evshtylman_: what's wrong with those?09:02
evhighvoltage: you can make it point to whatever you want by changing /.disk/release_notes_url09:03
evNCommander: you're better off removing ubiquity rather than the oem-config package as that will pick up oem-config-${frontend} as well.09:12
NCommanderev: er, I don't think I wantto remove ubiquity in casper from a live image :-)09:13
* ogra would just remove the diversion :)09:13
* NCommander whacks ogra 09:13
evah, I seem to have missed the intent of this09:14
evreading comments, ftw09:14
NCommanderogra: if [ `uname -m | grep arm` ]; then exit 009:15
NCommanderthat's not crack is it?09:15
evlooks okay to me, though given the point in the release cycle you might want to get at least one more pair of eyes on that09:15
ograa bit broad ... butu will work09:15
NCommanderogra: its going to die as soon as natty opens09:16
ograyes, since dove is gonna die :)09:16
cjwatsonplease don't use that form10:03
cjwatson'if uname -m | grep -q arm; then ...'10:03
ograoh, yeah ... no subshell10:04
cjwatson(or 'if [ "$(uname -m | grep arm)" ]; then ...' - quoting matters - but it's a useless use of test)10:04
araev, morning!11:04
araev, is it normal that ubuntu dvd is installing all the lang packs and then uninstall those that don't apply?11:05
evwhat it's doing is copying all the files from a read-only copy of the live CD filesystem, which includes all the langpacks11:07
evthen it removes the ones it doesn't need at the end11:07
evnow, it has a bit of smarts to know it's going to remove certain files that it is about to copy, and thus doesn't copy them11:08
araev, isn't there a way to avoid that? at least for lang packs11:08
arafor cd is OK, there are not many, but the dvd....11:08
evara: the above mentioned speed up should mostly take care of it11:08
evit wont really be copying any files for the langpack packages it ultimately removes11:09
araev, from the logs it seems that it did copy them11:10
evara: it will say it did, but it's not actually doing it11:10
evif you want to see for yourself, put the installer in debug mode and run through it11:11
evthat should spit out a bunch of "blacklisting:" messages in /var/log/installer/debug11:11
evfor all the files it's skipping11:11
araev, OK, thanks a lot! (and sorry for being skeptical ;-) )11:12
evno worries at all11:12
CIA-28base-installer: cjwatson * r405 ubuntu/debian/ (base-installer.templates bootstrap-base.templates changelog): merge lp:~cody-somerville/base-installer/fix-final_apt_preferences-waypoint-failure-with-live-installer11:21
CIA-28base-installer: cjwatson * r406 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.107ubuntu311:23
mR0_how to install nvidia manualy?11:52
highvoltageev: thanks!12:23
davmor2ev: the installer on netbook just goes off the bottom of the screen.   Also if you click on the arrow to see the details they are all off the screen with no obvious way to read them :(14:09
evGoes off the screen on what page?14:10
evI realised this morning that I should've put a check for enough free vertical space around the code that constructs the expander14:11
evA bit too late for that now though14:11
davmor2ev: from the first page that displays the progress bar it only displays about 2/3's of the bar14:13
evWhat's the screen resolution on this netbook?14:13
Riddellev: after OEM install and setup I still have ubiquity installed, isn't it ment to be removed?14:19
Riddellbug 65108614:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 651086 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Install icons stays in netbook favourites after OEM install (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65108614:23
evRiddell:about to be in a meeting. I suspect the work superm1 did to refine the removal process failed to cover kde. I'll have a look when I get out though.14:27
evI could be quite wrong14:28
shtylman_ev: they look like death14:49
superm1ev, Riddell it should still be removed using the same method as lucid did on the kde frontend15:30
superm1only difference for kde frontend for maverick will be that DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is getting unset due to it crashing debconf when running and the locale is set this time around during the removal15:31
superm1if it's not getting removed, run oem-config in mode and get some logs filed15:31
Riddellsuperm1: ok I'll do that in a bit16:24
* ev 's brain is mush today. Having a very hard time following the intent along the path of grub_default().17:03
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evcjwatson, superm1: does this make sense to you (with the code move to make the flow a bit more clear): http://paste.ubuntu.com/502719/17:39
evmind you, I don't know if that actually fixes anything17:39
evbut in investigating bug 630529 I noticed it was comparing files that could very well be a by-whatever symlink and a device node17:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 630529 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Installing from USB drive writes boot sector to USB not HDD (affects: 1) (heat: 192)" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63052917:40
evflow> I found it confusing that it went through all that work, only to say "nah, lets do things this way instead" right at the end of the function17:47
superm1moving that bootremovable bit makes sense to me17:52
superm1that test for os.path.samefile won't be too happy though if target is something like '(hd0)'17:57
superm1ev, i noticed the ubuntu font made it into main and on disks for today, do you know if the intention is actually to switch to it by default still(for UI and installer and what not)?  i'm just a little worried that some of the text on my plugins won't fit right, and don't want to run into the same thing as last release having to fix stuff very last minute19:12
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