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wfamyI am figthing to start a dialog console script before gdm. actualy the script start and gdm too. I have to crtl alt f  to show my dialog box.21:01
wfamyany clue will welcome.21:01
mbieblwfamy: what is your problem? what are you trying to do?21:11
wfamyI want my script to end before gdm start.21:12
mbieblstart on starting gdm21:13
mbieblshould block gdm from being started until your job is finished21:13
wfamyI try to add in in /etc/init.d/gdm3 at the second line . My script start but gdm too.21:14
wfamyhow to block?21:14
mbieblinit.d? that is a sysv init script21:17
wfamyI am looking for any clue I test lot of thing and ...21:18
wfamystill looking for.21:18
wfamyI do not understand upstart priority21:18
mbieblis your script an upstart job or a sysv init script?21:19
wfamyit is a python script.21:19
mbiebli give up21:20
wfamyI am ready to create any thing 21:20
mbiebldo you actually use upstart or why are you asking in #upstart?21:22
mbieblwhich distro?21:22
wfamyI ask upstart because I was under lenny and 8.04 ubuntu and everything work well tell in rc.3 and gdm wait.21:23
mbieblsorry, I don't understand you21:23
mbieblyou need to ask more precisely 21:23
wfamyI am working to update to 10.04 and squeeze and everithing start and may script is waiting on tty1 while gdm is runing 21:24
mbieblfor Ubuntu, you best create an upstart job21:24
mbieblfor squeeze you best stick to a simple sysv init script21:25
JanCyou need an upstart job, which goes into /etc/init/ (not init.d)21:26
JanCsee init(5) for the job file syntax21:26
mbieblJanC: apparenly gdm is started via an sysv init script21:26
mbieblwfamy: so, for ubuntu, create an upstart job and use the start on starting gdm 21:26
JanCit's not21:26
mbieblJanC: /etc/init.d/gdm321:27
mbieblfor squeeze, create a sysv init script and add Requred-Start: gdm3 to the LSB header21:27
JanCthere is no /etc/init.d/gdm3 in a default 10.04 install AFAIK21:28
mbieblJanC: read the backlog21:28
mbieblhe apparently tries to update a lenny *and* 8.04 system21:28
mbieblbut I might have misunderstood him21:28
mbieblwhich is quite possible21:28
wfamythere is no update my computer are install using FAI21:29
mbiebl<wfamy> I am working to update to 10.04 and squeeze and everithing start and may script is waiting on tty1 while gdm is runing21:29
JanCwell, in 10.04 gdm is started by upstart21:29
wfamyWe are working to propose 10.04 and squeeze install21:29
mbieblwfamy: as I told you21:29
mbieblfor Ubuntu 10.04 create an upstart job21:30
mbieblfor Squeeze, use a sysv init script21:30
wfamyI am look /etc/init/  script to understand.21:31
JanCyou may need an extra job for your dialog, or maybe you could add it to the pre-start script for the gdm job21:32
JanCan extra job might be cleanest21:32
JanCwfamy: and as I said, "man 5 init" will explain you how job files work21:33
wfamyOk I could now search. I will ask later if pb.  thx21:34

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