DanaGSay, have any of the ubuntu-font developers tested the font on high-dpi displays?05:03
DanaGNotice the little "blobs" on the 'c' and the 't'.05:03
hyperairi see no blobs.05:05
DanaGZoom all the way in on that pic.05:06
DanaGWell, not quite a "blob", but it's like there are bits leading up to a curve, but the curve itself is cut off.05:07
DanaGAnd the lowercase 'l' keeps making me think it's underlined, at least in Firefox.05:07
DanaGoh, I have no 'l' in that pic.05:08
DanaGBut if I zoom in, I see it has the same sort of blobby thing -- but in this case, it's immediately adjacent to the hinting on the left part of the curve.05:09
DanaGSo it looks thick.05:09
DanaGAnyway, try setting gnome to, say, 147 DPI, and "slight hinting", as is the default in Maverick, at least.05:18
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thorwilwhat's the right term for the space between tiles (ceramic): seams, gaps, grooves, joints, interstices?09:23
thorwildoctormo: hi! hmm, the previews have issues: http://art.ubuntu-owl.org/files/thorwil/1309:56
thorwilwhat it should look like: http://www.foopics.com/showfull/cc24616942a90cbccbb685756e56d9a109:58
vishthorwil: i think "gaps" work fine when it is a bigger space, and "grooves" are for the minor spaces it forms10:08
thorwilvish: about to reply to "Artwork Team Logo"10:12
* vish was wondering when the "logo-updater" would speak up!10:13
thorwilvish: my points will be: concentrate on the symbol, don't mess with type. use pen/paper. use an image hoster, preferably foopics.com10:14
vishwhy do people prefer foopics.com though?10:15
thorwilimage hoster means absolute minimal barrier, but no archive10:15
* vish checks it out, never used it10:15
thorwilvish: it's fast and lean10:15
vishhmm, seems nearly similar to imagebin.ca  , but need to actually check it out10:16
thorwilvish: so, got anything to add?10:16
vishthorwil: well, "dont stick to the Ubuntu logo alone"10:17
vishwe'd have people just blindly modifying the existing logo, and art team does not need to use the logo10:18
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zniavrethe new font is not a bit too small ?20:36
vishzniavre: yup21:43
vishthey seem to know but, not sure why they choose to leave it smaller :s21:44

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