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dakergodbyk, pls i need that staging server ASAP16:57
* flan wishes jenkins were here.19:32
ubuntujenkinflan: ping19:48
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flanjenkins, hi.19:53
* flan is nervous.19:53
jenkinshey flan i made it in time19:53
flan#ubuntu-classroom; #ubuntu-classroom-chat; #ubuntu-classroom-backstage19:53
jenkinsgood lcuk I will just join the last one19:53
jenkinsi am in the others19:53
dakergood luck flan19:54
jenkinsI am really pleased you are doing it.19:54
flanOkay, script ready enough...19:56
* flan remains nervous.19:56
flanThanks, daker.19:57
jenkinsscript is great19:58
jenkinsI am glad we have not started screenshots http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/ubuntu-font-set-as-default-for-ubuntu-10-10/20:50
flanWell, I think that went reasonably well.21:02
flanConsidering all the minor issues that came up during my practice run on Tuesday.21:02
flanThanks for your help, jenkins. And you, too, daker.21:02
jenkinsit was great flan, people will read the logs21:02
zkriesseflan: Ya did fine21:02
jenkinsglad to help i have not been much use21:02
zkriesseflan: The first session is always the hardest as you've no idea what to expect21:02
flanYeah... I was reaklly expecting more people.21:03
zkriesseIt happens21:03
flanI guess that's what logs are for, though.21:03
flanAnd the fact that the session prior was cancelled probably didn't help much.21:03
flanSince it was about documentation.21:03
zkriesseWell now I must vacuum my basement21:03
flanAnd I must get back to work.21:03
* flan only got one hour off.21:03
serapophisnice work flan ;-)21:04
serapophisi really enjoyed your class ;-)21:04
flanSorry it didn't work out so smoothly for you. :(21:04
zkriesseserapophis: Stargate SG-1 fan?21:04
serapophisnot really but i dig the original movie big time21:05
flanPlease let us know of anything we can do to improve the user experience.21:05
zkriesseserapophis: Ah...i just caught e apophis part...21:05
zkriessestargate rocks majore21:05
zkriessebut I must go vacuum...the dust bunnies are carrying off my bed as we speak!21:05
* zkriesse grabs shotgun and vacuum21:05
serapophiszkriesse, serapophis is a mix of seraph and apophis ;-)21:06
serapophisflan, how about a progress bar while up- or downloading (and automatic retry if the first try fails)21:07
dakerjenkins, shutter's countdown is just a notification that's updates every second21:08
dakerusing pynotify21:08
flanserapophis, unfortunately, urllib2 doesn't have a call-back function (I really wanted a progress bar, too), but it should give you the option to retry if it times out.21:10
jenkinsdaker: I could not get them working. Is pynotify in all distros?21:10
flanI may need to shorten the timeout window from its current, like, three minutes, though.21:10
flanI had it long for dial-up users.21:10
dakerjenkins, no idea21:10
jenkinsi will add it to the todo list I like the idea21:11
dakerjenkins, where qs.o is hosted ?21:17
jenkinsqs.o? as in the server or the website?21:18
dakerthe website21:18
flangodbyk has quickshot.org.21:18
jenkinsgodbyk: 's server21:18
dakerjenkins, flan also increasing the countdown to 10sec instead of 3 will help the contributor21:32
jenkinsyea that will help21:33
flanThat's easy to do. It's a constant in screenshot_detail.py.21:43
flanCan you change it, jenkins?21:43
flan(It's near the top)21:43
jenkinsI will have a look now21:43
flanThough ten seems like overkill.21:43
flanI found 3 slow in my testing.21:43
jenkinsI agree go to 5?21:43
flanAnd if we're not using something like pynotify, it might seem like the system froze.21:44
flanFive's good with me.21:44
flanIf you can get a notification system working, just add it to the countdown callback.21:44
flanIt should be a single call.21:45
jenkinsI will not be able to look at that untill next week. i ahve chnaged the time to 5 seconds21:45
flanYay! Rorona just got delivered!21:45
jenkinswhats that?21:45
* flan will totally not be writing code this weekend.21:46
flanA game.21:46
jenkinshave fun :)21:46
flanI hope to.21:46
flanToo much overtime at work.21:46
flanNot enough sleeping.21:46
jenkinsopps i have loads of uncommited stuff I will need to work out what that is21:48
flanbzr diff21:48
jenkinsyea there is a lot. I need some sleep21:48
jenkinsthanks very much flan I am going to say night21:49

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