Mohan_chmlHello all. I like to get cloaked in IRC. my launchpad account ID is https://launchpad.net/~mohanchml. Thank you in advance03:19
nhandlerjussi, tsimpson, Pici, topyli:  ^^^03:21
jussistaff, niko nhandler VorTechS please cloak Mohan_chml with an ubuntu/member cloak12:20
Mohan_chmlheya jussi =]12:20
nikojussi: cloak updated, Mohan_chml congrats12:34
Mohan_chmlty niko =]12:37
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persiaYes you are.14:13
IAmNotThatGuypersia: It was for AndrewMC as hes enquiring (:14:14
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