trond-hi room. I have a dell e4310 and it can get into suspension mode, but it can't get out... kernel: 2.6.32-22 (as I'm having trouble with newer kernels. This makes the screen flicker like mad!)00:01
SpamapStrond-: you may have better luck asking in #ubuntu00:07
SpamapStrond-: this is more for discussing specific bugs and bug management.00:07
trond-ok. thanks.00:09
rusiviIs it outrageous to attach The Dell Project to bug 629117?00:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 629117 in linux (Ubuntu) "Suspend failing on Dell Latitude E4310 (affects: 3) (heat: 14)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62911700:50
rusiviSeemed part and parcel...00:51
hggdhrusivi: the dell project is not Ubuntu, is it?00:54
rusiviThought they would find interest in it00:54
hggdhnot enough... we cannot open tasks for unrelated projects00:55
rusiviThe Dell Project's bugs have (Ubuntu) in them00:56
rusiviSeems highly related.00:56
hggdhrusivi: correlation is not causation01:02
hggdhthe bug already had a linux task, which, BTW, is correct01:03
hggdhwhy add another one, for a project you do NOT know what is about?01:03
hggdhactually, why _did_ you add another one?01:03
hggdhworse still, I had just told you not to do it :-(01:04
rusivihggdh: Not trying to tangle with you, I felt and feel I did the right thing. Worst case they "Invalid" it.01:04
hggdhrusivi: you did NOT do the right thing.01:05
rusivihggdh: As I respect your opinion as fellow community member, may I please have more information on why my actions were not the best way to go?01:06
persiarusivi, if there is uncertainty, always err on the side of sending fewest notifications.01:08
rusiviI felt no uncertainty in my actions.01:08
persiaAdding tasks on random projects tends to err on the other side (as you end up notifying all the bug contacts for that other project).01:08
persiaOK.  What is the Dell project about?01:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 550028 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Dell Mini 9 Hibernate does not work (affects: 3) (heat: 25)" [Undecided,Expired]01:09
persiaThat doesn't answer my question.01:09
rusiviWell in the comments of that bug it mentions information not on the front page of the project.01:10
rusiviPersia: The answer to your question is, it depends on where you look.01:10
hggdhand? What is the project about?01:10
persiarusivi, No.  the project is definitely about something.  if you have to look, you don't know yet.01:11
persiaIt may be that this bug is interesting to them, but it is *their* responsibility to find out about it, if it is.01:11
persiaIt may be that "The Dell Project" is intended only to support some small number of specific devices.01:11
rusivipersia: np I'll refrain from adding them in the future.01:11
persiaIt may be that "The Dell Project" is someone's commercial support project.01:12
persiaWe usually don't know.01:12
hggdhrusivi: please do so. Consider this a warning01:12
rusivihggdh: No offense was intended, my apologies.01:12
persiarusivi, It's not about that specific project: the key is to focus on the bugs *in Ubuntu*.  If you *know* that some specific package is affected, and you *know* that this package belongs to some specific upstream proejct, and you *tested* to confirm the bug also exists upstream, then (and only then) is it is appropriate to file the bug in their project.01:13
hggdhrusivi: no offense received. I am just despairing of telling you one thing, and seeing you disregard it01:13
rusivihggdh: I already did it before you said not too.01:13
persiaMost of the time it's *lots* easier to just work with the bug in Ubuntu and track down the problem in Ubuntu, and once a solution is fairly obvious, leave it for a developer.01:13
persia(or someone who has a close interest in the specific package, and is working closely with developers)01:14
rusivipersia / hggdh: lesson learned. Won't do so moving forward.01:14
persiarusivi, Excellent :)01:14
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rusiviTrying to follow Comment #4 bug 120569 leads to ... print "lang is None"02:30
rusivi  File "<stdin>", line 202:30
rusivi    print "lang is None"02:30
rusivi        ^02:30
rusiviIndentationError: expected an indented block02:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 120569 in gtkspell (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "[gutsy] gtkspell segfaults when trying to set the language on gtk.TextView (dups: 3) (heat: 2)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12056902:30
rusiviI'm a baby-python so idk what I am missing02:30
rusiviI'm doing this in the Terminal02:31
yofelbecause python uses indentation to specify functional blocks, press 'tab' at the beginning of every line that has a '...' in the post02:42
yofelexcept for the line where it says 'else:'02:44
rusiviyofel ty03:01
intraderAnyone, I am looking into inconsistencies of the manner in which 10.10 is treating shells scripts (like Pharo.sh).  I have just tried OpenSolaris, Fedora, Mandriva, ubuntu 9.04 and mint. They all show a context menu of 'Open' for this script file. Ubuntu 10.10 does not - Further all those distributions load the Pharo IDE without problem. When I change the property of the file to executable, then the context menu shows 'Open',04:53
intrader  the execution does not open the IDE.04:53
intrader#ubuntu+1 tells me that the reason is changes in gnome.04:54
intraderBy the way, the latest update to 10.04 make it work the same as 10.10.04:55
skeebyhey all05:28
mrandHowdy skeeby05:33
JanCintrader: sounds like this might be related to the new security policy (non-executable files should be non-executable)06:52
skeebywhen marking a new bug as a dupe, should i change the status to reflect the parent bug?06:58
persiaskeeby, We generally don't bother.07:00
mrandskeeby: minimizing bug mail is always one of my goals.  So I try to think through all the actions I'll be doing to a bug and get them done in as short a time period as I can in hopes of them landing in a single email.07:04
mrandNot the question you asked, but related... and just popped into my head07:04
skeebythank you07:06
skeebyin bug 651782 the reporter marked the bug back from incomplete -> new. is there any reason why that should be necessary?07:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 651782 in friendly-recovery (Ubuntu) "booting into recovery mode and selecting resume normal boot brings you to a text login (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65178207:08
skeebykomputes, are you there?07:12
persiaskeeby, It's often done when someone provides requested information, especially by people who were working with bugs before LP had "Incomplete with response" vs. "Incomplete without response"07:12
skeebyyeah i dont wanna have a status war with someone within the first handful of bugs i started triaging =X07:14
persiaAnd especially not with someone with that history of bug reporting :)07:14
persiaMy recommendation would be to try to reproduce with the steps komputes provided.  If you can or can't, share your experience on the bug.07:15
skeebywell im running 10.10 atm, so my results may be irrelevant07:15
persiaNo, they would be very relevant.  If it happens for komputes in 10.04 but doesn't happen for you in 10.10, then it's only a Lucid bug, and fixed in Maverick.07:15
persia(and, technically, 10.10 doesn't exist yet)07:16
skeebygood point07:16
persiakomputes tends to be a good bug reporter, so this makes a good opportunity to work deep triage with someone cooperative :)07:16
skeebyyeah i def reproduced computes problem07:38
persiaskeeby, Excellent.  What ought you do next to the bug?07:41
skeebyconfirm it07:41
skeebymark importance to probably med?07:41
ubot2You can learn about setting bug importance at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance07:41
skeebyaye im reading it atm07:42
persiaSo, based on those definitions, why "Medium"?07:42
skeebywell it effects the recovery console07:43
skeebyhowever a reboot is a the workaround07:43
skeebywhich could be considered easy07:44
skeebymaybe low...07:44
persianext, imagine why a user might be in the recovery consoe.07:45
skeebyi would lean toward low would you agree with that assessment?07:45
skeebyproblem with hw07:46
skeebyor core packages07:46
persiaPerhaps described as "cannot boot"?  if so, would a reboot work?07:46
persiaskeeby, Anyway, I'd probably agree with "Medium", but wanted to go through the exercise of why that makes a good choice :)07:49
skeebyoh definitely07:50
skeebyim new to the process too so it definitely helps07:50
skeebyi appreciate it07:50
persiaSo go ahead and set those values.07:50
skeebyi need to set status to "triaged" to set importance07:54
skeebyid say it could still use a little more feedback before taking it to the next step07:55
persiaI'd say "confirmed", rather than "triaged".  You don't yet know why it does that, just that it does on two different installs (so it's probably an Ubuntu issue rather than just being komputes' computer)07:56
skeebykompute seems to know what hes doin so ill follow his lead =p07:58
persiaOK.  Don't forget to set the Importance.07:58
persiaskeeby, ?08:01
skeebyi cant modify it08:01
persiaOK.  So what does the wiki suggest folk who can't (yet) modify importance do?08:01
skeebyah i thought i had permission as a bugsquad member08:03
persiaNope.  permission to modify importance is bugcontrol08:03
skeebyi guess someone from bugcontrol will need to set the importance for bug 651782 to medium please =)08:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 651782 in friendly-recovery (Ubuntu) "booting into recovery mode and selecting resume normal boot brings you to a text login (affects: 2) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65178208:03
* persia does so08:04
persiaOK.  Now the bug is confirmed, and importance is set.08:04
persianext step: dig in and find a cause.08:04
persiaYou asked komputes for error logs or similar.  Since you can replicate it, maybe you can generate some yourself?08:05
skeebythank you08:05
skeebyyup gonna dig through them right now08:05
persiaJust always remember to ask folk to set Importance if you know the right value.  Once you've triaged some bugs (with help from bugcontrol members), you can apply to bugcontrol :)08:05
persiaGood luck :)08:06
skeebyhaha thx08:06
skeebygotta scroll through all the errors i generated after i ran startx from root shell in recovery mode >_<08:07
vishah, bcurtiswx aint here..08:24
vishpersia: usually its just people asking here for some BC to set the importance..  maybe we need to mention it on the wiki as well.. [it might already be there though, need to check]08:25
persiavish, It used to be on the wiki: if it isn't, please restore it.08:25
vishskeeby: which wiki page were you following?08:25
vishno mention of this channel here » https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance08:27
skeebyvish: i was following  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage08:32
skeebyi suppose adding it to that wiki wouldnt be a bad idea08:34
vishhidden quite well under Feature Requests section "Only the members of the Ubuntu Bug Control  team can do so. If you're not a member you'll have to ask someone who is to do it for you. Paste the bug number in #ubuntu-bugs and say you think the bug should be set to 'Wishlist'. Someone will notice and set it for you, although not necessarily immediately. "08:34
vishthat needs to be on the importance page as well, and somewhere more generic08:34
persiaIndeed.  All new bugsquad members should be pointed on the path to bug control, with clear guidance that causes them to get involved with us to review their work as they do it.08:36
* vish edits importance page..08:37
vishpersia: done, could you check the wiki now? » https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance08:48
persiavish, That renders *horridly* for me, in multiple font sizes, seemingly randomly, indented, and in hard-to-read italics.08:51
vishpersia: weird.. screenshot pls? i see monospaced fonts there.. i dint want to use bold08:52
persiavish, also, I'd suggest putting that at the bottom of the page: most folk would do well to read about importances before setting them (as most users of that page are likely to be bug submitters wondering what we meant or bug control members trying to determine the right Importance)08:52
* persia waits longer for gimp08:52
persiavish, http://people.ubuntu.com/~persia/importance.png08:56
vishhrm.. that is indeed not what i intended.. :)08:57
persiaI figured :)08:57
vishlet me try something different08:57
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vishpersia: i think its fixed now..09:58
vishbtw, what size fonts do you use?09:58
vishseems to me 8pt or smaller09:58
persiaI use the default.09:59
persiaBut I have a 1400x1050 screen, and adjusted the DPI correctly, to match the screen size.09:59
persiaLooks a bit better, but still wild variation in font sizing.10:00
persiaI don't think it's worth fixing though, as you do want the font family change.10:01
AbhiJitMembership renewed until 2011-10-06.10:39
AbhiJitis this a yyyy-mm-dd?10:39
AbhiJitor yyyy-dd-mm?10:39
jibelAbhiJit, Hi, yyyy-mm-dd10:51
AbhiJitjibel, ok10:51
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charlie-tcahggdh: does server have it's own docs source package?14:42
charlie-tcanever mind, I found it14:44
charlie-tcaLet's not forget that on this release day for maverick RC, we have a great BugDay - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2010093015:20
xelistermy terminus font is uglified in recent versions. a known problem?15:39
xelisternational characters like ą ę ż look like crap15:39
xelisterit is because I can not set font size 14 in some applicatiosn - they force font size 15 that looks fugyl15:41
charlie-tcahmm, quitting isn't working, may as well work on BugDay! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2010093016:00
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jcastrobdmurray: are you still "random guy who can scrape launchpad data for me to find something useful?"16:23
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bdmurrayjcastro: yeah, I'm really rather stuck at the moment but should have some time later today16:27
jcastrooh it's no rush, just one of those "I have a theory, I wonder what the data really says"16:27
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vishbcurtiswx_ : nah, dint miss one, twas just bad formatting ;)  missed a "]]" in between17:11
rusivisysvinit webpage maintainer, minor syntax error, missing a t at the end of management, just bringing to your attention ty ->17:31
rusiviprograms required for booting a Debian system and doing basic process managemen17:31
rusivi https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit17:31
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bcurtiswx_vish, ah ok.. didn't see18:00
vishbcurtiswx_: nice catch btw, i should have checked it :)18:01
Tiibiidiia bug that obiouvsly hasn't been fixed has been marked as fix released by the launchpad janitor18:04
devildantewhat bug number, please? :)18:05
Tiibiidiiit happened that a branch with a workaround (that doesn't fix the problem but makes the program usable) has been loaded, then a packager linked the bug in the debdiff... so the janitor decided to flag it as released... is it correct to but it back to the previous status?18:06
Tiibiidiibug #60647018:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 606470 in monodevelop (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Monodevelop doesn't show its menu in the panel (affects: 9) (dups: 3) (heat: 46)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60647018:06
devildanteit was fixed in monodevelop only18:08
devildantethe true fix will be in appmenu-gtk ;)18:08
Tiibiidiidevildante: actually, it's not fixed in monodevelop18:13
Tiibiidiiit would've been fixed if the bug was titled:18:13
Tiibiidii"monodevelop doesn't show its menu"18:14
Tiibiidiithat is: monodevelop doesn't have a menu and it's unusable18:14
AlexzAKHi Everyone! I'am trying to understeand bug statuses used at launchpad. What bug status "triaged" mean? Whan next action to be done on such bugs?18:14
Tiibiidiibut the bug is about the monodevelop integration with the menu panel (and thus unity)18:14
Tiibiidiido you think it's fine to change status?18:14
devildanteTiibiidii: the thing which is supposed to implement the fix is appmenu-gtk18:15
Tiibiidii<Tiibiidii> do you think it's fine to change status? <-- i think i'll change the status... at the very least it will let other future people see this bug, and avoid duplicates before filing a new bug against monodevelop18:16
devildanteTiibiidii: as you wish... but please leave a comment stating why you did that18:17
Tiibiidiiunless there's some other reason i'm not aware of for avoiding changing a bug status18:17
vishAlexzAK: once a bug is set to "triaged" is means that it has all info needed and is ready for a developer to start working on a fix18:17
Tiibiidiithank you for the suggestions18:17
devildantenp ;)18:17
vishAlexzAK: info from the user that is, but the developer can ask new questions later too18:17
vish!status » AlexzAK18:18
ubot2vish: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:18
vish!status | AlexzAK18:18
ubot2Factoid 'status' not found18:18
vishAlexzAK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status18:19
ubot2You can find out about how Ubuntu uses bug statuses here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status18:20
vishah ha!18:20
AlexzAKvish: Thanks for link! Just what i needed.18:25
Tiibiidiii think i'll change the status... at the very least it will let other future people see this bug, and avoid duplicates before filing a new bug against monodevelop <-- uhoh, now that i think better, the automatic duplicate search, also fetches results from "fix released" bugs... it's missing from searched bugs, but...18:27
Tiibiidiiwhatever, i shouldn't spend so much time thinking about it...18:28
intrader_I am following up on a possible deficiency of 10.10 RC - in this distribution shell scripts must be set to executable before the context menu offers the 'Open' (with dialog to confirm that you want to execute a script). This is contrary to normal ubuntu and unix practice18:43
intrader_I must be logged in at home as well - pardon the '_'18:44
devildanteintrader_: maybe it's a developer decision?18:45
intrader_devildante: how so?18:45
devildanteI mean, maybe the devs decided to remove that dialog when the script is not executable?18:46
intrader_devildante: 10.10 RC does not offer the 'Open' if the script does not have the executable bit on. The new version does offer the 'Open' and the dialog if the script file is flagged as executable.18:47
devildantethen it's a bug, report it18:48
intrader_devildante: under what project or module?18:48
devildanteintrader_: nautilus18:48
intrader_devildante: if you don't mind what is the url where I report the bug?18:51
AlexzAKdevildante: Should intrader_ run 'ubuntu-bug nautilus' command?18:52
intrader_devildante: I found it, it is https://bugs/launchpad/ubuntu18:54
hggdhyes, ideally 'ubuntu-bug nautilus' should be used18:58
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intrader_I have reported bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/65228319:15
ubot2intrader_: Error: Bug #652283 is private.19:15
intrader_The bug should be visible as I changed it in launchpad. It is a security related bug as it affects execution of .EXE, .BAT,. .COM and shell scripts. I suggest that the dialog to confirm execution should ask for root permission.19:16
AlexzAKhggdh: Hi! Can you check my recent actions on bug #49800 ?19:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 49800 in mascyma (Debian) (and 1 other project) "No .desktop (heat: 4)" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4980019:17
charlie-tcaintrader: security bugs are always private19:17
intrader_charlie-tca: uhm, what can I do to make it public - I have reported most of the behavior here, but I have more details in the bug.19:18
charlie-tcaIf you mark it security, you can not make it public. It will stay private as a security issue19:19
hggdhAlexzAK: so it is (it seems) a regression19:19
intrader_charlie-tca: maybe that way it will be fixed pronto!19:20
intrader_charlie-tca: good to see you here again; you help me before19:20
AlexzAKhggdh: yes it is... It is valid in this case?19:20
charlie-tcaNo, but the security team will look at it and decide if it is a security issue or not19:20
hggdhAlexzAK: ideally, we would open a new bug on that, and link back to this one -- *this* bug is indeed fix released, the problem resurfaced o Maverick19:21
hggdhAlexzAK: can you do that? Open a new bug on macsyma, and refer to this one?19:21
intrader_charlie-tca: image if you will that someone brings in an .EXE file that does not use libraries, and executes it in 10.1019:22
intrader_charlie-tca: a perfect rootkit19:22
rusiviI've heard they have one for Android19:22
AlexzAKhggdh: I see... PeterPall reopened it.... No, i have no ubuntu 10.10 installed at my current machine :( So ubuntu-bug command will not work :(19:23
AlexzAKhggdh: So i must reset bug #49800 status to old "Fix released"?19:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 49800 in mascyma (Debian) (and 1 other project) "No .desktop (heat: 4)" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4980019:24
AlexzAKhggdh: Can you file new one?19:24
hggdhAlexzAK: yes, it should be fix released19:25
hggdhAlexzAK: you yourself can open the new bug and refer to this -- it would be a good exercice for you ;-)19:26
AlexzAKhggdh: Ok, i'll try...19:26
hggdhAlexzAK: thank you! And I will be here to verify the new bug with you :-)19:27
hggdhAlexzAK: I declined the Maverick nomination on 49800, and added a comment explaining why we moved it back to FixReleased.19:31
hggdhAlexzAK: ideally, all changes in status should also have an explanation for the change19:32
hggdhhum. I downloaded the source, and I do see a ./debian/mascyma.desktop19:36
AlexzAKhggdh: What? How can it be... I don't see mascyma.desktop in binary19:41
hggdhbecause it seems it is not being packaged... the file is there19:42
AlexzAKhggdh: my new bug is bug  #65229919:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 652299 in mascyma (Ubuntu) "Package does not contain .desktop file, so dont displayed in menu (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65229919:43
hggdhAlexzAK: thanks. Now can you add a link to it from 49800?19:43
AlexzAKhggdh: How can i do it? I dont see link for that :(19:44
hggdhAlexzAK: in a comment; currently LP does not support linking bugs19:45
AlexzAKhggdh: Their dev brunch indeed contains desktop file19:45
AlexzAKhggdh: Question: Can i set bug status to Confirmed or New ?19:47
AlexzAKhggdh: Me is bug author, so i should not to set status to confirmed. right?19:47
hggdhAlexzAK: usually you should not confirm your own bugs19:48
hggdhAlexzAK: I am installing mascyma now, and will confirm19:48
AlexzAKhggdh: But that bug not New. It should be "Triaged"? right?19:49
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hggdhAlexzAK: right now it is new, until we can explicitly confirm it (which I should do in a few)19:49
AlexzAKhggdh: ok19:50
hggdhit will be triaged when we add an upstream (in this case, debian) bug #19:50
* charlie-tca done all the bugs he can today. He will be leaving now. Keep hitting the Bugday, please!19:50
* devildante hugs charlie-tca19:51
hggdhpfui! 47Mbytes of download, 167Mbytes of new installed stuff!19:51
devildantehggdh: still better than open/libreoffice :p19:51
* devildante needs to stop ranting :p19:51
hggdhdevildante: heh. There is that, yes. But nothing beats Latex/Texlive...19:52
devildante(genuine question)19:52
vish"Thanks again (and despite hiccups, I am sold on Linux and Ubuntu!)"  :)19:56
devildanteyay! :)19:56
vishfrom » https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/348914/comments/519:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 348914 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Display intermittently fails on login with Samsung 205BW (heat: 5)" [Undecided,Incomplete]19:56
hggdhAlexzAK: confirmed19:58
hggdhdevildante: run synaptix, and search on texlive -- change the columns to also have used space19:59
AlexzAKhggdh: Good! Yep! So this bug will be "Triaged" when bug-report to upstream maintainers will be commited?20:02
hggdhAlexzAK: yex, this is the idea20:07
AlexzAKhggdh: page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status says "should be looked at by a developer and has enough  information", so i thinked "Triaged" is when bug is ready, but not when developer alerted...20:10
AlexzAKhggdh: I thinked first set-to-triaged, second alert-developers...20:12
hggdhAlexzAK: indeed, it could go to triaged20:12
hggdhAlexzAK: but the maintainers of mascyma are at Debian, not here -- so I would rather only set it triaged when we have a debian bug on it20:13
AlexzAKhggdh: ok. I understand it. Thanx!20:14
pjkis i2c kernel errors known for usb dvb devices ?20:14
hggdhAlexzAK: mascyma is sync-ed from Debian, we did not make any local changes. So... the developer, or rather, maintainer, is in Debian20:14
pjkkernel is :  2.6.35-22-generic #33-Ubuntu20:15
AlexzAKhggdh: I agree with you. Just cleared it. I'll go to sleep now. See ya.20:16
hggdhAlexzAK: see you, and thank you for helping20:16
hggdhpjk: I do not know, sorry20:17
pjk[132292.805217] tda18271_read_regs: [3-00c0|M] ERROR: i2c_transfer returned: -120:17
pjki2c errors started after upgrade to maverick20:17
pjk[132292.805229] tda18271_ir_cal_init: [3-00c0|M] error -1 on line 81120:18
pjkwell maybe file a bug... cheers20:20
intraderdevildante, charlie-tca: should I submit a report for the buggy part of same bug report?20:47
drizztbsdHi, I'm the leader of an embedded development team. We use ubuntu as our development platform, the problem is that ubuntu maverick has a SERIOUS bug in tar ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tar/+bug/652183 ) that does not allow us to do the migration to 10.10. Should you fix it before the release?21:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 652183 in tar (Ubuntu) "tar 1.23-2 enters dead loop on extracting symlinks with -k option (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]21:00
yofeldebian bug 57687621:05
ubot2Debian bug 576876 in tar "tar: infinite loop in case of existing symlink" [Important,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/57687621:05
bcurtiswx_gnome bug 34543421:06
ubot2Gnome bug 345434 in general "GDM needs to start at-spi's registryd" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34543421:06
* bcurtiswx_ 's jaw drops21:06
* bcurtiswx_ hugs ubot21:06
drizztbsdyofel: I written it in my bug21:07
yofeldrizztbsd: right, I was curious what the debian bug with the fix discussion whas21:07
drizztbsdoh sorry21:07
yofelagreed, this should be fixed21:13
hggdhdrizztbsd: I marked it Triaged/Medium; I am afraid it may be too late for Maverick, but it should be considered for a SRU21:13
hggdhperhaps even a 0-day one21:13
drizztbsdok thanks21:14
yofelhggdh: we got in each others way again :P21:14
hggdhyeee! /me marks another goal on concurrent work without critical sections21:15
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hggdhyofel: but, actually, you won :-)21:20
intraderQuestion about duplicates - how to remove duplicate classification 6311030 and 636970 - I am afraid it hides 63113021:27
intraderSorry 63113021:28
yofelbug 63113021:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 631130 in opensuse (and 3 other projects) "In all apps, slow UI since 10.04 install (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63113021:28
intraderI have commented into bug 636970.21:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 636970 in ubuntu "Overall poor performance in Maverick (dup-of: 631130)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63697021:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 631130 in opensuse (and 3 other projects) "In all apps, slow UI since 10.04 install (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63113021:34
intraderre bug 636970 - its title is misleading as I have not experienced maverick performance problems - only in 10.0421:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 636970 in ubuntu "Overall poor performance in Maverick (dup-of: 631130)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63697021:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 631130 in opensuse (and 3 other projects) "In all apps, slow UI since 10.04 install (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63113021:35
yofelhm, 631130 is the master bug so it's not hidden, the other one is hidden, but the other one indeed doesn't show anything specific about nvidia21:37
yofeland njin isn't here currently21:37
intraderyofel, its title is misleading as it implied that maverick has performance problems21:38
yofelhm, actually... that bug says that maverick is slower than lucid, while you say that lucid is slower than before21:38
yofelwell, wait for an answer or ping njin when he's here as he marked that bug as a dup21:39
intraderyofel, I see how the master bug relationship. So 631130 is not hidden as I feared. Maverick is not slower than lucid, the reverse is true for me21:39
intraderyofel, so far maverick is much, much better than 10.04 - has a problem which I reported in bug 652283.21:42
ubot2intrader: Bug 652283 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/652283 is private21:42
yofelcan't see that one, leave it private. (unretraced crash?)21:43
intraderyofel, related to the execution of scripts including classification of .EXE, .BAT, and .COM as executable scripts21:44
yofelah, that one21:45
intraderyofel, the .EXE 'capability' would immediately enable attacks on maverick21:45
yofelI remember the discussion we had now21:45
intraderyofel, yeah - good that you are around!21:46
yofelintrader: did you post any private information on that bug?21:47
intraderyofel, do you know how I can review 652283 - I would like to remove the security component from that bug report and make a new report from it.21:48
skeebyif its marked as dupe the master bug may be private?21:48
skeebyi may also be jumping into the conversation at a bad time >_<21:48
yofelskeeby: the dup and this bug have nothing to do with each other21:49
yofel(and bugs may be marked as duplicates of private bugs, the retracer does that all the time)21:49
intraderskeeby, np - it is related to two bug reports 631130 and 65228321:49
intraderyofel, I don't see a way in launchpad to search to bring up a bug report back21:51
ojap@hggdh hello21:52
meetingology`ojap: Error: "hggdh" is not a valid command.21:52
hggdhhi ojap21:52
ojap:hggdh hello, just trying to work out how to send a direct message21:54
intraderyofel, by the way how do I upgrade from beta to RC?21:54
yofelojap: '/msg hggdh ...' for a private message, if you're searching from there21:55
skeebyintrade, do u get artifacting when viewing images in webpages as part of your slow performance?21:55
yofelintrader: if you have installed all updates you're already running the beta21:55
skeebymaybe artifacting isnt the word im looking for, "image scroll lag" maybe?21:56
yofelbeta and rc are nothing more than daily snapshots with milestone names21:56
yofel*already running the rc21:56
intraderskeeby, on 10.04 yes (slight jittering - and the 'encouragement' to drag event when mouse is not down)21:56
skeebyi was noticing this problem when i updated to 10.10 and had to disable my visual effects, but as an overall performance decrease i cant really say21:57
skeebyi havent ran anything previous to 10.0421:57
intraderyofel, 10.10 has not informed me of any updates - the version I running is beta - there is a RC available21:58
skeebyif theres no updates for the beta21:59
intraderskeeby, misleading title on duplicate of 631130 - maverick is much better compared to 10.04 - no problems except bug 65228321:59
ubot2intrader: Bug 652283 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/652283 is private21:59
skeebythen u have the current RC as far as i know, thats how i understand it21:59
yofelintrader: you're running today's maverick with all updates? then that's the RC21:59
skeebyill have to wait till that one gets looked over to check out that bug21:59
intraderyofel, I have not noticed any updates since a couple of days ago - so I assume I am running 10.10 beta22:00
yofelpeople always think the milestones are something exceptional, but they're only names for the maverick archive on the specific date, so iso testing and stuff can be handled easier22:00
intraderyofel, should I run `sudo apt-get upgrade`?22:01
yofelintrader: if you want to make sure, run 'sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'22:02
skeebyintrader, lol u broke your mouse22:03
intraderyofel, I will do that now. It should not hurt. Except it may take time22:03
intraderskeeby, I still have it running around the room!22:04
intraderskeeby, what is rofl - I am a newbie to these terms22:06
yofelrolling on the floor laughing22:06
intraderyofel, skeeby: rofl22:06
intraderyofel, update of eclipse taking its time!22:07
yofelI can imaging that22:08
intraderyofel, it is still light out here!22:10
skeebycan someone take a look at bug 651782 for me? im attempting to find relevant log data to post, but im not really sure what sort of errors i am looking for22:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 651782 in friendly-recovery (Ubuntu) "booting into recovery mode and selecting resume normal boot brings you to a text login (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65178222:10
intraderyofel, still busy, but I found a way to bring up bug - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/65228322:24
ubot2intrader: Error: Bug #652283 is private.22:24
intraderI have reported bug 652470 which has the working of bug 652283, but is not classified as private.22:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 652470 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Shell scripts require execute permission to execute (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65247022:32
ubot2intrader: Bug 652283 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/652283 is private22:32
intraderyofel, all updated22:32
skeebyive been reading the wiki and came across https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures, but i dont see much that would help debugging the recovery mode problems described. any feedback is appreciated22:36
skeebyintrader, in your new bug you mention that you dont have to check the "executable" option for .exe files. is that correct?22:40
mrandskeeby: I believe every bootup (not just recovery mode) results in a text login - it's just that when a graphical window manager is enabled, it switches to that at some point.  Have you already verified the linux bootline is correct for recovery mode (compare it against non-recovery mode)?22:40
skeebywell this bug is an actual regression.  persia was helping me with it last night.22:44
kklimondaskeeby: you can't open .exe files by double clicking them by default - even if they have +x bit set22:44
kklimondaintrader: skeeby: also, as I've mentioned yesterday the change mentioned in 652470 has most likely be done by the upstream22:45
kklimondaand, as it' fits our Security Policy, the chance to change that on our own is pretty slim.22:46
kklimonda(when I right-click on .exe I get "open with archive manager" and today has been the first time I've tried that so it;s probably the default behaviour)22:47
hggdhintrader: do you have wine installed?22:49
kklimonda(for the reference check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Policies#Execute-Permission%20Bit%20Required)22:50
hggdhkklimonda: it is expected -- .bat, .exe, etc are worked on by wine22:51
skeebymrand, the bug is actually a regression beginning with 10.04.  unless the functionality was purposefully removed for some reason (which i do not know), GDM should still be able to start22:51
hggdhif you have wine, double-clicking should work22:51
kklimondahggdh: they are applications, just as any othe rapplications they should follow the policy22:51
kklimondahggdh: a malicious wine application can do as much a damage as a native one22:52
skeebymrand, i was working with persia on this last night, reproduced it myself before i confirmed it. i havent been able to work with kompute yet though, just tryin to get mroe info on it22:52
kklimondahggdh: by default wine prefix has a z: drive symlinked to /22:52
mrandskeeby: yeah, I saw.  Just trying to give you some ideas on where to look.22:52
skeebymrand, what are u refering to when u say the bootline?22:53
kklimondahggdh: also /usr/bin/cautious-launcher has been made for wine explicitly :)22:53
skeebyim not familiar with that, or im having a brainfart22:53
kklimonda(it checks if .exe has a +x bit set and refuses to launch it otherwise)22:54
mrandskeeby: I guess it is more properly "boot option configuration line", according to this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions22:55
hggdhkklimonda: yes22:55
hggdhskeeby: I have the same behaviour, just never bothered about it. It is a bug, indeed22:56
hggdhplease open (right now) against linux, this will collect all necessary data22:56
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skeebymrand, so youre say it may be a problem with the default boot options for recovery mode?22:58
mrandskeeby: yep.  I'm saying I would check there first, since I believe that may be one control point for that behavior.22:59
BUGabundoevening everyone23:00
kees21:44 < kklimonda> skeeby: you can't open .exe files by double clicking them by default - even if they have +x bit set23:00
kees^^ that's not true.23:00
keesyou can only double-click IF they have +x23:00
kees(only yeah, you need wine installed)23:01
skeebymrand, /boot/grub/menu.lst , so would u suggest making that an attachment for the bug?23:01
kklimondakees: hmm, so I have something broken :)23:01
skeebyyeah mine dont open by default either23:01
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skeebyunless i check the executable part23:01
kklimondawell, it doesn't work for me anyway23:02
kklimondawhich is weird - I haven't had wine installed till now23:02
kklimondainteresting - I have this in /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache:23:03
mrandskeeby: I don't know if you need to blindly attach it... I'm guessing it is the same as other users if this problem is reproducible.  if you have time, I was suggesting studying the options to see if that is perhaps the cause.23:03
kklimondaand file-roller does associate itself with application/x-ms-dos-executable mimetype..23:04
skeebyok im not too familiar with those options myself23:04
hggdhskeeby: did you change your Grub2 configuration? If not, don't worry about it23:05
skeebyand i cant even copy a backup for it for some reason... trying to copy it to a backup file produces "cannot stat /boot/grub/menu.lst"23:05
skeebyno i havent messed with it23:05
hggdhskeeby: what version of Ubuntu?23:05
skeebyits the default config, an dim in 10.1023:05
hggdhskeeby: OK. I have the same thing (as I said earlier)23:06
hggdhso, right now, (1) boot into recoevery mode; (2) exit recovery mode -- you should eventually get either the GDM screen or a login prompt;23:07
hggdh(3) if GDM, no problems, done; (4) if console login, login as you, and then 'sudo start gdm' <- this will give you GDM;23:08
hggdh(5) on a terminal (under GDM) run 'ubuntu-bug linux'23:08
hggdhand open the bug. I doubt this is a linux issue, but it will collect all possible data23:09
skeebyis that gonna creat a new bug report?23:09
hggdhskeeby: yes23:09
skeebyis there a way to just append the info to the current, or will i have to mark it as a dupe23:10
mrandaccording to that bootoptions page, "-s or s or single" diables gdm23:10
hggdhif you already have one, then run on a terminal 'ubuntu-bug xxxxx' where xxxxx is your bug number23:10
hggdhskeeby: but you MUST have booted in recovery mode23:10
skeebykk, do i need to be the reporter of the parent bug to do that?23:10
hggdhskeeby: what parent bug?23:10
skeebybug 65178223:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 651782 in friendly-recovery (Ubuntu) "booting into recovery mode and selecting resume normal boot brings you to a text login (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65178223:11
skeebyi want to add the data that this is going to collect to that report23:11
hggdhskeeby: the bug is already confirmed, why do you want more data there?23:12
skeebyto determine the cause23:12
skeebyi mean, determining the cause is the next step right? lol23:13
hggdhskeeby: indeed. But collecting data will not help it any -- unless *you* are working to find out what it is23:14
skeebywell *trying* to23:14
hggdhwe know how to reproduce -- and (at least for me) it is very easy: boot in recovery mode, exit recovery mode23:15
skeebypretty new to debugging linux though23:15
hggdhskeeby: so, it is possible init is not running gdm when exiting recovery23:15
hggdhor an init state is not set23:16
skeebytrying to set init state manually does not work either23:16
hggdhone chance is to boot setting init to debug, and -- then, I agree -- saving the data23:16
hggdhbut saving data now will not help much, a developer can easily reproduce it23:17
skeebyoh ok i get what you are saying23:17
skeebyso if its easily reproduced like that no additional info is needed?23:17
hggdhright now, no additional info. There *might* be a need for more data later, after someone starts working on it; but then the request will be much more directed23:18
hggdhskeeby: even more, the bug is already Confirmed23:19
skeebyso pretty much someone from bug control just needs to mark as triage and send it away?23:19
hggdhyes, but there is no need here -- friendly-recovery is a package created by us23:22
hggdh(which is to say, upstream is Ubuntu)23:22
skeebyah ok23:23
skeebyhggdh, thanks for goin over this with me23:27
hggdhskeeby: you are welcome. Thank YOU for helping23:27
skeebyjust doin my best to make sure my contributions dont make things worse =p23:27
persiahggdh, Just in case the background was missing: skeeby is the person who confirmed 651782 and was digging towards triage at my suggestion (although, yes, it's hard)23:43
hggdhpersia: oh. I did not know23:43
hggdhpersia: I think a good start would be to set 'init=/sbin/init --debug' on grub, and boot to recovery23:44
persiaskeeby, ^^23:44

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