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sladenI occasionally hear of reports of a script for expiring bugs that uses the LP API00:36
sladendoes anyone have a pointer for this---I spent about an hour hunting last night, without success00:37
TiKhow might I report a big I have found?00:38
TiKer bug00:38
sladenTiK: http://launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug00:40
wgrantTiK: What have you found a bug in?00:40
TiKrythmbox in 10.1000:41
TiKit's broken w/ ipod00:41
TiKI had to run 19.04 in a VM to update00:41
wgrantTiK: Try the "Report a Problem..." item in Rhythmbox's Help menu00:42
TiKto late00:46
TiKill do both00:46
TiKI filed a bug already00:46
sladenTiK: what's the link to the bug number?00:47
wgrantIt was bug #65165200:48
ubot5`Launchpad bug 651652 in Launchpad itself "IPOD SUPPERT (rythmbox) 10.10 (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65165200:48
wgrantIt's far better for it to be refiled than retargeted, as we will get apport information that way.00:49
TiKI know00:49
TiKI said I would do both00:49
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ubot5`Launchpad bug 651659 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "ipod will not update correctly in 10.10 using rythmbox (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]00:56
TiKi love launchpad00:57
TiKthis is a big issue imo00:58
TiKgonna update my ipod in .04 bb00:59
TiKhah "seppert" quick typing isn't good01:04
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MTecknologyAny chance someone is around to make a PPA private?03:31
kklimondaMTecknology: isn't it unavailable for "free" accounts?03:41
persiakklimonda, Typically, but who says a given account is "free" :)03:42
kklimondapersia: hmm, indeed - but I've assumed that there is a nice gui for making a ppa private and you get a "how to make a ppa private" email along with the paid LP license or whatever it is :)03:43
persiaI think making a PPA private requires a LOSA to access the nice GUI.03:43
kklimondawhy there is still rt.ubuntu.com?03:44
kklimondait feels like some secret organization inside Canonical ;)03:44
persiakklimonda, rt.ubuntu.com isn't secret.  It's the way we request stuff from #canonical-sysadmin for infrastructure managed by Canonical.03:55
kklimondapersia: any reason it couldn't be done with LP?03:57
persiaRT is a bit more feature-full for that sort of things (workqueues, etc.), but also just legacy: rt.ubuntu.com predates LP.04:01
MTecknologykklimonda: ya.. you first go through and purchase the ticket; then once you apply it to a project there's 1yr that it's active;  you need a losa to make the change04:23
MTecknologywhich seem to be vacant..04:23
MTecknologywgrant: perhaps you're still around?04:23
persiaWell, it's Thursday.04:23
wgrantMTecknology: Still? It has just gone 1pm.04:23
wgrantspm: ^^04:24
wgrantBut he may be lunching.04:24
MTecknologywgrant: alrighty, thanks :)04:24
persia"losa" ought be sufficient ping anyway04:24
* persia wishes irssi had better OOB signaling semantics04:27
wgrantYes :(04:27
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spmkklimonda: speaking 1. very much personally and 2. as someone who uses both RT and LP for task tracking, LP is no where near as efficient for *task* tracking/management as RT. LP is focused around bugs. it may not seem like it, but use both a lot and the difference is painfully obvious.04:53
spmMTecknology: which project?04:55
MTecknologyspm: https://edge.launchpad.net/~kalliki/+archive/testing04:58
spmMTecknology: is done, have at it!05:04
lifelessspm: could it be that LP is slow?05:04
MTecknologyspm: thanks :)05:04
spmlifeless: in what respect? it's seems normal to me atm?05:05
wgrantRT's more flexible priorities are handy for task tracking.05:05
lifelessspm: har har har05:07
spmdashboards are win05:07
spmlifeless: heh, actually I wasn't joking - thought that was a serious "OMG LP IS SLOW ATM" comment. :-)05:07
lifelessspm: it is, but no slower than yesterday.05:07
spmrephrase. *flexible* dashboards that I can adjust to a view that suits *me*, are win. we have several that we use across the entire ISO team, but I spend most of my life looknig at just 2; noe for me, and one for all losas. saved search queries are another plus05:10
lifelessctrl-D ?05:12
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swoodyhow do I purge a mailing list before I delete a team? I deactivated it, but am still unable to see an option to purge it :/08:57
wgrantspm: Does that require an admin?09:00
swoodyah, found it, both team and project deletion need admin powa! :)09:06
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LinuxJedihi guys, any idea why the triage details are suddenly showing up in the project row as well as the targeted release row in this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/drizzle/+bug/64736012:23
ubot5`Launchpad bug 647360 in Drizzle elliott "drizzzledump mysql migration needs documenting (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [High,Fix released]12:23
* LinuxJedi is pretty sure this wasn't happening yesterday12:23
LinuxJediit appears to be happening for all our bugs12:24
LinuxJediwhich is causing duplicates in the milestone view12:24
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tumbleweedWe allow usernames with +s in them? This guy has just opened some bugs, but I can't see his profile https://edge.launchpad.net/~guy+launchpad-net13:33
tumbleweedi.e. bug 65199213:34
ubot5`Launchpad bug 651992 in Ibid "failed dependency in setup.py (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65199213:34
wgranttumbleweed: That account has been renamed.13:39
wgrantBut +s are normally fine.13:39
wgrant(ghalse is the new name)13:39
wgrantYou must have looked at the link at just the wrong time.13:40
tumbleweedwgrant: ok, I suspected as much13:40
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paissad_hello guys,15:16
paissad_i have an account in launchpad and some packages into my dedicated repo there15:16
paissad_but i would like to know if i'm obliged to upgrade to Maverick before creating a package for Maverick ?15:17
paissad_thanks in advance15:17
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shadeslayerpaissad_: nope16:40
shadeslayerbut you should have a maverick pbuilder to test build those pacjages16:41
shadeslayerjust replace lucid with maverick in the first line of the changelog16:41
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paulmckHello!  Any hints on what I need to do to be able to update https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linux-linaro/+spec/linaro-tr-kernel-memory-regions?  I am logged in as https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~paulmck, and am supposed to have the relevant permissions.17:28
jmlpaulmck: looking...17:32
paulmckjml: Never mind -- pilot error.  I am used to the "Change details" link, and just now learned of the little icon near "Whiteboard".  Apologies for my confusion!!!17:34
jmlpaulmck: np :)17:35
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Linden940I need a hand real fast if anyone could help19:55
Linden940I am the team leader for team-dallas and I am trying to set up a project page for that team but I dont know how to link them19:55
Linden940how would I do that?19:55
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xrg_admins here? Could you take a look at lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/trunk-dev-addons3 , please?22:13
marsxrg_, what is the problem?22:14
xrg_mars: thanks. This repo is slow. The format is reported as "unnamed" .. One check and perhaps upgrade to 2a would do.22:15
marsrockstar or abentley, perhaps you have some input? ^22:16
abentleymars: use nosmart+lp in the URL.  Or look at the web page.22:17
marsxrg_, ^ does that help?22:18
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xrg_abentley: the issue is that in our testing server, the "trunk-dev-addons3" is the only branch that takes too much time to fetch.22:19
xrg_abentley: so wanted to perform any regular maintenance (you might think suitable)22:20
abentleyxrg_: There's no maintenance that we do.22:20
xrg_stupid question: what is format 7 and what is 2a ?22:22
rockstarxrg_, you could try `bzr upgrade lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/trunk-dev-addons3`22:22
rockstarxrg_, format 7 and 2a are the branch and repository formats.22:22
xrg_rockstar: it is fairly large, will it perform well remotely?22:22
xrg_rockstar: I tried 'bzr check' for a start, but cancelled agter 5hrs and 1.3GB22:23
rockstarxrg_, if it's in format 7 and 2a, it doesn't need an upgrade.22:33
xrg_rockstar: agreed. I'm trying a "pack" now.22:34
xrg_rockstar: is it possible, please, that you can try a "pack" locally? Isn't the remote one abusing bandwidth?22:44
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xrg_(still running my pack command, may abort if you say so )22:47
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askhlHi.  When I try to copy a lucid PPA package to maverick in the same PPA while keeping the binaries, it says 'binaries conflicting with the existing ones'.  Isn't this a bit strange, and what should I do?23:34
maxbxrg_: I was curious, and copied your branch locally. It packed down to just 12MB for me23:49
maxbaskhl: That is indeed odd. Smells potentially like a bug. What is the PPA and the sourcepackage name and version you are copying?23:52

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