JanCBorchardtmpt, godbyk, thorwil, vish: I can't come to the meeting today because I'm in another one. But I found a great article / interview with my current employer in which he talks about the very issues we discussed last week: http://dot.kde.org/2006/12/01/looking-back-three-years-openusability-jan-m%C3%BChlig10:35
mptthanks JanCBorchardt10:37
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thorwilgodbyk: ping13:15
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ronocCimi, got it working14:47
ronocwill be released hopefully later on today14:48
Cimiwhat did you change?14:48
JanCBorchardtgodbyk, thorwil, vish: were you at the meeting today and got a log?15:43
vishJanCBorchardt: oops! not me..15:44
vishJanCBorchardt: hmm, seems nothing interesting either, only links you gave ;p15:45
JanCBorchardtvish: :D15:47
JanCBorchardtvish: oh and do you have a gitorious account? I made a repo for Ayatana-UX15:51
vishJanCBorchardt: yea, i have an account, when you that discussed, was it last meeting? i seem to have missed that too :(15:51
JanCBorchardtvish: no problem, what is it? I'll give you full rights on the repo15:52
vishJanCBorchardt: "vish"15:53
thorwilJanCBorchardt: the meeting pretty much did not happen15:56
JanCBorchardtvish: could have figured that ... ;)16:41
JanCBorchardtvish: you're in16:42
Cimisomeone to ping davidbarth :)17:16
Cimiseb128: could you summon david? :)17:20
seb128he's on this channel17:21
seb128davidbarth, ^17:21
Ciminow he answered :)17:21
davidbarthi'm here, i'm here ;)17:21
Cimibratsche: super-important-ping17:34
bratscheCimi: super-duper-ueber-important-pong17:35
Cimibratsche: gtk_widget_set_size_request for icons does take MAX (width, height) and sets the MIN to the max in order to create a "square"17:37
Cimisomething like: gint lenght = MAX (width, height); gtk_widget_set_size_request (widget, lenght, lenght)17:38
Cimithis is the reason of the vertical padding in indicator-messages17:39
Cimiwe are adding a horizontal padding in order to leave the triangle separated from the icon, but gtk+ adds vertical padding too17:39
Cimiany clue?17:39
bratscheI guess I don't really understand what the problem is.17:44
Cimiit is ignoring one of the two sizes17:45
Cimiwe want width 28 and height 2217:45
Cimibut we have 28x2817:45
Cimibratsche: ^^17:46
bratscheSo I guess we can change the size request to do what we need it to do then.17:47
Cimiexactly dude!17:48
CimiI don't think it will be difficult17:49
bratscheCimi: I don't see anything like that in indicator-messages.c, but I guess you have a better idea of what's going on with this than I do.17:55
Cimibratsche: search for gtk_widget_Set_size_request in new_application_item17:58
bratscheYeah, I did.. but it's not setting it to [ length, length ] as you described.. it's setting it to [ width + 7, height ]18:00
bratscheCimi: I'm heading out for lunch right now.. but if you come up with some better values for this, just submit a merge request.18:01
Cimibut basically it becomes width+7 width +718:04
Cimiif you remove the +7 from width you'll see the vertical padding will disappear18:05
Cimibratsche: in other words the issue is not in indicator-messages but seems gtk+ itself18:30
Cimisuper strange18:32
bratscheIs there some mockup somewhere that you can show side-by-side against a screenshot of what's happening?  Because I still don't understand.18:32
Cimiif I set gtk_widget_set_size_request (icon, width+20, height); it's like if I did gtk_widget_set_size_request (icon, width+20, width+20);18:33
Cimi(so width = width+20, height=width+20)18:33
Cimiotherwise, if I set gtk_widget_set_size_request (icon, width, height+20);18:33
Cimiit works as it should18:34
Cimiso I have width = width and height=height+2018:34
Cimiwidth and height of the new resized widget, of course18:34
Cimidavidbarth: ^^18:34
Cimigtk+ bug maybe?18:34
bratscheI don't think that's a bug, that seems like a design choice to me.18:35
bratscheAnd it seems kind of sensible to me, actually.18:35
Cimiwhy this different behaviour for width and height?18:37
Cimibratsche: ^^18:37
bratscheIt seems like it's trying to enforce some kind of sizing policy on icons within menuitems, which doesn't really strike me as very strange at all.18:38
bratscheOtherwise you have a bunch of icons which are the same width, and then suddenly you have one icon that's three times as wide as the others.18:39
Cimii don't think it gets resized18:39
Cimiscaled ops18:39
Cimijust add padding18:39
bratscheEither way, if this does require a change at the gtk+ level then I think we shouldn't waste time with it at this stage.  Maybe davidbarth should make that call, but my feeling is that seb128 is not likely to accept such a change so late in the cycle so it may be better to defer this work until Natty.18:43
CimiI can understand18:44
Cimieverything started from Mark18:44
Cimibecause he doesn't like icons inside indicator-messages18:44
Cimibut if we increase the size of them, then the triangle on the left touches the icon18:45
Cimiso we need to add padding, and in order to add padding we are changing the size of the icon in the gtk_image_menu_item18:45
Cimibut, as said, we are exposing this gtk+ *bug* or whatever18:45
davidbarthright, i have that working by using PNGs instead of SVGs18:46
Cimidavidbarth: your approach doesn't work man18:46
davidbarthwell, why does it work on my system then?18:46
davidbarthcan you reproduce it or not?18:46
Cimiyour icon touches the triangle18:47
Cimiit's like a 22x22 icon without the padding18:47
davidbarthCimi: but is it larger?18:47
Cimiit is a 22x22 icon without the padding18:47
Cimidon't know why18:47
Cimibut my branch without the padding is exactly the same as yours18:47
Cimilet me sshot it18:47
davidbarthCimi: can you share the icons i sent you with bratsche and see if he can get a larger mail icon on his own system?18:49
davidbarthi need to pop out18:49
bratscheLater davidbarth18:52
Cimidavidbarth: ^^18:53
Cimibratsche: show him the sshot later18:56
CimiI might be at the movie theater :)18:57
Cimihere is 8 pm18:57
bratscheOkay cool.18:57
Cimiwill come back at midnight here in chat18:57
Cimibut my server is always on18:57
bratscheCimi around still?22:23
bratscheCimi: Nevermind.. just check your email when you get home. :)23:01
Cimibratsche: replied23:40
bratscheCimi: Thanks23:52

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