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GrueMasterrsalveti: Still hanging around?02:13
rsalvetiGrueMaster: yup02:14
GrueMasterInteresting info on our audio issues.  Quick update:  Dove & panda are new hardware for this cycle, hence new bugs.  Beagle, however, works with lucid, fails with maverick.02:18
rsalvetiGrueMaster: but new kernel for beagle, that could explain02:18
GrueMasternew everything.  New kernel, new alsa, new pulseaudio...02:19
GrueMasterLots of variables.02:19
GrueMasterAnd I have eliminated the kernel for the most part, as I can run speaker-test just fine.02:20
rsalvetihm, ok02:20
GrueMasterOh, and btw, our own David Henningsson has created an alsamixertest script that should help in figuring out what needs to be in alsa.conf.02:21
GrueMasterI haven't tested it yet, but I have built it for armel.02:22
GrueMasterRequires a loopback cable (hp<>mic), and all mine are currently tied up.02:23
rsalvetihm, cool02:23
rsalvetiif you want to test that with panda, I sent you an email with latest deb, that has probably everything we need from the kernel side02:24
GrueMasterAt any rate, it has been a long day of testing.  I'm going to backup this fresh lucid image on my beagle, then kill it with an upgrade.02:24
rsalvetisetting up the card name and everything02:24
GrueMasterYea, I saw the email  Also planned on doing that before I call it quits.02:24
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rsalvetiberco: can you share with us the file /usr/share/alsa/cards/SDP4430.conf? want to test with latest audio patch series06:27
rsalvetiI'm already getting SDP4430 - SDP4430 from /proc/asound/cards06:28
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Xase... Can anyone assist me in setting up an ARM toolchain for ubuntu x8607:23
persiaXase, What are you seeking to accomplish?07:26
rsalvetiXase: with maverick you just need to isntall the correct packages07:26
XaseTo build the android Kernel for an arm device.07:26
Xase/bin/sh: arm-eabi-gcc: not found07:27
XaseI have Maverick.07:27
XaseWhat packages?07:27
rsalvetigcc-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi for example07:27
persiaXase, Which release are you running?07:27
rsalvetijust give apt-cache search arm-linux07:27
XaseWell that would explain that's why I couldn't find it.07:27
rsalvetiyou should see the cross packages07:27
XaseI had no idea that's what apt-cache did.07:27
XaseMan... I wish there was a "ubuntu-phone" I could be running instead.07:28
XaseOr if MeeGo was a little more... well going.07:28
persiaXase, It's called "Kubuntu-Mobile"07:28
XaseNo effin way >_>07:29
persiaMostly gets tested on the n900s07:29
Xase... I almost bought one of those.07:29
persiaBut needs a few hacks, because the n900 kernel isn't open, etc.07:29
persiaAlso works for i386 phones (but actually doesn't have the driver for the baseband chip in my x86 phone)07:29
rsalvetithe kernel is open07:29
Xase... there are x86 phones?07:30
persiarsalveti, Not according to the kubuntu-mobile guys 12 hours ago.  Are you sure?07:30
XaseNow you're just blowing my mind.07:30
persiaXase, Yes, but this isn't the best channel to discuss them :)07:30
rsalvetipersia: well, afaik yes07:30
XaseOf course not.07:30
XaseBut now I must google explosively.07:30
rsalvetiyou could try upstream + additional patches from the stock kernel07:30
persiarsalveti, Maybe some closed drivers or something?  I dunno: there's a special procedure.07:30
rsalvetiyou can grab the kernel sources from it07:30
rsalvetigenerally you should just take care of the battery and watchdog stuff07:31
rsalvetito avoid random resets07:31
Xasestill reports: /bin/sh: arm-eabi-gcc: not found07:31
persiarsalveti, You might want to touch base with rbelem and ian_brasil: they'd love to have a less complicated procedure :)07:31
persiaXase, Which release are you running?07:31
rsalvetiXase: after installing the correct packages you should see arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc07:32
rsalvetipersia: sure, I worked with them directly at indt already, will try to ping them later07:32
persiaAnd if your build file needs arm-eabi-gcc, you'll have to modify the build file.07:32
rsalvetito understand what's going on :-)07:32
Xase/bin/sh: arm-eabi-gcc: not found07:32
persiarsalveti, I thought you'd find them familiar names :)07:32
Xaseln -s arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc arm-eabi-gcc ?07:33
* rsalveti listening a cool mp3 from temple of the dog at his omap 4 board 07:33
rsalvetiwith latest patches07:33
XaseWouldn't just a symbolic link be fine?07:33
rsalvetibut still manual work on alsa side07:33
rsalvetiXase: question is, why?07:33
rsalvetiyour build script is the wrong guy here07:33
Xase... so I don't have to keep modifying stuff.07:33
XaseI didn't create the build script.07:34
XaseBlame Google.07:34
rsalvetiwell, you can then create a link and mess with your system :-)07:34
rsalvetibut I guess that at least this part is expected from you to change it07:34
rsalvetiit's the cross-compiler07:34
XaseSo you'd instead recommend just modifying the build script?07:36
rsalveticooloney: I think I found a possible culprit for the mem issue07:37
rsalveticooloney: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=rsalveti/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=commitdiff;h=644bab98ce980246e6b945962fec9a733a48c325;hp=adaf930e8ae3eaca5d8eda744dfce96caf71447e07:38
rsalveticooloney: at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=rsalveti/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/rsalveti-ti-omap4-1gb I added the previous patches and this latest one on top07:38
XaseDarn that's inexplicably complicated at the moment.07:38
XaseLemme find my CTRL+F07:38
rsalveticooloney: you can find the deb file at http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/maverick/kernel/es2/linux-image- if you want to test it07:38
cooloneyrsalveti: got it, awesome man07:38
rsalvetiI'm running the 5th build atm, no issues07:39
rsalvetiwithout highmem07:39
rsalvetiif I use highmem I'll always get this problem07:39
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, let me try it. 2G:2G split right07:39
rsalveticooloney: we were missing one errata for pl31007:39
rsalveticooloney: then I found that at the upstream l-o we already got a patch that selects the errata by default07:40
rsalvetijust did the same thing07:40
Xasebah arm-eabi-gcc isn't specified in either Kbuild or Makefile >_>07:41
cooloneyrsalveti: so even we enable this errata for pl310, we still needs 2G:2G split and npitre's patch, right?07:41
cooloneywithout highmem07:41
rsalveticooloney: yup07:41
cooloneyrsalveti: thanks, got it07:41
rsalveticooloney: that could be at least one workaround to use 1gb07:41
rsalvetiwhile we try to debug the highmem issue07:41
rsalvetibut would prefer to test highmem with upstream07:41
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, just in time, a workaround to us 1G for our release07:41
rsalvetibut even getting the mmc fix, couldn't get it recognized with upstream kernel07:42
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, i tried patches in l-o list for mmc of es2.0 board, but the same as you07:42
XaseI'm reading wrong.07:43
rsalveticooloney: description of the errata: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503055/07:43
Xaseso wrong.07:43
XaseJust do yourself a favor and put me on the ignore list.07:43
rsalveticooloney: so it seems this could be our culprit, just need more testing07:44
rsalvetiwill let it building during the night and check it tomorrow07:44
rsalvetibut so far so good07:44
rsalveti2cpus, with l2, 2g:2g and 1gb support07:45
XaseI guess this is goodbye guys.07:47
XaseI just rm'd the arm asm07:47
Xasefrom the project file07:47
cooloneyrsalveti: great, man,07:47
cooloneyrsalveti: i will post your patches with npitre's again07:48
XaseSweet. Nevermind.07:48
XaseI need sleep.07:48
rsalveticooloney: with highmem I can easily get Unhandled fault: imprecise external abort07:49
rsalvetiso probably another issue07:49
rsalveticooloney: cool, just let do some more testing and then we can post it07:49
XaseToo tired 2:49 AM... something about supporting nothing but the Calgary with this source >_>07:49
cooloneyrsalveti: without highmem, it looks like l2 controller pl310 is the root cause. So this errata is necessary.07:51
cooloneyrsalveti: i agree with highmem, it is different from pl310 errata issue.07:52
rsalveticooloney: yeah07:53
rsalvetithere's also some more l2x0 patches going upstream: http://dev.omapzoom.org/?p=santosh/kernel-omap4-base.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/l2x0-pull-rmk07:53
rsalvetiand sram fixes at http://dev.omapzoom.org/?p=santosh/kernel-omap4-base.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/omap_for_2.6.3707:54
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, i reviewed that before. those l2x patches are for kexec implementation on omap407:54
cooloneyand it follows Thomas Gleixner's generic one07:55
persiakexec is awfully nice :)07:57
cooloneypersia: heh, need more testing and backport some patches to enable that.07:58
rsalvetimaybe with 2.6.37 on N :-)07:59
persiaNo worries.  I think I need two more cycles before we depend on it :)07:59
Xase... gaddangit07:59
XaseI've messed up my source.08:00
XaseGotta read the config a bit more clearly >_>08:01
XaseWell see, because I couldn't get it to compile I had modified a ton of crap, so now using the plain source... it compiles out of box.08:05
XaseThanks #ubuntu-arm08:05
persiaXase, So it's working for you now?08:06
XaseKind of...08:07
XaseStill getting this "message"08:07
Xasearch/arm/mach-msm/board-mot.h:125: error: #error Calgary is the only HW supported by this release08:07
XaseAnd that's after using the source directly from the Calgary source page.08:07
XaseI have no clue what it means though so... shrug.08:08
persiaAnd you're targeting a Calgary device?08:08
XaseAnyways... anything I can do to help Ubuntu-arm out.08:08
XaseYes Persia.08:08
XaseAlso known as the Motorola Devour.08:08
* persia suspects some subtle machine definition in the cross-compiler somewhere.08:08
XaseShould... I speficy TARGET=Calgary ?08:09
* persia has no information about the source being compiled.08:09
XaseI'm new to any sort of compiling outside of software...08:09
persiaIf that's a sensible option, try it.08:09
XaseIt's the source for the Calgary Device.08:09
persiaNote that you'll probably get better advice about the specific compilation steps from a Calgary-specific resource (wiki, forum, channel, mailing list, etc.).  We mostly focus on running Ubuntu native on ARM.08:10
persia(with a wink and nod at limited cross-compilation)08:10
XaseTARGET_PRODUCT=calgary makes sense =/08:11
XaseKind of figured.08:11
XaseIf there was anything for the Calgary.08:11
XaseIt's an end-of-lifed device.08:11
XaseBut I am better off asking in Android perhaps ;)08:11
XaseAgain, is there anything I can do to help test/debug ARM Ubuntu?08:12
persiaXase, If you happen to have hardware that can run it (e.g. Netwalker, Efika MX, Beagleboard, IGEPv2, Efika SmartBook, etc.) and want to help test and fix bugs, that would be great.08:21
Xase=( I will try08:22
XaseI might be able to attain something08:22
persiaIf you don't have any of that, but have other ARMv7+VFP capable armel hardware with a working (recent) linux kernel, please try our userspace.08:22
bercorsalveti: sorry, I didn't see your post earlier09:34
bercorsalveti: I just attached the file to bug #63794709:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 637947 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "no sound devices on current ES2.0 boards (affects: 1) (heat: 14)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63794709:35
bercorsalveti: do you have all you need kernel wise?09:35
NCommanderogra: you about to help merge? :-)09:53
sveinseIf I want to make a maverick target image, which version of rootstock should I use?10:24
persiasveinse, theoretically, anything ought work to some degree, but would be most likely to have the best support.10:25
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dcordesHi. Can somebody point to the oo.org build time problem ?12:54
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* dcordes drops a pin13:57
* ogra shades his ears from the noise13:58
dcordesI see a disruption of the force in 09-29 image14:08
dcordesit won't start oemconfig althoug I have the semephore set14:09
ograhmm, has been tested a lot though (since it's the RC candidate)14:09
ograwhat arch ? omap or omap4 ?14:09
dcordesogra: I picked the omap4 and applied the few changes as usual14:21
ogra"the few changes" ?14:21
dcordesit's not much really14:22
dcordesI install my kernel modules14:22
dcordesadd few networking scripts14:22
dcordesand do14:22
dcordes'touch /var/lib/oem-config/run'14:22
dcordesusually after that, I start the rootfs and it will run oemconfig14:22
dcordesno problems14:23
ograyeah, it surely does for us14:23
dcordesIt might be corruption then. I see some error message:14:23
dcordesUse of uninitialized value $item in hash element at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/Format/822.pm14:24
ograyeah, smells like14:25
dcordesneed to get to the library and download the new image @ 3,3MB/s againm14:25
rsalvetiberco: thanks15:03
rsalvetiberco: got the file from latest proposed tree with tons of sound patches15:04
cooloneyrsalveti: i am going to post out our highmem issue workaround patch including your pl310 errata one.15:14
cooloneyrsalveti: do you think we need more test15:14
rsalveticooloney: well, just saw that I'm going to the 10th build here15:15
rsalvetino issues15:15
rsalvetiso it seems better15:15
rsalveticooloney: were you able to test?15:15
rsalvetii just tested using usb, didn't test yet with mmc15:15
rsalvetibut you can propose it, np, it's a fix anyway that we're not using atm15:16
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, i tested it on my mmc, just 1 build, it passed.15:17
cooloneyrsalveti: ok, let me post it firstly15:17
cooloneyrsalveti: you know, it is quite slow for me to connect with ports.ubuntu.com15:20
cooloneyrsalveti: drive me crazy15:20
cooloneyrsalveti: i will test audio fixing tomorrow.15:20
rsalvetiyeah, can imagine15:22
cooloneyrsalveti: thx for the testing, it seems like that you're never sleep15:24
rsalveticooloney: I try to :-)15:26
rsalveticooloney: I saw you changed my patch to change just the config file15:26
rsalvetiwhile it works for us, as we build just one flavor, I decided to change the Kconfig because this was the same change that went upstream15:26
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rsalvetithat would fix the issue for all ARCH_OMAP4 boards15:27
rsalvetibut I'm ok with your patch, just to let you know why I changed the Kconfig :-)15:28
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* rsalveti lunch16:07
* robclark somehow manages to murder an mmc card with fdisk..16:46
GrueMasterI usually end up doing a complete nuke at that point.  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<SD Card>16:49
robclarkno... I no longer even get a device file for the card16:50
GrueMasterMay need to reboot.16:53
GrueMasterAlso, I discovered on one of my cards that one of the plastic guides on the side near the contacts had bent covering the contact.  Breaking it off fixed it.16:54
GrueMasterogra_ac: For the release notes:  upgrading beagle from lucid->maverick can run of of free space if USB drive is 4G or less.  Haven't tried yet on larger.16:56
ogra_acmind to talk to skaet and add it to the wiki `16:56
GrueMasterI'll drop a not on #u-release.16:57
GrueMasternote even.16:57
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prpplagueogra_ac: ping17:25
ogra_acprpplague, i'm here17:27
prpplagueogra_ac: hey, we were discussing possibly using a usb->sata on the bamboo board17:27
prpplagueogra_ac: any thoughts on that?17:27
ogra_acyou will be easily maxing out the USB with that i guess17:28
ogra_acthe babbage imx51 board has such a setup, not really an advantage over a simple external USB disk17:28
prpplaguewell the EHCI through put it pretty stable17:29
prpplagueogra_ac: are they using OHCI or EHCI ?17:29
ogra_ac~24MB/sec reported by hdparm17:29
ogra_acand i doubt you can get much more through USb17:31
ogra_acso i guess just attaching SATA to the USB bus wont really gain much over a cheapo external USB disk directly attached to USB17:32
prpplagueyea that is kinda of why i didn't consider it17:32
prpplagueother than size of storage17:32
ogra_aci thought there was a way to attach it differently ?17:32
GrueMasterIt would be nice for convenience, but won't enhance performance.17:32
prpplagueogra_ac: it is possible to do PATA via the GPMC, and then use a PATA->SATA bridge17:33
robclarkprpplague: maybe even PATA is fine.. I think they still sell those17:34
ogra_acGPMC, right17:34
GrueMasterHmm.  PATA<>CF would be interesting.17:34
ogra_acyeah, even PATA would rock17:34
prpplagueGrueMaster: PATA to CF is pretty easy17:34
prpplaguethe only thing that would have to be done is a kernel driver to "work the gpmc" like a PATA interface17:35
GrueMasterYes I know.  I have 3 running systems that way.  Fileserver, firewall, and serial-console monitor.17:35
robclarkprpplague: well get crackin!  ;-P17:35
robclarkGPMC->PATA would probably drive two hd's, wouldn't it?  A master and slave..17:36
prpplaguerobclark: gotta finish current project first17:36
GrueMasterPfft.  Multitask.17:36
prpplaguerobclark: not sure i have enough chipselect signals to do two17:36
robclarkprpplague: I guess I don't need both LED's..  depopulate one, some blue wire, and use that gpio as an extra CS?17:40
prpplaguerobclark: negative17:41
prpplaguerobclark: the controls need to be tied to the gpmc controller17:41
prpplaguerobclark: the gpmc has it's on chipselects and such to control memory read/writes17:41
ogra_acARGH !!!!17:56
ogra_acwho designed the pandaboard.org page !!!!!17:56
* ogra_ac just linked the logo in a blog post ... 17:57
ogra_acat least i thought i link the logo17:57
ogra_acthe whole page is a jpeg17:57
ogra_acwhat an insanity !!17:57
rsalvetiogra_ac: hehe17:59
rsalvetithey asked already to change to at least a png17:59
ogra_acthat wont make it smaller though ... i just bloated planet.ubuntu.com with it18:01
robclarkI don't know what you guys are talking about...  pandaboard.org looks fine in lynx ;-)18:02
* robclark ducks18:02
robclarkogra_ac: maybe orbarron could send you a more appropriately sized logo?18:03
ogra_acrobclark, well, its fine now18:04
ogra_aci'll just live with the embarrasement18:04
gourneauCan rootstock be used to build debian root fle systems?18:09
ogra_acgourneau, i dont think anyone tested that ever18:11
dcordesogra_ac: any ac100 kernel news ?18:12
gourneauMaybe it will be me then, I want to use Ubuntu.  How are the seed images defined?18:12
ogra_acdcordes, see planet.ubuntu.com18:13
ogra_ac(no, no kernel news, but fully working images18:13
dcordesogra_ac: ah well didn't see any user space problems ..18:14
ogra_acdcordes, plenty18:14
dcordesthe SoC doesn't support neon right ?18:15
dcordeswhat userspace related problems do you see ?18:17
dcordesdid you create a meta bug ?18:17
ogra_acandroid kernel18:17
ogra_aci dont think you will see any official support for the device any time soon18:17
dcordeshaha sometimes you make me laugh18:17
ogra_acfeel free to create one though18:18
dcordesI am looking to make things work, not if they will magically fix.18:18
ogra_acdcordes, thne tak to phh in #ac100 :)18:18
dcordesI know the bum18:18
ogra_ac*then talk18:18
ogra_ache has done a lot of low level stuff18:19
ogra_acand is still doing18:19
dcordeswithout kernel source ?18:19
ogra_acwell, there kind of is kernel source18:19
ogra_acits not as if there wouldnt be public branches of tegra eclair18:20
dcordesnow you got me all confused18:20
ogra_acthe kernel supports modules ;)18:20
ogra_acyou cant change the core indeed18:20
gourneauDoes anyone know of a good Ubuntu tablet about 7 inches, with a host USB port.  The smartq v7 is the best I can find.18:21
dcordesgourneau: htc hd2 but you need to supply external power for the usb and the display is not 7 inches18:28
ogra_acand you can run ubuntu natively ?18:29
orbarronorga_ac: pandaboard.org is a temp site for now... plz forgive the jpeg18:35
dcordesogra_ac: yes18:36
dcordesogra_ac: http://vimeo.com/1463026318:36
ogra_acorbarron, i dont care about jpeg, i care about that i right clicked the logo and pasted ion my blog post ... now my post has the whole site in it18:36
dcordesogra_ac: with full snappyness18:36
dcordeslol bluepaste :>18:37
GrueMasterogra_ac: Do any of our initramfs scripts touch nand on beagle?  I keep getting nand i/o errors on mtdblock0.18:37
ogra_acGrueMaster, nope18:38
GrueMasterBut only after upgrading lucid to maverick (which replaces the kernel in nand).18:38
ogra_acGrueMaster, not in maverick18:38
GrueMasterVery odd.18:38
GrueMasterThat's what I thought.18:38
ogra_acoh, upgrade is different18:38
ogra_acthat still uses nand indeed18:38
GrueMasterNo, this is running a preinstalled image.18:38
dcordesIs there any known breakage in 27th omap4 preinstalled image ?18:39
GrueMasterBut I only get the error if the maverick kernel is also in nand.18:39
GrueMasterdcordes: Use the 29th.  It will be the official RC.18:39
dcordesGrueMaster: ok I downloaded it already but had some strange problem18:40
dcordessounds like it must be on my end if you consider it for RC18:41
dcordessomebody interested in adding HTC HD2 maverick RC infomration in planet ?18:41
dcordesthen we have covered the full embedded family18:42
dcordessmartbook, dev board and cell phone18:42
dcordesnevermind :)19:11
devilhornssomeone needs to spank the icon designers19:16
ajayhi all , i have igep board but in minicom i am getting message as ����19:18
ajayno boot prompt19:18
GrueMasterdevilhorns: Are you referring to bug 651391?19:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 651391 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Changing desktop font changed entire theme appearance in une-efl (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65139119:19
devilhornsGrueMaster, no, gimme a sec, I will show you my "gripe" :)19:19
rsalvetiajay: probably missing x-loader and u-boot19:19
ajaybut green light is glowing on that board19:20
devilhornsGrueMaster, ok, keep in mind when you look @ this, that my code does everything properly (in that it centers the icons)19:20
devilhornsGrueMaster, but, look @ the button19:20
devilhornsand looking @ the icon itself, you can see "the problem"19:21
GrueMasterYep.  Icons aren't centered in their frame.  Bad.19:21
devilhornsyep :)19:22
devilhornsnow what kinda moron makes icons like that ... *sigh*19:22
ajayrsalveti, is this happens due to any null modem cable error as well?19:22
GrueMasterThere's probably a patent if they did.19:22
rsalvetiajay: could be, but generally you get tons of weird characters when getting garbage19:22
devilhornsa patent for centering icons ? I highly doubt that :)19:22
rsalvetiajay: are you open it with 115200?19:23
GrueMasterNever know with software patents.19:23
ajayhw and sw flow control is off19:23
rsalvetigenerally I never use minicom, just screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 is enough for me19:23
devilhornsGrueMaster, well, if that is the case, then every designer on the planet is in trouble :) I mean really, how Doesn't center images ? :)19:23
rsalvetibut could be cable issues also19:23
rsalvetimaybe wrong pins19:23
ajayrsalveti, i have checked i am using cross cable19:24
ajaynull modem19:24
ajayIDC10 DB9 also as mentioned in websites19:24
ajayrsalveti, for screen /dev/ttyUSB3 115200 also i am getting just blank screen19:26
rsalvetiajay: any garbage?19:26
ajayif i write then it is getting garbage19:26
ajayrsalveti, if i write same thing is getting printed19:27
ajayjust for enter key getting printed at start �19:28
devilhornsGrueMaster, btw19:28
ajayis it cable problem?19:28
ajayor uboot xloader got corrupted19:28
devilhornsthat bug is not in une-efl ... it's a control-center (appearance properties) problem19:28
GrueMasterThat's what I thought when I filed it.19:28
rsalvetiajay: could be, but it it was corrupted you should not get any echo from uart19:29
ajayrsalveti, but not even getting uboot prompt19:29
ajayor any message saying loading19:29
devilhornsyea, the issue is that "appearance-properties" creates a "custom" theme whenever you change any "looks" (fonts, colors, etc). When it creates that "custom" theme, it takes the base theme, changes all the properties for it in gconf, then saves it. When it does the changes, it reads the values of the original theme (icons, colors, etc) and updates gconf values for that19:30
pcacjr__ajay: are you doing that with sudo ?19:30
rsalvetiajay: I would first suggest you to make sure you're using a valid x-loader and u-boot19:30
rsalvetiif I'm not wrong, there's a default one at the nand19:30
devilhornsso modifying anything, resets all the gconf properties to default for that "base theme", and saves the custom values19:30
rsalvetithen checking if the cable and etc is correct19:31
devilhornsso it's reseting "icon theme" to the default for that original theme19:31
ajaypcacjr, i am doing with root19:31
ajayrsalveti, how to make sure that i am using valid xloader or u-boot19:32
pcacjr__rsalveti: should he at least get some weird bytes on the screen ?19:32
devilhornsGrueMaster, @ any rate, I'm not going to "doctor" my code for badly designed icons :) the centering issue will remain just that. an "issue" because of bad icons :)19:33
GrueMasterI wouldn't either.  File a bug on the icon set.19:33
rsalvetiajay: getting the stock one, provided by the igep website19:33
rsalvetipcacjr__: yup19:33
devilhornsGrueMaster, indeed :) Will do that later when I have some time19:33
rsalvetiajay: http://shop.igep.es/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=8&zenid=701aa01925001b84ed070559d8ac085119:34
rsalvetiprobably same one from beagle19:34
ajayrsalveti, i have same one19:35
rsalvetiajay: http://www.igep.es/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=99&Itemid=112&dir=/var/www/vhosts/igep.es/httpdocs/downloads/01-ISEE_Products/IGEPv2/SW_Releases/binaries19:35
ajayrsalveti, shall i keep xloader and uboot in sdcard19:37
ajayfrom above link19:37
rsalvetiyep, at least at beagle you can boot using the x-loader and u-boot from the sdcard by using the user button, don't know if we have the same for igepv219:38
ajayrsalveti, no there is no button for igep19:38
ajayrsalveti, http://labs.igep.es/index.php/How_to_recover_a_IGEP_bricked_board19:38
ajaythis site is for showing to recover a board19:39
ajaybut not sure shall i follow these steps19:39
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rsalvetiajay: well, if you just follow these steps you'll for sure be able to flash a valid x-loader and u-boot, and get something at your uart19:42
rsalvetiif you set up your sd and still see garbage, than your problem could be related with your cable setup19:42
devilhornsanyone running unity ?19:55
ajayrsalveti, is this problem due to power cable also?19:59
rsalvetiajay: just if you're not using the proper 5v one20:00
ogra_acbug 60775220:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 607752 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] devmem2 needs packaging (affects: 2) (heat: 59)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60775220:17
ajayrsalveti, i tried above wiki of recovering brick igep board20:17
ajaybut for this also i am getting similar error as no messages20:17
ajayif i press any key from keyboard hetting printed as �20:18
rsalvetiso probably an issue at your cable setup, or usb-serial converter20:20
loolrsalveti: Plenty of people get this issue with IGEP20:26
loolThere is a hardware grounding issue I'm sure20:26
loolone workaround is using a differnt USB serial adapter, or a real PC serial port; another workaround is plugging a mini-USB cable to the IGEP to help grounding20:27
rsalvetilool: hm, interesting20:29
vgradehi guys, anyone working on i.MX5120:35
ogra_acamitk does20:37
vgradeogra_ac, thanks20:40
GrueMasterrsalveti: Can you download http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/maverick/main/installer-armel/20100211ubuntu28/images/omap/netboot/omap/* and try on your beagleXM?  I am seeing it either not detecting my USB keyboard or it is locking up hard.21:02
rsalvetiGrueMaster: sure21:02
GrueMasterYou will have to copy these to an existing image partition1 to get MLO & u-boot.bin21:02
rsalvetisure, np21:03
rsalvetiGrueMaster: which image did you use as base?21:03
GrueMasterOr 20100929.21:03
rsalvetiOK, ping back you in some minutes21:04
GrueMastertoo bad u-boot for beagle doesn't support tftp.  Make my life much easier.21:07
ogra_acrsalveti, GLES packages uploaded21:12
ogra_accross your fingers that the release team lets them in :)21:13
rsalvetiogra_ac: cool, let's wait and see :-)21:13
rsalvetiogra_ac: where can I track it?21:13
ogra_aci filed bug 65234721:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 652347 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] opengles-sgx-omap3 and powervr-omap3 need to be packaged for maverick (affects: 1) (heat: 14)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65234721:13
* ogra_ac hopes thats enough to justify the FFe 21:13
ogra_acrsalveti, some clear final statement for bug 607752 would be helpful btw21:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 607752 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] devmem2 needs packaging (affects: 2) (heat: 59)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60775221:14
rsalvetiyup, devmem2 is very useful but ugly21:15
ogra_acthe discussion just doesnt end clearly with "we will use it"21:16
rsalvetiok, will comment on it21:17
GrueMasterrsalveti: I get the same results on the beagle & beagleXM with the netboot image.  complete lockup.21:35
rsalvetiweird, my image is just resizing, will test it when it finishes21:36
rsalvetinow creating swap...21:36
GrueMasterIt should boot into the debian installer.21:36
rsalvetiyep, but I was going to test your kernel to see if it works or not21:37
GrueMasterMake sure you are using the boot.scr, uImage and uInitrd from http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/maverick/main/installer-armel/20100211ubuntu28/images/omap/netboot/omap/*21:38
rsalvetiI just flashed 2010092921:38
rsalvetiyup, will use that21:38
GrueMasterNo need to go through the preinst boot stuff.21:38
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rsalvetiI know, just wanted to at least have a proper rootfs21:39
rsalvetiok, will use your kernel and initrd now21:39
=== amitk-afk is now known as amitk
GrueMasterWhy?  It creates one (or it is supposed to).21:39
=== amitk is now known as amitk-afk
ogra_acrsalveti, the initrd contains the debian-installer21:41
ogra_acit will wipe your rootfs21:41
rsalvetioh, ok, didn't know the debian-installer was inside it21:42
rsalvetiyep, so just booting it should be enough21:42
rsalvetilet me try21:42
* rsalveti used with the pre-installed image21:42
ogra_acthe great thing is that the whole installer lives in ram21:42
ogra_acso you can do whatever you like to your disks21:42
ward|whats the simplest way of getting a rootfs for my PXA272 based PDA ? i should be able to roll my own kernel21:48
ogra_acsee /topic21:48
ward|is that the simplest way?21:48
ward|allready saw that21:48
rsalvetiGrueMaster: yup, no usb21:48
rsalvetiGrueMaster: probably missing modules...21:49
ogra_acrsalveti, yeah21:49
rsalvetilet me boot with uart21:49
ogra_acold re-occuring bug21:49
ward|ogra, oh never mind, it cant get much simpler than that i see :p21:50
ogra_acward|, yep :)21:50
rsalvetino modules at all21:52
rsalvetinot good21:52
ward|so together with a 2.6.x kernel this should work fine? is there a minimum version or something?21:55
ogra_acward|, udev in ubuntu is usually tied closely to the kernel version21:58
ogra_acward|, so you should make sure yu have something matching21:58
ward|ogra, ah, so if i only got one specific kernel version i can compile, i should forget about it and use another distro?21:59
ogra_acwhich version do you have ?21:59
ward|ogra, let me see22:03
ward|ogra, 2.6.2622:04
ogra_acthats ancient22:04
ogra_acwith luck you can use jaunty on that22:04
ogra_acbut jaunty is EOL in a few weeks22:04
ward|well its not really coneniant updatiung the kernel all the time on a closed source PDA lol22:05
GrueMasterOk, netboot for dove works.  Just finished.22:07
rsalvetiGrueMaster: so, no modules at your uInitrd22:15
GrueMasterWell now.  That would be a bad thing.22:16
rsalvetindec: upstream kernel is activating the errata for arch_omap4: https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/183142/22:21
rsalvetiso I believe it should be fine with it22:21
rsalvetiat least my board is still up and building after using the errata22:21
rsalveti20 hours, and 9 builds22:22
ndecrsalveti: but my understanding is that this errata is not needed on es2.0, it's fixed in the arm chip in es2.0...22:23
ndecrsalveti: but i might be wrong ;-)22:24
rsalvetindec: yep, thought the same but couldn't find anything about it =\22:24
rsalvetiGrueMaster: any idea why we're building the initrd without any modules?22:29
rsalvetiogra: said that this is a re-occuring bug22:29
ograrsalveti, space22:29
GrueMasterNope.  Ask an engineer.  btw, meeting.22:29
ward|ogra, i think i found out why the devs chose 2.6.26 lol22:59
ward|( ogra, provided you are ogra_ac)23:00
ograyes, i'm both on differnt devices in different rooms23:00
ward|yeah just making sure :)23:00
ward|the debian EABI docs use this version aswell, and they make it clear only that one is supposed to work: "NOTE: Take a lot of care, that _only this old linux kernel version works_."23:01
ward|so maybe there are a lot more devices lie mine with this outdated kernel23:02
ward|thought i should mention it so ubuntu-arm devs can investigate this if they want to23:03
robclarkndec / rsalveti: which errata?23:08
rsalvetirobclark: PL310_ERRATA_58836923:09
robclarkok.. let me check23:09
robclarkrsalveti: ok.. this one seems to apply to the cortex-a9 IP, prior to r2p023:10
robclark(just need to check which rev on cortex is in es2.0)23:10
robclarkr1p2.. so keep the errata enabled23:11
rsalvetirobclark: oh, cool, thanks for identifying it23:15
robclarkrsalveti: btw, was there any new discoveries on highmem in last couple days?23:19
rsalvetirobbiew: well, we were first trying to debug the issue without highmem, because we always face problems when using highmem23:20
rsalvetiwith one cpu, without l223:20
rsalvetiso then I found that we were not using this errata yesterday23:20
robclarkoh, ok.. so same sort of issue even without highmem?23:20
robclarkso w/ PL310 errata patch, it is getting more stable?23:21
rsalvetigave it a try and I'm running without highmem, 2g:2g, 1gb, 2cpus and doing well23:21
robclarkok.. that sounds like an improvement23:21
rsalvetirobclark: more than 20 hours building23:21
robclarkhave you tried w/ highmem yet?23:21
rsalvetino issues23:21
rsalvetirobclark: yup, and still get the issue easily, so probably another bug23:22
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robclarkand that is also w/ the nvidia highmem patch?23:23
rsalvetirobclark: yup23:23
robclarkhmm.. ok.. so still another issue lurking :-(23:23
rsalvetiyeah :-( but at least we have a workaround to use 1gb now23:23
robclarkyeah.. I think 2g/2g is way to go for now23:24
rsalvetiand the build is now taking less than 2 hours23:25
rsalvetiusing an external usb disk23:25
robclarkohh..  we tried a USB drive at the last sprint, although I think it was quite a slow usb powered hd..23:31
GrueMasterThat and it was all ES1 then, wasn't it?23:38
rsalvetiprobably, and using usb otg23:39
GrueMasterrsalveti: Can you confirm Bug #652522?  Thanks23:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 652522 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "modules missing from omap netboot image. (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65252223:47
rsalvetiGrueMaster: sure23:48
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