persiaScottL, holstein: We have two days before we have to have certified some image.  If the current image isn't certifiable, we need to sort things, and get an image rebuild, etc.  That's the rationale for the two days.02:47
ScottLpersia, should we certify an image that might have approximately 20 applications that are not installable?02:55
persiaScottL, I don't think so :)02:56
persiaBetter to sort the apps.  Is it known what is wrong?02:56
paultagScottL, persia, anything I can help with?03:03
ScottLhello paultag :)03:04
paultagScottL, Hey there :)03:04
ScottLwe got this email from colin watson this morning https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2010-September/002634.html03:05
paultagI see there are some failed builds? Need an extra hand to go through the source packages?03:05
paultagScottL, ouch!03:05
paultagthere are some big names on there03:05
ScottLto be honest, a lot of times these tend to sort themselves out because it is also effecting ubuntu03:05
paultagScottL, jack-rack and agave look like the ones the might be left to ubuntu studio at first glance03:06
paultagand ubuntustudio-*03:06
ScottLbut these all were building correctly until this morning they all most likely share a common cause03:07
paultagI'm running a build of agave_0.4.7-1ubuntu1 just to see :)03:08
paultagOh shucks, it's also not amd6403:09
paultagnevermind :)03:09
ScottLi wish there was an easy way to see if they have a common dependency03:11
paultagScottL, they're mostly GTK apps, I'd venture GNOME, Glade or GTK+03:12
paultagMy money is on a GTK+ package03:12
ScottLpersia, you linked something before that showed all the FTBFS packages or similr03:15
ScottLi remember this http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/03:15
ScottLbut that's not what i'm thinking about03:15
persiahttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntustudio/maverick/daily-20100928.log maybe?03:16
persiaI know there was some significant change to GTK just before the RC freeze.03:16
ScottLno, that's the cd image, there was a list of package builds that failed03:17
persiahttp://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ ?03:17
ScottLpersia, although i noticed we seemed to be trying to install busybox in the ubuntustudio cd image :?03:17
persiaI think it's used by the installer03:18
ScottLthe link you gave me before seemed to be on people.canonical.com and seemed to have a person's name in it03:19
ScottLit was a link like the NBS....argh, this is deja vu and i don't like it :P03:20
paultagScottL, was it Martin Pitt ( pitti ) ? ( he has a lot on his people.ubuntu )03:20
persiaFor stuff that failed to build or failed to install?03:20
ScottLpersia, i remember looking at this list while we were exploring why packages failed to build installable binaries03:21
persiaI probably pointed at http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/packagesets previously, which provides a list of packages of interest to us.03:21
ScottLpaultag, possibly, but i don't think so03:21
persiaNBS is most likelu03:21
ScottLit's not uber critical though03:22
persiaThe standard check for packages which cannot install is `apt-cache -i unmet` run locally03:22
persiaMaybe somewhere under http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntustudio.maverick/ ?03:24
ScottLno, it was ubuntu studio specific, it had a lot of packages that didn't build, it was probably NBS03:31
ScottLpersia, i guess i should start a discussion with someone in #ubuntu-release and mentioned wanting to rebuild the RC image when we get the packages squared away03:32
persiaLet's make sure everything installs first, and *then* bother Riddell.03:32
persiaI think it's late for him anyway right now.03:32
* persia attempts to install all the packages marked as uninstallable in that report03:43
persiaNote that they are all amd64: the i386 images may be in better shape.03:44
paultagpersia, yeah, I just did a dsc build of agave, built and installed with success03:44
paultag( the one that failed )03:44
paultagIt must be a dependency problem, everything looks OK at first glance03:44
persiapaultag, Or could have been a dependency problem at the time the report was made, now resolved.03:45
persiaBecause it's all amd64, I suspect it's a timing difference between i386 and amd64 buildds.03:46
paultagaye, oh -- my build was on an i386, so it's not on the affected platform anyway03:46
paultagI think so03:46
paultagerm, effective03:46
paultageven though affected could be right03:46
persiaGiven that we don't know if it's affected yet, I'm not sure we can be effective in fixing it :)03:50
* ScottL 's 3 year old son found the Desitin in his backpack and made a complete mess :(03:53
persiaOK.  Install completed.  We should be fine for both i386 and amd64 images.05:39
persiaHas anyone tried them yet?05:39
astraljavapersia: Not yet, but I zsynced just a while back, will try in an hour or so.05:54
astraljavapersia: And amd64 specifically.05:54
persiaCool.  I also saw that Riddell announced images in #ubuntustudio some 7 hours back.05:54
* persia is waiting for rsync to complete05:55
astraljavaYeah he did, but weren't they broken at that time, though?05:55
persiaDon't think so.05:56
persiaI certainly didn't fix anything: just checked.  The notice of uninstallable packages was out-of-date05:56
TheMusoYeah there were some mismatches that I remember Seb talking about yesterday, packages initially FTBFs on amd64, but have been rebuilt once things settled down.06:42
persiaIndeed.  All looks good now.06:48
astraljavaAn hour my 4$$. :) Installing now, though. :)08:29
astraljavaAn awful lot of hash sum mismatches.09:11
astraljava...and aptitude failed (100)09:12
astraljavaOkay, filed LP #650953, and marked test case as failed.09:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 650953 in Ubuntu Studio "Ubuntu Studio rc 20100928.1 fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65095309:59
persiaCould you attach some logs or something?10:03
astraljavapersia: How is that done?10:03
persia"Add attachment or patch"10:03
astraljavapersia: I mean, how do I get the log from the install?10:03
persiaCheck /var/log and /target/var/log for stuff: those are the most likely places.10:04
persiaTry to find something matching your console issues.10:04
persiaAlso, did you verify the checksum of the media?10:04
astraljavaHmm... come to think of it, I didn't.10:04
astraljavaThey're a match.10:05
persiaHrm.  I was hoping that was the issue,  Hrm.10:05
astraljavaRecalled hosltein's instructions on serving the log files on a http server, and boyee what did I find!10:09
astraljavaSep 29 08:10:06 kernel: [ 2393.113074] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 381781210:09
astraljavaSep 29 08:10:06 kernel: [ 2393.113078] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 95445310:09
astraljavaSep 29 08:10:06 kernel: [ 2393.113082] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 95445410:09
astraljavaSep 29 08:10:06 kernel: [ 2393.113087] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 95445510:09
astraljavaon and on and on10:09
astraljavaFaulty dvd?10:10
persiaOr dirty play heads.10:10
astraljavaHmm... so, try again with a new blank, and what then if it doesn't fix it?10:10
astraljavaHow do I clean the "play heads"?10:11
aboganiastraljava: Before that try to check the disc (when you start as livedvd).10:11
astraljavaabogani: Okay.10:12
persiaActually, given that it's a DVD, it's really a lens that gets dirty, rather than "play heads", but same idea.  There's a kit you can get that cleans the sensors for optical disks (same kit ought work for CD/DVD/BR/etc.10:13
astraljavaOk, will have to check those out the next time I'm in the city.10:17
persiaThey're generally not needed for the lifetime of the player.  Heavy users need them every year or two.10:18
astraljavaYeah, CD-ROM integrity check fails. :(10:18
persia(excluding folks who fail to use dust jackets)10:18
persiaOK.  Please mark the bug "Invalid" and try again :)10:18
astraljavaWill do.10:18
astraljavaTrying to burn another disc now.10:21
astraljavaNice, the second disc checks out on integrity, and installing now.11:21
ScottLi'm glad to hear that the failed builds seem to be resolved (or not an issue), downloading ISO myself and will test tonight when i get home12:03
* ScottL is heading to the office12:04
ScottLoh, and is anyone interesting in helping with team reports12:04
astraljavaYup, marked as passed for auto-resize.12:11
persiaScottL, In reference to recent discussion in #ubuntustudio: did you ever have luck coordinating with doctormo regarding the state of tablet support?13:32
scott-workfor those interested in the team reporting:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TeamReports13:43
scott-workpersia: not really, we talked around it without developing points of action13:43
scott-workalthough, it's funny you mention it because i was thinking about tasks and workflows and thought about doctormo and the driver13:44
scott-workhe needs to get in it included into the repos before we can actually install it, no?13:44
scott-worki was going to follow up with him this week about getting it into the repos13:44
persiaHe's doing work that directly affects the same set of users we target with -graphics: be extra good to convince him to accept "Ubuntu Studio" as "us" internally as an identity :)13:45
scott-workof course this is all based on believing that it will take time to ge the drivers included in the kernel13:45
persiaThey don't need to be in the kernel.  DKMS is fine.  Just need a clear path to ensure that the work he's doing in his PPA is also present in the distribution by default.13:45
scott-workand therefore to include it with the ISO it would need to be in the repos for a year or so13:45
persiaTelling every user to add a PPA post-install isn't "Just Works"13:45
persiaWe can include stuff on the ISO that got pushed to the repos last week.13:46
persiaDell Kernel Module System (or something).13:46
scott-workoh yea, i just read something about that in Linux Format (i think, read it somewhere)13:46
persia"Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework" (originally developed inside Dell)13:46
scott-worki'm still fuzzy on how we get it from his PPA into the ISO then13:47
scott-workoh, sorry, i think i misread what you meant13:48
scott-worki believe you meant:13:48
scott-work1. it doesn't need to be in the kernel because of DKMS13:48
scott-work2. it DOES need to be in the repos13:48
scott-work3. we can add it rather late, even stuff that pushed last week13:48
persiaRight, but it doesn't need to be in the repos for a year or so: should only require a day or two.13:49
persiaWell, we're constrained by release management.13:49
scott-workoh, no...i mean i would not expect it to get pushed into the kernel for a year or so, that's why we need it in the repos now :)13:49
scott-workso we can provide that functionality by including it on the ISO as a package, then when it's in the kernel we don't need the package included anymore13:50
scott-workeither way, i'll follow up with doctormo today about the status of the package13:51
scott-workmy feeling was that it wasn't in the repos yet and there didn't see to be a burning fire of desire to get it into the repos at this time13:51
scott-workmight not be viable for maverick then, but i would expect it for natty however13:52
persiaSo, apparently something in our packageset depends on ia32-libs.  Given the nature of this package, we probably want to track down whichever is to blame and make it not do that.14:10
persiaInstalled-size is 143MB: one of the largest packages around.14:10
quadrisproScottL, hi!14:13
quadrisprodid they update lmms?14:14
persiaNot according to rmadison, and not going to happen at least until RC is published.14:15
scott-workquadrispro: persia: i also thought we were wating for sevenmachiens to either package 0.4.8 or resolve some dependencies for 0.4.714:36
scott-workquadrispro: which brings up something, have you read through the ubuntu bug report ?  it mentions debian possible separating the packge to have -vst seperated from lmms to avoid wine and the tts-mscorefonts-installer14:37
scott-workbug 60653314:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606533 in lmms (Ubuntu) "Please merge lmms 0.4.7-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60653314:38
scott-workwas comment #9 but it was tobias who actually said he would have 0.4.8 in his PPA14:40
scott-workquadrispro: is this something that we might be able to do in debian as well, which would also help with reducing the delta ?14:41
quadrisprowell... I don't know, I've re-boot'd my life just today, I took an exame14:42
quadrisproexam *14:42
quadrisproah, lmms is not under pkg-multimedia umbrella14:43
quadrisprowe should get in touch with the maintainer14:43
scott-workhow do you feel your exam went?  what are you studying?14:46
scott-workquadrispro: ^^^14:46
quadrisproscott-work, I've spent all the summer and the exam has gone bad14:47
quadrisproI was studying physics II14:48
rlameiromorning /afternoon /evening15:50
rlameiroscott-work, persia, astraljava, started now testing the RC on Vbox for i3815:50
rlameirothe manual partition and after the auto resize15:50
persiaMight be nice to tell the folk in #ubuntu-testing : they sometimes seem to think we don't test.15:51
rlameiroi will15:51
rlameiroi marked it down on the tracker as started15:51
rlameirobut i tell ara15:51
rlameiropersia: ;)15:53
astraljavaDon't they see it from the reports? :D16:03
astraljavaYeah, I'll do other test cases tomorrow, am a bit tired and the flu is fighting back hard...16:04
persiaastraljava, Yes, but there's a sense of "everyone working together" that is sometimes missing from the reports.16:04
rlameiroastraljava: persia idea is to do a positive reinforcement16:04
persiaastraljava, Get better!16:04
rlameirothey think we dont care, so we should show them otherwise16:04
astraljavapersia: Thanks!16:04
astraljavaYeah okay, I was partly joking only.16:04
scott-workah, quadrispro has left already :(16:49
scott-workhi rlameiro 16:49
rlameiroscott-work: how is work?16:50
rlameiroi386 is almost finished testing17:01
rlameirois there someone up to AMD64?17:01
holsteini can17:02
holsteindo i need to?17:02
holsteinare they failing?17:02
rlameiroAFAIK no, but at the moment i am testing the auto resize i38617:03
rlameirobut if I start testing all the ISOS, i dont do nothing more today17:03
astraljavarlameiro: holstein: I did auto-resize for amd64 today, will do the others tomorrow if no-one else does before.17:03
holsteinastraljava: COOL17:04
rlameiroI can try to do the test, but i cant promise nothing17:04
rlameiroI rather will save the blank DVDs for the final release :D17:05
* holstein got some DVD-RW's :)17:05
rlameiroyeah, i need to buy some rw tooo17:06
scott-workholstein: i was an alarmists, well meaning, but an alarmist nonetheless :P17:06
* rlameiro MAJOR FAIL --- ISO tester without RWsss....17:06
astraljavaHeheh. :)17:06
holsteinscott-work: about the iso's?17:06
holsteinor the failing?17:06
astraljavaYeah I learnt that lesson back in the day.17:07
scott-workholstein: the ISO and the failed builds17:07
holsteinmaybe an alarmed realist :)17:07
scott-workapparently the building installable binaries in the email were before the ISO's were made and was fixed17:07
holsteinthat happened to me last time17:07
holsteini grabbed the builds *right* after i got the message they were ready17:08
rlameiroscott-work: you werent the only, me too was kinda alarmed, I even commented it out with persia17:08
holsteinand blew about 3 hours testing with the old iso17:08
persiaWe should probably identify someone to be *the* testing contact, who coordinates closely with the release and testing teams, and helps tell the rest of us when it's safe to pull the ISOs for testing.17:09
holsteina liason17:09
rlameiroI dont see stochastic long time..17:10
holsteinyeah :/17:10
rlameirohe is the "testers" boss :D17:10
holsteini was thinking about stotastic a bit ago17:11
rlameiroI wonder if he is ok....17:11
scott-worki agree with persia , but i would rather that it is someone other than me :)17:16
scott-workerr, that was suppossed to be a  ;)  not a :)17:16
rlameiroscott-work: I agree with you17:16
scott-worki expect stochastic is just busy17:16
rlameiroyou cant do everything17:16
persiaIndeed, so whilst stochastic is away, we need someone to cover.17:16
rlameiroand you need to be protected from burning out17:16
rlameirowe had a lot of burn outs in the last years, i dont want that to happen with you....17:17
persiaI think the best protection against burnout is to have well-defined roles, and switch roles each cycle.17:17
persiaThat said, I think it's best to have consistency in project leadership over longer terms (but to avoid burnout, that requires delegation of all the other roles)17:17
rlameiroI think tha holstein should be promoted and assigned as Recruiter17:19
rlameirohe is ver active on IRC channels, people respect him alot17:19
persiaholstein, Are you up for that, in addition to being "Chief Master User Support Expert"?17:19
rlameiroand he can see who is more time at the channel, and involved17:19
rlameiromaybe he can pull out some of them to test stuff17:19
persiaRight, but he is also busy, for all those reasons.17:19
rlameirowell, maybe I should change the name, insted of recruiter, maybe "Ubuntu Studio PR person" :D17:21
rlameirohe is a PR already ::D17:21
rlameiroif he need to forward he can send to me the nicks of users, and i can explain how to test iso and stuff17:22
paultagrlameiro, or put it on a wiki ;)17:22
rlameirohe can be the "spliter17:22
rlameiropaultag: yeap, that is a plan that we should do for natty17:22
rlameirowe need to set especial parameters for our testing17:23
rlameiroI need to finish my thesis until October end17:24
paultagI hope ya'll don't mind if I don't find a "role" until the next cycle17:24
rlameiroafter that I am with more time17:24
paultagI'm pretty locked up until the next cycle with my Ubuntu work :/17:24
paultag+1 rlameiro 17:24
rlameirobut beeing said that, i think that scott-work could organize some meeting to define what is the top 1 priority17:25
rlameiroand then try to implement and assign responsabls people17:25
rlameiroand maybe something between the IRC and Mailing list17:26
paultagAll I have to do is offload like 80% of my workload to other people and I can help here, heh :)17:26
rlameirothere are a lot of user on the mailing list that doesnt come to the IRC17:26
holsteinpersia: sure17:26
rlameiroI can assign myself to design testing procedures, if scott-work  is ok with that17:27
holsteinseems like this iso-check master thing might be something less technical that i can handle17:28
rlameirobut, i will need experienced input on it, i dont feel confident enough for that task alone17:28
astraljavarlameiro: Great! Does that mean you'll be the testing "liaison", then?17:28
rlameiroI know very few people working at canonical17:28
rlameiroi think that would be someone "inside" the Core devs of canonical17:28
holsteinOH yeah, unless rlameiro wants to do it17:28
persiaThere are lots of core devs who don't work for Canonical, and lots of folks Canonical hires to work on Ubuntu that aren't any sort of Ubuntu Developer.17:29
rlameiroholstein: holstein we can work together, designing a test case doesnt seem to be hard, but there are lots of diferent cases we should addres, and 2 heads are better than one :D17:30
astraljavaI don't understand, I thought persia suggested someone from _our_ team?17:30
persiaastraljava, I intended to do so.17:30
rlameiroohh, ok17:30
astraljavaThere are hardly any core devs here, not to mention Canonical employees. :)17:31
rlameiropersia: so, how will it work?17:31
* persia believes there to be one core dev and two Canonical employees, but may be mistaken.17:31
rlameirothe assigned person will receive direct information from the release team?17:31
persiaAlso, I think those folk are busy enough with other things :)17:31
astraljavaWell, here, you have it right. But in the team, once Luke quit...17:31
persiarlameiro, Basically, someone who hangs out on #ubuntu-testing and #ubuntu-release and follows what is happening, being sure to be aware of how the changes affect testing ISOs.17:32
persiaI'm sure charlie-tca or stgraber or someone could provide good insight into what is needed17:32
* persia has never held that role for any flavour, but sees others do it, with seemingly less confusion17:32
rlameiroso the contacts is only to know what changed on the ISOs and warn people to strat testing17:34
rlameiroor are there more stuff?17:34
rlameiromaybe keeping track of testin schedule17:34
holsteinrlameiro: i think your the guy for the job17:35
holsteinif you want it17:35
holsteinhow about you feel free to delegate whatever you need to me17:35
holsteinand we talk quite often anyways17:35
rlameirowell, i think i can try it17:35
paultagI can try and help, if you need me17:35
rlameiromaybe that was stochastic role IIRC17:36
holsteinpaultag: :)17:36
persiarlameiro, Right.  The role is for someone to keep track of schedule, respins, testing requirements, test coverage, etc.17:36
persiaThat person would be expected to coordinate the testing *with the help of others*, mostly on #ubuntu-testing.17:36
rlameiroi386 testing finished17:36
persiaAnd that person would be expected to help advise ScottL on when freeze exceptions would help or hurt the images.17:37
rlameirook, I can try to do that17:38
rlameiroare there some trainig sessions from the the testing team?17:39
persiaDunno.  I strongly suggest asking charlie-tca or stgraber for advice.  They hold that role for Xubuntu and Edubuntu, respectively.17:39
persiaIf you ask in #ubuntu-testing, others might chime in as well.17:40
scott-workrlameiro:  you have my sincere +1 for testing17:50
rlameiroI am talking with ara at the moment17:50
rlameirook, need help in outline some optional test cases for Natty.17:54
rlameirowhat do you think about:17:54
rlameiroFirewire hardware test17:54
rlameiroUSB hardware test17:54
rlameiroVideo camera hardware test17:54
rlameiroJackd test17:54
holsteinrlameiro: w00t17:56
scott-workkernel test would be nice in some capacity for latency17:56
holsteinfirewire :)17:56
scott-workif a consistent person with the same hardware could test it17:56
rlameiroyes, if there is a realtime kernel, we can also add a kernel test17:56
scott-worknot to split hairs mind you (i.e. 10msec vs 11msec)17:57
scott-workbut if a usual setting starts getting massive xrun (or a larger percentage)17:57
scott-workjust a gut feel test perhaps17:57
persiaI think the kernel latency testing shouldn't be part of validation.17:57
persiaBut rather something separate, and special, that someone takes one, measuring latency over time, etc.17:58
rlameiropersia: not for validation!!! that will kill testing17:58
holsteinoptional test cases?17:58
persiaThat is why I mention it :)17:58
holsteinyou think that is the wrong place persia ?17:58
rlameiroara told me that next cycle they will have""" Mandatory - Run Once & Optional (meaning really optional) :)"""""17:59
holsteinmaybe we can use that tracker layout either way17:59
rlameirooptional at the moment needs to be tested at least once per ISO17:59
holsteinits really clear and easy to see what needs to be done for the test17:59
rlameirowell, i will do the QA wiki for the testing cases17:59
persiaholstein, Either way: I just don't want to block a milestone waiting for the specific person with consistent hardware to verify we don't have a latency regression.18:00
rlameirobut i could use some help making the specific procedures18:00
rlameiropersia: that was one of the things I wanted to be sure with ara18:00
holsteinadditional optional test cases only +118:00
rlameirothis kind of test are for reference18:00
rlameiroand mostly for the first release cycles to see if there are regressions18:01
rlameirofor instance on FFADO drivers or stuff18:01
rlameirothqat way we can have time to ask for a respin 18:01
rlameiromost of the time, people test if it installs ok and runs18:03
rlameirobut there are more stuff to test, the installer is important, but also the rest18:03
rlameiroi remeber the network manager problem.....18:07
persiaThe installer isn't that likely to break, and most of it gets fairly well exercised by the server team.18:08
rlameirowell, but actually, it is what is beeing tested :D18:08
persiaI'm reminded: it may be worth chatting with mathiaz about his test automation framework: he has some nifty way of automating the complete run of all the server testing.18:08
rlameirolike MACROS?18:09
persiaUm, no.  Something involving KVM and preseeding and stuff.18:10
rlameirothat seems overkill for ubuntu studio18:10
persiaIf it works, we can set up some number of test cases, and have a few folks run them.18:13
holsteinis that what would get us all the installer questions up front?18:13
persiaThat would exercise the installer, and we could focus human attention on things that require GUI interaction.18:14
persiaholstein, I believe it not only gets the questions, but answers them in a preprepared manner, and then verifies the results match expectations.18:14
holsteinyeah, i like that direction if only for that reason18:14
* persia attended a presentation about it once, but was mostly asleep at the time18:14
holsteinunattended installation18:15
rlameiroi get it now18:15
rlameiroso, it is like a remote test, automated to run each release18:15
rlameiroand then ouputs a log18:15
rlameiroseems a good aproach...18:15
rlameiropersia: SORRY I DODNT GOT IT AT FIRST18:16
persiaIt only tests the installer, mind you.  Won't test the apps.18:16
persiarlameiro, No worries :)18:16
rlameiroI oops caps18:16
rlameiroit only works with the alternate right?18:17
persiaAs far as I know, yeah.18:17
rlameirowell, i need to go for groceries, then time to work on studio things18:19
rlameirovideo editing and wiki for test cases :D18:19
* rlameiro AFK18:20
scott-workpersia, holstein, rlameiro : i don't mean that we use the latency test to validate each ISO image, just that as a release the kernel should probably be tested to make sure performance is acceptable19:18
rlameiroscott-work, persia, holstein http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio20:06
rlameiropaultag: also..20:06
paultagAh, cool. Thanks.20:07
persiarlameiro, Nice work.  I'd recommend that for natty you align those to match the workflows ScottL has been asking folk to contribute though.20:07
rlameiroi was thinking about that20:07
rlameiroits a nice idea persia20:07
rlameiroi really need input in other areas that not audio....20:08
persiaI think there's a huge opportunity for alignment in terms of testcases, documentation, and seed contents if we focus on the workflows.20:09
rlameiropersia: yeah, maybe choosing one workflow for each type of test, and make it like to finish a task20:42
persiaThat was my thinking, yeah.20:43
persiaAnd if we have to adjust a test because software changes in a cycle, we can adjust the documentation at the same time, and always have it accurate for each release.20:43
rlameirolike jack changes...20:59
scott-workrlameiro: good stuff, i like it :)21:11
scott-workpaultag: i neglected to tell you welcome...22:47
scott-workpaultag: welcome :)22:47
scott-workglad you are here!22:47
paultagScottL, thanks :)23:36
paultagScottL, I'm trying to branch out a bit -- I've been locked up with LoCos for a while, about time I started helping with MOTU sports :)23:36
ScottLpaultag,  we sure appreciate your help :)23:41
ScottLJFo, any word of late about getting the -lowlatency kernel into the archives?23:42
TheMusoDid anybody start looking at merging the ardour security fixes from Debian?23:53
TheMusoTo hopefully get in post RC?23:54
TheMusoOr a 0 day security update?23:54

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