computergeeksjwacicula over at #ubuntu solver my problem: Add to panel, indicator applet00:00
ovrflw0xhow do i install tomcat 7 on ubuntu 10.10 pre-release?00:13
Ken8521how did you install it on 10.04?00:18
SaRyis tomcat 7 out yet ..00:20
SaRyit is , but not Stable.00:22
androidbruce|laptomcat is for apache right?00:25
SaRyguys , look here http://bit.ly/9WHoli00:28
TyphOk, so I installed meerkat on monday, but it doesn't seem to have installed a bootloader. I can boot if I use the installer usb stick, but not without it. Tips? :)00:29
Ken8521Typh, is it a single boot, or dual boot machine?00:29
Typhsingle boot00:30
Ken8521what is it doing when it "doesn't boot"00:30
Ken8521becasue grub doesn't show on a single boot machine00:30
Ken8521i guess my point is, are you letting it set a second, befoer turning it off because you're not seeing grub?00:31
TyphBlank screen, blinking cursor. Nothing terribly useful.00:31
SaRyovrflw0x, http://bit.ly/a9FOii ,00:31
Ken8521ok... again, how long are you letting it set?00:31
TyphAnd yeah, I've let it sit for quite a while00:31
Typh15 minutes at the longest, I would guess00:32
Ken8521well, 15min, it should've booted00:32
StrontiumDogHi, I installed 10.10 from alternate install from USB.  Everything seemed to go fine.  But it boots to a command line, not the gui, and does not start the network.  How do I fix??01:09
StrontiumDogI can find no posts on this anywhere01:09
StrontiumDogThis is a brand new PC and a total clean install to HDD01:10
StrontiumDogor even what should i look for that could be causing the problem.  I thougt it might be stuck in the wrong runlevel but ubuntu doesnt seem to have the concept of runlevel except for compatability purposes01:11
StrontiumDogSaRy, i looked at the post you pointed me to, I am not sure what WUBI is but I dont think I am using it, this is a clean install to a HDD01:16
StrontiumDogI think my problems with X are symptomatic of my overall problem where it wont boot into X and wont start the network01:16
StrontiumDogand now i am getting rampant "Sorry, Ubuntu One closed unexpectedly" errors01:21
yofelStrontiumDog: you used the desktop alternate image right?01:26
yofelStrontiumDog: and what does 'initctl status gdm' tell you?01:27
yofelabout runlevels, upstart doesn't really use them anymore right, for everything else: the default is 2 and 2 - 5 are all the same01:28
kandinskiI have a working Ubuntu Maverick install that's terminal-only. I installed ubuntu-gnome and nvidia-current with all the dependencies and then did a sudo nvidia-xconfig, but when I try to sudo startx it says it can't find the nvidia module, what do I need to do next?01:30
kandinskithe error itself is "Failed to load module 'nvidia'" and then "No drivers available"01:31
bjsniderkandinski, dkms status01:31
StrontiumDogyofel, the iso was: ubuntu-10.10-beta-alternate-amd64.iso01:33
kandinskibjsnider: thanks01:33
kandinskiI am rebooting now01:34
kandinskianother problem is that it crashes randomly01:34
kandinski(not under Windows, so not a hardware pboblem)01:34
bjsnideri need to know what that command says01:34
yofelStrontiumDog: ok, what does 'sudo service gdm restart' do?01:34
kandinskibjsnider: yeah, I meant that as an excuse for not reporting back: it's rebooting...01:35
StrontiumDogyofel, initctl status gdm says "initctl: Unable to connect to system bus: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory01:35
kandinskinvidia-current, 256.3, 2.6.35-22-generic, x86-64, installed01:36
yofelok... and what does restarting gdm do? if anything01:36
bjsniderkandinski, and now uname -r01:36
StrontiumDogyofel, sudo service gdm restart says "restart: Unknown instance:"01:36
yofelStrontiumDog: and 'sudo service gdm start' ?01:37
StrontiumDogyofel "gdm start/running, process 24232"01:37
yofelStrontiumDog: and is X now running? or still nothing?01:38
yofelany error in /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?01:39
kandinskibjsnider: bingo. it says 2.6.35-19-generic, so a different kernel01:39
cozziemotosmall thing...noticed  kpat animation is slowed way down from lucids version...who would i speak to about this?01:39
cozziemotowhich developer?01:39
bjsniderevidently so01:39
bjsniderfor som reason you're booting an older kernel01:39
kandinskibjsnider: thanks, how should I go from now?01:39
StrontiumDogyofel, I ran X manually with startx before, I can startx no problem, but things crash and generally misbehave.  I will shut it down and see if start gdm does what it should.01:40
bjsniderkandinski, check your grub list to make sure that kernel is there01:40
yofelStrontiumDog: how are you trying to connect to the network? wireless or wired?01:40
StrontiumDogwired network.  I can force a connection using ifconfig and route add default... but it doesnt come up automatically01:41
kandinskibjsnider: thanks, will do01:41
rmrfslashWhat's the story with hybrid graphics support in 10.10 (or I suppose in Linux in general). I read about some vga-switcheroo utility but not so sure if it is expected to make the cut.01:41
yofelStrontiumDog: odd, did you install updates? the beta is quite old01:41
rmrfslashany insights?01:41
bjsniderkandinski, check cat /boot/grub/*.cfg and if the -22 kernel isn't there run sudo update-grub01:42
StrontiumDogyes i did sudo apt-get update and then upgrade and then dist-upgrade and then update again and so on01:42
Artemis3argh, when booting i'm getting stuck at "Checking battery state [ OK ]" any ideas?01:45
kandinskibjsnider: update-grub was not installed01:47
kandinskiand can't find an insall candidate01:48
yofelStrontiumDog: then I don't know what goes wrong, you could remove 'quiet splash' from the kernel grub line and add --verbose to get upstart to tell you what it does during boot01:49
yofelkandinski: update-grub is part of 'grub-pc'01:50
yofeland this *should* be installed01:50
kandinskiyofel: I guess it should, but it wasn't. Thanks for the tip, installing now01:50
StrontiumDogyofel, thanks for the tip will try it out01:51
kandinskibjsnider and yofel, thanks, it's booting now into X, no problem01:53
bjsniderupgrade must have become borked01:53
DanaGOooh, ubuntu font is nice.01:56
DanaGIt's a bit thin, though.  Really thin strokes.01:57
DanaGAt least in Thunderbird, that is.01:57
kandinskibjsnider: I get a lot of crashes, so maybe grub-pc fell through the cracks01:58
bjsnidermaybe a lot of things did01:58
bjsnideris ubuntu-desktop installed?01:59
bjsniderDanaG, only flaw is no monospace version for 6 months01:59
kandinskibjsnider: it is after I installed ubuntu-gnome02:01
DanaGIt's also really thin compared to most desktop fonts.02:02
DanaGIt's starting to grow on me, though.02:02
bjsniderit's designed for use at small sizes02:02
bjsniderbut it looks good big too02:03
yofellooks nice IMO, takes a bit getting used to when looking at launchpad now though ^^02:03
GA_BullI can't remember how to make applications run at start...02:10
kandinskinew ubuntu font looks a bit like Dax02:21
kandinskidon't see myself using it for copy, but for headlines02:22
kandinskiwhat do you think?02:22
lunksIs there anything similar to rainlendar for Gnome?02:27
StrontiumDogyofel, these are the thing --verbose threw up which look suspicious: "init:ureadahead-other main process (1052) terminated with status 4" "init: dbus pre-start process (1053) terminated with status 1"03:05
StrontiumDoggoogling now03:05
yofelfirst one is ok, 4 is not an error03:06
yofeland the dbus pre-start script is only 3 commands:03:07
yofel   mkdir -p /var/run/dbus03:07
yofel    chown messagebus:messagebus /var/run/dbus03:07
yofel    exec dbus-uuidgen --ensure03:07
yofelStrontiumDog: can you running them and see which one fails?03:08
StrontiumDogyofel: doing that now03:15
StrontiumDogyofel: Last line reports "UUID file '/var/lib/dbus/machine-id' should contain a hex string of length 32, not length 0 with no other text"03:18
aromanRealistically, what is the difference between the RC tomorrow and the GM? Any reason I SHOULDN'T install it on my desktop?03:18
yofelif you mean todays daily build: no difference03:19
yofelwell, almost, todays daily builds are the candidate images for the RC, if no grave issues are found they'll be released03:20
yofelStrontiumDog: what does the file have for you?  or does it even exist03:21
StrontiumDogmachine-id exists but is empty03:23
yofelas I understand the manpage, dbus-uuidgen --ensure should create the file with a sane UUID if it's missing03:23
StrontiumDogI have a machine-id.at4HwEMP file and it has a 32 digit hex string in it03:24
yofelcan you delete both files and try 'sudo start dbus' ?03:25
yofeland see if the file has a correct UUID after that03:25
aromanyofel, GM = gold master = final03:26
StrontiumDogyofel, after i started dbus my screen went blank and the hard drive churned a bit.  I will reboot cause at the moment I am flying blind.03:27
DanaGhmm, that new ubuntu font...03:28
DanaGthe 'l' looks underlined!03:28
yofelit does? looks fine here, well, it's barely recognisable as an l since it's so thin03:29
aromanIs anyone here using the very-latest build of Maverick?03:34
yofelwell, everyone here should have all updates installed, why?03:34
aromanwondering if there's any outstanding bugs.. I'm not sure where to find a running buglist.03:35
GA_Bullwell, there are lots of bugs...03:36
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/03:36
GA_Bullthe bug list should be on there.03:36
aromanerm, i know _that_. I was wondering about outstanding bugs that are known and planned to be fixed before maverick launches03:36
GA_BullHmm... don't know how to tell ya that.03:37
yofelaroman: see the list of bugs that are specifically tracked for maverick https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+bugs the list of filed bugs is a lot larger though03:37
GA_BullI haven't had any problems after these last updates...03:37
aromanthat's a pretty disconcerting list lol03:38
GA_Bullwell, except for compiz freaking out. but it's compiz... it's always done that for me.03:38
Blue11i have an nvidia card (01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1) but it can't find any hardware drivers.  Is there an issue with 10.10?03:38
aromantons of high bugs unresolved.03:38
aromanGA_Bull, What gfx card do you have?03:38
yofeliirc, the list for lucid was longer..03:38
yofelBlue11: afaik the legacy drivers don't support the new xserver yet03:39
Blue11yofel: thanks that saved me eons of wondering why....03:39
GA_Bullaroman, not sure right now, i'm working with two recently acquired computers, and taking an algebra exam, and writing an essay right now... so couldn't really tell you off the top of my head.03:39
yofel'lspci | grep VGA' lists the gfx card03:40
aromanAh okay. If you get a chance to find out, and if you've got an ATI card, try pulling the very latest from their drivers page.. they have pretty frequent updates for linux03:40
DanaGActually, wrong on that ATI bit...03:40
DanaGMaverick repos have Catalyst 10.10.03:40
DanaGIt's not available anywhere else.03:40
aromanoh snap -- really?03:41
aromanand it's not on ati.com..03:41
GA_Bullhmm... well I fixed it last time, it was previously a problem with blacklisting... but that's probably been fixed by now... it's not important, I don't need compiz-config...03:41
StrontiumDogyofel, that fixed it, my black screen was caused by an xorg.conf error.  xorg now fired up after boot and networking works.  I also now only have a single machine-id file and its got the required 32 character hex string in it.  Thankyou very much for your help.03:43
yofelnice to hear, wonder how that happened though...03:43
GA_Bullso, my netbook is now my desktop, running 10.10... seems to work well. I gave up on the stupid Unity thing... it sucked. and I don't ever use my netbook, so hooked it up to a 24" monitor and put it on my desk. problem solved.03:44
GA_Bullonly question now is anybody know how to keep it from blanking the screen when it's closed, when you're using an external monitor.03:44
Volkodavnot a whole lot of updates - looks like we are in RC mode pretty much03:46
IvisHi can i upgrade to 10.10 alredy ?03:50
StrontiumDogyofel, i dont know its how it came up fresh after a brand new install03:51
StrontiumDogyofel: thank you very much I really appreciate your help.03:51
yofelyou're welcome03:51
CrankygeekAnyone having issues installing Team Viewer in 10.10?03:51
yofelIvis: 'sudo update-manager -d' or 'sudo do-release-upgrade -d' (latter to upgrade from a terminal)03:52
Ivisyofel, thanks03:53
CrankygeekAnyone having issues installing Team Viewer in 10.10?03:53
doc|homeany idea why gnome-desktop might be getting held back?03:53
CrankygeekAnyone else have any problems installing Team Viewer in 10.10?03:57
yofelCrankygeek: what's the package name? I can't find it in the archive04:01
CrankygeekOhh, it's from Teamviewer.com04:03
intraderI am looking into inconsistencies of the manner in which 10.10 is treating shells scripts (like Pharo.sh).  I have just tried OpenSolaris, Fedora, Mandriva, ubuntu 9.04 and mint. They all show a context menu of 'Open' for this script file. Ubuntu 10.10 does not - Further all those distributions load the Pharo IDE without problem. When I change the property of the file to executable, then the context menu shows 'Open', but the exe04:39
intradercution does not open the IDE.04:39
intraderMint is interesting in that it forces the checkbox to set (in the properties menu)04:40
StrontiumDoganyone have any idea why the bluetooth icon on my screen says bluetooth is enabled, but the bluetooth preferences dialog says its disabled and when i press "Turn on bluetooth" nothing happens???04:40
intraderAnyone, I am looking into inconsistencies of the manner in which 10.10 is treating shells scripts (like Pharo.sh).  I have just tried OpenSolaris, Fedora, Mandriva, ubuntu 9.04 and mint. They all show a context menu of 'Open' for this script file. Ubuntu 10.10 does not - Further all those distributions load the Pharo IDE without problem. When I change the property of the file to executable, then the context menu shows 'Open', but04:44
intrader the execution does not open the IDE.04:44
dliStrontiumDog, not ubuntu specific, but check: 1, bluetooth enabled in BIOS; 2, bluetooth driver loaded for kernel; 3. bluetooth started in services(init)04:47
kklimondaintrader: have you reported it?04:47
intraderkklimonda, no, #ubuntu-bugs want to discuss this here.04:48
DanaGHmm, that new Ubuntu font... the letter 'c' in the Firefox titlebar makes me think I have some smudges on my screen.  It has little blobs on the inside of the right two ends of the letter.04:49
intraderkklimonda, trying again.04:51
kklimondaintrader: it's most likely a change made by GNOME, they did the same with running "untrusted" desktop files. A problem with IDE not running most likely isn't related to that04:51
intraderkklimonda, in my opinion, it is incorrect to handle script files that way. The '#!/usr/bin/sh' first line demands special treatment.04:53
kklimondaintrader: only if it has a +x bit set04:53
kklimondaeven in terminal you can't launch script directly if it doesn't have execute bit set04:54
glebihanintrader: plus I don't know about other distributions, but sh is in /bin not /usr/bin in ubuntu04:54
DaveWManybody use GRUB_CMDLINE...blah=".. with "nosplash text" as parameter on maverick ?  after doing update-rc.d -f gdm remove,  and plymouth remove,   apt-get remove gdm,    during bootup,  short before it goes to text login,  the screen still flashes a splash for a second,  display changes in some way04:58
StrontiumDogdli interestingly I tried to install blueman and it installed OK, BUT it did not conflict with the standard bluetooth manager and now i have them both running.  This would seem to be a packaging problem, no?04:58
intraderglebihan, sorry my mistake - I could include a pastebin to be accurate04:58
DaveWMI'm trying to figure out what's doing that04:58
glebihanintrader: yes could you do that ? I'd like to see the script04:58
intraderkklimonda, not in any of the other mentioned distributions - they don't need the +x. If you set it then 10.10 offers the 'Open' context menu04:59
dliStrontiumDog, blueman is just a GUI frontend, check your bluez installation04:59
intraderglebihan, could you remind me of the pastebin url for ubuntu?05:00
glebihanintrader: paste.ubuntu.com05:00
glebihanDaveWM: I don't think the nosplash option is recognized, to disable the splash screen, you should just need not to set the splash option05:01
intraderglebihan, done, here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503006/05:02
glebihanDaveWM: My GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX is empty and I don't have a splash screen05:02
intraderglebihan, as mentioned I tried all those distributions with the +x not set! In the case of mint, it forces the checkbox to set.05:04
intraderglebihan, miint is KDE, the rest of them use GNOME05:07
intraderkklimonda, I concur with you that the problem of the pharo IDE not coming up is probably incompatible squeak (the VM for Smalltalk)05:09
glebihanintrader: just a test, try replacing the content of pharo.sh by this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/503009/05:09
intraderglebihan, with the contents of this of the pastebin?05:10
glebihanintrader: yes05:10
DaveWMglebihan : just figured it out,  it was indeed plymouth,  did mv /etc/init/plymouth* ~ to move all the plymouth conf files out,  and rebooted,  no splash ( not even a screen flicker ) on shutdown or reboot now05:10
glebihanDaveWM: ok nice05:11
DaveWMalso,  you're right,  i changed my grub arguments to just "text"  didnt need "nosplash"  or anything else05:11
intraderglebihan, 10.10 does not offer the context menu 'Open'05:12
kklimondaintrader: but it's an upstream change afaics05:12
glebihanintrader: it should...05:13
glebihanintrader: use command-line to open the file if you can't get to do it otherwise05:13
intraderglebihan, does not allow me to change the executable bit from the context properties dialog05:14
glebihanintrader: that's probably because you don't have rights, do it as root05:14
glebihanintrader: same thing for opening the file btw05:15
intraderglebihan, I must discontinue this for the moment, my wife is calling. I have copied the pharo folder to the desktop and will do so later. thanks05:16
glebihanintrader: you're welcome, don't hesitate to get back to me later if you need to05:16
DanaGargh, any time I try to alt-f2 and open some thing in Pictures, which is a symlink to my ntfs partition, it tries to execute it instead of using gnome-open.05:18
DanaGAnd any time I try to install an app in Wine from a CD, I'm screwed... you can't set +x05:19
kklimondait's a sign not to use wine ;)05:19
DanaGyeah, and it thoroughly devours 100% of one CPU core when run through PulseAudio.05:20
glebihanDanaG: force use of gnome-open, files on ntfs partition are considered as executable05:20
DanaGEven native OpenAL apps don't do that!05:20
DanaGNow, KDE can be even weirder... it'll try to "execute" a directory.05:20
aromanAnyone here using 2.6.35 with a laptop?05:36
DanaGLet me guess: touchpad issues?05:36
aromanNope, wondering about the async suspend/resume thing.05:37
aromanIt's in 2.6.35.. right?05:37
DanaGI don't actually know what "async suspend/resume" is.05:37
aromanBecause that sounds like a feature that needs some hyping.. the slow suspend/resume esp. when closing the lid has always been aa annoyance for lots of people05:38
aromanoh, so have you ever used Linux on a laptop?05:38
DanaGI'm just not sure what you mean by "async" (asychronous), specifically.05:43
DanaGI do use suspend/resume all the time.05:43
aromanOn a laptop?05:45
aromanThe idea of the async system is to speed up suspend/resume times, primarily.05:45
aromanIt has been in progress 2 years to my knowledge, but most versions have been brutally shot down by Linus, and I'm not exaggerating.05:46
aromanI was curious to find out if it does, in fact, speed up suspend/resume times significantly05:46
DanaGHmm, I'm now interested... have to dig up a link.05:51
DanaGah, my biggest issue with suspend/resume is that fglrx leaks boatloads of memory during suspend/resume.05:52
aromanVery interesting, I use fglrx on my computer, but it's an all-in-one not a laptop05:56
aromanI too was very interested in the async thing.. seems like the kind of major upstram papercut ubuntu has been dying to get fixed.05:56
DanaGhmm, I just tried setting "max-gart-size"... I'll see if that helps next time.06:04
Andre_Gondimhi, I have seen a problem with ths sign of one mirror06:41
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UndiFineDAndre_Gondim, that mirror seems all wrong08:06
UndiFineDmaybe it is another async issue :p08:07
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zniavregood morning08:19
zniavredamned it's the RC s day and there is no legacy nvidia driver available  ...08:20
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BlaDe^Hi guys I'm having this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/610440?comments=all11:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 610440 in linux (Ubuntu) "ath5k phy0: gain calibration timeout after Kernel Upgrade" [Undecided,New]11:02
BlaDe^had it on 10.04 and also on 10.10 -- can anyone recmomend a fix ? it's sooo difficult to do anything currently11:02
BlaDe^note in 9.10 it was fine11:02
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StrontiumDogI have fglrx installed from standard repo for 10.10, I have virtual box ose installed from standard repo (no customisations to either of these or manually downloaded versions)  If I start VBox X crashes when I move the mouse over it.  Everytime.  I am getting a segfault.  Trace now at http://pastebin.ca/195172611:39
StrontiumDogthis does not look like a problem with fglrx as it is the X server segfaulting and not the driver.11:39
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SinusPiGreetings. May some of you shed some light on a problem of mine? I need USB-booted Ubuntu 10.10 to not try to initialize one of the hard disks; it has (probably) unreadable partition table (or worse) and ubuntu keeps failing on some DMA reads and won't even go into X mode, stuck in the error loop. Any way I can prevent any attempts to mount it, so that I can do it manually once everything is up..?12:48
HukkaSince upgrading to maverick, my rxvt "refresh rate" has gone down noticiably12:54
HukkaFor example new lines entering into this irssi window cause a redraw lasting maybe 0,3-0,5 seconds12:55
murlidharthe rc torrents not working ?13:15
murlidharit says requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker.13:16
murlidhardownloaded the torrent from http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/13:16
HukkaHm, seems like gnome-terminal is very slow too. Even just inputting new characters13:26
htorqueHukka, do you see this gnome-terminal behavior with ubuntu netbook?13:40
HukkaUh, don't know13:41
HukkaI don't have any netbook remixes installed13:41
htorqueah, ok13:41
jiohdiis it normal to have dozens of updates a day prior to a new release?13:41
htorquejiohdi, yes :-)13:41
jiohdiit does seem to be making things faster at leaset13:41
HukkaA day before?13:42
jiohdiupdates a day13:42
jiohdiper day13:42
HukkaWhops, sorry :)13:42
jiohdiI did not realize it could be easily read both ways13:43
sinurgei have the latest nvidia and xorg version on maverick but somehow the resolution settings just dont get saved13:44
zayrhow i can create new boot partition from current running ubuntu ?13:44
zayrand which size ?13:44
htorquesinurge, is it the the wrong resolution or the wrong refresh rate?13:47
sinurgewrong refresh rate, it setting itself to 70 when it should be either 60 or on auto13:48
dtohi everyone. i'm going to try out the new ubuntu beta :)13:49
sghdto: the rc is just getting release in a couple of minutes/hours13:50
sinurgedto, good thing...let us know how is the experience13:50
sghI'd just wait for it to be announced in public13:50
zayris it only me or it looks very blurish ?13:50
sghand download it then because it is more up to date13:50
dtosgh: the readme said release candidate13:50
dtoi'm already doing it now :)13:50
htorquesinurge, bug 64080713:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 640807 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Forces low refresh rate on CRT monitor" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64080713:51
htorquesinurge, if you are hit by this one, you can work around it by disabling the gconf key '/apps/gnome_settings_daemon/xrandr/turn_on_external_monitors_at_startup' for the user gdm and your user13:52
sinurgewill check and update13:55
jiohdianyone else trying unity desktop?13:56
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mcgyverHey, the RC torrent doesnt work: "Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker"14:31
budz0rhello there, im using lenovo ideapad s10-3, and ubuntu 10.10, with latest updates, n10 familiy graphic controller, an i can't boot any kernel after 2.6.35-18-generic, kernel boots till loadin firmware, that is the point where framebuffer comes up, and then freezes14:40
budz0rdo anyone have same problem14:40
budz0rdoes anyone had that kind of problem14:41
LuckySMackanyone in here have any issues with setting up dual monitors after upgrading to 10.10?14:50
doc|homeLuckySMack: was seamless for me on an nvidia card.14:51
doc|homeno, nvidia14:52
doc|homesee how that works? :)14:52
LuckySMackbut yea, i cant activate my dual monitor, it only lets me mirror them. trying to extend the desktop tells me to log out to apply and when logging back in the monitor is still disabled14:54
krabadorit's possible, 10 days before 10.10 out, quadrapassel don't works15:20
oonhnvidia on maverick? (I quite miss having two monitors)15:23
sarmisakis it me or the renaming files has changed in nautilus?15:23
krabadorsarmisak: are you using a daily build?15:24
sarmisakin 10.04 when I hit F2 it would leave the extension unselected15:24
sarmisakbut now it selects everything15:24
sarmisakkrabador, using 10.10, updating frequently15:25
krabadorsarmisak: 10.10 will use gnome 2.3215:25
krabadornow it's possible you are using it15:25
oonhnouveau doesn't seem to work for me, and I'm currently using the nv driver, but I'd much rather be running nvidia's driver15:26
krabadoroonh: video driver support isn't really complete until the stable15:27
sarmisakkrabador, hmm yes it seems so15:27
krabadorsarmisak: surely it's a default gnome change15:28
AlanIs there even an open-source driver that will work with the GTX460?15:28
AlanIt's a different chip to the 465, 470 and 48015:28
sarmisakkrabador, bollocks. I loved that feature, what the heck they were thinking15:29
krabadorsarmisak: until the stable, ubuntu team can correct it15:32
AlanUgh, security.ubuntu.com is stalling all the time :(15:32
AlanFine on my systems at home, since i have a local mirror15:32
Alanbut i a bit crappy for my remote server...15:32
sarmisakkrabador, hope so. thank you ;)15:32
Alan(not a +1 issues though)15:33
krabadorsarmisak: nothing :)15:33
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=== perceval is now known as zniavre
DaekdroomIs anyone else facing this when opening quadrapassel? http://pastebin.com/fpSpQtAS16:07
DaekdroomIt closes instantly16:07
cinnabarisland12is this the IRC for maverick support?16:08
Daekdroomcinnabarisland12, yes16:08
nogoi saw the final countdown everywhere16:08
cinnabarisland12oh gooood, I've run sudo update-manager -d and sudo apt-get upgrade and maverick release candiadte doesn't show up?16:09
cinnabarisland12no-one knows why?16:11
mvocinnabarisland12: what does "do-release-upgrade -d ; cat ~/.cache/update-manager-core/meta-release|tail16:12
mvocinnabarisland12: aha, its probably /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades - set this to "normal" (or use software-properties-gtk to switch from "lts" to "normal" in the "upgrades" tab16:13
EvaLuaTeis the RC out already?16:14
DaekdroomEvaLuaTe, yes16:14
EvaLuaTeneat, thanks :)16:14
EvaLuaTethe links on here should be changed to the RC though: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule16:15
EvaLuaTeI've been monitoring this site to see when it's being released...16:15
cinnabarisland12ok the release upgrade jotifications is normal16:15
cinnabarisland12maybe it isn't released in the UK yet?16:16
charlie-tcathe RC is not released at all yet16:17
charlie-tcaIt will be released later today16:17
EvaLuaTehmm, I can't see it either. Is there any link to the page of the announcement? something like this was for beta: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta ?16:17
EvaLuaTecharlie-tca, ohh, ok then16:18
charlie-tcaNote the topic here. It changes to match the current release of the development version16:18
EvaLuaTeok :)|16:18
cinnabarisland12hmmm the Ubuntu website just has the link to the beta but OMG! Ubuntu! posted saying it was out16:19
charlie-tcaThey were too early. OMG! Ubuntu does not get to decide, the Ubuntu Release Team does.16:20
charlie-tcacinnabarisland12: read the topic here. It is not released yet16:20
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic16:21
jpdscinnabarisland12: It's not yet announced and please use a local country mirror such as http://gb.releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/16:22
cinnabarisland12well that sucks16:22
jpdsSome people.16:24
MrsBHello folks. I've just installed the 10.10 beta and it appears grub is failing. It wont load the grub menu. It just sits with the cursor flashing in the top left and I have to hard reset. All I can do is load the live cd and chroot to the drive in a terminal. Has anybody any clue how to fix this? Thankyou!16:50
StrontiumDogMrsB:  by default grub now just is supposed to run the latest kernel.  to interupt that and get the old grub menu hold RIGHT SHIFT during boot.16:53
=== bdrung_ is now known as bdrung
MrsBI'll give that a try thanks16:54
StrontiumDogI have fglrx installed from standard repo for 10.10, I have virtual box ose installed from standard repo (no customisations to either of these or manually downloaded versions)  If I start VBox X crashes when I move the mouse over it.  Everytime.  I am getting a segfault.  Trace now at http://pastebin.ca/195172616:56
MrsBHmm well its an improvement, I get Grub Loading showing now but it is still not loading16:58
StrontiumDogThis is the VBOX Menu, not the actual virtual machine.  I dont think any program should be able to crash the X sever, no?16:58
StrontiumDogMrsB, I recomend editing your command line and removing "quiet splash" also try adding -verbose.  Also try running the recovery image, I had problems like that with 10.04 and it was because of video drivers. I had to run in text mode and install AMD binary drivers to get it fixed on that box.17:00
MrsBI wish I had that option. I guess I could alter it manually in chroot17:00
Dr_WillisMrsB:  i had a similer issue. not fixed it yet. not really tried.. its on a test box. There was some bug report  mentioned in here yesterday about it. but i dident jot down the #17:01
Dr_WillisMine 'died' and it did have the nvidia drivers.. and it was working.. some update seemed to cause the issue..17:02
MrsBWell, wish me luck :)17:02
duffydackthe other day my windows had some funky transparency when not focused, where has that gone?17:06
MrsBNo good :( It is using the entire disk as I had problems initially on a dual boot system. I have altered the grub.cfg but it just sits as if its stuck trying to load grub.17:13
drizztbsdI found a critical bug in tar 1.23, if I report it you will put the fixed version in maverick or it's too late?17:24
MrsBNot me no but its probably a good idea to report it though17:24
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=== Izinucs is now known as Scunizi
drizztbsdFYI https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tar/+bug/65218317:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 652183 in tar (Ubuntu) "tar 1.23-2 enters dead loop on extracting symlinks with -k option" [Undecided,New]17:26
drizztbsdI think it's enough critical :)17:27
MrsBIs there a way to make it install with grub instead of grub2?17:29
LuckySMackI thought they were going to use gnome 3 in maverick?17:33
Dr_WillisLuckySMack:  its not in a useable state.17:33
Dr_Willisor so ive heard.17:33
Dr_WillisI dont keep up with the gnomes :)17:33
LuckySMackyea i thought they were only going to use a part of it or something17:33
Dr_WillisWhy rush it..   :) theres always going to be the next release in 6 mo...17:34
LuckySMackno i was just curious17:34
dtohttp://imagebin.ca/view/HTncOM.html  hi just installed the rc. font rendering seems to be a bit blurred no matter what i do to the Appearance font settings.17:41
dtoi tried making a new account and all fonts are blurred on that too.17:41
dtosome vertical lines are almost ghosted out17:41
dto(the new account was to satisfy me that old ~/.gnome* settings were not messing it up17:42
dtohi domjohnson17:42
domjohnsonWhy has the topic not been updated?17:42
dtohmm i wonder if this is a vga cable issue17:42
{Titan}is maverick still beta ?17:43
domjohnsonIs the RC pretty much without bugs?17:43
domjohnson{Titan} - no, its RC17:43
dtowell i seem to be reporting a bug :)17:43
{Titan}thank you sir17:43
domjohnsonYou're welcome17:43
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charlie-tcaThere will be a topic update when the official announcement is made that the RC released17:44
dtoi'm going to try HDMI and see if it's just a monitor issue....... i'm getting a little flickering as well17:47
dtoand zooming in on my screenshot the problem goes away...17:48
MrsBI cant even get it to boot!17:49
sobczykhi, anything changed with font settings on last updates? I have huge fonts, In qtcreator so big Ii could barely fit 10 lines on my screen18:03
dtofonts are still looking blurry. in the letter "b" i just typed the ascender is a thin grey line, not black18:05
sobczykI mean big as in 4+ size18:05
sobczykI don't have problems with looks but with the default siz18:07
soeehi, tell me if plymouth is broken under 64bit ver (nvidia drivers) ?18:12
knittlhm. my x server is crashing everytime i start some applications (ding, gitk, vlc, blender)18:13
knittlseems like toolkit related18:13
knittlusing nvidia with xinerama18:14
sobczykare other font sizes tied to the general one?18:17
sobczykwhen I change the top one in settings to a normal size, fonts in kde menu are too small18:17
IdleOneHave there been any updates in the past 36 hours?18:21
charlie-tcaI had about 5 today18:21
IdleOne5 packages?18:21
sobczykok, figured it out18:22
sobczykhad to force 96 dpi for fonts, and everything looks normal18:22
charlie-tcaIdleOne: sorry, yes, 5 packages18:28
IdleOneok then. thanks18:28
sebsebsebSo the RC still isn't out just yet?18:43
ubottuNo! Its not out yet!18:50
charlie-tcawell, that is kind of rude, huh?18:50
charlie-tcasebsebseb: not quite. I think it is still getting the last of the testing done18:50
veenenenWhat do you mean? http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/18:55
veenenenIt's right there18:55
muszekhi... I think dist-upgrade is broken at the moment.  I used update-manger -d.  at first it failed because some packages failed to load (403 forbidden status code, some mirror in Sweden - can't remember which one).  Then I changed the mirror and every time I run update-manager, I get a dependency error...18:57
charlie-tcawhat I mean is there has not been an official announcement yet18:57
muszeklast time I tried was 1 hour ago... trying again....18:58
Dr_Willisveenenen:  thats what i was thinking.. i just downloaded it  earluier today. :)18:59
muszekCould not install the upgrades. Error during commit. 'E:Couldn't configure pre-depend x11-common for x11-xkb-utils, probably a dependency cycle.'. Restoring original system state19:00
charlie-tcaannouncement just came out. Could we have the topic updated to RC Released, please19:00
muszekshould I do something with it (report a bug or sth...)?19:02
ChogyDanmuszek: what version is it trying to install?19:02
muszekChogyDan: I don't know... and the error modal that popped out prevents me from clicking on a "show terminal" icon...19:04
muszekI can run it again (will takes a few minutes)19:04
ChogyDanmuszek: oh, ok, you are still on lucid19:05
muszekChogyDan: yeah, this is a problem that appears while I'm trying to upgrade19:06
nogo9.10 -> 10.10, good idea?19:07
charlie-tca9.10 to 10.10 will break things. You have to upgrade in sequence, 9.10 -> 10.04 -> 10.1019:08
muszekChogyDan: it doesn't give me a chance to click on that icon...19:09
nogocharlie-tca: ha, i remembered19:09
muszekhow about btrfs... is it a good idea to make the switch (from ext4)?  non-critical data.19:10
sebsebsebmuszek: I was wondering about that as well19:12
sebsebsebmuszek: from vm trying of 10.10 it seems, to be quite well pointless, unless know how to use the snapshots19:12
sebsebsebwhich I didn't19:12
nogoyou just need another usbkey to try it out19:13
muszekall I care is performance (my disk is slooow)19:13
sebsebsebmuszek: well I haven't tried on real hardware, yet, but  I don't think it will make that much of a difference compared to Ext4 in 10.1019:13
nogomy ubuntu@usbkey is not bad. i opened the ff in one second (the first load)19:13
nogomaybe i have boosted it too much19:14
sebsebsebon the subject of btrfs, surely the snapshots take up space as well, so  maybe a 12GB or so /  isn't really enough? (with big seperate /home of course)19:14
Tweakyive always found with updateing distro releases always causes a problem for me19:15
sebsebsebTweaky: well don't upgrade to a version that isn't the final :D19:15
Tweakyeven from 8.10 to 9.04 when it came out19:16
muszekI only had a major problem once19:16
Tweakyi ended up having problems and the bootup was slow.19:16
muszekbut it was a looong time ago19:16
Tweakyi just copied my files to another partition and installed from scratch and what a difference19:17
nogoas soon as you buy a new pc, install a lts. then get another new pc and lts at 3 years later19:17
sebsebsebTweaky: So do clean installs for each version, or maybe even try a rolling release distro19:17
Tweakyya exactly19:17
Tweakyclean installs are always so nice :)19:17
muszekwhen ATI's driver stopped supporting my graphics card.  after a dist upgrade X wouldn't start.  but as I've said, it's been 3 or 4 years ago19:17
Tweakyive had that problem before nuszek lol19:17
nogomuszek: iirc, you are lucky if you use ati19:17
nogomuszek: ati has a foss driver with not bad performance19:18
muszekit was before ati had a foss driver19:18
nogomuszek: the radeon module?19:18
muszekafair it was 9000 Pro19:19
Tweaky10.10 just added suport for the ati proprietary19:19
Tweakyseems  to work at for me ati radeon 4200 hd19:19
sebsebsebTweaky: oh ok19:19
nogomuszek: so, you should try it out. radeon module + mesa (soft 3d)19:20
muszeknogo: I was just mentioning the only major problem that I had while dist-upgrading.  it was years ago, I don't even have that computer anymore :)19:22
td123lol, when updating gnome-icon-themes today, it got stuck in an infinite loop XD19:23
td123why are infinite loops even possible?!19:23
nogognome is hard to upgrade smoothly all the time19:24
muszekwhile(true) print "I'll be finished in a second"19:25
Tweaky2 days ago i tried to do that19:25
nogoif i have to choose a non-lts version of ubuntu, i will take xfce19:25
Tweakyxubuntu is decent19:26
nogoor other lightwight desktops or wms19:26
sebsebsebnogo: no Gnome is great, depending on how a distro implements it19:26
nogoi said, the upgrade19:26
nogoif you have built a home-brew or lfs linux, you will know this19:27
sebsebsebnogo: and most things that go wrong after an upgrade of Ubuntu, aren't because of Gnome :)19:27
nogognome has a huge subsystem19:27
sebsebsebnogo: xorg on the other hand, is more likely to give issues after an upgrade,  and thats responsible of all the graphical stuff in Ubuntu,  including running Gnome19:29
sebsebsebxxploit: and it also runs XFCE/Xubuntu19:30
sebsebsebnogo: ^19:30
sebsebsebxxploit: not sure why I sent that to you19:30
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution19:30
=== jrib changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Official Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat support/discussion | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Lucid support in #ubuntu | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule | RC Released : See http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010 | The Ubuntu font information can be found http://tinyurl.com/347wdr6
sebsebsebnogo: also maybe you don't know it, but since 9.04 they keep on adding changes to  Gnome in Ubuntu, that are Ubuntu specific, this may cause actsual problems sometimes,  not just certain people not likeing the changes.19:33
* sebsebseb is bound to regret it, but wants to try out 10.10 starting with the RC for a while on real hardware hmm19:34
GA_Bullso I thought the 127 updates I had yesterday were bad... 492 today.19:44
DarthFrogI'm just about to do an upgrade from Lucid to Maverick RC.  The upgrade utility sez that xorg-driver-fglrx is to be removed and I don't see any replacement to be installed.  WTF?  Will I no longer be able to use my ATI card with Maverick?19:45
sebsebseb!language | DarthFrog19:46
ubottuDarthFrog: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.19:46
sebsebsebDarthFrog: the three letters19:47
DarthFrogTLA's are not allowed?19:47
GA_BullDarthFrog, hmm. I have heard a few problems with ATI. Don't see why that would happen.. lemme see if I see anything.19:47
GA_Bull(probably won't. but we'll see)19:47
sebsebsebDarthFrog: swearing isn't alloweed in Ubuntu channels  and yes like that with three letters does count19:48
DarthFrogGA_Bull: I have a Radeon 5770 card, it works ferpectly with Lucid using the offical repo fglrx driver.19:48
DarthFrogIs fglrx being removed from Maverick?19:49
=== ubuntujenkin is now known as jenkins
JEEBohi. I'm using 10.10 server on a vmware player virtual machine for a few days now and I'm finding it overriding the static IP settings by DHCP from time to time. After getting back to the computer and running /etc/init.d/networking restart or rebooting the VM it goes back to its static spot.19:51
GA_BullDarthFrog; can't seem to find out myself... my focus at the current moment isn't the best... sorry.19:52
DarthFrogTnx anyway.  I've cancelled the upgrade, guess I'll stay with Lucid until I find out what's going on with fglrx.19:53
JEEB(of course I only now rebooted the VM for the first time, until now I've /etc/init.d/networking restart'd -- if it still is fine tomorrow when I get to the university I'd guess it's fine and was caused by something happening in my network before the whole system was restarted with the new network interface settings)19:54
trismDarthFrog: it appears xorg-driver-fglrx is just a transitional package for lucid to install fglrx, which is in maverick, so I think they just removed the transition package, which isn't needed anymore19:56
DarthFrogtrism: fglrx is in Maverick?  It's proprietary.  That sounds contrary to Ubuntu's credo.19:57
LicuadoraI installed the 10.10 dev version, and everytime i try to update, it wont let me19:57
yofelit's in the 'restricted' archive where proprietary stuff belongs to19:57
trismDarthFrog: it is in the restricted repo, and the source package is fglrx-installer, so it may download some of the proprietrary parts from other locations after install19:58
LicuadoraW: GPG error: http://extras.ubuntu.com maverick Release: Las firmas siguientes no se pudieron verificar porque su llave pública no está disponible: NO_PUBKEY 16126D3A3E5C119219:58
yofelLicuadora: install updates, it should pull in 'ubuntu-extras-keyring'19:58
DarthFrogtrism, yofel: Thanks.19:58
Licuadorayofel: sudo apt-get install updates?19:59
yofelLicuadora: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:59
Licuadorait says this packages will be datined20:00
Licuadoralibboost-date-time-dev libboost-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-iostreams-dev libboost-program-options-dev20:00
Licuadora  libboost-regex-dev libboost-serialization-dev libboost-thread-dev libboost-wave-dev20:00
LicuadoraIs that normal?20:00
yofelyou mean kept back? depends, lucid has boost 1.40, maverick 1.42, so they should get upgraded20:01
LicuadoraWell, i do not know much about those packages, as long as it let me use Blender with out crashes or bugs20:02
yofelwell, those are the boost headers, you don't usually need those packages unless you compile software yourself that needs them20:03
yofelI'm gone for a few minutes20:04
Licuadorayofel: Thx, it is downloading lots of stuff right now.20:04
dlihow do I disable vdpau in mplayer?20:19
=== Malkavian is now known as Malkavian_
bjsniderdli, there are different ways20:21
GA_Bullok, help... laptop crashed during an upgrade... and now I can't log on... the log on screen is jacked up and I can't do anything except reboot.20:22
bjsniderdepends on how you're using it, command line gmplayer smplayer, whatever20:22
GA_Bulland accessibilty options.20:22
GA_Bulland shutdown... i'm stuck.20:22
dlibjsnider, which -vo should I choose? xv or xvmc? on intel i915 video20:23
yofelGA_Bull: do you get a terminal with ctrl+alt+f2 ?20:23
GA_Bullyes. and now i'm logged on. and in a terminal.20:24
GA_BullI can't remember linux coding anymore... so terminals screw me up.. ima need help with this one20:25
bjsniderdli, xv20:25
yofelGA_Bull: run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' and then try 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'20:25
yofelyou'll need a wired network connection for the latter one to work out of the box20:25
dlibjsnider, thanks20:26
GA_BullIt may have connected to my wireless. not sure. It was connected before it died.20:26
GA_Bullif not I'll run downstairs...20:26
yofelwell, dist-upgrade might finish what was left if all packages were downloaded before it crashed20:27
yofeldon't run 'update' in this case20:27
GA_Bullthey had all downloaded, they were just "applying changes"20:27
yofelthen try dist-upgrade, might work without network20:27
GA_Bullok... the first command is still running.20:28
dooglusI get a terminal with ctrl+alt+f1, and 5 more up to +f6, but when I then alt-f7 to try to get back to GNOME, it hangs20:28
yofeldooglus: tried f8? X is on tty8 here for some reason20:28
bilalakhtarMy ureadahead is generating only 1 pack file rather than 2 which it did in Lucid. And, it doesn't seem to be making a big difference in the boot speed of my computer.20:28
dooglusyofel: I didn't.  I just stopped using f1 through f6...20:29
bilalakhtarMy boot is of the same speed when it generates the pack files and when it has them cached20:29
dooglusyofel: it was fine in 10.04 btw20:29
bilalakhtarI have tried deleting the pack files and rebooting twice, but the boot speed doesn't improve20:29
dooglusyofel: now I see 'mess' on the X display - like random lines of noise as it starts up.  I have to think it's a graphic card driver bug20:29
bilalakhtarbug #64961620:30
yofelprobably :/20:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 649616 in ubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu Maverick) "FFE: Use font='Ubuntu' as default UI font in light-themes" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64961620:30
dooglus"01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]"20:30
bilalakhtaryofel: Is your maverick boot slow?20:30
zniavrethank you friends20:30
dooglusand ii  xserver-xorg-video-radeon                  1:6.13.1-1ubuntu5                               X.Org X server -- AMD/ATI Radeon display driver20:30
dooglusI have 10.10 on another machine, with 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series], and the same radeon driver works fine20:31
bilalakhtardooglus: Is your boot fine?20:32
yofelbilalakhtar: not particulary, but it's not that fast either20:32
bilalakhtaryofel: My maverick boot became considerably slower since I upgraded20:33
dooglusbilalakhtar: I mostly wear sandals20:33
bilalakhtarI have tried deleting the ureadahead pack files and rebooting20:33
yofelah, haven't rebooted the last 2 days20:33
dooglusbilalakhtar: they're ok, though the sole is a little loose on one20:33
bilalakhtardooglus: I mean, is your computer startup fine?20:33
dooglusbilalakhtar: yes, it's much the same as 10.04 I think20:33
dooglusbilalakhtar: the splash screen is ugly though - there's a green outline around the ubuntu logo - like the colourmap isn't being set up right20:34
dooglusbilalakhtar: but that happened in 10.04 too20:34
sebsebsebHi dooglus20:41
dooglushey seb20:41
dooglushow are your boots?20:41
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
knittlwhat's the name of the ubuntu-font? can't find it …20:43
sebsebsebdooglus: my boots????20:44
bilalakhtarknittl: its just Ubuntu20:44
dooglussebsebseb: I mean, are your computer startups fine?20:45
knittlit's not here :(20:45
sebsebsebdooglus: uh yeah at the moment, but maybe not when I put 10.10 on heh heh20:45
sebsebsebdooglus: only for about two weeks though when I do, unless for some reason I decide to use for a bit longer, you know I am not much of a Ubuntu fan anymore20:45
knittlbtw. any idea why x is crashing when i start some apps? (ding, gitk, vlc) seems to be windowing toolkit related20:46
yofelkandinski: font name 'Ubuntu' package name: ttf-ubuntu-font-family20:46
yofelerr knittl ^20:46
dliknittl, my intel video gets GPU hangs with some openGL features20:46
knittlyofel: thanks :)20:47
yofelit should be installed by default though when you install updates20:47
knittlthat's why i was asking20:47
knittlCaught signal 11 (Segmentation fault). Server aborting hmmmm20:48
knittlno, it wasn't installed here …20:48
duffydackyofel, I had to install it manually just now.. I`m all updated too20:49
yofelthat's very odd, ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-netbook and kubuntu-desktop recommend it20:49
knittli update using apt-get20:50
knittlif that matters20:50
dugger5688Anyone else having problems with broadcom devices and WPA networks?20:50
yofeldid someone turn 'no-install-recommends' on o.O?20:50
knittli wouldn't know how to do that20:50
yofelI meant by default20:50
yofelnot sure where to look that up..20:51
duffydackis there a mono version too?20:51
yofelbilalakhtar: here's my last bootchart, need to reboot, so you'll get a new one in a few minutes http://yofel.dyndns.org/ext/bootchart/yofel-t510-maverick-20100928-1.png20:51
yofelduffydack: not yet afaik :/20:51
bilalakhtaryofel: How did you generate it?20:52
knittlyofel: your system takes quite some time to boot20:53
bilalakhtaryofel: Your seems the same as mine20:53
yofeljust installed bootchart, I didn't change any of the generation settings20:53
blackxoredare the maverick fonts available somewhere for a lucid user (not for long)20:53
yofelwow, we have gotten to the point where 30s is considered *long* o.O - well one minute with kde login20:54
knittl30 s? i read 90s20:54
yofelwell, 30s until X comes up, kde login takes a while20:55
knittlyou are running a decent cpu though ;)20:55
yofelsure, it's not that fast, but at least it doesn't feel as slow as years ago21:01
knittli don't boot often21:01
knittl15 days ago the last time :D21:02
yofelheh, I rebooted 2 days ago last time, and before that on the 10th :P21:02
yofelsuspend is a nice invention :D21:02
crucialhoaxAnyone having a problem with banshee crashing very often?21:15
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Evil_Erichi guys is 10.10 stable yet21:27
sebsebsebEvil_Eric: not exactly21:29
Evil_Ericwell when ever it gets that way let me know21:30
nogothere are 9 days left21:30
Evil_Ericfor the release yes but that dosent mean it will be stable21:30
sebsebsebEvil_Eric: well I guess no Ubuntu release will be 100% stable :D21:31
Evil_Eric10.04 has givin me any crap yet21:31
JEEB100% perfect... is not possible. You can and must strive for the best possible outcome, but 100% perfect software is just not possible. Esp. on this kind of scale.21:33
Evil_Ericthats true21:34
Evil_Erici just dont wanna install it then have to reinstall it 100 times to have do basic stuff man thats my bigest worry21:35
TDJACRAnyone else having a problem with Evolution and a huge memory leak?21:39
AdysTDJACR: evolution always had a lot of memleaks; depends how you define "huge" though. I havent heard of any critical ones in maverick.21:44
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Adys(solution: use gmail)21:44
TDJACRAdys: Since an upgrade to Beta, it starts around 100something MB, and ends up consuming close to three GB21:44
Adysdefinitely havent heard of that; check launchpad and report, imho21:45
TDJACRAdys: Sounds good.21:46
dtohi folks. ubuntu is auto-detecting my 1360x768 toshiba lcd flat panel as 1980x1020 and i cannot get it to see the native resolution as 1360x76021:46
dto768 i mean21:46
dtothis is with nvidia drivers21:46
dtoand HDMI21:46
dtonormal analog vga output works fine but it's noisy and i think my cable may be a bit bad21:47
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dtoso i want to start using hdmi but i have this native resolution problem.21:47
kallisti5ruh-oh... found a bug in the RC.   USB headphones don't work.21:47
kallisti5C-Media USB shows up as a hardware device to configure... but it doesn't let me select them as a output device (it doesn't show up)21:48
kallisti5I click on "test speakers" and volume app crashes21:48
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dtoi'm still having trouble with HDMI nvidia being garbled due to the thing detecting wrong resolutions22:05
kallisti5a follow up on my c-media usb bug.. submitted a bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-media/+bug/65244422:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 652444 in gnome-media (Ubuntu) "C-Media USB Headphones no longer work in 10.10" [Undecided,New]22:07
kallisti5oh.. there ya go22:07
kallisti5back traces and everything.. n'joy22:08
dtohmm, i'll give up on hdmi for now. my monitor is not sending correct data.22:22
intradercinnabasisland12, yes22:35
emperiumcan anyone tell me if it's possible to upgrade 10.04 to 10.10 under wubi using update-manager -d ?22:35
TiKemperium: no22:38
TiKwell maybe idk22:39
emperiumit's better not to risk, right?22:41
intraderemperium, I am also a wubi adherent on another laptop. Save the old file somewhere and then run wubi upgrade.22:43
emperiumbut the wubi for the 10.10 version isn't avaiable yet, so how do I upgrade it?22:46
intraderemperium, there is a wubi to go to 10.10 RC22:48
intraderemperium, just make sure that you save the old wubi file - and perhaps be more granular and save the old /home22:50
intraderemperium, by the way, I had a very bad experience upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 - it did not work.22:51
emperiumi tryed once and I had to make a clean install of 10.04 again :\22:52
emperiumbetter wait and make a full backup and then try again22:53
flashkiddhow can i downgrade transmission to 1.93?22:54
emperiumhello BUGabundo22:56
emperiumdo I know you=22:56
intraderemperium, that is why I recommend for you to just install the wubi - save /home and then move things as needed22:56
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emperiumthanks intrader, on saturday I have a lot of time to do that :) for now I'll continue to use Lucid22:59
AndrewMCemperium: this tool can help you backup /home http://j.mp/cALCEb22:59
dto1i've fixed my problem for now. my monitor seems to send wrong info.22:59
BUGabundoola emperium :D22:59
dto1crystal clear now. the new ubuntu looks nice! i like the font already after a few hours22:59
BUGabundoemperium: #ubuntu-pt22:59
BUGabundoevening everyone else23:00
dto1another question. how do I blitz my panel configuration and get a "stock" Maverick panel? my current panel is a mess23:00
dto1i upgraded23:00
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »23:03
yofelhaven't tested that myself though23:03
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