Jeeves_Mossis there a image program that'll make hashes out of image files, then use the hash to compair them?  I'm looking for a way of looking for duplicates in ~200,000 images and removing them00:16
SpamapSfind . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum | sort | uniq -w32 -d --all-repeated=separate | cut -c35-00:20
SpamapSfrom http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-97701.html00:20
SpamapSits unfortunate though..00:23
SpamapSthat it md5's the whole image00:23
SpamapSwould be cooler if you could just find all of the files with the same # of bytes, and then md5 only those.00:23
SpamapSJeeves_Moss: thats parallelizable too.. add  -P2 to the xargs and it will run two md5's at a time. :)00:24
Jeeves_MossSpamapS, this will be a scrape site eventually.  I'd like to be able to make a hash that's semi smart,toss it into a database, then when new files are d-loaded, it hases them, then compares them00:24
SpamapSwell thats pretty specialized ;)00:26
SpamapSbut very easy00:26
SpamapSif you're already writing code00:26
SpamapSJeeves_Moss: you might want to use a collapsing hash algorithm then. size first, then crc32, then hash00:27
Jeeves_MossSpamapS, lol, yea.  the "code" will be a cheap/dirty (kinda like my ex-wife) script that scrapes a set of URLs to pull the files to the local box.  Then hash them, and do a compairison of what's in the databse.00:27
Jeeves_MossSpamapS, if it finds comething clise, it'll flag it for human attention.00:28
SpamapS"close" is a pretty tough thing for a computer to determine. ;)00:28
Jeeves_MossSpamapS, eventually, I'm going to figure out how to make the script run times to be dynamic so they'll throtle their scrape runs baised on the number of new pics posted00:28
SpamapSJeeves_Moss: good luck on your porn search.. I have to be going. ;)00:28
Jeeves_MossSpamapS,  lol, how'd you know it was porn?  LOL00:29
* SpamapS just wasn't going to admit that he already wrote the same thing for the same purposes00:29
SpamapSok.. I realy do have to go00:29
* SpamapS runs off00:29
Jeeves_MossSpamapS, if you want, e-mail it to me.00:29
mathiazhggdh: hi!01:23
mathiazhggdh: what's the status of maverick-i386 UEC testing?01:23
mathiazhggdh: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/4609 <- UEC install (minimal topology) is not started yet01:24
MrDowntempoI'm trying to install ubuntu-server on a machine with no swap. Is this possible or simply the acme of foolishness?01:35
Patrickdkhow much ram will you have?01:36
Patrickdkand what will it be doing?01:36
Patrickdkit's not really foolish01:36
Patrickdkbut you just have to be careful, cause oom will attempt to protect the system, and won't care what it kills (like ssh)01:37
MrDowntempoI should clarify. I want to install the OS on an SSD. I have a 3TB raid 5 hardware Raid card01:37
MrDowntempoI have a gig and a half of RAM01:38
MrDowntempoBut should be able to up it to 3gig soon01:38
PatrickdkI don't see how that clairifies anything01:38
MrDowntempoIt will be a fileserver local and online01:39
MrDowntempoWell u usually don't want swap on SSDs or raid01:39
Patrickdkwhat kind of fileserver? samba? ftp? apache? lighttpd? nginx?01:39
MrDowntempoSamba and FTP01:39
Patrickdkheh? swap on raid is awsome :)01:39
Patrickdkswap on ssd is great also01:39
Patrickdklife of ssd with swap, depends on how much use change swap pages01:40
PatrickdkI never payed attention to samba ram usage, other than it never mattered to me01:40
Patrickdkbut I would say, as long as you keep good amounts of cache/buffer space you should be fine01:41
MrDowntempoShould I just put a swap partition on the SSD and be done with it?01:41
Patrickdkbut it only takes a program to go nuts once, to cause issues01:41
PatrickdkI would be tempted to put a swap partition on it, and set swappiness to 001:41
MrDowntempoThe install always fails when it sees no RAID01:41
MrDowntempoAnother option would be to pick up a small fast HDD. Like the old 74gb velociraptor and use that in its entirety01:42
MrDowntempoBut that means spendin mo money. And I donwanna01:43
PatrickdkI was looking at a pcie ssd solution for my new server01:45
Patrickdkbut the ibis just came out, and that looks interesting as hell01:45
MrDowntempoI'm sorry it fails when it sees no swap01:45
MrDowntempoNot raid01:45
Patrickdkwhat fails?01:46
PatrickdkI've installed ubuntu server without swap before01:46
MrDowntempoThe install says it can't continue without swap01:46
Patrickdkyou using a cd?01:46
PatrickdkI always pxe boot into the installer, might be different01:46
MrDowntempoActually USB01:46
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ScottKmathiaz: Since it seems puppet is the main user of Ruby in main, would you please have a look at Bug 638164 and make a recommendation?01:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 638164 in ruby1.8 "Sync ruby1.8 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63816401:53
mathiazScottK: I'd ask the security team about the sync02:17
|rt|anyone know why the server installation cd uses the desktop kernel?  Makes dealing with supplying a driver for a disk controller a total pita02:17
mathiazScottK: I don't think we'd need to sync from Debian given where we are in the release cycle02:17
mathiazScottK: I don't have enough knowledge about ruby to evaluate all the changes introduced (which are minor BTW)02:18
|rt|b/c you need one driver built for the install process and another to get the installed system to survive a reboot02:18
mathiazScottK: so I'd seek the security team opinion on the bug02:18
pmatulisfor network installs using the alternate installation, where do i get the kernel and initrd for tftp booting?02:48
zulpmatulis: the same directory where your image is02:53
zulpmatulis: or you should be able to get it from the alternate cd02:53
pmatuliszul: yeah, from the cd.  but in the online archive there is just02:55
pmatuliszul: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/02:55
pmatuliszul: so above is for server?02:56
zuli think so02:56
twbpmatulis: those d-i images don't understand the distinction between "desktop" and "server"02:56
twbThat distinction basically boils down to different preseed files (and different packages in the on-CD pool).02:57
pmatulistwb: that's what i don't understand02:57
pmatulistwb: if i'm setting up netbooting and i want to use the "alternate cd" installation, what files do i use?02:57
twbIn other words, if you only use the kernel and ramdisk, it won't give you any server- or desktop-specific questions.02:57
twbWhat you probably want to do is grab the preseed file from the CD and put it on an HTTP server02:58
twbThen when you bootstrap the netinst kernel, pass it url=http://path/to/preseed/file02:58
twbThis information is mainly explained in the installation-guide-<arch> appendices, which you can apt-get install.02:59
pmatulistwb: so with netbooting, the install process always looks the same?02:59
pmatulistwb: it's just the preseed that determines the outcome?02:59
twbFrom my own experience, basically the only difference is 1) different tasksel choices; and 2) language packages are installed by default.03:00
twbRight, it's just the preseed file03:00
twbI suggest you read the preseed files of the server and alternate CDs to get an idea of the differences03:00
pmatulistwb: and if i don't use a preseed file?  what do i end up with?  :)03:00
twbIf you don't use a preseed file you get12:00 <twb> From my own experience, basically the only difference is 1) different tasksel choices; and 2) language packages are installed by default.03:00
twbWith a preseed file, behaviour should be identical to the CD you got the file from.  The only difference would be that it asks about network configuration before udebs (in expert mode).03:01
pmatulistwb: alright, that clarifies things a bit03:02
pmatulistwb: need to try03:02
pmatulistwb: thanks03:04
* twb knows all! Tell you friends!03:15
hggdhmathiaz: My bad, then, I ran it earlier today. Will update the entry03:17
mathiazhggdh: great - so the test ran03:18
mathiazhggdh: it's just the result that wasn't reported to iso.qa.?03:18
hggdhmathiaz: sorry, i386 was not run, will do it now03:18
hggdhmathiaz: but I do expect it to run, libvirt was fixed03:22
mathiazhggdh: glad to hear that03:23
mathiazhggdh: what was the issue with libvirt?03:23
mathiazhggdh: was this fixed for RC?03:23
hggdhmathiaz: it was missing an #include, which caused a failure only on i38603:23
hggdhthis was fixed a week ago, IIRC, by Jamie03:23
mathiazhggdh: ah ok03:24
hggdhbut doing it now. Sorry for that03:24
hggdhmathiaz: BTW -- care to get together (Ara, Ev, you, JamesP, and myself) on UDS to discuss Hudson?03:25
mathiazhggdh: not at all - we should definetely meet up03:25
hggdhthank you03:26
mathiazhggdh: I'm currently in the process of setting a Hudson master in EC203:26
mathiazhggdh: so that you can have a look at how things are presented later this week03:26
mathiazhggdh: we'll probably test the final maverick -server iso with it03:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #651720 in openssh (main) "Hardy OpenSSH version out-of-date - security risks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65172003:26
hggdhmathiaz: cool! Please point me to the right place when it goes live03:29
mathiazhggdh: will do!03:29
ScottKmathiaz: Thanks03:30
w0_hi.  I installed apache2 and it loads the default page when I try to connect.  when I type 'ps' there's like two things, not including apache. for some reason, 'apache2ctl -k stop' looks at instead of  how can I stop apache2, and how can I keep it from starting at bootup?  much thx03:54
^slacker^w0_ : to disable services at bootup you can use the update-rc.d tool to remove it from startup03:58
^slacker^w0_ example: # update-rc.d -f apache2 remove03:59
twbs/remove/disable/, surely03:59
twbExcept it's probably an upstart job in 10.04, so you need to do something horrible instead04:00
smosermathiaz, ping04:04
mathiazsmoser: hi!04:04
smoseryou're always so chipper04:05
smoseri think bug 651698 is more likely related to04:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 651698 in cloud-init "Second login to ssh_import_id in cloud-config doesn't get added to authorized_keys file " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65169804:05
smoser$ ssh-import-lp-id james-page04:05
smoserWARNING: Invalid keys at [https://launchpad.net/~james-page/+sshkeys]04:05
mathiazsmoser: hm - ok04:05
hggdhmathiaz: yay, euca i386 works now :-)04:19
mathiazhggdh: \o/04:19
mathiazhggdh: thanks for testing this out04:19
hggdhmathiaz: sorry for having forgotten the i386... I marked it done (and also tested some others, as a consequence)04:20
smosermathiaz, i think the patch for ssh-import-id is http://paste.ubuntu.com/502995/04:20
smoserbut the easy fix is to tell james not to use windows04:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #651698 in cloud-init (main) "Second login to ssh_import_id in cloud-config doesn't get added to authorized_keys file " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65169804:27
hggdhmathiaz: the only one left is JeOS under ESX, which I cannot do. I also (of course) tested the i386 UEC images04:27
hggdhand amd64...04:28
mathiazhggdh: great04:28
mathiazhggdh: usually someone in QA does JeOS under ESX04:28
mathiazhggdh: AFAICT noone in the server team has acccess to an ESX server04:29
hggdhmathiaz: well, I am QA ;-) and I do not know of any ESX server, so must be somebody else04:29
* mathiaz nods04:29
mathiazhggdh: may be ask marjo?04:29
hggdhhum. Will see if he is still logged in04:30
hggdhhe is online, and shot a Q to him. Let's now wait and see if he is also awake04:31
mathiazsmoser: great - the patch fixes the issue - thnaks04:33
hggdhmathiaz: no response from marjo, I will check with the QA folks tomorrow morning04:35
mathiazhggdh: thanks for helping out!04:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #651754 in php5 (main) "GD Bundle and Feisty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65175404:56
Ichat[question] is there some way to  upgrade linux (software) raid  from  example   3x 1tb  to    5x  1tb  (without lost data)08:26
qman__yes, I have done it before08:27
qman__assuming raid 5?08:27
Ichatyes raid 508:27
qman__yeah, you can simply add the disks to the raid, then expand your filesystem08:27
qman__if you're using LVM, you have to expand that too08:27
qman__I don't remember the exact procedure off the top of my head, but it's certainly possible and documented08:29
Ichatim not using lvm because i couldn't get it to work in hardy - im wanting to upgrade soon, and  add diskspace also i didn't know that  soft-raid was that flexible...  i asume that when i 'add those disks  that the array will  get 'degraded'  for a while?08:29
qman__it will have to rebuild08:30
Ichati see08:30
qman__which with that much data could take a considerable amount of time08:30
qman__I had a 6x500GB array, and added two more disks08:30
qman__with some tweaking to allow it to use the full bandwidth available, it took about a day and a half to rebuild08:30
Ichatwhat cpu ?08:31
qman__CPU isn't really important, it's disks and disk controllers08:31
qman__but it was an athlon 64 3500+08:31
qman__mine were mostly limited because I had 4 disks on the PCI bus and 4 on the onboard controller08:32
qman__as opposed to, for example, a PCIe x4 or x8 controller08:32
qman__CPU becomes more important with raid 6 though08:33
Ichathmmz.  what i ment was,  -  for exaample  a pent 4  will have considerably lower  i/o  than a  sock 940 / am2 opteron  or a    s755 core2 duo08:33
Ichatbtw mine is a  939 opteron 165 (dual 1,8)  so it wont be noticebly faster than what you did i fear :P08:34
qman__ah, yeah08:34
qman__good chip though, I have two of them08:34
qman__one overclocked to 2.7GHz08:34
Ichatmine runs a 2,3  i cant unlock it :( and couldn't get it stable on higher speeds08:34
Ichatbut most of the time  Cool-N-Quet runs it down to 1,8 again :08:35
qman__they will take some punishment, that one I have at 1.475v, has hit 75C under load before, it takes it all08:35
qman__but you need a good board and RAM to get it that high08:36
qman__since it's only a x9 multiplier08:36
qman__mine's at 300 fsb08:36
qman__but anyway, my file server is also a 93908:37
qman__expect the whole process to take your server out of commission for 2-3 days08:37
Ichatwhat pc case (that helps if its a good one)  i recently got a   nzxt thempest    (2x 140mm top)   1x 120mm rear   3x 120mm front08:38
qman__for the overclocked chip, I used to have a modified $20 cheapo with some 120mm fans08:38
Ichati couldn't get my cpu  over  53C  even when room temp was over  31C08:38
qman__now it's in a 40mm ammo box08:38
qman__with 3 80mm fans08:38
Ichatthat case ROCK and gets me  12 hdd's  if only i hade € for sata controlers08:40
qman__pictures here, if you're interested http://qman.strangled.net:8080/pics/ammo-box-pc/08:40
qman__for the file server, I've got a cooler master 59008:40
Ichati wanted an antec 1200  but than this case came allong, only thing was,  that i got damaged in transport  so no on/of button  leds or usb stuff... just the case  thats why i got this   $100 case for less than  $4008:42
qman__good deal08:42
qman__my cooler master was about $6508:42
Ichati just hade to 'rip appart an old atx case that i had witch was  a sweex ...08:42
qman__but I had to buy some fans and bay adapters08:42
qman__my first file server was a heavily modified emachines micro ATX case08:43
Ichati just  removed the sweex's  front pannel and  glued that to the tempest case :P08:43
qman__after drilling some holes and using some pieces of erector set, I managed to cram 7 hard drives in it08:43
eagles0513875hey guys i am trying to install some public ssh keys where do i put the public keys?08:43
Ichatbtw the mod went terribly bad - and looks BUD-ugly but i does function perfectly so i dont really care08:44
qman__eagles0513875, I only know how to use ssh-copy-id, not sure if that will do what you want08:45
eagles0513875well i generated this on a windows machine just not sure where to put the public key once uploaded via sftp08:45
eagles0513875do i put it in /home/.ssh/?08:46
qman__I think ssh-copy-id creates ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub08:46
qman__so I'd try that08:46
qman__no, that's wrong08:47
qman__that's where it generates it in the first place08:47
eagles0513875im reading the !ssh08:47
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)08:47
eagles0513875documentation the first link and its saying /home/.ssh of that user08:47
eagles0513875does that seem right to you?08:47
qman__looks like it adds it to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys08:48
qman__reading through man ssh-copy-id08:48
eagles0513875qman__: wrong08:48
eagles0513875thats for Encrypted Home Directory according to the link08:48
eagles0513875the authorized keys if you read above troubleshooting it says otherwise08:49
qman__~/.ssh should have noting to do, directly, with encrypted home08:49
qman__though ssh key auth wouldn't work normally if you have encrypted home08:49
qman__you'd have to put your keys in a different location08:50
eagles0513875would ssh-copy-id work even if the key wasnt generated on the machien you want to run it on08:50
qman__I see what it's saying08:50
qman__if you don't have encrypted home, add it to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys08:50
qman__if you have encrypted home, add it to /etc/<username>/authorized_keys08:51
eagles0513875ahh ok so i just need to add it to the authorized keys file in my home dir08:51
qman__and yes, you can manually specify a key file on the command line to ssh-copy-id08:51
eagles0513875ok i can just upload to my home folder then copy it in?08:52
eagles0513875using ssh sopy08:52
eagles0513875ok kool :) thanks08:52
kinygoshi...i have a remote server running 10.04LTS, it has a second physical disk which was not partitioned or mounted, and i'm trying to install RAID1...there is no data on the server, but i'm not able to control the OS installation (it's done by some imaging software the ISP has)...08:59
kinygosi've created my raid on the second physical disk, and updated the md config...09:00
kinygosi'm now trying to copy the contents of the first disk (the one with the OS that is currently running) onto the RAID09:01
kinygosi started a dd command last night, but it failed (my mistake completely, the RAID is logically smaller than the physical disk)09:01
kinygosis there another way i can copy all the data from the mounted partitions on the first physical disk to my unmounted RAID device?09:02
qman__you're not going to be able to do a direct image, you'd either have to use something like partimage which removes the free space, or just do a simple file copy09:05
qman__I wouldn't recommend doing a file copy online, suggest booting to a live (or otherwise alternative) environment first09:06
spenserHi, is it possible to transform a private CA into a public CA by having the private CA signed by the public CA?09:07
kinygosqman__: i know...i do have remote kvm access through a lights-out board, so can start again if i bugger it up09:08
twbkinygos: if you don't need the result to be mountable, you can just write something like a cpio or tar archive DIRECTLY onto the RAID array09:08
twbe.g. find /home | cpio --create >/dev/md009:08
twbIf you need it to be mountable but don't want to mount the destination filesystem in advance, you could try mksquashfs or genext3fs09:09
kinygostwb: my plan is to reboot the server, but boot from the second disk (thereby starting the RAID), then add the original disk to the RAID09:09
qman__it's a difficult task any way you look at it09:10
twbFSVO difficult = tedious09:10
_rubenmount the target partition at some place, then use cp with a ton of options to copy the data (cp -a might be enough, don't recall)09:12
coderhi, I've just noticed a process named bond0 in my 10.04.1 server, which I don't see in other 'bonded' servers with, ie, centos09:13
kinygosawesome, thanks twb, _ruben, qman__09:14
coderis that normal?09:14
coderok, it seems normal, also seen on centos09:15
coderforget it09:15
twb_ruben: cp -a will suffice for most everything -- the main exceptions will be /proc and possibly hard links09:18
twbWhen I'm copying from an active root filesystem, I usually lvm snapshot it then mount and copy that.  That avoids /proc nastiness, even when the last sysadmin was silly and did things like /var/lib/named/proc09:19
twb*/var/lib/named/chroot/proc, I mean09:19
Riddellanyone able to sign off on the ubuntu server RC release for lack of jiboumans?09:21
_rubentwb: there's some directories that need exclusion indeed09:25
kinygos_ruben, twb: noob question, if i mount my raid at /raid, is there an easy way to exclude it from the cp?09:26
_rubenkinygos: i tend to go at it the other way around: just specify the dirs you *do* want to copy .. else do smth like find / | grep -v dir1 | grep -v dir2 | xargs cp --target-dir=/raid09:27
_rubenunless cp doesnt have --target-dir, i know mv does09:27
kinygosok, thanks :)09:28
twbkinygos: you usually would use -xdev in whatever guise the command in question provides it09:28
uvirtbotNew bug: #651875 in bind9 (main) "Bind 9.7.0-P1 validation errors" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65187510:01
spenserNot trying to be impatient but its been about an hour so I'll ask the question again.10:03
spenserHi, is it possible to transform a private CA into a public CA by having the private CA signed by the public CA?10:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #651877 in ibmasm-utils (main) "package ibmasm-utils 3.0-1ubuntu9 failed to install/upgrade: il sottoprocesso vecchio script di post-installation ha restituito lo stato di errore 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65187710:06
qman__spenser, not really sure, but there's nothing inherently private or public about a CA, the only differentiation is whether a "trusted" company has signed your certificate10:14
qman__and the only effect that has is that web browsers will trust it by default10:14
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twbthe ca infrastructure is a damn rort10:17
spenser_qman: Specifically say I have a self signed CA and I want to make it signed by Verisign is that possible?10:19
kinygosi have a partition listed in fdisk -l that doesn't appear to be mounted according to /etc/fstab...the System on this partition is Extended, whereas all the others are either Linux swap / Solaris (one of those) or simply Linux....10:32
kinygoscan that Extended partition be deleted?  i'm struggling with transferring data to my new RAID so want to reduce the amount to copy with dd10:32
kinygosbugger...i've just noticed that it sits under all other partitions (going by the Start and End values for all partitions)10:34
kinygosso, different question, is there a command to reduce the size of a partition?  it's mostly empty10:34
kinygosargh!! i can't seem to install gparted...apt-get fails to fetch many files :(10:40
alvinkinygos: Try a partedmagic liveCD/USB10:44
kinygosalvin: i think i've buggered the install up with my various attempts to get it RAID'd...going to rebuild and start again10:45
kinygosalvin: apt can't read the archive files in /var10:45
alvinCould be. apt-get failing is pretty new to me :-)10:45
kinygosarvin: thanks though :)10:45
kinygos*alvin even10:45
alvinWhy attempts to create a RAID? What's going wrong?10:46
kinygosalvin: it's a remote server, with no access to external media..server build is automated by some imaging system at the ISP end so i can't configure RAID during install...10:48
kinygosalvin: after imaging, the server has a second physical drive with no partitions and unmounted10:48
alvinkinygos: I see. Well, I haven't done it myself, but there are tutorials to create a RAID on such systems. It should work.10:49
kinygosalvin: my plan is to create RAID on that disk, transfer data from first drive to it, install grub on second drive, then reboot onto the second disk (the RAID) and add the first disk to the RAID10:49
alvinTransferring data is probably not needed. The rebuild should take care of that. Let me see if I can find something10:50
svnitcloudneed some help on opennebula express10:51
svnitcloudi have some bridge issues10:51
svnitcloudand onehost gives STAT err10:51
svnitcloudwhat do i do ?10:51
kinygosalvin: thank you very much :)10:53
alvinThis one looks easy. http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-creating-software-raid-one-arrays/ There's nothing about grub there, so be careful.10:56
kinygosalvin: wow, thanks :) can't believe i didn't come across that...10:57
svnitcloudany help for open nebula ?10:57
alvinkinygos: As I said, I haven't done this myself. Maybe you need to adapt /etc/fstab. It won't hurt to do a sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc afterwards too10:57
kinygosalvin: well mdadm did everything i expected, so i'm hopeful :)10:58
kinygosalvin: thanks for the help...i really appreciate your time10:58
alvinkinygos: You're welcome10:59
Riddellsmoser: what has to happen to get the ec2 images signed off and published?11:07
jetoleHey guys. I am auditing my file server to see which iSCSI and NFS is not being used however when it comes to NFS, I don't know how. Does anyone know how I can view a history of which hosts connected to the NFS server, when they did, what NFS mounts they connected to, etc11:24
alvinjetole: No, but showmount -a will give you some information about connected (or not properly disconnected) hosts11:30
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smoserRiddell, they're ready to go12:34
ThelzHello. My ubuntu server installation got corrupted. Is it possible to install ubuntu on a different harddisk and reach the files that were in the original installation from the new installation? (I'm only after the files that were stored remotely using the Samba File Server)12:35
Riddellsmoser: great, so how does that happen?12:36
reggi by the way is my linux laptop which i'm performing the ping f12:38
reggiHEY folks I have a strange problem. When I ping (the gateway) i get the following message http://paste.ubuntu.com/503187/  by the way is my linux laptop which i'm performing the ping from.12:38
reggioCean, i'm posting in this channel incase my question is a network related answer.12:41
oCeanone channel at a time for the same question12:42
reggioCean, i've asked a question in #ubuntu only to be told to post in this channel due to it's 'network' nature.12:43
oCeananyway, it means that the ip for the default gw is unreachable12:43
oCeanare you sure the .1 is up, and that the .50 is in the same network (netmask)?12:44
reggioCean, it's pointing back to this computer12:44
reggimy laptop running ubuntu is .50 and the gateway is .112:44
reggiby the way, my laptop was configured as a dhcp server12:45
reggiis there some kind of file that has a map of the network on my laptop?12:46
oCeanso you have multiple interfaces? One being .50, the other one .112:46
reggioh wait. let me explain.12:46
reggimy linux laptop was setup as the gateway. it had dhcp3 installed and was sharing a 3G mobile internet connection. but now I have the internet connection and gateway from another computer on the network.12:47
reggimy linux laptop has eth0 set to static ( and my gateway (the other computer with internet connection) is
reggiwhen I perform a ping from my laptop i get the output12:48
reggias shown here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503187/12:48
oCeanwhich brings me back to my original quesion: are you sure the .1 is up, and that the .50 is in the same network (netmask)?12:49
oCeanat which you said it's pointing back to this computer.12:49
oCeanPointing back??12:49
reggihmm good question. let me check.12:49
reggiok here is the contents of my ifconfig from my laptop: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503193/12:50
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oCeanok, the /24 netmask is ok, it includes the .112:52
oCean2nd step is to check if there are (correct) routes configured. Check route -n12:54
Thelz./24 is the first 3 numbers fixed and the 4th number not fixed, right?12:54
oCeanactually, they're called "octets": an ipv4 address is a group of four octets12:55
reggii think you've hit the nail on the head oCean - it's about the routing12:58
reggii'll check the route12:58
oCeanThelz: if you're interested, you can see here how it works: http://jodies.de/ipcalc?host= Just play around with the netmask, and see the bits in the octets change :)12:58
reggioCean, how do I edit the route data?12:58
ThelzoCean: I know. What I don't understand is why IP's aren't written in hex. That would've made stuff a lot easier12:59
oCeanreggi: using the "route" commands.12:59
ThelzMACs are written in hex12:59
reggioh really?12:59
reggiso oCean does that mean the route automatically populates itself?13:00
oCeanreggi: partially, when bringing up an interface13:00
oCeanyou can add/edit static routes13:00
reggii think there are a couple of errors in my route http://paste.ubuntu.com/503198/13:01
reggisee line 5?13:01
oCeanlike "route add -net blah netmask blah gw blah" etc13:01
oCeannvm line 513:02
oCeanthat's a special/reserved address13:02
oCeanbut you seem to have 2 default routes, the lines starting with
oCeanyou could remove the default route line on the eth0 interface, and since line 4 is already there13:04
reggiand this is removed by a command line right?13:04
oCeanroute del -net default gw should do it13:05
oCeanroute del -net default gw dev eth0 <-- or that, with the added 'dev', not sure13:05
reggiya i'll try the second option13:06
oCeanoh wait, line 4 should be changed.13:06
oCeanSince that line still says 'everything to should go through default gw'13:06
oCeanSo, following the previous example, you have to run commands like this:13:08
oCeanroute del -net gw
oCeanand add13:08
oCeanroute add -net gw
reggii get it13:09
regginice one oCean13:09
reggipeter@peter-laptop:~$ sudo route add -net gw
reggiSIOCADDRT: No such process13:09
ewookthe interface on that net is the gw, so change gw blabla to dev eth instead.13:10
oCeanthat shows that the default gw (.1) is still not reachable13:10
oCeanreggi: yeah, what ewook said13:11
oCeanroutingtables are always fun. Anyway, I gotto run...13:11
reggiman how do you guys know all this stuff!13:11
reggithanks for your help oCean13:11
ewookI've done the same thing you're doing.13:12
ewooklearning by doing.13:12
ewookor, sometimes breaking :P13:12
reggii am a long time microsoft user13:12
reggidesktop technician13:12
reggiand decided to go cold turkey to linux13:13
reggiso i can start learning13:13
ewookcold turkey way is a hard way :)13:14
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ewookhey ivoks :D13:14
reggiyeah well the first time I tried to go all linux was over5 years ago and I had a windows machine to fall back on...which mean that I kept relying on the microsoft machine13:15
reggiso the only way was to go cold turkey13:15
ewookI'm required to run ms os when working..13:16
reggiyeah I still have xp but only in a virtualbox13:16
reggijust a sec i have to test my route settings13:19
ewookI tried to explain I could do the same, but it was a no go :(13:19
_rubenis it possible to have a dot in the short, non-fqdn, hostname?13:20
_rubendoes it does13:21
kinygosso...i'm back to my original state, a remote server (running 9.04 though), no access to external media, with 2 physical disks, only one partitioned and mounted....13:29
kinygosi've read a lot about partitions, raid and mdadm...and now have an alternative strategy for implementing RAID1 on that server...13:30
pmatuliskinygos: what happened to all the advice people poured on you?  was it wrong or what?13:31
kinygosi had a fundamental misunderstanding of partitions13:31
pmatuliskinygos: explain?13:31
kinygosok, the plan was to implement raid on the second disk, copy the data to that disk, make that disk bootable and reboot from it...13:32
kinygosthen add the original disk to the raid13:32
kinygosmy mistake was that the raid was logically smaller than the physical disk, and i went round in circles trying to copy data to it13:34
kinygosi've done the typical noob thing which is dive in without really truly understanding what is going on under the hood13:34
pmatuliskinygos: dunno if that's noob thing, it's what most people do to learn13:35
pmatuliskinygos: not a great idea on an important system however13:35
kinygoswell, the system is going to host my web application...i'm a developer trying to be everything as i'm under a very limited budget13:36
pmatuliskinygos: you're saying your array wasn't made large enough to contain all the data?13:36
kinygoswell, i was using dd to copy, and it was pointed out to me that it may not work, but i was incredibly foolish and let it run through the night to find it had failed due to insufficient space13:37
kinygosironically, the disk is practically empty :)13:37
kinygosso, i've been learning about partitions, found out what the Extended partition actually means and how it fits into the grand scheme of things...13:38
kinygosand i've found an option for mdadm --level=mirror13:39
_rubenusing dd is completely wrong to begin with13:39
kinygos_ruben: i know...that suggestion did not come from anyone here by the way..it was my mistake alone13:40
_rubenyou want a filebased copy, not a clusterbased copy13:40
kinygoswell, what i'm considering now is creating corresponding partitions on my second disk, and then mirroring each in turn...13:40
kinygosit may not be the most efficient, as i would've prefered my swap partition to be striped13:43
kinygosbrb in 15mins13:43
_rubenkinygos: striped swap? so when 1 disk fails, you'd lose half your swap, and your system would crash? sounds like a plan!13:44
_rubenhm, having a dot in the non-fqdn hostname doesnt work well afterall13:54
kinygosrofl...and that is why i'm a noob13:55
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reggihello anyone here?14:11
zoopsterno I don't think anyone is around today, reggi14:14
jpdsreggi: There are 282 people in here.14:14
reggihar har very funny... it was a little quiet in here14:14
reggii've stuffed up my computer14:14
reggia little...14:14
reggii now no longer have eth0 in my network connection manager14:15
reggiWired Network has "device not managed"14:15
reggidoes anyone know how to get my eth0 to show in this network manager?14:16
zoopsterreggi: are you running ubuntu desktop?14:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #652038 in clamav (main) "package clamav-base 0.96.1+dfsg-0ubuntu0.10.04.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65203814:21
* zul cant believe that people are still using feisty14:21
zoopsterreggi: #ubuntu would be better for those types of q's...14:21
reggihey zoopster the reason I thought to ask in ubuntu-server is because my network settings are really wrong14:23
reggifor example, if I ping i get the following error "From icmp_seq=3 Destination Host Unreachable"... is this (my laptop) and is my gateway / router.14:23
reggii'm hoping to fix this otherwise i'll have to reinstall ubuntu again :(14:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #652042 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65204214:26
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raubvogelDoes anyone have an idea of why rsyslog in my 10.04 desktop is using quite a lot of cpu:  1118 root      20   0  330m 7844 1016 S  173  0.1 953:13.17 rsyslogd14:29
zoopsterreggi: a reinstall won't fix incorrect settings14:31
reggii hear you zoopster14:31
raubvogelreggi: try #ubuntu-beginners. I am not being condescending. I had a lot of luck there before. In fact I had more answers about creating a package and building my own repository there than in ubuntu-packaging and ubuntu-mirrors14:32
reggii'll try that raubvogel14:33
reggicheers jolks14:33
raubvogelThe other thing would be to reinstall the network manager itself14:34
raubvogeldoing a --purge14:34
reggiraubvogel, what is the full "--purge" command?14:34
raubvogelIn a server, first thing that goes away is network manager IMHO14:35
reggioh you mean using the synaptic?14:35
raubvogelsomething like apt-get remove --purge network-manager or whatever the package is called14:35
raubvogelsynaptic probably would work too; it has something you can click on to say you want it to completely wipe that package. Normal uninstall leaves the old config files14:36
reggiI would do away with the network manager because I know how to edit my /etc/network/interfaces14:36
reggibut I use the network manager to connect to the internet using my mobile phone14:36
reggiusing bluetooth.14:36
raubvogeldon't get me wrong; network manager has come a long way. I use it in my own laptop for that very same reason14:36
reggiyou know, like tethering14:36
raubvogelBut it does things that drives me nuts14:37
reggiunless you know of a way to connect to my mobile phone using bluetooth and then connect to the 3G internet.14:37
raubvogelThe nicest new thing it has IMHO is that you can specify the mac for the AP you are using14:38
reggimaybe I should manually add it14:39
kinygoshi all...i may be able to get an .iso image mounted so i'll be able to rebuild my server and configure the raid at a sensible time...14:46
kinygosmy question is, is it possible to back the whole system up regularly using rsync or something so that i can recover the whole box without having to reinstall the OS again?14:47
Jeeves_kinygos: Yes, it it14:50
kinygosJeeves_: thanks, i'm feeling way out of my depth14:52
reggifolks i think the problem with my internet is related to my laptop's network device has stopped working14:54
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raubvogelreggi: You can't start it manually?15:00
reggiraubvogel, with this command? ifconfig eth0 up15:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #652065 in samba (main) "dhclient hook assumes wrong service name ("samba" instead of "smbd")" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65206515:07
raubvogelIf you are in the wired network, like ifconfig eth0 netmask up (guessing an empty IP here)15:14
reggithere is something wrong with my ifconfig output, see line 19: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503277/15:15
reggiwhat is eth0:avahi?15:15
_rubenstart by forgetting ifconfig ever existed15:16
kalkemsI'm a newbee to IRC. How do I communicate it seems so quiet15:43
pmatuliskalkems: you're doing fine15:53
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kalkemsQuestions here deal with server problems - I upgraded my ltsp server this morning and was greated with a message that it has deleted grub. (in chroot) This happened when uppdating latest kernel. Will this affect the server it self or only ltsp.15:57
MTecknologyhm... how long is too long for a php script to run?16:03
MTecknologyI fear this one may time out...16:03
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hggdhDaviey: are you going to propose a SRU for 650446?16:13
Davieyhggdh, i think so.. Really want some feedback from Ng before doing so.16:14
hggdhDaviey: my single worry is if this increase takes space from the -Xmx16:16
DavieyYeah... I don't know if it takes from there - or is additional..16:18
Davieyperhaps JamesPage knows?16:18
DavieyJamesPage, Does -XX:MaxPermSize steal from -Xmx, or in addition to?16:19
JamesPageDaviey: in addition to16:19
Davieygreat, thanks JamesPage16:19
hggdhthen we are good :-) thanks, JamesPage16:19
JamesPageheap and perm are separate memory areas in the JVM16:19
JamesPagehggdh, daviery:have you guys come across jps and jstat for looking at allocation/utilisation?16:20
NgDaviey: unless there's a way to make the JVM spit out memory stats the only feedback we're going to be able to come up with really is "it hasn't died for X days"16:21
hggdhJamesPage: no, I at least have not (but I left Java a looong time ago, at 1.3 I think)16:22
DavieyJamesPage, no, sorry. :/16:23
DavieyNg, Yeah... i think you are probably correct :(...  How many days uptime did it have before issue?16:23
NgDaviey: weirdly it was only a couple of weeks16:24
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Ngperhaps some usage pattern was exercising the system in such a way that it maximised the Permanent memory usage16:24
DavieyNg, That is pretty concerning :/16:25
DavieyI wonder if it was being hammered from a user?16:25
JamesPageNg, daviey: jstat would help you monitor memory area utilisation in the JVM which might help diagnose the issue16:25
NgJamesPage: interesting16:27
SpamapSJMX enabled apps tend to give lots of stats.16:27
overlord_tmIs there any way to scrool in intramfs shell? Something like <cmd> | less :)16:30
kalkemssorry thought that was the way to leave:P16:31
hggdhkalkems: put a '/' in front: '/quit'16:32
kalkemshggdh: thanx16:32
dan_maranHaving a weird issue with Aptitude updating behind a Sonicwall. This not only is a ubuntu problem but also happens with debian or any apt based distro.  Yum seems to work fine altough that could be due to the yum fastest mirror.  Essentially what happens is and update is started and it all seems fine for anywhere from 10 seconds to minute, speeds of 600KB then out of no where it will just slow to Bytes like now I have an u16:35
dan_maranpdate running and it is sitting at 1,446B/s. But if I download something on this notebook it will fly.  So I am thinking it is something with the apt settings triggering some kind of Sonicwall "feature" but I have ensured the QoS is OFF.. Any ideas?16:35
SpamapSdan_maran: your firewall is probably dropping packets that it shouldn't.16:39
hggdhdan_maran: maybe you are being throttled by your firewall16:39
SpamapSI've seen firewalls' state tracking go awry and drop retransmit requests and window adjustments.16:40
SpamapSdan_maran: do you have access to the firewalls' logs?16:40
dan_maran@spamaps yes and there is not a thing in there about it.16:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #652140 in ntp (main) "package ntp 1:4.2.4p8 dfsg-1ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65214016:42
hggdhI have had that scenario before... I "solved" it by cancelling the update and restarting it multiple times (it would be fast for a while then slow to a crawl)16:42
dan_maran@hggdh yes, that is the only way that I get around it16:43
dan_maranhere is one of the errors16:43
dan_maran109/30/2010 11:34:09.432NoticeNetwork AccessTCP connection dropped91.189.88.46, 80, X1192.0.100.69, 39326, X0, LINUX-01TCP Port: 3932616:44
kinygosSpamapS: i should have listened to you regarding the copy for my RAID problem...dd didn't work as there was just a little less space on the RAID :(16:45
kinygosSpamapS: i've re-imaged the server, created the RAID on the second disk and now trying to mount it so i can do a file copy with cp -a16:46
hggdhdan_maran: so your firewall dropped it. Too many errors, excessive use of bandwidth, what? You will need to sniff the connection and/or look at your firewall config16:46
dan_maran@hggdh - Those drops correspond to my cancellation of the downloads16:48
hggdhoh darn!16:48
hggdhdan_maran: then you really have to look at the traffic on the session16:48
zoopsterdan_maran: I'd concur...it will likely be a quick resolution or problem discovery with a packet trace16:49
dan_maranI will try to get on that ASAP, just was hoping someone else already had this issue and new the fix. oh well. Thanks and I will report back if I find it.16:50
_rubendan_maran: could also be various tcp "optimization" features wreaking havoc16:50
hggdhdan_maran: in my case, when I had it, I had no access to the firewall system16:51
dan_maran@_ruben that is my thought.... But since YUM works fine on RHEL I thought it would be a quick APT fix.. oh well16:51
SpamapSkinygos: trying to mount it?16:52
SpamapSkinygos: You said before you had 5 partitions on the disk16:52
SpamapSkinygos: I'd suggest creating 5 partitions on /dev/md0, and creating a filesystem/swap on each one of them so they match.. /dev/sda1 -> /dev/md0p116:53
kinygosSpamapS: ah, yes, my understanding of partitions was fundamentally flawed yesterday...i've read up and hopefully know a bit more now16:53
_rubendan_maran: RHEL/Ubuntu might enable different optimizations by default16:53
SpamapSkinygos: one good idea would be to save the output of 'fdisk -l /dev/sda' so you can see the size of the non-raid partitions and match them closely.16:53
kinygosSpamapS: my first disk has 2 primary partions, one Linux swap, the other Extended which itself contains 4 logical partitions...16:54
dan_maranRight on, thanks for the thoughts. I might install yum on the server and see if I can replicate.16:54
SpamapSdan_maran: I thought there was nothing in there about it.. looks like the TCP connection was dropped for some reason.16:54
kinygosSpamapS: ok, sounds like a plan, so create the partitions one at a time using parted?16:54
SpamapSdan_maran: oh, its logging that you stopped it, right16:54
SpamapSdan_maran: sorry, I'm catching up ;)16:54
dan_maran@SpamapS - hhaa ok, yeah those of from me killing it. ;)16:55
SpamapSkinygos: yes16:55
SpamapSdoes anybody else find parted harder to use than fdisk? Maybe I'm just set in my ways.16:55
kinygoscan i do it with fdisk?16:55
kinygosi'm so out of my depth...learning as i'm going along :(16:56
SpamapSkinygos: fdisk is, IMO, simpler. ;)16:58
SpamapSbut maybe I'm missing the easier parts of parted16:58
SpamapSI mean, if I have to resize, parted is where I go. ;)16:58
SpamapSkinygos: either way, what you need to do is create a corresponding partition for each one from the original disk.16:59
SpamapSkinygos: then create a matching filesystem on each one (probably ext3)16:59
kinygosSpamapS: excellent, thanks :) it is indeed the ext3 filesystem, so i'm reading up...i came across parted because i wanted to reduce the size of one partition that was taking most of the disk with only 1% space used17:01
nimrod10how can I extract the content from a deb package ?17:07
jpdsnimrod10: dpkg --extract package.deb /tmp/location17:08
nimrod10thanks jpds17:08
oCeannimrod10: please don't crosspost17:09
nimrod10oCean, ok I won't do that. I imagined that noone will see my question is a sea of over 1000 users on #ubuntu17:10
oCeannimrod10: ok17:11
SpamapSkinygos: You probably have one partition that is swap, not ext3.. so make sure you know which one that is.17:17
kinygosSpamapS: indeed, it's my first one on the first primary partition...i'm in the process of creating it, but am trying to figure out which cylinder it should end on as the RAID characteristics are completely different to the physical disk17:19
kinygosSpamapS: eg, physical disk has 255 heads, 63 sectors, 30401 cylinders...RAID has 2 heads, 4 sectors, 61049616 cylinders17:19
SpamapSkinygos: you can just specify a size.17:20
SpamapSkinygos: make the sizes about the same, should be fine.17:21
overlord_tmhow can i see which packages were updated and when?17:22
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mathiazDaviey: o/17:35
mathiazDaviey: any news on the release front?17:35
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jeiworthsay, quick question, if i want to have byobu autostart on a erver machine when logging in via ssh, where do i configure it? ~/.bashrc?17:43
Davieymathiaz, None really.. it's looking good.  I told ttx that i would be happy to sign it off - and he agreed.17:44
mathiazDaviey: o^5 - good job!17:44
zoopsterjeiworth: I did it from the screen interface (f9) there is an option to set it17:45
jeiworthzoopster: oh, well, that sounds obvious, i am so used to mangling with config-files ;)17:45
zoopsterjeiworth: well...call me lazy :-D17:46
jeiworthzoopster: well, that did the trick, thanks!17:49
zoopsterjeiworth: yw17:50
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elb0wis there a 32bit server edition?18:08
elb0wfound it18:08
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kinygosSpamapS: i think i've buggered it up (again)...i have my partitions, but i don't understand how to make the first one a swap partition :(18:23
kinygosSpamapS: still looking online...sorry..i talk too much18:25
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SpamapSkinygos: in fdisk, you change the type to "linux swap"18:32
SpamapSkinygos: and then do 'mkswap /dev/md0p0' or whatever the partition is18:32
SpamapSkinygos: for the ext3 ones, 'mkfs.ext3 /dev/md0pX' should be enough. Then mount, rsync, done.18:33
kinygosSpamapS: should i have done that before writing the partition table out? :(18:45
SpamapSkinygos: no18:46
SpamapSkinygos: you can just go change the types18:46
SpamapSkinygos: and with swap.. its sort of.. less critical ;)18:46
kinygosSpamapS: awesome, thank you for your time and continued support :)18:46
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uvirtbotNew bug: #652274 in mysql-5.1 (main) "package libmysqlclient16 5.1.49-1ubuntu7 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/libmysqlclient.so.16.0.0', which is also in package mysql-cluster-client-5.1 7.0.9-1ubuntu7" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65227419:11
spajderixon one of my server every few minutes la jumps very high all of a sudden, and server almost freezes. Situation lasts for a few seconds, and everything gets back to normal. htop shows no cpu usage, no sudden memusage, iotop shows no hdd activity. Is there a way to check what exactly blocks cpu, and what this process does?19:12
RoyKspajderix: nfs blocking?19:13
kinygosare directories like /lib and /var/lib related?19:17
RoyKnot really, /lib contains system libraries critical to the OS, /var/lib usually contains stuff like database data, dhcp leases and so on19:19
stbainAre there any monitoring software packages (such as Zenoss or Hyperic) that are maintained and updated in the Ubuntu server repositories?19:19
RoyKthat is - if you can say nagios is ever updated (it rarely is)19:19
stbainRoyK, was looking for something a little more robust. Been a while since I looked at Nagios.19:20
RoyKnagios is robust, but the gui sucks19:20
stbainIs it still manual configuration file editing?19:20
RoyKthere are addons to do automatic stuff, but yes, manual config is the standard19:21
RoyKI somehow like that - a config file doesn't get damaged as easily as a database gets corrupted19:21
RoyKand a config file is easy to replace if something goes wrong19:21
RoyKanyway - the configuration of nagios (or Icinga, a fork) is quite easy to learn19:22
stbainI recall configuring Nagios manually... was hoping perhaps something better had come along by now.19:25
RoyKstbain: nagios development has almost halted - seems they want to make money on nagios iv instead of keeping up the open development - that was the main reason for the icinga fork, which includes quite a bunch of new stuff19:27
RoyKEurope according to Estonians http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUgqXGu_gTQ :D19:32
kinygosin a similar vein, i lol'd at http://alphadesigner.com/project-mapping-stereotypes.html19:33
cfairleswhat is mysql-dfsg ? vs. mysql-server19:40
cfairlesApparently there's a fix in mysql-dfsg for an apparmor issue preventing the innodb plugin from loading, but no lucid repo i have in my sources has a package called mysql-dfsg...19:42
sbeattiecfairles: mysql-dfsg is the source package name, mysql-server is the binary package name.19:42
* RoyK doesn't like mysql very well except for tiny web stuff19:44
cfairlessbeattie, i see, thanks. i think i'll just modify the apparmor config file myself for now.19:44
RoyKcfairles: keep in mind that there are some rather bad bugs with innodb on high load19:47
illytacoshello folks, have a bit of a problem and was wondering if someone could help. I am trying to manually configure and connect a SMB file server. I tried smbclient -L //server -U root and entered the server password not sure if this is correct got the error Connection to server failed (Error NT_STATUS_HOST_UNREACHABLE) right now I just want to see this ubuntu box on another windows laptop on the network. Any advice? I'm sure I'm20:01
EvilPhoenixyour message was cut off at "I'm sure I'm..."20:02
illytacosoh that's ok I was just saying I'm sure I'm going wrong somewhere just not sure where lol20:02
SpamapSillytacos: are you sure samba is running on the server?20:17
RoyKillytacos: usually the root account is blocked in samba20:19
illytacosSpamapS: nope. when I set up ubuntu server edition it gave me the option at the end to select from lamp server, samba server etc so I selected samba assuming it would be installed. I didn't even realize I had to run it. no wonder I'm running into problems20:19
SpamapSillytacos: well it may or may not be running20:20
SpamapSillytacos: if its installed, it should be running20:20
illytacosSpamapS: how would I go about checking that>20:20
illytacosomg ok sorry I think I understand what happened I have smbfs installed, smb client, samba-common-bin etc but samba itself... not installed -_-' sorry20:22
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elb0wAnyone installed mysql 5.5 on ubuntu 10.04?20:37
scrllockare you having issues with it?20:37
elb0wI tried the binary20:38
elb0wand when I got done it wouldnt start20:38
scrllockdid it give you an error?20:38
elb0w100930 15:32:00 [ERROR] Can't find messagefile '/usr/share/errmsg.sys'20:39
elb0wAnyone else?20:42
_rubenthat path doesnt look very sane to me20:44
_rubeni'd expect something like /usr/share/mysql-server/errmsg.sys instead .. then again, never with any mysql other than the one provided by default20:48
_rubenand im afk again20:48
illytacosyou guys rock thanks the advice helped. I feel a little silly but I am in new territory here :) thanks for making it easier20:52
elb0wroot@DBS3:/usr/local/mysql# bin/mysqld status --lc-messages-dir="/usr/local/mysql/share/english/"21:00
elb0w100930 15:59:40 [ERROR] An old style --language value with language specific part detected: /usr/local/mysql/share/english/21:00
elb0w100930 15:59:40 [ERROR] Use --lc-messages-dir without language specific part instead.21:00
elb0wany clue? sorry for paste in chan, just 3 lines21:00
dankestAm I visible?21:06
elb0wWHO SAID THAT21:06
dankesthahaha appreciate it21:06
RoyKelb0w: tried #mysql?21:07
elb0wim sure theyll say they only do queries21:07
wirelessdreameri'm stuck in a dependency loop, tied into this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-cluster-7.0/+bug/62900521:13
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 629005 in mysql-cluster-7.0 "package libmysqlclient16 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.6 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/libmysqlclient.so.16.0.0', which is also in package mysql-cluster-client-5.1 0:7.0.9-1ubuntu7" [High,Fix released]21:13
* RoyK heaves over his IBM 5155 portable21:13
wirelessdreamerI can't get apt back into a sane state after trying to install mysqlcluster21:13
wirelessdreamerthis is on lts not the rc21:14
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SpamapSmathiaz: hey, would you say we're done ISO testing for the RC?21:46
mathiazSpamapS: definetely21:46
mathiazSpamapS: RC has been released21:46
mathiazSpamapS: there will be a respin for final21:46
SpamapSmathiaz: ok, just updating workitems... gotta move that line. ;)21:46
mathiazSpamapS: so we'll do more iso testing down the line21:46
mathiazSpamapS: ;) - did the same thing this morning!21:46
mathiazSpamapS: and I'm working on another WI ATM21:47
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SpamapSmathiaz: *almost* straight http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/maverick/canonical-server-ubuntu-10.10.html21:47
* SpamapS goes to lunch21:48
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* ttx waves21:51
mathiazttx: o/^521:52
ttxmathiaz: everything good ?21:53
mathiazttx: RC is out of the door21:53
ttxmathiaz: inet connectivity is particularly bad at this conference21:53
* mathiaz hands a satellite modem to ttx 21:53
ttxah! that should be handy, if only the auditorium wasn't in the basement21:54
* mathiaz hands a wide-range satellite antenna to ttx 21:54
uvirtbotNew bug: #652433 in krb5 (main) "Init script dependency error: krb5-kdc starts before slapd" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65243322:06
ruben23hi guys whast the command to check the installed packages on an ubuntu-server..22:18
ruben23anyone have idea please22:23
SpamapSruben23: dpkg -l23:01
=== ivoks-afk is now known as ivoks
SpamapSruben23: note that it will also show packages which have been installed, but removed and left behind config files. (the ones that start with 'rc')23:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #652489 in openssh (main) "package openssh-server 1:5.3p1-3ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65248923:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #652515 in dovecot (main) "package dovecot-postfix 1:1.2.11-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-removal script killed by signal (Killed)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65251523:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #652519 in dovecot (main) "package dovecot-postfix 1:1.2.11-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 137" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65251923:51

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