ScottLdoctormo, aye00:10
ScottLdoctormo, i'm even saving my pennies to purchase a tablet as well ;)00:10
doctormoScottL: Did I tell you who the debian guy was?00:10
ScottLalessio tregelio (sp)?00:11
nhandlerScottL: I see you added a team report, don't forget to update the September2010 team report page if you want your September report to get included00:20
ScottLah yes, thank you nhandler00:35
ScottLnhandler, i should also be updating the team member for the team report as well00:37
doctormoI'm going to do a blog post eventually about the nature of systematics and I'm thinking of using team reports as an anti-example.01:29
duanedesign'lo all06:12
dholbachgood morning07:39
nigelbmorning dholbach :)07:39
dholbachhey nigelb07:39
dholbachnigelb, sorry to hear you can't come07:40
nigelbdholbach: heh, no issues.  Remote ftw :)07:41
akgranerdholbach, are you still digging out of the massive amounts of email?07:41
dholbachakgraner, I was just back one day :)07:42
dholbachstill lots of mails to reply to07:42
akgranerI heard the delete key works wonders :-)07:42
akgranerjust teasing07:42
akgranerwell reminders have been sent to all the session leaders for today and I added Stephen Kelly's IRC nick to the calendar for his session so all that should be good to go - I'll be working the booth again today so not likely to be online much but I'll try07:44
dholbachthanks a bunch akgraner07:46
dholbachyou rock!07:46
nigelbwait, only 11 slots for open week - wow07:53
akgranernigelb, yep07:54
* nigelb tries to get a kubuntu session07:54
nigelbhighvoltage: up for an edubuntu session?07:54
akgranerI just sent out a reminder to the UW list asking for session suggestions and/or session leaders07:54
duanedesigni need to try and verify if i can do a session...07:55
nigelbakgraner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep There is one session in /prep07:55
* duanedesign adds it to his ToDo07:55
nigelbcan you get in touch with that person (yah, I got him to do one)07:55
akgranernigelb, I'll forward jcastro's email to the various derivative's mailing lists as well07:55
akgranernigelb, yep just saw that07:57
dholbachhola dpm08:00
dpmhey dholbach :)08:00
dpmgood morning everyone!08:00
nigelbmorning dpm :)08:01
dpmmorning nigelb :)08:01
akgranernigelb, they have been emailed :-)08:02
nigelbakgraner: \o/08:03
akgranerhmm wonder if JFO would be up for an Introduction to Kernel Bug Triaging08:05
nigelbhe would!08:05
duanedesignwow, the libreOffice thread on the forums is quite popular. /me having a hard time getting used to the name.08:06
akgranerkim0 don't you want to do "A view from the clouds" and Introduce people to all the stuff you are and will be working on08:06
nigelbhola czajkowski and kim0 :)08:06
akgranerczajkowski, morning!08:06
czajkowskiakgraner: nigelb hi08:06
nigelbakgraner: haha, I like the session title :D08:06
czajkowskinigelb: good luck today08:06
nigelbczajkowski: nope.  visa denied.08:07
kim0morning folks08:07
czajkowskinigelb: feck off no way08:07
duanedesignczajkowski: right08:07
akgranerkim0  - I meant to say Good Morning :-D and wouldn't you like to take the opportunity to lead an  "A view from the clouds" session and Introduce people to all the stuff you are and will be working on and how they can get involved :-D08:09
kim0akgraner: :) and that'd be part of ?08:09
duanedesignwhen is Open Week again??08:10
czajkowski11 days away08:10
duanedesignthank you08:10
kim0akgraner: openweek ?08:10
duanedesignczajkowski:  :) me feels lazy for not looking on wiki08:10
akgranerkim0, yep Open Week - duanedesign 11-15 of October08:10
duanedesignperhaps some coffee is in order08:11
czajkowskiduanedesign: no bother08:11
kim0akgraner: I suppose I could yeah08:11
kim0akgraner: let me see what I can do there08:12
* akgraner thinks of other people to remind of the glorious opportunities Ubuntu Open Provides them :-)08:12
czajkowskiduanedesign: I'm still on cloud 9 over getting a job08:12
akgranerawesome :-)  thank you08:12
nigelbczajkowski: wait, you did?08:13
kim0akgraner: lol ... glorious08:13
akgranerkim0, there are 10 slots left so just pick on to add your name to :-)  Please and thank you!08:13
akgranerkim0, upselling :-)08:13
nigelbczajkowski: PARTY!!!!08:13
kim0czajkowski: congrats ... yay!08:13
akgranerczajkowski, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!08:13
czajkowskiakgraner: cheers08:14
akgranerdetails pls :-)  Happy dance time!!08:14
czajkowskijob is promoting open source marketing, speaking to journalists, attending events, and organising events08:14
czajkowskiit's an open source friendly company08:14
kim0czajkowski: wow .. sounds like fun08:15
dholbachhola ara, hey kim008:15
czajkowskikim0: yup sounds up my alley :D08:16
arahey dholbach, all!08:16
kim0dholbach morning man08:16
czajkowskinow I just need dad outta hospital and aall is good08:16
duanedesignczajkowski: wow, that sounds grat08:16
nigelbmorning ara :)08:16
duanedesignor great, whichever :P08:16
duanedesignanyone familiar with 'Kaseya' it is a IT Systems Management Software. /me looking for Open Source alternatives08:19
nigelbduanedesign: you need to talk to lyz08:19
nigelbshe'd know08:20
duanedesignahh, thank you08:20
akgranerczajkowski, that sounds like a job designed just for you!  I hope your dad gets well soon as well!08:22
czajkowskiakgraner: thanks he was complaining of a chest infection turns out he has pneumonia so was admitted to hospital to get some intensive steroids08:23
akgranereek - my thoughts are with you all!08:24
czajkowskiI'm sure he'll be fine, he's just sturbon as hell and is a bad smoker08:25
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akgraneremailed various managers about Ubuntu Open Week asking them to forward onto their teams as I am sure most of them will be attending release week and flying back home on the 11th or so...08:50
czajkowskiaye for canonical folks it's possibly not the best week for them08:55
czajkowskithey ar eprobably in dire need of sleep08:56
nigelboh, 10 days to go btw08:56
akgranerwoo hoo!!!09:01
* nigelb rewrites09:02
nigelb10 days for 10.10.1009:02
duanedesignnigelb: release candidate is today too isn't it?09:05
nigelblater today :)09:05
popeymorning all09:21
nigelbmorning popey!09:23
dholbachakgraner, did you get Milo's mail?09:23
dholbachhey popey09:23
duanedesignhello popey09:28
dholbachhi duanedesign09:28
* duanedesign hates witing a solution only to have python tell me. md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead09:29
duanedesignhello dholbach09:29
dholbachhola randa09:42
randahey dholbach how are you09:43
dholbachranda, great, thanks - wish I could get back into holidays :-P09:43
dholbachranda, and you?09:43
randaim fine dholbach, very busy but OK :)09:47
dholbachyeah, same here :)09:47
* dholbach hugs randa09:47
* randa hugs back09:48
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duanedesignmorning Pendulum11:50
AlanBellhappy birthday11:50
duanedesignanother birthday :)11:50
Pendulumthank you :)11:52
duanedesign♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪ happy birthday Pendulum ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪11:54
czajkowskiwaiting for an email to arrive all morning is going to make me go grey!11:56
Pendulumczajkowski: so go for a walk or something11:56
czajkowskiohh Bones Nikita BBT Stuff my dad says are all on tonight11:57
* popey slaps duanedesign with a copyright violation notice11:57
* popey DMCA's duanedesigns ass!11:58
Pendulumpopey: ever seen the 90s American tv show Sports Night?12:00
Pendulumit's one of those shows that's about a fictional show and one of the guys gets fined heavily for singing Happy Birthday on air without permission from the copyright holders12:01
popeyAOL should really just donate that song to the world, I can't imagine many people actually pay the license fee.12:02
dholbachPendulum, happy birthday! :)12:03
Pendulumpopey: well in Europe the copyright goes away in 201612:04
Pendulumdholbach: thank you :)12:04
highvoltagedholbach: I have a motorbike just like that: http://picasaweb.google.com/daniel.holbach/Iran#552228754112081145813:25
highvoltage(except that it's blue)13:25
dholbachhighvoltage, nice :)13:41
akgranerjcastro, I sent steveire a pm asking if he had any questions before his session today.  He was also included on the reminder email to all the session leads for today as well.  I told him if I wasn't online he could pop into -backstage and ask or ping you and ask as well..14:27
jcastroI saw14:28
akgranerthis is is first time leading an IRC Class...14:28
jcastroyou sent those way too late last night14:28
jcastroI know because i was awake. :)14:28
=== jcastro changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: Work Items: http://bit.ly/coZgIY || Things to work on (in order): OpenWeek (Go voluntell people!), Release Parties, UDS Prep || Happy birthday, pleia2!
dholbachczajkowski, congratulations15:08
czajkowskidholbach: thank you15:08
czajkowskiI'll be working with http://siriusit.co.uk/15:08
AlanBellthe second best open source consultancy in the UK!15:32
highvoltagesecond best... to?15:47
popeysarcasm meter has exploded15:49
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jonohi all15:56
highvoltagehi jonorator15:59
arajono, do we have a deadline for this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityReview/Sep201016:01
arait is very unlikely that I will manage to do it before 10.1016:01
jcastroara: I'm shooting for UDS16:02
jonoara, that's fine, pref before UDS16:02
jonoso we can drive next steps at UDS16:02
jonowould that work?16:02
arajono, yes, that would work16:02
jonothanks ara!16:03
jcastrobooya, another upstream contact for inkscape!16:22
dholbachkim0, you're not on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/410/detail/? :)16:28
kim0dholbach: I actually kicked adding the event :)16:29
kim0dholbach: they're not sure where it will be held16:29
dholbachkim0, ah ok, because your name was not with the attendees :)16:30
kim0once it's solid .. I will16:30
doctormojcastro: Will you be hiring him?16:34
jcastrono, I just met him!!16:44
jonofolks, please tweet about what excites you about maverick http://twitter.com/search?q=%23excitedaboutmaverick16:50
dholbachok my friends, I'm going to call it a day - see you tomorrow!17:19
Pendulumdholbach: have a good rest of your day :)17:20
dholbachyou too17:20
dholbachPendulum, and party on17:20
Technovikingwoot got Ubuntu with on a new 4u server. have 20TB in one xfs partition17:55
* nigelb waves !18:40
jcastroTechnoviking: any recommendations on a home-sized RAID enclosure? I am in the market19:05
jcastroaka. boxee preparation19:05
mattiakgraner: You there? ;]19:25
* nigelb lols at jcastro's suggestion19:26
nigelb'smoke if you got em'19:26
jcastrogotta keep it loose, it's IRC, people need to enjoy it!19:26
jonooh dear20:18
jonoBen is causing a ruckus again20:18
jcastrotell him this20:19
jcastro"dude I've worked with colin for 4 years and trust me, even _I_ don't get a hint."20:19
jonoyeah, and frankly I trust Colin Watson's judgement over pretty much anyones20:20
jcastrothough, I believe the fedora guys have a process where they preseed their mirrors20:20
jcastroand flip one switch that makes the directories public20:21
czajkowskiAnd, to be fair, if you were that worried about the links getting out early, perhaps you should work _with_ us and let us know when you're planning on releasing it properly  <----- does he thinkn OMG gets to do the annoucing ?20:21
jcastroyou can just idle on #ubuntu-release20:21
jcastrothat's what I do20:21
jcastrobut it's no big deal, I have enough testing ISOs laying around that a quick zsync finishes the job20:22
AlanBellBen is a master at taking what is on face value a reasonable point, and then using it to make himself come across as a total arsehole20:25
jcastrogive him a break he's only like 12. :p20:25
jonowell I have certainly had plenty of pep talks with him, many at 3am my time, but nothing seems to changew20:29
jonoit's a shame I think Joey does an awesome job20:30
jonoI really do think OMG!Ubuntu has so much potentially, and I have told Ben he needs to pride the content on accuracy and fact checking, and not turn it into a tabloidy shonky fox news inspired mess20:30
jcastroI don't think this one's so bad, if it wasn't them someone else would have done it. People always announce and blog the stuff before it's ready20:30
AlanBellas I said, he has a point20:31
jonojcastro, the main issue is the conduct and attitude20:32
jcastrohe makes a good point, we kind of hope people just do the right thing, really we should figure that out, it's how he says that that's messed up20:32
AlanBellmaybe they should host a mirror, or find a friendly mirror, and link to that when it has the .isos20:32
jcastroright, or the torrents or whatever20:33
AlanBellI actually don't think that squillions of people are going to rush for the RC iso anyway, most people are already running maverick, or will wait for the release20:33
AlanBellhowever this is going to happen again in 11 days time20:34
jcastromy idea is best, upgrade a day or two before final, they don't change the ISO anyway unless it's drastic. As you can imagine slangasek didn't like me telling people that. :p20:34
jcastrowhat he really wants is special treatment so he can scoop everyone else20:35
jcastrowhich isn't going to happen20:35
AlanBellTV adverts on all the time in the UK for that20:37
czajkowskijcastro: aye we're going to the MArket bar in dubling to compare the meerkat :)20:37
jonojcastro, can we do a call in a few mins20:41
jcastrosigning in, gimme 2 ticks pls20:41
jonojcastro, lets do phone, I need to go grab a sarnie20:41
jcastrorock and roll20:41
jcastroI have a new nexus battery so I can last ALMOST ALL DAY.20:41
jonocan you call me20:41
jonoI am heading out20:41
jonocheers dude20:41
jonojcastro, try again20:44
jonook heading out the door20:44
jonospeak soon jcastro20:44
pleia2does any centralized list of teams with mentoring programs exist anywhere?21:54

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