RAOFSarvatt: You say setting CLUTTER_VBLANK=none fixes it?00:11
Sarvatthas to be exported, quadrapassel and unity launched from a terminal dont accept clutter env variables00:11
SarvattDISPLAY=:0 CLUTTER_VBLANK=dri mutter --replace --mutter-plugins=libunity-mutter works too00:12
RAOFMy unity's working just fine, though.00:12
Sarvatttried your netbook?00:12
RAOFAh.  But there's a unity update installing now.  Are you suggesting that if I restart, I'll kill unity?00:12
Sarvatti upgraded everything last night and saw this this morning00:13
Sarvattabout 24 hours hours ago00:13
RAOFOk.  Let's see if the new unity works here, then…00:17
RAOFYup.  Unity runs fine here.00:20
RAOFOr is this only on nouveau that you find Unity fails to start?00:21
Sarvattnetbook 94500:24
Sarvatti totally wouldn't be surprised if it was something local here screwing it up00:24
RAOFThat would mean I'd need to restart my irc bouncer in order to get the i945 un-hidden.00:25
RAOFAh, ok.  That's why unsetting vblank would do something; it's dying in DRI2GetMSC, which I don't think clutter does if it can't vsync.00:28
Sarvatt0 luck figuring this out03:29
Sarvattif it wasn't made into such a big deal before it was fixed last i'd even start to believe it never worked at this point.. :)03:30
Sarvattanyone know if there is an archive of daily livecd's anywhere?03:31
Sarvattwatch it be something wacky like a conf file that was exporting CLUTTER_VBLANK only getting cleaned up recently03:34
RAOFWell, there _was_ that, as a part of the OMG! UNITY'S BROKEN firedrill.03:40
RAOFI'm poking into the “(quadrapassel:3513): ClutterGLX-CRITICAL **: Unable to make the stage window 0x4800006 the current GLX drawable” code; I think that's likely where the problem is.03:42
Sarvattthat error has been spewed since the dawn of time though03:43
RAOFI think there might be more of them than when it worked :/03:43
Sarvattquadrapassel has always done 3 for me03:44
Sarvattat least since early lucid when i started screwing with it03:44
RAOFThe problem *appears* to be that clutter calls GetMSC before there's a valid drawable bound to the context.03:44
Sarvattwhat I don't get is that mesa 20100909-0ubuntu3 doesn't work with it now03:45
Sarvattoh I should try 20100909-0ubuntu203:45
RAOFThat would be interesting.03:45
RAOFThere's a plausible mechanism for that being useful.03:46
Sarvattphew, still debs up - https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/7.9~git20100909-0ubuntu2/+build/196234903:46
Sarvattyou wont want to hear this :)03:49
Sarvattoh not all rosy03:49
Sarvatt20100909-0ubuntu2 works with quadrapassel, and I'm wrong, theres 2 errors03:50
Sarvattgnibbles still needs CLUTTER_VBLANK=1 to start a new game03:50
Sarvatterr CLUTTER_VBLANK=none03:50
Sarvattoh boy, mesa 7.9 rc2 pulled in all the sandybridge stuff03:52
RAOFThat's the sort of changes *I* like to see between rc1 and rc2!03:52
* RAOF was looking forward to pointing at a very small diff between what we've got an 7.9 final. BA BAW!03:53
Sarvattyou and me both! :(03:54
Sarvatttime to break on dri2_bind_context and step through what happens between the second and the third ClutterGLX-CRITICAL message03:54
* Sarvatt goes insane holding enter again for hours03:55
RAOFDoes that sandybridge stuff work reasonably, at least?03:56
Sarvattactually it almost tries to work now03:56
Sarvattneverball plays, but the reflections on the ball are screwy03:57
bjsniderwhy not just use less bleeding edge code if you are worried about it working with clutter?03:57
Sarvattswrast being 10x faster aside03:57
Sarvattbecause we're worried about stuff working at all too! :)03:57
RAOFBecause it (a) appeared to be working with clutter, (b) made unity work on radeon *at all*, (c) fixed KDE.03:58
bjsnideris any of this an issue on nvidia?03:58
RAOFNo, of course not.  Nvidia doesn't use any of mesa.03:58
RAOFThere may be *different* problems on nvidia, but none of this will affect them.03:59
bjsnideri don't think there are different problems, because i'm using clutter and it works fine04:00
bjsniderare you saying mesa is a piece of garbage?04:01
RAOFNo?  Mesa has bugs; as does the nvidia driver code, and all other code.04:01
bjsniderwell, there are bugs, and then there are bugs04:02
RAOFIt's also possible that there's a bug in *clutter*.  After all, that was the problem with Unity.04:03
Sarvattwhat I've found with clutter is that if you aren't using the same mesa/xserver versions that are in moblin/meego when it's released you're going to have problems :) the glx/dri2 stuff is so volatile04:12
Sarvattwell when an intel quarterly release comes out i should say. speaking of which i see clutter 1.4 just released04:16
RAOFHm.  I think it's unlikely that 7244406093056108580 is going to be a valid X drawable...04:20
RAOFYeah.  That __GLXDRIdrawable's just garbage.04:21
RAOFSo, why is it still in the hash table?04:23
palhmbsso the Numlock bug - has been fixed in Maverick?04:29
Sarvatthttp://sarvatt.com/downloads/quadrapassel.good.txt (git20100909-0ubuntu2) vs http://sarvatt.com/downloads/quadrapassel.bad.txt (current) from the X side of it04:48
RAOFHm.  Is it GetBuffersWithFormat that's dying?04:52
RAOFOh, no.  It died in CreateDrawable.04:54
Sarvattwow I implemented a lot more of DRI2 in xtruss than I remember - http://sarvatt.com/downloads/qpl-xtruss-bad.txt04:57
Sarvattahh yeah i stopped messing with it because i couldn't wrap my head around how to extend it to add new events, wasn't designed for it from the start05:00
RAOFRight.  So, the difference is that something's now trying to call DRI2CreateDrawable on an invalid drawable.05:06
RAOFBah!  glxHashDestroy != glxHashDelete05:47
RAOFSo, what's happening appears to be: clutter calls glXMakeCurrent with the same context, and a different drawable.  This triggers MakeContextCurrent to call dri2_unbind_context, which treats oldGC == newGC specially by destroying the current draw & read drawables.06:05
RAOFNow when clutter tries to bind those drawables to the context again, mesa doesn't have them and calls CreateDrawable on the GLXDrawable.  But the GLXDrawable isn't an X drawable, so this fails.  And thus we get our BadDrawable.06:06
RAOFThat's why reverting the new glx drawable GC fixes quadrapassel, at least.06:07
RAOFNow.  What part of ^^^ isn't according to spec? :)06:08
RAOFLet's see if this mesa build fixes it.06:44
RAOFSarvatt: http://pastebin.com/yqj5sKzr is a fix for mesa, and http://pastebin.com/nWqFiTRc is a piglit testcase for the problem.  I'm trying to stare myself into confidence that this won't introduce a memory leak, and talk to krh when he's around.09:02
mvotseliot: so I was trying to test the nvidia-173 upgrade, but I get "postinst failure with status 1" in the lucid image already :/ 13:09
mvotseliot: aha, so with the ubuntu desktop test profile I get further, lets see what it outputs13:19
tseliotmvo: maybe it's failing to build the kernel module13:48
tseliotand that's expected13:48
SarvattRAOF: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=4b70fe8421f5132c585ff1dfb8d90229be26e71f14:00
Sarvatt\o/ fixes quadrapassel and unity14:36
mvotseliot: both -96 and -173 upgrade in my test system. but I just noticed that the test is not that useful as nvidia-173 provides x-x-video-7, but x-s-core only breaks -6 and smaller (looks like a oversight)14:50
mvothat -7 is not there14:50
tseliotmvo: ah14:56
tseliotSarvatt: ^^14:56
tseliotSarvatt: maybe we should add xserver-xorg-video-7, as mvo suggests?14:57
Sarvatttough call, video 7 was only in maverick for a short time period, having the breaks on the video abi did *really* stupid things to the package manager like have it upgrade some metapackages but hold back X which made the next upgrade remove all of X15:06
tseliotmvo: ^15:07
Sarvattbut I guess it needs to be done to get those nvidia packages that dont work removed since they were never updated for ABI 8?15:08
mvoSarvatt: I can test what will happen in a vm if that helps - ie. if the added breaks breaks the world15:12
Sarvattyeah that'd be a huge help because I never could work out why it was so broken and didn't add the breaks on purpose this time to not have a repeat of xserver 1.8 screwing everyone with the blob's X. want me to upload it to a PPA?15:17
* Sarvatt doesn't know how to override packages during a release upgrade to simulate what would really happen15:18
Sarvattthe funny thing was having the breaks: actually made it decide to install nvidia-current with the old abi on non-nvidia machines too15:20
Sarvattthere's a lot less impact now because its just nvidia-173, nvidia-96, x-x-v-glide and x-x-v-dummy providing that abi15:22
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Sarvattsurprised I haven't heard about fglrx being broken in x-updates from anyone if it is, just realized the 10.10 betas in maverick ship a x760 directory and lucid would need the ones from x75018:18
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