akgraneralourie, eek sorry I'll send you the link I thought I sent it guess not :-(  sorry about that12:06
akgranerpleia2, thank you!12:06
alourieakgraner: sure, thanks Amber12:12
alourieakgraner: also, take a look at couple of links I added to ideas etherpad, let me know if I'm in the right direction12:13
akgraneralourie, alrighty one sec :-)12:13
akgraneralourie, yep right direction  - but the 1st story we've already covered in past issues and the 2nd one was posted on the 24th which is outside the window for this issue - but your are on the right track :-)12:17
akgraneralourie, here is the link to the Link Suggestion page - I'm in the wiki right now there is some edit conflicts just cleaning those up and then I'll be out of it  - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/LinkSuggestions12:21
alourieakgraner: that's awesome! thanks12:24
internalkernelakgraner: I checked out those links on the etherpad - thats exactly the type of stuff I usually dig for.16:49
internalkernelI added one as well, and copied them to the GDoc...16:49

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