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manusheelishan_: Hi Ishan.16:03
ishan_manusheel, hi sir16:03
manusheelishan_: Ishan, can you send the documentation on creating patches to Anubhav?16:04
ishan_manusheel, sure sir16:04
manusheelishan_: He was asking me on that.16:04
ishan_manusheel, sure16:04
* ishan_ is away for dinner17:05
dipankarhi everybody18:19
shandipankar, hi :-)18:19
dipankarshan, how are you doing?18:20
shandipankar, i am fine, i was able to resolve the copy/paste issue on abacus, but paste doesn't work completely, so planning to send diff up18:21
dipankarshan, +1. Good work18:22
shanthanks :-)18:23
anubhav_dipankar: hi sir19:00
dipankaranubhav_, hi19:00
anubhav_dipankar: i was working on #306 bug19:00
anubhav_dipankar: i have made changes. i have problem in making a patch19:01
anubhav_dipankar: needed to make changes in multiple files and now there is problem in creating one patch out of them as all are in different folders19:02
dipankaranubhav_, no worries19:02
dipankaranubhav_, can you provide me info : where are you editing the files, with directories19:03
anubhav_dipankar:/source/read/readtoolbar.py   /source/browse/edittoolbar.py /source/log/logviewer.py /source/browse/webtoolbar19:05
dipankaranubhav_, in jhbuild right?19:05
anubhav_dipankar: yes19:05
dipankaranubhav_, try going to the source folder first19:06
dipankarand run : git status19:06
anubhav_dipankar: tried that but showed the changes in install directory and not in source directory19:07
dipankaranubhav_, can you share your desktop with me?19:08
dipankaryou are on Ubuntu or Fedora?19:08
anubhav_dipankar: ubuntu19:08
anubhav_dipankar: i dont have skype19:08
dipankaranubhav_, run the empathy client19:08
dipankarApplications -> Internet -> Empathy19:09
dipankarI have sent you my e-mail19:09
anubhav_dipankar: yes done it19:09
dipankaranubhav_, just a sec. I myself forgot to start it19:10
dipankaranubhav_, send me a request19:10
anubhav_dipankar: network error19:12
anubhav_dipankar: empathy is showing network error19:13
dipankaranubhav_, nevermind19:14
dipankaranubhav_, go to install directory then19:14
ishan_dipankar, try doing it using teamviewer19:14
* ishan_ will be back in 5mins19:15
dipankaranubhav_, ok, try git status in the folder where jhbuild is installed. what do you get?19:16
anubhav_dipankar: i first did changes in all 5 files in install directory and made patches for  2 of them then i did changes in source directory19:17
anubhav_dipankar: if done in the jhbuild folder then also got the changes in install directory19:17
anubhav_dipankar: actually i have made patches for all the changes in source directory seperately but made patches for only 2 of the install ones .If i do the git status it shows me the other 3 under changes o be commited19:21
dipankaranubhav_, to make sure all changes are covered up, you need to be in a _source_ directory from where all other directories are branched.19:23
ishan_dipankar, can you control my desktop19:27
dipankarishan_, slow net connection19:29
dipankarcan't do it right now19:29
ishan_dipankar, no problem19:29
lfaraonedfarning: fyi, chrisccoulson of canonical / ubuntu-mozillateam has ACK'd Firefox.activity.21:03
dfarninglfaraone, nice it is not perfect... but it is better than nothing.21:45
lfaraonedfarning: should I write up the FFe?21:52
dfarninglfaraone,  yes please.  No browser is kind of a showstopper:)  Is there a package available anywhere?21:53
lfaraonedfarning: yes. http://people.sugarlabs.org/~lfaraone/debian/sugar-firefox-activity_6+dfsg-1_all.deb is in the category "it runs"22:27
lfaraonedfarning: in git I'm preparing the version for upload.22:27
dfarninglfaraone, looks good enough that it will prevent the show from stopping!22:33
satellitLTStesting 10.04 Ubuntu LTS with sugar-emulator and surf-115 loaded activities....But no F3 ring list of activities.... need to use journal to start them23:10
satellit_defarning: I needed 10.04 for testing.....looking foreward to next iteration of USR23:12

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