change the default in /etc/gdm/custom.conf ?14:15
didrocksoh really?14:15
didrocksso, it doesn't ask for a username?14:15
kenvandineso after the fallback, i dropped to a console and removed .dmrc14:15
kenvandineand restarted gdm14:15
kenvandineit then prompted me a second time to install or try ubuntu14:15
didrocksok, it doesn't trigger the autologin then… weird :)14:15
kenvandineand clicking on try sent me into gnome14:15
kenvandinewhich i don't understand14:16
kenvandinesince the .dmrc isn't there anymore14:16
didrocksthat's another bug I guess :)14:16
didrocksthere is the gdm cache one!14:16
kenvandineit is a little ugly though, since you have to answer the try/install question again14:16
didrocksyeah, but it's not the solution :)14:17
didrocksI just want to know if it's asking the username as a side effect of having a .dmrc14:17
* didrocks grabs his test computer again14:17
didrocksdesktop cd, logout14:17
didrocksand see if ubuntu is prefiled or not14:18
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* mterry has to run out for a bit14:24
didrockslater mterry14:29
didrockskenvandine: yeah, it's the same in the desktop cd as well14:30
didrocksIIRC, we got it prefilled, with just "log in" and no username14:31
didrocksseb128: does it ring a bell or was I dreaming?  ^14:31
seb128didrocks, what?14:32
didrocksseb128: when you logout in the live session and get to gdm14:32
didrocksseb128: IIRC, we got just the "login" button and no need to enter a username14:32
seb128I think that's the case yes14:32
seb128let me test14:32
didrocksok, it's not on the RC14:33
seb128what? it doesn't work?14:33
* didrocks fetches beta CD14:33
didrocksyeah, I have to enter the username14:33
seb128I'm starting a lucid iso in kvm14:33
didrocksoh, if you still have one, that's great :)14:34
didrocksI'm also sure it was still the case on beta, just downloading it to confirm14:36
seb128didrocks, on lucid I get a "log in" button14:38
seb128when clicking on it it asks for username and password14:38
didrocksoh, it still asks for username14:38
didrocksbut only a log in button at start, and now we have directly username prompt14:38
didrockshence the surprize14:38
seb128didrocks, right, that's a fix in the new gdm14:39
didrocksbut no noticeable difference for the experience at the end (in the good way)14:39
seb128users complaining to have to click on a "log in" button which is useless14:39
didrocksright, makes sense14:39
didrocksbut on the live, people don't know they should enter "ubuntu" as a username, we should have some bugs about that already14:39
didrocksas it was also the case in lucid14:40
didrocksdo you think it should be fixed? (I'm not sure)14:40
cassidydidrocks, seb128, you'll have GTK3 in Maverick+1, right ?14:41
seb128didrocks, I think we have other issues to work on that fixing logout on livecd14:41
seb128cassidy, by default you mean?14:41
seb128cassidy, that's the plan yes14:41
cassidyI'm going to drop GTK 2 compat in Empathy master14:41
cassidytoo many API changes in GTK3, I can't keep both14:41
didrocksseb128: yeah, I agree, it's just pretty weird with the case your netwook doesn't support 3D, but well :) the experience14:41
seb128cassidy, ok14:43
cassidyand 2.91.0 is supposed to build with GTK3 so...14:43
seb128cassidy, we will get gtk3 for sure on the CD next cycle14:44
cassidygreat, thx14:44
seb128we might still have gtk2 as well but that's not sure14:44
seb128we will see how much we can transition14:44
* didrocks see tons of WI about "handling gtk2/3 on the CD" :)14:45
seb128didrocks, rodrigo_: hum, the ubuntu one email in french has no title nor sender14:50
seb128it's displayed as an empty list in the inbox14:50
seb128list -> line14:50
* didrocks opens14:50
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, looking14:51
seb128kenvandine, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62213414:51
ubot2Gnome bug 622134 in general "PiTiVi constantly crashes when zooming in the track" [Blocker,New]14:51
rodrigo_seb128, I checked several languages, not sure if the French one14:51
seb128kenvandine, can you get that fix uploaded?14:51
seb128kenvandine, upstream request, the fix is in the last comment and the launchpad bug is listed14:52
seb128kenvandine, it's a goocanvas one14:52
* seb128 fixes tomboy indicator patch to have its string translatable14:53
seb128it's not listed in the potfiles so not in the template :-(14:53
kenvandineseb128, sure14:54
didrocksrodrigo_: there is an addition empty line, I think that's what is wrong, checking other languages15:03
rodrigo_didrocks, yes, checking also15:04
didrocksrodrigo_: ok, it was the only one. Fixed there. We know now that you hate French people :)15:05
rodrigo_no, I don't, je vous aime :-)15:05
rodrigo_but there were so many languages, that I just checked a few15:05
rodrigo_and talked with dpm so that the translators will check them15:06
rodrigo_didrocks, so, you've fixed it?15:06
didrocksrodrigo_: yeah, it's fixed :)15:06
didrocksyw ;)15:06
didrocksseb128: is there a bug report about it?15:06
seb128didrocks, no15:06
seb128I just noticed it there15:06
didrocksok, commit to bzr for now, will wait if others things happen before uploading15:07
doko_seb128: which of the build failures in lucas's test rebuild did you want to fix. sorry, didn't make notes about it15:17
seb128doko_, gnome-applets15:21
seb128well we have a fix for this one, we can probably help on some others as time permit15:22
seb128doko_, apport is a false positive according to pitti15:22
seb128mterry, can you work on the desktop-webmail and devhelp ones?15:22
seb128chrisccoulson, do you still plan to work on telepathy-glib?15:23
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, i'll get back on to that one now actually15:23
mterryseb128, yes...  reading backlog15:23
seb128doko_, ^ we will work on those to start, we might help on some others once those are done15:24
seb128mterry, same as yesterday, ftbfs on http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_ftbfs.cgi15:24
seb128mterry, thanks!15:24
mterryseb128, yup15:24
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks15:24
seb128mterry, btw did you note the updates you did that didn't get sponsored?15:25
seb128mterry, we can get some of those in between rc and release15:25
mterryseb128, I believe just brasero and meld15:25
seb128mterry, ok, and gnome-applets15:26
mterryseb128, oh sure for the ftbfs15:26
seb128I will sponsor gnome-applets and brasero and review meld which was less trivial15:26
pittihm, what happened with the gvfs 1.6.4 update?15:32
pittiright now we have 1.6.215:32
pittiwhich falsely claims to be 1.6.315:32
james_w  usleep (10 * 1000); /* since fflush(3) seems buggy */ <- yay, exactly the sort of comment you want to see when investigating a race15:32
seb128pitti, how so falsely?15:32
pittiseb128: Robert added a changelog entry for 1.6.3 without actually doing bzr merge-upstream for 1.6.315:33
seb128pitti, 1.6.4 main diff was to fix ssh support with new openssh which seems to break it with ours15:33
pittiseb128: which now means that we have a debian/patches/debian_changes_* which reverts the 1.6.2->1.6.3 changes15:33
pittibut it also dropped some patches that we had before15:33
cyphermoxseb128, pitti, I have a branch with this all fixed already15:33
seb128that's what we get to have one source having a different workflow and people not used to it15:33
pitticyphermox: ah, good, I was about to ask about it15:34
cyphermox+ up to 1.6.415:34
pittiso we should probably revert that to a real 1.6.3?15:34
seb128or 1.6.4 with the one commit break ssh reverted15:34
cyphermoxseb128, that's its current state15:34
seb128pitti, can you get review and sponsor that?15:35
pittiyep, can do; meeting just ended15:35
cyphermoxpitti, I'll take another look to be sure, so I'll ping you in a minute15:35
seb128cyphermox, pitti: thanks15:35
pitticyphermox: please let me know which branch15:35
pitticyphermox: easy check: debian.tar.gz should have no debian_changes patch?15:35
kenvandineseb128, i can confirm the pygoocanvas fixes the crasher... but doesn't really fix the bug15:36
cyphermoxright, but I also want to make sure I did revert the ssh commit15:36
didrocksjames_w: excellent :)15:36
kenvandinewhen it would have crashed before, it no longer renders the thumbnail15:36
cyphermoxpitti: lp:~mathieu-tl/gvfs/update-to-1.6.415:36
kenvandineand spews out cairo errors in the console15:36
kenvandinebut at least it doesn't crash, so definately worth uploading15:36
james_wdidrocks: do you know much about glib internals?15:37
james_wdidrocks: like if a g_source_remove is implemented by writing "B" to an fd?15:37
didrocksjames_w: not that much, I think seb128 and njpatel would know more than me, what's up?15:37
cyphermoxpitti, there wasn't much besides that commit though, and the gconf init patch had already been cherry-picked to 1.6.3, that's what I mentioned monday and why I didn't propose it15:37
seb128kenvandine, can you talk to twi_ on #pitivi?15:38
didrocksjames_w: yeah, that's "too internal" for me :)15:38
cyphermoxpitti, are you looking at it already or waiting for a merge request?15:39
seb128kenvandine, ok15:39
pitticyphermox: checking out now15:39
cyphermoxpitti, ok15:39
pitticyphermox: r131 "Revert all patches" just meant to unapply them from the source tree, right?15:41
cyphermoxpitti, right15:41
cyphermoxsorry, not as clear as it sounded at first ;)15:41
pitticyphermox: and r132 was a merge-upstream with the 1.6.4 tarball?15:41
pittilooks fine15:43
* pitti pulls it into lp:ubuntu/gvfs15:43
pitticyphermox: can you please do another commit about adding the NEWS items to the changelog?15:44
pittiwe use to do that, and it's even more important at those "deep freeze" times15:44
cyphermoxpitti, sure15:44
seb128james_w, do you have a specific question?15:45
james_wseb128: I'm grabbing the source to have a look, but I'm trying to correlate an strace with the source15:45
james_wseb128: I'm seeing write(9, "B") when I think it should be executing a g_source_remove, so I wondered if that was the implementation of it15:45
seb128g_child_watch_signal_handler (int signum)15:47
seb128      write (child_watch_wake_up_pipe[1], "B", 1);15:47
james_wseb128: thanks15:48
seb128james_w, in glib/gmain.c15:48
seb128james_w, you're welcome15:48
james_w  /* FIXME: Think this through for races */16:00
seb128james_w, great ;-)16:02
=== doko_ is now known as doko
mterryjames_w, I notice that cairo's bzr is out of date with what's in the repos (by at least 3 weeks).  Seems wrong?16:08
mterry(lp:ubuntu/cairo that is)16:09
james_wwill be up to date in 10 minutes16:10
mterryjames_w, ah neat page.  Thanks16:11
kenvandinewow... I think I FINALLY figured out why facebook keeps throttling gwibber!16:24
kenvandineapparently we are over allocation for "FQL queries" but not for anything else16:24
seb128kenvandine, oh? what was it?16:24
* kenvandine wishes facebook would tell you this!16:24
kenvandineit is like sql, but for facebook :)16:24
seb128what action triggers those queries?16:25
kenvandineyou can do more complex queries and get less data back16:25
kenvandinewe use them a lot16:25
kenvandinebut because facebook suggests it16:25
kenvandineto limit the result set16:25
kenvandinebut... if we didn't use it and parsed the data more on the client side, it would spread out the method calls16:26
kenvandineso moving away from fql would mean downloading more data at a time16:26
kenvandinebut it would mean more evenly distributed method calls16:27
* kenvandine grumbles about facebook not being very transparent 16:27
kenvandinethey intentionally don't explain their allocation stuff, for some strange reason16:27
seb128they maybe don't like clients made by other people ;-)16:28
kenvandinethat is actually true... and what they dislike the most is desktop clients16:28
kenvandinethey want to drive everything through their website16:29
seb128well it's understandable that's where they have ads16:29
seb128ie where they made money16:29
hyperairseb128: i hear that GNOME is releasing approximately now. are we going to have those new releases in ubuntu?16:30
kenvandineryan isn't going to be happy about this... he really prefers fql16:30
didrockshyperair: we already have it (for most of pieces :))16:30
hyperairdidrocks: oh, i see.16:31
hyperairdidrocks: we've got a slight issue with banshee and libgpod, see.16:31
hyperairdidrocks: since we(ubuntu)'re releasing earlier this cycle than in the previous cycles, we're frozen so hard that the new libgpod can't come in and so banshee can't either.16:32
didrockshyperair: the stable version of banshee, you mean?16:32
didrockshyperair: they bump the requirement?16:32
hyperairdidrocks: yes.16:32
hyperairdidrocks: they need this new thing in libgpod# for playlists.16:33
didrocksit's late for bumping requirements on shared components :/16:33
hyperairi know16:33
hyperairand libgpod hasn't even released16:33
didrocksit's like a feature in addition to that…16:33
hyperairit should be released by today though16:33
gabaugdidrocks: can't libgpod get it the same way gnome does?16:33
gabaugBanshee aligned our schedule with GNOME's just to make this kind of scheduling easier :-/16:33
didrocksgabaug: amarok and rhythmbox are using it as well not sure about that16:34
didrocksgabaug: yeah, but libgpod isn't an external dependency?16:34
gabaugdidrocks: yeah, but doesn't glib etc all get updated about now too? :)16:34
seb128there is no way it gets in16:34
seb128I've seen the diffstat earlier16:34
didrockswhich means that requirements shouldn't get bumped at random time,16:34
seb128the only reason GNOME updates get it so late it's because GNOME is code frozen for 2 weeks16:34
seb128the new tarballs only have translations updates16:35
seb128with some reviewed commit for rc issues16:35
seb128we are updating from candidate to stable versions16:35
LaneyI'd like to see it 0-day SRUed at least16:36
Laneycould that be done?16:36
seb128it can be sru-ed but there is no reason it should skip the week verification16:36
LaneyThat's not what I meant.16:36
seb128oh ok, sorry16:36
Laney0-day as in in proposed at release16:36
seb128as I said earlier today the sru can be uploaded today16:37
Laneyhyperair: let's do that then16:37
seb128gabaug, being on the GNOME schedule will make things easier it's just late to have updated external depends16:38
seb128ideally by .90 you should be set for changes on just getting fixes16:38
seb128the transition to libgpod didn't make things easy this cycle though16:39
seb128it was made a bit late16:39
Laneywould be good if libgpod could get on the gnome schedule indeed16:40
seb128well it doesn't really have to16:41
seb128but how come you get new requirement between rc and stable?16:41
seb128did banshee got new feature? or has it not been working since the switch to libgpod?16:41
Laneyplaylist support was missing16:42
Laneyand some other bugs that got through16:42
Laneywhich required api support/fixes in libgpod16:42
Laneybenefits other consumers too16:42
seb128right, it's just getting late16:42
seb128once requirements are set it should be easier next cycle16:42
seb128usually we can manage with backporting bug fixes16:43
seb128but this set of libgpod changes seems a bit much for an after rc upload16:43
Laneyyeah it's not critical for the cd16:43
mterryseb128, I can do more FTBFS work, but I'm not sure if any are already taken.  Do I just check for bugs?16:55
seb128doko, ^16:55
didrocksthere is just one assigned to the team16:56
seb128mterry, I guess open an unclaimed bugs are free to take16:56
seb128mterry, ^16:56
mterrydidrocks, just did devhelp16:56
dokoyes, this one and the cairo one16:56
seb128nautilus-sendto gnome-bluetooth gtksourceview2 are to update still16:56
dokono more16:56
seb128if somebody want to do those16:56
mterryall right, I'll look at them16:57
seb128they are just translation update versions so no hurry16:57
seb128what cairo one?16:57
seb128the one mterry just fixed?16:57
didrocksI've just been assigned folks… I think vapi is still playing with us16:57
seb128didrocks, who assigned it to you?16:57
didrocksdoko did16:57
seb128didrocks, can you bounce back to chrisccoulson I think it's similar to telepathy-glib16:58
seb128doko, don't assign bugs to other people please, just assign to our team and let us dispatch16:58
didrocksyeah, it should be similar, chrisccoulson can you have a look?16:58
seb128didrocks, can you sponsor devhelp for mterry?16:59
seb128I will sponsor cairo and gnome-applets16:59
mterryseb128, ah, those packages are 2.32.0 updates.  For some reason I thought we were still talking ftbfs17:01
seb128mterry, sorry for the confusion17:02
seb128I was just dumping task for people running out of things to do17:02
mterrynp, I misread and was wondering where you saw the ftbfs  :)17:02
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
didrocksmterry: do you have the devhelp's branch handy?17:23
mterrydidrocks, you mean this: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu/maverick/devhelp/651255/17:23
didrocksmterry: sweet, thanks!17:24
seb128ok, time for sport and dinner17:35
didrockssee you seb12817:36
seb128didrocks, see you later!17:36
bcurtiswx_sport and dinner, that would be an exercise, then dinner?17:43
chrisccoulsondidrocks, so........17:56
* didrocks hides17:56
chrisccoulson......vala 0.10.0 is not compatible with our gir version17:56
didrocksyeah, I reverted the commits normally17:56
* cyphermox -> lunch17:56
didrocksit was a world of fun :)17:56
didrockshope that I didn't let a commit away17:57
didrocksreverted something like 7-8 IIRC17:57
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, it seems like we'll need to revert some more for vala17:58
didrocksyeah, I was afraid to miss one. I tried to build some project using gir as a test and it was ok17:59
didrocksbut well, vapi and gir are so much fun :)17:59
* mterry looks forward to a more stable gir17:59
ftadidrocks, thanks :)18:06
didrocksfta: yw, sorry for the delay :)18:06
ftadidrocks, n-p18:07
chrisccoulsondidrocks, oh, it seems you only reverted the first hunk of http://git.gnome.org/browse/vala/commit/?h=0.10&id=fbec64baed9df348044203dd63beca8363b2df88 :)18:09
chrisccoulsoni take it that wasn't intentional ;)18:09
didrockschrisccoulson: hum, I remember having seen the other one reverted as well18:09
didrocksit's not?18:09
didrocks(I really remember about that hunk :))18:10
chrisccoulsondidrocks, it doesn't look like it. and the changes there seem to tie in the with the error messages we're seeing too18:10
chrisccoulsoni'll revert that second one and try it again18:10
didrockschrisccoulson: oh nice you found it!18:10
didrocksbut I remember to be surprize to see it reverted already18:11
didrocksand spent some time on it :)18:11
chrisccoulsonoh, i should check. i only looked at whats reverted in your patch18:11
chrisccoulsonok, building now. lets see what happens :)18:23
kklimondavala's gir support mostly experimental so I'm not surprised it's broken again ;)18:28
jonopedro_, have you experience CD burning issues in brasero?18:32
jonoit just keeps ejecting the disc18:32
ari-tczewkklimonda: hello!18:34
chrisccoulsondidrocks, ok, that works now :-)18:34
didrockschrisccoulson: great :)18:35
chrisccoulson(well, it works for telepathy-glib, so i assume it fixes folks too)18:35
rickspencer3jono, audio disc?18:35
rickspencer3I can try to repro right now18:35
jonorickspencer3, ^18:35
rickspencer3wtf is riaudio?18:36
kklimondaari-tczew: hey, sorry about gwget - I have a busy day out of nowhere, will push the patch in a moment.18:36
rickspencer3jono, create an audio project, you mean?18:36
chrisccoulsondidrocks, want to sponsor vala? (i don't think i can upload that)18:36
jonorickspencer3, yep18:36
jonoI think it also happened when burning an ISO18:36
didrockschrisccoulson: can you try to rebuild unity as well before?18:37
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, sure18:37
didrockschrisccoulson: or njpatel will certainly be sad otherwise :)18:37
ari-tczewkklimonda: okok18:37
rickspencer3jono, so, er, I'm not smart enough to figure out how to tell braesero to actually burn the disk18:43
rickspencer3I can make an image file, though18:43
jonorickspencer3, add some tracks and there is a burn icon on the toolbar18:44
jonoso it seems k3b can burn a disc ok, so it is not a hardware thing18:44
rickspencer3no burn icon for me18:44
jonoweird, I am burning with K3B so I can't check right now18:45
rickspencer3maybe it doesn't work with mp3s18:45
jonoI also need to run and do my community Q+A in a sec18:45
jonoooh good point18:45
jonoI will try it with oggs and see what happens18:45
kklimondaari-tczew: I have forwared it to both GNOME and Debian but don't expect it to get fixed at any point - upstream seems dead and so does debian ;)18:46
ari-tczewkklimonda: yea, I know. Last year I've worked with upstream on gwget code and features. I did a migrate libglade -> gtkbuilder18:47
chrisccoulsondidrocks, ok, unity still builds too18:47
didrockschrisccoulson: great, do you have a .dsc file or debdiff handy?18:48
chrisccoulsondidrocks, i've pushed it to bzr18:50
* ari-tczew prefers use bzr to single patches18:51
didrockschrisccoulson: great, got it18:51
chrisccoulsoncool, thanks18:51
rickspencer3jono, fwiw, braesero appears to be burning for me18:54
rickspencer3pedro_, ^18:55
pedro_rickspencer3, jono sorry was having lunch18:56
pedro_jono, works fine here with Maverick, which version are you running there?18:57
pedro_jono, if you can reproduce the bug, may you run brasero as: brasero --brasero-burn-debug --brasero-media-debug &> brasero-debug.txt ; reproduce the issue and file a bug with that log? so we can follow up on it18:58
rickspencer3jono, pedro_ I can confirm that it worked for me19:00
rickspencer3but maybe braesero just like Jerry Garcia Band19:00
pedro_not every bug is reproducible, sometimes it depends on the codecs you have installed, hardware, etc19:01
* didrocks waves good evening19:04
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
GrueMasterHas anyone seen this issue on x86?  Bug 651391.19:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 651391 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Changing desktop font changed entire theme appearance in une-efl (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65139119:50
GrueMasterI know une-efl is not supported in x86, just wondering if it affects desktop/unity.19:51
asacanyone wants to take bug 64762820:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 647628 in hildon-desktop (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "package hildon-desktop 1:2.0.11-1~svn15367-0ubuntu7 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu', which is also in package gnome-menus 2.30.3-0ubuntu2 (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64762820:54
cyphermoxasac, I can, if you can sponsor after?21:23
asaccyphermox: sure21:29
asaccyphermox: see if you can find out why that happens now21:29
asacwsa there a hildon-desktop update?21:30
asackenvandine: twitter in gwibber has probs with authentication?21:30
cyphermoxasac, last was a fix ten days ago21:31
kenvandineasac, not that i know of21:32
kenvandineasac, details?21:32
asackenvandine: well. i started gwibber after a few weeks and now the credentials dialog pops up21:32
asacand i dont get twitter content etc.21:32
asace.g. account settings dialog21:33
kenvandineso since the oauth conversion i guess?21:33
kenvandineit should pop up if it fails to auth21:33
kenvandineyou need to authorize it21:34
asaclet me kill everything and see what happens then ... maybe its because i had an upgrade running21:34
asackenvandine: hmm21:35
asacps -eaf | grep gwibber21:35
asacasac      6724     1  0 22:11 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/gwibber-error -m There was an keyring failure from UNKNOWN for account UNKNOWN, error was UNKNOWN -t Gwibber -c info -s UNKNOWN -u UNKNOWN -e keyring21:35
asacasac      6732  6724  0 22:11 ?        00:00:01 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/gwibber-accounts21:35
asacok /me kills all21:35
* asac starts from cmdline21:35
kenvandinebut you can't see gwibber-accounts?21:35
asackenvandine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/502845/21:36
asacthats what i get when starting21:36
asacdoesnt look that good21:36
kenvandinethat is it starting gwibber-service21:37
asacthose errors are ok?21:37
asaci only see facebook and identica content21:37
kenvandinewe don't need it to start on all those interfaces, they are dependent on a single one21:38
kenvandineyeah, so it prompted you to auth twitter, but apparently the window got lost?21:38
kenvandineit won't nag you again for a bit... i think 5 minutes21:38
asacno it didnt prompt me21:38
asacit opened the account manager with twitter selected21:38
kenvandineyou had gwibber-accounts running in that ps21:38
kenvandineright... that is how we prompt for now... which i know isn't great21:38
asacafter killing everything nothing happens. no error, no dialog, but still no twitter21:39
asacah ok21:39
kenvandineyeah, it knows it popped up gwibber-accounts21:39
asacso now the accounts stuff doesnt happen anymore21:39
kenvandineand won't bother you for a l ittle bit21:39
kenvandineso run gwibber-accounts manually21:39
kenvandineand select twitter, and hit the auth button21:39
asackenvandine: can i just open the account setting dialog in the UI?21:39
kenvandinewe need a better way to handle that without adding a gtk dep the the service21:40
asacso now i see it21:40
asacit never had focus on twitter, only identica21:40
asaceven though twitter was the problem i guess21:40
kenvandineit should focus twitter21:40
kenvandinewell, when it popped up before21:40
asacit definitly didnt ;) ... otherwise i would have seen the authorize button21:40
asacok anyway ... i authorized now21:41
asacis there a way i can reproduce?21:41
asacwhy did it start asking me at all? i used it before quite successfully21:41
asacso now i hit refresh ... and the accounts settings dialog came back21:42
asacagain with identica focussed, but twitter is highlighted somehow in slight red21:42
kenvandineyou got the web view thing for twitter right?21:42
asackenvandine: that web view thing worked and confirmed that all was fine21:42
asacthen i hit refresh and how i have the account setting dialog with identica selected and the twitter tab being red21:43
kenvandineand now it popped up again?21:43
asacgrrr ... alt+print doesnt do a screenshot anymore :(((21:43
kenvandinelook at the log21:43
asacmaverick ;)21:43
asacno ... its gnome21:43
kenvandineoh, i thought that only broke in unity :)21:43
asaci will relogin after getting the log21:43
asacmaybe it was fixed in the 700M of upgrades i got a few minutes ago21:44
kenvandinea little outdated?21:44
asacok seems its keyring problem21:44
asaclet me restart the gnome session and see if twitter works21:44
asacand clean the log etc.21:45
asacok ... now starting again ;)21:46
kenvandinenotifying users of errors and giving them ways to handle them is going to be something i want to spend time on for natty21:47
kenvandineor someone needs to :)21:47
asackenvandine: ok so http://paste.ubuntu.com/502851/ thats the beginning ... no dialog etc. now manually authorizing, right?21:47
kenvandineyeah... do that21:48
* asac opens account dialog21:48
kenvandineit must have failed to add them to the keyring last time21:48
asac"asacasa has been authorized  by Twitter" ;)21:49
asaclet me look at the log now21:49
asacok nothing new in there i seems21:49
asacnow lets hit refresh21:49
asacdo i need to hit the "save" button?21:49
kenvandineyes... :)21:49
asacthats insane21:50
kenvandinei know21:50
asacnobody would do that ;)21:50
asaclets see21:50
* asac hits save ... and now refresh21:50
asachah. that worked21:50
asaci dont knokw what to say ... but thats really a blocker imo ;)21:51
kenvandinewe now autosave prefs since we dropped couchdb21:51
asacbut well. the auth token should be saved automatically21:51
kenvandinebut that is part of the hoops we jump through to parse the result from webkit... it can be better21:51
asacespecially if the dialog tells you taht you authorized successfully21:51
asacanyway ... me stops complaining and moves to happy mode21:51
* asac tries alt+print21:51
kenvandinei know it needs to be improved21:52
kenvandineit will get attention when there is time :)21:52
* kenvandine is still grumbling about facebook... 21:52
asacok alt+print is definitly broken21:52
asacmaybe its because i have some unity bits installed somewhere21:52
* kenvandine hates supporting facebook more and more each day21:52
asacis noone complaining about twitter setup ;)?21:52
kenvandinei thought that was a unity thing...21:52
asacjust "print" works21:53
kenvandineasac, actually no...21:53
asacbut alt+print doesnt21:53
asachmm. ok. then its just me not looking at dialogs ;)21:53
kenvandineyour the first person i have seen complain about that... the biggest complaint i hear daily is facebook allocation crap21:53
asacright. maybe it means that facebook is more important nowadays ;)21:53
asacgreat... my tweets go to twitter again!!!21:54
asackenvandine: one more thing: gwibber could be less verbose about position on stdout ;)21:55
asacPosition: 021:55
asacPosition: 021:55
asaci get zillions of those when scrolling21:55
kenvandineyeah... i don't want to touch that code21:55
asacok. so that output still has some value it seems ;)21:55
asaceven if it means that some side effect of it keeps things unbroke ;)21:56
kenvandineyeah... tracking the position still worries me21:56
kenvandineryan's magic21:56
asacwhat is position?21:56
asacthe bubble number displayed on top of window?21:56
asacseems so21:56
kenvandineso it doesn't scroll to the top on refresh21:57
chrisccoulsonurgh, telepathy-glib is epic fail21:57
chrisccoulsonempathy doesn't start now :(21:57
asackenvandine: didnt i see screenshots with gwibber having separate columns for facebook/twitter/identica somewhere?21:57
* asac looks in preferences21:57
seb128chrisccoulson, how so?21:57
kenvandineyou can do that21:57
kenvandineasac, add stream21:58
chrisccoulsonseb128 - it just seems to hang, and do nothing21:58
chrisccoulsonit doesn't even display a window21:58
kenvandinenew stream21:58
asackenvandine: cool ;)21:58
kenvandineasac, ^^21:58
asacsomething worked ;)21:58
kenvandinei call that the jono feature :)21:58
seb128chrisccoulson, it does that there as well without the telepathy-glib update but I didn't have time to investigate21:58
seb128I though it was due to my glib update21:58
asacthanks a bunch21:58
seb128chrisccoulson, does it work if you downgrade telepathy-glib?21:59
* kenvandine needs to runout...bbl21:59
kenvandinenp asac21:59
chrisccoulsonseb128 - oh, possibly. i've not restarted empathy for a while now, so it would still be using old libraries21:59
jonokenvandine, jono feature?21:59
kenvandinemulti-column view21:59
jonoahhh yeah21:59
kenvandinein gwibber21:59
* kenvandine jets21:59
cyphermoxasac, I see now, hildon-desktop was synced this cycle, afaict it shouldn't install applications.menu22:00
asacseb128: ^^ thats bug 64762822:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 647628 in hildon-desktop (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "package hildon-desktop 1:2.0.11-1~svn15367-0ubuntu7 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu', which is also in package gnome-menus 2.30.3-0ubuntu2 (affects: 4) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64762822:00
asacwhat do you think?22:00
seb128is hildon still use anywhere?22:01
asacnot sure ... http://popcon.ubuntu.com/22:01
seb128it was a lpia early mobile thing22:02
asaci think its more important than other stuff in archive. i had it installed for whatever reason and bumped into that bug ;)22:02
asacmust have been a regression in last 20 days (thats when i last upgraded)22:02
seb128do you actually use it?22:03
asacno. but the upgrade broke22:03
cyphermoxI think most people using it would have had gnome-menus as well anyway, judging from the two bug reports22:03
asaci dont know why i have that22:03
asacseb128: i think its still used by maemo22:04
chrisccoulsonseb128 - oh, it seems empathy is blocking on a response from something over dbus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/502864/22:04
seb128asac, you worked on lpia or mobile stuff 2 years ago?22:04
seb128chrisccoulson, dconf issue?22:04
asacyeah ... thats when i got that i guess22:04
asacseb128: didrocks owned hildon. maybe ask him to remove the package or fix it ;)22:04
chrisccoulsonseb128 - possibly22:04
seb128chrisccoulson, I backported some changes for the gdbus api updates22:05
seb128but I guess we would have received other bugs by then if that was an issue for everybody22:05
seb128asac, let me check why it ships this .menu22:05
asacactually i think didrocks did not own hildon, he rather almost owned it ... but thats good enough22:05
asacto say he can say what to do ;)22:05
chrisccoulsonseb128 - it doesn't look like it's telepathy related though, so i think telepathy-glib is good to go, although it would be nice to test it22:06
chrisccoulsonok, empathy has started now the call timed out :)22:06
seb128asac, we should put in on lool he's listed as debian comaintainer22:07
seb128chrisccoulson, right but the buddy list is not responsive no?22:07
asaclool: bug 647628 ;)22:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 647628 in hildon-desktop (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "package hildon-desktop 1:2.0.11-1~svn15367-0ubuntu7 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu', which is also in package gnome-menus 2.30.3-0ubuntu2 (affects: 4) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64762822:07
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, just noticed that too22:07
asaci wasnt the one filing this bug ;)22:07
asac(just fyi)22:07
seb128chrisccoulson, I feel less alone now ;-)22:08
seb128chrisccoulson, I think it's a dconf issue22:08
asacseb128: alt+print not working in gnome is a side effect of having some unity stuff installed?22:09
seb128asac, could be, I didn't notice but I can confirm there22:09
asacno worries. just want to ensure that its known to work on "normal" installs22:11
seb128libhildondesktop/libhildonmenu.h:#define MENU_FILE "applications.menu"22:11
seb128I would say rename the file hildon-applications.menu22:12
seb128then update that define22:12
seb128^whoever want to fix that one22:12
seb128asac, no alt-print seems to no work on a normal install22:13
asacseb128: why is gnome-menus using a not namespaced name?22:14
seb128chrisccoulson, nautilus-sendto has the same issue there22:14
asacimo its a bug in both packages ;)22:14
chrisccoulsonseb128 - when did you last update your machine?22:14
asacgnome-menus could also use gnome-applications.menu22:14
seb128chrisccoulson, lol, sort of a while ago22:14
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i just went to install some debugging symbols, and it pulled in lots of new packages22:14
chrisccoulsonand it's fixed now ;)22:14
seb128chrisccoulson, I manage to do only half the updates since I'm back22:14
seb128GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed22:15
chrisccoulsonyeah, i don't get that now either22:15
seb128I get those warnings and an hang in gdbus22:15
seb128well that's sort of what I though22:15
seb128it must be a missing update :p22:15
seb128I still have some 350 updates to do22:15
seb128600meg to download after 2 weeks22:15
seb128it's crazy ;-)22:15
chrisccoulsonyeah, i've just pulled in a new dconf and glib. that goes to show how often i update this laptop ;)22:16
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i'm a bit confused about that22:16
chrisccoulsoni updated glib the other night when i did glibmm22:17
chrisccoulsonthat was just a local build :)22:17
chrisccoulsonso i'm still running the same version really22:17
seb128I bet it's d-conf22:17
seb128the new version had the gdbus api change update22:17
seb128I've the old version on that box22:17
chrisccoulsonok, telepathy-glib is uploaded22:19
seb128so what was the issue?22:19
chrisccoulsonseb128 - one of the commits porting vala to use the new gir version had only been partially reverted22:19
seb128chrisccoulson, updating libdconf0 fixed the hang there as well22:20
asachmm. seems that alt-print key is not even propagated22:20
seb128chrisccoulson, oh ok so it was vala22:20
chrisccoulsonasac - that's because it's sysrq ;)22:20
asaci cannot change it back to alt-print in keyboard shortcuts22:20
asacchrisccoulson: huh?22:20
seb128chrisccoulson, but it used to work?22:20
asacit worked since beginning of universe ;)22:20
seb128it has always been the shortcut to take a screenshot of whatever dialog has the focus22:21
asacnow i have it set to alt-scrolllock ;)22:21
asacchrisccoulson: what and who touched that?22:21
chrisccoulsonasac - i'm not sure. 1 second, i'll try and find the bug22:21
asacthats really important bug imo ... if something that basic stops working we have a problem ;)22:22
asacthanks for finding the bug ;)22:22
chrisccoulsonmy inbox is such a mess. i really need to just CTRL+A and then DEL :)22:22
asacdont read it ;)22:22
seb128you should filter bugs22:22
seb128I marked my bugmails as read when I came back this week22:23
seb128I figured that if somebody needed me or a bug was annoying it would come back in some way22:23
seb128seems to work so far nobody complained ;-)22:23
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think i might do that ;)22:23
chrisccoulsonasac - bug 64279222:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 642792 in metacity (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "ALT+PrtSc not recognised (affects: 5) (dups: 1) (heat: 28)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64279222:23
asaci am using compiz22:24
chrisccoulsonasac - it gets the preference from the same place AFAICT22:24
chrisccoulsonthe preference is shipped by metacity, but i think compiz uses the same thing22:25
chrisccoulsonhmmm, bug 651523 is weird22:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 651523 in xulrunner-1.9.2 (Ubuntu) "package xulrunner-1.9.2 build1 nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127 (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65152322:25
chrisccoulson/usr/lib/xulrunner- error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/xulrunner- invalid ELF header22:26
micahg:(, running i386 on amd64 or vice versa?22:26
chrisccoulsonmicahg - that's what i though, but it usually gives a different error for that i think22:27
cyphermoxseb128, asac, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/ubuntu/maverick/hildon-desktop/lp647628/+merge/3707022:28
chrisccoulson"wrong ELF class" is what you'd expect to see22:28
cyphermoxfail, I spammed the merge request :/22:28
seb128cyphermox, did you build test that?22:30
cyphermoxright, I really fail22:30
seb128cyphermox, I didn't but I would not be surprised if it was installing both names22:30
seb128the upstream one in the upstream make install and the debian one in the rules22:30
cyphermoxseb128, I'll check22:31
seb128cyphermox, in fact maybe not it seems the upstream one is no .install22:32
cyphermoxseb128, either way, I should have tested the build before filing the merge request22:32
cyphermoxI'm doing that now :)22:32
chrisccoulsonhmmm, my laptop seems to get slower and slower every day22:36
chrisccoulsonor i get more impatient22:36
chrisccoulsonoh, using 3GB of swap probably doesn't help22:36
chrisccoulsonbrb too, time for a reboot22:37
seb128chrisccoulson, not sure why but my box get slower over time22:38
seb128like I can't build gtk and glib without real slowdown22:38
seb128it used to be ok in lucid but in maverick it start being slower during the build22:39
chrisccoulsonyeah, mines been particularly bad the last few days22:39
seb128to a point where scrolling on screen is lagging22:39
chrisccoulsonit takes me 2.5 hours to build firefox now, and i can't use my laptop at all for that time22:39
chrisccoulsonthe cursor just freezes on screen for minutes at a time22:39
micahgchrisccoulson: :(, is that for 4?22:40
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yeah, it's got terribly slow on my laptop in recent days22:40
chrisccoulsonbut i don't think that's a ff issue ;)22:40
micahgchrisccoulson: it's must be the test suite22:40
chrisccoulsonthat time is without even running that ;)22:41
asacchrisccoulson: do you see the same slow down in build time in dailies?22:43
chrisccoulsonasac - it's dailies that i build, but the build times seem ok in the PPA22:44
chrisccoulsonits just my machine ;)22:44
asacdying disk?22:44
asactoo many builds ;)22:44
chrisccoulsoni think it's just a case of the disk being really slow, and the fact that i'm always using swap22:44
asacwhy is it always using swap?22:45
asacare you doing parallel builds now in the package?22:45
asaclike -j$(CPUCOUNT)+1?22:45
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure why it's using so much swap :/22:45
chrisccoulsonasac - we aren't doing any parallel builds. not sure my machine would cope with that ;)22:45
asacchrisccoulson: i doubt it ;) ... how much mem?22:46
chrisccoulsonyeah, and that's going to be even more inadequate when i try and do a PGO build at the end of the week ;)22:46
chrisccoulsoni think i might have to try and do it overnight when i'm not using it22:46
asac2G with amd64 is not enough for firefox anyway22:46
chrisccoulsonyeah, perhaps i should get some more22:47
asacyou needed 4G on 64-bit in the past ... use 32-bit ;)22:47
asacand i guess ffox4 has probably even bigger link jobs22:47
cyphermoxseb128, hildon-desktop looks good at first glance but I'm missing a lot of stuff it seems for it to do anything useful (e.g. applications or settings). at least strace agrees it looks for ~/.osso/hildon-applications.menu now22:47
chrisccoulsoni keep wondering whether it would just be better to get a separate box for doing builds on22:47
chrisccoulsonanyway, brb, going to reboot now all my applications have finally closed22:48
seb128cyphermox, hum, maybe asac can confirm it was working better before22:50
seb128it was probably not22:50
seb128asac, ^ can you sponsor https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/ubuntu/maverick/hildon-desktop/lp647628/+merge/37070 if you are happy with the update?22:50
seb128the change seems fine to me but I've never used hildon22:51
chrisccoulsonhmmm, wasn't there a recent change to make the inactive windows title bars completely opaque?22:53
seb128I though22:53
seb128the focussed one seems ok, the other one are weird there22:54
chrisccoulsonlooks like i need this update: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/1:0.8.6-0ubuntu922:54
seb128same here I guess ;-)22:54
chrisccoulsonright, it's time for me to just update everything22:54
seb128_right, same here, but that will be tomorrow, enough work for today22:55
seb128_'night everybody22:55
asacis the policy to keep those changes at UNRELEASED?22:56
seb128_asac, those?22:56
seb128_usually whoever upload do a dch -r before22:56
asacthat would change the changelog author, not?22:56
asace.g. and move the sponsoree to a [ .. ] tag22:57
seb128_dch -r -t?22:57
chrisccoulsonasac - so, i'm going to hopefully try doing a profile guided build of firefox this weekend :)22:57
chrisccoulsoni need to build gcc-4.5 before then though22:57
asachmm. another bug ;)22:57
chrisccoulsonheh ;)22:58
chrisccoulsoni need this change in: http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=4562322:58
asaca few days ago i started to get asked for my ssh key in a dialog22:58
ubot2gcc.gnu.org bug 45623 in tree-optimization "[4.5 Regression] GCC 4.5.[01] breaks our ffi on Linux64. ABI break?" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]22:58
asacerr ssh passphrase22:58
asaci never had to do that :/22:58
asackeyring bustage?22:58
seb128_asac, there is a dch option to no modify the infos in the changelog22:58
kklimondaseb128_: hmm, man dch states that -t doesn't work with -r22:58
chrisccoulsonasac - oh, i see that too22:58
seb128_kklimonda, try -m then ;-)22:58
seb128_with -r22:58
chrisccoulsonbut, it could be that i haven't updated in ages22:58
kklimondaseb128_: :*22:58
asacchrisccoulson: noone cares? ;)22:58
kklimondaseb128_: I was looking just for that two days ago, thanks22:59
cyphermoxgotta go now -- planned dinner23:00
chrisccoulson'night cyphermox23:01
cyphermox'night chrisccoulson23:01

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