mhall119highvoltage: What do you think about adding a journal app to the lineup?  Lots of my teacher friends have their students write weekly journals.00:01
mhall119dinda: I emailed you a response to your document00:06
highvoltagemhall119: there's a journal app?03:16
mhall119there are multiple04:53
mhall119journal/diary that kind of thing04:53
mhall119I've used RedNotebook04:54
mhall119also Almanah04:55
jelknerisrafil, hello16:00
israfili installed KDevelop 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 (or was ist 4.0.2?) on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx but i think the debugger is not working already. Am i right? What program could i use instead?16:04
jelknerisrafil, i've never used kdevelop16:18
jelknersorry i can't be more helpful16:18
seidosi'm trying to get italc working.  i get this error:  http://imagebin.org/11642716:50
seidosnot sure where to go from there16:50
seidostried google and the forums, couldn't find anything useful16:50
seidosi'm using ubuntu 9.1016:50
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highvoltagepleia2: heh, just saw the then-and-now photos on your site. I can clearly see that it's you on the "then" photo :)21:21
jappiecrMy profile mananger won't import profiles anymore. Was working until today had to make  changes in user and groups deleted some user account, made new accounts (not sure if this has anything to do with it!). Did the whole process of making profiles and they are saved under /etc/sabayon/profiles but when I import them, it will open the file, ask me for profile name and when I press enter nothing happens. No even error message! anybody ideas?22:37

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