Riddellsuperm1: ok to release images for RC?00:37
Azelphurhow is mythtv 0.24 doing these days?00:59
AzelphurI'm on 0.23.1 atm00:59
tgm4883Riddell, I think we were getting some final testing done tonight01:46
tgm4883Azelphur, 0.24 is pre-beta01:46
AzelphurI see01:46
AzelphurDoes it work well? or should I avoid it for a house full of people  :p01:47
tgm4883IDK, do you like breakage and beatings from sibilings?01:48
Azelphurnot so much no :D01:48
tgm4883it's still an alpha. The plan was for it to be released Oct 1st, but that has slipped a few weeks01:49
tgm4883they haven't released a beta yet as there are some critical bugs they are still waiting to fix01:49
AzelphurI see :)01:50
Azelphurbest wait for that one then01:50
tgm488310.10 is releasing with 0.23.1, and we will have packages for 0.24 when it gets released via auto-builds01:50
tgm4883yep, i'd wait01:50
tgm4883at the very least, look at trac and see what the bugs are01:50
Azelphurcool :)01:50
fluvvelltgm4883, is pulseaudio  supported in 0.23.1 ?01:51
tgm4883fluvvell, I doubt it01:52
tgm4883I haven't checked though01:52
tgm4883fluvvell, thats a better question for #mythtv-users IIRC it was going to be better supported in 0.24 but I might just be making that up01:53
tgm4883of course, I don't know the issues you are having with it01:53
fluvvellI still get that sense that its not "flavour of the month",01:53
tgm4883well i only have mythtv on one ubuntu system which I don't ususally use for mythtv (my desktop), the rest are mythbuntu systems01:53
AzelphurPulseaudio is in 0.23.101:54
AzelphurI'm using it01:54
fluvvellI tried to set it up in .023+fixes that ships with 10.0.4 and failed miserably01:54
fluvvellYeah, I have it on all pcs  in the house, 4 of which are desktop or laptops as well. One dedicated mythbox, but even it gets browser loaded for tv-on-demand01:55
fluvvellAzelphur, hints for the settings in General ?01:56
AzelphurI just set mine to pulseaudio and it works :D01:56
fluvvellWhere did you set it?01:56
Azelphursetup > general01:56
Azelphurbrb, gotta get food outta the oven :)01:57
fluvvellAzelphur, tgm4883, the problems I have with pulseaudio are when I tried it, and just checked again - its still there - , skipping forward or backward while watching myth turns the audio stream to static and hiss.02:16
Azelphurworks for me *shrug*02:18
mrandfluvvell: have you enabled auto-builds?02:21
mrandthe 0.23 that ships with 10.04 was actually pre-release and has a number of known issues, including a few related to audio.02:22
fluvvellmrand, I should enable auto builds I guess.  Will that mean lots of regular updates?02:26
mrandfluvvell: no.. updates to the 0.23 branch are rare now-a-days.  It's considered pretty stable.02:52
fluvvellis it ok to enable the ppa, or is one of the other repos better ?02:56
mrandfluvvell: the ppa should be fine.02:57
fluvvellmrand, it skips fwd and back now without static Thanks.03:28
mrandfluvvell: you're welcome.  I seem to recall running into that myself.03:31
superm1Riddell, i think we have some last testing to do tonight still04:38
superm1Riddell, nothing major, go ahead06:07
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