Twiggy2centshey I have tried to set up a 3rd drive in storage groups and I cant for the life of me get it to recognize the 3rd drive.  I have default set to 2nd drive and 3rd drive, I also have a special group and it is just the 3rd drive.  Yet when I look at the status page I dont see the #3 drive.00:05
Twiggy2centsRealease 23 fixes00:05
Twiggy2centsAm I doing it wrong?  I am setting it up from mythtv-setup btw00:05
fluvvellTwiggy2cents, are you mounting the drive in fstab ?03:11
Twiggy2centsfluvvell, I found it it was a permissions issue03:44
Twiggy2centsI just had to change permissions on the drive and voila it worked03:44
fluvvellTwiggy2cents, yep, permissions have to be right.03:47
pcb-dennishey, is mythbuntu built with vdpau support?08:27
superm1oh he's gone15:32
rhpot1991superm1: of course he is, why stick around for an answer15:36
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