b234if I have to do anything other than install to use it then I'm not.00:00
stlsaintplease look in your /etc/X11 directory and see if its there00:00
b234I don't see a xorg.conf file in the etc/x11 directory00:02
stlsaintb234: sorry about delay00:17
b234no worries00:18
b234I appreciate the help and have been trying to google my way thru for a couple days now. A couple minutes here or there is nothing00:18
stlsaintb234: what are your system specs?00:18
b234it's a toshiba laptop running the intel 945 gm embedded graphics00:19
b2342 gb ram, dual core, 200 gb hard drive00:19
stlsaintsame as mine, minus the intel graphics, nvidia all the way :D00:20
b234grins - I wish it were so00:21
b234everything works just fine on my older and smaller laptop - with nvidia00:21
stlsaintb234: seems the intel grapchis set is running slow for alot of folks00:22
b234aye, there seems to be a lot of trouble and the explanations on how to fix it very sparse for a linux beginner00:23
stlsaintb234: yea i havent found any solid fixes yet00:24
stlsainti think a bug was filed on it00:24
stlsaintas of right now im not sure what to tell ya man, hopefully maverick will be better for ya00:25
b234well thanks for the time looking....many of the fixes I've seen reference the xorg.conf file - is there a good beginners guide for activating and using it?00:26
stlsaintb234: you are wanting to use xorg.conf?00:27
b234I think so00:27
stlsaintalright, we will try, just remember that if you boot and cannot get to your desktop, than just use the livecd to remove the xorg.conf to get you back to your current state!! kk?00:28
b234ok, not a worry at all - it's a fresh install and easily replaced00:29
stlsaintoh, well you wont need to reinstall, just remove xorg ;)00:29
b234very easy00:30
stlsaintalright, first run lspci | grep VGA00:30
stlsaintin terminal00:30
stlsaintopen another terminal00:30
stlsaintgo to your /etc/X11 directory00:31
stlsaintcd /etc/X1100:31
stlsaintrun command in terminal: sudo Xorg -configure00:31
b234hang on00:31
b234getting to the x11 directory00:32
b234how do I open a terminal at root instead of user00:32
b234or get to root00:32
stlsaintb234: just open the terminal and run: sudo -i00:32
stlsaintif you are running a root terminal (be careful) but you wont need the sudo on any of the commands00:33
b234ok, did sudo -i, still says no such file or directory when I cd /etc/x1100:34
stlsaintb234: linux in all forms is case sensitive00:34
stlsaintb234: instead of x11 it must be X1100:35
b234arg, of course, sorry - I'm there00:35
stlsainthehe np00:35
stlsaintnow run the command Xorg -configure00:35
b234fatal server error: server is already active for display 000:36
b234if this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock and start again00:37
stlsainthehe, crap sorry i forgot, you must not have x running00:37
stlsaintb234: you must use login console to run command, you may have to boot to the recovery mode, drop to cli then run command00:38
stlsaintb234: do you have another system you can use to connect to this channel on while running xorg config on this system?00:38
b234ok, how do I boot to recovery mode?00:39
b234I am on a different system00:39
stlsaintb234: oh ok00:39
stlsaintb234: on the slow system are you dual booting? meaning do you get to your grub at bootup or does it go straight to ubuntu login screen00:39
b234straight to ubuntu00:39
b234I am trying to only run windows in windows00:40
stlsaintb234: ok, than at bootup you are going to have to hit the shift button during bootup so that you can get to grub screen00:40
stlsaintb234: at grub screen you will see the option to boot into recovery mode00:41
b234ok, I have a menu in recovery mode00:42
stlsaintcool, you see a option to get to command line00:42
b234root shell prompt?00:43
stlsaintare you able to get to your Desktop or Documents or any other data from there?00:44
b234not hat I can see, just a blinking cursr and ls gives me nothing00:45
stlsaintwhat does pwd give you?00:45
stlsaintcommand pwd00:45
b234slash rot00:46
stlsaintwhat is your user name on the system?00:46
stlsaintrun this command:00:46
stlsaintcd /pg/home/etc/X1100:46
stlsaintit work?00:48
b234there seems to be no X11 directory00:48
stlsaintb234: can you get to: cd /pg/home00:48
b234ok, it's /home/pg00:49
stlsaintcd etc00:49
b234and there's no etc00:49
stlsaintsorry, cd /etc00:50
aveilleuxstlsaint: Don't you mean /etc?00:50
aveilleuxstlsaint: There you go :P00:50
stlsaintaveilleux: HUSH!!00:50
* aveilleux cowers from stlsaint00:50
stlsaintaveilleux: sup00:50
b234ok, try again...there is no /home/pg/etc00:50
b234there is a /etc00:50
aveilleuxstlsaint: Not much, finally making my system Linux-only00:51
stlsaintaveilleux: bout time :P00:51
b234and there is a /etc/X1100:51
stlsaintb234: alright, do: cd /etc/X1100:51
stlsaintnow run Xorg -configure00:52
stlsaintdid it run?00:53
b234it did00:53
stlsaintdoes running: ls      show a xorg.conf file now?00:54
b234and says my xorg config file is /root/xorg.config.new00:54
stlsainthrm, run these commands00:54
stlsaintb234: does it say config or conf?00:55
stlsaintalright we are going to try a different move here:00:56
stlsaintrun commands:00:56
stlsaint(are you in the /etc/X11 directory still)00:57
stlsaintcp xorg.conf.new /pg/home/xorg.conf00:58
stlsaint^^run command00:58
stlsaintcrap i meant to put on desktop but oh wells :D00:58
stlsaintalright now run:00:59
stlsaintcp xorg.conf.new xorg.conf00:59
stlsaintalright now just because im anal run:00:59
stlsaintmv /pg/home/xorg.conf /pg/home/Desktop/xorg.conf01:00
aveilleuxb234: put /me in front of action commands. ie. /me chuckles01:00
* b234 thanks you01:01
* stlsaint sticks nose up at aveilleux...i could have said it! :P01:01
aveilleuxBut you didn't!01:01
stlsaintb234: you run last command01:01
stlsainthehe, i know01:01
stlsaintb234: poke01:02
stlsaintb234: reboot and see if it made a difference ;)01:03
b234hang on a sec01:03
b234ok, rebooting01:07
b234it does look different01:08
b234still no 3d in vmware01:08
stlsaintdifferent as in better looking?01:09
stlsaintwell you have to enable it01:09
b234and yes, it seems sharper01:09
stlsaintif you want you can always change the name of xorg.confg to xorg.config.old to see your old setup then come back to new setup to see difference better ;)01:10
stlsaintgo to System>Preferences>Appearance and go to the visual effects tab and change to last button01:11
bodhimy first html5 page !!01:11
b234stlsaint: it's on extra visual effects01:12
aveilleuxWhat format is the video? h.265?01:12
codeheadhi all01:12
aveilleuxHuh, then that's weird01:12
stlsaintyea it is01:13
b234stlsaint: so which .conf file do I edit?01:13
aveilleuxOpera should support vorbis in HTML501:13
aveilleuxThey say it does anyway :V01:13
bodhivideo is Theora01:13
stlsaintbodhi: doesnt work for me01:13
aveilleuxthat one01:13
aveilleux"ogg" in general01:13
bodhistlsaint, what browser ?01:13
stlsaintb234: that setup should be very good for you. You should be able to use wobbly windows better and get better effects01:13
stlsaintbodhi: chrome01:13
stlsaintb234: as for vmware im sorry i dont use it. on lappy i use box and on servers openvz and lxc! no vmware ;)01:14
bodhistlsaint, did you ever get tor running ?01:14
codeheadi finally got Ubuntu installed on my HP desktop, but I think some packages may be corrupted01:14
aveilleuxcodehead: What makes you think that?01:14
codeheadso i'm trying to reinstall it01:14
stlsaintbodhi: nope :(01:14
stlsaintcodehead: reinstall?? just fix packages (if possible)01:15
stlsaintbrb folks01:15
codeheadwell, i tried to get MySQL running, but it gives me a bad package message01:15
codeheadand i'm in an infinite loop01:16
codeheadwith ubuntu01:16
aveilleuxcodehead: Did you clean the Apt cache?01:16
aveilleuxcodehead: sudo aptitude clean01:16
b234stlsaint: thanks for all your help - I picked vmware ecause it's supposed to give the vm direct hardware access, unlike box, so even if linux doesn't properly recognise hardware it should pass thru for windows to use - recommend anything to try?01:16
aveilleuxb234: VBox provides direct hardware interface01:16
aveilleuxb234: I assume you're referring to USB devices et al01:17
bodhistlsaint, they say you need ffmpeg installed for chromium01:17
bodhiNot sure as I have it installed and it does not work01:17
codeheadi'll try that now01:17
b234aveileux: vbox didn't work with my printer,which oesn't have linux drivers01:17
aveilleuxb234: Did you mount it by device name?01:18
aveilleuxb234: ie. in the VBox panel, you mount a USB device and you pick it by device name (/dev/usbX)01:18
b234aveilleux: the linux device name? linux doesn't recognise it properly and so didn't pass thru properly01:18
aveilleuxb234: No, no. The device still physically exists in Linux.01:19
aveilleuxb234: Just because you can't use it in Linux doesn't mean it's not there.01:19
aveilleuxb234: Basically everything in the /dev directory is physical hardware. You can access the entire physical machine from in there, regardless of whether Ubuntu has drivers for it or not.01:20
b234aveilleux: hmm, probably not by the sound of it? you mean pass thru the usb port rather than what's attached to the port?01:20
aveilleuxb234: You can't pass through a port like that. You can pass through a block-level device, though.01:20
aveilleuxb234: That's how it's always worked for me... I had a DJ controller that didn't work in Linux, so I made an XP virtual machine in VBox and passed the device through as an attached device and it worked like a charm01:22
b234aveilleux: I'm not sure now. The problem I had was that linux slapped a generic printer on my printer and passed it thru as the generic printer. I've got a wide format printer.01:23
codeheadaveilleux: apt is clean...can i do a LAMP reinstall?01:23
aveilleuxcodehead: Uh, I guess. You can just sudo aptitude install php5 mysql and it'll install Apache as well01:24
bodhistlsaint, although chrome/chromium is making progress, it still kind of sucks01:24
codeheadaveilleux: mysql server 5.1 is installed...now i need access to the database01:30
codeheadwhat is the default login/pwd?01:31
seidoscodehead, i don't think there is one.  the installer should have asked you to enter a username/pwd for mysql.01:32
codeheadit did on my first install, but it doesn't like the username/pwd now01:33
b234I'm out, thanks very much stlsaint, I really appreciate the time.01:34
seidoscodehead, i don't know.  not sure what happened, but i couldn't even venture a guess as to how the password would have changed without your consent/knowledge01:35
aveilleuxcodehead: Try making a database. It'll ask you for one then. mysqladmin -u root create databasename01:35
codeheadaccess denied for user root@localhost (using password: NO)01:38
aveilleuxmysqladmin -u root -p create databasename01:38
aveilleuxcodehead: If that fails, try mysqladmin -u root password <PASSWORD>01:40
codeheadlol....it did something, but it didn't ask me for a pwd!01:40
aveilleuxcodehead: That should, in theory, recreate the "root" account01:40
aveilleuxcodehead: That means sql isn't password-protected... I would do that if I were you01:40
codeheadstill can't connect01:41
codeheadtried no pwd and pwd that i originally assigned at initial installation01:42
aveilleuxcodehead: Try sudo aptitude purge mysql... that should take out the configuration in /etc and clean everything out01:43
aveilleuxcodehead: Followed by sudo aptitude install mysql of course01:43
codeheadno joy01:46
aveilleuxI installed mysql like, two weeks ago and it worked fine for me01:47
aveilleuxand it hasn't updated since then01:47
codeheadyeah....i have a monkey on my back all the time (if i didn't have bad luck, i wouldn't have any luck at all!).  ;-)01:48
codeheadspeaking of which....my cable just went belly up!  ;-(01:50
codeheadi'm done with this monkey for tonight...gotta see if i get my cable back up!  ;-) thx!01:51
aveilleuxSee you01:52
dwilemanI can't get on the internet without Java here at college. Do I need to be online to install Java for Ubuntu?03:28
vic20gmrwhere might i find a webpage telling me if it is legal for me to use gstreamer or not?05:14
vic20gmrsomething reliable05:14
aveilleuxvic20gmr: What country are you in?05:15
CassandraKosyou need to check your own country's legislation05:15
aveilleuxIt's legal in the US05:15
vic20gmrcan u point me to a source?05:15
vic20gmrnot source code05:16
CassandraKosit is legal here in australia05:16
aveilleuxI live in the US?05:16
CassandraKoswhich country's laws do you need to look up?05:16
vic20gmrthank you both05:16
CassandraKosI have a few web addresses for legal databases (my hubby is a lawyer) but not all have their law so available05:17
aveilleuxvic20gmr: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5557451&postcount=705:17
CassandraKosgoo link - says it all05:19
seidosif it was illegal, what happens?  the police come to your door?  O_o05:20
CassandraKosmaybe - depends where you live05:20
CassandraKosgstreamer would not be illegal, just SOME plug-ins to access file with restricted codecs, surely?05:21
CassandraKosif illegal is the right word - I think restricted is more accurate05:21
vic20gmrim going to look at that link now, i found this one btw05:22
aveilleuxIn the US, generally not. If it's a patent violation, then it falls on the coder/distrubutor.05:22
vic20gmrsometimes i forget being lazy is more work :\05:22
CassandraKosbtw, seidos - thanks for your help the other day - I have resolved my filesystem error without losing the whole 2Tb - I just lost all the Stargate SG-1 files, as the inode to their directory was irreparably damaged when I restarted the computer05:23
CassandraKosI sing the praises of e2fsck, which did what fsck could not and rescued my corrputed filesystem from toatl meltdown05:23
seidosCassandraKos, i thought e2fsck was like a sub program or something of fsck05:24
seidoseh, i know nothing.  glad you got it working.05:24
CassandraKosno, it is another fs checker - worked better on my ext3 drives05:25
CassandraKosseidos: - you all tried to help and that was so encouraging05:26
seidosoh, interesting05:26
CassandraKosthe journal was actually waht had been corrupted by a number of disorderly shutdowns05:26
seidosCassandraKos, it was a fascinating problem.  wish i could've helped more.  your problem shed some light on ext3, i thought it was bulletproof before you came on05:26
CassandraKosand since fsck is never invoked automatically when you boot on ext3 partitions, I blithely went on modifying files and directories instead of fixing what I didn't know was broken05:27
CassandraKosI hoped it would be05:28
CassandraKosI read up on fileystems before converting my drives to ext3, but I missed the detail about the fragmentation possibilities05:28
seidosyeah, the fragmentation issue was a strange one.  i really thought fragmentation wasn't an issue.05:29
CassandraKosI am going to write a script (wish me luck) to run e2fsck on all my drives at reboot05:29
seidosbut, it was interesting to read that google upgraded to ext4 on their servers.  i mean, if it's good enough for them it must be pretty great05:30
CassandraKosI still haven't defragmented - but my files are not very fragmented05:30
seidosgood luck.  share the code when you're done?  i'd like to read it.05:30
seidosdefragment?  how?05:30
CassandraKosin the e2fsprogs collection is a clever routine to do it, but I fanct Shake05:31
seidosfanct Shake?  *error - please don't think i'm intelligent*05:31
CassandraKoslooks pretty clever, all I have to do is find the package - some of the links on the page are stale05:32
vic20gmrthx all ttyl05:32
CassandraKosbtw, seidos - when I vanished abruptly the other night, it was when I said "paste" to ubunutu pastebin - my system went phut for over an hour before it would cme back to me! I wondereed how it would have been if I pasted my 13573 line loong log in chat ...05:34
seidosCassandraKos, shake.  cool link. thanks.05:35
seidosCassandraKos, yeah, i guess i should've done the !paste to remind you not to paste it in the chatroom?05:35
seidosactually, pasting the log was silly.  i wouldn't have been able to figure out the problem, anyway.05:35
CassandraKosI did, but it made me plough through the thing and when I saw how many error were being hidden by the graphical login ...05:36
CassandraKoshow do I tell it to show those messages in real time?05:36
CassandraKosthat will be a modification to the startup script, I'll bet05:37
CassandraKosback to "From Powerup to BASH Prompt" to mine more data05:38
seidosCassandraKos, real time messages?  i don't know.  dmesg comes to mind for some reason.05:46
aveilleuxI don't think there's a tool to view the log files in realtime05:47
seidosi don't know how the log files are populated05:53
seidosi could venture a guess that chron has something to do with it05:54
aveilleuxseidos: The logs are written to as needed. dmesg accesses the kernel log.05:54
skeebychron is for scheduled command execution05:58
seidosthen my guess is wrong05:58
skeebyyeah i cant spell lol05:59
seidosi spelled it wrong too...not sure why i thought it was spelled with an h06:00
seidosmaybe that meme infected your brain skeeby :306:00
aveilleux "chron-" is the prefix meaning time.06:00
aveilleuxex. "chronometer"06:00
skeebydont know what your talking about06:00
seidosyeah, makes sense.  chron...scheduled tasks...06:01
seidosit's obtuse on purpose!  what does 'cron' mean?06:01
seidoshuh, couldn't really find any info on the log file writing process06:04
aveilleuxI assume it's just fopen() fprintf() fclose() in the kernel (since it's mostly in C)06:05
CassandraKosif documentation were written before programmes we would have better programmes06:05
aveilleuxthen the programs would have to conform to the documentation, restricting the creative process06:06
CassandraKosI write the maual, then the programme, but I already said I was unusual06:06
CassandraKosI start out with the manual as a framework for what I want the programme to do06:06
CassandraKosthen (sometimes) get the programme doing what I wanted it to do06:07
CassandraKosI have  a great collection of manuals for programmes I may write ...06:07
CassandraKosI find it help the creative process to know where I am going and why06:07
CassandraKosthere there - don't growl, we're your friends06:08
aveilleuxI do that in the form of flowcharts and whiteboards06:08
skeebysomething on the launchpad site is causing problems with my mouse switching between screens06:08
CassandraKossome clever bit of javascript?06:08
skeebymost likely06:09
CassandraKosI never could get the hang of flowcharts, my mind doesn't go from algorithm to chart easily06:09
skeebythats the second time i had to hard reboot06:09
aveilleuxYou don't have much formal programming education, do you?06:10
CassandraKosI leave java off by default unless a site I want to use insists on it06:10
aveilleuxJava, or JavaScript? They're very different things.06:10
CassandraKosno, I only completed my BCompSc in 1979 and have oly taken a few hundred courses since, so I would have to agree with that06:10
aveilleuxNo need to be crabby about it.06:11
aveilleuxI asked because I've had flowcharts forced on my since day one06:11
CassandraKosI leave off java AND javascript until I detemine whether I really want it on a site06:11
CassandraKosthey tried to make me write from flowcharts  in 1979 and I told them if they wanted one, look at my prgramme flow and write their own06:12
aveilleuxThat defeats the purpose of a flowchart06:13
CassandraKosbut I do diagrams about the structure, it's just that the charts do not help me think, my mind works another way06:13
skeebyi know what u mean06:13
CassandraKosI attended the classes and passed the exams, but I can't say I have had formal training, as I have always programmed in my own way, rahter than by rote as they tried to teach06:14
seidosi can pretty much only write pseudocode :/06:15
aveilleuxHere's an interesting thought. Since you don't follow the standard programming conventions, does that make you a "bad programmer" from a formalist's perspective?06:15
CassandraKosWhen I am writing a programme, I start with the user interface, which in "formal" terms is the last thing most people produce06:15
aveilleuxI'm talking about the organizational structure, not actual programming skill.06:15
CassandraKosI am a dreadful programmer from the formalist view06:15
CassandraKosand too expensive06:15
seidosthat's kind of interesting, in my visual basic class the interface was the first thing we put together O_o06:16
aveilleuxThat's because VB is a terrible language06:16
aveilleuxIt was my first programming language, and I wish it wasn't06:16
CassandraKosI take two hundred hours to write a programme someone could produce in ten, but mine is shorter, sweeter and better, IMHO06:16
aveilleuxHm, I would think that shorter code would take less time to write.06:16
duanedesignaveilleux: nnow i am learning C i wish it had been my first06:16
CassandraKosI started with CoBOL and FROTran06:17
seidossomeone in an ubuntu chatroom that thinks vb isn't a good language?  what a surprise.06:17
* seidos laughs06:17
CassandraKosthen moved to PASCAL, which is about where I stopped - I am now learning C06:17
seidosi started with delusions of grandeur06:17
aveilleuxI wrote an IRC client in VB06:17
aveilleuxIt was terrible06:17
aveilleuxBut it worked06:17
seidosi haven't written anything worth mentioning06:17
aveilleuxThen I switched to C and was like... "THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER"06:17
CassandraKosif it works, it is a good (enough) programme06:18
aveilleuxActual dynamic memory control? Yes please06:18
seidosCassandraKos, +106:18
CassandraKosI am waiting for my favourite educator to run the next C course, as I dropped out last run06:18
aveilleuxIf it works, it's good enough?06:18
aveilleuxI'm gonna have to disagree with that06:18
CassandraKosask The Other Lot06:19
aveilleuxJust because your implementaion works doesn't mean it's a good one06:19
CassandraKossorry, pet, my sarcasm is not always as obvious as it might be06:19
* seidos facepalms06:19
aveilleuxOooh, right, that thing that doesn't carry over the Internet06:19
aveilleuxVocal inflections, that is06:19
CassandraKosbut seriously, if it does the job, there is a school of (possibly valid) thought that says that the goal is thus reached06:20
seidoswhat's the school called?  zen?06:20
aveilleux....Blizzard is dumb. (unrelated) The program file for StarCraft is "Starcraft" and the executable is "StarCraft.exe"06:20
duanedesignlol, i was going to agree too seidos. I can excited about clever code, but if it works well there you go06:20
CassandraKosI am a perfectionist but I recognise that not every iota must be in place all the time06:21
aveilleuxAnd Linux, being case-sensitive, hates me now06:21
CassandraKosI'm sure it doen't hate you06:21
seidosduanedesign, i would probably run around like a jubilant zealot if i could write something that worked...06:21
CassandraKosit probably is just like one of your children, it thinks you are silly06:22
skeebyi dunno, id say theres a good chance it might06:22
seidoswell, perhaps worked and useful should be the criteria06:22
aveilleuxStart with something you need, seidos06:22
seidosaveilleux, that's challenging.  i don't really need anything06:22
aveilleuxI wrote a bracket/brace/parenthesis matching program simply because my BASH script kept erroring out with 'missing ]' errors06:23
CassandraKosI can tell you, perfectionism is not how to run a life - near enough is usually good enough and perfect takes too long06:23
aveilleuxThat's why you write an implementation then leave it alone for a while and come back to it06:23
CassandraKosI have a lot of little routines like that06:23
aveilleuxYou'll always see things like "what the hell was I thinking"06:23
CassandraKosyou are so right06:23
seidosthat's how i feel about my life :)06:24
CassandraKossometimes I read the code yers later and am impressed that i thought so well back then, but usually it is, oh, I could do this so much better06:24
mR0Hi skeeyby06:26
CassandraKosall that training teached you is how much you have yet to learn06:27
CassandraKosteaches - sorry about the flubbed letters - I'm gonna get some lunch06:27
aveilleuxAnd there, I just wrote a quick BASH script so I could mount an ISO of my choice without needing to type out the whole command every time06:28
aveilleuxand it can unmount as well06:28
CassandraKosgood one06:29
aveilleuxjust mount-iso <iso file> or mount-iso u06:29
* aveilleux shrugs06:29
aveilleuxThings like that are how I learned BASH in the first place.06:30
CassandraKosthe beauty of a cli, learn as you go, see the error immediately, beats lerning a compiled language06:32
CassandraKosand rooms like this are invaluable for exchanging knowledge, bless the hosters06:33
duanedesignCassandraKos: /1507:16
duanedesignsorry :P07:16
tenachHello AbhiJit10:56
AbhiJitgood afternoon tenach :)10:56
tenachHow are you doing, AbhiJit? :)10:56
AbhiJittenach, good!10:57
=== mistrynitesh is now known as geekosopher
Silver_Fox_Hello duanedesign14:15
reggihello can someone help me with a problem with my eth0 network device?14:38
geekosopherreggi: just shoot, someone or the other will definitely have the solution14:40
reggiok thanks geekosopher14:40
reggiwhen I ping (the gateway / router) from my laptop ( i get the following error message, "From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable"14:41
reggialso my network manager has the wired network with  "device not managed"14:45
reggii've lost my eth0 device14:52
reggidoes ubuntu have a 'device manager' with a list of all the hardware devices listed?14:52
reggimy network device on my laptop is no longer working14:53
seidosreggi, yeah, check lshw in a terminal.  it might say "unclaimed".  if so, a module needs to be loaded for it.  finding which one you'll need is the trick.  did it used to work before?14:57
reggihey seidos14:58
reggiseidos, i can't find my network device in my lshw list http://paste.ubuntu.com/503265/15:01
seidosreggi, you sent me the lsmod list.  do sudo lshw too15:02
Mohan_chmlreggi: try lspci whether it displays ethernet15:02
Mohan_chmlseidos: Hola15:02
* seidos waves @ Mohan_chml15:03
Mohan_chmlreggi: do what seidos said15:03
* Mohan_chml swims15:03
reggioh ok15:03
reggilonger list15:03
seidosreggi, i think sudo lshw -C network will shorten it for you15:03
reggiah better15:04
reggii can see my network on that list15:05
reggidoes it look like it's active?15:05
seidosreggi, well, the b44 module is loaded for your broadcom wired network device15:07
seidosreggi, you can see where it says "driver = b44"15:07
seidosreggi, i'm going to search the forums15:07
reggihmm you're right...but how come it does not appear in my network manager?15:08
reggiok thanks15:08
seidosreggi, i don't know.  have you tried sudo ifconfig eth0 up?15:08
reggihey seidos I have run the ..eth0 up command which completes properly. there is something strange going on. here is the output of my 'ifconfig'.15:10
regginotice the line 1915:10
reggieth0:avahi Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:19:b9:63:02:0715:10
reggii've read about that being some kind of daemon15:11
seidosreggi, yeah, that is weird.  never seen that before.15:11
reggidamn looks like i've royally screwed up my ubuntu15:12
Mohan_chmlseidos: may be IPv615:12
reggitime to reinstall it i think.15:12
seidosit would be interesting to see what is going on15:13
Mohan_chmlseidos: will network tools be helping?15:13
seidosMohan_chml, what did you have in mind?15:13
reggiwhat I'll do is boot off a live cd and see if the network works properly15:13
seidosreggi, you might want to check this out:  http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150569715:14
Mohan_chmlseidos: idk whether he is using eth or loopback15:14
reggibecause if the network works properly with the live cd then it just goes to show that my settings are screwed15:14
reggiok i'll check it out now seidos15:14
seidosMohan_chml, did you look at this:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/503277/15:14
seidosi mean, it looks like it's working.15:15
seidosreggi, you might also try assigning a static ip to your eth0 maybe?15:15
seidosif i can remember where to assign it O_o15:15
Mohan_chmlseidos: I think it looks good15:15
seidosMohan_chml, yeah, i think you're right.  everything should be working.15:16
reggiseidos, I actually edited my /etc/network/interfaces and assigned static15:16
reggilet me try the details on the page seidos asked to read.15:16
seidosreggi, maybe you should paste your /etc/network/interface file so we can check it.15:17
seidoswhen you get a chance15:17
reggiok I went to 'cat' my interfaces file and I noticed that I had my eth0 to dhcp15:19
seidosand there isn't a dhcp server on your wired network?15:19
reggiyes there is15:20
reggithe dhcp is actually a windows vista laptop (which is running ICS)15:20
seidoswell, it's not getting an ip for some reason15:20
reggihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/503289/ is my interfaces file15:20
seidosit looks okay to me15:21
reggihow do you know the eth0 is not getting an ip?15:21
seidosreggi, in ifconfig it should show eth0 with an ip assigned.15:22
seidosright now it looks like eth0 is getting an automatic 169.x.x.x ip15:23
reggiok i've just restarted the /init.d/networking15:23
reggiand here is the ifconfig output15:23
reggiobviously now eth0 has static settings15:24
reggibut this takes me back to my original problem15:24
reggiwhen I ping my gateway/server ( i get the following error message15:25
reggiFrom icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable15:25
reggiand is the static IP i assigned to my laptop.15:25
reggiit's almost like =
reggilet me check out my host file.15:26
seidoshave you tried tracert?15:26
regginot yet.. do now15:26
reggitraceroute ?15:26
reggishort and sweet....15:26
reggitraceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets15:27
reggi 1  peter-laptop.local (  3005.552 ms !H  3005.540 ms !H  3005.520 ms !H15:27
seidosalso can you try pinging from the gateway to your laptop?15:27
reggiok i'll try15:27
seidos3005.552 ms?  O_o15:27
reggiwoah that is strange15:28
seidoswhen i tracert my gateway, it's 1 hop, 6.24ms15:29
sivishi there15:29
reggiwhen I ping from the server ( i get "Reply from destination host unreachable".15:29
siviscan i ask some help here?15:29
seidos!ask | sivis15:30
ubot2sivis: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:30
reggisomehow there is some setting that has set =
siviserr, ok, thanks +)15:31
jappiecrhow can I change the Cmod in: drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4.0K 2010-04-29 07:05 admin to Teacher? (/etc/italc/keys/private:)15:31
seidosreggi, i'm not sure why that is happening.  can you ping your ip from your laptop?  ping itself?15:31
reggii mean no15:31
reggiwith errors15:31
reggiFrom icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable15:32
reggioh wait15:32
reggiyou asked to ping .50 didn't you seidos15:32
reggii'll do that now15:32
seidosyeah, ping itself.15:32
reggiAOK 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.105 ms15:32
seidosjappiecr, i'm not sure that i understand the question.  are you trying to change permissions on a file?15:33
Mohan_chmljappiecr: you want to change the owner of the file???15:33
Mohan_chml~chown | jappiecr15:33
Mohan_chml!chown | jappiecr15:33
ubot2jappiecr: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions15:33
seidosreggi, i don't know.  if i were you i'd try dhcp to see if it makes a difference.15:34
jappiecrseidos, I guess so. I installed Italc in ltps 10.04 environment but I can only access it as admin. Somebody told me to change the permisions in the private key...15:34
reggiseidos, when I set eth0 to dhcp that was when there was that strange entry in ifconfig, eth0:ivxxx15:34
Mohan_chmljappiecr: see the file permissions link from ubot2 and you want to edit them or exectute them alone from another user?15:35
sivisI've got win7 + Ubuntu 10.04 dualboot on separate partitions. Also i've got RAID 0 on ICH10R. Firstly Ubuntu didn't see my Raid, then i installed dmraid and added dmraid -ay to boot sequence. When i rebooted in  windows it won't see raid, while in Ubuntu it's all right. Than i managed to recover raid in win, but after next reboot sequence it failed again. So what should i do to keep raid active in both OS?15:35
seidosreggi, well, is your dhcp server on the same computer as the gateway?15:35
seidosreggi, is there a firewall on the gateway?15:35
sivisLooks like damraid somehow crashes raid in win. But how?15:35
seidossivis, i have no idea.  never used raid with ubuntu.15:37
reggiseidos, there is a firewall on the gateway - i'll turn it off now15:37
Mohan_chmlSilver_Fox_: try #ubuntu channel15:37
Mohan_chmlaww sivis*15:38
seidossivis, have you searched the forums yet?15:38
Silver_Fox_Mohan_chml,  Silver_Fox_ ....15:38
Mohan_chmlSilver_Fox_: sowwi ):15:38
jappiecrMohan_chml, Yes I saw the link and I understand the principle of file permissions, owever, I do not know which file permissin to change ?!15:38
seidosjappiecr, you want to change permission on /etc/italc/keys/private.  i'm assuming this is a file.15:39
seidosjappiecr, so you can do chown new-owner /etc/italc/keys/private15:40
sivisseidos, well i googled a lot, but couldn't find nearly the same problem. Some got problems with running but not with recognizing15:40
seidosjappiecr, and for file permissions something like chmod 777 /etc/italc/keys/private15:40
Mohan_chmljappiecr: you have to change the owner permissions to your teacher account or you have to use chmod 755 to execute in all user accounts15:41
jappiecrseidos, where it says "new owner" i type this or should this be "teacher"?15:41
Mohan_chmlseidos: rwx for all users will be good?? O_o15:41
Mohan_chmljappiecr: yep15:41
seidossivis, have you tried using google to search the ubuntuforums site?  site: http://www.ubuntuforums.org <search string>?15:41
reggii'll brb seidos just restart my pc and run a live CD - i'm better off just reinstalling ubuntu and starting from scratch - all my data is stored on a local NAS anyway :) thanks for trying to help seidos and Mohan_chml15:42
seidosMohan_chml, i don't know what he wants to do.15:42
sivisno, will try right now, thx15:42
seidosreggi, good luck15:42
reggithanks seidos @)15:42
seidosMohan_chml, or what permissions are necessary.  i'm just figuring get it to work, then fine tune the permissions later.15:42
Mohan_chmlgoo luck reggi15:42
jappiecrseidos, it tells me that teacher is invalid user..15:43
Mohan_chmljacob: you have an account named teacher???15:43
jappiecrseidos, Moham_chml: I want teachers to be able to use Italc from their own account and not having to use the adminsitror account15:44
* Mohan_chml stabs himself for wrong pings :?15:44
seidosjappiecr, well what user account are the teachers going to be using?  do they all have their own?15:45
jappiecrMohan_chml, no user called teacher but I dio have a group called teacher. Within this group I made the users Flor and grettel (teachers)15:45
Mohan_chmlif you have a group call teacher and it is active, then chown should work15:46
Mohan_chmljappiecr: ^^15:46
jappiecrBut students (other group) shouldn't be able to access Italc15:46
Mohan_chmljappiecr: But you don't want the teachers having Admin privileges ??15:48
Mohan_chmlapart from .../italic ??15:48
jappiecrThey can have admin rights in Italc but not in Ubuntu..15:48
seidoswell, they wouldn't have root privileges in ubuntu without knowing the sudo password15:49
jappiecrMohan_chml, I could paste the permissons as show to my by command promtm if this help?15:49
seidosjappiecr, i'm not familiar with italc, what is it?15:49
Mohan_chmljappiecr: then chown will be working if you have a group listed in "Users and groups"15:49
seidosi guess this is it:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/iTalc15:50
Mohan_chmljappiecr: it is not needed. check your group in listed15:50
jappiecrItalc is gerat tool where somebody can manage all thin clients form one place. Take over screen, do demostraion so everybody see the same on their screen, log people out, etc15:50
jappiecrvery cool if I get it to work:-(15:51
Mohan_chmljappiecr: check your group name corectly and chown will surely be working15:51
Mohan_chmlsudo chown teacher <file> will do15:52
jappiecrahhh, in Ubuntu my group is called "maestra" can this have anythng to do with it?15:53
Mohan_chmljappiecr: wait15:53
Mohan_chmlit should be sudo chgrp teacher <location>15:53
Mohan_chmljappiecr: ^15:53
jappiecr<location> ?15:53
seidosjappiecr, <filename> = <location>15:54
Mohan_chmlit should be sudo chgrp teacher /etc/italc/keys/private15:54
jappiecrdo u mean: /etc/italc/keys/public/teacher:15:54
* Mohan_chml falls doen and sleeps at the laps of seidos 15:55
jappiecrI get: chgrp: invalid group: `teacher15:55
seidosjappiecr, i don't have italc installed.  but you said earlier that ownership of /etc/italc/keys/private needed to be changed15:56
seidosjappiecr, it looks like it should be maestra and not teacher.  i'm am trying to see how to get a list of groups.15:56
jappiecryes, this what somebody #ltps, told me but refferd to beginners (which I am) for this15:56
seidosjappiecr, let me install italc, maybe that will help move things along15:57
jappiecrseidos, GREAT! I will wait...15:57
seidosjappiecr, you can confirm your user groups now by looking in system -> administration -> users and groups15:59
seidosjappiecr, wb15:59
seidosjappiecr, you can confirm your user groups now by looking in system -> administration -> users and groups15:59
jappiecrseidos, Here I made 4 users (Flor, Grettel, Juan and Juanita). Then I click on "manage groups"  and added 2 groups (maestra and estudiante). Click on "properties" of these groups and added in "maestra" Flor and Grettel and in "estudiante" Juan and juanita..16:03
seidosjappiecr, okay, so maestra is the "master group", or teacher group.16:04
jappiecrseidos, correct16:04
jappiecrseidos, if easier I can remove users/groups and create new ones and calle them teacher!?16:05
Mohan_chmlsudo chgrp maestra /etc/italc/keys/private will do it i think16:06
seidosjappiecr, i installed italc, and can't get it to run.  i get this message:  http://imagebin.org/11642716:06
Mohan_chmlseidos: installed italc??16:06
seidosjappiecr, no, that won't matter.  maestra...or teacher, same thing.16:06
seidosMohan_chml, all right, i'll try it :P16:06
seidosactually, that won't matter.  i can't even get italc to run O_o16:07
jappiecrMohan_chml, ok did this...16:07
seidoseven sudo italc doesn't work.16:07
* Mohan_chml runs seidos from his machine using terminal16:08
Mohan_chmljappiecr: or vent change the group permissions to maestra as the whole16:09
Mohan_chmlsudo chgrp maestra /etc/italc16:09
Mohan_chmlseidos: Am I going as what you thought?16:09
seidosMohan_chml, not sure.  i have italc installed, but can't run it.  i do have /etc/italc/keys/private and /etc/italc/keys/public16:11
seidosi guess i could try what you said, to see if it will run16:11
jappiecrMohan_chml, I just did this. Now can I switch user and log in with as Flor (maestra) and try it?16:11
seidosbut it shouldn't even matter.  i don't have a maestra group, all i want to do is run the program at all.16:12
Mohan_chmljappiecr: go on =]16:12
Mohan_chmlseidos: you better google your issues16:12
seidosMohan_chml, yep, i already did.16:13
jappiecrMohan_chml, did not work. It tells me that no authentificacion keys were found PLease create new key-pair using  ICA. Then I get: "somebody is trying to access computer with ip but could not authenticate itself16:17
jappiecrps...my thin client network is
seidosjappiecr, does it work when you're logged in with any user account?16:19
jappiecrseidos, yes it works when I am loggin as administrator...or at least the program starts. Today (after reinstall!) it does not show my TC's but yesterday it did...16:20
seidosjappiecr, so italc has an administrator account?16:21
jappiecrAnyway, I did not look into the issue with TC's yet since I first need it to work with teacher session.16:21
jappiecrseidos, I mean when I log in wit administator account  in Edubuntu16:22
seidosi noticed /etc/italc/keys/private and public have three folders.  admin, supporter, and teacher16:22
jappiecryes I see that too16:22
seidosjappiecr, you mean you are logging into edubuntu with a root account?16:23
seidosmaybe edubuntu is different than regular ubuntu, but we log in using a standard account, and when we need root privileges we use the sudo command16:24
jappiecrseidos, not sure...when I installed I needed to create the first account and I called it "administrador". I have been working in this account form the beginning. When I nede to do some thing with sudo, it always asks me for password.16:24
jappiecrseidos, So I don't think this is the root account, correct?16:25
seidosjappiecr, that sounds right.16:26
seidosjappiecr, well, what i am thinking is how does italc know which key to use when you login?  do you have to login when you start italc?16:26
jappiecrseidos, I think the main difference between Ubuntu and Edubuntu is that Edubuntu comes with educational programs pre-installed and you have the option to install ltsp server from live cd16:26
jappiecrseidos, no login when it starts. But when I login as maestra I see Italc in my menu and when I login as a estudiante it does not show the Italc..16:27
jappiecrseidos, I mean login on Ubuntu with those account..16:28
seidosthat's kind of interesting16:28
seidoswell i have to be honest, i'm not sure how much help i can be jappiecr.  i can't even get italc to run on my laptop.16:29
seidosi mean, you changed the ownership of the entire /etc/italc/keys/private folder16:30
seidosi guess you can do ls -al in the folder to check the owner of the sub-folders16:30
seidosi really don't see what these keys have to do with user permissions, though16:31
jappiecrseidos, maybe a work around could be that I sepratly install italc for each user account that needs to access it? Could this work?16:31
seidosjappiecr, i don't see how it would work.  i mean, the italc package is installed in synaptic and on the file system.  how could separate installs even be performed?16:32
jappiecrneed to take a call....brb16:33
seidosjappiecr, i still can't even get italc to run.  without being able to run it, i'm not sure how i can help you troubleshoot your problem.  maybe i need to install ltsp or something.  i'll ask in ltsp i guess.16:36
seidosmaybe ask your question in #ubuntu?  someone in there might have experience with italc.16:37
jappiecrseidosm thanks for all your help! I will ask there and see....16:38
seidosjappiecr, if i manage to get italc running, i'll send you a pm :)16:40
jappiecrseidos, great! I think I will uninstall italc and reinstall it again....and see if I get the TC's to show up From here on I will try to figure out how to get it to work with other accounts16:43
seidosjappiecr, TC's?16:43
seidosoh, terminal clients?16:43
jappiecrseidos, yes, thin clients16:44
seidosah, thin clients16:44
seidosjappiecr, you might try in #edubuntu16:49
jappiecrseidos, I uninstalled italc and reinstalled it. Not is does not work anymore!17:10
seidosjappiecr, italc came preinstalled with edubuntu?17:11
jappiecrseidos, no it did not.17:12
jappiecrI installed it with sudo aptitude install libitalc italc-client italc-master but also tried it with synaptic17:12
seidoswell, that's strange.  you had it working before by installing it yourself, right?  i wonder what could have possibly changed.  maybe you should remove it, remove the the /etc/italc folder, and try reinstalling?17:13
seidosjappiecr, ^^17:15
jappiecrseidos, I deleted all my users and groups and than reinstalled it. Now it says that it can't find the configuration file17:16
jappiecrseidos, ok will remove the /etc/italc folder and reinstall17:16
jappiecrseidos, what does ^^ mean?17:16
Mohan_chmljappiecr: hello. sorry I was away and seidos how is it going??17:17
seidosjappiecr, oh, ^^ is like pointing up, because i didn't include your name when i typed it.  just "look above this line at what i wrote for you"17:18
seidosMohan_chml, it is going O_o17:19
Mohan_chmlseidos: Hmmm you changed and tried by yourself?17:19
jappiecrseidos, ok I will unstall italc again and see if the /etc/italc is still there. If it is I will remove it and reinstall italc, correct?17:19
seidosjappiecr, sounds like a plan17:20
jappiecrseidos, that thats the plan:-)....17:20
seidosMohan_chml, i gave up.  couldn't find any resources on the error i was getting.17:20
seidosreading rss feeds in google reader now :/17:21
jappiecrseidos, I removed it and /etc/italc no longer exists!17:22
seidosjappiecr, i guess it's not working for some other reason :/17:24
seidosjappiecr, are you getting the same error as me now?  this one:  http://imagebin.org/11642717:24
=== Scunizi is now known as Izinucs
jappiecrseidos, is it possible to do a "system restore" to a previous state? Let's say I want my system to be as yesterday 8am?17:25
=== Izinucs is now known as Scunizi
jappiecrseidos, yes this is the error I am getting now as well!17:26
seidosjappiecr, you're using 10.04 right?17:26
jappiecrseidos, correct!17:27
seidosmaybe they pushed an update to the package.  i better create a bug in launchpad17:27
seidosjappiecr, the maintainers may not realize there is a problem in their package...not sure what else can be done17:27
jappiecrseidos, maybe, but it was running pretty good yesterday (but only in 1 account!)17:27
seidosnot sure what else it could be if we are both getting the same error17:28
jappiecrseidos, it was even running an hour ago on the one account17:29
jappiecrCan I do a "system restore" as I can on a windows machine?17:30
seidosjappiecr, i don't think so17:31
jappiecrtoo bad:-)17:32
seidosjappiecr, i created this bug:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/italc/+bug/652192  you can confirm the bug is happening with you as well on there.17:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 652192 in italc (Ubuntu) "unable to start italc (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]17:35
jappiecrseidos, I confirmed the bug...17:41
seidosjappiecr, you could reinstall edubuntu.  i'm sure that would fix it.  hey maybe you can install the package from off the edubuntu cd?  it's a crazy idea, i'm not sure how such a thing would be done.17:42
* Mohan_chml scratches head17:43
jappiecrseidos, yeah maybe that is the best. I tried again reinstalling italc. Do u also first get the message: "could not open configuration file /etc/italc/configfiles/globalconfig.xml" ?17:44
seidosjappiecr, i think so.  but not anymore.  i think you can use synaptic to install packages from the cd.  you have to check "cd-rom" in software sources i think.  then click the "origin" button and search for packages there.  i don't have a cd to test it out with though.17:48
jappiecrseidos, in one last desperate attempt: did you read this: http://italc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?title=ITALC_in_a_ThinClient_environment and read under " Start ICA on correct port at logon"17:53
matrixoraclei know i am gonna programme in python, whats a good package toinstall etc ?18:09
matrixoracleto edit/compile ...18:09
seidosmatrixoracle, geany is a good ide.18:10
matrixoraclewhats good to help me learn it ?18:11
seidosgeany is pretty self-explantory.  but for python?  i don't know.  i have a book i still haven't read.  "learn python the hard way" or something.18:12
matrixoraclek, cool.18:12
seidosno problem18:13
johnny_I have a dual boot question. any one able to help?18:51
johnny_I have a netbook with a SD disk reader. would i be able to set up a dual boot using that drive? My understanding is a dual boot is better than installed with Wubi. right?18:52
Mohan_chml!ask | johnny_18:52
ubot2johnny_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:52
Mohan_chmlJoeb454: yes Dual boot is better than Installing into another operating system18:53
Mohan_chmlaww johnny_ ^18:53
Mjiighi, i'm having some trouble with ubuntuone, i selected a folder on my desktop and told it to sync, but it doesn't seem to be doing so :(20:29
Mjiigi'm pretty sure my account is set up properly20:30
bodhi_zazenanyone here using chromium ?20:41
bodhi_zazenCan you test this page ?20:42
Mjiigvid works, i didn't get any sound though and the slider bar doesn't move as the vid plays20:43
bodhi_zazenvideo work ?20:43
bodhi_zazenOK, there is no sound20:43
Mjiigcool, i thought that might be the case20:44
bodhi_zazenTY, my first page is broken in chromium20:44
bodhi_zazenWant to guess how old Myah is in that video ?20:45
Mjiig3? i'm rubbish at guessing ages20:45
bodhi_zazenClose, she is 220:46
Mjiigthat's quite impressive skiing for 220:46
Mjiig@bodi_zazen, you starting to mess around with HTML5?20:54
bodhi_zazenHow did you guess ?20:59
bodhi_zazenAll my pages currently validate under html5 , so, looking at a few new tricks20:59
zkriessebodhi_zazen: looks good21:00
zkriesseother than the no sound :D21:00
bodhi_zazenSo far the biggest problem with embedded video, not all browsers play nice21:00
zkriesseToo true21:01
bodhi_zazenzkriesse: The original video has no sound21:01
zkriessebodhi_zazen: Ah21:01
bodhi_zazenI suppose I could drop in some Black Sabbath =)21:01
zkriessebodhi_zazen: Well how are ya? You rarely pop in anymore21:01
Mjiigbodhi_zazen: web design has always scared me :S that and GUI programming. Something in my brain doesn't like writing text that renders as pictures.21:02
mxe5I have a laptop that has Ubuntu and can't remember the password - can I boot to a live CD and reset my password somehow ? ?21:04
Mjiigmxe5, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword21:05
mxe5Mjiig: Thank you so much - appreciate it!21:07
bodhi_zazenzkriesse: I have had some life issues, and can not IRC as much as I once did21:46
zkriessebodhi_zazen: Ah...yeah I can understand that21:54
singasongWhat website would be best to post some screen shots I have to show a problem I am having ?22:11
singasongWould this be acceptable - http://imagebin.org/ ? ?22:12
singasongHaving a problem with updates.22:12
phillwimagebin is fine22:13
ubot2Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.22:13
skeebyimgur is good too22:13
singasongThanks everyone - will post problem in a few. See if anyone can point me in right direction.22:14
singasongI am running an older version of Ubuntu and getting an error when trying to download and install updates /home/michelle/Desktop/Screenshot3.png22:27
AndrewMCsingasong: you have to put your screenshot on imagebin for us to see it22:27
jappiecrMy profile mananager won;t import profiles anymore. I had it working, made some changes, deleted some accounts, made ne accounts. Did the whole process of making profiles and they are saved under /etc/sabayon/profiles but when I import them, it will open the file, ask me for profile name and when I press enter nothing happens. No even error message! anybody ideas?22:28
jappiecrseidos, did u get italc to work?22:28
singasongopps sorry will repost correct url22:29
singasongAndrewMC: Here is correct url of error: http://i.imgur.com/2sLy3.png22:30
jappiecrseidos, mine works excellent now thanks to <alkisg>. Just wanted to say thanks for trying to help me:)22:31
b234I'm wanting to access a computer across the network, and was hoping for something faster/smoother than vnc. XDMCP looked like what I wanted but I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 on both machines and it seems to be a problem in lucid. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, preferably with a gui as I get lost in command line and .conf file editing. Thanks!22:34
AndrewMCsingasong: 404 that is your PC not being able to talk with the server... weather that is your PC not having a connection or the ubuntu repos being down i dont know22:35
singasongI believe it is not pointed to the right repos - because I have no problem going on the internet.22:37
AndrewMCsingasong: give it a little bit it may come back online... they may be down22:38
AndrewMCsingasong: i get a 404 error as well22:39
singasongAndrewMC: ok will try later on - Weird thing is I had not done updates for along time on this computer and it downloaded and installed approximately 360 updates before.22:42
AndrewMCsingasong: what version of ubuntu are you running?22:42
singasongAndrewMC: What is the terminal or shell command again to check that ?22:43
AndrewMCSystem> About ubuntu22:44
AndrewMCit will say in the first line or so22:44
singasongAndrewMC: It is Hardy 8.0422:45
AndrewMChmm its still supported.... the repo might just be down22:45
singasongAndrewMC: Pretty old but still chugging along other then the updates error.22:46
AndrewMCya have you considered upgrading to 10.04LTS?22:46
singasongAndrewMC: yup it says at the top of updates mgr. I could this http://imagebin.org/11648222:48
singasongAndrewMC: + could do the update22:49
AndrewMCwhats the + for?22:49
AndrewMCthat distro has support until April of next year so you still have some time22:50
AndrewMCbut.... you can still get the nice new stuff22:50
singasongAndrewMC: Might consider doing that and would solve allot of problems - this is setup as a dual boot with windose and worry about things going bad.22:51
AndrewMCi honestly dont see anyway that ubuntu could interfere with windows22:51
singasongAndrewMC: My concern is that it might change the boot loader - which could be fixed I guess.22:53
AndrewMCyes it could there are people here who know how to help you with that22:53
singasongAndrewMC: Thanks for your suggestions - will give it some mulling over and decide later Also thanks for your help - gotta run.22:55
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tenachSo my father in law had me put Ubuntu on his computer alongside Vista, and is blown away.23:20
tenachHe's loving it immensely. I was surprised when he asked me to put it on his computer.23:20
phillwtenach: my mum is 76 and loves *buntu to bits (I put lubuntu on an elderly laptop).23:22
tenachphillw, it's pretty cool to see him (in his mid fifties) so excited about computers.23:22
b234I'm wanting to access a computer across the network, and was hoping for something faster/smoother than vnc. XDMCP looked like what I wanted but I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 on both machines and it seems to be a problem in lucid. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, preferably with a gui as I get lost in command line and .conf file editing. Thanks!23:39
bodhi_zazenb234: freenx23:55
bodhi_zazenor try an online service, teamspeak I think or logmein ?23:56

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