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Fleckhelp, radeon Xpress 125000:49
Fleckwhen i run glxgears i get segfault00:50
Fleckradeonhd told in log that unknown card00:50
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leifI have a bug. I use Konsole with fish and whenever I want to complete a like "aptitude install fire" it says "set: Could not add component /usr/local/bin to PATH"01:00
jmichaelxFleck: are in in 10.04?01:15
leifI "fixed" the fish bug btw. Just create the directory and fish won't complain anymore.01:26
ldskfjAnyone know about the difference between the default .bashrc for KU & Ubuntu?  I'm on a lab computer, first time using Ub after years of KU, & the .bashrc looks very incomplete, like missing aliases & setup for color prompt. Also see my next msg here, just sent to the Ub irc.01:47
ldskfjUbuntu .bashrc as complete as KUbuntu's?: - Am I not seeing something important?  the Ubuntu's system .bashrc is no where near as complete as the KUbuntu system: ex, 2 specifics: 1) aliases, 2) prompt colors.   -  Is there a more complete set of settings available to easily be installed/added/usedWith the Ubuntu system?  Where & how can I get that, for adding into my Ubuntu system?01:47
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v3n0manyonw here?03:26
yofelyes, half asleep though03:27
darkdelusionsit depends on what you mean by here03:27
v3n0mi  just installed backtrack 403:28
v3n0mi got hacked before03:28
v3n0mso i want revenge lol03:28
v3n0mwindows has to many viruses and trojans, and can be easliy exploited03:29
jakoWenas Como estan todos ?03:46
darkdelusions!! spanish03:54
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:54
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k-man_anyone alive?04:36
jaikumar_is there any water mark tool for video?05:24
jaikumar_Please any one tell some video editing tool for ubuntu.05:39
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apple_catHi, I'm trying to get my laptop's touchpad working by enabling shmconfig in xorg.conf. If I create an xorg.conf file with just the option I need the computer will not boot. How can I generate a working xorg.conf and then enable the option I want?06:12
StrongOrderHello guys! I've seen a screenshot of the latest kde where the whole window chrome is blurred, not just title bars. How can I do that? I have 4.5.106:49
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navetzhi I have an hp envy and want the ati drivers for my video card on linux, where can I find them?07:44
15SAAURWSToolmans tip of the day:  learn the command line.  The most important commant is "man".   for example, at the command line type "man ls"  and you will look at the "manual" for the "ls"  command - that is, the documentation of the command.08:25
MathKubuntuBonjour tout le monde !08:33
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:34
hrw|n900does someone know how to force kde network-manager to see dun or usb modem and use it instead of ethernet?08:36
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datuneAfter installing kubuntu, which of course is unable to even access the internet, since it fails to recognize my Belkin Wireless Stick, I can't access my Win7 installation, even though grub lists it. After hitting e, this is what displayed: http://pastebin.com/c3XiU15p I am assuming here that Win7 is unable to boot since Kubuntu installed Grub, thus removing BootMGR? I don't know what I can do, anybody perhaps has some pointers?09:32
kensohay alguien??09:42
darkdelusions!! spanish09:43
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:43
anygivennamecan anyone help me with edit command for android terminal emulator ?09:44
datunePlease, is there nobody who can give me any pointers as to how I can access my Win7 installation again? All that happens now when I select the grub entry to boot, is a instant restart09:44
darkdelusionsdatune that I wish I could help you on but I havent dual booted in ages09:44
datunedarkdelusions: Thank you, well, I can't dual boot eit her. I was so stupid to trust the kubuntu installer, and now that Kubuntu is installed, even though Grub displays an entry (Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1), I can't access it.09:46
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darkdelusionsdatune: check post #709:52
darkdelusionssee if that helps you09:52
darkdelusionsdatune: this also might be helpful http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146623009:55
datunedarkdelusions: Thanks a lot! I will try it09:55
darkdelusionsI would try the second link first09:55
anygivennamecan anyone help me with edit command for android terminal emulator ?09:55
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darkdelusionsanygivenname:  I would ask in #android09:58
datunedarkdelusions: Will do, I am booting into Kubuntu as I type. I really hope I can get it back to work.09:58
darkdelusionsdatune: it look like you may just have to edit grub09:58
anygivennamechannel is not opening10:00
anygivennamesays you need to be identified with services10:00
anygivennamedunno what that is10:00
datuneWhen I run "sudo apt-get testdisk" I get "E: Invalid operation testdisk"...10:05
darkdelusionsTry my second link first10:06
darkdelusionsdatune: but it would be sudo apt-get install testdesk10:06
datunedarkdelusions: Of course, but I realized it doesn't matter, since apt-get will not work for me, because Kubuntu is unable to access the internet. It fails to recognize my wireless stick, and I have no cable available (boy, at work I use 13 Ubuntu Servers, and I am very happy, but I am so dissapointed with the desktop experience thus far...)10:08
darkdelusionsdatune: for the desktop edition it kinda hardware depentant10:09
darkdelusionsdatune: when i say that some hardware is buggier then others10:09
darkdelusionsdatune: when i would install 9.04 it would take me 2 hours to get everythign working correctly10:10
darkdelusionsfrom jack sensing -> the stupid light senor on my asus laptop10:10
datunedarkdelusions: It seems so, first of all Wubi does not work from WIndows7, let alone booting from a USB Stick, it fails to recognize a 2 year old Belkin Wireless Stick, and it is unable to handle my 2 Screens decently, it recognizes both screens, but no matter what settings I change, it only activates one screen, even though both are listed as active in kubuntu...10:11
darkdelusionsFor you belkin stick I would good to see if anyone has got it working under ubuntu... if Yes look for a how to... If not see if it works under ndis wrapper10:13
darkdelusionsdatune: for the dual monitor issue if I recall i had to do something special to get mine working10:13
darkdelusionsIf its an nvida chipset use the nvida control panel10:13
darkdelusionsinstead of kubuntu10:13
datunedarkdelusions: I figured as much, but this is the year 2010, it's kind of pathetic that I have to do something special to work with 2 screens, with a $400 graphics card....10:14
darkdelusionsdatune: its not really something special persay10:14
darkdelusionsi can't remember what I did to fix mine10:14
darkdelusionsdatune: are you using an nvidia card10:15
datunedarkdelusions: No, it's a ATI card10:15
darkdelusionsthat gets tricky :)10:16
darkdelusionsI would just suggest taking that card and putting it down :)10:16
darkdelusions<= is not a fan of ati :)10:16
darkdelusionsI mean this computer that ubuntu is running on has a gf 6 on board video card and I spent most of tuesday trying to just let me #$#%#@ install ubuntu :)10:17
datunedarkdelusions: Just so you know, I downloaded testdisk, but that did not solve it either, so now I am downloading a Win7 Repair ISO, and hopefully this will allow me to boot back to Win7.10:36
datuneOf course, my netbook has no cd slot, so I hope Kubuntu is able to burn an iso image...10:37
datunedarkdelusions: omg, I copy the iso file from my Win7 netbook to my usb stick, plug the usb stick into the kubuntu machine, and the iso is not there, plug it back into my netbook, and what do you know, the iso is gone! Wow, Kubuntu deserves a huge post over on thedailywtf ...10:42
sresuDolphin file manager not displaying details if existing and source file matches while copying files. Details in terms of file size, length etc.. What should I do?10:44
sresuIS there a way to restore system?10:51
datunedarkdelusions: Post #8, specifically using Windows Repair CD resolved my issues. Thanks so much for your help, it's really appreciated! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146976310:55
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BajKwhbat are the prequisities for nstalling kubuntu on an usb stick?12:17
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BajKAnything I have to care for when installing it on an external usb hard drive (not usb stick, it is too small)12:47
n8wdo u guys know whether the ext3/ext2 fs uses 32bit signed or unsigned integers?12:49
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vbgunzI have some weird anomalies on my oxygen titlebars in KDE 4.5.1 using nvidia drivers. my title bars are black but sometimes the titlebar looks like it didn't finish painting, or hovering over buttons causes the button to have a gray square behind it... anybody know whats up here?13:01
James147vbgunz: not seeing that here, on kde 4.5.1 with nvidia as well ...13:11
James147vbgunz: could be a problem with the theme, try a new user see if they have the same problem13:12
vbgunzJames147: it's weird. it doesn't happen all the time. it happens rarely but when it does, very noticeable13:13
James147vbgunz: had a similar problem with the bespin theme once... didnt figure out what it was, I assumed it was bespin :S  ...13:14
James147vbgunz: I would try a new user, and possibly other themes as well13:15
vbgunzJames147: good idea, I like oxygen though, it's modern and just looks good. I don't notice anything else wrong with the theme just the titlebars acting funny sometimes13:20
James147vbgunz: yeah, but it should hopefully tell you if its just oxygen of something else causing the problems13:21
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lucidfoxAny idea why VLC doesn't pick up system font settings?13:33
lucidfoxit defaults to DejaVu Sans13:33
lucidfoxI looked at qtconfig-qt4, and it has the same fonts set as the KDE configuration applet13:33
Tm_Tlucidfox: it's UI uses wrong font?13:34
lucidfoxyes, I get the same font in both Qt and GTK applications with QtCurve, but not in VLC13:34
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lucidfoxoh, wait13:35
lucidfoxI found the reason13:35
lucidfoxVLC was set to use the GTK Qt style, not QtCurve13:36
matthiasbHi, I'm trying to recover data from an old hard disk that refuses to work. Does anyone know an appropriate channel? (Since googling didn't help much)13:39
Tm_Tlucidfox: ah, nice13:39
lucidfoxand for some reason it remembered that setting even after I wiped the configuration file, until I changed it manually o_O13:39
matthiasbI'm a bit stuck here, i have to rescue some data even though i told the users a million times that they have to back up their non profile data on their own.13:49
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BluesKajHiyas all14:50
smoophHi I have a question regarding the installation of a graphical program on a server ... I want to run kontact in an remote xsession ... what do I need (minimal installation to have kontact runnin?)15:36
BluesKajsmooph, ssh server and client , and then you could try start kontact with ssh kontact& command once your ssh'd into the remote pc15:44
James147(assuming you have enalbed xforwarding)15:44
BluesKajsmooph, let me rephrase that more clearly install both openssh server and client , and then you could try to start kontact with the command 'ssh kontact&'  once you're ssh'd into the remote pc15:48
smoophBluesKaj: James147 thats not really my question I know that ... problem is the "server" which only runs in console and this should stay that way but installing kontact requests all that kde rubish to be installed15:49
James147smooph: kontact will need the kde librarys no matter what15:50
BluesKajI run a server with kde libs ..it's really very handy15:51
smoophI agree with some libs like kdepim and so on but it shouldn't need the whole desktop environment like games and kate ... and so on and so on15:51
James147smooph: it shouldent pull in the games...15:51
smoophit does some15:51
BluesKajsmooph, how big is the server hdd?15:51
smoophroom is not the problem15:51
smoophits more a I don't want to15:52
BluesKajthen what is ?15:52
James147smooph: you could try instaling it without recommends15:52
smoophso you installed everything and than set start kdm default to 0 ?15:52
James147smooph: dident think ou would need kdm :S15:53
James147smooph: try using the --no-install-recommends flash in apt-get when you install it, see if that reduces the number of packages it needs15:53
James147s/flash/flag/  :p15:54
BluesKajbah humbug,  you've created a problem for yourself , otherwise it wouldn't exist, smooph15:54
James147!hi | israfil15:56
James147... :S15:57
israfili installed KDevelop 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 (or was ist 4.0.2?) on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx but i think the debugger is not working already. Am i right? What program could i use instead?15:57
avihayisrafil: though it's crude, ugly, and kinda hard to operate, I find ddd as a decent standalone debugger.  you can use code::blocks or eclipse IDEs. they both have built in debuggers (they all actually use GDB)16:01
James147israfil: you might want to try asking on #kdevelop  they will know more about its debugger :)16:03
James147israfil: you could also try qt creator :)16:04
avihayeclipse's debugger (or GDB integration )is the best I've seen in Linux, but then again, it's java software, so better have a powerful machine16:05
James147avihay: I prefure qt creator over eclipse, though I dont tend to use the debugger that often :)16:07
James147still think its as good as eclipse for debugging16:07
avihayJames147:  I never tried qt creator. it's name suggested that it's a GUI designer, and I got fed up with trying so many horrible IDEs, and am now sticking to good ol'e Kate.16:09
James147avihay: qt creator is a very nice ide, i suggest you try it, but I know what you eman about too many horrible ide about :p16:10
* avihay wonders what would have happened if he was a VI user ...16:10
James147qt creator is about the most polished one i have seen16:10
James147avihay: :D qt creator also as a fake vim mode which is good for simple vim commands, although lacks the support for more complcated stuff16:11
James147but you can change the external editor to vim and let it launch that when you want more complcated vim commands :)16:11
avihayummmmmm,                                                                     no.               thanks.                       :->16:12
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dasKreechKate has a vi mode. not sure what it's llke16:31
James147dasKreech: a little different from qt creatos, stll not entirly there but I think it has better support for more stuff16:33
James147actual vi is still the best atm16:33
dasKreechBetter support for more stuff ^_^16:33
dasKreechThat's a marketing phrase if I ever heard one16:33
James147dasKreech: :d16:33
* dasKreech sits under his emacs banner16:34
James147dasKreech: but marketing what?16:34
dasKreechJames147: I don't think the marketers care. as long as they have to convince someone to adopt .. well whatever it is16:35
Riddell** 10 minutes until Harald talks about Qt unicorn sparkles, 1 hour 10 mins until steveire talks about "Using Grantlee to create application themes", in #ubuntu-classroom16:52
QwertJames147: How can I convert text to .wav or any other audio file format?17:01
James147Qwert: text? you mean text to speech?17:01
QwertJames147: Yes17:01
QwertJames147: .txt to .wav17:02
James147Qwert: kde has jovie, its text to speech software, although I time I tried it it didnt work teribally well and took servral attpemts at starting and stopping speech-dispatcher (its backend) to get it to work17:03
James147but I can save the generated audio file if I remember correctly17:03
James147Qwert: was going to try it again o maverick see if it improved at all17:03
QwertYou see Okular got one option to speak the text of the page/document. Same I was thinking to have the generated audio saved17:03
QwertWell, then should I try out jovie?17:04
James147Qwert: Okular uses jovie, and jovie can already do that17:04
James147Qwert: you can try it17:04
James147Qwert: just it might not work out the box :017:04
James147(at elast its called jovie on kde 4.5)17:04
James147was kttsd before 4.5 I think, but you will want to grab the latest version to have best luck at it :)17:05
QwertI searched the package for jovie, James147. Its not there. I've kttsd already installed17:06
James147Qwert: are you on kde 4.4.2?17:06
QwertJames147: Platform Version 4.4.2 (KDE 4.4.2)17:07
James147Qwert: yeah, then kttsd then :017:07
QwertJames147: I've it installed already. What should I be doing now?17:08
James147Qwert: run kttsmgr I think17:08
QwertJames147: Umm... That will only 'speak' the text :)17:09
James147Qwert: can it not save the audio file?17:10
* James147 reinstalls jovie to see its options17:10
QwertJames147: I've never encountered those options17:10
James147hmm, cant see them either... must ahve been on a very old version then17:10
QwertJames147: While trying to find solution, I even read about festival somewhere17:11
James147festival is a speech synsasizer (or how ever you sepll that work :p )  kttsd use to use it as the backend17:12
QwertJames147: If I can get text2wav like package, then that wav can be converted to mp317:12
James147it now uses speech-dispatcher, which in turn can use festival as a backend17:12
James147(or one of many other ones)17:12
QwertJames147: Any other method coming to your mind. Or can you remeber how you saved the audio genertated?17:14
James147Qwert: just say the option once... or might have been with somethine else... it was a while ago :) nad kttsd never really worked all that well for me17:14
James147either way its jovie/kttsd where the option should be implmented, otherwise I am not sure how to do it17:15
James147at least within kde17:15
QwertJames147: What about gnome then?17:16
James147Qwert:  I dont use gome... so I wouldnt know. It is probally possible via command line though17:17
QwertJames147: Hopefully maverick comes up with something on it. Is there any package like text2wav?17:17
James147Qwert: I havent looked into it in detail so I cannot really say more then that17:17
James147Qwert: I dont think maverick will have it, its using kde 4.5 but kde 4.6 might improve on it (when it comes out)17:18
QwertJames147: Ah.. I did complete removal and installation of text to speech. I don't have any talkers now17:19
QwertJames147: I don't remeber how I added before. Could you guide me on it?17:19
QwertJames147: No problem. I'll find it out. Thanks a lot for your help :)17:21
James147Qwert: probally in the settings of kttsmrg17:21
QwertJames147: Yeah. I'll manage it. Thanks :)17:23
dasKreechQwert: You can redirect alsa output to a wav file17:25
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DexterFafter an upgrade http site calls are extremely slow. known issue?17:43
James147DexterF: Havent hear of that before, but it would be helpful to know what you upgraded :)17:45
DexterFJames147: from 9.04 to 9.10, then to 10.0417:47
DexterFI just found this which improved Firefox' speed: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-firefox-slow-problem-in-ubuntu-10-04lucid.html17:47
DexterFalas, this is FF, but I need konq and opera, too17:48
James147DexterF: Well, first thing I would try is a new user, if they work as you expect they should then its mostlikly a problem with one of the configfiles in your home directory17:48
DexterFwhat's this anyway, does 10.04 have ipv6 mumbo jumbo by defautl?17:48
DexterFJames147: opera was just installed and started with a fresh config. rules that out17:49
James147DexterF: might still be a problem with the kde configs.. I would test a new user to make sure17:49
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DexterFJames147: got it: the nic runs ipv617:56
DexterFapplying these changes now... should use the occasion and upgrade to grub2...17:57
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:57
ozcan #ubuntu17:57
JoePlumberI haven't used the installer in a couple years. Anyone know if specifying existing partitions for opt and home will repartition them?17:57
James147JoePlumber: you can setup manaul patitions, they will only be wiped if you chose to formate them, if you dont formate tehm then kubuntu will delete and recreate any of its system files17:58
* DexterF wonders if he'll live to see that ipv6 becomes the standard17:59
James147(ie if you only have one partition /  kubuntu will delete and recreate /usr /sys ...etc but wont touch /home   at least from what I ahve tryed, not sure about /opt)17:59
JoePlumberOk thanks James147. The way it makes you specify a size made me worried it was going to repartition even if i left it the same17:59
James147JoePlumber: you can resize the partitions without formating them... but I would make sure you ahve backup your data either way18:00
James147JoePlumber: and I dont know what it will do to /opt havent tested taht one18:00
sobczyksomething changed in Kubuntu? My fonts again changed to unusable, this time almost everywhere18:00
JoePlumberIt's not the most intuitive process for sure18:01
James147JoePlumber: it warns you if you dont format and it finds files it wants to delete18:01
James147JoePlumber: not sure how they could make it more intuitive with out haveing a detailed explnation beside the installer :018:02
JoePlumbersimple: grey out the fields for partition size unless you change them18:03
JoePlumberall i want to do is tell it to use the existing partition for home and opt, but because it makes me specify a size it feels like it's going to completely repartition18:03
James147JoePlumber: but greying them out (disabling them) means your cannot resize if you want to (which wont nessorally distroy your data)18:03
JoePlumberalright well just being extra paranoid as i'd rather not have to restore that data ;)18:04
James147JoePlumber: from what I can tell of the installer it will only delete data if the format button is checked....18:04
JoePlumberthanks for your help18:04
James147JoePlumber: yeah :) but there is no simple way to make user feel less parnoid... I would always backup before hand18:05
James147JoePlumber: although that is one thing I ahve to test, resizing a /home with the installer and seeing what it does :)18:05
JoePlumberhmm :O18:05
JoePlumberanother noobish question and then i'm going to blow away my existing / and install 10.10 RC18:06
James147I would think the data should remain intact, since I ahve done taht with gpatred/partitionmanager before18:06
James147JoePlumber: RC is out?18:07
* James147 goes to check the news reports18:07
JoePlumberif i have an existing windows install on sdb1, do i use sdb for boot manager or sdb1?18:08
James147JoePlumber: them mbr will be on sdb I think18:08
James147JoePlumber: well, it could be on sda as well :)18:09
James147JoePlumber: But I hink its on the harddrive, not the partition18:09
JoePlumberwell it gives option of each partition or hard drive. I'm just trying to remember which way won't kill my existing winxp install18:09
QwertJames147: Again, there?18:11
James147JoePlumber: hmm, might beable to be on both, but I dont think installing it on either will kill xp... I tend to put it on the drive that I am isntalling grub to (sdb if kubuntu is on sdbX) and changing the boot order in teh bios18:11
James147Qwert: yup18:11
QwertJames147: Do you know about any auto scroll feature in okular?18:11
James147Qwert: and just after you left: 17:25 <dasKreech> Qwert: You can redirect alsa output to a wav file18:11
JoePlumberoh single hd, just a winxp partition first and then the linux partitions18:11
QwertdasKreech: How?18:12
* James147 wonders why its sdb then.... :S 18:12
QwertJames147: Thanks about that. What about okular?18:12
JoePlumberbooted off a usb drive to livecd18:12
James147JoePlumber: but yeah, I would install it to /dev/sdb then, it will overwrite windows mbr, but you can restore taht from an xp recovery disk if you have one (although you dont need to if you plan on using grub)18:13
JoePlumberhmm well i'll give it a try18:14
James147JoePlumber: yeah, normally my usb get listed after the harddrives18:14
JoePlumberthanks again18:14
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QwertJames147: Do yoy know how to redirect alsa o/p to wav file?18:15
James147Qwert: afraid I dont18:17
QwertJames147:No problem. Any idea about auto scroll for okular?18:18
James147Qwert: cant see a way yet...18:18
Qwert!info omaque18:19
ubottuomaque (source: omaque): A comicbook reader. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (lucid), package size 18 kB, installed size 212 kB18:19
James147Qwert: found it.. shift + up/down  to seed up/slow down18:21
QwertJames147: No, it not working here. I got Version 0.10.2. Whats your version? How did you find it?18:23
James147Qwert: found about it here :) https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22078118:23
ubottuKDE bug 220781 in general "Make auto scroll more visible" [Wishlist,Reopened]18:23
James147I have kde 4.5.1 with okilar 0.11.118:24
QwertJames147: How is that?18:24
QwertJames147: ah.. 4.518:24
James147Qwert: what exactly?18:24
QwertJames147: Nothing got it18:24
QwertJames147: You got 4.5 from backports?18:24
QwertJames147: I mean KDE 4,518:25
James147Qwert: yeah, from the abckports18:25
QwertJames147: I Thanks again :)18:25
QwertThanks Again18:26
smoophHi I am looking for a command to install everything from one specific repository18:28
JackStoneris there a software manager in kubuntu like the software center in ubuntu?18:28
JackStonersmooph: you want to install EVERYTHING froma a repository? why?18:28
JackStoneri guess you can add the repo and do an update/install18:29
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smoophJackStoner: because I have a repository with everthing I need18:29
James147smooph: if it has everything you need then just add it along side the others... do you need to remove other repos?18:30
smoophbtw I think the thing is called kpackagemanager ?18:30
James147JackStoner: kubuntu uses kpackagekit18:31
James147JackStoner: although the version in maverick is allot better then the one in lucid :)18:31
smoophor so18:31
James147JackStoner: i recomends you wait to try that one before you judge it18:31
James147(can use it now, just keep in mind allot of things have improved before you decide to never use it again)18:32
JackStonerJames147: im not really judging it, i personally use apt-get but im asking on behalf of a newbie i know :P18:33
James147JackStoner: :)18:33
smoophJames147: sorry I don't think this is the right spot ... I am not looking for questions ... I am looking for answers ... of course I have added the repository and yes I can install everything but I don't want my fingers to bleed I just want one command ... like ... apt-get install * from repository18:33
James147just saing because allot of people have complained about the current version in lucid :)18:34
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James147smooph: ... I ask questions as I think you are needlessly looking into something that you really dont need... apt-get install *   will install the latest version from all the repos it knows about, so why would you need to tell it a spicific repo?18:36
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JackStonersmooph: maybe you can disable all the other repos for a while the do apt-get update then install *18:37
smoophbecause I don't want everything from all repositories but everything from one ...18:37
smoophthat might work ... I was hoping for a "nice" way to do it but if it works thats fine too18:37
James147smooph: o, you mean install all packages from a single repo? sorry, miss understood you18:38
JackStonerno prob18:38
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smoophJackStoner: nice thinking but the packages from the repo depend on packages of the standard repos :(18:41
JackStonersmooph: :(18:42
JackStoneri'll think again a bit more :P18:42
smoophwould forcing the install and afterwards fix-missing work ?18:44
JackStonermmhh...it might actually18:44
JackStonertry it...but if it breaks your system, YOU came up with the idea :D18:45
James147smooph: from aptitudes man page: to select a package from a particular archive, append “/<archive>” to the package name: for instance, “aptitude install apt/experimental”.18:46
yousufhi all18:52
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smoophJames147: sorry not working18:52
Solid_Snakehi everyone18:53
Solid_Snakeam new here18:53
Solid_Snakeand to linux itself18:53
smoophthis is different because an archive seems to be different from a repository18:53
Solid_Snakeany one could give me some website which i could visit to learn using linux ?18:53
James147Welcome  Solid_Snake18:53
Solid_Snakehi James14718:54
James147smooph: then I dont think there is an easy way :(   I beleave that you could however, get a list of apckages in a file and isntall them18:54
James147that way18:54
smoophSolid_Snake:  http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de18:55
smoophJames147: I was thinking about that too18:55
James147smooph: I think it would be "cat file | xargs sudo aptitude install "18:55
Solid_Snakeum any website in english or french plz ?18:56
Solid_Snakethnx for the link smooph but i cant understand the language18:57
chinmayahow to install kdesvn in kubuntu19:03
fwhsudo apt-get install kdesvn19:03
chinmayaits not working ..19:03
chinmayatried with kdesvn-build , and it is also not working19:04
fwhDo you have the correct repositorys enabled19:04
chinmayayeah ..i am using KUbuntu 10.0419:04
geekosopherchinmaya: you mean kdesvn is not getting installed, or is it not working after installing?19:04
chinmayageekosopher: i want to install kdesvn ?19:05
geekosopherchinmaya: do you get any error message when you give "sudo apt-get install kdesvn" command?19:05
Kyle__Is there a way to set the default session for all users in kubuntu to be umm... well simpler?19:05
chinmayageekosopher: i just did dpkg -l | grep kdesvn and found 2 packages , i guess its already installed19:07
chinmayageekosopher: sudo apt-get install kdesvn gives the output as kdesvn is already the newest version19:08
geekosopherso that means it is installed, may be there is some problem starting it19:08
geekosopherchinmaya: how do you try to start the application?19:16
leighalanhow / where can i change the name of my hard drive?19:36
James147leighalan: depends on what filesystem19:37
leighalanhow do i chefk that so i can tell you?19:37
James147run "mount" in terminal19:37
leighalannow what? i got some weird stuff back19:39
James147leighalan: pastebin it19:39
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:39
leighalanleighalan@leighalan-desktop:~$ mount19:40
leighalan/dev/sdb1 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)19:40
leighalantmpfs on /lib/init/rw type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,mode=0755)19:40
leighalanproc on /proc type proc (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)19:40
leighalansysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)19:40
FloodBotK1leighalan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:40
leighalanvarrun on /var/run type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,mode=0755)19:40
James147leighalan: please use http://paste.ubuntu.com19:40
James147leighalan: but I take it /dev/sdb1  is the one you want to rename? (its the one that hold your current os)19:41
DarthFrogMaverick RC is out.  Upgrade from Lucid by: ALT-F2, then: kdesudo "do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f kde -d"19:41
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ewoernermaverick rc feels like pulling teeth :-(20:00
DarthFrogewoerner: Slow?20:03
ewoernerunbearably slow20:04
ewoernerapparently the intel driver isn't used20:05
ewoernerprobably https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Mavericki8xxStatus20:09
ewoerner/var/log/xorg.conf sounds weird to me20:10
ewoerneri guess that should be /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:11
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jhutchinsCan anyone confirm this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xchat/+bug/65237020:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 652370 in xchat (Ubuntu) "xchat is configured to join #debian on freenode" [Undecided,New]20:47
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* althusius hi all20:57
highvoltagehi althusius20:58
althusiusdo you like AC/DC ?20:59
althusiuschi mi può dare una mano un attimo ?21:01
icepanebuona serata21:42
darkdelusions!! italian22:06
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:06
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jealousbarberhello . ktorrent freezes for me when downloading large files , verify filesbarely works22:22
jealousbarberis there something wrong with my harddrive22:23
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jealousbarberis there anyone who can give a possible answer for that ?22:26
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Fleckanyone knows - can i connect esata device to esatap22:45
Fleck? will connector fit?22:45
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owneri need some help with my computer23:26
James147!ask | owner23:27
ubottuowner: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:27
ownerhow do i get to files that i have already downloaded...i downloaded itunes for linux and i cant find it.23:29
James147owner: itunes for linux? that dosnt exist does it?23:31
James147owner: but downloaded files should be in ~/Downloads or ~/Documents23:32
James147(possiblly ~/Desktop  depending on what you downloaded it with)23:32
Lord_DrachenblutJames147: itunes can kinda be run in wine as I have heard23:45
James147Lord_Drachenblut: but its not 'for' linux23:49
James147Lord_Drachenblut: and I still have to wonder why you would want to try :p23:50
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Lord_Drachenblutwhy would you want to run ms office on windows23:56
Lord_Drachenblutor IE for linux23:56

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