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JMeKHi! Since I have a lot of trouble getting my bamboo-pen CTL-460 working in UbuntuStudio (it just doesn't work at all) see also this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1582902 I have really two questions: First: is it me, is it the bamboo pen, or is it Ubuntustudio that has the bug. And second: what is a good tablet/pen wich works out of the box in Ubuntustudio? As an artist I really need a working pentablet!12:54
astraljavaJMeK: Sorry, unless you are seeing any errors while applying the commands listen on the tutorial, there's hardly anything I can do as not having the same hardware.13:10
astraljavaJMeK: What you can do is `lsmod | grep wacom', to ensure the module is being loaded, but that's as far as my expertise reaches. :)13:10
astraljavaJMeK: Looks like many Bamboo Pen users have gotten help through that tutorial, so it doesn't look to be the hardware.13:11
persiaJMeK, If `uname -m` gives "i686", you're running 32-bit (i386).13:31
JMeKpersia: yes, 'uname -m' gives "i686". So now I know Iḿ running 32-bit (learning somethinng every day). What are the implications? What to do next?13:36
persiaI don't have a tablet, and don't know the answer to that.  I just know that i386 kernels say "i686" and amd64 kernels say "x86_64"13:36
persiaYour correspondent in the forum seemed confused.13:37
JMeKpersia: thanks,  I will remember this and also pass it on to my correspondent13:38
skxam I doing something wrong? after every single kernel update, X fails and I have to reinstall the graphic card driver from console with jockey-text, I'm using nVidia restricted drivers if that matters16:15
rlameiroskx: its possible, since they are propietary kernels16:16
rlameiroand the driver needs to be compiled against each kernel version16:16
skxthey're just modules and should be updated along with the kernel :\16:16
rlameiroif the driver was opensource, that wouldnt happen16:16
skx"FATAL: Module nvidia not found"16:16
rlameiroits not opensource16:16
skxit doesn't matter16:17
rlameirothey cant chip it like that16:17
skxif I can update it, so could the update tool16:17
rlameiroits a licesing issue, they can put propietary stuff on your computer without consent, even if it is an upgrade16:17
rlameiroblame Nvidia for that16:18
skxthey could add a popup16:18
skxand I have already put a proprietary stuff on my computer16:18
rlameiroskx: are you using a realtime kernel?16:19
skxrlameiro, preempt16:19
rlameiroit can be because of that16:20
rlameiromaybe they only prepare propietary modules for the generic kernel16:20
skxit's because it's not being updated properly, I can install proprietary modules from nvidia by hand16:20
skxand they work with the preempt kernel16:20
astraljavaskx: There this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1036788, but beware, no support whatsoever.16:20
skxthanks, astraljava, will look into that16:21
rlameiroeach time you install a nvidia driver by hand, it compiles the modules against the kernel you are using16:23
rlameiroit does it automatically16:23
astraljavaskx: Here's another: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83557316:24
skxthey all seem a little old, but thanks, I'll do that16:26
astraljavaskx: I don't think the principle has changed, though.16:27
holsteinIn FalkTX' lucid main ppa is a patched nvidia driver which works fine16:29
holsteinfor me on Alessio's realtime kernel in a ubuntustudio 10.04 64bit16:29
holstein^from the mailing list16:30
astraljavaHmm, there aren't all the drivers that can be found from nVidia's website, so I'm not sure if all types of cards are supported. But a good call nonetheless.16:35
astraljavaWhat is the reason there's a huge amount of packages there, wouldn't it be reasonable to get those into main repos?16:37
astraljavaOh, KXstudio, right?16:37

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