androidbruce|lapi LOVE ubuntuone!00:14
androidbruce|lapesp the new music purchasing from 7Digital00:14
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: \o/ :)00:15
androidbruce|lapalbums are cheaper, and synced across my other machines00:15
androidbruce|lapwish there was a way to sync songs to my Android device00:15
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: there will be streaming to Android devices probably soon00:16
androidbruce|lapmkarnicki, that will be total WIN00:16
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: I'll also implement file sync in AndroidU1 soon00:16
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: :)00:16
androidbruce|lapmkarnicki, whoa you work with ubuntuone?00:16
androidbruce|lapkudos man! i need to donate00:17
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: I have a 3rd party project, open source00:17
androidbruce|lapif you need any android help at all just ask00:17
androidbruce|lapim a bit of an android feen00:17
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: haha thanks, just wait for it to be more mature! I have been kindly donated by Google ;)00:17
androidbruce|lapha using adsense00:18
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: cool! have a look at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndroidU1 (wiki doesn't work from some Androids <2.1 tough)00:18
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: nope, no ad sense00:18
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: Google Summer of Code00:18
androidbruce|lapmkarnicki, you have an android device with 2.1?00:18
androidbruce|lapwhich one?00:18
androidbruce|lapwhoa less than 2.100:18
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: HTC Hero 2.1-update100:18
mkarnickinope, Play (Poland)00:18
androidbruce|lapwe need to get the G2 when it drops00:18
androidbruce|lapoh man europe00:19
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: I can't access ubuntu wiki from it, though :<00:19
mkarnickiyup :)00:19
androidbruce|lapmkarnicki, you tried other browsers?00:19
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: not really sure..00:20
mkarnickilemme check00:20
mkarnickii've got  xscope handy00:20
androidbruce|lapok cool00:20
mkarnickianyway, there's a QR code to scan from the wiki, so you could use a PC +phone for that :D00:20
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: xScope says: wiki.ubuntu.com/ Web page not available heh...00:21
mkarnickiwhile it is up and running.00:22
androidbruce|laphave you looked into getting cyanogenmod on yourphone?00:22
androidbruce|lapcm6 is 2.2 Froyo00:22
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: the default browser says 'Security warning - There are problems with the securyt cert. for this site - This cert is not from a trusted authority'00:22
mkarnickione guy found out that certificates are served in wrong order, and Android complains..00:23
mkarnickiuu thanks :)00:23
androidbruce|lapnp man, you need to get on froyo man00:23
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: that'd be lovely.. but I heard HTC HEro wouldn't get Froyo, as it's specs are not up to it00:24
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: you think I should root my phone? (i didn't do that yet :D I need a working phone lol!)00:24
androidbruce|laproot has nothing to do with stability00:25
androidbruce|laproms have to do with stability00:25
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: I just don't want to break it ;)00:25
androidbruce|lapand with a recovery you can make a backup of your current setup00:25
androidbruce|lapand you can restore that image00:25
androidbruce|lapon demand00:25
androidbruce|lapso you can always default to your standard setup if need be00:25
androidbruce|lapfor stability sake00:25
androidbruce|lapif you're a linux developer you can handle android root/recovery/rom00:26
mkarnickioh, that'd be good, yeah00:26
mkarnickiyup, I do develop on linux :)00:26
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: I'll find the rom in that guide?00:26
androidbruce|lapyou know how to use a unix shell?00:26
mkarnickihell yea! :D00:26
androidbruce|lapthen you're golden00:26
androidbruce|lapread up on that wiki00:26
mkarnickithanks :) I might try that this weekend00:26
* mkarnicki bookmarks it00:27
androidbruce|lap<3's Android00:27
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: you're an awefully positive guy, I haven't seen you around before :)00:27
androidbruce|lapi just tried this channel because i didn't think i cold discuss ubuntuone in #ubuntu00:28
androidbruce|lapso i just took a shot in the dark00:28
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: if you want to access your U1 files from your phone, check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndroidU1 - it's still rough around the edges, but I'm back on it00:28
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: good one :)00:28
androidbruce|lapso it will access all synced files00:28
androidbruce|lapi love QR codes00:29
androidbruce|lapinstalled and now im signing into my ubuntuone00:30
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: please note - this app is download + upload - it's waiting for me to implement sync00:31
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: it's missing sharing + UDFs (my bad! will add that too)00:31
androidbruce|lapso you're building android applications? how sick is that00:31
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: awefully awesome sick :D00:31
androidbruce|lapis that your language of choice?00:32
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: no, actually I'm a nerdish c++ algorithimic passionate coder00:33
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: but on Android - you develop in Java :)00:33
mkarnickiJava's not bad. it's kinda clean and comfy (sometimes, too comfy!)00:33
mkarnickiit makes me lazy00:33
androidbruce|lapyeah gotcha00:33
androidbruce|lapawesome to meet someone in Europe that loves android and ubuntu :-D00:33
androidbruce|lapI'm Bruce, nice to meet you00:34
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: totally man! I'm Mike, nice to meet you Bruce00:34
androidbruce|lapif you use twitter im @androidbruce00:34
mkarnickiBruce, how awesome is that! like Wayne, the batman!00:34
mkarnickiandroidbruce|lap: awesome, @mkarnicki00:34
androidbruce|lapha yeah, batman is my fav comic book character00:35
mkarnickiawesome, finally new twitter avalible for me ;d00:35
androidbruce|lapha yeah me to today00:35
androidbruce|lapalthough i never use the web00:35
androidbruce|laphmm this app doesn't seem to see my informationm00:36
mkarnickiyou never use the web :D?00:36
androidbruce|lapahh wait there it is00:36
androidbruce|lapi never use the web version of twitter00:36
mkarnickia right!00:36
mkarnickiI use it rarely00:36
mkarnickimaybe we should go priv, making a bit of traffic in the main channel :D00:36
androidbruce|lapso it says No Items right now, how do i see a list of my ubuntuone files?00:36
duanedesignhello mkarnicki02:32
mkarnickihi duanedesign !02:33
duanedesignmkarnicki: good to see(read) you :P02:33
mkarnickiduanedesign: when's the UDS ?02:34
mkarnickiduanedesign: you too ^_^ I've been somewhat away02:34
mkarnickisettling my stuff in Warsaw before academic year, meeting people02:34
duanedesignmkarnicki: UDS is 24-29 Oct02:36
mkarnickiduanedesign: ah :302:36
mkarnickio oh.. it's kinda late :D almost 4AM02:36
mkarnickiduanedesign: catch you later! gotta get some sleep, got a meeting tomorrow with the lead of algorithmic interest group tomorrow02:37
duanedesignok nite02:37
duanedesignmorning all09:51
duanedesignrye: hello and good morning11:29
ryeduanedesign, hi12:04
ryeduanedesign, sneak peek into something: bzr branch lp:~rye/+junk/ubuntuone-fuse12:05
ryeduanedesign, cd ubuntuone-fuse; python -i ubuntuone-storage-client.py12:06
ryeduanedesign, and then, when prompt appears do the following: node = storage['~/Ubuntu One']12:06
ryeduanedesign, and then: for item in node.children:\n\tprint item.name12:07
duanedesignhello rye. Been trying to reproduce an issue a user had all morning :P12:09
ryeduanedesign, what user and what issue?12:09
duanedesignpost #1 in this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157965612:13
duanedesignrye: i have never tried to sync a folder that existed on both computers with different content12:14
ryeduanedesign, hm, should be merging12:14
ryeduanedesign, hmmmm12:15
ryeduanedesign, i wonder why the Documents folder did not become synced on the laptop when the desktop started to sync12:18
duanedesignrye: when adding the laptop to the account. It syncs all UDFs. What happens if that folder exists already on the laptop? It merges the folders?12:22
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duanedesignrye: hmm. I am getting a JSON Decode Error running ubuntonr-storage-client.py13:13
ryeduanedesign, huh?13:14
ryeduanedesign, aha, i see tht13:16
ryeduanedesign, okay, will need to dig further13:16
duanedesignno prob13:16
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* duanedesign having problems signing in to one.ubuntu.com14:52
androidbruceduanedesign, yea14:53
duanedesignokies, it is not just me :)14:56
androidbruceit's loading now14:58
ryeduanedesign, login.ubuntu.com ?14:58
ryeduanedesign, androidbruce, ISD: "rye: we're seeing a couple of (bad) hiccups in the service atm"15:01
ryehm, what does ISD mean...15:01
ryeChipaca, i know how to make ubuntuone-launch work, testing once more and proposing branch.16:00
Chipacarye: awesome16:02
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AureuszHi ! :) I was wondering if a project targeted at creating an open source version of the U1 server has started somewhere ? I have seen some ressources after Karmic release detailing which part was closed source and which part is open in the server "stack" but It doesn't seem that a project was started.17:21
duanedesignhello Aureusz. I am not aware of any project like that.17:27
duanedesignrye: this log looks like the syncdaemon is stuck trying to hash a file. What could I suggest to workaround this issue. http://launchpadlibrarian.net/55917469/syncdaemon.log17:28
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ryeduanedesign, except of checking the permissions on the file 'Ubuntu One/Java/examples/ch06/fig06_09_10/.CrapsTest.java~.XuCZs6', checking whether /tmp has enough space... and 3 - find what's the contents of the file and remove it :)18:09
duanedesignrye: ahhh, thank you. the only thing i was thinking was maybe permissions18:12
beunoso, who has an android device and wants to test music streaming?21:01
androidbruce|lapbeuno, oooooo ME!21:02
beunoandroidbruce|lap, what;s your email address?21:02
beunoyou will get an email, ignore it  :)21:04
beunocan't find you21:05
beunoyou do have an ubuntu oen account ,right?21:05
androidbruce|lapyou want my email fo rubuntone21:05
androidbruce|lappm plz21:05
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