expt625whoop passed the spam bot test00:00
jagsI guess its format is fat32 though, how do i setup this drive to automount?00:00
ppqZelozelos, the vlc plugin is mozilla-plugin-vlc00:00
expt625check out an app called pysdm Gui based for mounting hdds and the like00:01
ppqZelozelos, totem doesn't use mplayer00:01
denverdaveDoes anyone have any suggestions on getting my mic record using sound recorder?00:01
bastid_raZorjags: add it to fstab, read this page for more information. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab00:01
mac9416bastid_raZor, thanks. Looks like I have some reinstalling to do.00:01
DroneWorkjungledisk pricing is not nearly as good as mozy  :(00:02
Zelozelosppq do i install it with apt-get install gecko?00:02
Zelozelosnvm ill find it ty00:02
jagsI'm kinda a newb, I read a bit about fstab but I was hoping I could automate it :o00:02
bastid_raZormac9416: if you removed it, possibly 'ubuntu-desktop' may pull in the all the lost things..00:02
MikeWatersstbain - any free versions? Ubuntu One gives you 2Gb free for example00:02
ppqZelozelos, it's gecko-media-player00:02
mac9416bastid_raZor, roger that, good idea.00:02
jagsbut I'll check out pysdm and if that doesn't work I'll read up00:02
stbainMikeWaters, no free version that I'm aware of00:02
ppqZelozelos, sorry, it's gecko-mediaplayer.00:02
Zelozelosppk ok ty for the knowledge hope it works better ;)00:03
fcuk112i am trying to connect to irc.gnome.org through xchat-gnome, but it's not in the server list and i do not see any option to add a new server, any idea?00:03
macofcuk112: is gimpnet an option? cuz its the same thing00:03
MikeWatersThere is always the "email it all to yourself" option! We used to do that with VAX/VMS :-D00:03
Ken8521fcuk112, click Add on the Network list, give it a generic name.. then click Edit, and set up the server00:03
ppqfcuk112, first: use a better irc client. xchat-gnome isn't as good as xchat00:04
macofcuk112: also, here's how to add them http://www.linuxchix.org/connecting-linuxchix-irc-using-xchat.html00:04
macofcuk112: oh wait sorry my link is for normal xchat :-/00:04
acleehello im a newbie to ubuntu having problems00:04
Ken8521xchat-gnome isn't that bad... it's not as good as xchat, but it's not that bad00:04
fcuk112maco, thanks gimpnet is an option, i'll try that.00:05
MikeWatersfcuk112 I ended up using Pidgin after a LOT of grief!00:05
macoKen8521: i actually prefered -gnome over normal xchat. easier config screen IMO00:05
sunny1Anyway what to remove all the user left the room msgs in pidgin?00:05
Ken8521maco, xchat is just as easy when you get the hang of it. but yea.. i used xchat-gnome for several years, over xchat, for the same reason.. and i still can't warm up to irssi00:06
acleeis there a chat client that supports webcam and voice that goes through aim and yahoo.....and i need step by step instructions on how to download it00:06
MikeWatersI am a Pidgin beginner - sorry :P00:06
MikeWatersJust works the best of any I have tried00:07
DroneWorkHas anyone gotten Mozy to work with Ubuntu?00:07
Ken8521aclee, is gyachi still around, for Yahoo?.. i'm not sure bout AIM00:07
acleecan i use my webcam with pidgin00:07
yabukI need a "id3 tag demuxer" to play a mp3 file, where do I find it?00:07
Ken8521i thought webcam/voice was one of the reasons for dumping Pidgin and going w/ Empathy?00:08
sunny1MikeWaters: I'm using pidgin as well, love it, except for all the damn left the room msgs00:08
Ken8521sunny1, pidgin is a great IM client... but it sucks as an IRC client....00:08
Ken8521to many good irc clients int he repositories to spend time getting frustrated by that00:09
nuestraIt took a bit of searching, but I got irssi working with ssl via the instructions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1010780&page=200:09
lazyPowersunny1, its a plugin.00:09
MikeWatersSure better than the ones I se 10+ years ago though LOL00:09
Ken8521MikeWaters, that's up for debate.00:09
lazyPowersunny1, if you havent already, install the useful pidgin plugins package from the software center00:09
MikeWatersYou haven't LIVED with the old ones :)00:10
Zelozelosawsome ppq its workin perfectly, would have never got it w/o your help thanks00:10
sunny1lazyPower: I believe I've them already...looking for the plugin now00:10
ppqZelozelos, you're welcome :)00:10
DroneWorkHas anyone gotten Mozy to work with Ubuntu?00:11
lazyPowersunny1: Join/Part Hiding 2.6.6 is the title.00:11
hdgcanyone know about this error with cheese libv4l2: error setting pixformat: Device or resource busy00:13
sunny1lazyPower: snap, that's awesome, thanks00:13
lazyPowerAnyone here actively using gwibber in 10.04 x64?00:13
dhruvasagarHi, can anybody tell me how to save the video captured by xvidcap !?00:16
enavhi fellas... i got 2 displays connected to a single nvidia video card... but my motherboard have an integrated ATI video card....   y successfully can use  the 3 displays same time under windows... but the ATI card don't want to work under linux00:17
enavdhruvasagar: just find a youtube videotutorial those are nice00:18
dhruvasagarenav: hmmm ok00:18
dhruvasagarenav: regarding your prob, have you installed the proprietary ATI drivers?00:18
RockerBoy402on my broadcom card i keep having to do rmmod b43 and modprobe b43 in order to get my wireless to start. When the computer boots up it works fine, but if I ever have the screen saver come on, or the computer goes idle, i have to do that to re-enable my wireless card.  this gets annoying because i can't let stuff download on my pc unattended!00:18
RockerBoy402any ideas?00:18
enavdhruvasagar: nop00:18
enavi mean yes00:19
dhruvasagarenav: hmm !? how do you mean 'yes' when saying 'no'?00:19
blakkheimRockerBoy402: turn the screensaver off?00:19
enavif i install nvidia ubuntu deactivate ATi and so forth00:19
expt625question samab is installed and i need to restart it   /etc/init.d/samba restart   ... but /samba does not exist ??00:19
DroneWorkanyone successfully used backblaze with ubuntu?00:19
* blizakster_ Tries to find and or make a Linux compatible Web Crawler that sends him a email when said keyword is found.00:20
dhruvasagarenav: you shouldn't install nvidia...00:20
dhruvasagarenav: when you go to System->Administration->Hardware Drivers what options does it show for you !?00:20
enavi got nvidia driver working with 2 displays  but i want to use 3 displays using the ATI00:20
enavAI and nvidia drivers00:21
dhruvasagarenav: but why are you using nvidia drivers for a ATI card ?00:21
lazyPowerexpt625, if you're using a recent version of ubuntu, its services smbd restart00:22
noel_gI installed Wubi on an NTFS partition and I would like to move my installation to a real partition.  I have created a 2nd partition, but how do I move my data/conf there?00:22
RockerBoy402blakkheim: had it off.  problem is is when the computer goes idle.  and i don't mean hibernate or sleep (because the damn computer never does that, sadly), but just idle00:22
DroneWorkLOL.  Backblaze FAQ Look, I'm an Advanced User, and I Already Have a Set of RAID Drives with Perl Scripts to Copy My Files Back and Forth Between My 18 Home Machines that are in a Datacenter I've Built in My Closet. Why Do I Need Backblaze?00:22
hdgcanyone know about this error with cheese libv4l2: error setting pixformat: Device or resource busy00:22
enavlet me explain again: i got 1 nvidia video card, and 1 integrated ATi video card,    2 display already working with nvidia but ati is disabled00:22
dhruvasagarhdgc: essentially you're cam is left open...being used by some process00:23
dwarderis it ok to store virtualbox hdd on ntfs partition?00:23
dwarderstore == use00:23
dhruvasagarhdgc: you might want to check something like ps -ef | grep video in a terminal00:23
enav dwarder virtualbox HDDs  are fake HDDs   they are just files   the format doesnot matter00:24
tonsofpcsenav: sure it does.00:24
enavdoes what?00:24
enavwell is hard to explain00:25
denverdaveI ran alsamixer and found my mic in there and now I can here me breathing through my speakers :) but I still cant record using sound recorder any ideas? OSS maybe?00:25
hdgcdhruvasagar: 1000     14379 12329  0 18:25 pts/1    00:00:00 grep --color=auto video00:25
dwarderenav: so it is ok?00:26
dwarderenav: all this active writing to ntfs from linux?00:26
tonsofpcsenav: no, not really.  The file system that you store your virtual filesystem on matters a great deal for performance.00:26
tonsofpcsdwarder: you aren't writing to NTFS from linux.00:26
dwardertonsofpcs: ?00:26
enavdwarder: virtual box is provide you a way to test systems and OSs.... just create your machine worry free00:26
tonsofpcsYou're writing ext3 or whatever you decide to a flat file.  That file is being written on NTFS00:27
dwarderenav: only test? i want to use my virtual machine00:27
bsmith093i have an mkv file that im converting to an mp4 with handbrake. it has multiple audio tracks which apparently handbrake can preserve. my question is, how do i burn the mp4 file ( with multiple audio tracks) to a dvd00:27
dwardertonsofpcs: i do if i put virtual hdd on ntfs partition00:27
enavtest  use..  whatever you want bro... y got 2 web servers running on VB  very nice00:28
enavdwarder: tell me what do you want to do?00:28
dwarderenav: i worry that their hdd be located at ntfs partition00:28
tonsofpcsdwarder: no, you don't.  Linux writes to ext# or whatever you tell it to.  Virtualbox writes that data to a file that resides on an NTFS partition.00:29
enavyou are tallking about real disk or the fake ones???00:29
dwarderenav: i have real ntfs partition available to my host linux, and i want to put virtual hdd on it00:29
enavdwarder: NTFS is not bad, just avoid use FAT32 as base disk....00:31
dwarderenav: no perfomanse issues00:31
enavdwarder: maybe NTFS and EXT4 work good but  the problem with FAT32 is that format is error prone00:32
hdgcdhruvasagar: other procces arent usin video00:32
dwarderenav: no fat32 in my situation00:32
dhruvasagarhdgc: but the error you're getting indicates that...00:32
enavdwarder: good00:32
dwarderenav: so, i guess then i'm ok00:33
dwarderenav: thank you for your answers00:33
enavdwarder: good00:33
dwarderindeed good :)00:33
RockerBoy402Does anyone know why when my computer idles the wifi becomes disabled and i have to rmmod b43 and than modprobe b43?00:33
dwarderRockerBoy402: a quick assumption check for power management settings?00:34
enavdwarder: regardless the real disk format you can create  virtual HDDs with the format of your choice (FAT, NTFS, EXT2 3 4)00:34
dwarderi see00:34
dhruvasagarguys how to check what process is using a device say /dev/video0 ?00:35
enavdwarder: you are going to use Vb to install some OS i guess00:35
RockerBoy402dwarder: i have tried to disable the power management settings to no success...however, why would I want to do that to fix my problem?  I don't really relish the idea of my computer running 24x7 without ever spinning down/hibernating/sleeping...00:35
enavwhat is wrong with the floodbot stuff00:36
dwarderenav: here is my situation i have host linux on ext4 and i have partition with ntfs and i put virtual windows xp disk on that ntfs partition (btw xp uses ntfs :))00:36
dwarderand i run VB from that linux00:36
bsmith093not to be rude but can anyone hear me?00:36
nuestraloud and clear00:37
Votanok, question: I've got an SSD, a Raid 0 built with 2x 1TB HDDs and 1x 1TB HDD for Storage. NOw I want to do the following: INstall Windows on the RAid 0 and ubuntu on the ssd, both be able to access the data hdd. Will this work, or do I have to get both installs on the same disk ?00:37
jribbsmith093: irc is a text-based medium :)00:37
bsmith093ok then does anyone know of a way to burn multiple audio tracks in a video file to a dvd without having to just pick one (get them all)?00:38
chetnickany way to change contact list theme in Empathy?00:38
RntedMuleIs there a howto or at least some direction I can get pointed to, to join an NT4 domain from Ubuntu (32bit Desktop 10.04). Ive found plenty on using kerberos and active directory on win2k3+ domain controllers, but nothing about joining an old style domain00:38
enavdwarder: im using ubuntu 10.04, my real HDD is EXt4 and y have 2 machines running ubuntu Server edition those machines have fake HDDs using Ext4 also, and finally i got 1 machine running XP, it have a fake HDD using NTFS.... everything runs like a charm00:38
enavchetnick: i don't like empathy00:39
RntedMuleVotan: best bet is to have a partition on linux formatted as NTFS and use FUSE/NTFS-3G to access it00:40
RntedMuleObviously, you wont be able to make your whole Ubuntu system NTFS00:41
chetnickenav: ha?00:42
enavno body know how to installs an nvidia and ATI video card same time?00:42
dwarderis it possible to change backgrounds every 5 minutes or so?00:43
enavanimated indeed00:43
Romethe route to my linux host gets lost all the time. what can it be?00:43
enavyoutube it00:44
chetnickRome: get lost? You mean it disappears from routing table?00:44
enavrome: depends00:44
Romechetnick: i get disconnected and have to wait few minutes....00:44
dwarderenav: for me?00:44
dwarderi guess so00:45
* dwarder searches00:45
enavrome: you are using wifi i guess00:45
geirhadwarder: Easily done with a bash script00:45
Romeenav: is this wrong?00:45
dwardergeirha: and cron?00:45
chetnickRome: You have to be more specific, I have no clue what are you talking about.00:45
pie_timeim trying to delete something but it says i dont have permissions. how do i fix this?00:45
dwardergeirha: do you have something written?00:45
VotanRntedMule my question is more, does it work to have linux on an ssd and win on a raid 0 and does grub find the windows installation?00:45
geirhadwarder: No, cron's lowest resolution is minutes00:45
enavrome: tell us about your network config00:45
geirhadwarder: two sec00:46
chetnickenav: route to his linux gets lost because he uses wireless?00:46
pie_timeHOW  do you delete something when its telling you you dont have permissions?00:46
ChellWhy not let Feh do a slideshow (at random maybe), and set Feh as background in .Xsession?00:46
Romechetnick: ok guys, i have a connection right now, i can post some config files00:46
enavwe dont know why00:46
chetnickpie_time: sudo rm filetoberemoved.00:46
pie_timeits in the trash chetnick00:47
chetnickpie_time: sudo rm -Rf /home/user/.Trash/fileorfoldertobedeleted00:47
geirhadwarder: http://paste.ubuntu.com/502359/00:47
chetnickRome: Why don't you start first by telling us what is your problem.00:48
Romehttp://paste.pocoo.org/show/268816/ http://paste.pocoo.org/show/268817/ http://paste.pocoo.org/show/268818/00:48
geirhadwarder: Make it executable and run it from System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications00:48
aaroninfidelHi, when I log into my www-data user I can't seem to use the backspace key without linux yelling at me with ^H00:48
aaroninfidelanyone know how to fix that? ^^^00:49
geirhadwarder: And change /some/folder  to a folder containing your jpgs of course.00:49
LjLaaroninfidel: maybe the user is just using a strange shell. try typing "bash" as the first thing you do as the user.00:49
Romechetnick: i have a server here in my wlan. using TP-Link TL-WN321G with rt73usb wireless chipset. route to this host gets lost all the time00:49
jimi_Is it possible to downgrade python to 2.5 ?00:50
LucidGuyAnyone seen the movie Catfish?00:50
dwardergeirha: thank you, will try now00:50
seidos!ot | LucidGuy00:50
ubottuLucidGuy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:50
chetnickRome: If route to that host get lost, then the problem is in the machine trying to access the server, not the server itself. YOu are trying to access server from Ubuntu box?00:51
aaroninfidelLjL: yeah, that was the problem, do you know how I can fix this at login?00:51
pie_timechetnick, there is no such thing as "~/.Trash"00:51
LjLaaroninfidel: you can edit /etc/passwd and change the shell from whatever it is to /bin/bash. be careful editing that file though.00:51
pie_timechetnick, stop pulling advice from where the sun doesnt shine00:52
pie_timeim trying to delete something but it says i dont have permissions. how do i fix this?00:52
Romechetnick: the server is on dyndns. it doesn't matter where you access it from. even the router here losses the route to the server00:52
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ChogyDan!trash | pie_time fyi00:53
ubottupie_time fyi: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash00:53
Ken8521pie_time, there used to be a ./trash00:53
chetnickpie_time: It works for me very well, every time. Sorry to hear you lost your .Trash dir in home directory.00:53
Ken8521prior to 9.04 or 9.10.. can't remember which00:53
Bilzquick question: im trying to listen to radio nline: http://www.talksport.co.uk/radio/listen-live but for some reason its not working on firefox, ubuntu 10.04. what am I missing?00:54
chetnickpie_time: And I'm sure if you just tried to google it, you would find it at the top of the search results. Try it, you'd be surprised what useful info you might find.00:54
nuestraBilz: maybe gstreamer codecs (ugly)00:54
crfhi ... How would I go about changing the name of the Applications menu to just "apps"?00:54
sunny1Bilz: Did you install the codecs?00:54
Romehow can i use the old rt73usb firmware drivers instead of wireless-firmwre drivers?00:54
enavrome  give me the ifconfig output00:55
chetnickpie_time: you could just run "sudo find / -name .Trash\* -print" and find all "trash cans" on your system.00:56
enavyour signal is ok?00:56
Ken8521Bilz, do you have VLC, i just got it working w/ vlc00:56
Bilznuestra, sunny1 , i think they installed when i tried to play something a tv episode in the media player, so yeah00:56
BilzKen8521, ill install it now.00:57
ChogyDan!trash | chetnick fyi00:57
ubottuchetnick fyi: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash00:57
Romeenav: right now yes, just a matter of time00:57
chetnickChogyDan: got it.00:57
Ken8521Bilz, after you install VLC, open VLC, click Media/Open Network Stream... Copy/Paste this line there.. then hit play   http://www.talksport.net/talksport-liveUK_LL.asx00:57
sunny1Bilz: Maybe diff. codecs for online radios, doesn't firefox tell you what codec you're missing00:57
Bilzthanks Ken852100:58
Bilzsunny1, nope, doesnt say i need anything00:58
dwarderwhere does defauld ubuntu backgrounds located?00:58
ebovineOn Centos I can perform a remote install using VNC and PXE.  Does Ubuntu also support that?  I'm not finding anything on Google.00:58
Ken8521sunny1, the codec is apparently not available for linux... i'm using 10.10, and it tried to search it out, and said it's unavailable00:58
macodwarder: /usr/share/wallpapers/ i think00:58
jpdsdwarder: /usr/share/backgrounds/00:58
nuestraworks in my vlc00:58
dwarderthank you00:59
BilzKen8521, works great, thanks all00:59
Bilzgood night :)00:59
Ken8521Bilz, np :)00:59
lucashave the sources of and compiled successfully the kernel. Is it possible to apply the patch for the new and compile only the changes?00:59
Ken8521just remember, vlc is awesome.00:59
pie_timecan anyone pls tell me how to empty a trash that's on another drive?01:00
Ken8521pie_time, usually when you unmount that drive, you'll get a popup saying there's trash that needs emptied01:01
lucashave the sources of and compiled successfully the kernel. Is it possible to apply the patch for the new and compile only the changes?01:01
Ken8521pie_time, also... open the drive you want to delete the trash on, and click "View/Hidden Files".. do you see a ./Trash-1000 folder there?01:02
Ken8521open it up and clear it if you do.01:02
crfnm ... I'm reading http://library.gnome.org/admin/system-admin-guide/stable/menustructure-2.html.en01:03
crfso if I can't do it after reading that ... I'll come back ...01:03
lucashave the sources of and compiled successfully the kernel. Is it possible to apply the patch for the new and compile only the changes? Or do I have to compile the whole thing over again?01:04
ChogyDanlucas: pretty sure you have to recompile.  Unless the change is in a module...01:05
lucasChogyDan: Is this the way this is generally done?01:05
ChogyDanlucas: AFAIK01:06
Blue1i thought there was a way to get to a boot menu off the livecd.01:07
davidrezaanyone who can help me?01:07
lucasChogyDan: So the patches come down just to save some bandwith? what would be the purpose01:08
ChogyDanlucas: I don't follow01:08
davidrezaCan somebody help me to configure the two finger scroll in my laptop?01:08
davidrezathis is what you call SUPPORT? =S01:10
wgrantdavidreza: You appear to have waited slightly over a minute. Please be patient.01:10
wgrantWhat is the issue?01:10
davidrezaCan somebody help me to configure the two finger scroll in my laptop?01:10
davidrezawgrant, thanks for answering01:10
wgrantdavidreza: Is it not turned on by default?01:11
wgrantWhat model is the laptop?01:11
wgrantWhich version of Ubuntu are you running?01:11
Ellisok im having a little trouble with dvd ripping is this the proper place to get help? if so can someone help?01:11
davidrezawgrant, Sony VAIO CW1501:12
davidrezaand no, it isn't turned on by default01:12
brummbaerellis, what are you trying to rip?01:13
Ellisis there anyone in here ?01:13
wedwoEllis, hi. Just state your problem and if someone can help they will01:13
davidrezaI have already installed some packages, like gsynaptics, tpconfig, and gpointing-device-settings01:14
Ellisi stated my problem i am reallyu new to ubuntu using 10.04 i downloaded the stuff i needed to decode dvds but now i cant rip. i have a network storage drive which i rip dvds too so they can be watched anywhere in the house via my network01:14
davidrezabut the option for two finger scroll in System > Preferences > Mouse01:14
tris2kanyone doing grails dev on linux01:14
brummbaerellis, handbrake is a great utility01:14
davidrezais unavailable01:14
Elliswill it rip and change format to mp4 or avi so as to save space?01:15
brummbaerellis, it'll turn the dvd into a magic ball of light if you ask it too. it's very capable01:15
Elliswow magic balls of light are just a little to unpredictible to have in my brand new house but think you for the recommendation last question is do i just install and run or does it require additional setup?01:17
brummbaerellis, it's available in the Ubuntu Software Center, and there's documentation here: http://trac.handbrake.fr/wiki/HandBrakeGuide01:17
brummbaerellis, it's an easy setup01:17
brummbaeryou may want to look at preferences before ripping to make sure destination format is what you want01:17
Ellisok thank you so very much and have a great day/night01:17
brummbaerthanks! you too!01:17
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davidrezathis is a capture of my Touchpad preferences01:18
FluffyCan anyone help me with a server usb install? The installer seems to require me to have a cd...01:18
posciakhi, my laptop (ThinkPad T43) doesn't have a windows key, so I thought I'd map its Fn key to work as the windows key. I looked up its keycode in xev, got 151. Then I created an ~/.Xmodmap file with two lines in it: keycode 151 = Super_L and add Mod4 = Super_L. Then I run xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap. But it doesn't seem to work as expected. Any suggestions please?01:20
Ellisbrummbaer, is there a specific source i need? cand find it in ubuntu software center01:21
Jorjonhow can i open *.so files?01:26
posciakJorjon: what do you mean by "open" ?01:26
Jorjonim trying to install adoble flash plugin01:26
hdgcJorjon: for 64bits??01:27
brummbaerhey ellis, sorry, was away for a second01:27
Jorjonyes... but the file is a *.so01:27
Ellisi cant find it dude01:27
brummbaeryeah, surprisingly i don't see it in my repo either... i seem to remember it having been there01:27
Ellisi even tried installing through terminal01:28
Ellisand also how do i direct a comment toward you?01:28
brummbaerellis, you're right, i apologize for the misinformation. it's not in there, i'm looking for the repo you need01:28
brummbaerellis, just mention my nick in your response01:28
Ellisok thanx01:28
Ellisbrummbaer ok gotcha01:28
Jorjonso how can i install a *.so file?01:29
bushbabyEllis, brummbaer, 0.9.4 is no longer available due to compatibility issues with the newer version of gnome. is of the official website so it seems handbrake is off ubuntu for now. you can still get nightlys though01:29
Ellisbrummbaer ive only been using ubuntu for about three days but im used to the concept from having a jailbroken iphone01:29
brummbaerthanks bushbaby. you think it's ok to install from the handbrake-ubuntu ppa?01:29
FirefisheWhat is the command line syntax that will let me run fsck at the next bootup?01:29
Braber01_Ahh thank god! an IRC freenode chat via a web browser :)01:29
bushbabybrummbaer, could be. I haven't personally. It's up to personal preference i guess..01:30
Ellisbrummbaer whats the next best to use?01:30
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posciakJorjon: put the file into the proper plugins directory of your browser01:31
brummbaerellis, dvdrip will do the trick though the UI may not be as sexy as handbrake01:31
abstraktJorjon, you don't really "install" so files01:31
Braber01_guys I just switched from the Login GUI to the Login Shell, now every time i run the command startx I get a popup box saying that my key ring has  not been activated on login01:31
abstraktJorjon, what you do with it to achieve what you want may be highly dependent on what you want01:31
Ellisbrummbaer ok ill try it and thanx again01:31
hdgcJorjon: sudo cp libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins01:32
brummbaerellis, yeah, good luck. please let me know if you have other questions01:32
hdgcand sudo cp libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins01:32
hdgcJorjon: restar firefox..01:32
abstraktthat seems like a... questionable, method of installing flash to me01:32
brummbaerjorjon, i put libflashplayer.so into ~/mozilla/plugins/ and it works fine01:32
abstraktbrummbaer, maybe you meant ~/.mozilla/plugins01:33
brummbaerabstrakt, it sounds like he's going for the new adobe square flash, which is native 64 bit01:33
brummbaerabstrakt, good catch ;)01:33
macoabstrakt: its what the flashplugin-installer package does01:33
hajmolathe new flash totally bugs out Firefox for me01:33
kuttumiahhello everybody, i am new here. how can i may join?01:33
macokuttumiah: its a tech support channel. if youve got a question, ask it. if youve got an answer to an asked question, give i01:34
Braber01_After I switched form the GUI login to the Login SHELL when i run `startx` i get a popup box prompting me to enter my password to actvate my keyring any ideas on how I can fix that?01:34
Ellisbrummbaer thanks ive got it installing now hopefully it meets my needs01:34
macoBraber01_: you can set the keyring password to an empty string, which will mean your saved passwords are not encypted01:34
macoBraber01_: gdm unlocks the keyring during login if the keyring and login password match, in the default setup01:35
EllisBrummbaer ok now im getting a lil irritated. it wont let me install it because it says it requires untrusted software. there is no option to download anyway01:35
nuestrai installed gnome-splashscreen-manager, but it crashes & says: /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/gnome-splashscreen-manager/splash_screens.rb:192:in `last_write': Unrecognized image file format01:36
Braber01_how would I go about doing that? I have no clue and my aunt has no clue about Ubuntu or Linux01:36
brummbaerellis, will you try arista? sorry to keep referring diff software, but arista looks a bit more modern than dvdrip01:36
Ellisbrummbaer ok ill try this one01:36
macoBraber01_: applications -> accessories -> passwords & encryption keys (or something like that...has keys for the icon)01:36
kuttumiahhey maco thanks for your complement.01:36
macoBraber01_: change the password on the login keyring01:37
nuestrathis is meerkat, & i cannot install usplash. it depends on a few packages that are "not going to be installed".01:37
maco!10.10 | nuestra01:37
ubottunuestra: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:37
zegoanyone know of a good *terminal* (headless server) dc++ client?01:37
nuestraah, thanks01:38
Braber01_Thank you maco, however I've loged in, with the login shell so I don't understand why the keyring is unlocking when I use the shell to login01:38
macoBraber01_:  some application is requesting that it be unlocked, possibly the network manager01:38
macoBraber01_: it would be /automatically/ unlocked (without you typing a password) if you used gdm. because you got rid of gui login, you need to manually unlock it by entering the password...unless you set a blank password01:39
Ellisbrummbaer ok same thing refusing due to untrusted software thanks for all your help but screw it im sick of dealing with it tonight ill just buy another laptop for that purpose alone01:39
Braber01_okay thank you now I understand :)01:39
`AmRhow i can install sun java in 10.4 and posix dev?01:39
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.01:40
brummbaerellis... you may want to look at the repos you've enabled, make sure you've installed the gpg keys for all third party repos you may have added...01:40
Braber01_`AmR: i'd do sudo apt-get install eclipse that will give you all of the java tools you need at least it did I'm not sure any more01:40
`AmRi do this in command line so this not work it's server pc01:40
zegoagain, anyone know of a good headless/terminal dc++ client?01:40
maco`AmR: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment the partner lines01:41
maco`AmR: then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre01:41
aaroninfidelanyone know how I can figure out if .htaccess is working properly?01:41
brummbaeraaroninfidel... .htaccess does a lot of things, what do you want to test01:42
zegoaaroninfidel: depends on your specific trouble. If it's just user permissions, try going to a bunch of protected pages without signing in01:42
Jorjonok it is working, thanks!!01:42
aaroninfidelzego, brummbaer I've tried RewriteRule ^test.html$ index.php and when I go there it doesn't work.01:42
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
macoaaroninfidel: is mod_rewrite enabled?01:43
aaroninfidelmaco: yes01:43
macoaaroninfidel: have you restarted apache since enabling that module?01:43
sebikulaeronfidel: you need to add "RewriteEngine On" at the top line of your .htaccess01:44
* Braber01_ Dislikes Being ahead in his Java Programming class01:44
aaroninfidelsebikul: I've tried that01:44
abstraktBraber01_, nah, don't dislike it, just use that time to learn something worthwhile (aka, something that's not Java)01:45
zegoaaroninfidel:  are you the sysadmin or at least an apache admin so you can check which mods are enabled?01:45
macoBraber01_: just gives you a chance to go work on a more fun language instead!01:45
aaroninfidelzego: yes01:45
aaroninfidelzego: I've got root01:45
abstraktBraber01_, or study up on somethingi Java related that you can kick ass with like spring/struts01:45
Braber01_um it's a beginning java corse all the stuff we've done so far was Text-Based01:46
abstraktBraber01_, I was the same way in CS 101 in college, I got there and I was the only one raising my hand and after the class I talked with the teacher and he was like "yeah, you're cool, you obviously don't belong here, it's a requirement but if you ace all your other classes no one is gonna prevent you from graduating"01:46
abstraktBraber01_, JSP is all "text based"01:46
zegoaaroninfidel: is htaccess working elsewhere?01:46
macoabstrakt, Braber01_ -->  #ubuntu-offtopic for programming/school chat, please01:47
Braber01_yeah My Teacher is cool, some times I think she gives me too much credit </end rant>01:47
abstraktBraber01_, yeah or maybe #java ... o.O01:47
zegoaaroninfidel: as in do you have another htaccess file that is working or other commands in the same file that are working?01:47
aaroninfidelzego: no01:47
aaroninfidelzego: I'm in the middle of setting up the server for production.01:48
aaroninfidelzego: and its a pain in the ass -_-01:48
zegoaaroninfidel: I know the feeling, I assure you01:48
The_Pacothe samba options for Ubuntu are about an order of magnitude more complex than OpenSUSE's were, is there any kind of recommended reading/websites specifically for help setting up a simple WINS server?01:48
macoThe_Paco: so ya know, if you dont get an answer here, there's also #ubuntu-server01:49
zegoaaroninfidel: in your Directory tag for the folder in the actually site configuration, make sure you have "AllowOverride All"01:49
The_Pacomaco, thanks, I'll check them out01:49
zegoaaroninfidel: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/core.html#allowoverride for more info01:49
* Braber01_ feels weird not using irssi01:50
urzkhi, is there any ubuntu channel for general chat?01:50
maco!ot | urzk01:50
ubottuurzk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:50
aaroninfidelzego that's the problem both are set to none01:50
Braber01_urz: #ubuntu-offtopic01:50
zegoaaroninfidel: yeah, I always forget that one...and forget that I forget that one...01:51
aaroninfidelzego: this is my first time setting up a server, do you recommend anything I should do for a LAMP setup to go smoothly?01:51
`AmRi try sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre but i got E: Couldn't find package sun-java6-bin01:51
maco`AmR: is the partner repository enabled?01:51
zegoaaroninfidel: keep the apache reference open at all times and google handy. I personally try to make as many site configurations as I can (in sites-available) and just turn things on and off as I go01:52
zegoaaroninfidel: what are you setting up exactly?01:52
`AmRi don't know i have lines01:53
`AmRdeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid main universe multiverse01:53
aaroninfidelzego: I've got a server over at 100tb.com for a company that has multiple aliases.01:53
`AmRdeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-security main universe multiverse01:53
maco`AmR: grep partner /etc/apt/sources.list01:53
Stavrosmy battery indicator went away, does anyone know how i can restart it?01:53
zegoaaroninfidel: aliases meaning url's/domain names?  does each page basically go to the same stuff or is each site different?01:53
aaroninfidelzego: and the server has 8 ip's so all of their private stuff they want kept on 1 ip, and all of their public on another.01:53
`AmRmaco: i do it01:54
`AmRso ?01:54
maco`AmR: did it say anything back?01:54
maco`AmR: put this in your sources.list:   deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner01:54
aaroninfidellong story short, its a pretty advanced config for a beginner, but time are hard and they're not frugal with their money so they are making me do it...01:54
weeklyQuestion: I have a machine thats spewing out kernel messages into my terminal, i can still use the terminal but these line keep appearing, how do i make them stop!?01:55
Stavrosbattery indicator, anyone?01:55
maco`AmR: then "sudo apt-get update"01:55
zegoaaroninfidel: well, that's not to bad then.  You can have each apache virtualhost listen on a specific IP (or multiple virtualhosts on an ip) and then just firewall off the intranet site and setup a proxy or any other number of ways to secure the internal stuff01:55
Braber01_um where can I find more information on ubottu and it's commands?01:55
bushbabyStavros: The Default setting are for the indicator to come up only when charging or discharging, this can be altered under General in System->Preferences->Power Options.01:56
aaroninfidelzego: and that all sounds well and good, but I have no idea how to do most of that.01:56
zegoaaroninfidel:  as for doing the public sites, in addition to listening on an IP, you can do Named Virtual Hosts01:56
Stavrosbushbaby: it's discharging01:56
Stavrosbushbaby: oh, ubuntu isn't detecting this01:56
zegoaaroninfidel:  it should just be <VirtualHost> for a site configuration on a given IP and port01:56
aaroninfidelzego: nor do I know too much about networking in general, I've only taught myself how to code.01:56
bushbabyStavros: How do you mean?01:56
=== kad__ is now known as helper
aaroninfidelzego: yeah, I've set that much up so far.01:57
Stavrosbushbaby: i'm not plugged in, and it's showing up as charged01:57
aaroninfidelthe firewalls & proxys are what went over my head.01:57
zegoaaroninfidel: sorry, that's just one option.  Essentially you can secure the intranet site either with just Apache security, or something like requiring a proxy01:57
bushbabyStavros: has it worked before?01:58
zegoaaroninfidel: the former should really be fine, but it depends on your security needs01:58
Culeroanyone here ever fix the inability to access your own trashcan /without/ working around it by deleting everything via terminal?01:58
Stavrosbushbaby: yeah, it just bugs out intermittently01:58
`AmRi do it01:58
Stavrosbushbaby: i plugged it in, just in case01:58
maco`AmR: ok now you can install java01:58
Stavrosi purged postgres from my system and now i can't reinstall it, does anyone know what i can delete to purge everything?01:59
bushbabyStavros: could be a dodgy connection with the battery or general wear and tear. how old is the battery?01:59
zegoaaroninfidel: proxies and firewalls are the nutjob way I do things since I was bored01:59
Stavrosbushbaby: a year or so01:59
zegoaaroninfidel: anyways, for multiple domains you are looking at named virtual hosts http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/vhosts/name-based.html01:59
aaroninfidelzego: nothing really needs to be secure on an intranet, the content just needs to be separated via IP so one alias of the company doesn't look like they're part of another alias (even though they are)01:59
zegoaaroninfidel: so a separate virtualhost which may or may not have a login will be fine then02:00
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hidekiubuntu: an ancient african word, meaning "I can't configure Debian"02:00
bushbabyStavros: If the bugging out if reasonably recent that could be it.. Does a reboot usually stop it failing?02:00
IdleOne!ot | hideki02:00
ubottuhideki: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:00
Stavrosbushbaby: generally yes02:00
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
zegoaaroninfidel: using the named virtualhosts thing I have 3-ish domains (.com, .net, etc) all with different virtualhost sites listening on the same IP02:01
Stavrosbushbaby: it's fine, i don't use it that much02:01
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest47768
qwe222?�DCC SEND "ff???f?𝑹𝑰𝑷𝑳𝑶𝑳𝑺𝑼𝑷𝑮𝑼𝒀𝑺" 0 0 002:01
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.02:01
zegoaaroninfidel: this page describes it pretty will http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/vhosts/name-based.html02:01
bushbabyStavros: It could just be a fault in reading the remaining charge from the battery, can't see why that would affect the charging/discharge cycle though..02:02
aaroninfidelzego: I've been setting up each domain seperately  with a unique config each time, is their a way to making things easier? I know on lighttpd it can do dynamic domains02:02
Stavrosbushbaby: it doesn't, the applet just doesn't detect the battery as discharging and doesn't get shown02:02
`AmRmaco:failed (VM used: java-6-openjdk).02:03
`AmRdpkg: error processing ca-certificates-java (--configure):02:03
`AmR subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 102:03
`AmRErrors were encountered while processing:02:03
`AmR ca-certificates-java02:03
FloodBot2`AmR: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:03
aaroninfidelzego: but lighttpd can't do .htaccess which is necessary.02:03
maco`AmR: dont know whats wrong with that package02:03
`AmRsorry this error i got02:03
zegoaaroninfidel:  not sure, I've never used lighthttpd.  I dabbled in nginx and enjoyed it but I'm not sure it's easier.  If the configurations are the same with multiple domains you could use ServerAlias and list ALL the possible names for the server (wildcards are allowed).  The actual Server name is just what it reports itself as really and an alias02:04
bushbabyStavros: oh i see, apologies it's rather late here! I'm not sure what this could be, as i said could be the battery just generally wearing and the applet being unable to correctly read the data? I have an old dell that does the same, as for a fix i'm not sure..02:04
zegoaaroninfidel: so if you had sitea.com and siteb.com you might just be able to do ServerAlias site*.com02:04
aaroninfidelzego: ah, well thanks for the support :)02:04
=== luist__ is now known as luist
zegoaaroninfidel: no worries, best of luck02:04
`AmRso what i do :(02:07
Stavrosbushbaby: that's okay, i'll just leave it plugged in :P thanks for the help!02:07
jexmexI can communicate with network pcs by hostname for while, but then I stop being able to, any ideas what could cause that?02:08
`AmRProcessing triggers for libc-bin ...02:08
`AmRldconfig deferred processing now taking place02:08
`AmRErrors were encountered while processing:02:08
`AmR ca-certificates-java02:08
`AmRE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)02:08
Braber01_!enter  | `AmR02:08
FloodBot2`AmR: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:08
ubottu`AmR: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:08
Barridusjeez, the servers are a bit tired tonight? eh?  XD02:09
`AmRi copy my text only02:09
`AmRsorry :(02:09
Braber01_!enter |`AmR02:09
ubottu`AmR: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:09
jsecI'm trying to get a Lucid Server running Apache behind a router. Anyone have any experience with Apache port forwarding. Kind of new at this...02:09
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=== Guest87842 is now known as isw
BradGranathAm attempting to install D-Link DWL650+ PCMIA wireless nic.  Has an acx100 chipset.  Supposed to be supported "out of the box"  Currently running Lucid (just installed).  One thing leads to another and I'm building linux-headers, and Making drivers and all sorts of **** that's way out of my league.  Currently I'm being told that "Wireless Extension Support" is "DISABLED".  Further research directs me to install the linux-res02:10
noisewaterphdjsec: apache runs on port 80 by default, it's the router that needs to do the port fwding02:10
iswThis might be a long shot but has anyone figured out a way to install vim for 10.10 beta?02:10
DarkStar1hello ppl. I'm hoping there's someone here who has managed to install ubuntu on a macbook02:11
jsecnoisewaterphd: I've got port 80 forwarded, and I can access the pages in the www/ folder from any computer on my local network, but I can't from any external computer.02:11
=== Cody is now known as Kinso
bushbabyStavros: Sorry i couldn't help more! This thread seems to indicate a general inaccuracy with the applet anyhow http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1063649.html . good luck!02:11
jsecDarkStar1: me02:11
DarkStar1It's my 1st mac so I need some advice02:11
jexmexI can communicate with network pcs by hostname for while, but then I stop being able to, any ideas what could cause that (I can still ping the network pcs with ip though)?02:11
noisewaterphdisw: not running 10.10 yet but if it isn't in the repositories (check for name changes), then you could definitely just compile from src02:11
noisewaterphdjsec: router/firewall isn't allowing outside access then02:12
Stavrosbushbaby: yep, looks lke it, thanks!02:12
jsecnoisewaterphd: GAH. Disabled the firewall on the router already. There's gotta be something else then. Thanks though.02:12
DarkStar1jsec: Just bought a acbook earlier and cba to learn about the system atm. So I need advice and warnings on installing lucid 64. Do I install it via boot camp or just plug the cd in?02:12
jsecDarkStar1: see my pm02:13
bsmith093does tovid support multiple audio tracks02:13
Braber01_sombody needs to add the tcsh,csh and ksh shells to the !sh group of commands02:13
bsmith093all it says is you can sullpy a list of tracks and it will encode them all, but what does that mean for the finished mpg file02:14
macoBraber01_: but that command just shows graphical apps for accessing whatever shell you want, not bash-specific02:14
Braber01_I know , I was just thinking some may not either know of them or choose to acknolage them02:15
weeklyQuestion: I have a machine thats spewing out kernel messages into my terminal, i can still use the terminal but these line keep appearing, how do i make them stop!?02:15
pie_timecan anyone tell me how to keep the same set of rules simultaneously for both wlan0 and eth0?02:15
snipenew ubuntu user here .. can anyone recommend some good reference material to learn the os from?02:16
macoweekly: i think that's due to a long-standing (3-4 years) bug... not much you can do though i think they'll only spew into the first terminal you use, so maybe just switch to a different one?02:16
maco!manual | snipe02:16
ubottusnipe: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:16
=== knife is now known as couteau
snipethank you02:17
pie_timemaco, the manual is about the least interesting way to learn about ubuntu02:17
Braber01_!thank you | snipe02:17
ubottusnipe: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:17
=== couteau is now known as knife
macopie_time: ive never actually read it...02:17
weeklymaco: ugh it carries thru to the other terminals too, this sucks!!02:17
pie_timecan anyone tell me how to keep the same set of rules simultaneously for both wlan0 and eth0?02:18
weeklymaco: anything else you could recommend to fix this?02:19
superkuhWhere goes gedit store it's cache and configuration? I have a temp file, /tmp/tts.txt which changes character encoding often. Gedit doesn't know about this and tries the same encoding every time when viewing, making it garbled. sudo gedit fixes this, so it's a user config problem...02:19
superkuhEr, does.02:19
snipei read some things about running windows in vm under ubuntu , will windows be more prtected running it that way?02:20
macoweekly: no sorry02:20
pie_timecan anyone tell me how to keep the same set of rules simultaneously for both wlan0 and eth0--- in FIRESTARTER?02:20
macosnipe: itll be its same old insecure windows, but you can be a smart user and only web browse on your ubuntu, restricting non-internet-y things to teh windows vm02:20
macopie_time: in firestarter, no, but with ufw, yes02:21
macopie_time: default with ufw is to apply to all interfaces02:21
IDWMasterI'm working on porting some networking stuff for my business from windows to Ubuntu. It was originally written in .NET, so I was considering MonoDevelop; then I heard of KDevelop (C++), which also worked amazingly well. So I was wondering if anything is 'better' about using KDevelop or MonoDevelop as an IDE.02:21
pie_timemaco, i need it in firestarter02:21
macopie_time: and firestarter's been unmaintained for aaaages. plus ufw is a part of a default ubuntu install02:21
macopie_time: why does it need to be firestarter?02:21
Braber01_IDWMaster: what programming language are you experanced in?02:22
AlbertoPIDWMaster: go with monodevelop if you use Mono02:22
IDWMasterBoth C# and C++02:22
pie_timemaco, long story x_x02:22
IDWMasterIs there OpenGL support in the Ubuntu version of Mono?02:23
Braber01_IDWMaster: then go with whichever language you feel most confortable with keep in mind that Mono dosn't have full documention yet though02:23
AlbertoPIDWMaster: for C++, use eclipse + CDT. Much better than whatever else02:23
macopie_time: well i cant help. its a limitation of firestarter that it treats interfaces separately all the time. i suppose you could manually modify whatever iptables rules files it generates, but.. thats all i got02:23
AlbertoPIDWMaster: not sure, but you can simply pull mono from their original repos, which has the last developments02:24
Braber01_I use Eclipse for Java02:24
Braber01_not that anybody cares02:24
IDWMasterOK. There seems to be OpenGL support for both IDEs02:24
IDWMasterIt's an addon package from the repos02:25
* AlbertoP wonders: network and openGL02:25
IDWMasterStrange. GL assembly doesn't show in Packages list in Mono02:27
AlbertoPyou might want to ask on mono channel...they are usually friendly02:28
mamece2hello i found that BT4 puts my laptop less hotter than ubuntu02:28
IDWMasterOK. I'll ask over there02:28
LordDragonsomeone is telling me that compiling my own kernel will make it run twice as fast. is that true?02:29
Braber01_okay nobody go to ubuntu-offtopic it's weird over there02:29
sunny1Braber01_: In what way?02:30
Braber01_um in the I just killed  the chat way.02:30
mamece2how can i execute a shell? whats the command?02:30
sunny1mamece2: A bash script?02:31
dwmyersmamece2: sh -or- bash  -or  ksh02:31
mamece2sunny1 lets see02:31
=== xev_ is now known as xev
mamece2how can i know the kind of extension, its doesnt has extension02:32
dwmyersmamec2: There are many shells. zsh, csh, tcsh, etc. dash.. and extensions don't matter in Unix.02:32
siezerhi. my debian-fu is a bit rusty... can anyone give me a hint on how I preseed myself out of this message? http://gist.github.com/602004 debconf-{get,set}-selections isnt working like it usually does02:32
sunny1mamece2: What does the first line say?02:33
mamece2whats does it means?02:33
dwmyersmamec2: heh. perl program.02:33
mamece2then its a perl02:34
sunny1mamece2: Its perl02:34
mamece2how can i execute it? i tried -ng02:34
sunny1mamece2: Make it executable02:34
mamece2doin a make?02:34
dwmyersmamec2: execute it by name. if you're in the directory and its name is "script", try './script' (no quotes)02:34
dwmyersmamec2: also, 'perl script' should work.02:35
mamece2letss try02:35
dwmyersmamec2: if it doesn't run, permissions are not set properly.02:35
mamece2Can't open perl script "script": No such file or directory02:35
andrenvq57Hello everyone. Does anyone know if there is such txt editor that I can add words in front of every line?02:35
sunny1andrenvq57: gedit02:36
LordDragona friend of mine is telling me that the default ubuntu kernel is very generic and designed for all intel cpus. and that id get a 2x speed increase if i compiled an optimized kernel for my cpu. is that true?02:36
dwmyersmamec2: are you in the same directory (folder) as the script?02:36
sunny1andrenvq57: With multi-edit plugin02:36
dmar198anybody wanna help a guy set up a printer?02:36
dwmyersmamec2: ./script02:36
andrenvq57sunny1 let me try02:36
mamece2root@bt:/pentest/wireless/wepbuster# ./script wepbuster02:37
mamece2bash: ./script: No such file or directory02:37
candomanIn need of some help. Installed 10.04 on my laptop...dual boot with Win7 64bit...Ubuntu won't completely boot...hangs...02:38
dwmyersmamec2: ls -l script02:38
dmar198I'm trying to set up a printer wirelessly (bluetooth). I opened up "Bluetooth settings" on the printer and it asked me to input a BT PIN number. Any ideas?02:38
sunny1mamece2: Are you sure you're in the folder when trying to run it?02:38
dwmyersmamec2: and don't literally type script, type the name of your file.02:38
Izinucsdmar198: 0000 or 123402:38
dmar198Izinucs :: thanks. Now what do I do?02:39
mamece2sunny1 yes sir02:39
mamece2im right in the directory of the file02:39
Izinucsdmar198: uh.... check the bluetooth configuration options in ubuntu.. not really sure.. never setup a bluetooth printer.02:40
andrenvq57thanks sunny1.02:40
dwmyersmamec2: could try this: ./script --help02:40
dwmyersmamec2: or perldoc ./script02:40
mamece2no such file directory02:40
Braber01_hi | drrob102:40
Braber01_!hi |drrob102:40
mamece2"u need to install perl-doc package to use this program02:41
andrenvq57How do I paste files to /usr/lib/gedit-2/plugins/ ?02:41
LordDragonanyone know of a widget or panel addon that shows cpu temperatures for my intel motherboard/cpus?02:41
drrob1Am I actually being read here?02:41
wedwomamece2, is this a script for cracking wireless passwords?02:41
dmar198yes drrob1, you are being read02:41
Izinucsdmar198: typically the printer has to be "discovered" by the computer.. then they have to "pair" .. usually asking for a password or key like 0000 or 1234.. after that you have to get cups to recognize the connection as a printer.. might even have to install another bluetooth appelate just for printers.. for that look in synaptic package manager02:41
mamece2wedwo yes02:41
drrob1thanks.   I never knew.02:41
Braber01_yes you are I was trying something that a bod had but apperntly didn't work02:41
mamece2i have the same request as lordragon02:41
sunny1mamece2: Install the package then02:41
jsecdmar198: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothPrinterSetup02:41
dmar198thanks jsec02:41
Izinucsdmar198: when I say printer.. what I really mean is "bluetooth hardware"02:42
dmar198Izinucs :: sure02:42
tris2kanyone tried the stripes web framework?02:42
dmar198there must be some mechanism for turning on "discovery" mode on the printer02:42
dmar198but I see no hardware buttons02:42
mamece2why i can execute it clickin it and cannot open it from the konsole?02:42
Izinucsdmar198: might be a software toggle on the configuration of the printer.. from the printers buttons and display02:43
candomanare there any known issues installing and running 10.04 on a new Intel core i3 64bit system?02:43
Braber01_!welcome | Neurotrophin02:43
ubottuNeurotrophin: Error: unresolvable <alias> to hi02:43
mamece2install the package? its so ez to say that02:43
joe__the answer is 4202:43
Braber01_um how come i can see other people use the !hi | username command but it's not working now?02:44
mamece2ty 4 all02:44
posciakhas anyone managed to share an encrypted home partition over NFS? Is it possible?02:44
candomanit installs but hangs when booting up02:44
dmar198jsec or Izinucs :: the help page I was pointed to says, "If you don't see something like that than either your printer is not configured correctly or your Bluetooth adapter isn't recognized. Seek help for both problems in the Ubuntu Forums or the Ubuntu Users mailing list."02:44
Braber01_!thanks |mamece202:44
ubottumamece2: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:44
dmar198well, I'm seeking help from the IRC so I guess that counts02:44
jsecdmar198: yeah I looked at it... not a whole lot of helpful info there. I'd look at your printer's manual for how to toggleit.02:45
dmar198but the first step (scanning for hardware) didn't work02:45
dmar198great, that's common sense that I hadn't thought of02:45
Braber01_who coded the !ping command that is genius :)02:46
dmar198be back after I've checked out the manual02:46
jsecBraber01_: there's some dumb ones too02:47
IdleOneBraber01: Please play with ubottu in PM or in #ubuntu-bots02:47
Braber01_IdleOne: okay I wil02:47
Braber01_I just thought I should let sombody know that the !hi command isn't working right02:47
IdleOneBraber01: yup it was deemed spammy, hence removed02:48
Braber01_oh Thanks didn't know that02:49
Braber01_"The more you know!" <Rainbow />02:49
crucialhoaxBanshee from the repos is extremely unstable on my system, logs show nothing. any suggestions?02:50
mijkI can't get my Radeon HD 5750 to work properly with Lucid02:52
mijkfglrx fails installation02:52
weeklyquestion: sudo apt-get purge openssh isnt working says it cant find openssh, is that the name of it?02:55
blakkheimweekly: openss-server/client02:55
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* Braber01_ asks TheNull if their screen name impliys that they doen't exist02:56
TokalHi I had a quick question02:58
TokalI run a Minecraft server in a terminal window02:59
Braber01_!ask | Tokal02:59
Tokalbut when java receives messages it moves my cursor position02:59
ubottuTokal: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:59
TokalI run a Minecraft server in a terminal window. When Java receives messages it moves my cursor position making it hard to send the users messages. How I can have an IRC style shell where input remains on the bottom and output on top03:00
IdleOneTokal: sounds like a minecraft issue, might want to check their forums03:00
Braber01_um just putting this out there on another irc channel I went to every so often the bot they had would respond "if you show me yours I'll show you mine!" when ever somebody put "boobies" in a string03:01
tensorpuddingTokal: sounds like you should be backgrounding your server process03:01
tensorpuddingTokal: are you running it as a jarfile, or a script, or what?03:01
Tokaltensorpudding: I'm not too keen on Ubuntu vocab but I'm willing to learn, what do you mean?03:01
Tokala jar file yes03:02
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ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode03:02
TokalI've been running through screen so I can check up on through ssh03:02
tensorpuddingTokal: so something like 'java foo.jar'?03:02
Tokalso typically I have quick startup file that sets the memory parameters for the minecraft.jar file.03:02
=== fang is now known as denniss1
Tokalthen in terminal I can type in commands03:03
Tokala common one is "say *"03:03
tensorpuddingTokal: these messages are logging messages, error messages from the jvm, or what?03:03
Tokalwhere it messages all users03:03
=== max is now known as Bode
Tokalperhaps a picture would help03:03
Tokaljust one moment03:04
tensorpuddingTokal: does the program have any options to log to file, or fork to the background or something?03:04
denniss1I want to register a shell account in this site,anybody can help me ?03:05
mijkI can't get my Radeon HD 5750 to work properly with Lucid ... fglrx fails installation03:05
=== max is now known as Guest51111
Tokalhere I am typing "say this is a message"03:06
andre57Hello everyone. Is there a program that can press keys automatically?03:06
Tokalbut someone has replied to a chat moving my cursor03:06
tweakhi. i instanned an icon theme but want to modify it and cant find where it was installed to even through file search. any ideas where is it?03:06
mplabsI have a big problem. I was upgrading my system to 10.04 but now its all broken!03:07
mplabsI tried using dpkg --configure -a but I have tons of incomplete dependences !03:07
tensorpuddingTokal: this looks to be a problem inherent in the program itself03:07
tensorpuddingTokal: since it's a chat thingie03:07
mplabsMy source.list after the upgrade: http://pastebin.com:80/mjT9kJ8i03:08
MungThe generally accepted method is with apt, or aptitude, not dpkg alone.03:08
mplabsif I try to do safe-upgrade: http://pastebin.com:80/U4qfukuy03:08
TokalI guess my request is a shell that separates the input from the output, similar to an IRC chat03:08
tensorpuddingTokal: sending messages through a noisy interface like that sounds like terrible design on the part of the people who made it03:08
Tokalyes I agree03:08
mplabsAny help ? Please03:08
Tokaltensorpudding: would you believe Minecraft is making a quarter of a million a day and isn't even out of beta03:09
Tokalmade by one developer too, notch03:09
Mungis this 2 sources.list files merged?03:09
mplabsmerged ? why ?03:10
Braber01_#!/bin/bash\n sleep 7h03:10
tensorpuddingTokal: I could believe that, given the volume of youtube videos of people's maps that i see posted online03:10
MungI see references to both lucid and karmic.03:10
Munggenerally you only want one version.03:11
mplabsoh, the update-manager changed the source.list, its what I have right now03:11
Mungline 24/25 for ref.03:11
Tokalthere is a GUI but java disables it when working from terminal03:11
Braber01_must not fall asleep !repeat03:11
mplabsdeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid multiversendeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-updates multiverse03:12
Braber01_darn this class tires me out :(03:12
mplabsjust lucid03:12
Mungyes, I see that.03:12
mplabswhere did you see karmic ?03:12
mplabsall about karmic is commented03:12
Mungyes I se that.03:13
Mungmy question is: are you trying to go back to lucid? or forward to karmic?03:13
mplabswell, I was upgrading03:13
Mungso, forward.03:14
Munglucid is a rev back.03:14
IdleOnelucid is after karmic03:14
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100403:14
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:15
IdleOnekarmic was 9.1003:15
mplabsI guess you write it wrong, but yes I was upgrading to 10.0403:15
Mungthanks, heads broken.03:15
mplabscan anyone show me his source.list please ?03:15
* Braber01_ Knows of a City named Maverick it's in Boston on the Blue Line on the "T" (Boston's Subway Rail System)03:16
IdleOnemplabs: the reason you have a bunch of depends issues is because of all the non default repos you have. upgrade automatically disables those repos03:16
mplabsdo you mean it will be ok if I uncomment some repos ?03:16
IdleOnemplabs: hmm, ok is hard to say but I suspect a lot of your packages depend on libs from those repos03:17
Mungyou'll probably have to track down the correct URI for them03:17
mplabsbut I thought the update manager wrote there the necessary to end the upgrade03:18
mplabsbut I have problems with things like openoffice03:18
mplabsso its strange03:18
Mungfor supported packages.03:18
IdleOneupdate manager will use only the official repos and disable the non ubuntu ones03:18
Mungnot thirdparty stuff.03:18
mplabsI guess openoffice is part of the official repo, is it ?03:19
IdleOnemplabs: yes03:19
mplabsfor example:03:19
mplabs libgnomecanvas2-0 depends on libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.8.17); however:n  Package libgtk2.0-0 is not configured yet.03:19
mplabsit doesnt make sense03:19
Braber01_OMFG! I cannot belive my programming teacher does not know about \' \"...03:19
Braber01_!caps | Braber01_03:20
ubottuBraber01_, please see my private message03:20
IdleOne!ot > Braber0103:20
ubottuBraber01, please see my private message03:20
mplabsok, let me see.. I will try to uncomment some repos and then execute a new safe-upgrade03:21
IdleOnemplabs: first check to make sure you have the correct URL for the lucid version of the repos03:21
mplabscan I do a booteable USB from this live CD ? I didnt found the application to do that03:21
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:22
mplabsby the way, I dont have internet, did I say that ?03:23
mplabsit stopped to work with these problems03:24
mplabsI was using WiCd but now I cant open it !03:24
The_Acemplabs, does it throw any error messages ?03:24
mplabsactually it is in the list of non-configured applications03:24
mplabsyes, but I cant remember it, it was because it doesn have its deamon running03:25
mplabsin fact I cant execute many applications, it is all broken !03:25
mplabsand waiting to be configured03:25
mplabsWiCD and network-manager is in the list http://pastebin.com:80/U4qfukuy03:26
vic20gmrwud someone mind directeding me to the correct chanel for xubuntu-macppc disussion and/or support?03:26
The_Acemplabs,  did you mix repos  or something like that ?03:26
mplabsI dont know how to connect my computer since I dont have an applicaton to do that03:27
vic20gmrima linux/linux-on-ppc noob03:27
mplabsno The_Ace, I was upgrading with update-manager03:27
mplabsmy source.list is here: http://pastebin.com:80/mjT9kJ8i03:27
mplabsThe_Ace: update-manager commented almost everything, I have just lucid repos now03:27
The_Acei'm going over it03:28
weeklyhey guys, question: what is the name of the gnome terminal package? can i install it with apt-get?03:28
mplabsthank you03:28
xbonesxanyone know how to configure a um175 verizon aircard...03:28
The_Acemplabs, are you using those LAMP repos and those karmic repos ?03:29
mplabswell, I was03:29
xbonesxI have wvdial installed but I dont know how to get my username and pass for the device, does anyone know the defaults or how to obtain this information, tried to login into my account on the net and had no luck finding the username and pass03:29
The_Acethere's even a jaunty repo03:29
mplabsno, wait.. I was using karmic repos, then update-manager commented it all and put lucid repos instead03:30
The_Acemplabs, I see there are source repos as well. Did you compile applications as well ?03:31
mplabswell, I guess I did, but not so often03:31
mplabswhy ?03:31
The_AceAFAIK, if key components were compiled from source, they wont get upgraded with package managers03:31
The_Scythe_Has_Fso, whats goin on?03:31
The_Aceso that can break a system on upgrade03:32
mplabsoh no, I didnt compile compile many applications, just a few of them I guess03:32
mplabsit cant be the problem03:32
=== Viking is now known as Guest90918
The_Acemplabs, you can uncomment those repos that you had enabled earlier and run a apt-get update && apt-get upgrade03:33
The_Acethat'll get the packages from all repos03:34
mplabsit will upgrade to karmic ?03:34
phantom11141Hi all, using ubuntu 10.04 my N wireless shows the network but it will not connect.03:34
The_Acemplabs,  you're already on lucid arnt you ? karmic will be a downgrade03:34
mplabsoh, you mean to keep repos from both distros ?03:34
seidosis there a program teachers can use for grading?03:34
mplabsyes, I am or it is supposed to be lucid03:34
The_Acemplabs, first thing is to see if those 3rd party repos have repos for lucid03:35
The_Aceif they do, edit your source list to use the lucid repos03:35
The_Acethen run the update/upgrade03:35
=== Guest90918 is now known as Viking1962
The_Acethat'll get all the packages for lucid03:35
mplabsI think its not important right know since I cant execute even network manager !03:35
The_Aceoh wow03:36
The_Aceso the system is totally broken ?03:36
mplabsalmost totally !03:36
The_Aceso there's no way to pull packages ?03:37
mplabsreading the list I guess python-gtk2 is not working so I cant execute almost anything03:37
The_Acemplabs, how about CLI access ?03:37
mplabscli ?03:37
The_Aceterminal or command line interface03:37
mplabsahm, to use internet ?03:38
The_Aceto run commands03:38
mplabsI just tried with wicd and network-manager, but tell me and I will try03:38
mplabswell, I can03:38
The_Acesince terminal is not dependent on gtk, it should run the commands without complaining03:38
mplabsI can use some applications like yakuke for example03:39
mplabsyes, it works03:39
The_Acecan you get network access with terminal ?03:39
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.03:39
mplabsI dont know how03:39
phantom11141Hi all, using ubuntu 10.04 my N wireless shows the network but it will not connect.03:39
mplabstell me and I will try03:39
The_Acemplabs, do you have ssh server on that machine ?03:40
mplabswell, yes03:40
mplabsremember that I am in a live cd03:40
mplabsand in the real installation I dont have internet..03:40
The_Aceso the broken box has no network at all ?03:40
mplabsyou are right03:41
mplabsin fact the broken box is.. this box03:41
mplabsbut without a live CD...03:41
The_Acethen backup and re install is the fastest menthod03:41
IdleOnemplabs: do you have a separate /home?03:41
mplabsI have tons of things to backup, I prefer to try to fix it03:41
mplabsyes, I have03:41
Gneahow can I tell Ubuntu WUBI to not mount the host filesystem at boot?  /etc/fstab has nothing.03:42
IdleOnemplabs: ok then you can do a clean install and not lose your /home03:42
The_Acemplabs, AFAIK, the options are limited since you're on the broken box with live CD03:42
Gneamplabs: as long as /home is on a separate partition, you should be fine03:42
tchebbHello all. I just migrated my 10.04 desktop installation to LVM, but I'm having problems booting. GRUB loads initrd fine, but then I get a disk not found error and it drops me to a busybox shell. I can make the volume group available from there using 'vgchange -a y' and it boots fine, but I'm not sure how to make it activate the volume group automatically.03:43
The_AceGnea, i'm assuming he has data in the /var as well03:43
The_Acesince i saw some LAMP repos03:43
GneaThe_Ace: ah03:43
IdleOnehe copy /var to /home for now03:43
mplabsis there any way create a connection with my router using the command line ?03:43
Gneamplabs: using dhcp?03:44
The_Acemplabs,  is the router giving out IPs ?03:44
aromanHey guys. So I'm a freshman in highschool in the market for a new laptop. I have no interest in running Windows, and would like to know if there are any certain laptops (that run windows out of the box or otherwise) that are known to have very good Ubuntu support? I'm unsure about buying a laptop because i want to run Linux/Ubuntu on it.. and I don't know which will work well or not. Thanks SO MUCH!03:44
mplabsyes, it is03:44
mplabsI have to ask for one and it will give me one03:44
The_Acethen just plugging the cable should work03:44
mplabsit doesnt ?03:44
jsecaroman: most all of them?03:44
Gneaaroman: sager, perhaps?03:45
sunny1aroman: I've a azus K and can't complain03:45
Dulakaroman: I have an acer aspire netbook that runs ubuntu just fine out of the box, many laptops today run ubuntu without any problems03:45
jsecI've even had good luck with ubuntu out of the box on my MacBook03:45
aromansunny1, How recent is it, and what (if any) are the drawbacks (like stuff that doesn't work at all) with Ubuntu? Thanks!03:45
Gneaaroman: my eeepc works great with it03:45
aromanjsec, Well, surely some have better hardware support than not.03:45
aromanGnea, I've heard good things about them, but I'm looking for a full-size laptop (13-15)03:46
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
Gnea!laptop | aroman03:46
ubottuaroman: Laptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org03:46
Dulakaroman: laptops are mostly manufactured by a small handful of companies now, hardware support is much less of an issue now than in the past03:46
aromanDulak, Anything that _doesn't_ work? When did you get your laptop and how much did it cost? Thanks :)03:46
sunny1aroman: 6 months...9.10 worked great, no big with wireless. 10.04 has some flickering and gedit processing issues03:46
Gneaaroman: there are some newer models that aren't updated there, mostly because they tend to work just fine these days03:47
sunny1*no big troubles with wireless03:47
The_Acemplabs, try sudo dhclient -r03:47
The_Aceand sudo dhclient03:47
Dulakaroman: everything works, including the built-in camera, paid $250 US for it last year03:47
The_Acemplabs, that'll get a new IP from the router03:47
Gneaugh, why does wubi have to suck so bad?03:47
mplabsok, I will try to connect it, I will enable some repos and try with a new upgrade03:47
aromanDulak, Right, I didn't think about that. So you're saying that I can basically pick any laptop (off the shelf at Best Buy, let's say) and expect it to work well with ubuntu? (Maverick)03:47
Gneajust want to track down how it mounts /host automatically but can't find anything in /etc03:48
mplabsgreat, thank you all !03:48
The_Acemplabs, before enabling the 3rd party repos, find out if they have repos for lucid and add the lucid repos03:48
mplabshave to reboot, see you in minutes03:48
Gneanot seeing anything in /etc/udev/03:49
Dulakaroman: yeah, steer clear of compaq though, they skimp on parts.  Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc all have good stuff that should work just fine.03:49
waaadedoes anyone know why my motd isn't showing up when i first log into ubuntu through ssh using screen?03:49
=== denysonique_ is now known as denysonique
Dulakaroman: to be honest I never buy the newest models, just because those are the most likely to have something new that isn't fully supported, and getting the last model instead of the newest tends to save you money.03:52
sunny1aroman: And never off BestBuy03:53
peeps[work]i installed a PAE kernel and my nvidia binary drivers broke.  how can i reconfigure them.  i am in X now, not sure what drivers it's using.03:53
hidekipeeps[work]: what is the output of glxinfo | grep vendor03:54
The_Acepeeps[work], its probably using default fbdev drivers03:54
peeps[work]hideki, just a bunch of error output03:55
aromanDulak, But wouldn't there be an advantage to having the latest hardware?03:55
aromansunny1, Why's that? Markup?03:56
Braber01um Hi I'm back home again from class I'm trying to get rid of my password for my keyring and I can't seem to find the menu to do that :(03:56
icarus-cpeeps[work], tried reinstall nvidia driver?03:56
aromanBraber01, applications>accessories>passwords and encryption, I think.03:56
QuutarI am having trouble compiling gcc 4.5.1 under ubuntu 10.04.1 desktop edition 64 bit... i am able to compile the package version of 4.4.1... my notes: I start with a fresh ubuntu 10.04.1 install that has been updated via the package manager... then do - http://pastebin.com/dbYyKAA4 - this setups up the build env... i then run the following script - http://pastebin.com/yw0Ve6ZE which fails at03:56
Quutarthe "build" step of gcc itself... i get the following error - http://pastebin.com/t1JJpktu03:56
hidekiyou could try removing the driver, then re-install using m-a a-i03:56
Quutarit seams to be failing when the gcc build process tests the multilibs portion... is there something I am missing from apt-get?03:57
sunny1aroman: Oh yea, plus they tend to carry the best selling ones, not always the best ones. I bought mine off amazon after reading through the reviews, def. recommend that03:57
peeps[work]icarus-c, good idea, let me try03:57
peeps[work]rebooting, brb03:58
Dulakaroman: in a desktop sure, but a laptop isn't exactly where you need to worry about the best performance, since it really won't compare to a desktop until you get into the high-end stuff.  Also newer means untried, I never buy the first new generation just because the second generation gets the bugs ironed out.  Re:  the new macbook had major issues with the case that didn't exist is subsequent models03:58
The_AceDulak, but you loose bragging rights :D03:59
sunny1aroman: Hindsight, I should've bought the one that supported hackinstosh...maybe you don't care about that. Its a bi*** to switch from ubuntu to windows for photoshop and back again for rails03:59
aromansunny1, That makes a lot of sense. But my hesitation would be testing things like feel, sound quality, stuff that can only happen in person, physically, I suppose.03:59
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
DulakThe_Ace: I prefer stability over bragging, but I'm old and married.04:00
nossralsuvahow do i stop the screen save from coming on when using VLC or Media Player04:00
aromansunny1, I've got an iMac 2008 that I tripleboot, and I'm not interested in Mac laptops except their hardware which almost has me buying them (sans the price)04:00
Braber01I will be back I to get rid of this distracting window...04:00
sunny1nossralsuva: System > Preferences > Screensaver04:00
aromansunny1, And I have no reason to run Windows thankfully :-)04:00
Dulakaroman: you look in the store, decide, then go home and order it online for a lot less.04:01
peeps[work]icarus-c, i reinstalled and rebooted and still appears they are not enabled04:01
Dulakaroman: if you can social engineer well you can even get them to let you boot a livecd in the store to check compat issues04:01
Dulakaroman: buying retail is for suckers with no patience04:02
sunny1^ +104:02
DarkStar1jsec: that did not go well... My force sense was right04:02
peeps[work]i seem to remember doing somehting before where you change the runlevel to something to get out of X, then there is an nvidia reconfigure script you can run?   i can't remember the specifics, but i've done simliar before04:02
=== vicviper is now known as stdkfurz
Quutaris it better for me to ask complex questions on ubuntuforums instead of IRC?04:03
aromanDulak, Excellent points. I think I'll try those things! Do you have any personal recommendations for a 13-15 inch laptop?04:03
nossralsuvasunn1 when i tried to turn off activate when screen is idle, it still turns on04:03
Dulakaroman: I like the acer brand myself, but again they are all made by the same companies now, the parts are all the same inside04:04
aromanDulak, Ah. So basically, 1. go to best buy 2. find laptop I like (or perhaps not) 3. go on amazon 4. buy laptop 5. ??? 6. profit! :)04:05
Braber01hey I've tried erasing my password, and that didn't work now I have to enter my wireless password and my keyring password any ideas on how i can get my keyring to startup when I login form the login shell?04:05
nossralsuvasunn1 which setting should i use so that it does not turn in in the middle of watching something?04:05
Dulakaroman: search for the best price, could be newegg, amazon, or a dozen other sites that compete on price.04:05
mplabsHello again !04:06
mplabsIt's connected now !04:06
mplabsbut.. its the same about the upgrade04:06
mplabsI enabled some repos but it's the same04:06
AbhiJitQuutar, yes04:06
mplabsThe_Ace: dhclient works04:06
sunny1nossralsuva: Why not just increase the idle time to 2 hours...not sure if there's an explicit option for that...maybe vlc has it04:06
peeps[work]how do i turn off X04:07
The_Acemplabs, great04:07
mplabsmatias@localhost:/media/Data/home$ xchat  xchat: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libgdk-x11-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_malloc_n04:07
mplabsfor example04:07
Braber01um keyring problem I was told to delete my passwork form the encrytpion keys and that should get irssi working form the login shell with out having to startx however it's not in order to get online i have to startx and enter my wireless password and now my keyring password how can i fix this04:08
mplabsWICD: File "/usr/share/wicd/daemon/wicd-daemon.py", line 52, in <module>     from dbus.mainloop.glib import DBusGMainLoo [...]04:08
nossralsuvasunn1 thanks man that worked04:08
The_Acemplabs, looks like you have to fix the repos issue04:08
mplabsI guess so04:09
nossralsuvasunn1 it stopped, i had the wrong setting enabled and then i logged off and logged back in, it works just fine04:09
The_Aceand then upgrade so that it pulls all apps for lucid04:09
Drue192Anyone know where i can find drivers for ATI Radeon 2100. I downloaded the ones from ATI but they dont support Ubuntu 10.0404:09
mplabsThe_Ace: what is the plan ?04:09
vbabiy_any one have any idea why curl will load search.com when nslook returns nothing04:10
mplabsI mean, I don't know what is wrong with the source.list since I enabled some karmic repos and it's the same04:10
DarkStar1jsec: brb gotta restart04:11
The_Acemplabs, first find out if there are lucid repos for those04:11
edward_could this bind be simplified (-D "cn=Leon Hall,ou=arts,ou=Users,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com" -W) when doin authentication? with for example ldapsearch?04:11
The_Acemplabs,  whats that pastebin link again ?04:11
mplabswait, I have to paste it again04:11
Quutarok, posted - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9902384#post990238404:13
mplabsdotdeb doesn't have04:14
mplabsdo you think I should enable it anyway ?04:14
mplabsoh, there is a dir called "stable", maybe it works for many distros04:15
multipassanyone noticing a influx of spam and adds latly?04:15
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Ryen!hi | loc04:19
mplabsThe_Ace: http://pastebin.com/Z9ZN4z1n04:20
The_Acemplabs, whats in /etc/debian_version04:20
RyenFail -.-04:20
AbhiJithe doesnt know!!! :P04:20
mplabssqueeze/sid ?!04:20
mplabsis it ok ?04:20
The_Acefor the dotdeb, just enable the stable repo04:21
mplabsyes, because there isn't any lucid04:21
DivineBrevityPlease help. My personal folder has gone missing in Ubuntu 10.0404:21
mplabsok, so let me try04:21
The_Acemplabs, for the virtualbox, use lucid04:22
hidekiwhat do you mean, personal folder ?04:22
DivineBrevityI wish I could give more info, but I literally clicked on it, and it opened "Desktop."04:22
mplabsdidn't I put lucid ?04:22
DivineBrevityThe folder named "DL" on my desktop vanished.04:22
hidekido you mean your /home ?04:22
mplabsdeb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian lucid non-free # disabled on upgrade to karmic04:22
aromanDulak, Sorry to bother you again, but after doing some checking around on Amazon this is the laptop I would want to buy (ASUS A52F-X3) http://www.amazon.com/ASUS-A52F-X3-15-6-Inch-Laptop-Black/dp/B003UN6YUE/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1285730461&sr=1-1 Does this seem, in your opinion, like a sound choice. Thanks a ton man, really.04:22
mplabsThe_Ace: I put lucid04:22
tensorpuddingDivineBrevity: Maybe you deleted it? Check the Trash?04:22
DivineBrevityI checked that.04:22
tensorpuddingDivineBrevity: did you check the folder Desktop under your home folder?04:23
DivineBrevityI thought maybe I did, but it's not there, and the disk usage shows that what was once the largest folder in my computer (about 40GB) is gone.04:23
The_Acemplabs, for blueman use lucid04:23
The_Aceits there04:23
DivineBrevityTensoprpudding, I did check that.04:23
DivineBrevityI rebooted as well, thinking maybe it was just a bug.04:23
DivineBrevityI've searched for files held in the folder as well. No dice.04:24
mplabsThe_Ace: it says: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/blueman/ppa/ubuntu lucid main04:24
tensorpuddingDivineBrevity: it was a normal folder, right?04:24
mplabsare you reading the right file ?04:24
The_Acelooks like i'm not..04:24
DivineBrevityIt was, I suppose.04:24
=== yugge|school is now known as Yugge
mplabsit is: http://pastebin.com/Z9ZN4z1n04:24
DivineBrevityIt had all of my videos and photos in it. As well as music, school, etc. Basically my life.04:25
YuggeHello guys04:25
tensorpuddingDivineBrevity: I mean, it wasn't a link to another filesystem or anything04:25
mplabsI edited it and I have all with lucid now The_Ace04:25
DivineBrevityNo, it wasn't.04:25
The_Acemplabs, I see. I was looking at the wrong file04:25
tensorpuddingDivineBrevity: It sounds like something you did deleted it.04:25
DivineBrevityIt was just a regular folder.04:25
YuggeI have a question regarding gnome-applet programming, what would be the appropriate chatroom for asking that question?04:25
DivineBrevityHow can I get it back?04:25
hidekiCould you have accidentally dragged it into another folder ?04:25
The_Acemplabs, run : sudo apt-get update04:25
mplabsWhat on the Earth !? Need to get 507MB of archives. After unpacking 84.7MB will be used.04:26
DivineBrevityIs there a way to delete it without it going into the trash?04:26
The_Acemplabs, thats the way it is04:26
AbhiJitYugge, #ubuntu-devel04:26
mplabsit means more than 2 hours with this connection !04:26
YuggeAbhiJit, thanks04:26
DivineBrevityhideki, I checked the other folders and even searched for names of files in it. No luck04:26
tensorpuddingDivineBrevity: If you deleted it using rm instead of through the menus04:26
mplabsbut I thought it had the packages but there was a problem installing it, actualle update manager downloaded 1,8GB of packages !04:26
DivineBrevityI didn't do that.04:26
mplabsactually *04:27
hidekiwhere was the folder ? i.e. /home/<user>/...04:27
DivineBrevityI opened up the folder and it turned into "Desktop." So I closed it and it was gone.04:27
sweetpiDivineBrevity: Is your total disk usage the same, or have you gained 40GB of space?04:27
DivineBrevityGained space.04:27
mplabsThe_Ace: 1.8GB + 500MB, I think that to download an reinstall it all again from scratch owuld be cheaper hehe04:27
tensorpuddingDivineBrevity: Huh, you gained space?04:27
The_Acemplabs, it's now getting the upated packages for lucid04:28
mplabsthat's good04:28
hidekiSo you could already see the folder on the actual desktop ?04:28
sweetpiDivineBrevity: that means the files were deleted then04:28
mplabsI will download it, but it will take about two hours at least04:28
tensorpuddingDivineBrevity: Are you sure it didn't get renamed or moved somewhere on accident?04:28
DivineBrevityYeah. I'm saying I think the filesystem deleted it for some reason, and now I don't know how to get it back.04:28
DivineBrevityI checked everywhere.04:28
The_Ace<mplabs> The_Ace: 1.8GB + 500MB, I think that to download an reinstall it all again from scratch owuld be cheaper hehe <-- thats what I said the first time :P04:28
=== guilherme is now known as Guilherme
DivineBrevityI searched for it, I turned on "show hidden files," and nothing will turn up.04:29
hidekicheck /home/<user>/.local/share/Trash/files04:29
DivineBrevityIs there a more advanced way to search than the "Search for Files" option?04:29
cjaeso what partitioning scheme in a media server, I have in 40 gb ide and a 1.5 TB sata04:29
DivineBrevityhideki: I'll check that now.04:29
cjaenot the same as a desktop right04:29
sacarlsonDivineBrevity: or maybe the file system they were on got unmounted?  where was that folder mounted?04:29
tensorpuddingDivineBrevity: Filesystems don't delete files, and none of Ubuntu's automatic updates, or anything like that, would delete folders in the user's home folder04:29
mplabsok, downloading... it sounds good :)04:29
mplabsThe_Ace: thank you so much !04:30
mguzmanHey, anyone know why Ubuntu sees my 2.66ghz CPU as only having 1.6ghz? http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/geVadLMu04:30
DivineBrevityI'm using a touchpad on a Laptop, so it's done weird stuff, but I figured it would throw something in the trash first.04:30
sweetpishift+delete would also bypass the trash04:30
DivineBrevityhideki: trash is empty.04:31
DivineBrevityIt was mounted in home/desktop04:31
sweetpiif your Desktop directory was 40GB and you gained 40GB of space.. I believe the files are gone04:31
DivineBrevitySweetpi, is there a way to recover if it was thrown away?04:32
vu1kanDivineBrevity: if you want to undelete something, i'd suggest you switch to a liveCD before you overwrite the portion of the HD that was storing it04:32
sacarlsonDivineBrevity: I mean what physical disk was it mounted on like /dev/sda6 or maybe on some usb drive?04:32
vu1kanyou can recover it, and i'll get you a link to a how-to, if you like04:32
DivineBrevityPlease do. I'm going to try to recover it.04:32
Injectionphysical disc is mount in /mount04:32
hidekiIt's quite hard to undelete once the inodes have been lost04:33
sweetpiDivineBrevity: no user-friendly ways that I know of.04:33
DivineBrevityWhat do you mean physical disc is mount in /mount?04:33
YuggeI thought physical disks was mounted in /media04:34
Yuggeand manual temp mounting should be to /mnt04:34
sacarlsonYugge: that's the norm but you could mount things anyplace you want04:35
vu1kanDivineBrevity: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/15761/recover-data-like-a-forensics-expert-using-an-ubuntu-live-cd/ you'll want to look at the sections on foremost and scalpel04:35
sacarlsonYugge: I mount things inside my /home/user accounts at times04:35
hagabakahmm thanks for unbanning me04:35
DivineBrevityThanks guys.04:36
DivineBrevityI'm going to head out and try to recover it that way.04:36
Yuggesacarlson, makes sense04:36
atudeHey, I'm having an annoying problem on my netbook. I don't know how it's happening or what key I may or may not be hitting or if my touchpad is doing something odd but, what ever I had copied seems to somehow insert itself into whatever text field i'm typing in, as if there's some type of middle button being pressed04:37
atudeANY ideas?04:37
hagabakaI'm getting a blank screen with only the flashing cursor after when trying to boot into ubuntu installed through wubi. Is there anything I can do to try to fix it other than burning a livecd?04:37
sunny1atude: I've the same problem, some touchpads lets you paste if you do two finger clicks04:38
linux_hackshow to find list of bluetooth adaptors?04:38
sunny1atude: Try reducing the sensitivity of your touchpad. In my computer the edges are too close to the resting place of my thumbs when I'm tying04:39
atudesunny1: it's very very low04:39
hagabakaatude: I've read that you might be able to make the left button do middle click, since tapping the pad does a left click already04:39
atudehagabaka: I'm not interested in middle clicks04:41
hagabakaah sorry, misread04:41
hidekiatude: middle clicks are good, you can use it to open new browser tabs04:41
sacarlsonhagabaka: do you have a 1gig usb flash disk?  you could setup one of those to install ubuntu if you did.04:42
hagabakano :(04:42
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ocke
sacarlsonhagabaka: another option if you have another computer is to install from local net boot04:43
mplabsHave to sleep! Thank you again!04:43
atudehideki: yes, they're good, but they're happening randomly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephus_problemI'04:44
atudeerr, I'm not interseted, see above for example..04:44
hagabakaalso is wubi unable to resume downloads now? first time it downloaded most of the ISO and my computer disconnected, and it had to download it again04:44
vbabiy_Hey guys any idea why this would be happening: http://dpaste.com/250320/ look at lines 5, and 804:44
sacarlsonhagabaka: I have herd some bad things about wubi but it must work for some people04:45
shadghostI need help with a usb device disconnecting seconds after pluging in, logs from messages.log is at http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/h6m3NwAa04:46
MisterExI believe my university has a remote X server but I have always just sshed into a CLI. How can I access the X interface, given there is one?04:47
The_AceMisterEx, did you try ssh -X ?04:47
MisterExThe_Ace: If it forwards X that should just work? I only get a CLI04:48
shadghostI need help with a usb device disconnecting seconds after pluging in, logs from messages.log is at http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/h6m3NwAa04:48
Pentium3I just recently transplanted my HDD to an old HP OmniBook 4150 and now I have no sound support, any help would be appreciated.04:48
hidekiMisterEx: You can still execute X programs04:48
icarus-cMisterEx, you need -X switch to accept X11 forwarding04:48
=== Tweaky is now known as Tweak
The_AceMisterEx, ssh -X forwards X so that you can run GUI apps off the server04:48
=== Tweak is now known as Tweaky
icarus-cMisterEx, then you can run X applications04:49
hidekiYou can test it with $ xeyes &04:49
holocenehaving a problem with vinagre on lucid on local network. remote connection establishes and is shown, but when I click a menu on the remote machine, the menu opens on the remote, but that is not shown on the local. what causes this?04:49
Injectionpentium3, did it already have an OS on it? did you just pop in the HD? cus you can't really do that04:49
The_Aceif you want a full desktop the server needs to have xvnc enabled or some other vnc server running04:49
cjaeubuntu server disc fails cd integrity check so I check the md5sum of .iso I burned from = correct so I put the disc in another machine md5 /dev/sr0 = correct when I hold the disc up to the light the is a hole though the coating04:50
hidekiYou can alse enable auto X-forwarding by adding "ForwardX11 yes" to /etc/ssh/ssh_config04:50
Pentium3Injection: I was using this hdd in my Dell latitude running lucid, and just popped it out and into this omnibook (I have done it before with an IBM ThinkPad and an old Dell Inspiron with perfect migration).04:50
hidekiOn the client side, of course04:51
iincxWho wants to lick my mother board ;) in its' expansion slotz?04:51
MisterExI saw a page referencing and X server04:51
MisterExbut I don't believe there are ANY x applications on the box..04:51
Pentium3Injection: also, in /proc/asound/cards it says that it has no sound card yet Win98 ran it perfectly fine.04:52
holocenehaving a problem with vinagre on lucid on local network. remote connection establishes and is shown, but when I click a menu on the remote machine, the menu opens on the remote, but that is not shown on the local. what causes this?04:52
The_AceMisterEx> but I don't believe there are ANY x applications on the box.. <-- then no point in getting X  forwarded is there ?04:53
Pentium3holocene: does the remote have any extended effects enabled?04:53
MisterExThe_Ace: Well can I do it from tty1?04:53
=== jesse is now known as Guest22815
Injectionpentium3, you need the correct drivers04:53
MisterExThe_Ace: I did ssh -X user@host  logged in, typed gedit, it says "Cannot find display" or whatever the error is04:53
Pentium3Injection: do you know where I could get them?04:53
holocenePentium3, checking...04:54
The_AceMisterEx, looks like server doesnt have X server running04:54
hidekiPerhaps the server does not support X forwarding ?04:54
icarus-cMisterEx, you sure the ssh server enables X11 forwarding?04:54
holocenePentium, normal04:54
Random832MisterEx: i think it has to be allowed by the.... yeah04:54
Pentium3holocene: You may also want to lower the remotes display resolution.04:54
MisterExIt does have an X server04:54
MisterExI just can't do it from tty104:54
MisterExWhich I suppose makes sense04:54
holocenePentium3, should I turn off effects?04:54
MisterExgedit opens04:54
hidekiAh, there is your problem04:55
icarus-cMisterEx, has X server !=  allow X11 forwarding04:55
MisterExicarus-c: I have gedit open..04:55
icarus-cMisterEx, um sure you can't run gedit in tty...04:55
hidekiYou need to be on an X server already04:55
MisterExWhat is a way of seeing which x apps are installed without admin privileges?04:55
Pentium3holocene: I would give it a try, I have had the similar problem, but also lowering the screen resolution on remote might help.04:55
MisterExI'm newish to linux..04:55
MisterExNot all binaries are in /bin04:55
icarus-cMisterEx, is the server running ubuntu ?04:55
hidekichange to tty7/tty8 (whatever your local X server is on), ssh -X on xterm, then run gedit &04:55
icarus-cMisterEx, typically /usr/bin ,04:56
icarus-cMisterEx, sometimes  /usr/local/bin04:56
Pentium3Does anybody know where I could get the sound drivers for an HP OmniBook 4150?04:56
MisterExicarus-c: lol, God no. uname -r says 2.6.18-194.11.4.el5 ?04:56
holocenePentium3, you are a genius. it worked and thanks.04:56
icarus-cMisterEx, looks like red hat enterprise linux04:56
MisterExI think it's CentOS04:56
icarus-cMisterEx, or centos04:56
Pentium3holocene: You're very welcome, just helping others.04:57
icarus-cMisterEx, you could rpm -qa   you get a list of installed package04:57
MisterExSo how can I tell what's installed that I can use?04:57
tensorpudding18, that's a little old04:57
icarus-cMisterEx, but that is off topic here04:57
MisterExA lot.04:57
Pentium3holocene: Glad that it works.04:57
icarus-cMisterEx, that includes all packages installed.. not just gui app though04:57
macoMisterEx: lsb_release -a  <-- should tell you what distro it is. but also, yeah, off topic here04:57
The_AceMisterEx, looks like that server is not forwading X04:58
Pentium3Does anybody know where I could get the sound drivers for an HP OmniBook 4150?04:58
holoceneYes. I am giving the remote laptop to my nephew and will want to get it working over the network, but that will be for another night!04:58
hidekiLog into server, and try "cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config | grep X11"04:58
Injection33 /join #reddit04:58
holocenePentium3, network meaning internet04:58
MisterExThe_Ace: It must be I can open gedit on it04:58
hidekiIf X11 forwarding is enabled, it should return "X11Forwarding yes"04:58
Injection33i'm back, had to switch irc clients04:58
Pentium3holocene: I have had the same dilemma with my Pentium III laptop trying to control my P4 desktop/server.04:59
hidekiAlso, make sure you are in X on your client machine04:59
icarus-chideki, why dont just " grep X11 /etc/ssh/sshd_config"  :P04:59
sinmanhow do i access screensaver in kde?04:59
MisterExhideki: Yeah, cause my university gives me root privileges.. ;)04:59
hidekiicarus-c: of course04:59
icarus-csinman, somewhere in setting manager ?04:59
holocenePentium3, the same problem I had?04:59
The_AceMisterEx, id Gedit on the server is running, the X is getting forwarded04:59
hidekiI don't think you need root to read that file ? Do you ?04:59
MisterExhideki: It claims so yes.04:59
sinmanicarus-c: thanxs05:00
MisterExhideki: They probably have it locked down quite strongly, it's a remote SSH server for a university :P05:00
icarus-cMisterEx, didn't you said you  could  run gedit with  ssh -X ?05:00
MisterExYes I can05:00
MisterExIssue now is05:00
MisterExI have no idea what GUI packages are installed05:00
Pentium3holocene: yep, i would click something and it would only happen on the remote.  I lowered effects and resolution and it worked like a charm, but before I figured that out, I was stuck using SSH.05:00
Pentium3Still looking for drivers.05:00
icarus-cMisterEx, oh!  you could check out /usr/share/applications/05:01
icarus-cMisterEx, those *.desktop files are application launcher you see in Application Menu05:01
The_AceMisterEx, what packages do you want to run ?05:01
icarus-cCould you start a GNOME session  through ssh -X ? no ?05:01
MisterExicarus-c: for CentOS there is no app folder, it's all in /usr/share05:01
hidekiicarus-c: I use cat so I can easily change the search string without having to move the cursor all the way back05:01
mweltin_looking for some guidance.  My nvidia driver and kernel module don't have the same version number but so far my attempts to rectify this are not working.  running lucid if that matters.05:01
MisterExThe_Ace: Just poking around seeing what options I have05:01
MisterExicarus-c: infact.. there are no *.deskstop files :P05:02
icarus-chideki, i would use less and search within less in that case05:02
MisterExicarus-c: but a list of binaries is in /usr/share05:02
Pentium3I guess that this laptop is not worth saving..05:02
icarus-chideki, but yea. depends on the situation :P05:02
Pentium3Good night all!!05:02
hidekiicarus-c: good idea. less is my favorite text editor. It's just a pity it can't edit text.05:03
icarus-cit is just a text viewer05:03
hidekiI know. That's the joke.05:03
* icarus-c facepalm05:03
BlackWebdoes anyone know of any intel display drivers for a SAMSUNG N15005:04
sacarlsonBlackWeb: it's not plug and play?05:04
sinmanicarus-c: been thru the system settings and it's not showing no scrensavers05:05
MisterExAnyone still following05:05
MisterExThe binaries in /usr/share05:05
MisterExCannot be run05:05
MisterExFor instance, there is gedit-205:05
MisterExI can run gedit, however.05:05
FloodBot2MisterEx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:05
MisterExgedit-2 says insufficent perms.05:05
icarus-cMisterEx, dude. that is a folder05:05
BlackWebno I used a live cd to install Ubuntu 8.10, had to use the safe graphic mode that worked during installation but then when boot up then it goes to command prompt05:05
BlackWeband tried everything05:05
sweetpi!enter | MisterEx05:05
ubottuMisterEx: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:05
icarus-cMisterEx, gedit executable should be put in  /usr/bin , and program data in /usr/share,  /usr/lib05:05
MisterExare you SERIOUS? It is a directory.  FML.05:06
MisterExI feel like the largest moron on the planet right now. I apologize for using enter too often05:06
icarus-cMisterEx, you better use "ls -F --color=auto"  instead of just ls :P05:06
n3klI am getting strange errors with ubuntu-vm-builder on lucid.  Can someone in here helo me figure out whats going on, please?  http://pastie.org/118810005:06
icarus-cMisterEx, you could   "alias ls='ls -F --color=auto'  "05:07
MisterExIt was05:07
hidekiMisterEx: The binaries are not in /usr/share05:07
MisterExIt's just that the colour scheme is different than ubuntu05:07
=== mike is now known as Guest89880
BlackWebDoes anyone know of any intel display drivers, or what does the Live cd use during safe mode05:08
icarus-cBlackWeb, vesa ?05:08
MisterExMy bad. I am used to having -F aliased but I haven't modified ~/.bashrc on here yet.05:08
MisterExI rely on that, not colours05:08
=== gonzalo is now known as gasalla
hidekiAlso, you can use ls -F and it will display directories with a / after them05:08
icarus-cMisterEx, color is awesome too.  especially grep --color=auto05:08
BlackWebwhen i go into xorg.conf then it says its using vesa, but when i try to startx then it wont come up05:08
MisterExhideki: see up :P05:08
hidekiI use alias ls='ls -F --color=none' in my .bashrc, as I find colors annoying05:09
hidekiI know. Just noticed.05:09
BlackWebits a Samsung N150, Small Nookbook05:09
sacarlsonBlackWeb: so it came up when you did startx?05:09
BlackWebor does anyone know how to start x in safe mode from comman prompt05:10
BlackWebno it gives a error, saying to configure xorg.conf05:10
tensorpuddingyou don't want to start X while in safe mode05:10
=== mike_ is now known as Guest93062
BlackWebwhen i installed it I had to install it using the safe mode05:10
chenlongBlackWeb:"sudo startx"05:10
shatlyI need help troubleshooting a usb flash drive05:10
tensorpuddingrunning X as root is generally a bad idea05:10
BlackWebsays fatal server error no screens found05:11
JavaAtomStupid problem with tmux and rtorrent -- when detaching the tmux sesson, rtorrent shuts down the torrents (as though I had typed Ctrl-D in rtorrent.) Any thoughts?05:11
hidekiYou would normally run /etc/init.d/gdm start as root05:11
icarus-cMisterEx, now you better "ls -F  /usr/share/applications"05:11
BlackWebI've tried install the intel drivers, and still nothing, which the display device is intel05:11
sacarlsonBlackWeb: maybe try ubuntu 10.04 or later.05:12
shatlyis logs05:12
shatlysame thing on two linux based computer (one is mint this one is ubuntu)05:12
icarus-cshatly, what's the problem you have05:12
shatlyicarus-c: it seems to connect for a second and then dissconect05:12
shatlysee logs05:13
chenlongshatly:"sudo pppoeconf"05:13
icarus-cshatly, ah right. i guess usb drive's issue05:13
icarus-cchenlong, what does a usb drive has to do with pppoe..05:13
cfgcan I use a ubuntu live cd to view files that windows seven have hidden/encypted in "the vault"? if so how05:14
JavaAtomFound it -- it's not when I disengage tmux, it's when I exit the SSH session.05:14
shatlychenlong: explain how configureing a dsl server will help?05:14
The_AceJavaAtom, that is to be expecte05:14
JavaAtomThe_Ace: Why?05:14
JavaAtomThe_Ace: And, more appropriately, how can I fix that?05:14
The_Acecosing the session closes all apps started in that session05:15
chenlongI just misunderstand.05:15
The_AceJavaAtom, use screen05:15
The_Acein the ssh session, start screen05:15
MisterExOkay one last issue05:15
MisterExI can't seem to be able to open nautilus05:15
JavaAtomThe_Ace & shatly: tmux and screen are supposed to do exactly the same thing.05:16
MisterExbut rhythmbox and gedit and other apps work?05:16
shatlyssh ->  screen -> irssi05:16
JavaAtomshatly: ssh -> tmux -> irssi = same damn thing.05:16
The_AceJavaAtom, guess tmux is not doing the job or you're doing it wrong05:16
JavaAtomThe_Ace: That's what I'm trying to figure out.05:16
icarus-cMisterEx, any message when you start nautilus?05:17
hidekiMisterEx: Some programs won't work if they are already running locally on the server. This is the case with Firefox etc.05:18
MisterExicarus-c: initiating open-terminal here extension or something that's all05:18
hidekiIs there another file browser you could use ? Such as konqueror ?05:20
MisterExhideki: I don't believe so.05:20
hidekiI sometimes get bother with nautilus, I notice konqueror works better over ssh -X05:21
hidekiI don't use ubuntu though, I run Debian05:22
philsfwhat's the difference between gksu and gksudo?05:23
icarus-cphilsf, like   su   vs  sudo05:23
macophilsf: nothing05:23
macophilsf: gksudo is a symlink to gksu05:23
philsfmaco, thanks05:24
pathogenexcuse me, but which channel would I go to to talk to the developers about client side window decorationg?05:24
macopathogen: #ubuntu-devel05:24
macopathogen: though i dont expect most to be waking up for a few hours yet05:24
maco(it's the crack of dawn in europe)05:25
pathogenah, I see05:25
=== SolidLiq is now known as solid_liq
glebihanpathogen: I just joined #ubuntu-devel, I may be able to help you depending on what you need05:29
glebihanpathogen: oh by the way, wrong channel, ##linux-coders would be better05:29
glebihanpathogen: or #gtk05:30
QwertError after kernel update - (process 306) : GLib-WARNING**: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id(0)05:30
Qwert...| How can I fix it?05:33
glebihanQwert: when do you get this error ?05:36
Qwertglebihan: I found it once during the restart (as update required it). I don't remember it exactly hence didn't include it in the question05:37
Qwertglebihan: But, now the booting takes time ...05:38
bullgard4What Ubuntu document lists the Ubuntu release milestones?05:39
glebihanbullgard4: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases05:40
QwertIs there a way to locate the problem by dmesg05:40
glebihanQwert: maybe, but not easy since we don't know what process produces the message05:41
bullgard4glebihan: Thank you very much for your help.05:42
Qwertglebihan: It occurred only after kernel update.05:42
glebihanbulldog98: you're welcome05:42
icarus-c*GLib* error  ---  why would you think of kernel issue in the first place :-S05:42
logankoesterIf I remove my primary drive while installing windows to a 2nd drive and then add it to grub later, will that prevent windows from nuking the bootloader?05:42
icarus-cand it is just a warning05:42
glebihanQwert: you didn't get this message since the upgrade ?05:43
Qwerticarus-c: Because only kernel update caused this. It was not there before05:43
pw-toxichi, im facing a serious problem with my software raid... i have new hardware and plugged in all my devices05:43
Qwertglebihan: No05:43
pw-toxicmy raid1 got detected but my raid5 didnt... what shall i do? there are about 4 TB data i dont want to loose05:43
glebihanQwert: well then I guess you don't have to worry about it05:43
icarus-clogankoester, Windows will nuke MBR on 2nd drive. which shouldn't matter if BIOS detect the grub one as 1st drive05:44
Qwerticarus-c: Despite it being a warning, it is taking my boot time05:44
pw-toxici hope someone has some experience with mdadm and software raid...05:44
icarus-cQwert, maybe boot time is lengthened by something else,  like  a force disk check05:44
logankoestericarus-c: that's fine, 2nd drive is just a mounted extra05:44
logankoestericarus-c: so I should be fine right?05:44
Name141Does Ubuntu have options to run the installer from a floppy ?05:45
Name141with no other media support05:45
icarus-cQwert, see verbose message on boot05:45
icarus-cenable it05:45
Qwerticarus-c: No, as far a I remember, the screen stopped twice before displaying the error which I typed05:45
Qwerticarus-c: ... twice while displaying...05:45
Name141Or , using the NIC for an install ?05:46
Name141(but booting with the floppy)05:46
Atavachronhey neone may help me pls05:46
Qwerticarus-c: How to do that?05:46
Atavachronabout aol05:46
Atavachroni cant get an aol id just because of that security image05:46
VinceNHello, Everyone.  I need help with a sound issue i'm having.  I can't get my Ubuntu to record05:46
icarus-cQwert, boot kernel without  "quiet  splash"05:47
Atavachronanyone from Usa?05:47
Atavachronpls pm me05:47
Qwerticarus-c: Then what should I be informing about to you?05:47
Atavachroni need someone to get me a aol screen name for a simple tryout05:48
Atavachronif you got one unused or trash id, pls send it to me05:48
rwwAtavachron: try #ubuntu-us05:48
Atavachronoh ok thx05:49
rwwAtavachron: or #ubuntu-offtopic05:49
Atavachronthx man cya all05:49
rwwthough if you're asking for help getting around Google Voice restrictions or something, no.05:49
Atavachronwhat is that? nvm i'll check another channel05:49
=== Teemukin65 is now known as GrusGrus
Qwerticarus-c: Eh/05:50
blockheadCan you convert a BlueRay video file with Devede ISO and have it work as an hD?05:51
=== gonzalo is now known as gasalla
blockheadCan you convert a BlueRay video file with Devede ISO and have it work as an hD?05:52
freetown2hi, anybody knows what is up with the recent youtube flash video files? you cannot decode/play them05:54
Qwerticarus-c: Would you please atleast continue on your suggestion, what should I telling you on it?05:54
ChrisMorganAnyone got any idea how to get WebGL working in Firefox 4 in Ubuntu?  I can't seem to get the libmesa stuff working at all.05:55
ChrisMorgan/usr/lib/mesa/libGL.so seems to be the closest I can get to the recommended /usr/lib/libOSMesa.so05:56
QwertAnyone can help me with my problem?05:57
lfuser-425hi all05:57
lfuser-425wat is teh prb05:57
MisterExI have made a shortcut for my dad on the desktop to play his music. it is a one line script that runs a vlc command. I want some way of not having it come up "Would you like to.. run / display / run in terminal" when double clicked. That would make his life easier and would cause less issues [he's quite comp dumb]05:58
QwertHi lfuser-42505:58
molly9Hi! I'm doing a paper for school and I have a few random questions I can't find answers to. Can anyone help?05:59
MisterExmolly9: Ask em05:59
=== MisterEx is now known as Jon--
Qwertmolly9: Whats the problem?06:00
molly9thanks =) Is there any way to get an average for how many security patches are released in a given time? For base Ubuntu I mean.06:00
Jon--Not sure of any way myself06:01
mrwizeguy1983molly9, how accurate do you need to be?  any of us could guess based on our update install history, but i don't know where to find accurate data06:02
molly9The other part is about when security patches fix some problems but cause others. I can't seem to find any recent examples. Maybe there are none lol.06:02
molly9you know, an educated guess is better than I can come up with wading through all of the bug fixes!06:02
rwwmolly9: you may find https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/ useful for the first06:02
mrwizeguy1983if i had to guess, i'd say around 3 per day, but not regular, just quite a few sometimes and not many others.  not sure how accurate my guess is molly906:03
redbeansHello, does anyone know of an open source citrix equiv (vdi) for Linux?06:03
QwertTe archive is having nothing new06:03
pw-toxiccan i cancel a chown -R ... command without problems?06:03
pw-toxici have done chmod on a 5 TB drive..06:03
pw-toxicwhich is ful06:03
rwwQwert: That list is empty.06:03
Richie086why did you do that06:03
pw-toxicby fail06:03
rwwpw-toxic: some of the files will be chmoded and some won't, but apart from that it should be fine.06:03
pw-toxicrww, ok thx.. then ill do it06:04
blockheadCan you convert a BlueRay video file with Devede ISO and have it work as an hD?06:04
bobstroredbeans:  you need it to run windows apps via rdp?06:04
Qwertrww: Your link works :)06:04
pw-toxicrww,  btw .. how do i cancel? :D06:04
rwwpw-toxic: ctrl-c06:04
pw-toxicthx ;)06:04
Jon--pw-toxic: ctrl-c is your friend06:04
redbeansExactly. But also virtualized desktops.06:04
Jon--pw-toxic: embrace it. love it. sleep with a little flash-card of it printed on beside your pillow at night.06:04
molly9Thanks! That first list has a good thread in it.06:05
Jon--molly9: security patches causing problems - must be ubuntu specific?06:05
bobstroredbeans:  the closest i can think of would be virtualized windows desktop, or server running terminal services. you won't save on windows licensing that way though.06:05
bobstroredbeans:  desktop as in winxp/win7 in a virtual machine, and rdp to that.06:05
bobstroredbeans:  does it have to be windows they remote into?06:06
molly9ubuntu specific, though I  could prolly use a general Linux example if it's recent06:06
beebohello I need help with openbox06:06
VinceNOk.  I will need to turn in my geek card for this06:07
Jon--I haven't used ubuntu long enough to really tell ya anything06:07
VinceNBVut when I run lshw under CPU if it says width 64 does that mean I have a 64bit capibile system06:07
Qwert!repeat | Qwert06:07
ubottuQwert, please see my private message06:07
Jon--There should be an example, try Google?06:08
Change_of_Heart1Will it be easy for me to upgrade to 10.10 when it comes out, from 10.04 ??06:08
Jon--Change_of_Heart1: 9.10 -> 10.04 was smooth for me. A few changes need to be made (like fixing custom repositories)06:08
Richie086do u have a dual core processor?06:08
rwwChange_of_Heart1: Yes. Update Manager should prompt you about it, or there'll be instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes when it's released.06:08
molly9I've read that there was a problem in 06, but maybe there's been a perfect track record since then =)06:09
VinceNrichie086: No Single Core Celeron in an Acer Aspire 5313.  I was pretty sure it was 32 bit06:09
molly9hard to believe tho!06:09
Qwertrww: Can you help me with my problem?06:09
Change_of_Heart1Ok, but will it be a seamless upgrade, like updating programs, or will i need to compile things etc06:09
rwwQwert: no06:09
rwwChange_of_Heart1: like updating programs06:09
Richie086hmm well i know if you have a dual core system you can run or install 64 bit linux, but if your on a single core i am not too sure what that is refering to06:09
Richie086care to pastebin the output for us?06:09
rwwChange_of_Heart1: you should still backup your data, just in case, but it should be smooth and practically does itself06:10
=== ashtar is now known as tooby
=== tooby is now known as bonbakaka
Jon--molly9: Hahaha... very doubtful.06:10
Jon--molly9: I can't give you a specific example of course, but there have been issues with packages in the past06:10
VinceNRichie086: Nah im not worried about it, I was just looking at the output for another reason anyway06:10
shoogidahello how to add autostart program to openbox in ubuntu install06:11
Richie086ah kk06:11
Qwertrww: Which channel should I be asking?06:11
VinceNIm trying to fix an annoying sound issue.  I can't get Ubuntu to record from my front microphone jack06:11
rwwQwert: This one is the right channel, I just don't know the answer.06:11
Richie086what type of soundcard/chipset we talking about06:11
kulas27can somebody tell me where did i go wrong? I installed ubuntu lucid lynx to my new laptop dual booted with windows 7, installed fine but with ubuntu, I can't get any output with it. already checked alsamixer. Master is already in the 100, Speaker and PCM are set by default to 0 so I changed it to 100 too but still can't get any audio output.06:11
=== s0n1c is now known as ImAwesome
molly9maybe I'm using bad search terms ...06:11
=== ImAwesome is now known as s0n1c
VinceNRichie086; Thats what i'm trying to find out right now06:12
shoogidahello  where to get openbox support06:12
Richie086VinceN: lspci06:12
Richie086try it06:12
VinceNYea I ment too06:12
Richie086i hate linux sound problems06:13
VinceNI hate #($*&#(* pulseaudio06:13
Richie086pulseaudio is my enemy06:13
Richie086they need to get rid of it06:13
VinceN00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)06:13
pw-toxichi, when i do ls -la  there is something like drwx--...06:13
pw-toxicwhat does the d stand for?!06:13
Richie086pw-toxic: are u serious or joking06:13
macopw-toxic: directory06:13
macoRichie086: why would that be a joke?06:14
shoogidahello how to add autostart program to openbox in ubuntu install06:14
Richie086d= directory r=read acs w=write acs x=execute06:14
pw-toxichm lol06:14
pw-toxicok thx ;)06:14
Richie086pw-toxic: http://www.zzee.com/solutions/linux-permissions.shtml06:15
wasnik_hi guys ubuntu does not detect my soundcards please help06:15
VinceNRichie086: Does that halp any?06:15
Richie086VinceN: not really :)06:15
VinceNWow.. Seems to be a run on sound issues tonight06:15
Richie086yeah really06:15
Richie086the least easy to troubleshoot over irc06:15
VinceNWasnick_ Can you be more discriptive, does it flat out not see it or is it just not working?06:16
Richie086wasnik_: please do a lspci and pastebin the output so we can get a better idea of what were working with here06:16
pw-toxicHow do i find out, what filesystem for a raid is used? for example for /dev/md0?06:16
pw-toxicim not sure if i used ext3 or ext406:16
Richie086pw-toxic: is this filesystem currently mounted?06:17
Richie086pw-toxic: aka can you access it right now06:17
pw-toxicRichie086, yes i mounted it with ext4 and ext3 ;) both works06:17
pw-toxicRichie086, /dev/md0     /share/costello      ext4      defaults 0 006:17
pw-toxicin /etc/fstab06:17
wasnik_Hi Richie086 i filed a bug with ubuntu, here is the entire file06:17
Richie086yeah thats what i was going to ask for06:17
Guest8583Hi All06:18
pw-toxicbut i wrote this myself.. i just reassembled my whole hardware and reassembled my raids06:18
booknanahello any openbox users here06:18
blockheadCan you convert a BlueRay video file with Devede ISO and have it work as an hD?06:18
Guest8583can anyone here help troubleshoot Cinelerra, or point me to a place to get help?06:19
pw-toxicwell it works with ext4 and ext3 but im afraid that using the wrong option here may cause serious errors over time06:19
rwwbooknana: You'd be more likely to get help if you asked the actual question :)06:19
mrwizeguy1983how do you patch a sound driver?06:19
booknanahello how to add autostart apps in openbox session06:19
mrwizeguy1983do you have to find the source and compile it and apply the patch when compiling?06:19
Richie086pw-toxic: that is understandable that you would have concerns about that06:20
Richie086pw-toxic: i know i would too :)06:20
=== FazLeeeN` is now known as FazLeeeN
=== gasalla is now known as g4s4ll4
wasnik_hi Richie086 did u have a look at my output06:24
=== g4s4ll4 is now known as gasalla_
=== gasalla_ is now known as g4s4ll4
pw-toxicRichie086, so do you have any idea what to do about this?06:27
JoeCoolDeskHow do design decisions happen with Ubuntu?06:28
SchooL_RockeRHello, how can i use vpn to hide my internet usage from my ISP06:29
blackdoggyhelp me with my microphone  in 10.0406:29
anili am facing some unusual application hang and crash issue in ubuntu can u plz help me06:30
booknanahow to autostart apps in openbox session06:30
blockheadCan you convert a BlueRay video file with Devede ISO and have it work as an hD?06:30
CajunTechieAnyone recommend a decent IRC client? I'm using mIRC through WINE and want something a bit better.06:30
JoeCoolDeskCajunTechie, Pidgin all the way06:30
macoCajunTechie: i like quassel06:30
SchooL_RockeRHello, how can i use vpn to hide my internet usage from my ISP06:30
rwwCajunTechie: xchat if you're in GNOME, Quassel on KDE, irssi if you want terminal-based06:30
hidekiSchooL_RockeR: What do you mean ?06:30
macopidgin??? O_o thats never had a reputation as a /good/ one06:30
CajunTechieJoeCool: I tried Pidgin, not bad.06:31
CajunTechieMaco: Never even heard of it. Will give it a try06:31
JoeCoolDeskmaco, it's the best.  No bullshit like mirc06:31
maco!language | JoeCoolDesk06:31
ubottuJoeCoolDesk: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:31
CajunTechieCool will have to give it a try06:31
blackdoggycan anyone help me with skype microphone06:32
blockheadCan you convert a BlueRay video file with Devede ISO and have it work as an hD?06:32
hidekiSkype is proprietary06:32
anili am facing some unusual application hang and crash issue in ubuntu can u plz help me???06:32
hidekiI suggest you do not use software that imposes Digital Restrictions Management06:32
hidekiIt is unethical06:32
tripelbmy monitor has smaller everything in Windows (more resolution). I had asked in ubuntuforums http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1488040 while using 9.10 and it worked. Now I'm on 10.04, same monitor, different computer, better graphics card. -- I applied it and I'm in default graphics mode and my display is in a box covering half the area of the screen. What to do?? (Thanks for any help!)06:32
tripelbblackdoggie, there's a page that tells you what hardware is supported. If it's not supported, well you might be lost. I cant use my webcam in Ubuntu, only in windows.06:33
thune3!ask | anil06:33
ubottuanil: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:33
tripelb*tripelb is hoping for an answer. (Client Quiet)06:34
blackdoggydo pulse audio not work with skype?06:34
CajunTechieWorks for me here blackdoggy06:35
blackdoggytripelb,  do u use cairo dock?06:35
tripelbblackdoggy, I dont know what that is so I dont.06:36
CajunTechieNo I don't06:36
anilok  thnx06:36
robbit10I have the idea that someone has gained my password and is logging into my computer when I am gone. How do I check?06:36
blackdoggycajuntechie  whats  do u use alsa or pulse?06:36
densoneanyone know how to install nsupdate with apt-get?06:36
tripelbI cant use the resolution of my monitor. All the text is big. will someone work with me?06:36
densoneI cant seem to find the right package06:36
CajunTechieblackdoggy: let me check to make sure but I THINK PulseAudio06:36
Dulakrobbit10: open a terminal and type 'last'06:36
macoblackdoggy: ive had skype work with pulse just fine06:37
rwwdensone: dnsutils06:37
CajunTechieLooks like PulseAudio here blackdoggy06:37
blackdoggy tripelb do u have compiz?06:37
robbit10Dulak, hmm.. doesn't show it. But I meant logging into the GNOME screensaver lock, so that he/she gains access to the desktop.06:37
densonerww: thx06:37
booknanahow to autostart apps in openbox session06:38
blackdoggycajunTechie..  can u check for me whats ur configuration on skype input tab?06:38
CajunTechieSure, hang on06:38
Dulakrobbit10: I believe that command shows an unlock as a login06:38
CajunTechie@Blackdoggy: Looks like it's PulseAudio. In fact, ALSA isn't even available06:38
blackdoggyso u dont have alsa installed06:39
Injection33anyone ever used critterding? the artificial life simulator?06:39
robbit10Dulak, Nope, I just locked the screen and logged back in, it still doesn't show up.06:39
CajunTechieI thought I did. I've seen it before but maybe I don't after all06:39
DarkRedmanI can't chroot a directory, i got this bug : "chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory" How to fix it ?06:39
Injection33it's pretty fun06:39
blackdoggyi have  everything working fine till i recently updated my  system06:39
CajunTechieYou know, I am not sure that I can make a call since I did an update. Let me try. Hang on06:39
wasnik_alsa cannot detect my soundcard, lspci, lshw, aplay dont detect my card please help06:40
blackdoggylet me remove  aal the alsa modules and see what happens06:40
tripelbblackdoggy,  no I dont have compiz. Why do you ask?06:40
blackdoggywasnik use pulse audio06:40
Dulakrobbit10: then you won't see what you need, try actually logging out, so last will see the login if someone uses it.06:40
tripelbInjection33,  FYI there is also #ubuntu-offtopic with more people to ask.06:40
blackdoggytripelb u have to use compiz to get proper resolution and visual effects06:41
tripelbDulak, I'm not expert but isnt there a log file which tells the time of every login.06:41
DarkRedmanWho can help me for chrooting ?06:41
tripelbblackdoggy, I had it working before with no compiz.06:41
Dulaktripelb: that's the command I had him run, he's wanting to see if the screen was unlocked, not a login06:42
tripelbblackdoggy, anyone. (fuller statement of problem) my monitor has smaller everything in Windows (more resolution). I had asked in ubuntuforums http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1488040 while using 9.10 and it worked. Now I'm on 10.04, same monitor, different computer, better graphics card. -- I applied it and I'm in default graphics mode and my display is in a box covering half the area of the screen. What to do?? (Thanks for an06:42
tripelby help!)06:42
blackdoggytripelb,  have u checked under visual effects?06:42
tripelbdulak thanks06:42
blackdoggyor may be ur theme06:42
tripelbblackdoggy, look at the link I posted above please. It clarifies the situation.06:43
soreautripelb: That is a problem with the proprietary nvidia drivers. You may have to manually specify a mode line in your xorg.conf06:43
tripelbDoes 10.04 use /etc/X11/xorg.conf  ?06:44
soreautripelb: Yes, if it is present06:44
soreautripelb: Which video card do you have now?06:44
blackdoggytripleb go to system>preferences> monitor06:44
soreaublackdoggy: For the record, using compiz will not change your resolution06:45
tripelbsoreau thanks for talking to me. It wasnt present. I added what I was told (that had worked in the past when I did NOT have an nvidia card) - now the "screen" is only part of my monitor screen.06:45
blackdoggysoreau u rite... i  mistook the query of tripelb06:45
CajunTechieHey everyone: what is recommended for sound ALSA or OSS?06:46
demonsporkHow do I install package sun-java6-jre in lucid, it says that there is no installation candidate when I try. all sections of the repository except backports are currently enabled.06:46
tripelbsoreau video card is lspci (something) |grep (something else)06:46
soreautripelb: I don't really understand what you mean by 'now the "screen" is only part of my monitor screen.'06:46
soreautripelb: heh, lspci|grep VGA06:46
rwwdemonspork: Do you have the partner repository enabled?06:46
=== sm is now known as Guest42381
blackdoggysoreau check this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=148804006:47
demonsporkrww, how do I add that to my sources.list?06:47
rww!partner | demonspork06:47
ubottudemonspork: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »06:47
soreaublackdoggy: I saw that but he has changed gpu's since then06:47
tripelbsoreau, OK I'll explain. there's a rectangle on my screen that usually fills the screen. Now it doesnt. It's in the upper left corner and the rest is black. I had to chose default low graphics when I booted up, after I changed the /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:47
tripelbwhich had been blank06:47
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soreautripelb: Are you using the proprietary nvidia driver? Can you pastebin your X log?06:48
rwwfukedrobssister: Your nickname is inappropriate for this channel. Please change it.06:48
lfuser-425where to download good screen saver for ubuntu client06:48
tripelbsoreau, first my nvidia card: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 MX 420] (rev a3)06:48
soreaulfuser-425: Install xscreensaver and run 'xscreensaver-demo'06:49
blackdoggylfuser-425: try electric sheep06:49
tripelbsoreau, how do I find my "X log"?06:49
soreautripelb: ok, pastebin your X log06:49
* tripelb never heard of an X-log06:49
CajunTechieBlackdoggy: Just confirmed: no input sound under PulseAudio06:49
rwwtripelb: /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:49
soreautripelb: This should give you a link containing your X log: sudo apt-get install curl && cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us06:50
soreautripelb: The file is /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:50
CityscapeHow can unzip many rar (56 for example) files at once?06:50
soreauCityscape: Sure, you can do that in bash06:50
Cityscapesoreau: okay, how?06:50
blackdoggypeople who is the skype expert here i am having  trouble with sounds06:51
tripelbyes! I googled it and found it too .. /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:51
soreauCityscape: Are the files all in the same directory?06:51
glebihanCityscape: unrar e *.rar06:51
hidekiskype is evil06:51
hidekiIt is proprietary spyware06:51
Cityscapesoreau: yes they all are.06:51
bazhanghideki, offtopic please stop it06:51
posciakhi, has anyone had any success mounting encrypted partitions through nfs? Is this possible? I'm getting exportfs: Warning: /home/foo/bar does not support NFS export. on the server and mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting host:/home/pav/w1/kernel on the client when attempting to mount...06:51
rwwhideki: That's not very helpful. If you don't want to support Skype (which I also don't), please just don't answer.06:51
hidekiAnd it has Digital Restrictions Management. Even rms said not to use it.06:51
soreauCityscape: Then the command glebihan should extract them all from/to that directory06:51
bazhanghideki, again, stop it06:52
=== david is now known as Guest93374
anilhey sorry i was disconnected due to application hang06:52
hidekiI am just trying to help free people. Sorry if this has offended anyone.06:52
bazhanghideki, its not helpful. dont do it any further06:52
blackdoggyso noone helps me with skype06:52
Cityscapehideki: not all proprietary software is bad.06:53
soreauCityscape: To extract into a different directory, do 'cd /path/to/where/you/want/archives/extracted/' then run 'unrar e /path/to/rar/archives/*.rar'06:53
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s0n1cHey, anyone using the Smuxi IRC client?06:53
hidekiCityscape: I hold a different opinion, but we won't go there anyway06:53
Cityscapehideki: l would like to hear your opinion. go to the room, #cityscape if you are interested.06:54
bazhangCityscape, hideki #ubuntu-offtopic with this06:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:54
tripelbsoreau, I've got it now. sorry it took me a while. http://paste.ubuntu.com/502473/06:57
soreautripelb: First I see you do not have the nvidia driver installed. Go to Sys>Admin>Hardware Drivers and see what it says06:58
ibrahim-kasem1Hi, I have installed compiz using the software center, how can i start using it now? I can't find it.06:59
soreautripelb: And before doing that, I would remove xorg.conf and restart X06:59
soreauibrahim-kasem1: Compiz is already installed by default.. ccsm is not however..06:59
soreauibrahim-kasem1: Do you want to start compiz or edit it's settings?06:59
ibrahim-kasem1soreau: Yes. I want to start it.06:59
JoeCoolDeskSeriously, how do design decisions get made for Ubuntu?07:00
soreauibrahim-kasem1: See gnome-appearance-properties (sys>prefs>appearance) and set to anything other than None, should try to start compiz07:00
tripelbsoreau, I remember now. It searches for a driver and when I activate the driver something bad happens. I forgot what. shall I do that again.07:00
JoeCoolDeskWho the hell thinks it's a good idea to have a built in Twitter client and still have an interface from 2004?07:00
soreautripelb: remove your xorg.conf before installing the driver07:01
soreautripelb: It shold automatically generate a conf file when you install the driver, containing the necessary options07:01
rwwJoeCoolDesk: developers meet up at Ubuntu Developer Summit once a year and decide on things like default applications (like Gwibber)07:01
rwwsorry, twice a year07:01
rwwonce a release.07:01
ubottuThe Ubuntu Developer Summit is being held from Oct 25th - 29th in Orlando, Florida, USA - See http://uds.ubuntu.com/ for more information07:02
Cityscapesoreau: I ran you command to extract to a different folder and it seems to be working. thanks.07:02
soreauCityscape: Great.07:02
ibrahim-kasem1soreau: excuse me, what should I exactly do after going there? sys>prefs>appearance07:02
soreauibrahim-kasem1: In the Visual Effects tab, there is a radio button. None is metacity. Anything else will attempt to start compiz07:03
fratzbcanybody that can help me with a resolve problem?07:04
soreau! ask | fratzbc07:04
ubottufratzbc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:04
tripelbsoreau. there's a lot to do. I've copied your suggestions into a text file. Now I'll zero out the xorg.conf first.  THEN how do I restart X? Can I do it without rebooting?07:04
ibrahim-kasem1soreau: My visual effects are set on extra.07:04
fratzbcevery time i ping a non existing domain (ea: abc.org) it replies with a abc.org.mydomain.ext07:04
fratzbcso every hostname/domain replies on my own domain07:05
soreautripelb: Sure. To restart X simply log out. But now that I think about it, as long as you 1) Remove the conf file 2) Install the driver with hardware drivers 3) Reboot. then it should work07:05
tripelbsoreau, OK. have removed conf. will activate driver. see you on the flip side.07:06
JoeCoolDeskrww, so how much of a say can you ahve at the developer conference?07:11
rwwJoeCoolDesk: I haven't paid enough attention to one to be able to say.07:11
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=== BlueGhost is now known as Guest41338
soreauJoeCoolDesk: They probably have mailing lists to handle such discussions in an organized and diplomatic fashion. That is merely a guess, though ;)07:14
tripelbsoreau, Thanks. This looks good. It's not perfect but it's better than ever. What's not perfect? Well like before, there's a black area of the screen unused... actually 2 black areas, a 1/2" vertical band on either side of the screen. So effectively my screen is 18" instead of 10".  I'm good but I wanted to be complete.07:15
soreautripelb: Have you checked nvidia-settings to adjust the screens?07:15
soreautripelb: It sounds like to me, that you are experiencing a bug with your particular monitor07:16
tripelbwhat nvidia settings she asks?07:16
=== Guest41338 is now known as blueghost
tripelbsoreau, could be. It worked on 9.04 and works now on windows.07:16
soreautripelb: Type 'gksu nvidia-settings' in your terminal or look in sys>prefs or sys>admin for the nvidia configurator07:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:17
jasonmchristosok , so what system are you running right now mesees ?07:17
tripelbI nw see Nvidia settings soreau - the driver installation added it.07:17
jasonmchristosmesees, why dont you just burn it to cd no cd handy?07:18
meseesjasonmchristos windows 707:19
blockheadCan you convert a BlueRay video file with Devede ISO and have it work as an hD?07:19
blockheadCan you convert a BlueRay video file with Devede ISO and have it work as an hD?07:19
meseesits like the image i burn to the disk isnt bootable07:19
jasonmchristosmesees, burn the ubuntu iso to cd07:19
soreautripelb: btw, can you pastebin your current X log?07:19
posciakhow can I get the passphrase of an encrypted home?07:19
greppyposciak: ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase07:19
meseesjasonmchristos yup - upon trying to burn "disk image invalid"07:20
greppymesees: what software are you using to burn the image?07:20
jasonmchristosmesees, redownload it then did you get the torrent link directly from ubuntu.com?07:20
fratzbcwhy is it that when I ping to idonotexist.org i get a reply from my own domain using idonotexist.org.mydomain.ext?07:20
tripelbsoreau ok07:20
meseesya - i think the issue might be that i also tried to mount it, let me unmount07:21
cuddlefish_XOfratzbc: Are you behind a firewall or proxy?07:21
posciakgreppy: thank you07:21
cuddlefish_XOfratzbc: At work, for instance07:21
fratzbccuddlefish_XO: only iptables07:21
posciakgreppy: but that asks for a passphrase07:21
fratzbccuddlefish_XO: yes at home and work behind a firewall07:21
Mohan1Hi friends.07:21
fratzbccuddlefish_XO: the server itself just uses iptables07:21
cuddlefish_XOfratzbc: I'd say your ISP is redirecting your DNS to try to be "helpful"07:21
jasonmchristosmesees, you can verify it manually with this http://www.md5summer.org/07:21
greppyposciak: type in your normal password for logging in to the system07:22
jasonmchristosmesees, and compare it to the checksum on ubuntus website07:22
fratzbccuddlefish_XO: i've had this before but cannot remember what the prob was, i will contact my isp for a different DNS server, thanks07:22
cuddlefish_XOfratzbc: Try
cuddlefish_XOfratzbc: It's a public DNS server Google set up07:23
Mohan1Recently i was removed nvidia drivers. But now i'm unable to switch to tty1-tty607:23
Mohan1How can i do that, so that i can install latest drivers.07:23
fratzbccuddlefish_XO: still the same07:23
meseesjasonmchristos cranking at 370kb down now...07:24
cuddlefish_XOfratzbc: odd07:24
fratzbccuddlefish_XO: true07:24
* blueghost aaa07:24
jasonmchristosmesees, ok pretty fast07:24
Mohan1Can anybody hear me07:25
c_nicksmb://xxx.xxx.xx.xx if i try to connect to this particar computer i get nothing ..07:25
tripelbsoreau, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/502480/  is what I have now. (any webpages around that would help me understand it?)07:25
Aciidc_nick: if its local , check that the names are different...07:25
c_nickthis is the Ip address of another PC which is running Ubuntu07:25
c_nickAciid: names ?07:26
tripelbsoreau, this is so much easier to use. It's like I have all this room on my screen and I dont have to have each window cover the others.07:26
Aciidsmb particularry wil fuckup if you have identical hostnames07:26
soreautripelb: X log interpreting can be extremely challenging, especially across different drivers and distros. Let me look at it07:26
bazhangAciid, language please07:26
Aciidoh sorry, its the morning...07:27
tripelbsoreau, at your disposal and then immediately--- I sleep07:27
soreautripelb: Looks much better. Does this problem show up in a screenshot?07:27
soreautripelb: If you are tired, you should come back after you have more time and are more alert. I might not be here though..07:28
tripelbI dont think so but I'll check. BTW I can see that the black on the edge is lighter than the 'non-used by the hardware' part of the screen07:28
=== Fifi is now known as Guest73021
soreautripelb: Does it make a difference if you set effects to 'None' in Visual Effects tab of gnome-appearance-properties? (sys>prefs>appearance)07:30
soreautripelb: Or, if they are already set to None, deos it make a difference if you set to Extra07:30
tripelbsoreau, I was right. The screenshot takes the entire "screen" (drawn by Ubuntu) rather than the physical display area.07:30
c_nickAciid: smb://c-nick/ gives "done" absolutely nothing07:30
tripelbsoreau will look at effects07:31
c_nickis it possible to connect Ubuntu-Ubuntu via smb://07:31
greppyc_nick: yes, have to have samba installed07:31
c_nickhow to find out if samba is installed or not07:31
soreautripelb: btw, is this the same ubuntu installation since you switched cards?07:31
greppyc_nick: check either dpkg or synaptics07:31
hidekic_nick: you can use sshfs07:31
tripelbsoreau now I have effects (and for the first time ever) I see no difference.07:32
white_magicis there some non-commandline tool for editing grub?07:32
hidekiIt is more secure, and has less problems.07:32
tripelbsoreau tripleb thanks you (almost) from the Santa Monica pier in Cali07:32
tripelbto where you are.07:33
soreautripelb: No problem. I have a lot more things you can try but it would take time of course07:33
soreautripelb: I am in CO07:33
soreautripelb: Can you post the screenshot to picpaste.com?07:33
ectospasmanyone here use the GLX version of cairo-dock?  Is there a solution to it sucking so bad?  It keeps behaving inconsistently.  I logged out and logged back in, and all it displayed was one of my subdocks.  It's too buggy to be of any use, unless there's a magic way to fix it?07:34
fukedrobssisteri shut it off07:34
fukedrobssisterand never turned it on again07:34
tripelbsoreau. this is not the same ubuntu installation. this is not the same computer. that's why the card is different.  I had the grizzly of a time getting ubuntu to install on my new hard drive. (something to do with the partitioning, which I did. I fixed it by redoing the format of the drive on slow with XP.)07:34
tripelbgparted would break.07:34
silaanybody here07:35
soreauectospasm: cairo-dock has been around for some time now and while it's getting better, I've found it has consistent buggy behavior that make it barely unusable07:35
silai had a problem07:35
tripelbhaha the screen bounces in shape when I move it around with extra.07:35
silais anyone can help me07:35
soreautripelb: Can you post a screenshot so you can better describe what it's doing?07:35
tripelbsila there are hundreds here. stop and watch for a moment. emply chatter is the devil's strategy.07:36
ectospasm!ask | sila07:36
ubottusila: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:36
soreau! ask | sila07:36
tripelbsoreau, I am doing it. LOL I decided to do it this time instead of telling you. Saying what you are doing is better. :)07:36
c_nickAciid: firefox screws up with sshfs07:37
c_nickinstalling samba now07:37
Aciidc_nick: try ping'ing the hosts first. before any trickydoodilydyy07:38
silamy touchpad can't use07:39
AciidI once debugged an SMB connection for a whole day, only to notice I was trying to connect to myself..07:39
silai have already set up the Gsynaptic thouch drives07:41
froudgot a small problem. 10.4 - Update Manager just ran an update. It was interrupted by a power failure. On reboot it loaded and I did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, it then said I must run dpkg --configure -a but then when I reboot all I get is a command prompt as login. Any ideas?07:41
silaand xorg.conf is also update the shmconfig ture07:42
tripelbsoreau, http://picpaste.com/upload.php  or better http://imgur.com/FendC07:42
silabug info is SHMCONFIG TURE must be setted07:43
tripelbsoreau imgur.com works well for pictures.07:43
silamy ubuntu is chinese simple langues07:44
silaubuntu 10.0407:44
c_nickAciid: I get Index of smb://xxx.xxx.xx.xx/ But then there is nothing if i do smb://xxx.xxx.xx.xx/home/c_nick/ it says Firefox can't find the file at smb://xxx.xxx.xx.xx/home/c_nick .07:44
soreautripelb: yes. now can you better explain what I'm looking at? Is the area shown, in reality on your monitor, only part of the screen?07:44
pehdenthat was wierd07:44
silai google my problem07:45
=== legeoX_ is now known as legeoX
EthanZ6174sila what is your problem ?07:45
silatouchpad cann't work07:45
tripelbsoreau, this complete picture is on my monitor. There is a black band on either side of what you see. This band is part of the area that the CRT traces but it's not "in the picture".  (maybe it's outside of the aspect ration in the driver.07:45
soreau! chinese | sila07:45
ubottusila: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:45
EthanZ6174any switches for your touchpad?07:46
hidekic_nick: you usually have to create a separate directory with smb, that is why I suggested ssh. It is more reliable07:46
EthanZ6174sila and i think you should check you X11 config07:46
fukedrobssisteri have problem with my chram07:46
greezmunkey*Q* Regarding Ubuntu - I would like to set up free radius in a test environment. Will the desktop version work for this, or should I just go for server?07:46
cjaehttp://havetheknowhow.com/Install-Ubuntu.html foolwing this page how come I can only connect to my media server from windows?07:46
silaye  ethanz617407:46
illuminarisMy evolution mail client search doesn't work. When I type in a search term the list is blank even if I know there is an e-mail by that user or title. I can't find any guides or (answered) posts addressing this problem. I am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx .07:47
silai can;t find X11config07:47
cjaeis NFS installed by deafult in ubuntu-server?07:47
soreautripelb: I do not see any black bands in that shot..07:47
c_nickhideki: so what should I do now.. ?07:47
silathere's no such file07:47
fukedrobssisteris my chram going to be normal soon ?07:47
dancekgreezmunkey, install whichever you like, you can install the same packages for both.07:47
c_nicki tried with sshfs no use07:47
hidekiYou can use ssh in the same way without sshfs07:48
soreautripelb: FWIW, <3 mc escher though ;)07:48
sacarlsonsila:  it's not needed,  only used if you setup a custom propraitary stuf07:48
hidekie.g. ssh://host/home/<user>/07:48
sila11-x11-synaptics.fdi  there's no such file07:48
fukedrobssisterwill someone check on my chram ? it is not working07:48
hidekisometimes it is sftp:// and not ssh://07:48
greezmunkeydancek: That's kind of what I figured, and desktop will be a little easier to test with / configure / etc. Thanks.07:48
c_nickhideki: Firefox can't find the server at .07:49
fukedrobssistercan someone help me fix my chram ?07:50
greppyc_nick: I must have missed it, what problem are you trying to solve?07:50
mesees2min for my iso!07:51
meseesi need to sleep though07:51
lfuser-425anybody knows installaion of orangehrm app in ubuntu server07:52
sacarlsonc_nick: I never heard of firefox used with samba,  you might try nautilus to open ssh file systems and samba07:52
fukedrobssisterI HAVE FIXED MY CHRAM!!!!!!!!07:53
sacarlsonfukedrobssister: cool07:53
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Jon--Quick tip please! Multiple man pages of same name, how do I pull a different one? [ex: man write  I want the write from GNU C not the binary]07:55
Jon--A bit new to nix, thanks to anyone that can give me quick reply07:55
=== Teemukin65 is now known as GrusGrus
rwwJon--: put the section number first. "man 2 write" in this case, I think07:56
gartralis there any web browsers available for linux that come as prebuilt binary files?07:56
Jon--rww: ty07:57
tripelbsoreau, FTW mc escher. I found that today at http://vospe.com/2010/09/28/artsy-hacks-the-strange-worlds-of-m-c-escher/   (It replaced my Amsterdam bookstore after dusk when the inside lights are yellowish.)07:57
=== fukedrobssister is now known as areallylongusern
tripelbsoreau, anything else?07:57
=== areallylongusern is now known as alongusername
sacarlsongartral almost all I can think of, firefox, chrome07:57
Guilesa todos07:57
damasceneany one knows from where should I get the latest Evolution? I need its PPA because the one installed is too buggy with RTL07:58
rww!br | Guiles07:58
ubottuGuiles: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.07:58
Guileshá brasileiros cristãos aqui?07:58
soreautripelb: I still don't fully understand your issue. I see the bg is slightly smaller that the furthest edge of the left window but I don't see any black bards07:58
gartralsacarlson: those need to be installed by apt/dpkg.. my hdd is failing.. and i need a web browser i can execute from flashdrive07:58
sacarlsongartral: you can download the tar files from the originators07:59
=== iflemai is now known as iflema
jesse_can someone please help me with openvpn?  NetworkManager won't import the client config file properly...08:00
gartralsacarlson: you seem too be missing the point, i cant compile, cause i dont have build essentials, and i cant install because apt/dpkg are in bad sectors of this hdd..08:00
sacarlsongartral: I guess you could also put the deb file on your flash drive and install that08:01
meseesits reboot time, wish me luck08:01
sacarlsongartral.  they also have precompiled tars08:01
gartralsacarlson: again, that isnt an option. i have a failing hdd and no browser to order a new one08:01
\DSAFEW\gartral, library computer08:02
sacarlsongartral: you can install another copy of ubuntu onto your flash and run from that08:02
\DSAFEW\gartral, or yeah, a rescue cd on a stick08:02
gartral\DSAFEW\: my liabrary sucks, all their computers are locked in steel desks, and they have download blockers so you cant download anything08:03
tsukiyomiA little help regarding monitor mode.. anyone08:03
\DSAFEW\gartral, what do you have access to?08:03
gartraland too add insult to injury, they charge for time08:03
\DSAFEW\gartral, IRC?08:03
gartral\DSAFEW\: irssi, fsck, /boot is a seperate hd thank god, and a few games08:04
tripelbsoreau, I'm done for the night. Thanks for helping me. I am very very happy with the result. I'm more productive. and I tickled your Escher fancy in return.  So to whereever you are, tripleWAVES08:04
* tripelb goes into hiding08:04
james333jameshi there08:04
james333jamesi need to set a Perl Script working on startup08:05
james333jamesdoes anybody can help me?08:05
tsukiyomiAnyone knows why does my monitor mode goes back to managed mode?08:05
glebihanjames333james: when exactly do you want it to be run ?08:05
james333jamesglebihan: it's gbackgfround a perl script that switch wallpapers within time08:06
james333jamesglebihn: you can fin it in the official repositories but it's bettere to install the debian version that is 1.3.1 that fix some bugs08:06
gartral\DSAFEW\: i have a droid, that's what i can transfer downloaded stuff from, but verizon is so damn slow i don't want to do anything that might not work08:07
bazhangjames333james, installing from debian repos? not a good idea at all08:07
\DSAFEW\gartral, I'm looking for a static build of wget for you. That would help.08:07
tsukiyomiHas anyone used wireshark that could lend me a hand here?08:07
Richie086tsukiyomi: yeah08:07
\DSAFEW\tsukiyomi, yes and #wireshark08:07
rwwtsukiyomi: If you have Network Manager running, it tends to do that.08:08
tsukiyomithnxs its about leaving monitor mode on08:08
glebihanjames333james: you could add it to the startup applications08:08
\DSAFEW\ahh I see your question now08:08
james333jamesbazhang: there was no way to install the last version from the ubuntu repos, and anyway the program works really fine, i just don't know how to set it on startup so that i don't have to start manually every boot08:08
tsukiyomiwhenever i set it up in about 3 or 4 sec it goes back to managed08:08
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/08:08
konbonHello fellas. Is there some one who can help me with a serious emergency. I ran a virus that's very malicious on my windows pc (windows 7 64 bit) and i am now on Ubuntu attempting to clean it up. Problem is, it wont let me mount the drive i need to clean. Any suggestions?08:08
bazhangjames333james, then you are on your own; that is in no way supported here08:08
ranjanHi all08:09
konboni am willing to pay for the help08:09
james333jamesglebihan: if i add the program in the startup applications it start ups on the boot but i have to push the button on the windows to set it works08:09
konbonthis is a serious emergency, all my work data is in there08:09
james333jamesglebihan: i would like to find a proper command to set it working automatically on startup then add this on the boot08:09
jasonmchristoskonbon, what do you need?08:09
ranjanwhen we type ls -l the output shows some number after "total" eg: "total 114" what that number signifies??08:09
konbona way to mount my drive08:09
glebihanjames333james: hold on, taking a look at it08:09
konbonit says it cant08:09
konbonlemme show you the screen cap08:10
gartralkonbon: what's the exact error08:10
konbongetting that info now08:10
james333jamesglebihan:  thank you so much08:10
mr_successfullWhy are so many people  in here?08:10
james333james glebihan: i suggest you the 1.3.1 version cos the 1.2 doens't save settings08:11
glebihanjames333james: I would not recommend using this software, it's a dead project since 2007 apparently08:12
devkhadkain my system /var/cache/debconf/password.dat file is locked by another process, because of that i cannot login into my phpmyadmin, how can i fix it08:12
james333jamesglebihan:  what's wrong with it ?08:12
mr_successfullI was just on that case (/var/cache/debconf/password.dat file)08:13
\DSAFEW\tsukiyomi, I'm trying to help gar get his computer working now, someone said it was your network manager earlier08:13
glebihanjames333james: as I said, it's been dead for 3 years08:13
devkhadkamr_successfull, yeah saw lots of issues regarding same08:13
asterhexhi everybody I've got a question on  servermail and ubuntu. can anyone help me?08:13
\DSAFEW\tsukiyomi, also, it's fine to talk here, more people might get involved in the solution08:14
james333jamesglebihan:  i didn't find a better program to switch the wallpaper so easy and light, and as I told you it works really fine for me, i just need to set it on startup08:14
konbongartral: this is the error i get http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/7821/error1oo.jpg08:14
gartralkonbon: weblinks are useless for me atm08:14
sacarlsonkonbon: so far this is all I found on windows 7 mount partition http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=837201808:14
konbonOh, well, is there anyone else who can help me mount this windows ntfs drive?08:14
devkhadkamr_successfull, did you find which process has locked the file? and how to see it08:14
gartralmr_successfull: it's ALLWAS busy in here08:15
glebihanjames333james: ok I'll see what I can do08:15
james333jamesglebihan:  thank you so much08:15
jasonmchristoskonbon, didnt you get my pm?08:15
mr_successfullCopy the current .dat file and paste it on your desktop08:15
konbonyeah, just saw it now08:16
c_nickhwo can i access 2 pcs using samba.. ? where should i make the share folder08:16
sacarlsonkonbon: can you boot windows 7 in safemode and shutdown clean?  then maybe it will mount in ubuntu08:16
glebihanjames333james: btw, if I may, here is a similar application I developed for gnome : https://sourceforge.net/projects/gnomebgutils/08:16
optimumhi, i was wondering if anyone can tell me what the industry standard password hashing algorithm is.  i was considering sha1 but apparently it is not secure08:16
mr_successfulland then change .dat to .txt08:16
sila_chinese ubuntu CHANNEL IS WHAT08:17
james333jamesglebihan:  You did that?08:17
rwwsila_: #ubuntu-cn08:17
pLr!cn | sila_08:17
ubottusila_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:17
tsukiyomihow do you disable or turn off the network manager?08:17
rwwoptimum: SHA-2, I think08:17
glebihanjames333james: yep08:17
james333jamesGlebelg:  great!! That's much better!! Wait i will install it08:17
mr_successfullgeez what is this? one million businesses for one program?08:17
jbljames333james: have a look at System->Preferences->Sessions08:18
james333jamesGlebelg:  is this apps in the official repositories ?08:18
bazhang!ot | mr_successfull08:18
ubottumr_successfull: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:18
glebihanjames333james: no08:18
optimumrww: are there any drawbacks to simply going with sha-384?08:18
james333jamesjbl: what?08:18
james333jamesglebihan:  why is not there?08:18
sacarlsontsukiyomi: sudo service network-manager stop08:18
jbljames333james: for adding a program to be run at login time08:19
glebihanjames333james: cause getting an application into official repositories is not simple, and I never took the time to try to do it08:19
rwwoptimum: SHA-384 is one particular configuration of the SHA-2 algorithm. Should work fine.08:19
james333jamesjbl: it's not the problem to do that, the problem is to run it on startup with the proper command, if i just add this program to the startup the windows program will be prompted and i'll have to set and start it manually08:20
devkhadkamr_successfull, why is that and whats next08:20
optimumrww: cool.  that's good to know.  thanks08:20
\DSAFEW\gartral, wait, how are you online if you only have irssi?08:21
mr_successfullThat is as far as I could go though haha. But I next to experiment with this problem.08:21
\DSAFEW\gartral, I meant, extensively what is available?08:21
gartral\DSAFEW\: what do you mean? look at my ip, i'm on with my phone08:21
gartralohh wait, i have a cloak, thats right, nvm08:22
\DSAFEW\gartral, so your irssi is on the phone?08:22
konbonquestion, i tried to mount the ntfs drive, but it says i cant, i need to be root08:22
blackdoggyis anybody able to make transparent effects in ubntu08:22
konbonhow can i root on live cd?08:22
gartral\DSAFEW\: yes, it's just a single program, i've been working on porting it for some time.. it's a pain08:22
mr_successfullRegardless to just keep your files on the desktop.08:22
glebihankonbon: using sudo08:23
konbonso, do sudo before the command?08:23
sacarlsonkonbon: sudo su and you will have root  #08:23
\DSAFEW\gartral, so what's not working? computer only has a /boot right?08:23
konbonThanks mate, trying now08:23
Renderspecanybody know what is the command to what internet hosts the system is connected to?08:23
blackdoggyhi everyone transparent efect on  ubuntu gnome08:24
glebihankonbon: do not use sudo su, but sudo -i08:24
icerootsacarlson: dont use sudo su!! its setting the environment wrong08:24
Renderspecanybody know what is the command to view the internet hosts the system is connected to?08:24
konbonthis is the command i want to execute08:24
hidekinetstat -nt08:24
konbon"ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo su mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdd1 /media/w00ty -o force08:24
konbonsu: invalid option -- 't'"08:24
sacarlsoniceroot: if you use the other it changes the path you started from08:24
Renderspechideki: thanks08:24
konbonsorry, not really using a proper irc client08:24
icerootkonbon: dont use sudo su!08:24
glebihankonbon: just "sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdd1 /media/w00ty -o force"08:24
\DSAFEW\blackdoggy, look for the "alpha" levels on windows08:25
sacarlsoniceroot: use sudo su08:25
=== bang is now known as Guest35762
gartral\DSAFEW\: the main / partition has som 200000+ bad sectors. it screwed up ff, chrome, apt, dpkg, wget, nexuiz, and most of my nautilus. but, other things work fine, like irssi on the comp, and a few games.. and wine08:25
icerootsacarlson: again, dont recoomend sudo su here08:26
sacarlsoniceroot:  try your methode after you $cd /some/very/long/path/that/took/two/hours/to/find08:26
icerootsacarlson: you mean sudo -i08:26
glebihansacarlson: sudo su should never be used, it doesn't correctly set environment variables08:26
blackdoggy\DSAFEW\ where will i find that ?08:26
sacarlsoniceroot: yes sudo -i changes you back to root /08:26
icerootsacarlson: if you dont want to hear, please stop supporting here08:26
mr_successfulldevkhadka what desktop program do you have for your computer?08:27
mooni am a freshman08:27
konbonglebihan: you are a life saver08:27
glebihansacarlson: then use "sudo -s", which won't change your working directory08:27
mr_successfullLet me guess Linux08:27
blackdoggy\DSAFEW\: where will i find that ?08:27
konbonglebihan: how can i ever repay you?08:27
sacarlsonglebihan: I didn't know that sudo -s08:27
=== ibrahim-kasem1 is now known as Syria
glebihankonbon: no need too, I'm here to help :)08:27
\DSAFEW\gartral, I see, wow, so have you scoured your bins for networking programs like netcat and lynx?08:27
sacarlsoniceroot: so stop using sudo -i use sudo -s08:28
icerootsacarlson: can you stopping being a troll?08:28
glebihansacarlson: those are too different options, sudo -i starts a login shell, not sudo -s08:28
\DSAFEW\gartral, I can get you the static wget for windows, not sure if wine will run it08:28
icerootsacarlson: please read the manpage from sudo before posting strange things here. thank you08:29
gartral\DSAFEW\: neither work, wget is screwed, w3m works, but that's next-to-crud..08:29
mr_successfullI see08:29
gartralmoon: quitting is for quitters!08:29
glebihanjames333james: have been looking at gbackground, can't find any options to start it without showing the window08:29
\DSAFEW\w3m to download something to the /boot drive? install from there?08:30
MoopzHey. So I downloaded the tarball of themes from here: http://grub.gibibit.com/Themes for the grub2, but I have no clue how to install it. The script included doesn't work.08:30
james333jamesgebihan: ok maybe it will be easier to rewrite the script LOL08:30
glebihanjames333james: plus it uses a lot of deprecated gtk methods, so once again, I wouldn't use it08:30
gartral\DSAFEW\: im not sure how to make it work, but i cant install, apt and dkpg are borked08:30
glebihanjames333james: did you give a try to my app ?08:30
james333jamesglebihan: did it works silently on startup and will let me switch autmatically the wallpaper within 15 seconds?08:31
babu__i'm a linux bee....can you please define about open source....08:31
\DSAFEW\gartral, right, well, can you decompress a tarball?08:31
babu__i'm a new linux bee....can you please define about open source....08:31
james333jamesglebihan:  usually i don't install stuff that doesn't came from official repositories08:32
glebihanjames333james: you'll have to add it to your startup applications, then you'll have an icon in the notification area08:32
glebihanjames333james: I understand that08:32
gartral\DSAFEW\: just tryed, no, tar is throwing bus error08:32
twiztidquick question (should be): how could i create a ubuntu 10.04 install disk including everything ive done to it thus far?08:33
james333jamesglebihan:  when the icon will appear on startup do i have to start the program manually anyway?08:33
chuHey all, wondering if someone can help me out. I'm a bit sick of maximizing gnome-terminal whenever I open it. Now I could just use a shortcut and put "gnome-terminal --maximize" as the launch command, but because I use gnome-do this isn't really satisfactory. I've tried creating a custom terminal launcher through Preferred Applications, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?08:33
konbonanyone here know how to use clamAV or have a tutorial?08:34
konbonim not so good with terminal commands08:34
=== JoeMaverickSett is now known as Guest35979
glebihanjames333james: no it will start automatically, the icon will you access to configuration08:34
konbonbut i can learn08:34
MoopzHey. So I downloaded the tarball of themes from here: http://grub.gibibit.com/Themes for the grub2, but I have no clue how to install it. The script included doesn't work... Anyone?08:34
babu__i'm a new linux bee....can you please define about open source....08:34
chukonbon: Does "man clamAV" (or whatever the executable for clamAV is) give you anything?08:35
\DSAFEW\gartral, can you use mount isofs and loopback devices?08:35
ross_when my computer is connected to the internet, sometimes, there is a pictures of a device on where the wireless icon is, what does that mean??08:35
konbonchu: i tried just clamav but no, nothing08:35
konbonshould i try man clamav ?08:35
konbondid not work :(08:36
chukonbon: Well, if clamav does nothing, man clamav won't either. Just let me do some googling08:36
\DSAFEW\konbon, freshclam && clamscan /08:36
konbonim downloading avast linux edition08:36
konbonthanks \DSAFEW\08:36
\DSAFEW\konbon, oh08:36
chuWell there you have it. Thanks \DSAFEW\ :)08:36
\DSAFEW\konbon, -R I think08:36
morbidwarHello anyone was able to install Canon imagerunner 2520 on 10.04?08:36
\DSAFEW\konbon, it's not recursive by default08:36
lwqlwqhi! I want to ask a problem about vim08:36
lwqlwqwhen some error occurs while vim running the scripts , the message will appeared and disappeared soon at the bottom of vim . how to find the history of them?08:37
\DSAFEW\konbon, and you can set up freshclam to auto-update08:37
konbonso, the full text would be "freshclam && clamscan -R" ?08:37
gartral\DSAFEW\: if i had the usable space for an iso, im only seeing about 300 mb that are free and not corrupt08:37
\DSAFEW\gartral, oooh... what about the /boot drive?08:37
twiztidwhat program creates a ubuntu install disk from my current install?08:37
chubabu__: I don't entirely understand your question, but you could start by reading this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source08:37
\DSAFEW\konbon, clamscan -r /08:38
\DSAFEW\konbon, lowercase r and / is the path08:38
babu__i want to knoe the differnece between open source and foss08:38
\DSAFEW\babu__, foss is for your teef08:38
macobabu__: the "os" in foss *is* "open source"08:39
chubabu__: It's mostly about language to be honest.08:39
macobabu__: the last "s" is "software and the "f" is "free" in case you want to emphasize software freedom08:39
wamichohey got a litle problem when i update my box there is this message Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/tvst-hotmail/cardapio/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found08:40
babu__in what ways open source is different from open source08:40
morbidwarHello anyone was able to install Canon imagerunner 2520 on 10.04?08:40
twiztidas in, custom install disk including everything i have done/installed to my current install08:40
hidekifree software is more about freedom08:40
rwwbabu__: open source and open source are the same08:40
hidekiopen source is more about cost08:40
konbonThanks \DSAFEW\08:40
babu__sorry...in what ways open source is different from free software(foss-free and open source software)08:41
macobabu__: the definitions are pretty much identical08:41
hidekifree software and open source refer to the same thing08:41
konbon\DSAFEW\: will this clean up malware as well?08:41
ross_how do you join the ubuntu off topic channel08:41
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:42
macobabu__: its just some people like one term more than the other.  free emphasis software freedom. open is more about emphasising the development model. the result is the same08:42
cuddlefish_XOross_: type /join #ubuntu-offtopic08:42
llutz_to join, type "/join #ubuntu-offtopic"08:42
enavhi guys... I'm using Linux/ubuntu+eclipse+xdebug to debug my php code...  actually i can see variables in the global scope, but when i try to see variables inside functions they just show empty values... I'm surfed Internet about 2 hour looking for a solution with out success... any suggestion???08:42
hidekihowever, calling it free software shows that you care more about the issues of freedom, whereas open source is more about cost and technical advantage08:42
\DSAFEW\konbon, I don't think so, not all of it08:42
konbonOh, :(08:43
\DSAFEW\konbon, things with TOS will probably be immune to the AV08:43
konboni installed a terrible virus on my windows rig08:43
konbonwhat's TOS?08:43
cuddlefish_XOkonbon: It depends08:43
cuddlefish_XOkonbon: Can i have context?08:43
konbonwhat is that ?08:44
llutz_tramiel operating system = TOS ;)08:44
konbonsorry, kinda of a noob here, to linux08:44
\DSAFEW\konbon, the terms of service, lots of malware can get in legally08:44
babu__that means both are same in all aspects08:44
konboni managed to check on some locations of the virus executables before the pc crashed08:44
konbonmost were in a temp forlder08:44
xliv3hello guys08:45
xliv3need a help08:45
gartralkonbon: can't you sudo mount?08:45
xliv3is it possible to add a animated login screen08:45
cuddlefish_XO!help > xliv308:45
ubottuxliv3, please see my private message08:45
konbon\DSAFEW\: with this -r setting, will it actually get rid of the virus detections or does it move them to a folder?08:45
konboni mounter the drive thanks to glebihan08:46
xliv3hello is it possible to add a animated login screen on ubuntu ?08:46
xliv3maby a flash animated08:46
chuxliv3: Check out this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=90531908:47
xliv3well chu I googled .. but and also I saw that thread .. but I didnt get anything usefull08:48
twiztidanyone have a suggestion as to how i could create a install disk from my current ubuntu install so that when i reinstall ubuntu its installed with all the settings and programs within it08:48
xliv3I just wana know weda its possible or not ..I'll try to do somthing by own08:48
konbonwell, lets hope this cleans up some of the virus08:48
konbonthis is what i get for using plain messenger and clicking on a url from an unknown user08:49
greppytwiztid: settings for your user?  or for the system?08:51
bullgard4Why is running on my Lucid computer the process »modem-manager« although I do not have a GSM, CDMA, or UMTS card?08:51
blakkheimbullgard4: because ubuntu comes with a lot of things you probably won't ever need08:52
cuddlefish_XObullgard4: It just runs whether you have one or not08:52
twiztidgreppy: everything, so that i dont have to set it up from scratch, basically like a snapshot of it right now, on a bootable/installable disk08:52
blakkheimor use at all08:52
twiztidgreppy: btw thx for ur reply08:52
cuddlefish_XOso if you get one, it'll work08:52
chutwiztid: Settings are mostly saved to your /home/<user> directory. For a list of packages installed you can either go through Synaptic or there's some terminal commands.08:52
berkesgood-day, After a reïnstall, I have trouble with my desktopcouch/evolution (ubuntu one sync). Somehow it does no sync and often comes up with an error "Error while loading addressbook ..... Details: action not allowed"08:53
konbonis there any way to force the resolution of a screen?08:53
konbonim on 800x600 and cant see much on it08:53
bullgard4blakkheim: I don't think that Ubuntu maintainers are that dumb.08:53
konboni need to click something and it out of the reach of the GUI08:53
berkeshow can I debug this best? Strace gives me no hints. Any logs for desktopcouch or evolution?08:53
konbondue to the resolution08:53
blakkheimbullgard4: it'd be better that i not offer my opinion there08:53
greppytwiztid: setting up the entire system could be a little rough.  basically back up your home directory, that will handle most of what you have on the desktop or saved configs for applications08:53
greppytwiztid: backing up /etc can save most of what you have there.08:54
bullgard4cuddlefish_XO: Why is there that waist of ressources?08:54
bullgard4cuddlefish_XO: Why is there that waste of ressources?08:54
greppytwiztid: why do you want to reinstall btw?08:54
blakkheimbullgard4: ubuntu is meant to run on a large range of hardware, including old legacy stuff, so they include support for lots of things08:54
greppymodem-manager could be used for bluetooth as well (I haven't checked, but it's a possibility)08:55
bullgard4blakkheim: I know that. Still, it an easy matter not to start a process that is not needed.08:55
niko-nojoHi guys - I'm trying to use sed to replace this string varchar(10) from a file with null but not sure how to do it. The number inside the brackets can be any number. I've got a basic string replacement working but not sure on brackets and numbers part.08:56
rwwapparently not so easy08:56
angelochi parla italiano08:56
xevhey, any one can help me how to connect to wifi using terminal/wpa_applicant08:56
tensorpudding!it | angelo08:56
ubottuangelo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:57
konbonIs there a way to apply the video driver on a liveCD?08:57
bullgard4!it | angelo08:57
chutwiztid: If you don't mind using a command line, the command "dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall > $BCKP_PCKGLST" will export a list of currently installed packages (you might want to save sources.list [assuming you have modified it] and your /etc/fstab too), once you have done the re-install you can run the command "dpkg --set-selections < $BCKP_PCKGLST08:57
greppyniko-nojo: off the top of my head sed -i 's/varchar\([0-9]+\)//g' $filename (not tested, at your own risk, etc etc)08:57
MoopzHey. I'm trying to install the grub2 themes from http://grub.gibibit.com/ but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to install them. Can anyone help?08:57
konbonit says i need to restart the computer to activate the video driver,  but if i do this, it will just go back to original live settings no?08:58
konbonsince im on live08:58
=== doyle is now known as Doyle
glebihanMoopz: what exactly did you download ?08:58
MoopzI downloaded the iso from there. It included 4 themes.08:59
chutwiztid: If you don't mind using a command line, the command "dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall > $BCKP_PCKGLST" will export a list of currently installed packages (you might want to save sources.list [assuming you have modified it] and your /etc/fstab too), once you have done the re-install you can run the command "dpkg --set-selections < $BCKP_PCKGLST; dselect" which will re-install all the old packages, replace the sources.li08:59
sacarlsonkonbon: yes I think it will do nothing in a livecd boot08:59
niko-nojogreppy - thx, don't think that works. Its the regex part I'm struggling with09:00
konbonic :_(09:00
sacarlsonkonbon: I think I mounted the real boot disk from live boot and modified the /etc/X11/xorg.conf09:01
konbonfound a way :P09:01
twiztidgreppy: ok, cool, well long story short,,, XP installed first, then 7, then ubuntu... (MBR<--GRUB2)  MBR contained "earlier version of windows" [which is XP], and "Windows 7";;; to get there i had to select Windows 7 (loader)...   OK, then xp got a virus, so i activated the 7 partition and migrated the xp BOOT record to 7's partition and told 7 to allocate the free space xp left behind; so...09:02
twiztid...now i have a mess of chainlinked boot records that i want to just completely reinstall XP then 7, then Ubuntu... so its nice and clean but im just too lazy to re set up ubuntu from scratch and update it, and install all the little tweaks and settings etc...09:02
konbonmoved the bottom bar to the left09:02
FloodBot2twiztid: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:02
konbonnow i can see the scan button :)09:02
konbonthanks anyways mates09:02
=== angelo_ is now known as jangel_
konbon<3 this place09:02
konbon<3 ubuntu09:02
rwwLordDragon: oh, you just needed to move a window? Hold down the alt key, drag the window.09:02
rwwkonbon: **09:02
niko-nojogreppy - this is what I have so far sed -e 's/varchar/bar/g' myfile.txt09:02
Moopzglebihan: Any clue on how to install it?09:03
greppytwiztid: ok, backup /etc, grab the packaage list as previously stated, backup your /home/$user dir09:03
glebihanMoopz: hold on, I'm looking at it09:03
Moopzglebihan, thanks :)09:03
twiztidchu: thx for your reply... looking into it, seems complicated09:03
chutwiztid: It's probably overwhelming for someone who doesn't have much terminal experience. I can walk you through it if need be.09:04
Jigalcan anyone please tell me how to send a file using pastebinit09:04
greppyniko-nojo: that will spit out the file with changing varchar for bar.09:04
konbonrww: yeah?09:05
niko-nojogreppy - ya - easier to see if it works09:05
fish_sticksJigal open pastie.org and paste your code and paste that link wherever09:05
greppyniko-nojo: can you put your example file up on pastebot?09:05
rwwkonbon: see the message right above that. alt-drag moves windows.09:05
chutwiztid: Alternatively, if you give me a few seconds I'll find out how to do it with Synaptic package manager so you won't need to use the command line.09:05
greppyniko-nojo: you are basically trying to replace varchar($somebumber) with something else, yes?09:05
konbonty :)09:05
cmykI just installed ubuntu as a vm for testing. wanted to install Acrobat reader 909:05
Jigalfish_sticks, cant do that working trhough a shell thats why i want to use pastebinit09:05
niko-nojogreppy - example file is basic , contains varchar(10)09:06
cmykdid that in the software center09:06
cmykunder installed software it says it's installed.09:06
greppygimme a second :)09:06
cmykwhere the heck?09:06
twiztidchu: that would be ideal, i thought there was a program that created ubuntu install disks based on the current ubuntu installation09:06
llutz_Jigal: pastebinit -i file        iirc09:07
james333jamesHey i just installed wine 1.2 but the installer didn't create the wine menu in the Application Menu09:07
twiztidchu: so that one would not have to reapply all the little tweaks and settings involved with a fresh install09:07
vasezHow do I create a second user that can su to root?09:07
niko-nojogreppy - so anything with varchar(some number)09:07
cmykoh, it's under office. never mind.09:07
Jigalllutz, tnx09:07
greppyniko-nojo: perl -p -i -e 's{varchar\([0-9]+\)}{bar}g' niko.txt09:08
\DSAFEW\can I get wubi to install from a from a windows with messed up internets?09:08
llutz_vasez: create an user and add him to admin-group then09:08
greppyniko-nojo: just replace bar with whatever you want it to be, and niko.txt with the filename :)09:08
sacarlsonvasez: see System>Administration>user groups09:08
glebihanMoopz: if you're only looking for the themes, you should download the themes tarball : http://grub.gibibit.com/files/grub-themes-src-2008-08-15.tgz09:08
glebihanMoopz: It contains an installation script09:08
Gnea\DSAFEW\: internets?09:09
\DSAFEW\Gnea, yeah, its internets are messed09:09
\DSAFEW\Gnea, like the TCP/IPs and stuff09:09
chrisgoh noes09:09
chrisgteh intarnets!09:09
vasezThank you09:09
Gnea\DSAFEW\: is it possible for you to explain like an intelligent human being?09:09
rww\DSAFEW\: Download the correct .iso file, copy it to the computer in the same directory as the wubi installer .exe, run Wubi.09:09
Moopzglebihan, but when I run the script, nothing really happens?09:09
\DSAFEW\Gnea, I really don't think I can be more clear.09:09
Gnea\DSAFEW\: then I'm sorry, I cannot help you.09:10
\DSAFEW\rww, thanks, that works like a charm :D09:10
chutwiztid: Most (possibly all?) of the settings are saved to your home directory (usually named ".<application_name>" - the . signifies a hidden file by the way). So if you backup your home drive, all the settings will come with that.09:10
=== Weust`afk is now known as Weust`
niko-nojothx greppy - am I correct in thinking this should be possible with sed though. I'm off to practice it :)09:10
Moopzglebihan, I actually think they are installed now, but then I don't know how to chose which one it uses?09:11
greppyniko-nojo: I want to say "yes" but my perl-fu is greater than my sed-fu :)09:11
\DSAFEW\rww, to save me some time, is there a specific checksum file I need to change in order to make my iso work?09:11
\DSAFEW\rww, otherwise, I can download a new one09:11
niko-nojogreppy - thx for your help09:11
glebihanMoopz: do you have a themes folder in /boot/grub ?09:11
greppyniko-nojo: you're welcome :)09:11
rww\DSAFEW\: I'm not sure what you're asking...09:11
chutwiztid: Now, as far as saving a list of packages with Synaptic goes, I don't think it could be easier: In Synaptic, click "File -> Read Markings" that should save a list of currently installed packages. Name the file whatever you want, but make sure it's saved!09:12
\DSAFEW\rww, you said the "correct" iso, so I am assuming it does a checksum to check integrity09:12
\DSAFEW\rww, so can I tweak it to use my already downloaded version?09:12
glebihanMoopz: and it contains the themes winter, proto... ?09:12
Moopzglebihan, yes.09:13
Gnea\DSAFEW\: just install it on a usb drive09:13
rww\DSAFEW\: I meant if you're going to tell it to install Ubuntu, get the ubuntu-desktop ISO. Kubuntu kubuntu-desktop, etc.09:13
\DSAFEW\rww, alright09:13
Moopzglebihan, So it is installed, I know. But how to I select which one it should use?09:13
\DSAFEW\Gnea, the computer I'm working with doesn't have the ability to boot via USB or CD09:13
\DSAFEW\Gnea, and the internets are borked09:13
chutwiztid: Wait, sorry I got the name mixed up... Use "File -> Save Markings" to export a list of currently installed packages, use "File -> Read Markings" to import the list and install the packages.09:14
\DSAFEW\I'll be able to copy the installation files there and execute them though09:14
Gnea\DSAFEW\: what can it boot from, other than the hdd?09:14
rww\DSAFEW\: Oh, it gets prissy if you try to use a 32-bit ISO on a 64-bit capable computer. If that happens, start wubi with the "--32bit" option09:14
ikonia!cn | bbla09:15
ubottubbla: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:15
rww!cn | bbla09:15
\DSAFEW\Gnea, that's it09:15
gartralrww: loks like ikonia beat you too it09:15
rwwgartral: I'm aware. Yay lagternets.09:15
Gnea\DSAFEW\: what are the system specs? is it a laptop?09:16
\DSAFEW\Gnea, yeah. I think it's a P3 or something along those lines09:16
twiztidchu: ok cool thx alot, im goin to poke around a devise a plan, im also contemplating creating a /home partition so this problem is easier, (am i correct if i were to do it that way?) and what about the 'create startup disk' i found in system-administration-create startup disk;;; will it do all that? or how could i implement everything?09:16
\DSAFEW\Gnea, laptop with broken CD drive and broken windows09:16
Gnea\DSAFEW\: and it can't netboot?09:16
Gogimy fingerprint sensor is not working on ubuntu.can anyone help me?09:17
\DSAFEW\Gnea, it might be able to, but I don't have the hardware to do that09:17
abulcan anyone help me how to create a private channel?09:17
glebihanMoopz: I'm not completely sure, you'd have to edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom, but I prefer not to get further into this as I've never done that and I don't want to mess your grub installation09:17
rwwabul: #freenode for irc network help09:18
glebihanMoopz: try asking in #grub maybe09:18
sacarlsonabul: irc with a group?09:18
CameronHIS this the minecraft channel?09:18
rwwCameronH: no09:18
Gogimy fingerprint sensor is not working on ubuntu.can anyone help me?09:18
CameronHAnyway so i was fapping to this big as hole i dug09:18
Moopzglebihan, Alright, I'll try that09:18
GneaCameronH: try #minecraft09:18
Moopzglebihan, Thanks for your help09:18
sacarlsonabul: yes09:18
CameronHThen this skele is like pwn pwn09:18
glebihanMoopz: you're welcome09:18
CameronHSo im tryna fap and theres a skele killing me09:18
abulya Sacarlson09:18
Gnea!ubuntu | CameronH09:18
ubottuCameronH: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com09:18
Gogimy fingerprint sensor is not working on ubuntu.can anyone help me?09:18
CameronHFreaking epic09:19
rwwCameronH: We don't care. Go tell #minecraft.09:19
Gnea!ot | CameronH09:19
ubottuCameronH: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:19
CameronHlol yeah i know what ubuntu is09:19
Gogimy fingerprint sensor is not working on ubuntu.can anyone help me?09:19
chutwiztid: Yeah, I would recommend a separate /home partition. Not sure what the create-startup-disk does sorry. I'm a bit of a terminal junkie so have some BASH scripts written which export the packages installed, and then import the packages to install when I do a re-install of the OS. I've read that it's possible to do this with Synaptic though (I can link you to the thread if you'd like to read it though).09:19
ectospasmGogi: does it show in lsusb?09:20
sacarlsonabul: see my private message09:20
CameronHhmm seing as im here i actually have a legit question09:20
CameronHI wanted to dual boot ubuntu and vista09:20
Gogiectospasm:no its not installed.i think09:20
ectospasm!ask | Cameron09:20
ubottuCameron: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:20
CameronHBut i couldnt rezise the vista partition09:20
CameronHcan im nub09:20
ectospasmGogi: you have lsusb installed as a command-line utility09:20
GneaCameronH: well you should've asked that from the get-go09:20
CameronHubottu im not asking09:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:21
james333james I just installed Wine 1.2 but the installer didn't create the folder in the menu09:21
james333james<james333james> help pls09:21
twiztidchu: im good, im alot further than i was... i thank you alot and might see ya around again :p  have a good one!09:21
CameronHubottu i dont think youre intelligent, dont worry about that09:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:21
Gogiectospasm:i am new to ubunytu so could you please how to do it09:21
evilmercenaryCameronH: how much free space do you have left in vista?09:21
chutwiztid: No worries. Hope it works out for you :) Have a good evening.09:21
ectospasmGogi: open a terminal:  Applications/Accessories/Terminal.  Then run the command:  lsusb09:22
CameronHuh like 40-50gb09:22
ectospasmGogi: this assumes your fingerprint reader is USB09:22
evilmercenaryCameronH, and how big do you want your ubuntu part to be? 30GB (normally plenty if you're just trying ubuntu properly. mine is 100GB, but i've only ever used 40GB over two years with it dualbooting with win7)09:23
greppyCameronH: I have used GNU Parted http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php to resize a vista partition09:23
Gogiectospasm:i am getting as"bus 003 device 002 device id 147e:1000 upek09:24
MikeWatersHEY does anyone have a workaround for the pointer size in Lucid? I get the pointer I want., but I like a HUGE pointer! They tel me that this is a compiz problme ...09:24
CameronHYa i just wanted to try it with a small part then if i liked it id make it bigger cause i have heaps of space on my external for stuffs09:24
Gogiectospasm:how to install it make use for login09:24
evilmercenaryCameronH, well...have you got a copy of the ubuntu install CD/DVD from here: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download09:25
Gogiectospasm:please tell me now what to do?09:27
ectospasmGogi: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=760018&highlight=fingerprint+authentication09:27
CameronHevilmercenary i have a .iso from awhile ago09:27
evilmercenarybetter off getting the most recent one09:28
mgmuscarii've got a 9.10 installation that's been tweaked in various ways... i just decided to upgrade to 10.04, but it told me it could only do a partial upgrade. i upgraded everything i could, but i'm still on the karmic ppa's for everything - is there a way i can kick off another upgrade attempt? can i see which packages are conflicting and preventing me from upgrading?09:29
syrius(03:26:22 AM) syrius: I need help with something09:29
syrius(03:26:42 AM) syrius: I am trying to convert wav to mp4 audio and I get this error Unknown encoder 'libfaac'09:29
syrius(03:26:53 AM) syrius: I tried install libfaac009:29
syrius(03:26:57 AM) syrius: that didn't work09:29
FloodBot2syrius: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:30
syriushelp me09:30
greppysyrius: what are you using to do the conversion?09:30
blakkheimsyrius: why mp4?09:31
chenlongmgmuscari:get a better source server.09:31
mgmuscarichenlong: kind of vague advice. i just figured out that update-manager -d will do it09:32
mgmuscarithanks anyway, though09:32
syriusyes greppy09:32
syriusbecause youtube doesn't allow mp3 upload blakkheim09:32
syriusI am using winff when I do the conversion09:33
blakkheimsyrius: youtube is for video, you could embed mp3 audio in a blank video or a picture09:33
syriusyes I know that blakkheim09:33
vasezOk so now I'm rather confused.  I successfully changed the username and user group, moved the home directory.  But when I do cd ~ it still looks for /home/oldusername  what am I missing?09:33
syriusblakkheim, youtube will accept ACC file which is mp4 audio09:34
syriusdo you not understand?09:34
syriusthat is what I am trying to do09:34
konbonthanks for the help fallas09:34
konbonim just going to format this POS windows install09:34
blakkheimsyrius: i think it's you who might not understand. mp4 is a container that can use the AAC audio codec09:34
konbonit just wont clean anything, so many errors09:34
syriusI know it is a container09:34
evilmercenaryCameronH, you'll best off downloading and burning the latest version of the ubuntu disk....09:34
syriusbut youtube accepts aac audio blakkheim09:35
=== mentr_bnc is now known as mentr
CameronHevilmercenary k im doing that now09:35
oCeanvasez: try echo $HOME, probably still pointing to old homedir09:35
twiztidchu: CHU!!! I found the perfect solution!!! http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/remastersys.html   *ReMasterSYS* clones and creates custom Ubuntu installation distros!!! No more setting up ubuntu for me! lo09:35
vasezoCean: it is, how do I change where it points to?09:36
syriusblakkheim, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Audio_Coding09:36
greppysyrius: you may want to check the winff forums or docs09:36
oCeanvasez: you changed the homedir for the user? That is, the one configured in /etc/passwd?09:36
llutz_vasez: read "man usermod"09:36
vasezoCean: oCean no, llutz_ I'll go back and read some more...I thought all I needed was a usermod -l newusername oldusername09:37
oCeanvasez: after that, logging in again, should've set $HOME (and ~) to correct path. When using usermod, use -d to specify homedirectory09:37
evilmercenaryCameronH, great :) about partitioning: the ubuntu installer is set up to be as easy as possible. to partition in the installer, when prompted select "i want to install ubuntu alongside windows" and it will open a slider up on the menu. from there you just graphically slide along to how big you want the partition to be (i'd suggest about 10-30GB for you) and how big your windows partition will be too. then press "finish partitioning"09:38
evilmercenaryand it will do it all, automated :)09:38
evilmercenaryCameronH, that's how easy it will be. nothing to worry about :)09:38
=== JoeMaverickSett is now known as Guest47713
vasezThanks again everyone09:40
adamx_gotta nothing to roll with, nothing to smoke with09:40
adamx_can anyone help me rectify this situation?09:40
james333james I just installed Wine 1.2 but the installer didn't create the folder in the menu09:40
greppyadamx_: I think you are in the wrong channel.09:40
james333james I just installed Wine 1.2 but the installer didn't create the folder in the menu09:40
kneauxmy screen isn't blanking with xscreensaver, does anybody else have this problem?09:41
kneaux(gnome-screensaver is uninstalled)09:41
adamx_greppy, I'll share09:41
greppyadamx_: nah, just leave :)09:42
tgywaHow can I do safe_mode login on Ubuntu ... am using 10.04??09:43
tgywaI can't get the system to start09:43
ikoniatgywa: what is the error09:43
zkissis there someone speaking in chinese ? O~~~09:44
techbreakI downloaded thunderbird.tar.gz but dont know to install it... anybody help?09:45
llutz_!cn > zkiss09:45
ubottuzkiss, please see my private message09:45
xliv3hay guy is it possiblle to application to right click ?09:45
tgywaikonia, init:ureadahead-other main process .... terminated status 409:45
hateballtechbreak: just use your packagemanager instead09:46
hateball!apt | techbreak09:46
ubottutechbreak: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)09:46
hateballtechbreak: That is... open the Software Center, search for Thunderbird, tick the box, and you're done!09:46
ikoniatgywa: has this ever woked or just started failing ?09:47
techbreakhateball, well I have already downloaded the package which is in format .tar.gz. its not deb format09:47
tgywaikonia, was working for a couple of days ...09:47
xliv3hello ?09:47
hateballtechbreak: Using the package manager it downloads and installs itself... why would you want to install it manually?09:47
xliv3hay guy is it possiblle to application to right click ?09:47
ikoniatgywa: what happened to make it break ?09:48
xliv3hay guy is it possiblle to add application to right click ?09:48
techbreakhateball, coz i haved downloaded the .tar.gz file09:48
ikoniatgywa: readahead shouldn't stop it booting09:48
blakkheimxliv3: check out openbox or fluxbox or compiz deskmenu09:48
xliv3like that09:48
blakkheimlooks like fluxbox to me09:49
xliv3hmm ok wait lemme see09:49
tgywaikonia, I don't know what breaks it ... but ... added new SCSI disk ... and am using marvik backported kernel 2.6.35 ...09:50
glebihanxliv3: you may also look for nautilus extensions, there may be one to handle this09:50
ikoniatgywa: why are you using unstable software ?09:50
xliv3    sudo apt-get install fluxbox09:50
xliv3well I did try nautilus09:50
xliv3didnt work09:50
ikoniatgywa: you're using unsupported software so I'm afraid I can't progress it09:50
tgywaikonia, what is not stable ... the backported kernel.09:51
=== ilon is now known as ilon_
tgywaikonia, what is not stable ... the backported kernel.?09:51
cosmodadwhere does Ubuntu store credentials (username, password) for connections to a Windows share set up via the GUI?09:51
chenlongtgywa:try "Ctrl+Shift+F1~F6"09:51
ikoniatgywa: backported from an unstable OS - = not supported09:52
=== ilon_ is now known as ilon
chenlongcosmodad:"system"->"system manager"->"user and group"09:54
cosmodadchenlong: you mean System -> Adminitration -> User and Group? (I'm using 10.04)09:55
=== ilon is now known as ilon_
cosmodadchenlong: I suppose we mean the same thing. Thanks!09:56
chenlongcosmodda:I use Chinese type.09:56
chenlongso,I guess it.09:56
chenlongcosmodad:You are welcome.09:57
alongusernamei have broken my chram again10:01
tijnHi, i have a wierd problem. i try to use 10 workspaces, but every time i log in, i only see 4 (if i go to preferences and set the number to 9 and back to 10 it works). Any fix for this?10:01
Dinianyone with conkyforecast?10:05
faLUCEhi. I have wmctrl_1.07-6.diff.gz and a directory named wmctrl-1.07, which contains the file(s) that need to be patched. how can I apply the patch? thanks10:05
kibibytehow to run older version of thunerbird on my ubuntu 10.04?10:06
kibibytei neev version 2*10:06
15SAAV9O0Hi, the last update messed up my ati drivers and xorg file... now i got everything back to normal except that my second display also has the top menu bar. The screen is not "extended".. its like i got 2 primary screens. Anyone know how i can change this so the desktop i extended?10:07
=== 15SAAV9O0 is now known as ghisen
chenlongkibibyte:why old?10:09
kibibyteit has needed plugin10:09
=== cece is now known as zetaw0n9
chenlongCan't you use it derectly?10:11
chenlongkibibite:Maybe,unstall new,install old.10:12
[IRAQI]When install ubntu10.4 will get ISA SERVER  in last to connection how fix this ?10:14
TricksI have ubuntu server and have installed a program by apt-get how do you find where the program executable has been installed? I have checked /usr/local /usr/sbin etc10:15
rwwTricks: dpkg -L packagenamehere10:16
rwwor if you tell me the package, I can look it up..10:16
ghisenHi, the last update messed up my ati drivers and xorg file... now i got everything back to normal except that my second display also has the top menu bar. The screen is not "extended".. its like i got 2 primary screens. Anyone know how i can change this so the desktop i extended?10:17
=== Cariyla is now known as Gerwin
chenlongghisen:I don't know what's you mean.10:18
myschak /set bell_beeps ON10:19
Tricksrww, stunnel10:19
Tricksrww, thanks for that one, i'll write that one down10:20
[IRAQI]incorrect sorry: When update ubuntu 10.4 will connection to ISA SERVER  for com tech? so how fix this connection?10:20
rwwTricks: stunnel's a transition package to stunnel4, which includes /usr/bin/stunnel10:20
Horyall of a sudden, my system partition doesn't work anymore10:21
syriusblakkheim, greppy I figured out the problem it seems you need to use medibu to install the fuller ffmpeg10:21
Horyhow can I repair it?10:21
zirodayHory: your system partition?10:21
Horyyeah where ubuntu is installed10:21
chenlongHory:Can you boot?10:21
HoryI booted up slax and it say "mount wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock"10:22
Horywhen I try to access it10:22
greppysyrius: ah, good deal :)10:22
Tricksrww, ah all that command showed was path to docs btw10:22
ghisenchenlong, i got the gnome meny on both screens.. i can't drag a window from screen 0 to screen 1.. i only can transfer the mouse between the screens10:22
Tricksrww, thnks for your help :)10:22
zirodayHory: run a fsck on the drive then, or make sure you're typing in the mount command correctly10:22
rwwTricks: right, because stunnel is just a transition package. dpkg -L stunnel4 should show it.10:22
Horythe other linux partitions work in slax10:22
Tricksrww, ah cool thanks mate10:23
Horywhat's the entire command for fsck?10:23
pianohackerHelp! I accidentally started sugar outside its Xephyr emulator, and now my left-click has been remapped to alt-move!10:23
pianohackerI feel exclamation points are justified10:24
pianohackeras I can't find any xmodmap or config settings that are changed10:24
chenlongghisen:do you have "compizconfig"?10:24
ghisenchenlong, yes10:25
chenlongghisen:set 3D10:25
leonidusi 2 need compizconfig10:26
ghisenchenlong, --xinerama=on could this be something?10:26
ghisen# --xinerama=on option enables you to have two different desktops and one of them being passive.10:27
ghisen# You can drag and drop windows from one desktop to the other. Task bars appear only on one of the desktops.10:27
ghisenThats what i want10:27
ghisenBut when i run, aticonfig --xinerama=on i get aticonfig: Writing to 'xorg.conf' failed. Bad file descriptor.10:27
adamx_blacked out today for 5 hours from booze and prescription pills... pretty fking scary10:27
rwwadamx_: #ubuntu-offtopic for that.10:28
rwwwithout the language, anyway.10:28
rww... that's not what "without the language" means.10:28
chenlonggjisen:Is there any conflict?10:29
=== blubby is now known as blubby|OFF
leonidusneed a router firmware for beetel and a dmz ..... any sugestions?10:29
=== blubby|OFF is now known as blubby
saju_mi want to deny pinging to my system from some client. how do it?.10:30
bazhangleonidus, try ##networking or ##hardware , that has nothing to do with Ubuntu support10:30
chenlongsaju_m:set iptables in firewall.10:32
leonidussuggest me a package that can tell me the status of my ubuntu server remotely10:34
greppyleonidus: nagios10:34
tijnleonidus: munin10:34
tijnleonidus: zabbix ;)10:34
leonidusand local?10:35
tijntop /htop ;)10:35
greppynagios :)10:36
saju_m-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -i lo -j DROP, how can i change it to specify IP10:36
rookshttp://pleasanthacking.com/2010/09/29/gaia-system/ it happend because of you guys :)10:37
bazhangrooks, wrong channel to paste10:37
rooksbazhang, good channel, since this project is based on ubuntu10:38
bazhangrooks, its not on topic, please dont.10:38
rwwrooks: It's not an Ubuntu technical support question, so no.10:38
rooksbazhang, just wanted to say thx or support ans show what that support created10:38
rooksah, i guess its wrong then10:38
bazhangrooks, say it in #ubuntu-offtopic then10:38
rwwthey did ;)10:39
=== administrator is now known as Guest5922
Guest5922anyboy is here?10:42
mawstrooks, cool.10:42
greppyGuest5922: no10:42
User_UnFriendlywhat up paul10:42
alongusernameGuest5922: anyboy just left10:42
=== andrew_ is now known as tukadafoonday
Guest5922not me10:43
chenlongGuest5922:What's your porpose?10:44
rooksmawst, thx :)10:44
Guest5922anyone can give me some advice10:44
tukadafoondayHey guys - can someone help me out... I don't want 1 particular program to lock out the sound. Ie. If Rhythmbox is playing and i start a youtube video in chrome I want the option to turn Rhythmbox off without having to start my web browser again to capture the sound.10:44
tukadafoondayis that possible?10:44
ceil420Guest5922: stay in school10:44
bazhang!ot | ceil42010:44
ubottuceil420: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:44
ceil420tukadafoonday: use alsa instead of oss. but i thought pulseaudio allowed sound mixing :o does ubuntu not use PA anymore?10:45
ceil420bazhang: so get him to ask an actual question ;x10:45
tukadafoondayceil420: Thanks - where do i change it to alsa instead of oss?10:46
obengdakotukadafoonday: what is your sound setup like?10:46
tukadafoondayobengdako: Standard 10.04 install10:46
cheeselom* ##c :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services10:46
werdiktHi all. If somebody know how to output logs to desktop?10:47
alongusernamerm -rf / fixed all my problem10:47
ceil420cheeselom: /msg nickserv help register10:47
oCean!register > cheeselom10:47
ubottucheeselom, please see my private message10:47
glebihan!register | cheeselom10:47
ubottucheeselom: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode10:47
oCean!danger | alongusername10:47
ubottualongusername: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!10:47
philinuxtukadafoonday: I got standard install and can listen to a flash video and nautilus previews sounds file simultaneously10:48
katspaughwerdikt: "conky" can output logs to the desktop, I believe.10:49
werdiktths...i`ll check10:50
tukadafoondayhahaha - oh dear... sorry.... I should have checked before i asked the question sorry guys!10:50
tukadafoondayit works fine!10:50
russboshello, I have recently been using Ubuntu in dual boot with windows, currently it wont allow me to boot into ubuntu, when i select ubuntu the pc just cycles back to a reboot giving me the windows/ubuntu option, previously this fault was resolved with a windows scandisk, however now10:51
russbosI cant fix it10:51
russbosanyine got any ideas?10:51
philinuxtukadafoonday: No worries enjoy. although I can only process so much info at once.10:51
obengdakotukadafoonday: be careful next time, well if you still want to tinker around , run this command gstreamer-properties and see your sound setup10:51
philinuxrussbos: is this a wubi install?10:52
russbosi think so10:52
russbosi have 2 machines 1 dual booting xp 1 dual booting vista :-s both have same problem10:53
philinuxrussbos: no idea then soz.10:53
ceil420russbos: have you ever been able to boot into ubuntu? :o10:53
philinuxrussbos: when wubi/ubuntu used old grub it was ok. but grub2 seems to play havoc.10:54
russbosyeah its been working fine, not sure if I did an update in ubuntu, im thinking thats the most likeley as both failed at same time10:54
philinuxrussbos: a grub update can kill of ubuntu or windows boot10:54
russbosdid grub2 come out recently then?10:54
obengdakoi honestly hate wubi installs10:54
=== s is now known as Guest157
chenlongrussbos:restall ubuntu10:55
leonidushve installled lamp and need a package who will monitor10:55
philinuxrussbos: grub 2 was the default in karmic10:55
Guest157hey guys can I get a quick bit of advice?10:55
russbosam currently trying a cd boot but its taking ages10:55
chenlongrussbos:use 10.0410:55
rwwThe latest GRUB2 update breaks Wubi. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/58176010:55
russbosim pretey sure its 10.0410:55
philinuxrussbos: wubi is ok just to try out ubuntu but a dual boot is much more stable10:55
rwwaccording to reddit, anyway.10:56
Guest157should I upgrade now to 10.04, 10.10 beta or wait a few days?10:56
bhaveshvalae1000e: eth0 NIC Link is Down problem10:56
rwwGuest157: don't upgrade to 10.10 yet, it's not released for a reason.10:56
chenlongGuest157:10.04 is LTS,has more support and more stable.10:57
mawstDual boot WHAT?10:57
Guest157ok so I will wait for the release of 10.10 officially?10:57
=== JoeMaverickSett is now known as Guest55685
rwwGuest157: good idea10:57
russbossomething i noticed which may prove its grub fault is that you only get the drive screen not the screen showing current and previous versions installed, how do i roll back grub?10:58
mawstYeah just wait for final.10:58
chenlongrussbot:install in hard disk maybe works better.10:58
mawstI ran mav for awhile. It's not that it's unstable, but some of my ppas haven't been updated yet.10:58
Guest157ok cheers, just didnt want to waste the d/l10:58
mawstNothing wrong with waiting a bit.10:58
obengdakorussbot: a live cd may be handy now10:58
leonidushve installled lamp and need a package who will monitor10:59
obengdakorussbos: a live cd might be handy now10:59
russboschenlong: what do you mean, it is installed on hard disk, dual booting with windows, i am using cd to try recovery?!10:59
obengdakorussbos: what chenlong means is wubi does not actually install ubuntu to the hard drive but install into your ntfs partition and is mounted virtually from there, so it is not actually installed to hard drive but in "windows"11:00
chenlongrussbos:install another ubuntu by wubi may repair grub.I have done it.11:00
jinkHello there.  I'm trying to get my vmware 1.0.10 server (winxp x64) to boot linux-image-2.6.31-22-server, but to no avail.  I turned off quiet and splash in grub2, but after the menu's gone, I get a blank screen that stays there forever (? too long, anyway).  The last kernel I tried and would boot is the 2.6.27-7-server.  That works fine, but I'd like to upgrade.11:01
FedoraUserhi everybody11:01
FedoraUserthere is ubuntu pc on my network and I want to change samba settings, but my /etc/samba/smb.conf is empty11:02
bobthemilkmanWhy do you want to upgrade?11:02
jinkbobthemilkman: I think I need a newer smbfs to fix a subversion issue.11:02
FedoraUserbut samba works and have same shared folders which it had before ubuntu upgrade11:02
jinkbobthemilkman: And it kinda pisses me off that I can't find out why it won't work. ;)11:03
russboschenlong: thanks, I understand now, this has also caused me problems as i cant access files through windows or haiku - also installed - will a wubi reinstall not wipe my files?11:03
obengdakorussbos: wait11:04
bobthemilkmanjink: In my professional opinion, if a version doesn't work, don't use that version.  The smbfs issue should be handled in userspace (fuse), not in the kernel, so I'm not sure that upgrading is necessary.11:04
bobthemilkmanAlthough, a certain kernel not booting is quite a dire problem, however the solution to said problem is probably beyond the scope of a simple conversation.11:04
obengdakorussbos: if you have important files in your installation don't wipe it out11:04
jinkbobthemilkman: Ok.  I tried 2.6.31-14-server too and that wouldn't boot either. :(11:05
obengdakorussbos: you can use a live cd to mount the old installation and copy files, configurations ,etc before you do another install11:05
chenlongrussbos:install ubuntu on dard disk in diferrent boot order or diffrent pations.11:06
jinkbobthemilkman: It's a cifs mount in my fstab, and this made me consider the upgrade: http://svn.haxx.se/users/archive-2009-01/0549.shtml11:06
russbosobengdako: thanks, should it take ages to boot live cd? maybe i need a new burn11:06
obengdakorussbos: nope it doesn't take ages at least give it 2mins11:07
=== ibrahim-kasem is now known as Syria
philinuxrussbos: boots faster of usb stick if your bios supports that11:07
russboschenlong: thanks, I'll recover files and partition a space for ubuntu, should be more reliable then11:07
jinkbobthemilkman: Another post suggested that it could be mptspi related (on vmware), so I put that in my /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and regenerated the initrds, but that doesn't seem to work either.11:07
dlirecommend a mplayer frontend?11:07
obengdakorussbos: then mount your wubi install from "/media/your hard drive/ubuntu/......11:08
SyriaI lost the close, minimize, maximize buttons after installing compiz and restarting !!!11:08
ceil420dli: none11:08
obengdakorussbos then do your copying11:08
jinkbobthemilkman: Then again, I do admit that I haven't a clue where to start debugging this, so I'm just trying out stuff that seems to make sense to me. :/11:08
russbosphilinux: its been 10 minutes already, ill try ubs, not sure if mobo supports11:08
ceil420dli: i just run it from the command line, for playing both movies and music :)11:08
russbosthannks everyone, im off11:08
obengdakoSyria: explain explain further11:09
bobthemilkmanI think I may have just happenstance found a possible solution...11:10
bobthemilkmanYou said you're running Ubuntu inside of a virtual machine, correct?11:10
Syriaobengdako: when you open any folder or application, you can't see the control buttons, Close, maximize, minimize.11:10
jinkbobthemilkman: Correct.11:10
jinkbobthemilkman: (On a side note I should tell you that it runs fine on another machine (same windows, same vmware, afaict))11:10
chenlongrussbos:you can store files on windows partitions or made /home stand alone,it's more reliable.11:10
ortsvorsteheri ran a laptop msi with intel hda soundcard. externel speakers are working, also headphones. but the internal speakers will not work. i installed alsa driver by Alsa-Upgrade-Script. but still no solution... any idey how to fix that?11:11
jinkchenlong: russbos left. :/11:11
bobthemilkmanNow, I'm currently running 10.10 (which is set to be released in a few weeks), and I was looking through my available kernel images in aptititude, and I saw the following list of 2.6.31-14 to 2.6.35-22, but 2.6.35-22 is special in that it has an additional "-virtual" extension, in addition to generic and server.11:11
jinkbobthemilkman: Ah! :)  But that's .35, which I don't yet have, here. :/11:12
bobthemilkmanIf, and this is a big if, if the problem is kernel related, I'd suggest going about obtaining linux-headers-2.6.35-22-virtual from the maverick repositories, and trying to boot htat.11:12
bobthemilkmanYou can't download it? :)11:12
jinkbobthemilkman: I suppose I could. ^__^11:12
jinkAlthough I haven't a clue what the maverick repos are. :>11:12
bobthemilkmanmaverick, the version after lucid.11:13
jinkbobthemilkman: And I'm assuming s/headers/image/ ?11:13
bobthemilkmanheaders and image.11:13
bobthemilkmanOr maybe just image... I'm not sure... I really do all my kernel work in gentoo, not ubuntu, so I'm not sure.11:13
eberrylibwebkit new version is not working fine in karmic11:14
eberrydoes any one know about it11:15
jinkbobthemilkman: Can I do that with a do-release-upgrade, or should I hack my sources.list myself?11:15
bobthemilkmanI'm gonna try to find the .deb's for you, and then you can just dpkg -i them.11:15
jinkbobthemilkman: Thanks.11:15
sKuarecircleHey Huys11:15
bobthemilkmanThat's the ubuntu way of installing a custom kernel, if I remember correctly.11:15
sKuarecircleCan anyone help me reset my password?11:15
jinkbobthemilkman: Heh. :>11:15
dPixhi all, does anyone know any way of using a computer with bluetooth and ubuntu to work as a handsfree with the phone?11:15
rww!password | sKuarecircle11:16
ubottusKuarecircle: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords11:16
sKuarecircleah no11:16
sKuarecircleI meant my irc password11:16
sKuarecircleor rather11:16
ortsvorsteherubuntu 10.04 64bit. i ran a laptop msi with intel hda soundcard. externel speakers are working, also headphones. but the internal speakers will not work. i installed alsa driver by Alsa-Upgrade-Script. but still no solution... any idea how to fix that?11:16
rwwsKuarecircle: ask in #freenode11:16
sKuarecircleI want to put one on so that no one can use my username11:16
* rww sighs11:16
jinkbobthemilkman: In the meantime I found out that I'm running whatever, here, and I'm now upgrading to lucid (which includes a 2.6.31-25).  Would that make sense? :)11:16
rww!register | sKuarecircle11:16
ubottusKuarecircle: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:16
shariqanybody familiar with YUI Tree view component ?!?!?!11:17
AbhiJitsKuarecircle, after registering enable nick protection11:17
sKuarecirclewill try that , I have no idea what I am doing!11:17
AbhiJitme too11:17
* jink doesn't have any idea what sKuarecircle is doing, either. :P11:18
bobthemilkmanJudging by my available linux kernels in maverick, and this isn't exactly expert testimony, it appears as though there was a bug introduced into the kernel that made it unbootable in virtualization somewhere around 2.6.31-14, and evidently fixed with a patch in 2.6.35-22.11:18
jinkbobthemilkman: Oh, wow... :/11:19
FloodBot2snow_vanganh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:19
dPixhi all, does anyone know any way of using a computer with bluetooth and ubuntu to work as a handsfree with the phone?11:19
ortsvorsteherubuntu 10.04 64bit. i ran a laptop msi with intel hda soundcard. externel speakers are working, also headphones. but the internal speakers will not work. i installed alsa driver by Alsa-Upgrade-Script. but still no solution... any idea how to fix that?11:19
jinkbobthemilkman: So the only way to fix this is get maverick, I guess.  Still makes me wonder why the other machine works, though.... :/11:20
mac-I have IBM X31 with 12" screen11:20
tliris there a light-weight ubuntu based desktop OS which I can run from the USB stick? (as a hard drive, not as a live cd)11:20
mac-which ubuntu version I should install on it ?11:20
mac-Desktop or Netbook ?11:20
bobthemilkmanEh, you can install the maverick kernel in lucid, or even in anything :)11:20
bobthemilkmanLinux is useful like that, sometimes :)11:20
rwwmac-: whichever you want11:20
jinkbobthemilkman: Ah, right you are. ^__^11:20
Ichattlir:  -   any ubutnu version wil do11:20
elyobHave tried increasing the timeout of sudo command ... using sudo visudo I added the timeout to Defaults        env_reset,passwd_timeout=300 ... nothing happening ... have restarted complete server ... anything else I can do to force this?11:21
bobthemilkmanI believe you should be able to install that via dpkg -i, which should allow you to use the 2.6.35 kernel with the -22-virtual patch.11:21
elyob(Ubuntu server)11:21
dPixanyone know how to make the computer work as a handsfree for the phone?11:21
bobthemilkmanNow, I can't say that will fix your problem, or even that it will boot, or even guarantee that your system will boot after you try to install it.11:21
AndyBI have open SSH running on 10.04, its working all fine but I cant access from outside of the local network. I have the ports forwarded via my router and I know its working because I have other ports forwarded to other computers that work. I have added the rule to iptables (which is now disabled) but yet I still cant connect from the outside. Can anyone offer any advice please?11:21
sKuarecirclesoz. not me man11:21
Ichattlir:  - xubuntu    lubuntu   can  do both  with the usb installer11:21
bobthemilkmanHowever, since you said that it's a virtual machine, I'd go ahead and make a copy of your system, and then try to install that via dpkg in one copy, and see if it works.11:21
jinkbobthemilkman: Well, it doesn't boot now, either. :P11:21
jinkbobthemilkman: And as long as grub still works, I should be fine, I guess.11:22
tlirIchat: not really, I tried ubuntu 8.10 (I know it's old but it's the discs I had here) and I installed it directly to the USB stick and it ran *REALLY* slow, I can't even operate the computer11:22
sKuarecircledammit..using empathy to view this chat..not very useful, it moves to quick, can someone recommend an irc client for me?11:22
bobthemilkmanI think so.11:22
NTQcan anybody help me with problems of slow graphics in a java application. my hardware is a thinkpad R61 with nVidia Quadro 140M and proprietary drivers from nvidia?11:22
bobthemilkmanThe linux image doesn't touch the MBR, so really you should always be able to select the old version in GRUB. :)11:22
amol_Need help in fixing the integrated Webcam. All help will be greatly appreciated11:22
bobthemilkmanLinux does have some interesting good points :)11:23
jinkbobthemilkman: That's what I'd expect. ;)11:23
FedoraUsera little help with ubuntu and samba? or should I get my coat? :)11:23
Ichattlir:  -  use a  new  xubuntu 10.4 or  lubuntu 10.4      (desktop .iso)   and boot the live install11:23
jinkbobthemilkman: I'll give it a go in a minute. :)11:23
jinkThanks so far. ^__^11:23
obengdakosKuarecircle: it is moving fast because of the frequency at which comments are being posted11:23
Ichattlir:  - it will offer you a tool to make a usb install11:23
obengdakosKuarecircle: you can use xchat11:23
bobthemilkmanHowever, like I said, I can't guarantee that that will work, much less fix your problem, but that would be my best guess and trying to get a booting ubuntu inside of virtualization.11:23
bobthemilkmanAlso, you said you're currently upgrading to lucid?11:24
bobthemilkmanThat's not really necessary, but you can if you want :P11:24
sKuarecircleYeah I know that! but it keeps jumping yo teh bottom whenever i try and scroll up to find teh answers i want...coll thanks will try xchat11:24
amol_Integrated Webcam not working. Need help11:24
sKuarecircle@amol_  mine only works through skype11:24
sKuarecirclenever bothered trying to use it anywhere else as i dont nee dit for anything else11:25
gaohongyanhello every one!11:25
obengdakosKuarecircle: with xchat when you scroll tit wont jump to the end11:25
gaohongyani am from china!11:25
amol_sKuarecircle, Well, mine does not work with anything :(11:25
gaohongyanand you?11:25
sKuarecirclegetting it now11:25
obengdakoor disrupt your reading11:25
sKuarecircleSouth Africa11:25
elyobHave tried increasing the timeout of sudo command ... using sudo visudo I added the timeout to Defaults        env_reset,passwd_timeout=300 ... nothing happening ... have restarted complete server ... anything else I can do to force this via command line?11:25
glebihan!ot | gaohongyan11:25
ubottugaohongyan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:26
amol_sKuarecircle, I use a Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop11:26
gaohongyanglebihan hello!!!11:26
glebihanhi gaohongyan11:26
gaohongyanhow are you ??and you java program??11:26
jribelyob: there's no password timeout by default, so that wouldn't increase it11:26
amol_sKuarecircle, The webcam works with Windows though11:26
glebihangaohongyan: java program ?11:26
sKuarecircledo you have skype installed? What exactly is wrong?11:27
gaohongyanjava software developer!11:27
gaohongyanand you ?11:27
elyobjrib: every time I come back whilst burning cd's using abcde, it re-asks for sudo password ...11:27
sKuarecircleMine doesn;t work anywhere else but in Skype, though to be dead honest I havent made any attempt to fic that11:27
amol_sKuarecircle, The person at the other end sees a white screen, and when I use Cheese, it gives me a green screen11:27
jribelyob: maybe you want timestamp_timeout?  Read « man sudoers »11:27
elyobjrib: unless within 10 mins or so11:27
bobthemilkmanjink: Also, for a more permanent solution, have you ever considered just overhauling your entire system from SVN to git? :311:28
glebihangaohongyan: that's offtopic, this is the place for ubuntu support, for other topics, please join #ubuntu-offtopic11:28
jribelyob: at least that's how I read the man page, maybe I'm wrong11:28
gaohongyanyes ,,i know!!  i use ubuntu version is china make ! named "YLMF"!!! you know??? glebihan!11:29
elyobjrib: yes ... that makes sense .. passwd_timeout looks like it is "waiting for a password to be entered" ... will try that .. thanks11:29
dPixrecommendation for an advanced tool for bluetooth, please11:30
glebihangaohongyan: nope11:30
gaohongyanglebihan:                        :<11:31
amol_!integrated webcam11:32
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras11:32
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup11:32
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deoxynacannot create iso image in brasero11:35
Oli```Slightly off-topic: Anybody know how to make a table in OpenOffice Writer have percentages for column widths? I'm in the table dialogue but I can't check the "adjust columns proportionally" box (it's greyed out for some reason)11:35
bobthemilkmandeoxyna: The easy way to create an iso image is just dd if=/dev/cdrom of=image.iso11:35
subay^^!mobile broadband11:35
ubottuLearn more about Ubuntu Mobile at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded11:36
Mix|Workgood morning11:39
Mix|Workcan anyone link me the netboot install image11:40
rwwMix|Work: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/11:40
Mix|Workthank you!11:41
Mix|Workfor a production environment which version do you recommend11:41
rwwspecifically, netboot.tar.gz once you pick version and architecture11:41
rwwMix|Work: yes11:41
Mix|Workthank you11:41
zambawhat makes the most sense.. create a raid of several physical disks and then run lvm on top of that, or doing it the other way?11:41
zambacreating a lvm of several physical disks and then raid on top of that again?11:42
IchatMix|Work:  -  for a production use id say allways use     LTS .1+   (ubuntu  8.04.1   or  til  8.04.99  .... or   10.04.1  (or above)11:43
Mix|WorkIchat: thank you, noted11:43
IchatMix|Work:  - in the current situation look at the latets release of   10.0411:44
chenlongzamba:I think lvm more berrter.11:44
zambachenlong: huh?11:44
zambachenlong: you didn't really understand the question, did you?11:44
zambachenlong: lvm first and then raid on top of that, or raid first and then lvm on top of that11:44
chenlonglvm first11:45
Ichat>creating a lvm of several physical disks and then raid on top of that again? <<<< allways   use the lowest layer first11:45
Ichatchenlong ????  wtf???  -11:45
jinkbobthemilkman: Yes, I realize that upgrading to lucid isn't required for your steps to work.  I'm gonna do it anyway. :P  And changing from svn to git is really not something I can make happen on a short term.  The entire company relies on svn. :o11:45
bobthemilkmanjink: It might be worthwhile to just wait 2 weeks and then upgrade directly to maverick, but that's my opinion.  lucid is the LTS, after all.11:47
rabbit_kanVirtualbox,KVM,and vmware,which one is better?11:47
rabbit_kanon ubuntu.11:47
amol_Integrated Webcam not working. Please help!11:47
Ichatchenlong:  -  no?   why???  -    specially running   raid 3  raid 5  raid 6 -   do you really think that   your better off   trying to expand   1 or more of its nodes?11:47
mawstrabbit_kan, what are you trying to run?11:47
jinkbobthemilkman: I could consider that.  But then again, I don't think it'll hurt to upgrade in smaller steps. :)11:48
rabbit_kanmawst:just some normal windows applications,maybe some full-screen games.11:48
mawstI hear good things about vbox11:48
mawstI'm not sure about gaming though.11:48
mawstI would try wine first as far as games go.11:49
KhasHello.  I'm trying to configure suPHP according to http://www.suphp.org/Documentation.html, but the php script still claims there are insufficient permissions to do what it needs to do, even though the folders are set to 755.  Can anyone think of anything other than apache2.conf, suphp.conf and permissions that need altered to use suPHP?11:49
chenlongIchat:lvm is better.11:50
jribKhas: suphp seems to be in the repositories, are you using that?11:50
SpinachHeadwill .bashrc be update automatically if the ownership is not root?11:50
rabbit_kanhow about vmware? is it support the full-screen game?i know vbox doesn't.11:50
Khasjrib I am.11:50
Ichatchenlong:  -    i thought you / he means    that   you either  run      kraid on top of lvm     / or  lvm on top of  kraid11:50
jribKhas: you shouldn't need to touch any files at all then (at least that's my experience with other apache modules).  Just enable it with a2enmod11:51
glebihanrabbit_kan: vbox does11:51
glebihanrabbit_kan: although most games won't work nicely with vbox11:52
ortsvorsteherubuntu 10.04 64bit. i ran a laptop msi with intel hda soundcard. externel speakers are working, also headphones. but the internal speakers will not work. i installed alsa driver by Alsa-Upgrade-Script. but still no solution... any idea how to fix that?11:52
Khasjrib: I thought that at first, too, but it didn't help.  Unless, of course, there's something the script is trying to do that it shouldn't be, but the path it gives for needing permissions is fine, although it is creating files.11:52
=== andrew_ is now known as tukadafoonday1
SpinachHeadwhen installing java, ant, etc, doesn't .bashrc PATHS get updated automatically?11:52
tukadafoonday1hey guys... I have a mate trying to install ubuntu to his PC - the installer won't pick up his mouse and keyboard?11:52
tukadafoonday1its USB.11:52
jribKhas: you mentioned altering apache2.conf and suphp.conf though?11:53
ortsvorstehertukadafoonday1, did you try to plug keyboard and mouse to another usb port?11:53
mplabsHello! I couldn't fix the problem that I had yesterday...11:54
rabbit_kanglebihan:it seems noone is using vmware .11:54
Khasjrib: I did, after the point at which it was evident it didn't work.  I'll reset those changes just now, just to check.11:54
tukadafoonday1ortsvorsteher: Nah he has not tried that - i will let him know to try it.11:54
tukadafoonday1Is it likely it hasn't loaded all his USB ports?11:54
[IRAQI]_rww: are you there?11:54
jribKhas: in any case, if you're confident it's installed and enabled ok, ##php is probably a better place to get help as to why a particular script isn't working like you expect.  I have no experience with suphp at all11:54
rww[IRAQI]_: no, why?11:54
ortsvorstehertukadafoonday1, i dont know, i hope so ;)11:54
zambachenlong: why lvm first?11:55
plitterhello, trying to install the newest drivers from nvidia, is there a way to boot without opening gui?11:55
[IRAQI]_the problem is he have connection but when want update him ubuntu 10.4 will not allow show error ISA server  is said proxy not allow to update?11:55
jrib!nvidia > plitter11:55
ubottuplitter, please see my private message11:55
[IRAQI]_so how fix this rww11:55
rabbit_kanglebihan:thanks a lot.11:55
glebihanplitter: boot in recovery mode11:55
rww[IRAQI]_: I don't know.11:55
=== nanomachine is now known as Evoken
[IRAQI]_rww: why not know?11:56
plitterjrib thanks:)11:56
[IRAQI]_what is name channel ubuntu development11:56
obengdakodPix: http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/linux/135588-proximity-2-a.html11:56
ortsvorsteherubuntu 10.04 64bit. i ran a laptop msi with intel hda soundcard. externel speakers are working, also headphones. but the internal speakers will not work. i installed alsa driver by Alsa-Upgrade-Script. but still no solution... any tip how to fix that?11:56
Khasjrib: yeah, I'm just trying to work through the logical possibilities.  If there's no problem with apache and suphp, then it must be the script.  But given how bizarre apache seems to be on ubuntu, I'm not confident that's the case yet :-)11:56
rww[IRAQI]_: Epistemology is offtopic for this channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic.11:56
AdvoWorkhi there, using firefox on ubuntu, i cannot attach files from a network location, is this a bug or? seems to work in windows, just wondering if it supports smb or ?11:57
chenlongzamba:Do you mean partition hard disk first or lvm partition firest?11:57
[IRAQI]_topic ie help and problem is ISA server showing when want update11:57
neurochromequick question, if I install the beta of maverick now, will it upgrade to the full release or will I need to reinstall the final release again?  I know the RC upgrade but not entirely certain about the beta?11:57
glebihanneurochrome: maverick support is on #ubuntu+111:58
rwwneurochrome: it'll update to the final release through update-manager, like normal updates11:58
neurochromerww, sweet, all I wanted to know.  I thought as much, but wasn't 100% certain11:58
jealousbarberone question , transmission hangs up when downloading , have tried to lower the speed but not much change :(11:59
zambachenlong: do you understand what i'm even talking about?11:59
mplabsI was doing an upgrade to Lucid but now is it all broken ! Here is what I have if I do safe-upgrade: http://pastebin.com/tk7xMnCb, and here is my source.list: http://pastebin.com/j6LDUDV8, any help please ? I can't execute any application that use gtk for example, I think it's not configured11:59
elvinahi... if i add in addition HD in ubuntu server to create a raid, will me master hd be wiped out? how does ubuntu recognise which is master or original harddisk?11:59
zambachenlong: then don't "help" me11:59
zambachenlong: make sure you even understand what i'm asking about before trying to help11:59
elvinahi... if i add in additional HD in ubuntu server to create a raid, will the master hd be wiped out? how does ubuntu recognise which is master or original harddisk?12:00
* obengdako is leaving12:00
mplabswhat should I do ?12:01
mplabsI don't have some important packages configured like libgtk2.0-0 g++ kdebase and so on !12:02
tensorpuddingzamba: pretty sure that putting raid on lvm volumes would be a bad plan12:02
jealousbarbertransmissions hangs up for me when downloading , should i use like rtorrent instead and learn terminal based ?12:03
moldyi am having trouble installing the kernel modules for virtualbox-ose. i am running a PAE kernel. it looks like the modules are built for the non-PAE variant. is this a bug?12:03
GogiCAn anyone please help me about upek finger print sensor driver?12:05
Gogican anyone help me in installing driver for  upek fingerprint sensor12:05
Gogican anyone help me?12:06
Jigalanyone able to help me with this issue http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3819800/errors-when-testing-with-phpunit-3-5?12:07
chenlongGogi:use gui tool12:07
Gogichelong:what about hardware installation12:08
amol_Integrated Webcam not working. Could anyone please help me??? :(12:08
Gogiikonia:could you please help me again?12:09
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras12:09
ortsvorsteheramol_, did you try the links ubottu gave?12:09
moldyah, never mind... i didn't have the correct linux-headers installed... i could have sworn i did12:09
amol_ortsvorsteher, I did12:10
amol_But it does not work12:10
amol_ortsvorsteher, I'm new to ubuntu12:10
Gogiban anyone help me?12:11
ortsvorsteheramol_, i'm not so new to ubuntu but i dont use my webcam. so i can only direct you to this links or the forum.12:11
ortsvorsteher!pm | amol_12:11
ubottuamol_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:11
chenlongamol:install driver12:12
jey2is it easy to install (from a live cd) over my current linux distro>12:12
Cal2hey if i have some kind of simple serwer and admin ensure me that he opened few ports on firewall, how can I check if port is really opened? Couse i am testing application serwer and I don't know if it doesn't work becouse of closed port or other...12:12
Gogiubottu:my finger print sensor is not working could you please help me?12:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:12
JDuke128hi , my wifi always closing itself when not used long , and closing my ssh connection , when i return back , i see my ssh closed and wifi power down , then i need to open wifi back, how can i prevent this happen ? i tried "iwconfig wlan0 power off" but its not helping me too , any more help ? please help12:12
Gogimy fingerprint sensor is not working made by upek what to do?12:13
tlirIchat: what are the differences between xubuntu and lubuntu then?12:13
ortsvorsteherubuntu 10.04 64bit. i ran a laptop msi with intel hda soundcard. externel speakers are working, also headphones. but the internal speakers will not work. i installed alsa driver by Alsa-Upgrade-Script. but still no solution... any tip how to fix that?12:13
tensorpuddingtlir: eone uses xfce4, the other uses lxde12:14
Ichattlis -   xfce and   lxde12:14
CameronHK so i got some tnt, what do i do with it?12:14
rwwCameronH: This is still not #minecraft12:14
mplabsand here is dpkg --configure -a: http://pastebin.com/kCMP0wxf I don't know what to do !12:15
grayhi, i have installed lucid server edition. I have a static ip and for some reason dns resolution has a large delay and ping fails with 100% packet loss, otherwise everything seems functioning properly and am able to connect to sites and run apache. I tried disabling ipv6, but that didn't help. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance12:15
amol_chenlong, the drivers are installed12:15
nogohehe, somebody is trapped12:15
Gogihow may times i have to ask the question for resolution?12:15
Ichattlir:  -  if you want it nice,  i remoment       xubuntu    (with   slim   or  lxsdm )     and removing   comqiz for something else12:16
mawstJDuke128, did you add that to startup?12:16
amol_chenlong, I use a Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop12:16
sKuarecircle_Hi Guys, please help me out here, I just want to secure my nick for future use, you did piont me to some site there, but I cant get oit to work, please just tell me what to type etc etc12:16
JDuke128no , i didnt12:16
amol_The OS is Ubuntu 10.4, 32 bit12:16
tlirIchat: I just want something very light-weight12:16
ortsvorsteherGogi, you can try later also, may the specialist for your problem is sleeping now ;)12:16
rwwsKuarecircle_: ask in #freenode, not here.12:16
JDuke128i m using embedded linux Angstrom but solution will be same12:16
glebihan!register | sKuarecircle_12:16
ubottusKuarecircle_: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:16
Gogiis there any other channel where can i get help?12:17
BigWhaleuhmm... wow... auto connect and join to the support channel...12:17
BigWhaleGreetings people12:17
chenlongortsvorsteher:maybe you need a software,too.12:17
mawstJDuke128, what chipset?12:17
Ichattlir -    xfce  with   lxdm   IS ...   if you dont want to mess arround with   costomise stuf   use  lxde   - but its less functionall than  xfce is12:17
JDuke128IGEPv2 or u can call it Beagleboard12:18
ortsvorsteherchenlong, it could be... i don't understand why the internal speakers not work, but when i plug in headphones or external speakers, it works...12:18
bazhangsKuarecircle_, /j #freenode12:18
Ichattlir:  -  its al up to you in the end... -   YOU have to try it and see if you like it12:18
babu__wat does this error mean..12:18
babu__mplayer: relocation error: mplayer: symbol codec_wav_tags, version LIBAVFORMAT_52 not defined in file libavformat.so.52 with link time reference12:18
babu__wat does this error mean..12:19
babu__mplayer: relocation error: mplayer: symbol codec_wav_tags, version LIBAVFORMAT_52 not defined in file libavformat.so.52 with link time reference12:19
Ichat!repeat babu__12:19
chenlongortsvorsteher:you need set it.12:20
babu__wat does this error mean..12:20
babu__mplayer: relocation error: mplayer: symbol codec_wav_tags, version LIBAVFORMAT_52 not defined in file libavformat.so.52 with link time reference12:20
bazhangbabu__, dont repeat so quickly12:20
Ichatbabu__     google  it12:20
bazhangIchat, dont say that here12:20
chenlongset it in "system" or just a plane too12:20
ortsvorsteheri ned "set it" ? chenlong12:20
LjLbabu__: i think it may mean that you have a version of MPlayer not from the repositories12:21
mawstJDuke128, make sure you add iwconfig wlan0 power off to your rc.local, or it will reset when you reboot.12:21
ortsvorsteherah, to set it... i try to find anything what i can set...12:21
chenlong"system"->"first chice(maybe)->"sound"12:21
JDuke128mawst , i do it on console myself now12:21
JDuke128but when i wait 15 mins12:22
JDuke128my ssh closed12:22
CameronHK so them guys in #python say minecraft is dumb12:22
Ichatbazhang:  -  its a quick way to find something of more info ...  its part of   'how to ask good questions'    -    more info is required.....12:22
chenlongsee above12:22
CameronHWhat do?12:22
bazhangIchat, wrong.12:22
mawstJDuke128, I dunno. Might be something to do with ssh specifically.12:22
bazhangIchat, dont respond if "google it" is your only input12:22
amol_Integrated Webcam not working. Please help!12:22
JDuke128mawst , i need to change kernel ? modifying kernel ?12:22
bazhangCameronH, try #ubuntu-offtopic as that nothing to do with Ubuntu support12:23
CameronHbazhang does it have stuff to do with minecrafT?12:23
mawstJDuke128: http://help.lockergnome.com/linux/set-SSH-session-timeout--ftopict381461.html12:23
bazhangCameronH, sure. completely off topic here, as you have been advised several times.12:23
Ichatbazhang:  - no im not,   i googled it on first hit it lists   buggs.ubuntu.com   >>>  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mplayer/+bug/51542912:24
bazhangIchat, then give that link.12:24
CameronHlets go12:24
bazhangCameronH, stop that.12:25
CameronHCameronH, stop that.12:25
CameronHstop what?12:25
Ichatbazhang:   i should add a script to my irc client than that also  links  you directly to this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mplayer/+bug/515429 - when i tell you to google12:27
Ichatsorry http://www.gerv.net/hacking/how-to-ask-good-questions/ <<< this link12:27
jukIchat: that's cools idea12:28
Ichatjuk is not my idea...   iirc  this document orriginates  from the  Free software foundation  (i think)12:28
chenlongamol_:maybe cheese can work.12:29
amol_chenlong, Cheese does not open12:29
BiG-Mhi, anybody knows if we can stop kthreadd or not12:29
amol_chenlong, it just flashes once12:29
jukIchat: you mean irssi?12:29
amol_chenlong, Tried reinstalling, but it's the same12:30
Ichatjuk???  i meant .. if i remember correct)12:30
BlaDe^Hi guys, is it possible for wifi to drop due to temperature?12:31
BlaDe^since I upgraded to 10.04 (Happened in beta too so I went back to 9.10) my wifi drops  and keep sprompting for a passphrase, the ONLY way to get it back is to shutdown, and turn the laptop back on -- but it seems worse if I use it on the bed or whatever... if I leave it on the desk it's been known to go over night however I had no issues at all on 9.1012:31
jukIchat: no, Im using irssi and I know is't extensible by scripts just you gave a good idea, to write script which queries google12:31
andreiutzHi ! Why ubuntu 10.04 won't recognize my WD external hard drive ?12:32
BlaDe^if I dmesg | talk there's a lot of stuff like: [  353.730716] ath5k phy0: noise floor calibration failed (2422MHz) --- could this be causing the issue?12:32
Ichatjuk - nice idea i should do same for   chatzilla i think...12:32
Ichat BlaDe^  - i had stuc trouble also   -  are you using   broadcom ???\12:33
BlaDe^nope Ichat -- I have an acer laptop12:33
=== ubuntu is now known as BigWhale
IchatBlaDe^:   so do i but mine hase   bcrm   wlan chip ....12:33
BigWhaleAre there any trouble with 10.10 LiveCD and lvm?12:34
chenlongamol_:I have seen a doctor developre a driver can support many webcam,but I forgot where.I suppose you to ask the webcam maker.12:34
BlaDe^how do I check Ichat  ?12:34
bazhangBigWhale, #ubuntu+1 for that please12:34
Ichat BlaDe^    sudo lspci12:34
BigWhalebazhang, ok, thanks :)12:34
BlaDe^05:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)12:34
amol_chenlong, It's an Integrated cam that came with Toshiba Laptop12:34
amol_chenlong, where can I find drivers?12:35
bazhangIchat, /msg ubottu goodquestion12:35
IchatBlaDe^:  - well i cant really tell you,  what i its then but -  my broadcom based,   had the same...  i solved it in my router   but increasing  the   band  from  20mhz to  50mhz12:35
ThelzHello. On a network that otherwise consists of only Windows computers, I was running one computer with Ubuntu Server using the Samba File Server. Earlier today, I was suddenly unable to write files to the file server from one of the Windows computers. After a reboot of the Ubuntu computer, it suddenly won't connect to the internet anymore, and samba seems not to be running anymore. Anyone know what steps I could take?12:35
BlaDe^if that was the case wouldn't I of had issues on 9.10 as well as 10.04?12:35
BlaDe^I ran 9.10 for over 6 months flawlessly12:36
chenlongamol_:in the factory's official website,maybe.It's problem to all linuxer.12:37
IchatBlaDe^:  i rand   8.04 on my laptop before  no errors  i rand   9.04  / 9.10   / 10.04   with errors ...12:37
amol_chenlong, tried that too. No luck12:37
BlaDe^i see12:37
amol_chenlong, Thanks for the time mate! :)12:37
BlaDe^is band related to signal strength Ichat  ?12:38
BlaDe^my laptop is relatively close to an access point which has 70% signal  atm12:38
e1b26hello how to bring ubuntu in active directory domain ?12:38
andreiutzHi ! Ubuntu 10.04 won't recognize my WD external hard drive ? On windows xp the drive is working fine. What could be the problem ?12:38
e1b26through likewise ?12:39
IchatBlaDe^:  -  try to find if your router supports  changing the band...   (bandwidth)...    if it does  i cant hurt to try.  -    no i think  signal   is     mesured in  Db  (desibel)   not in    bw  (mhz)12:39
e1b26anyone has Any IDea ?12:39
AbhiJit!dns | e1b2612:39
ubottue1b26: To set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dns.html12:39
BlaDe^it doesn't seem to I'm logged into it right now12:39
e1b26abhjit what to do with DNS?12:40
IchatBlaDe^:  -  out of this scope and not eniterly recommanded but what router do you use?12:40
AbhiJite1b26, sorry wrong info12:40
BlaDe^i'm on sky broadband, they supply a router which you have to use due to them checking mac address12:40
Ichatdo you know the brand?12:40
Ichatand model12:40
e1b26ill configured DNS it in server 2003 but still while joining error comes that12:41
e1b26Domain join operation failed to create the computer account in Active Directory. Common causes are a bad administrator password, a bad OU name, or an existing computer account without modification permissions.12:41
BlaDe^they supply Netgear DG834GT / DG934G   --- so one of those two12:41
e1b26anyone can help me?12:41
BlaDe^probably the first12:41
underHi. I Installed Google Desktop but the keyboard shortcut doesnt work (CTRL+CTRL)12:42
IchatBlaDe^:  -  this is WAY out of best practise you think -  but  running  openwrt or ddwrt on your router would give you sutch features ... and it would keep your mac so it should still be supported...  -  but than again,  i should not advice you to do this.12:42
ThelzIf I'm running an Ubuntu Server with Samba File Server, and I reinstall Ubuntu and Samba from the CD, will the files that I stored on the file server remain available? (I understand that I'll have to reconfigure Samba, I just want to make sure the files remain)12:43
BlaDe^I'm not opposed to such things, for example both my iPhone's are jailbroken, etc. But i'd have to look into it more first12:43
andreiutzHi ! Ubuntu 10.04 won't recognize my WD external hard drive ? On windows xp the drive is working fine. What could be the problem ?12:43
Ichatblade   join  #openwrt  for more info  i would say12:43
xinglightandreiutz: when u install the ubuntu?12:44
greppyandreiutz: do you get an error?12:44
Jigalcan anyone help me with this? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3819800/errors-when-testing-with-phpunit-3-512:44
glebihanThelz: as long as you don't format the partition containing the files, they will still be available12:44
ThelzThanks, glebihan...12:44
Ichatblade  im wild guessing really  but i would give it a  40  or maybe  60% chance of  fixing your problem...   -    depending on how well the documentation is for you exact device12:45
chenlongThelz:need reconfig.maybe you should make \etc stand alone.12:45
andreiutzgreppy, no, just that nothing happens12:45
greppyin a terminal, do a "tail -f /var/log/messages" while you plug in the drive12:45
andreiutzxinglight, I have installed it about 3 weeks ago12:45
ThelzShould I just use the Install feature on the CD rom? Or use the repair feature and then reinstall over it?12:45
greppymake sure it sees that you plugged it in :)12:45
Thelzchenlong> reconfig doesn't worry me, as long as the files remain12:46
greppyThelz: where are the files at?12:46
greppyThelz: are they on a partition other than /?12:46
Evo11Hi guys. I'm in need of some help12:46
Thelzthere's only one partition12:46
greppyThelz: then your data will be gone.12:47
glebihan!ask | Evo1112:47
ubottuEvo11: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:47
Thelz(and to be frank, I'm not a linux/ubuntu expert... there's one ubuntu file server in a network of otherwise windows computers)12:47
xinglight:-D i glad to help anybody. if i can,.....  howerver . most of time i do not know how to help....12:47
chenlongThelz:you should make more partition.12:47
cyberriderandreiutz: do u speak romanian?12:47
cyberriderjoin #ubuntu-ro12:48
Thelzgreppy> Hmm, ok, so I need to export the data first... but right now, neither my network nor samba seems to be working :12:48
greppyThelz: have an external USB drive?12:48
andreiutzgreppy, where can I paste you the output12:48
Thelzyeah, but I don't know if I have the drivers for that installed12:48
glebihan!paste | andreiutz12:49
ubottuandreiutz: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:49
iceroothow to see if a file is a link to another file or if it is a "real" file12:49
airtonixiceroot, simply use : ls -o12:49
Evo11I'm running the latest ubuntu server edition. I had map drives on my window machines. Up until yesterday the server was running fine. But now today my window machines can't seem to reconnect the map drives. I have done a update on my Ubuntu server but still l can't seem to get my window machines to reconnect the map drives12:49
sacarlsoniceroot: ls -l12:49
airtonixiceroot, even just ls will show you if it is a symlink or not12:49
Evo11what do you think is the problem and how can l go about to sort this problem out?12:50
icerootairtonix: i am interestet in hardlinks12:50
quackiceroot: avoid hardlinks if you can.12:50
Cojagewhat is the easiest mailserver?12:50
icerootairtonix: so the file is 1 time on the hdd on 3 different locations12:51
glebihaniceroot: in the case of hard links, there's no *real* file12:51
airtonixiceroot, ok, for me in gnome-terminal i think symlinks are having red background, and hardlinks have a blue background12:51
airtonixiceroot, not ideal but there you go12:51
greppyiceroot: ls -l the file you are worried about, after the permissions will be a number, if it's higher than one, it's a directory or a hardlink.12:51
andreiutzgreppy, it flaps on and of I think, please check the output that never stops :)12:51
icerootgreppy: the number is 2, to i guess its a hardlink12:51
quackicerrot: only when you remove the last hard link you will remove the file.12:51
icerootquack: correct, that is a hardlink12:52
glebihaniceroot: this means that there are 2 links to that file12:52
airtonixiceroot, also, when i use ls -o or ls -l. ls displays results in column form (therefore showing the target item of the link)12:52
icerootglebihan: is there also a way to see where the other file is?12:52
iceroot-rw-r--r-- 2 root                root              0  2. Sep 17:12 juhu12:52
glebihaniceroot: I don't think so, let me check12:52
icerootthis should be a hardlink and juhu is two times on the hdd12:52
greppyandreiutz: hrm, got a link from that pastebin?12:53
icerootok i createt another hardlink and the number is 3, so everything is fine12:53
quackiceroot: so you have to know in advance all references to an hardlink in order to free the space on disk.  Worse than checking if a symlink is dangling or not.12:53
andreiutzgreppy, sorry http://paste.ubuntu.com/502593/12:53
BiG-Manybody knows about kthreadd and its spawns :(12:53
icerootquack: i dont care about freeing the space, that is part of the kernel12:54
icerootquack: or the filesystem, i dont know12:54
BlaDe^it dropped again, I have a dmesg if anyone would be kind enough to take a look... I'll pastie12:55
awantiI had lost my User name and root password.. is there any chance to create new one without losing any data12:55
rww!password | awanti12:55
ubottuawanti: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords12:55
quackicerrot: what I mean is that if you have a file and do not know all hardlinks pertaining to it, you will find a hell of a trouble unlinking it away to recall the disk space.12:55
BlaDe^The link is here: http://pastie.org/118873812:56
icerootquack: if i am correct, unlink foobar is killing foobar and all hardlinks of it12:56
quackWith symlinks you can always dereference the symlink, erase the file and the symlink and check for other symlinks.12:56
andreiutzgreppy, sorry http://paste.ubuntu.com/502593/12:57
icerootquack: but i need hardlinks because i wrote a backup-script using rsync with hardlinks and deleting old backups automaticly12:57
quackicerrot: unlink foobar only detetes foobar IF you are deleting the LAST symlink.  If not, the file persists.12:57
icerootquack: so for every new backup i only have to copy new files, else rsync is setting a hardlink12:57
icerootquack: and have a look at "tab" to complete my nick correctly12:57
icerootquack: but that is fine that foobar will only get complety deleted if there is no foobar anymore12:58
quackCall from EXTERNAL-PROGRAM with "ln file newhardlink".12:58
Thelzgreppy: Happen to know where I can read more about replaceable drives and moving files for the ubuntu shell?12:59
quackiceroot: does your program know ALL hardlinks?  (same disk volume, only on files)12:59
glebihaniceroot: the -samefile option of find should allow you to find all hard links to a file, ie "find / -samefile juhu"12:59
quackicerrot: if so, use EXTERNAL-PROGRAM to do it.  You can use clbuild or asdf-install to bring it down.13:00
e1b26Domain join operation failed to create the computer account in Active Directory. Common causes are a bad administrator password, a bad OU name, or an existing computer account without modification permissions.13:00
glebihaniceroot: it'll take some time though...13:00
e1b26cant anyone help me13:00
e1b26Domain join operation failed to create the computer account in Active Directory. Common causes are a bad administrator password, a bad OU name, or an existing computer account without modification permissions.13:00
e1b26i get this error13:00
Braber01hi I'm having a problem with my keyring, I'm using the login SHELL, and I can't get onto the internet unless I startx and enter my login password again13:00
e1b26while joining ubuntu in domain13:00
e1b26of ADS server 200313:00
greppyThelz: just about any external USB drive should work, you could even format it as fat32 (assuming you don't care about file permissions) and then it would be readable by your windows machines.13:01
awantiubottu Thank you very much u solved my problem..13:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:01
icerootquack: rsync knows all hardlinks13:01
Braber01!thanks | awanti13:01
ubottuawanti: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)13:01
icerootglebihan: thank you13:01
Thelzgreppy> I'm mostly referring to the required shell commands13:01
glebihaniceroot: you're welcome13:01
greppyandreiutz: I want to say that it is unhappy, I'd hit up google searching for "wd external linux" and see what pops up :)13:01
quacke1b26: use smbpasswd -a root, assign a new passwd to root, and then use root to add the domain.13:01
Thelz(Not really my setup, and I'm trying to save what I can here)13:01
greppyThelz: do you have an external drive plugged into it?13:02
Thelzyeah, and then rebooted13:02
BlaDe^It appears the issue i'm having is also here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/61044013:02
quackiceroot: if you are sure, use them.  No harm trying.  You can always resort to symlinks later.13:02
e1b26still its same /......13:03
icerootquack: with symlinks i have a big problem13:03
greppyThelz: ok, at a terminal: df -kh13:03
greppyThelz: do you see a new partition there?13:03
icerootquack: i make a backup everyday, on the first day i create foobar, the day 2-6 i dont change foobar, on the 8 day i delete the backup from day 1. have fun with symlinks...13:03
icerootquack: for that, hardlinks are perfect13:04
greppyiceroot: have you thought about using rsnapshot?13:04
andreiutzgreppy, thank you !13:04
icerootgreppy: no, its a special integration with some tricks13:04
leonidusi hve made a webpage and intalled a LAMP server ... how do i proceed to host on my server?13:05
BlaDe^can I downgrade from 2.6.32-24-generic to 2.6.32-23 ?13:05
icerootBlaDe^: normally you still have that kernel in the grub menu13:05
airtonixleonidus, investigate portforwarding for your adsl modem/router13:05
greppyBlaDe^: was the old kernel removed?13:05
Braber01Hi I was wondering if anybody could solve my keyring problem, I use a scure wireless network, however everytime I login using the login Shell, then startx I'm prompted to enter my password again to start my internet is there a way I can fix this?13:05
Thelzgreppy> I see 2 /dev/mapper/ lines... they both have the size of the harddisks inside (which should be mirrored into one harddisk using the sweex controller)13:05
quackiceroot: I do not understand why the problem there.  Just create the foobar-YYYMMDD.bkp file, close it, symlink through EXTERNAL-PROGRAM, and open the symlink with WITH-OPEN-FILE.13:06
greppyleonidus: also check to make sure you won't be in violation of your ISP AUP :)13:06
gsedej_workhi! Where in 10.04 is GDM (theme, background) configuration file?13:06
Thelzone is /dev/mapper/Lapje-root (where Lapje is the server's name)13:06
greppyThelz: ok, "dmesg | grep -i usb"13:06
Thelzthe other is /dev/mapper/sil_ajajacgfbgbj513:06
BlaDe^greppy:  I'm not sure I went straight from 9.10 to 10.0413:06
airtonixgsedej_work, there is not one. gdm2 themes are handled the same way your desktop theme is handled (this time round the login is done by the user called "gdm")13:06
BlaDe^I have the issue which is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/61044013:06
quackiceroot: close the symlink when you rotate the backup by falling out of WITH-OPEN-FILE and open a new one with the procedure above.13:07
leonidusk greppy13:07
greppyBlaDe^: when you reboot, does grub give you the option of using the old kernel?13:07
BlaDe^some people say that it doesn't exist in the 2.6.32-23 kernel13:07
BlaDe^no greppy13:07
airtonixgsedej_work, so you need to run the appearances program while at the login screen13:07
icerootquack: rsync has a build-in check-and-build-hardlink option13:07
gsedej_workairtonix, I need to change this on multiple pc, remote13:07
gsedej_workairtonix, you can't just copy .config, .gnome2, ...?13:08
awantiI want to connect my friend system (Ubuntu machine) through terminal using ssh. I am getting confuse how can i connect because he as 3 pc (he is using NAT for Internet )13:08
Thelzgreppy: That shows a lot of stuff, and near the end there's "Device found at 2", but df -kh doesn't show it13:08
greppyawanti: he has to setup a forward on his router for you to be able to connect13:08
greppyThelz: ok13:08
icerootquack: so i dont need to fight with symlinks, also rsync is checking if the file is already there as a hardlink and not sending the same file again, so i dont have to fight with diffs too13:08
gsedej_workawanti, if he is using router, he needs to have port forwarding enabled13:08
greppyThelz: just means that it did not mount it automatically, not a big deal.13:08
airtonixgsedej_work, i think you can do it with gconf-tool213:09
jinkbobthemilkman: Well, this is brilliant.... :(  I upgraded to lucid.  That didn't make my new kernel work, but the 27-7 still works, so that's fine.  Now I installed the 35-22-virtual as per your instructions, and that doesn't work.  After grub, it just says: [Linux-bzImage, setup=0x3400, size=0x430190]  [Initrd, addr=0x37c6c000, size=0x383712]13:09
bobthemilkmanGet the headers, too.13:09
gsedej_workairtonix, thanks, I will try13:09
ThelzI have no idea how the usb drive is formatted. It's empty, tho, so it can be reformatted.13:09
bobthemilkmanI think.13:09
airtonixgsedej_work, you might like to use the tool : ssh-cluster to send one command to many machines at the same time13:09
gsedej_workairtonix, thanks for advice! :)13:09
BlaDe^is anyone able to advise on my problem?13:10
jinkbobthemilkman: Will do.  Brb. :)13:10
greppyThelz: cd /dev/disk/by-id13:10
greppyThelz: ls -l13:10
awantii think he did every thing... but i want to know how to connect his pc... because he has only one ip address.. Through one ip he is connected to 3 pc. So here i want to access one of that pc... So how can i do this13:10
fnbhey guys, I have just updated my 10.04 ubuntu installation and now my graphics are all messed up, I can only use the generic drivers and not the ati drivers13:11
fnbany ideas?13:11
airtonixgsedej_work, http://www.debianadmin.com/ssh-on-multiple-servers-using-cluster-ssh.html13:11
greppyBlaDe^: what kernel did you want to boot?13:11
BlaDe^well here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/610440 states that  2.6.32-23 doesn't have the issues13:12
gsedej_workairtonix, ok.. but there must be file on PC where gdm user has it's config files right?13:12
chenlong_awanti:use a rounter.13:12
gsedej_workI did on 1 machine manually (gnome-control-center13:12
awantihow plz.?13:12
greppyBlaDe^: what kernel package do you have installed?13:13
Thelzgreppy: The last 2 lines refer to my USB drive, with ../../sdc and ../../sdc113:13
BlaDe^32-24 , greppy : http://pastie.org/1188738 that's a dmesg which i was hoping may help diagnose the issue13:13
greppyThelz: as root: mkdir /mnt/sdc113:13
airtonixgsedej_work, im not sure, because gtk theme is stored with gconf. and to easily edit the gconf settings for the GDM user you would need to find where it stores its gconf settigns folder13:13
greppyThelz: as root: mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/sdc113:13
gsedej_workairtonix, I am searching for this! :)13:14
airtonixgsedej_work, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=144832313:14
Thelzmkdir cannot create directory, read only file system...13:14
chenlong_gsedej_wor:just right click.13:14
greppyBlaDe^: sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.32-23-generic13:14
Thelzgreppy: Ubuntu found errors on the drive, which it seems unable to repair. Since then it has been acting like that, which is why I want to backup/reinstall13:15
greppyThelz: ok... are you booted up into single user mode right now?  did the system crash or something?13:15
greppyThelz: ah, mount -o remount,rw /13:16
gsedej_workchenlong_, what did you mean?13:16
ThelzI'm not exactly sure what happened. Earlier today I was copying files from a windows computer to the ubuntu computer, when suddenly windows gave a write error.13:16
greppyThelz: then try the mkdir and mount commands again.13:16
amol_Hi all13:16
amol_What is the command to list all the drivers?13:16
LjLamol_: sudo lshw will do that13:16
serrneiroshi all :)13:17
Thelzgreppy: Got no feedback. Tried the mkdir again, and no feedback on that either :)13:17
amol_LjL, Thanks :)13:17
greppyThelz: how about the mnt command?13:17
Thelztrying now... gotta run from one end of the room to the other all the time :P13:17
Thelzgreppy: Took a couple of seconds, but no feedback :)13:18
=== windows is now known as Guest54135
serrneiroshi all :)13:18
vjpadronbuenas tardes13:19
greppyThelz: ok, where is the data you want to save?13:19
vjpadronalguien por el canal de español13:19
LjL!es | vjpadron13:19
ubottuvjpadron: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:19
vjpadronbuenas LjL13:19
vjpadronque tal, mira tengo una duda, me bajé un manual comprimido en winrar y quiero instalar el winrar en ubuntu, pero no me lo abre13:20
ThelzI'm not 100% sure, would have to check the samba.conf file for that... everything on the disk fits on the drive though... can't I just backup it all?13:20
vjpadronque tengo que hacer13:20
greppyThelz: you could, but depending on what all is on there, you may be grabbing more than you need/want.13:20
ThelzIt's like 1gb of ubuntu data and 60g of documents, so that 1 gb ain't gonna make a difference13:20
amol_Integrated Webcam not working, please help13:23
* Arafangi1n remembers the days when 1GB was *heaps* of space for an OS.13:23
Thelzarafangi1n> tell me about it... I think I ran windows 3.1 on a 40MB disk just fine :P13:23
erUSUL20 MiB was plenty of space for MS-DOS 4.xx ;P13:23
ThelzMS DOS fits on one floppy... just the extra utilities13:24
jinkbobthemilkman: That didn't help. :/13:24
bobthemilkmanI'm out of ideas.13:24
Arafangi1nThere was a time when even that 40MB disk would've been fine for linux.13:24
bobthemilkmanAside from go to an earlier kernel.13:24
meidorI can no longer connect to the WPA2-Enterprise PEAP-MSCHAPV2 my university has. My dmesg says deauthenticated by local choise (reason=3). I'm sure all my settings are correct, anyone who knows if there is fix?13:24
ewookArafangi1n: it still is13:24
Arafangi1newook: Including the compiler?13:24
ThelzOk, so what would the command be to copy the files to the usb drive?13:25
ewookArafangi1n: :D. well... erhm..13:25
greppyThelz: cp -R / /mnt/sdc1/13:25
jinkbobthemilkman: 27-7 is what I use, now.  That works, but it seems silly. :/13:25
greppyit will probably take a while13:25
bobthemilkmanNothing silly about using what works.13:25
Arafangi1newook: I think the days of tomsrtbt are over. :( (Although I'm aware... That has no compiler, but 1.44MB!!)13:25
gsedej_workairtonix, I found it. Its in /usr/lib/gdm :)13:25
jinkbobthemilkman: Heh, true dat. :)13:25
gsedej_workairtonix, I mean /var/lib/gdm :)13:26
bobthemilkmanbrb, I gotta restart because I upgraded my own kernel several hours ago and it's starting to cause issues.13:26
Thelzgetting some permission denied errors on what seem to be system files, and of course it won't copy /mnt/sdc1/ itself... but I'll just check after what's on the disk13:27
Thelzanyhow, big thanks to your help so far, greppy13:27
greppyThelz: no problem, and you might still be able to use fsck to fix the problems on the drive without having to reinstall.13:28
zzcyouren zai ma ?13:28
zzczen me  mei you ren shuo hua?13:28
Niglophow do i indentify my flash stick and mount it13:28
zzcwo bu  zhi dao13:29
zzcni  ta ma de qu  si13:29
juk!fdisk mount | Niglop13:29
zzcHello World!13:29
sacarlsonNiglop: mine auto mounts and opens nautilus when it does13:29
Thelzok, well, I'll let this run for a while first, and then see what happens13:29
juk!hi | zzc13:29
subay^^how to clean a few bad sector on hdd13:29
Thelzreinstalling with more than one partition might be a good idea13:30
juk!enter | zzc13:30
ubottuzzc: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:30
subay^^!bad sector13:31
subay^^!bad tracks13:31
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".13:31
Anthonyis anyone here13:31
jinkAnthony: No, all 1300 of us are dead.13:31
Arafangi1nAnthony: No.13:31
LjLAnthony: no13:31
juk!hi | Anthony13:32
rwwjuk: !hi does not exist.13:32
maedoxI'm not here either xD13:32
Anthonyi have one small question...13:32
juk!Hello | Anthony13:32
jinkbobthemilkman: wb. ;)13:32
leonidusgreep, my ISP is ok with hosting13:32
rwwjuk: neither does !hello13:32
LjLand to avoid further sweating, !hallo and !hullo and !greetings and !heya also do not exist13:33
Arafangi1nWhat about !ask?13:33
Anthonyis there any risk to upgrading ubuntu when its installed by wubi13:33
LjLthat one does exist!13:33
jukLjL: ok, that's better13:33
mika__hi, i'm trying to make a screencast with gtk-recordmydesktop.. it works, but is there a way to stop the recording with a single click instead of open the menu and do stop? as the menu that way is showed in the video and it'd require a video editing just to remove it..13:34
sacarlsonAnthony: I guess there is always some risk with upgrading as I see many people here come after they do upgrade13:34
leonidusi hve made a webpage and intalled a LAMP server ... how do i proceed to host on my server?13:34
=== orlando is now known as Guest28606
Anthonyi'm here before i upgrade to 10.1013:34
leonidusmy ISP is ok with hosting13:34
=== kad__ is now known as helper
airtonixleonidus, did i not already tell you that you need to investigate portfrowarding ?13:35
greppyleonidus: does your server have a public IP address or is it behind a NAT router/gateway with an RFC1918 IP?13:36
=== shariq is now known as Guest63135
sacarlsonleonidus: I asume he has an adsl home system,  you need to setup your modem to forward ports to your server if you do13:37
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »13:37
leonidussacarlson, which port do i take in for http13:38
hinanoserver irc.in.tum.de13:44
kataqHey , doesn anyone here have an Asus UL30?13:46
kataqor UL50.. etc13:46
Rishabi have installed ubuntu 10.04 sucessfully and it was working very well. After which i connected firewire video card 1394, and all sudden my ubuntu fails to load on graphic mode. please help13:47
popeymika__: ctrl+alt+s13:48
kataqI can't seem to toggle the touchpad on and off13:48
mika__popey: cool, thanks :)13:48
popeymika__: also, take a look at kazam - http://launchpad.net/kazam13:49
=== jan__ is now known as JanJacobs
Rishabon logind under text mode i get error "i/o error"13:50
mika__popey: wow... that's better :)13:50
Rishabhello any one there to look at my matter13:50
amol_Integrated camera not working, please help13:51
silv3r_m00nis it possible to create an image of a folder , in some other location such that it appears to be a copy of the original folder but they both are actually the same thing ?13:51
syriusis it normal for piviti to take 11 hours to render a one hour song with a static image?13:52
silv3r_m00nmaking changes in either of them reflects in both13:52
ChogyDansyrius: is the eta going up or down?13:52
popeymika__: please test and file bugs, it's under active development unlike recordmydesktop!13:52
ppqsilv3r_m00n, maybe you want a symbolic link. see 'man ln'13:52
glebihansilv3r_m00n: you can create a symbolic link, no hard links for folders13:52
syriuseta goes up and down ChogyDan13:52
=== icf7 is now known as phihag
silv3r_m00nglebihan: means ?13:53
syriusthe file its outputting is at 16 mb now13:53
silv3r_m00nwhat is a hard link ?13:53
Gryllidahow do I undo one action in vi?13:53
syriusit is encoding with mp4 with lame mp313:53
sipiorGryllida: "u", in normal mode13:53
glebihansilv3r_m00n: as ppq suggested, you should refer to the manual of "ln"13:53
iflemaGryllida pre esc the u13:53
=== sartf is now known as skfin
glebihansilv3r_m00n: a hard link is a location in the file system which points to a physical location on the drive13:54
ChogyDansyrius: well, Ive found pitivi sucks too.  next release might be a little better13:54
Gryllidasipior: Thanks13:55
mika__popey: i'll sure do it... (we're used to camtasia under windows... but i'm looking to move all the machines to ubuntu)13:55
glebihansilv3r_m00n: there can be several hard links for a file, not for a folder13:55
silv3r_m00nglebihan: there is a folder form inside /var/www  now I want this folder to appear inside /var/www/a and /var/www/b as if it was inside both of them13:55
silv3r_m00nis that possible ?13:56
handjobHi. What's the name of default pdf reader in ubuntu?13:56
erUSULhandjob: eveince13:56
atudeI want to optimize my system. I feel it's a bit too heavy on software I don't care for or need and I have over 200 process that start up when I first log in. That's a bit too many13:56
erUSULhandjob: evince13:56
redbeansDownload adobe13:56
horusszhi can sombedy tell me what can be the problem with my pidgin yahoo conection?13:56
handjoberUSUL: Thank You.13:56
glebihansilv3r_m00n: a symbolic link should handle this, see the "-s" option of "ln"13:56
silv3r_m00nI have come up with this >> ln -s /var/www/form /var/www/a/form13:57
kataqhorussz: yahoo and pidgin have never worked for me either13:57
silv3r_m00nand how do we delete these symbolic links ?13:57
glebihansilv3r_m00n: yes that'll work13:57
erUSULsilv3r_m00n: with rm like any other file13:57
glebihansilv3r_m00n: just as any file, with rm13:57
=== roger_ is now known as rodg1856
silv3r_m00nerUSUL: kewl13:57
pure_hateikonia: ping13:57
ppqsilv3r_m00n, you can simply delete the link with rm. but be sure not to delete the link-target-folder13:57
silv3r_m00nI created a symlink for a folder , didn't work :(13:58
silv3r_m00nare symlinks available only for files ?13:58
maedoxsilv3r_m00n: symlinks can point to anything13:59
maedoxsilv3r_m00n: « ln -s /from/path /to/path »13:59
erUSULsilv3r_m00n: it should work; tell us wehat command you used and how it failed14:00
silv3r_m00nya did that , it created the symlink14:00
evonI know there is a search function in nautilus but is there a file search tool that gives the same search options as windows or more for linux?14:00
silv3r_m00nbut when I double click that symlink in dolphin , nothing happens14:00
maedoxsilv3r_m00n: « rm /to/path »  to remove it. DO NOT put a -rf on the rm command.14:00
silv3r_m00nnaither can I do cd new_path14:00
dPixhello :)14:00
mika__popey: just something missing: ability to record just a window/region of the screen, and the possibility to stop the record with just one click without show the menu (as gtk-recordmydesktop.... ctrl+alt+s doesn't work :) )14:00
silv3r_m00nmaedox: hmm14:00
maedoxsilv3r_m00n: what does « ls -l path » give you?14:01
popeymika__: i filed a bug asking for keyboard shortcuts just last night :)14:01
ThelzWhat does "Revalidation failed" when trying to copy stuff? (There's a couple of lines in front of them)14:01
mika__popey: :)14:02
silv3r_m00noh ok14:02
silv3r_m00nworks now14:02
dPixa good but using litle resources mp3 player?14:02
erUSULsilv3r_m00n: ln -s directory linkname14:02
silv3r_m00nwell , yes this is good , this I what I wanted :D14:02
mika__popey: btw it's very good... thanks14:02
erUSULdPix: winamp stile?14:02
erUSUL!info audacious14:02
popeymika__: np, the author is a good guy, and is keen to keep developing the project14:02
ubottuaudacious (source: audacious): small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3-1ubuntu4 (lucid), package size 493 kB, installed size 1908 kB14:03
mika__popey: let's hope so... it would be another great app in the linux world :)14:03
evonI know there is a search function in nautilus but is there a file search tool that gives the same search options as windows or more for linux?14:04
erUSULevon: Accesorioes>search ?14:04
dPixerUSUL, do you know aimp?14:05
giusepppeevon, use google desktop14:05
erUSULdPix: no14:05
wez^is there a way to make a fresh ubuntu 10.04? i'm kinda messed up mine right now.... :(14:05
undecimIf I run pulseaudio is system mode, can I let everyone use it to output audio, but allow only one group of people to change the volume or otherwise control pulseaudio?14:05
Braber01Hi every time I login on my computer , I have to run startx if i want to get on the internet is there a way around this?14:05
jg47hmguys how to sent files via bluetooth (from computer to mobile phone)???14:06
erUSUL!info qmmp | dPix14:06
ubottudPix: qmmp (source: qmmp): feature-rich audio player with support of many formats. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.1-1build1 (lucid), package size 435 kB, installed size 1176 kB14:06
mattgyverwez^, its probably easier to just backup important files and reinstall14:06
dPixerUSUL, http://programegratis.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/aimp.png14:06
undecimBraber01: You have a minimal install, I assume and network manager doesn't auto-connect to your network?14:06
evongiusepppe: i've heard of google gadgets but not google desktop14:06
wez^mattgyver: is it possible to degarde my distro back to 9.10? then upgrade it again if possible?14:06
dPixerUSUL, the thing is that I have 1 gb ram and 1 ghz cpu clock14:06
dPixerUSUL, do you think audacius would be a good choice then?14:07
giusepppeevon, it look likes Finder on Mac14:07
evonerusul: lol. i didn't even know that was there.  Thanks14:07
aeon-ltd!downgrade | wez^14:07
ubottuwez^: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.14:07
jg47hmguys how to sent files via bluetooth (from computer to mobile phone)???14:07
Braber01undecim: When I was using the GUI login it would automatically connect so I have no clue14:07
mattgyverwez^, anythings possible really but its gonna mean a lot of manual downgrading of packages and its really not gonna guarantee its pristine14:07
evongiusepppe: I actually don't know what that looks like. is it already packaged on ubuntu or do I have to install it?14:07
erUSULdPix: both of the programs i linked you are very similar to this aimp just try them14:07
dPixjg47hm, bluetooth-wizard on a shell14:08
undecimBraber01: Is it an ethernet or wifi connection?14:08
Braber01undecim: wifi14:08
mattgyverwez^, the way to go is just backup /home and maybe /etc, restore /home and cherry pick conf files you know you need back in /etc14:08
jg47hmdPix, what do you mean "on a shell"?14:09
ChogyDanBraber01: you may need to use cnetworkmanager14:09
undecimBraber01: If it were me, I would just install wicd and remove network-manager14:09
jg47hmdPix, what do you mean "on a shell"?14:10
dPixjg47hm, just run it on command promp14:10
leshaksomeone can help me? http://pastebin.com/mgi2EVxz14:10
Braber01ChogyDan: is that somthing like network manager but for using it in the shell?14:10
eKyNoXI got a problem, i just updated my ubuntu, while the process, Grub2 have been updated too and asked me the partition to set grub2 on. I made a mistake here and now i got grub error at startup. So i downloaded a live cd and have booted on. Now i try to chroot my /dev/sda3 ubuntu file system and for to do it, i try to mount /dev/sda3 ext4 file system to /mnt. mount -t ext4dev /dev/sda3 /mnt returns error : wrong fs type, bad option, bad sup14:10
syriusubuntu top propriety for next major release is make it run better and faster :) ChogyDan14:10
stbainleshak, make sure you don't have any other package managers open14:11
ThelzAnyone have any experience with ubuntu server running on a mirror raid?14:11
erUSULevon: is ext4 not ext4dev14:11
undecim!anyone | Thelz14:11
ubottuThelz: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?14:11
erUSULThelz: #ubuntu-server ?14:12
Thelzoh, it has it's own channel? Didn't know, sorry14:12
maedoxThelz: that is unheard of :P #ubuntu-server14:12
erUSULThelz: you can ask here; but probably more help in there ...14:12
Thelzok, thanks, didn't know14:12
sacarlsoneKyNoX: maybe leave the -t ext4dev out of your mount.  most the time it auto finds the partition type to mount for you14:12
erUSUL!raid > Thelz14:12
ubottuThelz, please see my private message14:12
erUSULevon: sorry; not for you14:13
ThelzI actually was running a hardware raid14:13
erUSULeKyNoX: is ext4 not ext4dev14:13
ThelzGuess I shouldn't14:13
erUSULThelz: Bios fakeraid ?14:13
dPixhow to "udpate" the system in the way of local system, folders and all that. for example, if I delete "Music" folder @ ubuntu, it wil still appear @ "Places" on the taskbar14:14
=== AndrewMC is now known as SpockVulcan
Jigalcan anyone help me with this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3819800/errors-when-testing-with-phpunit-3-5/3821029#382102914:14
ThelzThere's a Sweex network controller in the computer, with two identical SATA drives connected to it. The Sweex controller is supposed to be running the drives in mirrored raid mode14:14
IchatThelz:   -- you meen  like a hardware raid with its own processor and  memory  - or the one in  your mobo like   nVidia   has14:14
giusepppeHi. I failed putting user on Ubuntu Installation (It should be 'giuseppe' not 'giusepppe'). How can I fix it?14:15
sacarlsoneKyNoX: and heres a bit more details on what you might need for grub2 fix http://paste.ubuntu.com/497677/14:15
boulabiarhow to make the mouse pointer larger than the maximum allowed in the config. window ?14:15
boulabiarwhere can I find the config file for the mouse pointer and co. ?14:15
ThelzIchat> The Sweex controller is a PCI card, and the two SATA drives are connected to the PCI controller. I've set up the mirror in the Sweex control panel that appears on startup, right after the bios startup.14:15
mattgyvergiusepppe, try usermod -l <old name> <new name>14:16
IchatThelz:   - if its sweex than its probably fakeraid (driver raid)...  and in that case try to make it set to   sata (ide) mode  and use    kraid    (kernal /  linux  /  sofware  raid in stead)14:16
erUSULThelz: if i where you i would use linux software raid14:16
shadow98hey guys is there a way to create seperate vnc sessions so another user can remote desktop into desktop without using my session14:17
ThelzOk, well, I didn't do that now... but then I know how to do it next time. Had some problems, so busy trying to back up my files, and then I'll reinstall everything from scratch14:17
giusepppemattgyver, giusepppe@giusepppe-desktop:~$ usermod -l giusepppe giuseppe14:17
giusepppeusermod: user 'giuseppe' does not exist14:17
baabahi, i'm having some trouble with japanese language support in maverick, in particular, the fonts that are being used have some really unusual and nonstandard strokes14:17
undecimgiusepppe: I think you have the names backwards14:17
juk!x11vnc | shadow9814:17
mattgyvergiusepppe, yeah i said it backwards it looks like :(14:17
undecimgiusepppe: Or rather mattgyver gave you the names backwards14:18
dPixhow to "udpate" the system in the way of local system, folders and all that. for example, if I delete "Music" folder @ ubuntu, it wil still appear @ "Places" on the taskbar14:18
giusepppewhat? :D14:18
DarkStar1hi ppl. Just a quick question. I want to dual boot ubuntu on my macbook pro, and want to use the 64 bit version. Which iso file do I need because the one I downloaded yesterday doesn't seem to work14:18
shadow98juk: that didn't work14:18
jg47hmdPix, thanks14:18
=== SpockVulcan is now known as AndrewMC
aeon-ltdDarkStar1: amd6414:18
ibrahim-kasemHi, i have installed compiz and added some effects, now I want to un-install it and cancel all the effects how can i do that please?14:18
jukshadow98: for me works14:19
DarkStar1aeon-ltd: that's the one I downloaded14:19
undecimdPix: You should be able to right-click on "Pictures" from a file browser and remove it14:19
IchatThelz:  -  does the sweex card support an  ide mode?14:19
aeon-ltdibrahim-kasem: just uninstall and the effects won't run14:19
shadow98juk: im talking the !x11vnc thing14:19
trinityi all14:19
OerDarkStar1, and maybe this url is any help > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookpro14:19
aeon-ltdDarkStar1: read the wiki entry for it14:19
illytacohey folks, is wubi actually a way to install ubuntu as a windows app? or does it actually partition the drive and install ubuntu as a dual boot OS?14:19
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:19
ibrahim-kasemaeon-ltd: Thnx, I will do this now.14:19
jukshadow98: well, look in software cneter then14:19
shadow98[09:19] <ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about x11vnc14:19
eKyNoXsacarlson : it's the mount part where's my problem is located14:19
eKyNoXfrom your link14:20
eKyNoXdon't want mount partition14:20
DarkStar1thanks guys I'll check it now14:20
erUSULillytaco: the former; it uses a big file as disk image in the windows filesystem14:20
dPixundecim, no because it will not let me choose any option, will understand it as "open"14:20
erUSUL!wubi > illytaco14:20
ubottuillytaco, please see my private message14:20
jukshadow98: software center, apt-cache aptitude synaptics14:20
IchatOer:  - can i pm you for a sec?14:20
benkong2hey all14:20
illytacoahh cool! thanks!14:21
benkong2is there a script or developer tool that will allow me to recursively search a dir and add podcasts to rhythmbox?14:21
undecimdPix: I don't mean the menu. Open your home folder and you should see the "Pictures" shortcut in the sidebar.14:21
OerIchat sure14:21
jukbenkong2: it does that in gui14:21
sacarlsoneKyNoX: ya just take out the type in you mount command and it should work14:21
benkong2juk: I tried import a folder but that does not import them14:22
annecyI've just noticed that Wireless functionality has disappeared. I last used it a fortnight ago and I can't think what I might have done to disable it, except I've got AWN installed and I had a startup script to disable wifi which I got from https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+question/67614, but I've since disabled it.14:22
eKyNoXsacarlson : i did => mount -t ext4dev /dev/sda3 /mnt14:22
krishnani use ubuntu 9.04 and im nt able to find the available network icon on the top right side of the panel14:22
eKyNoXsacarlson : return : wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda3.14:23
aeon-ltdkrishnan: add the applet to your panel14:23
undecimkrishnan: press alt+f2 and type "nm-applet" and see if that fixes it14:23
jukbenkong2: what kind of files you trying to import?14:23
ThelzIchat> sorry, back.... I can just enable both the harddisks as if they are regular IDE harddisks (they're actually SATA). The RAID feature is optional.14:23
benkong2juk: mp3 podcasts14:23
sacarlsoneKyNoX: yes change to mount /dev/sda3 /mnt14:23
ThelzI do need to use the controller, since the mobo doesn't support SATA14:24
krishnanundecim: checking14:24
eKyNoXsacarlson : returns unknown filesystem type ext414:24
jukbenkong2: for mp3 first you need install codecs14:24
benkong2dir structure is /Music/My Podcasts/Author One/*.mp314:24
undecimIf I configure pulseaudio as a server, can I let everyone output sound while allowing one group to change the volume and otherwise control the server?14:24
sacarlsoneKyNoX: what live boot disk are you running14:24
benkong2juk: done codecs installed14:24
erUSULeKyNoX: secon time... is ext4 *no* ext4dev ...14:24
JDuke128hi , is wvdial buggy ? i cant use wvdial to make 3g gprs connection , vdial: utils/wvtask.cc:202: WvTaskMan::WvTaskMan(): Assertion `getcontext(&get_stack_return) == 0' failed.14:24
benkong2It will already play podcasts if I subscribe to them14:25
eKyNoXsacarlson : debian 50614:25
JDuke128how can i fix this problem ?14:25
jukbenkong2: so how you importing folder?14:25
krishnanundecim: i did not get anything while running nm-applet14:25
dPixundecim, no it is not there14:25
eKyNoXsacarlson : i'm on debian14:25
sacarlsoneKyNoX: I guess debien doesn't support ext414:25
dPixundecim, it is only @ the shortcut at "Place"...14:25
benkong2control +O or music import14:25
undecimkrishnan: Are you able to see other icons, like rhythmbox (when it's running) or your battery?14:25
hclohey !14:25
sacarlsoneKyNoX: download ubuntu 10.04 livecd and try again14:25
krishnanundecim: yes14:25
undecimkrishnan: open a terminal14:26
eKyNoXsacarlson : ok, trying to restore my debian with ubuntu live cd, correct ?14:26
krishnanundecim: ok14:26
jukbenkong2: so what are you getting?14:26
undecimdPix: Let me do some googling....14:26
dPixundecim, maybe restarting will work, any command for restarting linux and no the computer?14:26
benkong2It brings the files in under music14:26
bazhangeKyNoX, debian for #debian support14:26
undecimdPix: I don't think that would fix it, but what you would want to do is just log out, then back in14:26
sacarlsoneKyNoX: so the system you are restoring is also debian?14:26
krishnanundecim: what next?14:27
eKyNoXbazhang : i know, no one know ..14:27
undecimdPix: Or better yet, press alt+f2 and type "killall gnome-panel"14:27
ibrahim-kasemThe sound stops coming out suddenly and I have to restart every time this happens.14:27
dPixundecim, brb14:27
benkong2Is there an xml file I can edit for the database or however configs are stored?14:27
bazhangeKyNoX, its offtopic here, dont ask14:27
undecimkrishnan: type "ps aux | grep [n]m-applet"14:27
eKyNoXsacarlson : yes, i'm on debian lenny14:27
eKyNoXbazhang : sorry :(14:27
jukbenkong2: so what's problem?14:27
ortsvorsteherrunning ubuntu 10.04 on an msi laptop with intel hda soundcard. i have sound on headphones and on external speaker. but not on speakers on laptop. i used alsaupdatescript to install alsa but no success. i need an idea what to do next ...14:27
sacarlsoneKyNoX: so I guess your in the wrong support group sorry14:27
eKyNoXsacarlson : ok :(14:28
spajderixI'm about to buy Lestar MD-800E ups, which is supported by Nut, but I don't have any rs232 connect ports, and i still want to use nut to manage this ups. Are there any possible solutions?14:28
krishnanundecim: got this "krishnan  4829  0.0  0.0   3128   792 pts/0    S+   18:58   0:00 grep lenny"14:28
undecimkrishnan: Did it give you any output?14:28
krishnanundecim: got this "krishnan  4829  0.0  0.0   3128   792 pts/0    S+   18:58   0:00 grep lenny"14:28
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »14:28
ibrahim-kasemThe sound stops coming out suddenly and I have to restart every time this happens.14:28
mattgyverortsvorsteher, i had the same problem with a compaq, adding 'options snd-hda-intel' to the bottom of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf fixed it for me14:28
DarkStar1aeon-ltd: brb. hope this works this time14:28
sacarlsonspajderix: you could buy a usb to rs232 converter I guess14:29
ortsvorstehermattgyver, only 'options snd-hda-intel' or something else?14:29
krishnanundecim: got this "krishnan  4829  0.0  0.0   3128   792 pts/0    S+   18:58   0:00 grep lenny"14:29
undecimkrishnan: Are you sure you typed it in correctly? That's an odd thing for it to return14:30
spajderixsacarlson: do you know any producer that sell such device supported by linux?14:30
jukbenkong2: type my when talking with i might miss what you said14:30
undecimkrishnan: Well, no matter, really. Just type "killall nm-appelt"14:30
undecimkrishnan: Sorry should have been "killall nm-applet14:30
=== nouitfvf is now known as nouitfvf|aw
krishnanundecim: got this "1001      1312  0.1  1.2  52684 12508 ?        SL   15:58   0:12 nm-applet --sm-disable"14:31
benkong2juk: brb14:31
glebihan!away > nouitfvf|aw14:31
ubottunouitfvf|aw, please see my private message14:31
jpkeeltyHello, im wondering if anyone could help me. I cant seem to find a direct answer really.... and the solutions i HAVE explored just seem to hit a wall.  I want to intall ubuntu (or another linux distro even. on my Imac's EXTERNAL usb hard drive. I CAN get through the installation fine enough but i just cannot seem to be able to BOOT from anything other then the primary HDD or tje ubuntu disk via the eFIT screen. HELP! lol please and t14:31
ChesterXDoes a similar program to Spector Pro exist for ubuntu/linux?14:31
jukbenkong2: what's that?14:31
undecimkrishnan: 1 sec...14:31
hans-lunixHello all, I am trying to install a intel wifi card, but its hard... anyone ca n help a bit?14:31
sacarlsonspajderix: you can check this out http://blog.mypapit.net/2008/05/how-to-use-usb-serial-port-converter-in-ubuntu.html14:32
krishnanundecim: ok14:32
glebihanjuk: brb=be right back14:32
undecimkrishnan: I'm not using the default network manager, so I have to google the sm-disable part XD14:32
spajderixsacarlson: thanks, looking into it right now14:33
jukglebihan: huh, that's smart, will take noute14:33
=== robin is now known as Guest5638
undecimkrishnan: Alright, couldn't figure out what it does, but it seems like it's always used when starting nm-applet... Type "killall nm-applet" and see if the ps aux command still shows the same after that14:34
sacarlsonjpkeelty: you might try look at your bios settings to see if it supports boot off usb,  it might support it if set to do so.14:36
jpkeeltysacarlson: in on an Imac... using OSX... there is no bios14:37
sacarlsonjpkeelty: to see your bios setting you will have to reboot and hold the keys they tell you that are shown at boot time14:37
sacarlsonjpkeelty: oh ok I know nothing14:37
jpkeeltyscarlson: thank you anyways14:38
meh2hey guys, anyone here successfuly installed jBilling on ubuntu by any chance?14:38
jukbenkong2: ntd14:38
DrDamnitI would like to alter the Live Desktop CD to add a couple of scripts to the desktop of the live install so clients can reverse ssh to me, and I can fix server boot problems remotely. How would I do this?14:38
ortsvorstehermattgyver, no success14:38
aeon-ltdDrDamnit: remastersys14:39
jpkeeltyAnyone had any luck making ubuntu bootable on an external hdd vis OS X?14:40
DrDamnitaeon-ltd: thanks!14:40
krishnanundecim: i just restarted and it worked.14:40
undecimkrishnan: k14:40
blackdoggyE: nvidia-current: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 214:40
krishnanundecim: thanks a lot for your support. :)14:40
undecimjpkeelty: Does unetbootin run on OSX?14:40
undecimkrishnan: no problem14:40
sacarlsonDrDamnit: can the live boot systems have internet access?  why not just have the scripts downloaded after boot from your http server or other14:41
blackdoggyE: nvidia-current: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 214:41
jpkeeltyundecim: no just windows and linux14:41
krishnanundecim: u have any idea on how i can connect an external hard disk in a network?14:41
vegard_kvtDrDamnit: You could also check out uck, which gives you the oppurtunity to modify Live CDs.14:42
sacarlsonDrDamnit: I know you can add to a live cd if that's what you really want14:42
undecimkrishnan: You mean a disk connected to your computer?14:42
DrDamnitsacarlson: In certain cases, DNS wouldn't be available, so I would need the scripts to configure the NIC in order to get on the internet. Otherwise, downloads would be fine. Plus... never trust a user to download and execute bash scripts, right?14:42
undecimjpkeelty: I'm not familiar with macs, so I'm not sure...14:42
vegard_kvtDrDamnit: http://uck.sourceforge.net/14:42
krishnanundecim: no, without tht, to a router, but thr is no USB is thr any other way?14:43
blackdoggyE: nvidia-current: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 214:43
DrDamnitvegard_kvt: downloading uck.14:43
sacarlsonDrDamnit: ya and why not just have it auto boot your code and by just stick in the disk and turn it on14:43
DrDamnitsacarlson: that would be even better.14:43
undecimkrishnan: So this is a NAS (network attached storage) drive then?14:43
jpkeeltyundecim: well again much appreciated... just frustrated you'd THINK it would be eaier to get a linux distro up and running then windows.. but no luck so far14:43
sacarlsonDrDamnit: I guess add it to the /etc/init.d section of your live cd14:44
krishnanundecim: no, a normal one14:44
undecimkrishnan: I'm confused. What is this drive connected to?14:44
sacarlsonDrDamnit:  check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization14:45
undecimjpkeelty: From what I understand, macs have a different boot process than pcs, so a drive that's bootable on pcs might not be bootable on macs... or maybe I just misunderstand it...14:45
jpkeeltyundecim: for sure.. and that IS true... but seeing as i CAN (though dont want to ) get windows running in a dual boot from external usb drive senerio...you would THINK there must be some way to do the same with linux14:47
krishnanundecim: my computer14:47
undecimkrishnan: You should just be able to right-click on the drive and choose the sharing option14:48
undecimkrishnan: Share it as if it were a folder14:48
jcrawfordmorning everyone14:48
rednammochi guys. is there a way to list all available virtualbox-shares from host ?14:48
krishnanundecim: ok14:48
ppqrednammoc, ubuntu guest?14:48
undecimjpkeelty: You might be able to use wubi from windows to put ubuntu on a dedicated partition14:49
rednammocppq: yep14:49
sevenearthsdoes ubuntu 10.04 server come with a desktop14:49
ppqrednammoc, try smb://vboxsrv/ in nautilus14:49
undecimsevenearths: no14:49
krishnanundecim: thank u14:49
undecimsevenearths: If you need one though, you can install it.14:49
krishnanundecim: bye14:49
dwarderwhat do you use to instal apache php mysql on ubuntu for development?14:49
sevenearths:( bummer14:49
sevenearthsI'll stick with the desktop version14:49
AbhiJit!lamp | dwarder14:49
ubottudwarder: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)14:49
annecyMy wireless has disappeared from nm-applet. Could it have been caused by following tp42's advice at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+question/72343 ?14:50
jukbenkong2: imb14:51
rednammocppq: hmm. does not work14:52
=== realnot is now known as Piccos
mattgyverannecy, please see pm14:53
ppqrednammoc, ok, did you also try smb://ip/? to find out the ip of the host, look at /etc/resolv.conf or 'ifconfig' if it's configured as NAT14:54
rednammocppq: tried this too14:54
rednammocppq: one share is already mounted14:54
ppqno idea then, sorry14:55
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »14:55
blackdoggyE: nvidia-current: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 214:55
trinityHow connect to the italians servers ?14:55
Seveastrinity, /join #ubuntu-it14:55
trinitysakve a tyttu14:56
trinitysalve tutti14:56
trinitycè qualcuno che parla italiano ?14:56
Seveas!it | trinity14:56
ubottutrinity: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:56
ilsant0hi all14:59
ost2lifea question about sleeping. I can get my computer to sleep from the keyboard or remote no problems at all, however I can't get the box to wake up without actually pressing the power button on it, there's no response to keyboard, mouse or remote control input14:59
ost2life..so is there anyway to fix that?14:59
blackdoggyE: nvidia-current: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 214:59
ilsant0where I can download a lucid ISO with all update at this moment ?14:59
Seveasost2life, yes, press the powerbutton :)14:59
BluesKajhowdy folks15:00
blackdoggyhi can anyone help me with  installation script  error215:00
Seveasilsant0, there is no iso with all updates, but there is 10.04.115:00
ppqilsant0, there are no daily built lucid isos. you can use 10.04.115:00
blackdoggyi cant install  nvidia15:00
Seveasilsant0, http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/15:00
ilsant0ok tnx15:00
ost2lifeSevas: thanks :P I mean is there any way to set it up so that a certain input wakes the machine up?15:00
Seveasost2life, no15:01
jcrawfordost2life, are you using bluetooth keyboard/mouse?>15:01
Ken8521blackdoggy, which nvidia device?.. and how are you trying to install it15:01
Nokiohi all, i get this error when i try to do a apt-get update on my ubuntu10.04 box   http://pastebin.com/CZjAXsek if someone as an idea of why it does that15:01
ost2lifeat the moment I've got a wired keyboard and mouse, and a RF/USB remote control15:01
jcrawfordhmm odd15:01
jcrawfordnot sure sorry15:01
jcrawfordi figured it was bluetooth because i have had the same problem with them15:02
ost2lifebut it's an xbmc box and i want to do away with the kb and mouse15:02
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:02
SeveasNokio, please pastebin the entire output15:02
blackdoggyken8521: how will i find my model?15:03
benhemI have a confusing wifi issue, in 10.04 ... it suddenly stopped finding the wifi device, and the driver also seems to be missing.15:03
Ken8521blackdoggy, type "lspci" no quotes in a terminal and hit enter.. look through the output and find your video device15:04
benhemifconfig and lshw don't show the wifi15:04
BluesKajbenhem,have updated your packages recently ?15:05
NokioSeveas, here goes http://pastebin.com/spam.php?i=uEvwdzL3 Thanks in advance15:05
benhemI apt-get updated over and over a minute ago15:05
benhemseems good there15:05
SeveasNokio, that's not a pastebin link...15:06
BluesKajok benhem , open network manager15:06
blackdoggyken8521: Geforce 9300M Gs15:06
Ken8521blackdoggy, ok.. do you have anything in System/Admin/Hardware Drivers?15:07
benhemBluesKaj: not sure which you meant, I have Network Connections and Network Tools open15:07
NokioSeveas, my bad      here goes http://pastebin.com/5ZFrvvm215:07
blackdoggyken8521: i cant see hardware drivers15:07
rocket16Is there any alternative for MS OneNote in Linux? Basket, Tomboy, GNote, Zim, Newton etc. are not comparable. :(15:07
BluesKajbenhem, check the sttings , make sure they're the same, network manager in aps15:07
Ken8521blackdoggy, what version of ubuntu are you using?15:07
blackdoggyken8521: 10.0415:08
NokioSeveas, i think i found the problem. Ill confirm in a minute15:08
SeveasNokio, looks like either ca.archive is busted or you use a broken proxy15:08
Ken8521blackdoggy, and you don't have system/admin/hardware drivers?.. or there's just nothing there?15:08
blackdoggyken8521: i dont have system admin hw drives15:09
NokioSeveas, it actualy the second option lol... I just added  Acquire::http::Proxy "false"; on the apt.conf and it now work just fine !15:09
blackdoggyken8521: was doing a restore this evening and everything  got messed up15:09
benhemBluesKaj: oh, nm-applet --sm-disable ?15:09
Ken8521blackdoggy, nothing about drivers in the admin menu?15:09
NokioSaveas, many thanks for your time !! it is much apreciated !15:09
SeveasNokio, kill the stupid proxy :)15:10
benhemBluesKaj: not sure how to actually open the thing, when I run that in term it says it's already running15:10
blackdoggyken8521: yes tried edeting the menu but nothing there15:10
rocket16Lol. Looks like there is no decent alternative. :d15:10
NokioSeveas, the proxy seems to be working really well for http though lol anyway ill bypass the proxy for now thanks again !15:10
Ken8521blackdoggy, hmm, well, you're probably gonna have to install the driver from Nvidia... and I've never done that15:10
SeveasNokio, which proxy is it?15:10
Ken8521!nvidia | blackdoggy15:11
ubottublackdoggy: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto15:11
NokioSeveas it is a squid/dansguardian proxy i believe15:11
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blackdoggyken8521: done that  thats where i got the error15:12
Ken8521blackdoggy, yeah, sorry, i won't be much help15:12
blackdoggyken8521: thanx  for ur time15:12
blackdoggyken8521: will probably  reinstall the system15:13
blackdoggyno choice15:13
Ken8521blackdoggy, probably will be faster than finding a fix15:13
blackdoggyken8521: yeah right15:13
benhemok, sorry for repost: wifi device and driver disappeared...  running 10.04, gnome15:13
blackdoggyken8521: see u around..... peace15:13
benhemit's a dual boot windows machine and the device/driver are missing from windows too15:14
ghostlinesi'm using my all of my download bandwidth, and accessing my server is going much slower than usual why is this i have 3mbit upload that's hardly being used15:15
mattgyverghostlines, everytime i have that problem its always an ISP issue.  I would start there to rule that out.15:16
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[F_]overhey. problem mit Netzwerkinstallation bei Ubunutu installation15:17
[F_]overIhr Netzwerk benutzt möglicherweise nicht das DHCP-Protokoll15:18
[F_]overweiß jemand was dazu?15:18
ppq[F_]over, komm mal rüber nach #ubuntu-de15:18
ppq[F_]over, hier ist nur englisch angesagt15:18
ikari installed grub 0.97 as i didn't figure out how to update-grub otherwise, but when i run update-grub this is apearing: "Searching for splash image ... none found, skipping ..."15:18
[F_]oversry for german15:18
ghostlinesmattgyver, hmm what kind of issue then? my upload is fine normally i don't have upload problems, this is the first time15:18
blinki've just downloaded a piano application for ubuntu and it is not giving out any sound!15:18
blinki actually got it from the Ubuntu Software Center under the name "VMPK"15:19
mattgyverghostlines, it might not be I just know in my experience i always find out at speedtest.net that my upload limit is really low and call the ISP and they say 'oh yeah somethings wrong'15:19
sacarlsonghostlines: it's not likely but there are cases where packet size can cause slow downs.  some times ISP's change the packet size without notice.  I'm not sure of the details15:20
Ken8521mattgyver, well ti depends on how low it is... yoru upload speed is almost always substantially less than your download.15:21
Ken8521you really need to know the speed terms of your provider.. it might be exactly where it's supposed to be15:21
muso_nncan someone tell me what is the differences of ubuntu netbook edition and normal ubuntu ? Has the netbook edition differences on linux kernel or just the desktop manager (gui) ?15:21
ben_qhello, is there a way to display a progress bar for "cp" ?15:21
Karen_mproblem:  my window's shares are missing.  How do I restart the scan or whatever?   If i reboot, they will come back.15:21
ppqmuso_nn, just gui15:21
Ken8521muso_nn, far as i know just the GUI.15:22
Ken8521other than NBR sucks, and Gnome doesn't15:22
muso_nnppq:  Ken8521: ok thanks...15:22
tarabazKaren-m - is your sharing machine is online?15:22
martez89how can i force the fans in my lapton (acer aspire 5542) to be on? I got this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/38762015:22
glebihanben_q: no15:23
Karen_mtarabaz, yes15:23
sacarlsonghostlines: if it's the case you want to change th MTU http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-change-mtu-maximum-transmission-unit-of-network-interface-in-ubuntu-linux.html15:23
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Karen_mtarabaz, things like this seem to happen all the time with ubuntu.  I just get "windows networking" icon where it never used to be there...15:23
MooshiMuushiHey peoples, question! :D When you change the bitrate of an audio within a video, Would that out sync everything?15:23
Ken8521martez89, if there is, lemme know... i just went ahead and bought a cooling pad, problem solved.15:23
tarabazKaren_m - first check that machine with shares is online15:23
Karen_mtarabaz, it is, the computer right beside me can see the other shares... (win7->win7)15:24
mattgyvermartez89, ive only ever seen that option in some bios's .. dunno if theres any other way15:24
tarabazdid you know it IP and share name?15:24
tarabazso before restarting check that you can connect to it from places->connect with server15:26
Karen_mtarabaz, it's something wrong with ubuntu, where it doesn't scan or poll for shares or something. Whenever I see this stupid icon... the darned shares won't work15:26
martez89I only know you can change /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_profile to another profile, but I don't know what prevents my laptop from overheating15:27
tarabazyes - i know - i can't connect with my mac shares sometimes :/15:27
Jigalanyone here to help me with this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3819800/errors-when-testing-with-phpunit-3-515:28
martez89I also have a problem that my laptop speaker doesn't work after my pc is on for a while15:28
martez89external speakers do work15:28
mattgyvermartez89, it looks like you can manipulate some aspects of the fan with lm-sensors but im not sure how straight forward it is15:28
blockheadMy hard drive says15:29
martez89mattgyver, how can i do that?15:30
martez89mattgyver, I have lm-sensors on my pc15:30
martez89also fancontrol15:31
sacarlsonblockhead: wow nice that they warn you before failure15:31
Mutro1Hi, I used Unetbootin to put an image of Ubuntu onto a USB drive and when I boot off the USB I get "Bootldr is missing" or something like that what do I do15:31
blockheadYou mean my hdd is no longer good sacarlson ?15:31
ikoniapure_hate: pong, you called15:31
sacarlsonblockhead: I don't know I never heard of anyone ever getting that message before15:32
sacarlsonblockhead: what application gives that message?15:32
ikoniablockhead: that is a hardware / smart warning message telling you your disk will soon fail15:32
ikoniasacarlson: it's SMART15:33
pure_hateikonia: I did but I got it figured out. Thanks for the reply though :-)15:33
ikoniapure_hate: no problem15:33
Mutro1Hi, I used Unetbootin to put an image of Ubuntu onto a USB drive and when I boot off the USB I get "Bootldr is missing" or something like that what do I do15:33
Phong_hi, what is it meant by open source?15:33
blockheadif I reformat with Ubuntu again, will I still get thismessage ikonia15:33
Phong_how can i open source?15:33
ikoniaPhong_: that's nothing to do with google, if you google for FSF and open source, you'll get it explained to you15:33
ikoniablockhead: yes, it's a hardware error15:33
ikoniaPhong_: sorry, nothing to do with ubuntu, if you google for FSF and open source you'll get a good introduction15:34
ikoniablockhead: please control your language15:34
martez89how can i restart the panel without restarting my pc?15:34
Mutro1Hi, I used Unetbootin to put an image of Ubuntu onto a USB drive and when I boot off the USB I get "Bootmgr is missing" or something like that what do I do15:35
Mutro1Because it was a ISO image direct from the servers15:36
mm2My LVM and GRUB got a bit messed during update from 8.04 to 10.04. Now I can boot with older kernel to temporary shell, but HOW I can edit /etc/fstab to use real /dev/-directories instead of UIDs? It is readonly shell?15:36
Mutro1So I dont know why Bootmgr is missing from the iso image15:36
andrey_Hello. Can I connect to remote desktop through INTERNET without real IP-address ?15:36
ikoniamm2: the eas way is to boot from a livecd and mount the file systems read-write15:37
ikoniaandrey_: what do you want to use instead of a real address15:37
Mutro1ikonia: How come Bootmgr is missing from the ISO image on my USB boot15:38
tensorpuddingandrey_: if you have a router doing NAT, you'll have do something like port forwarding15:39
mm2ikonia: But... It would take time, like... quater of an hour! :) And I think live CD doesn't regognize LVM+SATA-drives? If I remember right15:39
ikoniaMutro1: don't know15:39
Mutro1Is it something bad with the ISO15:39
ikoniamm2: it should see lvm ok, you can mount the disk read/write from our recovery shell with mount -o remount rw15:39
dPixany very verbose application for monitoring as many things as possible to do with packages, proccesses, hardware...?????15:39
ikoniadPix: the shell and log files, why do you tell us what you actually want15:40
andrey_Provider give me local IP address. I use internet trough the NAT15:40
sacarlsonandrey_: real ip-address?  you will need there world ip to connect to them or them to you and have the ports forwarded in your adsl modem to the device to control15:40
mm2ikonia: ty, must try it... tomorrow :)15:40
ikoniaandrey_: ok, so you can't get through nat without knowing the public internet address15:40
shadowhywind_does anyone know how to replace text in a postscript (ps) file?15:41
andrey_in win I can connect with program TeamViewer15:41
sacarlsonandrey_: you can go to whatismyip.com to find your world address15:41
ikoniaandrey_: what ip address do you connect in teamviewer ?15:41
dPixikonia, why do I tell us what I want? because I don't know any app for a hardcore monitoring @ linux :)15:41
andrey_<sacarlson> I can't use it IP15:41
ikoniadPix: hardcore monoitoring ?15:41
ikoniadPix: what do you actually want to monitor and in what way15:41