charlie-tcaOkay, I did all the testing for now. I have to take a break. I will pick up studio yet, either later tonight or tomorrow00:20
* charlie-tca is tired. should have been "I did all the testing I can do, for now." 00:23
charlie-tcaXubuntu images look good, I think00:26
charlie-tcawell, except for what fader says is bad, I guess... :-)00:27
fader_Heh yeah, blame it all on fader :P00:27
charlie-tcaI'm trying.00:29
charlie-tcadid you add yourself as a user for the persistent mode test?00:33
fader_No... it still defaults to the live user00:34
charlie-tcaMaybe that is the problem. Live user can not be persistent, as far as I know.00:37
fader_Well, the persistence worked fine00:41
fader_i.e. I could create a folder on the desktop and it would reappear next time I booted00:41
fader_Though I freely admit to never using the persistence outside of ISO testing so I don't know how it works too well :)00:41
charlie-tcaRight. I thought you had to add a real user for sudo to work, but I am probably wrong00:47
fader_Okay, enough for tonight... ciao folks!01:44
highvoltagefader_: thanks for the edubuntu testing! goodnight!02:24
charlie-tcafader_: I tried to reproduce the persistent drive bug, but can not do it. Using hardware, I formatted my sdb1 as casper-rw, and everything works!03:32
charlie-tcaOf course, this was Xubuntu 38603:33
charlie-tcafader_: it lets me add users, and even install hardware drivers03:35
charlie-tcafader_: and then my drive died... :-)03:53
charlie-tcaOkay, good night now. back in about 10 hours04:06
aragood morning!07:15
astraljavaHey guys, Ubuntu Studio amd64 install fails with many Hash Sum mismatches. Any clues on that?09:14
smbMorning, I noticed something doing Kubuntu installation tests which I am not sure is really a bug or maybe just my misunderstanding. The installer now offers the tick box for third-party software (and i think it mentions mp3), though when I install and start amarok it will prompt for the installation of some codecs...09:28
persiaDoes amarok use libxine1-ffmpeg for mp3s?09:37
smbpersia, You are asking me? :)09:48
smbpersia, It seems to have it in its suggests list09:49
persiaNot necessarily.  I just had a quick glance at kubuntu-restricted-addons and noticed you mentioned the need to install amarok, so wondered if maybe there wasn't a library put there for some reason.09:50
persiaIf it's in suggests, then I suspect that is how it does it, which is confusing, as "Instail 3rd Party Software" should install kubuntu-restricted-addons, which should provide that.09:50
persiaMy recommendation is to file a bug and indicate the bug on the ISO tracker.09:51
smbNo not the need to install amarok. Just the fact that when I start amarok after install it pops up the installation notice for mp3 and video encoders09:51
smbOk, so I'll do so09:52
persiaOh, then that's definitely a bug.09:53
persiathe "...when I install and start..." confused me.  Amarok should be checking if it has the packages that are in kubuntu-restricted-extras before calling codec-install.09:54
smbOh, yeah was probably a bit incomplete. The install part is the whole system and start the action after installation. :)10:02
smbpersia, Hm, oh wait... Having my eyes a bit more open now, the offer is "mp3 *encoding*" and "video *encoding*", that is probably really not covered my third-party drivers10:05
persiaIndeed.  The encoding bit is special.10:05
smbso no bug10:06
persiaI'd file a bug anyway: that's a confusing interface.  Amarok shouldn't prompt for stuff that requires folks to check local legal restrictions if it isn't required for the current activity.10:10
smbProbably depends on your view on things. But I can file it, even if it only documents something confusing if you are not looking properly10:13
persiaIndeed.  I thought the bug as first described might be RC.  I no longer think so.10:15
davmor2ara: I've just done a fresh install of UNE and it looks like the Broadcom STA drivers are no longer functioning so I'm gonna try the BC43 driver instead :(11:16
aradavmor2, ouch!11:16
davmor2ara: At first I thought it was just an upgrade breakage but it appears not :(11:20
aradavmor2, have you filed a bug about it?11:21
davmor2meh System Error: installArchives() failed installing bc43 driver :(11:21
davmor2ara: I filed one for the upgrade failure11:22
aradavmor2, which is...11:24
davmor2ara: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/64935711:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 649357 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "network-manager on une will not connect (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]11:26
davmor2I'll update it shortly11:26
aradavmor2, thanks, I'll talk to JFo about it, later today11:29
davmor2ara: I've added some additional log info and that I've done a fresh install with the same issue tell JFo if he needs any other info to just ping me12:08
aradavmor2, sure, will do. Thanks a lot dave12:09
bladernrHrmmm... has anyone noticed that the Kubuntu netbook image is >800MB and the Ubuntu netbook image is <700MB?12:13
davmor2bladernr: Shhhhhh you're not meant to notice ;)12:14
bladernrhrmmm it also still uses the ubuntu 10.10 splash12:14
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fader_Morning folks13:01
fader_charlie-tca: Darnit, I was afraid the persistence sudo bug was something local to my setup :/13:04
fader_charlie-tca: Thanks for trying to reproduce13:04
davmor2fader_: you broke sudo now ;)13:34
fader_User-level privileges ought to be enough for anybody.13:34
bladernrara:  wubi 32bit is a fail :(13:37
bladernrdavmor2:  ^^13:38
davmor2bladernr: I'm midst my own releases at the minute should be wrapped up soon and I'll have a look I was hoping to of had chance yesterday but to no avail :(13:39
bladernrdavmor2:  no worries...13:39
bladernrit's more of a procedural "Really f*cking annoys me" fail.  Wubi, run from a USB stick built from the ISO i just downloaded, requires me to download the ISO AGAIN in order to install13:40
bladernrI'm running through it with network active just to make sure it works otherwise.13:40
davmor2bladernr: I know why that happens I'm just not telling you :P13:42
bladernroh well...13:42
fader_Out of curiosity, has anyone besides charlie-tca and me tried persistence in the live session?13:42
bladernrdon't make me use improper English insults that I really don't understand13:42
bladernrfader_:  no... the rest of us are not masochists13:43
fader_bladernr: Heh, tell me about it13:43
* bladernr configures, but hasn't used persistence.13:43
davmor2bladernr: When you run start up disc creator to install onto cd it is completely modified it's neither an iso nor the cd so the checksum differs.  To that end it goes off and obtains a correct copy.13:44
bladernrdavmor2:  that completely makes sense, but it still shouldn't happen. :(13:46
davmor2bladernr: the issue is because of the sizes and additional persistence space there is no way to guaranty what the checksum will be :(  This is why the bit torrent client/iso grabber  got built into the system.13:47
davmor2bladernr: grab some rw dvd's works for me :)13:48
davmor2bladernr: with no network present from usb it won't work,  it will need to download the iso13:49
bladernrright... and I get that.  My issue is more with user experience in this case... given that Wubi is really meant for non-users who want to test the waters, asking them do dl the ISO then dl the ISO is not optimal... and even worse if said user lives without constant/reliable internet connection13:49
bladernrheh... rwDVDs...13:49
* bladernr hasn't used an RW disk in ages...13:50
* bladernr kept fixating them accidentally so just gave up13:50
bladernrdavmor2:  ^^^ and even more pronounced since I'm doing this on a system with no optical media at all (netbook)13:51
arafader_, I tried, and it worked13:56
davmor2I agree there is just not much going to be done about it I think :(13:56
fader_ara: Did you try using sudo (or anything that uses authentication)?13:56
arafader_, yes, the wifi authentication13:58
fader_ara: Okay, thanks... it's just something funky in my setup then, I think :/13:59
fader_Not that I didn't trust charlie-tca, but it's good to have multiple confirmations :)13:59
arajibel, did you try wubi in 32 bits?14:00
davmor2ara: trying it now14:00
charlie-tcabesides, I don't want to lose anther hard drive by reproducing it again :-(14:01
jibelara, no, wubi r193 absolutely wants to download the amd64 iso even with --isopath on the command line. :(14:03
charlie-tcafader_: me too happy that ara tried to reproduce it. I never used that before, and did mess up the first several attempts14:05
jibelara, if not the same problem that's close to bladernr's issue with the usb stick14:05
fader_charlie-tca: Yeah, I'm assuming it's just my stupidity at this point :)14:06
charlie-tcaNope, I reproduced it my first two or three tries, but it was the way I partitioned my hard drive that caused it14:06
aracharlie-tca, you're talking about wubi or persistance? :)14:07
charlie-tcacould have been a failing hard drive here causing me issues too14:07
araand how did it mess up your hdd?14:07
charlie-tcaI don't think it did. I think it was just an old hdd that finally hard failed14:07
charlie-tcagparted kept showing an impossible to write to or change partition14:08
* charlie-tca had an old 6GB drive in use14:09
* charlie-tca now has an even older 4GB drive in use14:09
davmor2ara: wubi is working fine here so far14:10
charlie-tcaI have ubuntustudio installing here14:11
* ara starts feeling that this ISO testing cycle is going too well and something is going to fail and a respin is going to be schedule14:19
ara(please, don't)14:19
persiaara, To quell your concern, ichthux, sabily, and lubuntu have had to update a number of things post-RC-freeze, so I strongly suspect there are some respins happening (just not for approved flavours since 28.2)14:21
davmor2ara: Wubi pass here14:21
davmor2ara: I'll add it to the tracker asap14:22
aradavmor2, thanks14:22
jibelara, I just finished the wubi amd64 upgrade. Retrying wubi i386.14:40
arajibel, thanks!14:41
araI am working now on netboot, that seems pretty uncovered14:41
pedro_is anybody else testing the DVD ISO i386?14:59
ameetppedro_: desktop or server?14:59
cyphermoxdavmor2, for bug 649357, can you tell me what model is your computer?14:59
ubot4Launchpad bug 649357 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "network-manager on une will not connect (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64935714:59
pedro_ameetp, desktop14:59
pedro_I'm getting  a similar behavior as the last round of ISO testing15:00
pedro_with ubiquity after clicking forward/continue, the panel crashes and the window manager too15:00
ameetppedro_: ah.  no, I'm testing server right now15:00
pedro_just want to confirm that15:00
ameetppedro_: I can see if it recreates for me in a bit15:00
pedro_ameetp, thanks15:01
davmor2cyphermox: it's a compaq mini 11015:01
cyphermoxdavmor2, cool, i think I may be able to test with that specifically15:01
jibelmvo, I get the same policykit behavior with the language-support popup than with s-c but this time on i386.15:04
mvojibel: and probably with update-manger too :/15:05
mvojibel: now that we depend on it for a lot more tasks, this bug becomes much more serious15:06
jibeljibel, right, everything calling org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages.15:06
jibelmvo, I installed wubi i386 desktop without network after reboot and a network connection enabled, it asked me to install my language, I answered "run this action now", the authentication popup is displayed and then nothing15:08
jibelmvo, If I wait a few minutes, a dialog appears saying "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"15:09
jibelmvo, I'll update the report.15:09
jibelara, excepted the policykit bug wubi desktop i386 without network connection is okay. Now trying wubi i386 desktop upgrade.15:16
cyphermoxameetp, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/497546 <-- updated15:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 497546 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "Microphones not working on Dell Vostro 320 (affects: 6) (dups: 1) (heat: 44)" [High,Incomplete]15:21
ameetpcyphermox:  Thank you!15:26
cyphermoxdavmor2, trying to reproduce 649357 now.15:32
rlameiroara: started testing for ubuntustudio i386 manual partition and autoresize.15:52
rlameiroara: I will se if we can test amd64 ASAP15:52
ararlameiro, great, thanks15:53
bladernrjibel, davmor2: so you guys can get Ubuntu to boot via wubi 32bit?16:06
jibelbladernr, yes16:06
davmor2bladernr: I can I will put it on the tracker honest16:07
bladernrSo I did the install, via wubi run from USB stick.  Installation was fine, was able to boot after the first stage install, got ubiquity and installed the rest of the OS16:07
jibelbladernr, and now trying to upgrading the 32bit desktop16:07
astraljavaara: Yeah, forgot to correct myself out. amd64 auto-resize works also, reported as such as well.16:08
davmor2bladernr: I'm sensing a but here16:08
bladernrNow, however, when i reboot, choose Ubuntu from the windows boot menu, I get thrown back to the menu... I am briefly seeing a message that says something about a syntax error, but it flashes too fast to catch it16:08
araastraljava, awesome16:08
bladernrdavmor2:  there's your but...16:08
astraljavaara: Was a faulty DVD, second disc worked.16:09
jibelbladernr, back to the windows menu ?16:09
araastraljava, it is always good to do the "check cd" option before anything else, you can safe a lot of time16:09
bladernrdavmor2:  my 32bit setup has a bit of a ... special situation though... it's a multi-boot setup on a netbook... so it boots grub2, then NTLoader, then grub when you choose Ubuntu in NTloader16:09
bladernrjibel:  ^^16:10
ara(or md5sum if you're using a VM)16:10
bladernrbut yeah, back to the NTLoader menu16:10
astraljavaara: Learnt that the hard way, yeah. :)16:10
jibelbladernr, I've the same setup.16:10
astraljavaara: md5sum was a match16:10
* bladernr managed to hit esc fast enough and I'm looking at the grub entry now and it doesn't LOOK out of place...16:10
davmor2bladernr: You like to make your life simple then right?16:10
charlie-tcaNeed someone to verify the ubuntustudio 64 installation. It keeps aborting in VBox for me16:11
astraljavacharlie-tca: I did the auto-resize today, successfully.16:11
davmor2bladernr: I don't think that is the issue anyway I had a similar setup once as long as grub is pointing to the right place it should be okay16:12
bladernrdavmor2:  yeah, I love simplicity ;-)  FWIW, this netbook also boots 5 different OSs when it's fully loaded.16:13
astraljavaThat is one schizophrenic box right there. :D16:14
charlie-tcaastraljava: great! I will work on the 386 installs on hardware then16:17
astraljavacharlie-tca: Sure. Tomorrow I'll try to do the other required test cases, so we have it checked properly.16:18
bladernrdavmor2:  I just don't like commitment ;-)16:18
charlie-tcaI will have to do another download of the 64bit studio, and try again16:20
* bladernr is going to retry a 3rd time using jibel's method :( then give up on Wubi... 16:20
* ara steps out for about 10 min16:26
davmor2cyphermox: any joy?16:30
cyphermoxdavmor2, quite the contrary. I can't reproduce it yet16:31
davmor2cyphermox: Knickers :(16:31
cyphermoxmaybe there's leftovers from lucid, so I'm preparing to wipe the drive and do the upgrades16:32
cyphermoxdavmor2, for kicks, check that IPv6 is set to Ignore in the connection settings :)16:32
davmor2cyphermox: it is and I did a fresh install and still have the same issue.  I'm assuming you are having to use the Broadcom STA driver correct?16:33
cyphermoxdavmor2, right, STA16:34
cyphermoxthe image I used wasn't quite up to date though, so maybe it's that16:34
davmor2cyphermox: It's needs to include the last kernel update that's when it stopped working16:35
cyphermoxdavmor2, yeah, i wasn't very much out of date though... 0928 instead of 28.1 or 28.2 :/16:35
cyphermoxdavmor2, hmm, no, seems I was totally up to date with my iso16:37
davmor2very odd :(16:38
cyphermoxand once netbook is installed you add desktop?16:39
araI am back16:40
cyphermoxmaybe it has to do with firmware revision, but that's starting to be far-fetched if it starts working when you're in desktop....16:42
cyphermoxdavmor2: ohh! how is your AP setup? is there any encryption or security on it?16:42
davmor2cyphermox: wpa16:43
cyphermoxcrap, that's exactly what I tested. On boot I get asked for the keyring password since it's auto-login, then I get a connection without issues16:43
davmor2cyphermox: I'll try lucid on it as soon as I can and ensure it still works there if it doesn't then it might be a hardware issue :(16:45
araFriendly reminder: the wrongly named "Optional testcases" are testcases that needs to be run at least once (instead of on every image that contains them)17:09
aragoing to the end of this page: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases17:09
arayou can see the optional testcases that haven't been covered17:09
astraljavaara: Good to know.17:11
rlameiroI just finished one optional test case :D17:12
* fader_ high fives rlameiro.17:13
charlie-tcaastraljava: something went seriously wrong with my VirtualBox machine for studio testing. I had to delete the hard drive and try again. It it working now17:13
ameetppedro_: ubiquity ran just fine for me on DVD ISO i386 Desktop17:13
rlameirocharlie-tca: AMD64?17:13
* charlie-tca seems to be able to be able to fail both hardware hdd's and virtual hdd's17:14
pedro_ameetp, thanks for checking. is that using which option on the boot?17:14
ameetppedro_: I'm running in a vbox though17:14
rlameiroVM and 64 bits arent very stable AFAIK17:14
pedro_ameetp, the Install Ubuntu (second one) or the Try Ubuntu and then running ubiquity (first one)17:14
pedro_ameetp, I'm running vbox here as well17:14
charlie-tcaFirst time in over a year I had any issues with it17:14
ameetppedro_: Install Ubuntu17:14
pedro_ameetp, ok that worked fine here as well. May you please check with the first one please?17:15
pedro_ameetp, looks to be reproducible only with that one17:15
pedro_at least for me ;-)17:15
charlie-tcaSeems strange, yesterday my hardware drive failed and had to be replaced, today my virtualbox drive failed and had to be replaced17:15
ameetppedro_: sure17:15
pedro_thank you ameetp17:16
aracharlie-tca, well, my two usb keys died 10 days apart. Now I don't have a usb key for testing, I need to buy a new one17:19
charlie-tcaI am going to have to buy a couple of spare hdd's again. I only have two 4GB drives and one 2.5GB drive spare now17:20
sujiths80I am intrested to do maverick beta testing...but I want to know how can I do this ?Do I need a seperate machine for this ? I have only one machine and I am using it for my daily use...in this case how can I involve in testing ...kindly suggest ur view17:23
charlie-tcasujiths80: you could use a virtual machine for testing. Many of us use VirtualBox, since it is does not require any modifications to the existing installation17:26
astraljavacharlie-tca: Well, at least you have a functioning setup again. :)17:29
charlie-tcaamazing the things that can go wrong17:29
astraljavaMurphy's law, remember...17:34
charlie-tcaheh, that's the one I keep forgetting17:34
rlameiroara: Ubuntu studio i386 ISO tests finished, now its only amd64 missing17:39
ararlameiro, great :)17:40
* persia thought astraljava ran some of those17:40
rlameiroara: can i talk in pvt with you?17:40
astraljavarlameiro: persia: Yeah, the auto-resize. Will continue tomorrow.17:46
persiaAh, right.  The virtualisation issue,.17:46
ameetppedro_: the try Ubuntu and then run Ubiquity option worked for me too17:47
astraljavapersia: No, I had DVD integrity issues. Installing on real hardware.17:47
pedro_ameetp, thanks for checking, will recreate the image to test again17:48
ameetppedro_: np17:49
jibelanybody tried the wubi upgrades ?18:33
arajibel, I don't think so, did it fail?18:42
bladernrjibel:  which one have you had trouble with?18:56
* bladernr will try soon... just finished getting Lucid ISOs so I can do those now.18:56
pedro_ameetp, works fine after removing the virtualbox image18:59
pedro_ameetp, thanks again ;-)18:59
ameetppedro_: ah good19:00
* ara finds the new xubuntu theme a bit kubuntuish19:09
charlie-tcaI haven't looked at Kubuntu, myself19:10
arawell, it reminds me a bit of the KDE3 kind of theme19:10
aramaybe it is just me19:10
charlie-tcaI think I installed Kubuntu back in 2006 or so, maybe. I haven't seen it since then, that I can recall. :-)19:11
jibelara, bladernr, it failed badly. i386 and amd64 failed because of gnome-keyring19:17
jibelara, bladernr, above all the system is unbootable after the failure :(19:18
arathe whole system?19:18
jibelara, yes.19:18
arajibel, Please, file a bug and mark those are failed19:18
arajibel, also, it would be great if you could talk to cjwatson about it19:19
jibelara, bug 65132519:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 651325 in update-manager (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "package gnome-keyring 2.92.92.is.2.30.3-0ubuntu1.1 failed to install/upgrade: /var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/preinst: 31: dpkg-maintscript-helper: not found (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65132519:19
bladernrjibel:  you mean you can't even boot windows afterwards?19:28
jibelbladernr, no, only ubuntu.19:28
bladernrconfused... so the wubi upgrade fails, and you can't boot ubuntu afterwards, but you CAN still boot Windows, correct?19:29
jibelbladernr, what's weird is that selecting ubuntu at the windows bootloader restarts the whole system !?19:29
jibelright, I CAN still boot Windows.19:30
bladernrjibel:  that's what I'm seeing when trying to boot ubuntu 32bit after doing a fresh wubi install.  Choosing ubuntu dumps me back to grub2 in my config, which, if I only had windows on the system would mean it rebooted19:30
bladernrjibel:  gotcha... whew... for a moment, it sounded like the upgrade hosed everything (to me, system == computer, not OS)19:31
jibelbladernr, when I say restart, it's a restart from BIOS.19:31
bladernrright, soft reset19:31
jibeland I have a config grub2 / ntloader / grub219:31
bladernrthat's right, you mentioned that earlier.19:32
davmor2jibel: was one of the questions to rebuild the grub listing?  and did you answer yes?19:34
charlie-tcaQA meeting in #ubuntu-quality in 15 minutes19:45
jibeldavmor2, no question, update-manager finish the installation of the packages then stop before the cleanup stage saying that gnome-keyring failed to install.19:54
davmor2jibel: hmmm odd19:55
charlie-tcaxubuntu upgrade tests in progress.19:56
charlie-tcaUbuntuStudio tests completed19:56
astraljavacharlie-tca: Excellent! I'll look into the bug you reported, and do my own installs.19:56
charlie-tcaWorks for me. That bug is in all the installs, not just studio19:57
astraljavacharlie-tca: Oh? Good to know.20:01
jibelbladernr, which xubuntu wubi do you take, I'll do the other ?20:20
bladernrjibel:  64bit20:20
bladernrat least, that's where I was starting20:20
* charlie-tca has nothing with windows, and no installation images, either, for windows20:20
charlie-tcawell, maybe for 3.1120:21
jibelbladernr, okay, doing 32bit then20:21
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marjobladernr, hggdh, sbeattie: anybody know how to set up two root partitions to test rescue mode?23:51
persiamarjo, quick'n'dirty way: install twice in a row and choose "in parallel" the second time.23:56
marjopersia: thx i'll try that23:56

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