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smosererichammond, alestic.com seems to be sad06:47
smoseri'm getting timeouts06:47
* flaccid goes to check06:49
flaccidi can confirm that06:49
flaccidhow you been smoser ?06:58
smosernot bad.06:58
smoseryou ?06:59
smoseri owe you an email .. its on my todo list (regarding using launching official ubuntu amis)06:59
flaccidpretty good thanks06:59
flaccidyep, no problems.  you could send that to support@rightscale.com and ask for an enhancement request, but cc me at chris.fordham@rightscale.com and i'll get in touch with our team that does the images directly07:00
flaccidpersonally, i'm trying to find time to get a debian kernel going with pvgrub..07:00
smoseryou going to come to UDS ?07:26
flaccidprobably not. got a URL to the event?07:28
smoserflaccid, http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-n/07:33
flaccidah october in USA. yeah i just got back from usa and probably won't be back for a few months07:34
flaccidi am resident in Australia..07:34
smoserdidn't know where you were, east would have made sense, you have funny hours from my perspective (us eastern)07:38
flaccidyep +10.0007:38
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erichammondsmoser, flaccid: http://alestic.com was revived.  A different web site on the server was being flooded by a botnet and I had to take counter measures.08:36
smosererichammond, thanks for your post on the mountall issue08:36
erichammondsmoser: and for all your work.08:37
erichammondIt seemed like not everybody was getting the message through ec2ubuntu and launchpad, so I thought I'd spread it a bit further.08:38
ehsantuxMy Dear Friends08:52
ehsantuxI have some questions about Cloud Computing08:52
ehsantuxI want to implement a VCL(Virtual Computing Lab) in our University.08:53
ehsantuxand I want to use a cloud computing solution to implement it.08:53
kim0ehsantux: please explain in more detail what will that lab be doing08:54
ehsantuxsomething like this: vclcloud.org08:55
ehsantuxBuilding a website that users can login and register in it.08:55
ehsantuxand make a reservation system08:56
ehsantuxand submit their jobs in my cloud and get their results08:56
kim0what kind of "jobs"08:57
ehsantuxHigh computing jobs08:57
kim0so like HPC08:57
kim0all jobs are batch in background08:58
ehsantuxand I want to overlap the grid system to my cloud08:59
ehsantuxpeople don't need install softwares like Matlab,Gaussian,...08:59
ehsantuxWe do it for them09:00
ehsantuxthey just submit their jobs and task09:00
ehsantuxand reserve the system09:00
ehsantuxCant I implement this with Eucalyptus or Opennebula?09:01
kim0since non of the core devs are talking .. my own opinion is that you don't really need virtualization nor multi-tenancy nor ec2 api compatbility09:04
kim0you need a HPC grid .. with a batch job scheduling system ... google for "rocks cluster"09:04
kim0and you might need to write a web front end for submitting jobs/results09:05
ehsantuxSo I don't need a cloud solution?09:06
ehsantuxI want to overlap my grid system to a cloud?09:07
ehsantuxIs it possible?09:07
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kim0ehsantux: everything is possible if you code it .. but it's really not needed and not too easy09:18
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dakerkim0, anything from the IS ?19:42
kim0daker: howdy ... not really .. jono says let's bug em next week21:36
dakerkim0,  i think *.u.c should have some priority21:44
kim0daker: yeah :/ it's just the guys are hyper busy it seems21:44

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