rockstarOh balls. jsbuild is icky.01:58
james_wis this a known problem, or an artefact of building bzr-builder itself? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/56778044/buildlog.txt.gz02:03
mwhudsonGet:3 http://ppa.launchpad.net/dailydebs-team/bzr-builder/ubuntu/ maverick/main bzr-builder all 0.4+bzr104+0.0ubuntu45~maverick1 [32.7kB]02:05
rockstarjames_w, yeah, it looks like bzr-builder is still not updated on the buildds...02:05
rockstarLe sigh.02:06
mwhudsonvs the normal:02:06
mwhudsonGet:1 http://archive.admin.canonical.com/ubuntu/ lucid-cat-lpbuildd/main bzr-builder 0.2+bzr78+0.0ubuntu44~0.IS.10.04 [25.9kB]02:06
mwhudsonrockstar: i think it's because the ppa being built for has bzr-builder in it02:06
james_wthat could well be it02:06
lifelessmars: hi02:12
rockstarmwhudson, I still think we need at least 0.3 on the builders themselves in order to use SAFE_INSTRUCTIONS.  Isn't that right james_w?02:13
james_wI think so02:13
mwhudsonrockstar: well s/on the builders themselves/in the internal repo/02:17
mwhudsonrockstar: as it looks like it's installed for each build02:17
mwhudson(it's not in the chroot)02:17
mwhudsoni'm assuming its invoked inside the chroot?02:17
rockstarmwhudson, yeah, we haven't gotten that sorted out yet.  There's an open RT about it, but it hasn't been addressed yet.02:18
thumperwallyworld___: ping02:52
wallyworld___thumper: here02:52
thumperwallyworld___: skype?02:52
pooliejam1: how did you got with lp-serve?03:02
mwhudsonwhen i try to authenticate against login.launchpad.net from a locally running webapp, https://login.launchpad.net/+openid seems to be served as text/plain03:28
mwhudsonthat's a bit off03:28
wgrantmwhudson: SSO has been playing up a bit this morning and last night.04:13
wgrantIt seems to be reasonably happy.04:13
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SpamapSI'm curious, how is launchpad librarian's backend handled?07:02
wgrantSpamapS: What do you want to know about it?07:17
wgrantAIUI it's just on a machine with lots of disk.07:17
SpamapSI just get timeouts quite a bit.07:17
SpamapSWondering why.07:17
wgrantFrom the librarian?07:18
wgrantThat's not something I've seen before.07:18
SpamapSI'm not alone, other bug triagers have experienced similar things07:18
wgrantJust now?07:18
SpamapSwgrant: no, they seem to come in spurts.07:42
SpamapSwgrant: the next time I experience it, I"ll bring it up more promptly in here07:42
stubSpamapS: If you have a launchpadlibrarian.net URL, then you are talking to the Librarian. If you have a launchpad.net URL, you are being proxied via Launchpad for security reasons and the timeout is happening there (open bug, feature landed that should fix it, but still waiting to be tested)08:00
SpamapSstub: very likely it was always on private bugs. Good to know its been noticed. :)08:01
SpamapSmostly just curious as I imagine the librarian has a lot of files.08:01
wgrantNot too many. We're not even at ID 57000000, and a lot of those have since been deleted.08:06
persiawgrant, Depends on your scale of reference.  I don't think I have any machines with millions of files :)08:07
stubIts just a big tree of files, similar layout to any squid cache08:08
stubmetadata about the files is all in PostgreSQL08:09
adeuringgood morning08:39
StevenKwgrant: Have you seen anything like http://paste.ubuntu.com/503073/ ?09:01
wgrantStevenK: No, but others have. Apparently a 'make clean' fixes it.09:04
StevenKwgrant: Interestingly, 'make clean; make' doesn't fix it.09:11
bigjoolsgood morning09:14
wgrantDid the deletion work?09:15
noodles775StevenK: did you try deleting relevant direcotries from /var/tmp/09:16
noodles775(and ensuring there are no librarian processes hanging around)09:16
bigjoolswgrant: seems like it recovered some yes09:18
wgrantbigjools: But not half the archive? Excellent :)09:18
StevenKnoodles775: There's no python processes related, and deleting everything from /var/tmp has no effect09:19
wgrantmake clean fixed it for gmb last night.09:19
wgrantI wonder why it didn't work here.09:19
wgrantHow is buildd-manager looking? The queues have been disappointingly small today.09:21
jelmerwgrant: I seems to be doing alright so far.09:22
wgrantI'm not sure whether the tiny queues are because it's just so quick now.09:23
wgrantOr if they just mean that it hasn't really had much thrown at it.09:23
StevenKWait until the first autosyncer for natty09:23
bigjoolswgrant: I see ~280M saved09:25
wgrantbigjools: s/M/G/?09:26
bigjoolswgrant, jelmer: the falloff rate for lots of queued jobs (we get a spike of ~180 jobs each night) is much faster now09:26
bigjoolswgrant: it might be G, I think the graph is lying to me09:26
wgrantbigjools: Average build time should also have dropped by approximately an awful lot.09:27
bigjoolsit has09:27
jmlooh. do we have a graph for that too?09:27
bigjoolsI'll dig up stats later09:27
bigjoolssomewhere yes, build lag <blah>09:27
wgrantI will be interested to see all these pretty graphs in a couple of months.09:28
jmlA someday/maybe of mine is to put all of the ones that are relevant to actually administrating Launchpad into Launchpad09:29
jmlrather than the ones that are merely stats-gathering / popularity metrics09:29
bigjoolsis administrating some strange Australian word?09:31
StevenKLike 'setuping'09:31
jmlbigjools: I've heard it often before, so perhaps yes.09:33
poolie'administer launchpad' sounds a bit medical09:33
poolieperhaps appropirate09:33
jmlbigjools: I guess I should say "ministering unto" now that I'm in the Old World09:33
bigjoolsjml: it must have had some sort of attraction for you to come here? :)09:34
wgrant"administrating" is valid, but rather rare nowadays...09:42
bigjoolsit's not even in my dictionary09:42
wgrantWell, I may then have to make disparaging remarks about your dictionary.09:45
jmlThe Shorter doesn't have an entry for it, but it doesn't for many -ing words.09:47
wgrantSome sources seem to say that "administrate" was incorrectly formed from "administration", but others say that that is a common misconception.09:48
* wgrant gives up.09:48
jmlCambridge? Bah. What would that upstart little campus know about the English language!09:49
bigjoolsadministrate is not there either :)09:49
jmlI have to go out. Back in a bit.09:50
bigjoolsjml: quickly, is your b-m branch up to date?09:51
poolielosa ping?10:08
mthaddonpoolie: hi10:08
pooliehi tom, could you help me briefly to validate the flag control panel?10:08
poolie<poolie> on https://edge.launchpad.net/+feature-rules10:08
poolie<poolie> please add a line to the end:10:08
poolie<poolie> "test_rule test_scope 0 on"10:08
poolie<poolie> without the quotes10:08
mthaddonas a new line?10:10
mthaddonok, done10:10
poolieno problems?10:11
pooliethen delete it again, and we're done10:11
poolieyou should now be able to use this to change feature flags, without needing raw sql10:11
mthaddonok, done10:11
wgrantSometimes we cannot build packages on Launchpad, because the build-server11:24
wgrantruns out of memory. We need at least 5-6GB Ram for more-less normal11:24
wgrant^^ I am scared11:25
jelmerwgrant: what package is that?11:25
wgrantjelmer: yade (see launchpad-users)11:27
wgrantnoodles775: Any progress on the log parser front?11:29
jmlbigjools: yes.11:41
bigjoolsjml: I'll attack it more later today11:42
jmlbigjools: cool.11:42
jmlbigjools: my plan of attack for buildd-slavescanner.txt was to make a branch that killed it that would work w/ both our new branch & trunk12:04
jmlbigjools: but I got fed up with the twisted/testtools thing.12:04
bigjoolsjml: yes, that's a pain.  Did you say you could fix that?12:10
jmlbigjools: Circumstances permitting, yes.12:10
jmlbigjools: unfortunately, I haven't really had any time to hack since I got back.12:15
bigjoolsjml: me neither12:15
bigjoolsthat will change this afternoon12:16
jmlbigjools: I'm having a night in Friday, so maybe I'll get it done then.12:16
bigjoolsjml: BTW you'd think that my change to lp_sitecustomize.py would rarely cause a conflict - guess what.... !12:16
bigjoolseasy to fix, I just thought it was funny12:17
lifelessjml: I can has review? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/bug-627701/+merge/3709412:24
jmllifeless: sure. looking now.12:25
lifelessjml: if its within cooee, could you just tweak and land; its a critical patch12:36
lifelessjml: I've now been up for 23 hours, so gnight ;)12:37
jmllifeless: g'night12:38
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bigjoolsjml: I'd debugging that adaptation error we saw in the slave manager test, if you remember it?13:18
jmlbigjools: I remember the fact of it, but not much else.13:19
bigjoolsjml: it's something that the @write_transaction is doing.  BuildQueue.job gets nulled out :/13:20
bigjoolsif I muck about with cache invalidation it works13:20
jmlbigjools: ahh right.13:20
bigjoolsso I'm rather confused as to htf is does that13:21
jmla good place to start might be to do a timeline13:21
jml(or print a bunch of stuff, that always helps)13:21
bigjoolswhat does "_get_sqlobject_store().reset()" do13:22
jmldon't know. is it a storm store?13:23
bigjoolsoh, nm13:23
bigjoolsI thought that was screwing it but it's not13:23
bigjoolsjml: there's some *weird* stuff happening.  Look at this diff: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/503224/13:31
jmlbigjools: I see it.13:32
bigjoolssee the second print I added?13:32
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
bigjoolswhen that's added, the code works, if I comment it out, I get the adaptation error13:32
bigjoolsdouble you tee eff13:32
jmlthat sounds transactional.13:33
bigjoolscache problems13:33
bigjoolssee what's in the finally?13:33
bigjoolsI don't know why that's needed13:33
bigjoolsI suspect it's fucking with things13:33
jmlbigjools: perhaps there are tests for sqlbase.py that explain why.13:34
bigjoolsdarn, stub's gone13:34
bigjoolsright, if I comment out the reset() it also works13:35
bigjoolsperhaps the answer will present itself over lunch13:39
jmlanother approach might be to make a minimal test that reproduces the problem... slowly cutting the extraneous crap away13:40
sinzuimrevell, I just remove users from the list in bounce/out-of-office cases. suspending is very hard to undo13:40
sinzuiactually, now that the user is suspended, it is not possible to remove the user from the list of members :)13:41
mrevellsinzui: Damn. Okay, thanks, I was thinking that the problem would apply generally, hence the suspension. How do I remove someone from a mailing list?13:45
sinzuiwhen he is not suspended, you visit his membership page from the members list of the team. You can remove him or make him an admin.13:46
* sinzui looks for example13:46
mrevellAh yes, thanks sinzui13:48
sinzuimrevell, because launchpad-users is a mega team, I usually hack the url instead of listing every member https://edge.launchpad.net/~launchpad-users/+members13:48
mrevellSo, I think I see what you mean about it being hard to unsusepend him.13:50
sinzuijml: unification requires me to be very awake. I will think about both questions, neither are easy, though I personally think both are desirable13:51
jmlsinzui: agreed. remember, we don't care about merging the namespaces yet, just stopping more clashes.13:51
sinzuiright. teams with project names really confuse me when I am helping users who do not know what either is13:52
marsabentley, ping, have you seen spurious test suite failures like this before?: https://pastebin.canonical.com/37924/14:30
abentleymars: I don't think so.14:30
bigjoolsgary_poster: hi, can I bother you with some questions about transactions and  caches and some weird behaviour I'm seeing?14:37
StevenKmars: I have -- the Hudson instance reguarly has that failure14:39
gary_postergmb or other malone person: help request: starting on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/628755 , I click on "Also affects project" but then only see Apport on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/628755/+choose-affected-product14:39
_mup_Bug #628755: Impossible to log in in Launchpad using apport from a tty console with w3m <iso-testing> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <apport (Ubuntu):Invalid> <w3m (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <w3m (Debian):Unknown> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/628755>14:39
_mup_Bug #628755: Impossible to log in in Launchpad using apport from a tty console with w3m <iso-testing> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <apport (Ubuntu):Invalid> <w3m (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <w3m (Debian):Unknown> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/628755>14:39
wgrantgary_poster: "Choose another project"14:40
gary_posterbigjools: on call but will ping14:40
bigjoolsgary_poster: ok, thanks14:40
gary_posterwgrant: ah, how weird.  thanks14:40
wgrantgary_poster: Very strange UI there, yes..14:41
marsabentley, benji has seen that failure three times in a row on EC2 with this branch: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/wadl-refactoring/+merge/3645214:50
marsabentley, it certainly looks spurious... unless the test starts up an external process for testing the API or something14:51
abentleymars: The worker could well be an external process.14:52
bigjoolsstub: I've got a problem with the @write_transaction decorator15:09
bigjoolshave you got time to help or is it too late there?15:10
stubThat some twisted thingy?15:10
bigjoolsit was in the librarian module15:10
bigjoolsbut I moved it recently15:10
stubLibrarian counts as 'some twisted thingy' :)15:10
bigjoolsanyway check out this diff http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/503278/15:11
bigjoolsthe decorator lives in lp.services.database15:11
bigjoolsit calls the code in the diff after the decorated function finishes15:11
bigjoolsthe Librarian is more than twisted ...15:12
bigjoolsstub: the problem I am seeing is in some tests for the branch jml and I are working on for a fully async  buildd-manager15:13
bigjoolsthe decorated function returns a buildqueue vaguely atomically with that decorator15:13
bigjoolsit's supposed to have a "job" property, but that call to reset the store nullifies the property15:13
bigjoolsI can't for the life of me work out why15:14
bigjoolsif I comment out the reset, it DTRT15:14
bigjoolsalso weirdly if I uncomment that "print ret.job" it also fixes it15:14
bigjoolsso I suspect some dodgy cache interaction here15:16
stubbigjools: I'd agree. Are you sure of the order your stacked decorators are being run? You can confirm the write_transaction decorator is committing before the reset_store_decorator is resetting the store?15:17
stubNot that I understand why you would want to do that...15:17
bigjoolsstub: I went through in pdb and it commit()s before the reset15:18
bigjoolsI've no idea why the reset is needed15:18
bigjoolsand how that could affect this15:18
stubWell, it is resetting the SQLObject store (likely the Master), so it is old SQLObject legacy code.15:19
stubreset_store seems to be there to support changing connection settings, such as the database user you are connected as.15:20
bigjoolsis it still really needed?15:21
stubI don't see why.15:23
stubI don't see why it was ever needed, but I never really liked this pattern anyway - the decorators always seemed to be a hack to support code written for autocommit system to sort of work with transactional systems.15:24
bigjoolswell, I am using it so that I get an automatic retry15:24
stubI'm not sure if there is some subtlety I'm not thinking of, or if the @reset_stores are there to work around some early Storm issue15:25
bigjoolsI'm hoping that gary_poster can weigh in when he's off the phone :)15:26
gary_posterreally still on the phone ;-)15:27
stubbigjools: Suggest you read the docstring of Store.reset and weep15:27
stubbigjools: Looks like you have to throw away your objects after the .reset() is called15:28
bigjoolsI wish that was an option15:30
stubI still don't see why you want the reset. Write another decorator that doesn't reset.15:30
stubThe decorators are broken anyway as they only reset one of the Stores - not all of them.15:31
stubread_transaction should use transaction.doom() too, which wouldn't have existed when it was written, to ensure that nothing in func() commits.15:33
stubThat one isn't a bug, but would be additional protection15:34
allenapgmb, anyone: Do you know why the SourceForge bug tracker is disabled?15:34
gmballenap: Because we can't sync with it.15:36
gmbSo it was just chewing cycles and failing.15:36
allenapgmb: Did that change recently?15:38
gmballenap: Nope, ages ago. The problem is that the SF templates changed but our SF ExternalBugTracker screen scrapes.15:39
gmbHence, boom.15:39
gmbBut we haven't been able to assign anyone to fix it.15:39
bigjoolsstub: ok cheers, I'll mull this one over15:40
allenapgmb: Gah. Also, there are lots of registered bug trackers with http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=336232&atid=1408830 like urls. I thought those would have been prevented.15:40
allenapOr maybe we don't de-dupe those.15:41
marsflacoste, ping15:43
flacostehi mars15:43
gmballenap: I have no idea how we deal with those (Well, badly, apparently) but I haven't looked at SF for > 18 months, I think.15:43
allenapgmb: Okay.15:45
allenapgmb: And ta.15:45
gary_posterbigjools: off call.  can I still be of help, or did stub already dash your hopes and dreams sufficiently?15:45
bigjoolsgary_poster: he largely did, yes :)15:45
gary_poster:-) ok15:45
bigjoolsgary_poster: the pertinent question was why is the write_transaction decorator resetting the store after committing15:45
bigjoolsit's screwing with my partial commit, basically15:46
gary_posterand the answer was something to the effect of "because that's how things are done with Storm/our DB"?15:46
bigjoolsgary_poster: neither of us knows15:47
bigjoolscould be an sqlobject throwback15:47
bigjoolsthe effect of doing it is that all my in-memory db objects are suddenly invalid15:48
gary_posterI know that I've talked to Francis about this before--ZODB keeps objects around after commits, and AIUI Landscape actually does too15:48
gary_posterI believe we don't because of paranoia15:48
gary_posterbut that's something from well before me being around15:48
gary_posterstub, does that ring a bell, that we reset on commits because of paranoia, and Landscape does not?15:49
gary_posterI suspect to change that, we'd have to do a big honking audit and see what the implications are and blah blah blah15:50
bigjoolsgary_poster: it's only the write15:51
bigjoolsgary_poster: it's only the write_transaction decorator15:51
bigjoolsirc fail15:51
bigjoolswhich is used only in my app and the librarian AFAICT15:53
gary_posterthe read transaction decorator doesn't toss everything out at the beginning?  I think that's our policy for web requests, so it ought to be the story for other code too.  I don't know the story for those decorators, but what stub says above about transaction.doom sounds right.15:53
stubgary_poster: It might be a paranoia thing, but I don't know if it actually helps at all.15:53
stubgary_poster: It might be an attempt to ensure that any objects that leak outside of the transaction are useless and can't be used to accidently start a new transaction15:54
gary_posterstub, do we have invalidations set up for Storm across connections?15:54
stubeg. access a stale attribute on an object and a new transaction is started15:54
gary_posterthat's the kind of thing that would be unncessary with the current set up15:55
stubno, we only do that in the appserver. We have lots of code that relies on objects being available across transactions15:55
stubjml, spiv or jamesh might know the history of why the reset is there.15:56
jmlI don't.15:56
jmlWe used to have something similar for the authserver (RIP)15:56
gary_posterbut, I mean, a changed object committed in thread/connection X will cause that object to be flushed and reloaded in subsequent thread/connection Y, yeah, stub?15:57
* gary_poster about to go on another call15:57
jmlperhaps it is meant to be used with threads. bigjools certainly isn't using threads yet.15:58
gary_postersubsequent transaction in thread/connection Y I mean15:58
gary_posteryes, the policy is for threads15:58
bigjoolsthat'd make a lot more sense15:59
stubjml: These decorators would be those same authserver decorators16:00
jmlstub: ahh, ok :)16:00
jmlstub: then yeah, we were doing @defer_to_thread; @write_transaction16:01
bigjoolsjml: what's the right way of re-raising an exception as a Failure?16:03
jmlbigjools: depending on exactly what you mean: try: thing_that_raises(); except: return Failure()16:03
bigjoolsah that was it16:03
jmlbigjools: alternatively, just use maybeDeferred16:03
jmlreturn maybeDeferred(thing_that_raises)16:04
bigjoolsjml: the problem is in the startBuild code, it raises from verifyBuildRequest16:04
jmlbigjools: ahh ok.16:04
bigjoolsI don't want to return16:04
bigjoolsjml: see the _dispatchBuildCandidate we wrote16:05
bigjoolsthe failure.trap does bugger all for CannotBuild which happens immediately :)16:05
* jml depresses his mental clutch and swiftly changes gears16:05
jmlbigjools: yeah,  I'd change this line:16:06
jml        d = self.startBuild(candidate, logger)16:06
jml        d = defer.maybeDeferred(self.startBuild, candidate, logger)16:06
bigjoolsok that's more like it - now to work out how we buggered the logic elsewhere :)16:09
jameshgary_poster: some of the big hammer style reset logic probably traces its roots back to when the code was using sqlobject/sqlos16:27
gary_posterjamesh: ah ok, thanks.  so, we ought to consider removing the hammer and see if it buys us any performance wins, then, in your opinion?16:28
jameshsqlos's transaction handling was particularly busted, to the point where it would only join a connection to the transaction the first time.  So tearing things down completely was necessary to make the second transaction in the thread work16:29
jameshthere might be other code that depends on it, but Storm itself shouldn't need that kind of thing.16:29
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jameshsqlobject on its own wasn't so bad, but sqlobject+sqlos was a mess.16:31
gary_posterright, the other code is what I was afraid of generally, since I knew Landscape was keeping the objects around16:33
jameshlike Storm, sqlobject had its own connection wrappers and did some house keeping on commit or rollback.16:34
jameshsqlos tried to get sqlobject to run on top of a zope.rdb connection, and then try to make sure the house keeping occurred when the connection got committed or rolled back behind sqlobject's back16:35
jameshit didn't always get things right.16:35
jameshThe Storm zope integration code does things right, and the Storm level abstraction is registered with the transaction manager16:35
gary_posterRight, cool, jamesh.  If ever I want to muddle around in the code, do you happen to know where the code is in Storm to invalidate changed objects on transaction boundaries?16:39
bigjoolsjml: Total: 32 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors17:19
jmlbigjools: woot.17:19
bigjoolsI am surprised17:19
jmlbigjools: this test_manager?17:19
bigjoolsall the FakeMethod crap is still there, we can do it properly now17:20
jmlI'm surprised too :)17:20
bigjoolsand I can simply remove TestRecordingSlave17:20
jmlwhat about RecordingSlave?17:20
jmlcan you remove that?17:20
bigjoolsit's not used in that branch at all17:21
=== Ursinha-lunch is now known as Ursinha
* bigjools does a little dance17:21
jmlbigjools: I can cast my eye over the code (although maybe not today)17:22
jmlbigjools: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503374/ has all of the other stuff that I still had down as to-do.17:22
bigjoolsok, I'll take a butchers17:22
jmlnot a builders17:22
jmlEnglish slang is very confusing.17:22
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malariaHi everyone, I would like to discuss https://bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/608631 and the attached patch17:25
_mup_Bug #608631: Visual tag to represent narrow non-breaking spaces <diacritic:Invalid> <Launchpad Translations:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/608631>17:25
malariadanilos, if you are here?17:25
danilosmalaria, hi, I've got to finish something and then I can help out... is something like 30 mins ok?17:26
malariadanilos: no problem, I can wait17:26
danilosmalaria, thanks :)17:26
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bigjoolsg'night folks17:55
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
jmlg'night all.18:15
=== gary-lunch is now known as gary_poster
danilosmalaria, hi, sorry, it took longer than I expected18:25
malariadanilos: no problem, I ran some test in the mean time18:25
danilosmalaria, basically, the main issue is that you've got to provide an executable test18:30
malariadanilos: There isn't already a test for other tags? (so something easy to modify)18:31
danilosmalaria, even though the doctest you updated looks just like documentation, you can run it with "./bin/test -cvv -m lp.translations -t browser-helpers.txt"18:32
danilosmalaria, oh, yes, there is, it's the same file you updated :) also, I am not sure of the name "[nbthin]" (actually, I am sure that we can come up with a better name :)18:32
malariaok for the test18:33
malariadanilos: about the name, do you have a idea?18:33
malariathe relevant name should be [nnbsp], but it's actually too close to [nbsp]18:33
danilosmalaria, I was going to ask you the same thing - I'd say 'thinspace' but this is a nb variant18:33
malariadanilos: the html 'shortcut' for the thin space is &thinsp;18:34
danilosmalaria, 'nbthinspace' is too much to type imo, so how big of an issue is typing this out?18:34
malaria[nbthinsp] seems too long for me too18:35
danilosmalaria, right, and there's no &nbthinsp; character reference?18:35
malariadanilos: no18:35
danilosmalaria, yeah18:35
malariadanilos: does [nbthin] really sounds clumsy?18:35
danilosmalaria, it really sounds weird to me, but I guess we can also ask a few other people as well18:36
EdwinGrubbsabentley: Have you encountered this problem writing tests for cron scripts? The cron script creates a new entry in the ScriptActivity table, but between each test method, the sequences are reset to the original value, since it believes that it has rolled back any changes to the tables.18:37
danilosmalaria, i.e. you can get a reviewer to think about it so it's not a blocker for going into review18:37
malariadanilos: of course, the best would be to have a localised version of each tag (ie [fine] in French) but it can't be done right now18:37
abentleyEdwinGrubbs: no, I haven't noticed problems like that.18:38
danilosmalaria, right, we'll get it sometime in the future and then the problem won't be so bad18:38
danilosmalaria, anyway, I don't think we should spend sleepless night on this18:38
abentleyEdwinGrubbs: I assume it hasn't actually rolled back the changes?  What changes?18:38
danilosmalaria, how familiar are you with our submission/review process?18:38
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malariadanilos: I'm an absolute newbie :-)18:39
danilosmalaria, heh, ok, so there's also https://dev.launchpad.net/PatchSubmission for some documentation18:39
EdwinGrubbsabentley: the most important change is the new row inserted into the ScriptActivity table. The next test method that runs tries to insert another row, but since the sequence has been reset, it collides with the previously added primary key.18:39
malariadanilos: yes, I had a look to it already18:39
danilosmalaria, basically, you'll have to add some tests for what you are adding, sign a contributor agreement and then you are ready to go if you ask me :)18:40
danilosmalaria, cool, do you need any help with that?18:40
malariadanilos: I have to look the test stuff closer18:40
malariadanilos: I will ask here if I need some advices18:41
abentleyEdwinGrubbs: I actually haven't had any dealings with the ScriptActivity table.18:41
malariadanilos: anyway, can you have a look at this? http://malaria.perso.sfr.fr/fines/rosetta_nbthin_test.png18:42
danilosmalaria, right, sounds good18:42
malariadanilos: it's from a test (patched version of course)18:42
danilosmalaria, yep, does the +filter page fail to "escape" them?18:43
malariadanilos: even if those char are unlikely to be the last of a string, there seems to be a bug in this case18:43
malariadanilos: no, escaped tags seem to just work18:44
danilosmalaria, hum, interesting... it would be nice to demonstrate this with a test (that fails)18:44
malariadanilos: ok, I will have a look18:45
malariadanilos: but I think this is an other issue (not a regression because of the patch I mean) and this situation should not happen in "real life"18:46
malaria(ie. last char is nbsp or nnbsp)18:47
danilosmalaria, yeah, it's unrelated to this, but would still be nice to fix18:47
malariadanilos: ok18:47
danilosmalaria, I don't even think it would be that unlikely (for example, with string composition, you may often want nbsp at the end of one string)18:47
danilosmalaria, but if it's really a problem, please file a separate bug about it and don't work on it right now :)18:47
malariadanilos: ok :-)18:48
danilosmalaria, (just to keep things simpler)18:48
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sinzuithumper, https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/~launchpad/+specworkload21:21
rockstarabentley, wanna chat?21:42
abentleyrockstar: sure.21:42
rockstarabentley, I'll call you.21:42
lifelessjml: so did you have a review?21:56
jmllifeless: yes. I did it.21:59
jmllifeless: waiting for your reply.22:00
marsmorning wallyworld22:00
jmlbut I must sleep soon22:00
wallyworldhi mars22:00
lifelessjml: I can't see it on the review page... how odd22:03
lifelessah now it works22:03
rockstarwallyworld, thumper, standup?22:03
wallyworldyep. then coffee :-)22:03
jmlwallyworld: ahh, classic mistake22:03
rockstarwallyworld, not sure how long it takes you to get coffee, but you could gamble on when you think thumper will be here for the standup.22:04
* thumper is here22:04
thumperdo it22:04
thumperdo it now22:04
lifelessgetFeatureFlag does not define raising as part of its contract22:04
wallyworldjml: well, i am the eternal optimist. i also think hally berry will return ny calls one day too :-)22:04
jmllifeless: so why the finally: at all?22:04
lifelessjml: but if it did raise the if timeout_str code path would not run22:04
lifelessI think you have misread the code22:04
jmllifeless: quite right.22:05
jmllifeless: so why the finally: at all?22:05
lifelessit restores the reentrancy check disabling feature flags setting the timeout22:06
rockstarwallyworld, I don't see you on skype.22:06
wallyworldrockstar: skype is running and i'm logged in and all that22:06
jmllifeless: yeah, I get that, but not why it's in a finally, if getFeatureFlag does not define raising as part of its contract22:07
lifelessjml: because ctrl-C22:07
jmllifeless: ok22:07
lifelessjml: etc, defensive programming22:07
jmllifeless: what about my other review point?22:08
lifeless"I'll add some more to the prose to point folk at feature flags info.22:08
jmllifeless: ta22:08
lifeless+periods. For more information on feature flags see lp.esrvices.features.22:09
jmlfix the typo & you're laughing22:09
lifelessthat was a test ;P22:09
jmlI am going to sleep, perchance to watch several episodes of The Wire22:10
lifelessenjoy, please vote on the form on your way through.22:10
jmlalready done22:10
sinzuigary_poster, ping22:11
gary_postersinzui: five min22:11
lifelessjml: thank you!22:12
marshow long does it take for a dput package to show up in the team PPA?22:14
mwhudsonmars: depends on the ppa build queue22:17
marsmwhudson, any place I can look?  LP ate my upload yesterday - I would like to know if it even got through :(22:18
mwhudsonmars: oh, a day or so is way longer than it should be22:19
mwhudsonmars: did you get an 'accepted' mail?22:19
marsI just uploaded it now.  An no, I did not get any mail22:19
mwhudsonyou should get that within 5 minutes22:19
gary_postersinzui: pong22:19
mwhudsonit's possible that if you didn't sign it with a key registered on lp that it will just get eaten22:20
sinzuigary_poster, my name is now in the emails associated with lazr.restful does not compile on python 2.5 failures22:20
marsmwhudson, even if dput says "Good signature" everywhere?22:21
sinzuigary_poster, what is the plan to deal with this...I do not think I can fix this build22:21
mwhudsonmars: possibly, i mean dput doesn't know which keys are registered in lp22:21
mwhudsonmars: have you successfully uploaded to the ppa before?22:21
mwhudsonany ppa?22:21
mwhudsonhave you signed the code of conduct?22:22
marshad to learn so time, didn't I? :)22:22
marsah, nope22:22
mwhudsonwell do that then :)22:22
mwhudsonthough i thought that resulted in emailed rejections22:23
mwhudsonmars: have you seen https://dev.launchpad.net/LaunchpadPpa by the by?22:23
bdmurrayI am adding a checking to a view to see if the referer is localhost to help a test pass and that feels hackish to me.  Is it?22:24
marsyes, those were the directions I was following22:24
mwhudsonok cool22:24
marsbdmurray, are you checking for the existance of a referrer?  'localhost' exists for every test run, so is it possible for the test to fail?22:25
bdmurraymars: https://pastebin.canonical.com/37968/22:27
gary_postersinzui, the general pain is supposed to end next week, with lucid all around.  For this particular problem, you should ignore it, though I will pursue some questions on my side as to whether I will ignore it.22:28
thumperabentley: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/libsoup2.4/lucid22:32
marsbdmurray, what happens with your patch if the referrer is None?22:32
thumperabentley: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/libsoup2.4/maverick22:32
marsbdmurray, it looks like it will take the first conditional branch.  The old behaviour had it taking the second.22:32
bdmurraymars: okay, if I get that squared away though does checking for localhost seem reasonable?22:33
marsbdmurray, if the XXX comment says "We need to do this because [foo] is different when running the test suite", then it sounds ok.22:34
abentleythumper: hitchhiker lp:~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/libsoup2.4/maverick mirror . local22:34
marsbdmurray, is this a problem where the test harness returns a different value than production?22:34
bdmurraymars: as I understand it yes and ReturnToReferrerMixin helps with this but because BugTaskView does some rendering of its own using that mixin wasn't working22:38
marsbdmurray, well, I'm out of my depth here then :)22:41
marssorry I can't help more22:43
marsmwhudson, you were right about the mails.  Turns out the rejection mail was sent to only the last address on my key22:43
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mwhudsonmars: huh, that sounds a bit odd, but ok22:48
marswell, I have three addresses on my key.  The rejection mail was only sent to one of them.22:48
mwhudsonstill seems strange, surely it should be sent to your preferred email address?22:48
mwhudsonor at least the one in the changes file22:48
marsit went to my preferred address.  The one in the changes file didn't get it, and the other one in the "Change" record didn't get it either22:49
marswell, it is fixed now, and building22:50
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marsmwhudson, still around?23:43
mwhudsonmars: it's 11:45 am, so it would be a bit early for me to bunk off :-)23:43
mwhudsonalthough i suppose i'll be off for lunch soonish23:44
mwhudsonmars: how can i help?23:44
marsmwhudson, would you happen to know the dpkg or apt invocation that would take an on-disk .deb(s) and place it in the system cache?23:45
marsI want to test the launchpad-dependencies package I just built23:45
mwhudsonmars: no, why not run dpkg -i $deb23:45
marshmm.  That did not work because the new version forces a downgrade of python-psycopg2, which dpkg won't do becauase it is "not on the system"23:46
mwhudsonah ok23:46
marshowever, if I use apt-get to download the downgraded package23:46
marsthen it would be there for dpkg to use23:46
lifelesslosa ping; whats the eta for having all db servers on lucid ?23:46
mwhudsonmars: "apt-cache add" maybe?23:46
marsthe "debugging only" warning is a bit unsettling23:47
wallyworldthumper: ping?23:48
thumperwallyworld: hey23:48
wallyworldi figured out the windmill stuff myself, but there's a bug in the windmill code....23:48
mwhudsonmars: asking wgrant or some distro person is probably a better idea than asking me :-)23:48
wallyworldit is fixed in trunk but the only download package is still 1.3 beta223:48
marsmwhudson, I will, thank you for the help though23:48
wallyworldso what's the go here?23:49
marswallyworld, if you want to upgrade it, huge +1 from me23:49
mbarnettlifeless: hmm, that is an interesting question.  I am not sure.  I belive that the process is starting tonight, but I have not been working on the lucid upgrades, so I am not sure what the overall schedule is right now.23:49
marswallyworld, in fact, the Windmill maintainers explicitly requested that we do so23:49
marsfor testing23:49
wallyworldok. i would have to produce the source egg from trunk directly since the lasted packaged version is from 200923:49
marsthey said 1.4 is entirely backwards compatible23:49
marsoh, that....23:50
lifelessmbarnett: we have a buildbot failure due to python2.6, and I'm skeptical we'll be fully on lucid/python2.6 tomorrow; thats why i'm enquiring.23:50
wallyworldwonder why they are so slack with packaging a new version ?23:50
mars... uhm, /that's/ why I haven't done it yet23:50
marswallyworld, they may have just missed it.  If you jump onto #windmill and ask, they will help23:51
marswallyworld, our sdist of windmill is... odd23:51
marsI couldn't recreate a clean build when I last tried it23:51
wallyworldmars. will do thanks. i basically need to pull their trunk and package something newer than the 1.3b2 release we currently use in lp23:52
marshowever, if I tried it again, I would just try tossing the stock 1.4 sdist into the tree and give it a go23:52
marswallyworld, go for 1.4.0 then.23:52
wallyworldmars: will do23:53
maxbjelmer: Do you think it is practical to make a bzr-svn release happen and get it into Launchpad 10.10?23:54
maxbIt would be good to get the KDE branch fixes23:54
pooliehi there23:55
jelmerhi maxb, poolie23:56
jelmermaxb: We're already past FinalFreeze, I don't think these bugs qualify as release critical.23:57
maxbjelmer: Launchpad 10.10, not Ubuntu 10.10 :-)23:57
jelmermaxb: ahh, sorry23:57
jelmermaxb: Yes, that would definitely be possible.23:58
maxbIt's not essential - the project-neon folks won't mind if it slips, since my desktop is currently importing kdebase and kdesupport for them hourly :-)23:58
pooliethumper, no lp committers  have read <https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jameinel/launchpad/lp-service/+merge/35877> yet23:59

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