Takeasyer....i want to re-install xubuntu, how to do?00:23
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:50
Sysilike normally, but you propably want to use same partitions00:51
Takeasyas my display card can't be recognized, i bypass the display card checking00:53
Sysiwhat card is it?00:53
Takeasywell actually it's a onboard one00:54
Sysi(umph sorry, almost 3am, i'm going to bed ->)00:54
Takeasyoff you go00:55
Takeasyi'd be back some time00:55
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vic20gmris this where ppc[macintosh] xubuntu discussion / support takesplace?03:28
charlie-tcaIf we know the answer. Otherwise, more help might be available in #ubuntu-ppc or #ubuntu-powerpc03:34
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vic20gmrok thx03:37
vic20gmrone question thats on mymind may apply to all xubunut, i suspect; if i installed with one sort of usb-wifi adaptr, can i plug in a different one and still connect to the net with it?03:38
vic20gmrwithout needing to download pkgs?03:39
charlie-tcausb-wifi is a strange animal to have to try and make work. It might be okay, but it might not. You just have to try it and see. You can always plug the old one back in, but even that could fail if it tries to install new drivers.03:41
charlie-tcaTry the new adapter witht he live cd, and see if it works?03:41
vic20gmrwell im thinking, it may use diff drivers if it detects? a diff adapter at boot time?03:43
vic20gmri just want to say wut a thrill itis to see xubuntu LI?NUX! running an an i bool i piked up for 75 bucks!03:45
charlie-tcaThat's great!03:45
vic20gmribook i piked up03:45
charlie-tcaI am glad it is working :-)03:45
vic20gmrya like a charm "right out of the box"! :D03:46
vic20gmrit duznt have an aiport card, so i was hoping a linux distro+usb<>wifi wud make it net cpable03:47
vic20gmri prob need to quit xchat for a bit, lang packs r installing, then on to updates03:48
vic20gmrthx, and ltrz - charlie, all03:48
charlie-tcaGood luck03:49
vic20gmri tried connecting to #xubuntupowerpc, as well as #xubuntuppc, and i was the only one there, did i mis-type?06:04
knomevic20gmr, there's no such channels06:05
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ06:05
vic20gmrim trying to determine the best kb layout to use for an ibook g306:05
knomehmm, i'm sure there was some channel for that, but can't remember what was its name...06:05
knomevic20gmr, apparently #ubuntu-ppc :)06:06
vic20gmrno xubuntu specific? its all under ubuntu?06:06
knomeyes, no xubuntu specific channel, since the group is small anyway06:07
vic20gmrahh ok, thx again :)06:08
knomeagain, np & you're welcome :)06:08
vic20gmri want to open a port in xubuntu, howdo i do that?07:52
vic20gmrgoogle hasnt helped so far07:52
vic20gmri cant fig out y transmission says the port is blocked, and ive used the same exact port on another machine and it everything works fine on it08:25
vic20gmranyone have an idea wut i need to do?08:25
vic20gmrim using jaunty08:25
TheSheepvic20gmr: are you behind a nat?08:26
vic20gmrim on wifi, so i think that means yes, correct?08:27
vic20gmrwut i dont understand is with the same port set, i can use utorrent with no problems08:29
TheSheepvic20gmr: then you need to configure your router to either forward that particular port to your machine08:29
vic20gmry does it work on one machine, but the *exact* same port is reported closed on this one?08:30
TheSheepvic20gmr: you can only have a port forwarded to a single machine, so obviously the same port won't work on different ones08:30
vic20gmrsurely its something at my end?08:30
vic20gmrthey rnt connected at the same time08:30
vic20gmrthe other comp isnt currently connected08:31
TheSheepvic20gmr: http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/itanswers/what-is-nat-port-forwarding/08:31
vic20gmri kno wut is port forwarding08:31
TheSheepapparently you don't08:31
TheSheepthis has nothing to do with your xubuntu, and everything to do with your router08:31
vic20gmri dont know y two machines wud have diff results on same port [they have never been connected simultaniously]08:31
vic20gmreverything to do with router? then y does ther comp work fine?08:32
vic20gmrthe other*08:32
vic20gmri hope ur not gonna assume u know it must b a router prob, and stop there08:33
TheSheepyou configure port forwarding for every ip address separately, if your router is sanely configured, your computers get different ip addresses even if they are not connected at the same time. just configure it for your computer on the router.08:34
vic20gmri cant config router08:34
vic20gmri dont have access to it08:34
TheSheepso that's that08:34
vic20gmrso y does one get thru the port, and this one doesnt?08:35
vic20gmrTheSheep,  y does this comp not get thru, but other comp [using same wifi adapter, in case it matters] not get thru?08:36
TheSheepmaybe they can help you at #networking08:37
vic20gmrso i take u dont know the answer?08:38
TheSheepI don't have an answer that satisfies you, and no matter how many times you ask, my answer won't change. I don't have time for giving a lecture on how nat works, espacially since that is easily googled. Maybe someone at #networking will have more patience.08:40
TheSheepyou can also stay here and see if someone else has a better answer08:40
vic20gmrkeep this way of carrying yourself sheep, that way more people will run to ubuntu and/or other alt oses08:41
vic20gmrre-read the "ubuntu philosophy", if u can tear urself away from here long enuff08:43
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:43
vic20gmridk is acceptable as an answer08:48
visitor1how good is the idea to install the latest nvidia driver on a 10.04 system?13:11
visitor1it says under hardware drivers that i am using the current version which is recommended13:13
TheSheepvisitor1: why do you need the latest version?13:34
visitor1for trying out , maybe my video will be played back smoother13:35
visitor1i looked for ubuntu wiki, seems to be rather complicated i think i will wait for 10.10 and maybe try this finished product out13:37
TheSheepthis is generally a good idea, unless you have a lot of time and don't really need your computer for several days ;)13:38
visitor1lol TheSheep13:38
visitor1ok , thanks TheSheep13:38
ubuntu_userhello I need help13:54
knome!ask | ubuntu_user13:54
ubottuubuntu_user: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:54
ubuntu_userI'm installing at the moment xubuntu 10.10 beta and the installer seams to do nothing froze or something13:54
knome!maverick | ubuntu_user13:54
ubottuubuntu_user: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:55
ubuntu_userI see only removing conflicting operating system files13:55
ubuntu_userI know but how can I continue installation or gone thru it13:55
ubuntu_useror do something to fix this13:55
Sysireboot and try installation again13:55
ubuntu_usertried that13:56
Sysiuse stable version13:56
ubuntu_userdont get me wrong but I gone thru the process of chosing partitions etc and it started to install or atleast i guess it does and now its stalled on " removing conflicting operating system files"13:57
ubuntu_useris there possibility that it is installed ?13:57
ubuntu_userI got 800mb usage on / partition atm13:57
knomeubuntu_user, please, as you are told, discussion about 10.10 only in #ubuntu+113:57
knomeubuntu_user, also, as this is an installation issue, i'm sure you'll get more help there.13:57
Tir_Eoghanso I have a bit of an odd question; (odd answers will get high marks) now I know xubuntu technicall can run on a 400mhz celeron with 192mb's of ram, but will it run well? or am I better off with a lighter linux version15:39
edakiriTir_Eoghan: Mine is using about 230MB , not including buffers+cache.15:40
Tir_Eoghanhmmm.. so by that I assume, that it won't run too well on my super computer *grin*15:41
Tir_EoghanI'm currently running off a live cd of lubuntu, but I can't stand chromium, so I don't want to install it15:41
edakiritop ram user is firefox4 at 86MB resident.15:42
charlie-tcaYou could try midori instead of firefox15:42
edakiriI too hate chromium. there is midori.15:42
edakiricharlie-tca: i may.  i'm getting by (barely) with FF15:43
Tir_Eoghangood call, I'll use midori.. so Midori in xubuntu shouldn't be a problem15:43
charlie-tcamidori should work good15:43
istokfor some weird reason i can watch flash content but not hear it :(15:43
charlie-tcaistok: do you have other sounds?15:43
Tir_EoghanI can't abide flash either hehe, although I will use cclive to download those odd decent streaming videos15:44
istokcharlie-tca, no, doesn't seem to be any15:44
charlie-tcaThat matters15:45
istoki'm going to download an mp3, try to play with something15:45
istokjust had a fresh install, from debian15:45
charlie-tcahmm, debian is not xubuntu15:45
istoki was using debian but i had issues so did a fresh install of xubuntu15:46
Tir_Eoghanone day I'll switch to an even lighter os, but currently I'm not knowledgeable enough in linux to use anything less user friendly then the 'buntu family15:46
istokubuntu is based on debian15:46
istokpretty similar15:47
charlie-tcabased on, but not debian15:47
istokwell, so far i <3 it - everything runs smoother than my 5.0.6 lenny15:47
istokthe only thing; the sound15:47
istoktesting mp315:48
charlie-tcaprobably have to enable it in the mixer15:48
charlie-tcaleft-click the speaker thing in the panel, that is the mixer15:48
istokyeah, seems no driver15:49
charlie-tcaI would click "select controls", turn on at least master, cd, video15:49
charlie-tcaThen you right-click the mixer, click properties, make sure it is not muted15:50
istoki did that, still nothing15:51
charlie-tcaspeakers are connected and turned on15:52
edakiriIt is like the firefox versions which are not Firefox.15:53
edakiri(ubuntu ... debian)15:53
istokyes, everything worked fine before15:54
istoki added the controls, unmuted pc-speaker etc15:54
crazygirhi there, I have both windows and xubuntu installed (boot used to work fine) though something happened and windows does not boot properly now. What is the best way to have grub recheck for windows and make the updates?15:54
istokcrazygir, sudo nano -w /boot/grub/menu.lst <- and manually edit, or /sbin/update-grub15:55
crazygirI tried manually editing in the past, but to no avail15:56
crazygirI'll try update-grub15:56
crazygirthanks istok15:56
charlie-tcaistok: if it is grub2, menu.lst is no longer used15:56
istoki was just thinking that15:57
crazygiryea.. I guess that happened with the last update15:58
crazygirwhat is used now?15:58
charlie-tca/etc/default/grub to make changes15:58
charlie-tcaupdate-grub to fix things15:58
Tir_Eoghanthe thought occurs; you might be better off without windows *grin*15:59
istokweird, everything seems installed, driver wise, but still, no sound16:00
charlie-tcaistok: okay, arguable method I use to enable sound16:01
charlie-tcaleft-click the mixer16:01
charlie-tcaleft-click select controls16:01
charlie-tcacheck master, pcm, cd, video16:01
charlie-tcamake sure nothing is muted and all volumes are at least 75% up the scale16:02
charlie-tcaclick the arrows for SOUND CARD16:02
istokit's on alsa mixer16:02
charlie-tcapick "Playback: Internal Audio Analog Stereo (PulseAudio Mixer)16:02
charlie-tcaclick master16:02
charlie-tcamake sure it is not muted and the volume scale is at least 50%16:03
charlie-tcaclick quit16:03
istokchampion! :)16:03
istokso it was the playback16:03
crazygirTir_Eoghan: you are correct, and actually.. this broke months ago, but I haven't had the 'requirement' for windows until now16:03
charlie-tcanow right click the mixer, click properties16:03
istoki had the sound turned up loud too, headphones on16:03
istokunticked mute and BOOM16:03
crazygirrebooting and testing.. thanks for the help16:04
charlie-tcaSound Card: select playback: internal audio analog stereo (PulseAudio Mixer)16:04
charlie-tcaThat lets the speaker volume be controlled by the mixer without having to call up the whole thing16:04
charlie-tcayou can then use the scroll wheel to change the volume and see it16:04
istokhrmm, where is the properties?16:05
Tir_Eoghanthat tears it, I need to purchase a working cdburner16:06
charlie-tcaistok: close the mixer, then right-click the speaker in the panel16:06
Tir_EoghanI can't rely on useing my roomates computers to burn my os iso's, they are always asleep when I'm awake16:06
istoksound card - mixer track - left click command16:07
charlie-tcanot mixer track. It will be preset for you16:09
charlie-tcasound card above mixer track16:09
charlie-tcamake it say pulseaudio mixer16:10
charlie-tcathe playback: ...16:10
charlie-tcathen close16:13
xubuntu253hi verybody16:20
xubuntu253i have a problem with xubuntu installation16:20
xubuntu253when the installation progress is %85 it freezed16:21
charlie-tcaIt might be working in the background. Somethings just take a while to complete16:22
xubuntu253what can i do now?16:22
charlie-tcaHow long has it been frozen?16:22
xubuntu253about ten minutes16:22
xubuntu253it writes that "running dgkp'16:23
charlie-tcaTry hitting the enter key16:24
charlie-tcaIt might be working, too. Some of my machines do that for up to 30 minutes16:24
xubuntu253i hate windows i want to install xubuntu because of my old system16:25
charlie-tcaHow much ram does that system have?16:25
xubuntu253i use a boot program and i tried to install this two times16:25
xubuntu253i have 384 mb ram16:26
xubuntu253celeron 1200 tualatin16:26
charlie-tcathen it will take a long time to complete16:26
charlie-tcaDid the cd pass the integrity check?16:26
xubuntu253i will try again but iwant to install it my c drive16:27
xubuntu253i have two partition c and d16:27
xubuntu253in d partition i have very important files16:27
xubuntu253i want to format c and install xubuntu instead of windows16:28
xubuntu253i have no cd rom or cd writer16:28
xubuntu253i have only xubuntu 1004 iso file and a boot manager16:28
xubuntu253when i boot unetboot, can i format only c drive?16:30
charlie-tcaI think so16:30
charlie-tcaYou could also create a usb image, and use it to install16:30
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate16:30
xubuntu253i have read all of these16:31
xubuntu253but i fear that formatting c16:32
charlie-tcawell, what about keeping c and installing using wubi?16:32
xubuntu253if i format c with ext4 can i use my d drive with ntfs file system ?16:32
charlie-tcaformatting c makes windows go away16:32
xubuntu253i dont need windows i hate windows16:33
charlie-tcayes, you can use d with ntfs, but it won't be called d in Xubuntu. It will be called sda2 or sdb116:33
istokhrmm, why would exile say i don't have a decoder installed to handle an mp3 file?16:33
xubuntu253okay i understand that: if i format c drive with ext4. i wont lose my datas in d drive16:34
xubuntu253thank you very much my friend16:35
xubuntu253greetings everybody from turkey16:35
xubuntu253take care.16:35
charlie-tcaistok: you did not install the mp3 decoders/codecs ?16:35
charlie-tcaxubuntu253: no problem16:35
charlie-tcagood luck16:35
istokcharlie-tca, i thought i had - where would that be?16:36
charlie-tcausually in multivers repository16:36
istokhrmm, libgmp3c2 is installed16:38
charlie-tcaSysi, TheSheep :  both know codecs and mp3 better than me16:41
sagarchaliseCan anybody tell me how to change key binding16:43
charlie-tcasagarchalise: what version of Xubuntu?16:44
sagarchalisecharlie-tca, lucid16:44
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats16:45
charlie-tcasagarchalise: Applications -> Xfce4 Settings Manager -> Keyboard, Application Shortcuts16:45
sagarchalisecharlie-tca, How do I change xfce-screenshooter from print to ctrl+print16:47
charlie-tcaremove it and then add a new shortcut for the keys you want16:48
charlie-tcaor double click it,16:48
charlie-tcathen just hit the keys you want. It will change it16:48
sagarchalisecharlie-tca, ooh got it,silly me :D16:49
charlie-tcaNo, it isn't really intuitive, nor are there any prompts to guide you at that point16:49
istokyay, exaile likes me now16:54
istokso far, these fixes have been working, but my webcam isn't :/16:55
* charlie-tca thinks "That won't be possible"16:57
istokthe webcam?16:57
charlie-tcaistok: I have never been able to make webcams work16:57
istoki can get it to work, but flash sites (that try to connect/stream) are unable to16:58
istoki've done the flash settings, allowing the site access, etc16:58
charlie-tcaI really have given on them16:58
istokit was a modprobe gspca_main; modprobe gspca_pac731116:58
istokthat got the cam working16:59
istoklsusb showed it was a pixart - so i just looked it up on google16:59
maryanshi people17:43
xubuntu998hello people17:44
xubuntu998need some pro help with simple instructions ?17:45
xubuntu998i need that is !17:45
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:45
xubuntu998installed xubuntu and have xp installed , when i start my system i got "grub rescue" because he didnt recognize my instalation or bootsequence . then i used the option on the live cd "boot from first hdd" then it worked , but now i updated and at restart grub rescue kicks in again and now even boot from first hdd fails , how can i repair this ?17:51
xubuntu998cause i dont want to re-install xp again , my wife is gonna kill me if its unfixable :(17:52
Sysisounds like you need to reinstall grub17:53
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:53
xubuntu998oh yeah , was away and read the answers , but i failed to mention i have xubuntu 10.04 installed :S18:20
xubuntu998so grub 2 should be installed fine , now i reinstalled xubuntu again and dont wanna update if the bootmanager works again i guees18:22
xubuntu998but at least thx though for some answers18:22
TechKatok odd problem18:32
TechKatupgraded via apt to the latest version, now suddenly piklab is broken. it's kinda important to what i often do18:33
TechKatsays something about drkonqi not being found, but i supposedly have the packages containing that installed18:33
charlie-tcaTechKat: try this - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingInstallationIssues#Corrupted%20package%20archive18:38
charlie-tcaIt often fixes things18:38
charlie-tcaWell, at least the clean and update part fixes things ;-)18:39
TechKatwell we shapp see18:40
TechKatshall *18:40
TechKatsame problem18:41
charlie-tcatried reinstalling drkonqi ?18:41
TechKatit's in the kedbase-bins supposedly18:42
charlie-tcaIf the updates lost it, sometimes a remove and reinstall will help, though18:43
TechKati honestly have no idea what lost what. the whole thing has been wonky since the upgrade18:44
charlie-tcatry "sudo dpkg --configure -a" in a terminal18:44
TechKatprolly not anything anyone other then me gives a crap about18:46
TechKatall i know is this is now costing me more time then it honestly should18:48
TechKati am unimpressed by 10.0418:52
TechKaton the upside the book i ordered just showed up18:53
Sysiversion updates have possibility to break things18:54
TechKatobviously, but attempts to unbreak them such as reinstalling packages an shit should not crash and burn like they are doing18:55
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.18:56
TechKati fail to see how anything i've said is not family friendly. heck i hear worse from 8 year olds in this day an age, it still does not change the fact that this is broken, i need to fix it and i'd really like some help.18:58
TechKatthings like "yea well running apt could break things" are not exactly constructive18:58
charlie-tcahmm, maybe it is the kids I am around, but none of them use those words18:59
knomeTechKat, it is still inappropriate. please act per the guidelines or we might have to consider removing you.18:59
TechKatwhat would you rather i use in place?18:59
knomeTechKat, as people are volunteers, it's not said they do their everything. also, answers are not always available, even if people wanted to help18:59
TechKati see no reason for us to remain in an off topic discussion based on 1 possibly iffy word that i said while describing the current situation19:00
TechKattrust me the word i used was quite restrained as i have a whole vulgar vocabulary running thur my head about this current situation19:02
TechKatthat being said, i will refrain from anything that could possibly offend19:02
knomeTechKat, it still does not justify using any less offensive word, as long as it's offensive19:03
knomeTechKat, thanks19:03
TechKatit's not offensive to anyone but possibly super conservitive religious people. but that's besides the point19:03
TechKati need to get this working as soon as possible so any and all suggestions on how to fix this current issue would greatly be appreciated19:03
charlie-tcaOffending those attempting to help really doesn't work here19:04
knome!guidelines | TechKat, you can always refer to the ubuntu channel guidelines, and if you want to discuss about them not being just, feel free to join #ubuntu-ops to discuss that rather than start the discussion here:19:04
ubottuTechKat, you can always refer to the ubuntu channel guidelines, and if you want to discuss about them not being just, feel free to join #ubuntu-ops to discuss that rather than start the discussion here:: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:04
TechKatjust a quick fyi, harping on something that somone already said they were sorry for is not exactly the best way to keep a channel friendly and attractive to both new and experienced users19:06
charlie-tcamore help might be available in #ubuntu, too19:07
TechKatthe trigger i just read says not to cross post19:07
knomeTechKat, i agree discussing about guidelines is not on-topic, that's why i pointed you to them and told you are free to join #ubuntu-ops to discuss them further, if you feel like it. if not, then please act per them. thanks.19:12
knomeTechKat, re: cross posting; it is okay if we say you could ask there, but joining N channels and posting the question parallely to all is not really wanted.19:12
TechKatwell i didn't want to offend the ops19:13
TechKatyou know how that goes19:13
knomeTechKat, you can of course also ask another channel yourself if it looks like you are not going to get a reply now19:13
knomeTechKat, with all the rules, using common sense is very very welcome :) (it's okay, nobody is offended, just to make sure the channel stays family-friendly :))19:14
TechKat(i'm a ham radio operator, you're more strict then the FCC about language and that's saying something)19:15
TechKatwell it's quite frustrating19:27
krabadorreally great the new default theme, if ubuntu staff don't modofy nothing in the next ubuntu default theme, i think many people will snob ubuntu.19:29
charlie-tcaknome: ^ ^ ^ Great job from shimmer19:33
knomekrabador, charlie-tca: thanks.19:33
charlie-tcaYou are welcome19:43
TechKatnew error /usr/bin/iceauth:  creating new authority file .ICEauthority Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed19:45
knomecharlie-tca, see http://shimmerproject.org/2010/09/bluebird-default-theme-xubuntu-1010/, published earlier today19:46
charlie-tcaVery good! Thanks for the mention.19:51
TechKatany ideas?19:59
TechKatok i seem to have tracked it down to something to do with dcopserver20:03
TechKathmm getting closer20:11
TechKatit now seems my parallel port could not be claimed20:12
TechKatany ideas knome?20:16
knomeTechKat, no, not really...20:16
Riottahow to save laptop backlight level in xfce I used brightness plugin for xfce and it works but after reboot I got 100% again20:56
Riottaso the level is not saved, in Gnome it was saved and worked20:57
Spicypixelhey guys, got a kinda general question, I did some upgrades last night on the daily xubuntu build and today logged in and I seem to have a gnome style popups for notifications instead of the dark xubuntu ones. Any clues on how I can get the old skin for system notifications back?21:59
chardingI've added a ppa to 'Other Sources' in my Respositories but I can't upgrade a package that's in this ppa22:33
Sysicharding: it won't automatically update because it's ppa22:34
Sysiyou need to install package manually22:35
Sysiand ofc update package information22:35
Spicypixelany one know why my installation is now using the gnome notification daemon seemingly22:36
chardingSysi: How can I grab the deb/rpm from the ppa?22:38
chardingon the launchpad website22:38
chardingSysi: hmm, I have seem to have found it, thanks22:39
Spicypixelmhmm relogged in after installing xfce4-notifyd and now its different again, not gnome, nor xubuntus default22:40
Spicypixelmhmm Settings > Notifications gives me 3 options none of which are the default one that shipped with xubuntu22:47
Spicypixelso notification-daemon package works but gives me gnome notifcations, xfce4-notifyd works but gives me the stock XFCE notifications it seems, any clues on how to restore the default xubuntu notifications?23:00
charlie-tcadifferent theme, maybe?23:01
Spicypixelwell, I went to apps> settings> notifications23:01
SpicypixelDefault theme is similar but doesnt auto fade with mouse over23:01
Spicypixelsmoke is different and zomg ponies scares me23:02
charlie-tcaThen it is different, maybe changing the theme is what makes the notifications different23:02
Spicypixelyeah, its definitely a theme missing issue23:02
SpicypixelI think I accidentally installed something which installed notification-daemon which then reset it to gnome23:02
Spicypixelputting xfce-notifyd back in changed it back but now its the wrong theme23:03
Spicypixelkinda frustrating23:03
Spicypixelthis shined some light on the issue, but rebooting didnt restore the old theme23:05
Spicypixelrelogging again23:09
Spicypixelyay, removing notification-daemon and xfce4-notifyd and installing notify-osd and its all good23:11
Spicypixelproblem solved23:12
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