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didrocksgood morning07:45
RAOFHowdie didrocks.07:46
didrockshey RAOF, how are you?07:46
RAOFA bit tired.07:46
RAOFWhich sucks; I'm off to see the Dandy Warhols this evening.07:46
didrocksoh? a bit ill or just tired because ETOOMUCHWORK ?07:47
didrocksheh :)07:49
RAOFThe boot-camp group I went too is taking a break while the trainer has her foot fixed.07:50
RAOFAnd it's been cold and rainy and I don't want to go outside :)07:50
TheMusoRain does make it harder to get motivated.07:52
didrocksrainy? come on, it's the spring for you :)07:55
TheMusoYes, but we both live at almost opposite ends of the country./07:55
RAOFOpposite ends of the country?07:56
RAOFYou're less than half-way up! :)07:56
TheMusoHense the almost.07:56
RAOFOk.  I've now got a fix for bug #561734 that's small, safe, and upstream.08:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 561734 in mesa (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "quadrapassel doesn't start: Failed to initialise clutter: Unable to select the newly created GLX context (affects: 27) (dups: 7) (heat: 150)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56173408:17
RAOFSince this affects mesa on the CDs, does this get uploaded post RC or as a zero-day SRU?08:19
didrocksI would say mesa  + release note, but I'll let expert answers :)08:21
RAOFYou mean “post-RC upload + release note”?08:21
RAOFI'll probably prod the pitti anyway ;)08:22
didrockspost release :)08:24
Riddelldidrocks: for lack of rick and lack of seb are you qualified to sign off ubuntu desktop and/or netbook for RC release?08:35
didrocksRiddell: I think for netbook, I can, seb will be there in 30 minutes I think if needed08:35
Riddelldidrocks: netbook has two failures reported, from your own mterry no less.  there have been no successful OEM installs.  do you want it released?08:38
didrocksRiddell: ok, first failure isn't a real one and affects desktop as well (having to type "ubuntu" in gdm)08:39
didrocksRiddell: let me try an OEM basic setup08:39
pittiRAOF: if it's a focussed fix, please go ahead and upload it08:45
pitti(to maverick)08:45
pittiif it'll look too invasive, we can still reject it, and reupload to -proposed08:45
RAOFpitti: Thanks.08:45
didrocksgood morning pitti, how are you?08:47
RAOFTherefore, I now start trawling for sponsors for mesa-7.9~git20100924-0ubuntu2 on http://cooperteam.net/Packages/08:47
pittididrocks: much better, thanks08:53
pittididrocks:  how are you?08:53
pittihow is the testing going?08:53
didrockspitti: nice to hear :)08:53
seb128didrocks, mvo: no need to fight over who will fix gnome-keyring :p08:53
seb128hey didrocks pitti08:53
didrocksseb128: hehe, right, salut! ;)08:54
pittiI installed the netbook iso on my Mini 10, went flawlessly08:54
pittiI really like the jockey integration08:54
pittiwifi just works08:54
pittihey seb12808:54
didrockspitti: tests are good, just confirmed UNE OEM install now and I'm fine as well :)08:54
didrockspitti: can you please sync bug #651266 ?08:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 651266 in totem-plugin-arte (Ubuntu) "Sync totem-plugin-arte 0.9.2-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main) (affects: 2) (heat: 16)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65126608:56
didrocksI don't know, I should miss something with syncrequest, but yesterday at 11PM, it was still telling me "debian experimental doesn't have 0.9.2-1 but 0.9.1-1"08:56
mvoseb128: hey08:56
mvoseb128: already done08:57
didrocksI noticed also a lot of lag when trying to sync openchange, samba4 and such08:57
seb128mvo, thanks!08:57
didrocksbut apparently this bug report was already opened before08:57
seb128it was on my list for this morning08:57
didrocksso, I don't use the right cache it seems :)08:57
seb128but I should sleep less to beat mvo at bug fixing :-p08:57
didrocksseb128: yeah, "don't sleep" seems to be the solution :)08:57
mvoseb128: haha08:59
mvoseb128: get some kids, they keep you awake at night!08:59
* seb128 hugs mvo08:59
* mvo hugs seb12808:59
bilalakhtarseb128: You appear to be the delegated person for managing freeze exceptions for GNOME packages. I am currently updating Anjuta. Do I need a Final Freeze exception?09:00
seb128bilalakhtar, updating to what version?09:01
bilalakhtarseb128: 2.3209:01
seb1282.30 to 2.32 now?09:01
seb128there is no way09:01
seb128there was a work in progress vcs for it but build was breaking due to gir issues09:01
bilalakhtarokay, you mean late in the cycle :(09:02
bilalakhtarand some issues :(09:02
seb128review the diff between 2.30 and 2.3209:02
seb128and tell me if that's a postrc diff09:02
bilalakhtar'kay, I agree09:02
seb128restart, be back in some minutes09:03
Riddellseb128: rick isn't around, are you able to sign off on ubuntu desktop for RC?09:13
seb128sign off? like ack that the images are release quality?09:13
seb128pitti, ^ can you help ;-)09:13
pittiI didn't really follow the release closely; how do the testing bugs look like?09:15
seb128I'm not sure of the standard process09:16
seb128I would though that the r-t decide of that, does rick sign off as well usually?09:16
Riddellhttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/MaverickMeerkat/ReleaseManifest says it's rick's sign off09:17
seb128I assume he will be fine if I ack it instead of him09:18
RiddellI assume so too09:18
seb128ok, I sign off then09:18
Riddellyou have three failures reported on iso tracker and a few serious bugs09:18
seb128I've been watching the qa tracker, IRC and bugs09:18
seb128we don't have any stopper bug that is showing up anyway09:19
seb128anyway -> anywhere09:19
seb128yes, one is a radeon issue specific to one card09:19
seb128one is a software-center issue I don't think it's an install blocker09:19
seb128and the other one is labelled "OK now"09:19
seb128Riddell, I guess you need UNE signing as well?09:20
seb128didrocks, did you follow the UNE rc state?09:20
Riddellhe said he was doing one more test install09:21
seb128ok, I got the iso meanwhile so I will do one as well09:22
didrocksseb128: yeah, I just finished the OEM one09:22
didrocksseb128: nothing to worry about for me09:22
seb128didrocks, if my install doesn't work you will hear the whip so be warned ;-)09:23
didrocks /quit run awayyyyyyy09:23
seb128the 2 red bugs on the tracker seem non blockers09:23
didrocksOEM setup is working fine there as well!09:24
seb128one is a font issue where the guy forgot the screenshot09:24
seb128the other one is from mterry and turn out to be a bios thing09:24
seb128didrocks, so you consider UNE rc validated?09:24
didrocksit should be set as invalid, isn't it?09:24
seb128didrocks, if you read the bug he let the decision to the ubiquity team09:24
didrocksI consider it validated, right09:24
seb128Riddell, UNE signed off09:25
seb128didrocks, bug #65109809:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 651098 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Launcher says "Ubuntu-Netbook" but should say "Ubuntu Netbook Edition" (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65109809:25
seb128do you consider that an issue to fix after rc?09:26
didrocksseb128: I think it will be fixed with a pending bamf upload09:26
didrocksseb128: but need to be checked, I'm tracking it on my list09:26
seb128didrocks, did you notice the unity crash bug there?09:27
didrocks(will not fix in ubiquity of course, will just fix it in the launcher)09:27
Riddellseb128: lovely thanks09:27
seb128Riddell, thank you for getting the RC out ;-)09:28
didrocksseb128: bug #64932809:28
ubot2didrocks: Bug 649328 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/649328 is private09:28
Riddellwell it's no done yet, still some publishing commands to get my head around first09:28
seb128didrocks, yes09:29
didrocksseb128: neil is looking at it09:29
seb128Riddell, I should have said "driving the RC during the week" ;-)09:29
seb128in any case great work09:29
seb128didrocks, ok09:30
Riddellseb128, didrocks: please check version numbers and text on https://wiki.kubuntu.org/MaverickMeerkat/TechnicalOverview09:45
didrocksRiddell: sure09:45
seb128Riddell, shouldn't that be on the ubuntu wiki? ;-)09:45
seb128"The GNOME base platform has been updated to the current 2.31 versions"09:46
didrocksRiddell: hum, is the link you gave me two days ago?09:46
didrocksI remember to edit it…09:46
seb128-> to 2.3209:46
Riddelldidrocks: I think I gave you e-mail announcement, this is for the ubuntu.com website09:46
didrocksRiddell: oh ok, so, I'll copy and paste the content there09:47
seb128Riddell, "note that due to a change to the Twitter service, Gwibber will not work with Twitter until updates are applied. "09:47
seb128wasn"t that fixed?09:47
seb128"# It is not possible to create Ubuntu 10.04 USB disks from the Startup Disk Creator in Ubuntu 10.10 due to a backwards incompatibility in the syslinux program. "09:47
seb128same with that?09:47
seb128in fact the usb-creater issue fixed might have been the other way around, lucid failing to write maverick isos09:48
seb128Riddell, other that GNOME being 2.32 I think everything is ok09:49
RiddellI haven't updated the known issues except for Kubuntu09:52
didrocksseb128: do you want me to edit it? I'm already changing some parts09:52
seb128didrocks, yes please09:53
didrocksseb128: usb-creator has been updated in lucid to write maverick isos09:55
didrocksso, I removed that one as well09:56
seb128I know, but is the other way around broken?09:56
seb128ie can maverick write lucid keys?09:56
seb128not that I care much, just wondering if the known issues need a refresh09:56
pittiseb128: should be working09:56
seb128some seem outdated09:56
pittiit got a test for which syslinux version is on the image now09:56
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seb128unity places on small screen is a fail11:18
seb128the category list goes out of screen11:18
didrocksseb128: in French, right? bug #644275 and njpatel is working on it11:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 644275 in unity-place-files (Ubuntu) (and 5 other projects) "The Places and Applications tabs should cater for localized text longer than the English ones (affects: 1) (heat: 524)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64427511:29
njpatelI don't know why we need to support French in the first place11:29
njpatelyour close enough to England to just speak English11:29
* njpatel knows he's risking no more uploads of Unity11:30
seb128njpatel, the bug is about spannish11:31
seb128njpatel, you would do that do dpm would you? ;-)11:31
seb128njpatel, or to ara11:31
didrocksyeah, but njpatel doesn't care about anyone not using an UI in english :-)11:31
* didrocks thinks will have troubles at next UDS11:31
njpatelseb128, no, I'll fix for everyone else, just have a if (g_strcmp (get_locale (), "fr_FR.utf8") == 0) { set_locale ("en_GB.utf8"); }11:32
njpateldidrocks, heh :)11:32
didrocksseb128: its like the places which weren't localized. I had to threat him with distropatching the "Files and Folders" to "Dossiers et Fichiers" to fix it :-) (for everyone of course, but who cares?) :-)11:34
seb128njpatel, be careful I might just cp fr.po en_GB.po before uploading11:34
dpmnice one :)11:34
njpatellol, the set_locale ("C")....try and beat that :)11:34
njpatelunless you distropatch Unity to use French by default, like didrocks was threatening to do :)11:35
dpmwe can always do as with yelp and copy en@shaw to en...11:35
didrocksnjpatel: well, it's a fix :-)11:35
didrocksdpm: nice one ;)11:35
Riddelldidrocks: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/MaverickMeerkat/RCAnnouncement still needs version number updated12:12
didrocksRiddell: I was thinking it was refreshed from the other one (stripping the "known issues" part). doing the same as well then12:13
Riddellno, nothing so clever12:13
didrocksRiddell: ok then ;) done12:14
didrocksRiddell: just added a last note on both if possible?12:16
didrocksRiddell: (for indicator-datetime)12:16
didrocksRiddell: done12:18
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chrisccoulsonmvo - i just had this policykit dialog hang again for the first time in a while12:29
chrisccoulsoni attached gdb to it12:29
chrisccoulsonand there are 2 threads12:29
chrisccoulsonthe first thread is running the main loop and processing events normally12:30
chrisccoulsonthe second thread is blocked in a read() call12:30
chrisccoulsonand there is no polkit-agent-helper-1 process running12:30
mvochrisccoulson: many thanks, james_w is more on top of this than me, but I will still have  alook12:42
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chrisccoulsonmvo - so, i can see a situation where if polkit-agent-helper-1 exits quickly, the dialog will hang13:10
chrisccoulsonjames_w - you might be interested in my last 2 comments too13:11
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james_wchrisccoulson: bug 64993913:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 649939 in software-center (Ubuntu) "authentication popup does nothing when installating new software (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64993913:47
james_wis that the same thing you found?13:49
james_wI'm not sure which bug you commented on?13:49
chrisccoulsonjames_w - yeah, basically13:54
james_wany ideas for a fix?13:55
james_wperhaps not removing the stdout watch when the child exits, and waiting for the close event to remove it?13:55
chrisccoulsoni'm just looking at your last comment, and gdb showed pretty much the same thing as your analysis (ie, child exits, but the read() call never returns)13:56
seb128pitti, do you remember why you limited the g_key gettext fetching to the desktop group keys?14:21
pittiseb128: I think we had a case where the indicator shortcuts got translated that way14:22
seb128no, that's what we are discussing with dx guys14:22
pittior maybe that was for the cdbs snippet14:22
seb128the unity places are not translated due to that14:22
seb128and ted did some gettext hacks in the indicator for the actions14:22
seb128hum, maybe I misread what you wrote14:23
seb128you mean we did limit to avoid side effect on other things?14:23
seb128or that it should work on other groups?14:23
seb128pitti, I'm trying to figure if the strcmp (group_name, G_KEY_FILE_DESKTOP_GROUP)14:24
seb128has a reason14:24
seb128or if we could drop it14:24
seb128but I guess that will be for next cycle anyway14:24
pittiseb128: not sure, has it always been there? bzr blame?14:25
seb128it has yes14:25
seb128we didn't had really case out of the desktop group before14:25
pittibut I'm a bit afraid of catching other groups which shouldn't be translated14:25
seb128njpatel is working on a fix on the unity side14:26
seb128waouh, uploaded going through14:28
njpatelLes fichiers et répertoires!!14:28
seb128njpatel, it's working? ;-)14:28
njpatelyeah :)14:28
njpatelthanks ted!14:28
seb128njpatel, you are made of awesome14:28
* seb128 hugs njpatel & ted14:28
seb128njpatel, can you give the diff to didrocks so he can get it in?14:29
seb128seems we just unfroze from RC14:29
njpatelpushing to trunk now, hold up14:29
didrocksnjpatel: you took seb128's mo file, you didn't like mine :p14:29
* didrocks is sad!14:29
njpateldidrocks,  lol, sorry14:30
njpateldidrocks, rev 565 has it14:30
njpatelwe should make a note of this somewhere14:30
didrocksnjpatel: great, pullling and trying14:30
didrocksnjpatel: not sure, I'll upload this evening with your other fixes :)14:30
njpatelevening! you said tomorrow morning! :)14:31
seb128njpatel, never trust the frenchs!14:33
njpatelI should no that, but I keep trusting in the entent cordiale14:33
* didrocks knows now that I shouldn't tell "at the latest/worst case" to dx team as it's taken as the real deadline :p14:40
kenvandinedidrocks, hehe... so true14:43
didrocksit's like when you build your house, "with how much delay"? ;)14:44
njpateldidrocks, you better believe it is. So releases tomorrow evening, right?14:44
* njpatel read somewhere that archive will be open quite late ;)14:44
didrocksnjpatel: whatttttt?14:44
didrocksnjpatel: don't even try :)14:44
njpateli need to be a coredev14:44
njpatelthis would be so much easier14:44
njpateldput ubuntu unity_daily_build14:45
didrocksnjpatel: well, you need to be a release team member too for acking the upload during freeze :)14:45
njpatelso, I need to get onto the LP team for a cycle, add me to all the relevant teams, and then come back to DX so  I can upload as I need14:45
didrocksnjpatel: just scp your locally build deb to the archive and regenerates the index manually, it will be faster… :)14:45
njpateldidrocks, nice, that sounds easier14:46
didrocksnjpatel: the good news it that your patch is working. I won't have to force everyone to use French :)14:49
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seb128didrocks, you might maybe want to upload that one to start14:58
seb128just to be sure it gets in and not blocked because tomorrow is late for another update14:58
didrocksseb128: sure can do then14:58
mterryseb128, need any particular desktop/release help?  I have quickly stuff I can work on, but it's not urgent15:02
seb128mterry, not especially no, nautilus-sendto nautilus-sendto gtksourceview2 still have updates which we could do15:03
seb128but it's "would be nice to get", nothing important15:03
seb128you can do those if you want or do the things you had on your list15:03
mterryseb128, I filed updates for those15:03
mterrylet me dig up merge urls15:04
seb128mterry, I will get those15:04
seb128https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mterry/ list them15:04
mterryah sure15:04
seb128it's just that we don't get any notification about merge request15:04
mterryseb128, oh really?  whoops, would have pinged ya15:05
mterryseb128, (seems bad...  is that a bug?)15:05
seb128well it's just that you need to specifically subscribe to thos events15:05
seb128but historically we are just subcribed to bugs on those components15:05
seb128we need to eventually fix that in some way not sure how though15:06
seb128mterry, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mterry/brasero/ubuntu-2.32.0/+merge/3704415:06
seb128I guess that one should be closed15:06
seb128mterry, the other one was merged 21 hours ago you probably didn't notice it15:07
seb128or I forgot to push? let me check15:07
mterryseb128, hrm...   I don't see an update in launchpad15:07
mterryseb128, but that page has a 0-line diff?  Something odd15:07
seb128mterry, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/brasero/ubuntu/revision/10315:08
seb128mterry, well the upload is still in unapproved15:08
seb128but I pushed the changes to the vcs and uploaded15:08
mterryseb128, sweet.  ah right.  OK, so I'll close my branch15:08
mterryseb128, thanks15:08
chrisccoulsonjames_w - urgh, i just tried running polkit-gnome-authentication-agent through strace, and got the dialog to hang before even showing the password text entry ;)15:12
seb128mterry, bug #59617115:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 596171 in libindicator (and 2 other projects) "Provide GTK+ 3.0 version of libappindicator (affects: 1) (heat: 4)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59617115:13
seb128I'm not sure to understand your point15:13
mterryseb128, let's take my project deja-dup as an example.  If I port deja-dup to gtk3, I *can't* use libindicator built against gtk2.  But if I don't port, I *can't* use libindicator built against gtk3.  So libindicator needs to provide two libraries, one for gtk2 and one for gtk315:14
seb128what I was saying is that libindicator should let you pick the gtk to use15:14
seb128then the packaging would do 2 builds15:14
seb128one with each gtk version15:14
mterryOh, that's fine then yeah15:14
mterryI didn't grok that you meant 2 builds15:15
mterryI'll add comment then15:15
seb128I've no strong opinion though on whether we should support gtk2 builds next cycle for the next version15:16
seb128but I guess we want the current version to build with both gtk according to what is available for a while15:16
seb128it's ted who decide what he wants to do at the end though15:16
seb128kenvandine, there?15:18
kenvandinehey seb12815:18
seb128hey kenvandine15:18
seb128kenvandine, we are unfrozen for RC, everything fine from your side?15:18
seb128did you have anything you still wanted to get in?15:18
seb128I'm just checking we don't miss anythintg15:19
kenvandineone sec15:19
kenvandineok, just gwibber which is in unapproved still, i assume that will get reviewed soon15:20
kenvandineand i know the U1 guys really want desktopcouch to go in15:20
seb128yes, everything uploaded is getting reviewed15:20
kenvandinewhich is also uploaded15:20
seb128I think the current queue will go in15:20
kenvandinenothing else15:20
seb128ok great15:20
kenvandinethx :)15:20
seb128kenvandine, thanks15:20
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seb128didrocks, do you have some time for sponsoring?16:05
didrocksseb128: sure, I'm on the way of updating indicator-network and I can sponsor then16:05
seb128ok, I might ping you in a bit ;-)16:06
didrockssure :-)16:06
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dpmpitti, Riddell, I've just spoken to danilo to schedule a one-off full language pack export starting at 22:00 UTC (same time as the usual exports).17:08
dpmas per yesterday's conversation17:08
pittidpm: ah, thanks; so I guess I can start the langpack builds tomorrow morning17:08
pittidpm: do you know how long they take these days?17:08
pittiwell, I'll just check the +langpacks page tomorrow, nevermind17:09
dpmpitti, ok!17:09
Riddelldpm: thanks, I uploaded those .po files again an hour ago so hopefully they'll be in17:09
pittidpm: oh, do I need to tick the "full export" checkbox again, or did you already?17:10
dpmpitti, no need to this time afaik (I didn't), but let me check with danilo to be sure17:11
dpmpitti, danilo had already ticked the box, so we should be all good17:22
seb128chrisccoulson, hey17:34
seb128how busy are you?17:34
seb128<ricotz> didrocks, could you aleast add this http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-keyring/commit/?id=d9ef94455d115d8fed29a3071b5b19ca632fb93217:38
seb128^ is somebody wanting to testbuild and backport that?17:38
bilalakhtarseb128: can I help in that?17:43
seb128I guess you can if you get the issue or what to backport it17:43
seb128the issue is that the ssh key is not unlocked on login it seems17:44
james_wchrisccoulson: urgh, that's odd17:57
james_wchrisccoulson: did you suid strace?17:57
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glatzorhuhu mvo18:09
glatzormvo, busy?18:09
seb128bilalakhtar, do you work on it?18:09
Laneyseb128: is that the one you showed me the other day?18:11
LaneyIf so, that didn't fix it18:11
seb128I think it was18:12
cyphermoxseb128, is there a bug open for this? I'm wondering how to reproduce18:12
seb128ricotz, ^18:12
Laneylet me just try it18:12
seb128cyphermox, ^18:12
ubot2Gnome bug 627815 in general "gnome-keyring ssh agent doesn't unlock ssh keys anymore" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]18:12
seb128Laney, thanks18:13
seb128didrocks, ^ can you sponsor something if there is any need?18:13
seb128I need to run in a few minutes18:13
didrocksseb128: sure :)18:13
didrocksseb128: I'll go away soon as well, but not reconnect, so maybe there won't be enough time18:13
seb128didrocks, well tomorrow will do otherwise18:14
seb128or chrisccoulson can maybe pick up the sponsoring later if he's around18:14
didrocksseb128: enjoy and see you tomorrow!18:14
seb128didrocks, thanks, you as well18:14
chrisccoulsonyeah, i can probably do some sponsoring ;)18:16
Laneymmm sponsoring18:16
mvoglatzor: I was having dinner18:21
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ricotzLaney, do you made a patched gnome-keyring package?18:43
Laneyoh yeah that's what i was doing18:43
Laneyi have dch open... just got distracted :)18:44
ricotzLaney, i can test it if you want18:44
Laneycool, 1s18:46
Laneyricotz: is there a launchpad bug?18:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 631980 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "gnome-keyring doesn't unlock ssh key (affects: 7) (dups: 1) (heat: 188)" [Low,Fix committed]18:48
Laneyricotz: i386?18:49
Laneyeven better18:49
Laneyhere goes18:49
ricotzi also could build it here18:49
ricotzLaney, it is ok if you put the source somewhere18:57
Laneyit's uploading now18:57
ricotzi am on it19:01
ricotzLaney, works for me :)19:06
Laneydidrocks: could you sponsor ubuntu4 from ^^^?19:06
LaneyI forgot to dch -R "" but you can handle that :)19:07
didrocksI know I should have quite 20s before :)19:07
Laneyquick, pretend you were never here!19:07
didrocksLaney: sure, doing so :)19:07
didrocks /quit lalalala19:07
didrocksLaney: hum, don't we have a branch for gnome-keyring?19:07
hyperairdidrocks: what's /usr/share/une?19:08
didrockshyperair: it's added to XDG_DATA_PATH in UNE session19:08
didrocksto change default .desktop files19:08
hyperairdidrocks: ah i see.19:08
hyperairdidrocks: i'm actually trying to merge as much as i can into the debian package.19:08
Laneydidrocks: dunno, not used to using those19:09
hyperairdidrocks: i figured UNe was to do with ubuntu netbook edition or something?19:09
didrocksLaney: can you please propose a merge against lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-keyring/ubuntu ?19:09
didrockshyperair: right19:09
Laneysure, but it will have to wait until tomorrow19:09
Laneyleaving in 30 seconds19:09
didrocksLaney: no worry :)19:09
didrocksLaney: that can wait for tomorrow19:09
Laneyor ricotz can do it19:09
didrocksI'll leave as well ;)19:09
didrockshyperair: there are many tweaks to handle a desktop and a une session19:10
didrocks(made in a standard way to handle a "foo" session as well)19:10
hyperairdidrocks: so which of the patches should i leave out of debian?19:10
didrockshyperair: can we have a look tomorrow? I really need to leave of my gf will be angry :)19:10
hyperairhaha okay sure19:10
didrocksI'll make a list for sure :)19:10
* didrocks finishes email and quit19:10
* Laney off too, have a good evening19:11
didrocksenjoy your evening Laney!19:11
hyperairhmm come to think of it all the patches look upstreamable, and only one thing was changed via the .install file19:12
hyperairi think i'll leave the .install file be and throw the patches into debian then19:12
didrockshyperair: nice, we talk about that tomorrow if you want19:14
didrocksreally off now19:16
didrocksenjoy your evening everyone :)19:16
hyperairit's morning here.19:17
ricotzLaney, i proposed the gnome-keyring merge19:42
chrisccoulsonricotz, i can't merge your changes because you upgraded your branch ;)20:07
chrisccoulson(or launchpad did that for you)20:07
ricotzchrisccoulson, hmm, didnt upgrade it, so must be done automatically20:08
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think launchpad sucks like that20:08
ricotzcan i downgrade it?20:08
chrisccoulsonricotz, you can't. it doesn't matter though, i've just merged the changes in manually20:17
chrisccoulsonjust building it now, and will upload it once i've tested it20:17
ricotzchrisccoulson, thanks20:18
chrisccoulsonricotz / Laney - gnome-keyring is uploaded now20:47
mahmohI'm running Maverick and getting continuous Nautilus crashes and endless open (phantom) windows and my cpu is maxed (I'm upset)21:04
mahmohunsure where to find out why it's doing this and what's causing it exactly, if I rename nautilus it stop immediately though, any help would be appreciated21:05
milanbvmahmoh: Apport should file an automated report...21:09
mahmohmilanbv: apport isn't getting triggerred though, I'm trying manually21:10
milanbvmahmoh: please do21:12
mahmohmilanbv: is there a log that I can check to find out what it thinks the problem is?21:13
milanbvmahmoh: have a look at /var/crash21:14
milanbvthere may be some Apport files that weren't used for some reason21:14
mahmohmilanbv: no luck there21:15
milanbvmahmoh: so see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash?action=show&redirect=DebuggingProgramCrashes21:15
mahmohmilanbv: thx21:15
milanbvmahmoh: when you've done step 4, just run "sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-0-dbg libgtk2.0-0-dbg nautilus-dbg"21:17
milanbvmahmoh: and then, follow instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace21:19
milanbvthen report a bug with the trace, if that's not enough people will tell you21:19
mahmohmilanbv: ok, I'll do my best21:21
cyphermoxmilanbv, I suspect apport crash catching may have been disabled21:28
milanbvcyphermox: I thought it was enabled until the final release?21:29
milanbvobviously, I could have tried that before the "hard way"21:29
cyphermoxmilanbv, we're getting awefully close ;)21:29
milanbvmahmoh: you have another solution then21:29
mahmohmilanbv: what's that?21:30
cyphermoxmahmoh, just run 'ubuntu-bug `pidof nautilus`'21:30
milanbvah, I was going to suggest 'sudo service apport start force_start=1'21:31
mahmohmilanbv: cyphermox: I ran apport-cli, saved the file, added it a hand-made bug (it's hard to get the pid of a continuously crashing nautilus21:31
milanbvmahmoh: so Apport eventually started on its own?21:32
milanbvwhat bug number?21:32
mahmoh652392? milanbv21:33
mahmohyeah that's it21:33
milanbvmahmoh: there's no backtrace there sadly21:34
milanbvrun 'sudo service apport start force_start=1'21:34
milanbvand then reproduce the crash21:34
milanbvit should be enough21:34
james_wchrisccoulson: how does http://paste.ubuntu.com/503484/ look?21:34
milanbvmahmoh: BTW, you should upgrade packages first, else Apport won't accept to report a bug21:35
mahmohmilanbv: I've been continous;y upgrading (hoping that it would fix itself)21:35
mahmohmilanbv: apport is running already21:35
milanbvbut you have 2.31.6, and up to date version is 2.32.021:36
milanbvit won't work ;-)21:36
mahmohmilanbv: I ran update and upgrade, what else is there?21:36
milanbvmahmoh: run it again21:36
milanbvmaybe the package appeared today...21:36
milanbvmahmoh: if you run via command line, do a dist-upgrade maybe21:37
mahmohmilanbv: that's prob. it ...21:37
mahmohmilanbv: that did it, it's running better already, thank you very much - my cpu and fan thank you too21:42
seb128chrisccoulson, do you have upload rights for gnome-keyring?22:23
chrisccoulsonseb128 - done already :)22:23
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks22:24
seb128I got an email about that but no email about it being merged or uploaded22:24
chrisccoulsonjames_w - did you figure out what the problem was? it's not clear to me what problem your patch solves22:24
chrisccoulsonseb128 - ah, i need to mark the branch as merged22:24
chrisccoulsoni couldn't merge it properly as the branches are different versions22:24
seb128chrisccoulson, that's usually done when you push the commit22:25
seb128oh ok22:25
james_wchrisccoulson: when the child watch fires before the stdout watch it doesn't fire the "completed" signal. Doing this means that the child handler will allow any other events to be processed first, e.g. the stdout one, and so the event is fired22:25
james_wI'm not sure it's the best approach, as it may still be racy, but it works for jibel22:26
chrisccoulsonjames_w - ah, interesting. yeah, that makes sense22:26
chrisccoulsonb'ah, my laptop has ground to a halt again :/22:27
chrisccoulsoni've just ordered an extra 2GB or RAM, i hope it omproves it slightly22:27
seb128chrisccoulson, seems there is something weird on maverick I don't remember lucid having those issues22:31
chrisccoulsonyeah, it seems pretty bad at the moment22:32
james_wis it under heavy I/O load that it slows down?22:32
james_we.g. two concurrent package builds?22:33
chrisccoulsonjames_w - yeah, it pretty much stops under any I/O load22:33
chrisccoulsona package build along with dpkg running is especially painful22:33
seb128james_w, normal io load I would say22:33
james_wyeah, I've had that for ages, I thought it was getting better22:33
chrisccoulsonit can take over an hour to install a few packages when doing that22:33
seb128like a gtk build after a while slow down a lot and slow the system22:33
chrisccoulsonit took me 1.5 hours to build telepathy-glib yesterday when i tried to build it in parallel with firefox ;)22:34
seb128it makes second before I can open something during the second half of the build22:34
kklimondaI've started running high i/o tasks with ionice -c 3 lately - especially unpacking stuff22:34
chrisccoulsonheh, i might try that22:35
davmor2seb128: Are you about still?22:56
seb128you should just ask your question22:59
seb128even if I'm not around other people might reply22:59
davmor2seb128: Good point,  in the new gnome settings applications is there one that would effect wireless?  I ask as if I unplug my power on my netbook my wifi won't connect23:02
seb128not that I know about23:03
davmor2I plug the power back in and it connects first time23:03
cyphermoxdavmor2, booting with power disconnected, if you connect it mid-session does NM then start to bring up the wifi?23:04
davmor2cyphermox: If I disconnect from the power, and try connecting it gets dropped, if I plug the power back in and click on the router name it connects first time23:05
Sarvattdavmor2: : check out pm-utils? i believe it has a hook to enable power save mode on battery that your wifi card might agree with23:06
davmor2Sarvatt: Will do thanks23:07
kklimondahow is the default application for a mime type choosen?23:08
kklimondafor some reason a default application for .exe files on my system is file-roller..23:08
kklimonda(that's with wine installed)23:08
MrJonesI'm having a licensing question regarding http://launchpad.net/humanity/0.4/0.4/+download/humanity_0.4.6.tar.gz23:16
MrJonesthat icon set (humanity dark) is GPL-licensed. now what does that mean for icons? (more specifically .svg files in that case)23:16
MrJonesdoes using them in a proprietary program through GTK+ enforce GPL conditions also on that program? or rather not23:17
=== bjf is now known as bjf[afk]
TheMusoWhat happened to the ssh agent? I updated, and now after a fresh boot this morning, I don't get prompted with an ssh agent window.23:24
jcastrokklimonda: I believe bug 251429 can help you23:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 251429 in moovida "Media types mess" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25142923:56
jcastrokklimonda: I mean bug 35142923:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 351429 in baltix (and 2 other projects) "file-roller associates itself with windows executables that it can't handle (affects: 8) (dups: 3) (heat: 57)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35142923:56
kklimondajcastro: thanks23:58

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