charlie-tcaXubuntu is completed; UbuntuStudio is completed03:23
hggdhmarjo: there yet?04:30
hggdhmarjo: who would be able to test server JeOS under ESX?04:30
aragood morning all!08:14
jibelmorning ara!08:22
aramorning jibel!08:22
jibelara, the test coverage seems pretty good, isn't it ?08:22
arajibel, yes, I am sooooo happy08:22
arajibel, I am going to try the "run once" tests that are not covered08:31
jibelara, I'm helping james-w testing a policykit fix, and retrying an upgrade scenario, then I can help on it.08:33
=== smb` is now known as smb
arajibel, sure, no worries, there are not much testcases left. Thanks!08:35
davmor2morning ara did bladernr get the xubuntu wubi tests done?11:35
aradavmor2, morning!11:36
aradavmor2, yes, they are now covered11:36
davmor2ara: cool11:36
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bladernrara:  the link to testing instructions for Kubuntu Alternate i386 Rescue point to a non-existant page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Rescue13:35
arabladernr, OK, thanks! fixing it now13:58
fader_Howdy folks14:00
hggdhanyone able to test ESX?14:01
bladernrhggdh:  not yet... I take it that to do so, I need to run a windows system here, and tunnel in?14:02
* bladernr has never messed with the ESX server before, but thought about trying this morning14:02
bladernrhowever... I am working on the less time consuming tests first14:02
hggdhbladernr: actually, you could have ESX on Linux also14:03
bladernryes, but you need a windows system to actually use vSphere or whatever to access and use the VMs, no?14:04
hggdhbladernr: no, the tests do not require it (at least the server tests)14:06
bladernrhrmmm... ok.  It's just been a very long time since I last touched an ESX server... used to know them in and out, but it's been a couple years now14:06
hggdh:-) I *never* had ESX (I did run VMWare Server, though), so it has been about hlaf a century for me ;-)14:08
bladernr so how do you access the VMs to actually do the install then? (I was just looking at what cyphermox sent out yesterday)14:09
bladernrI'll forward it to you and see what you think14:09
davmor2hey fader_ bladernr cr3 and others14:09
bladernrno... no no no... go away!14:09
cyphermoxbladernr, fader sent an email with the details14:10
cyphermox(some time ago)14:11
bladernrcyphermox:  yeah, I was just looking that over a little while ago.  Sent to hggdh as he seems to have a different way.14:11
bladernrdavmor2:  I think all the wubi stuff is handled now.  I never did get 32bit to boot on my netbook under XP... but 64bit versions on my big laptop worked just fine (running Win7 64)14:12
cr3davmor2: yo dude14:12
bladernrbut you and jibel, I think, got the 32bit ones done14:12
davmor2bladernr: Yeah that's just you and your weirdo setup ;)14:13
bladernrdavmor2:  don't you have the same weirdo setup?14:13
charlie-tcaGood morning, everybody14:13
bladernrdavmor2:  I know jibel does ;-)14:13
bladernrcharlie-tca:  hola, dude14:13
bladernrcharlie-tca:  welcome to the house of pain14:14
davmor2bladernr: No I got too many machines to need to daul boot and install wubi :D14:14
charlie-tcaThanks, bladernr14:14
bladernrdavmor2:  ahhhh... that's right.  You guys and your high rated shillings and farthings14:14
davmor2morning charlie-tca how's things14:14
davmor2bladernr: haha14:14
bladernrdavmor2:  I can only afford to buy one new laptop at a time (besides, the wife get's a bit twitchy every time I mention buying a new system)14:15
bladernrand all my older hardware is mostly museum pieces now ... heh... unless you know how to run windows on Sparc ;-)14:15
davmor2bladernr: Windows NT Sparc Edition14:16
bladernrheh.. not sure wubi will run under that...14:16
bladernrNT is a bit dated14:16
bladernrmaybe that should be another optional test... wubi on sparc?14:16
davmor2bladernr: not sure Ubuntu would to be honest :D14:16
jibelbladernr, I've got a new netbook with W7 this morning, I'm going to try wubi 32bit on it. Just to feel the pain14:17
bladernrjibel:  you are a sick, sick person... I salute you, sir!14:18
davmor2bladernr: I thought that went without saying if you joined the QA channels14:18
bladernrdavmor2:  true... it is a requirement to join the club14:19
marjodavmor2: "no pain, no gain"; i only appreciated the level of sickness in the qa group at oxford14:20
marjodavmor2: i'm glad that jibel has joined the asylum14:21
bladernrmarjo:  appreciated, or didn't quite understand until then?  I appreciate our level of sickness every day :-)14:21
charlie-tcadavmor2: things been looking good, I thought14:23
charlie-tcaas long as I don t have to touch wubi14:24
davmor2charlie-tca: wubi done14:25
bladernrdavmor2:  oh, but we saved those "special" wubi cases for charlie-tca15:12
mfletchergreetings everyone15:13
charlie-tca Oh, goody! How lucky can I get.15:13
davmor2bladernr: shhh it's not close enough to release for charlie-tca to be under any real pressure yet15:13
bladernrmfletcher:  howdy15:14
mfletcherI just joined the testing team a few minutes ago15:15
bladernrwelcome to the House of Pain15:15
charlie-tcamfletcher: Glad to see you15:15
bladernrFeel free to ask questions then, we're like fresh meat... errr... new, excited testers15:15
bladernrerr... you know... sigh...15:16
charlie-tcaso, who is responsible for the cd-rw drive I just wore out?15:16
mfletcheri'm looking to break into software development by gaining some relevant expereince15:16
charlie-tcaIt's not like I used it more than "a lot"!15:16
bladernrcharlie-tca:  cd-rw drive?  You actually use those things?  How quaint :-)15:18
charlie-tcaIt fits right in with my 3.5 floppy drive, huh?15:19
bladernrmfletcher:  cool... learning how to debug things that break is a Good Thing[tm]15:19
bladernrcharlie-tca:  indeed.  I back up my filesystems on reel-to-reel15:20
bladernrand punch cards15:20
charlie-tcaWell, that trumps my zip10015:20
davmor2bladernr: wow I'm still printing mine then scanning them back in on fresh installs15:21
bladernrheh... oddly enough, I've got a stack of old zip disks, but no drive... and that kinda sucks, because I've got backups of all the programs I wrote in college on them15:21
charlie-tcaI used cassette drive, but I can't hardly find blank tapes no more15:21
charlie-tcaHow many zip drives you want?15:21
bladernrcharlie-tca:  I think I have some cassettes here... unless I gave them all to the tapers15:22
charlie-tcaI have 3-4 zip drives if you wanted one15:22
bladernrcharlie-tca:  it never ceases to amaze me how much assorted hardware and junk we tend to accumulate...15:23
* bladernr has a stack of Sparc and PowerPC systems in a corner, some old NeXT Stations and so forth...15:24
charlie-tcaI know. Sometimes I wish it did not keep getting deeper15:24
fader_bladernr: I'll take a NeXT station or two if you're looking to shed them ;)15:25
bladernrfader_:  hold one15:26
* fader_ is also looking for an old PDP-11 and/or a BeBox if anyone is looking for Christmas ideas ;)15:27
bladernrfader_:  they're heavy... but if you cover actual shipping and packaging, you can have them ;-)15:28
fader_Heh, shipping would probably be more than they're worth :P15:28
fader_bladernr: Aren't you planning to drive to Boston sometime soon?15:28
bladernrHrmmm.. I don't think I could fit them all in the Miata15:28
fader_Surely one would fit ;)15:29
bladernrHowever... on US Air, I get two free checked bags at 70lbs each...15:29
bladernrhowever, I do need to look into flying somewhere that will give me >2000 miles in each direction... so that means, most likely, LAX15:29
bladernror SFO (though I have family in LA, so I can stay for free)15:30
bladernrhrmmm... but I have family in SFO too...15:30
bladernrif I can make 4000 miles by december (after UDS and Dallas), I'll hit gold on Star Alliance15:30
bladernrYAY... my alternate install is done!15:30
bladernrara:  who writes the test cases, or maintains them at least?  some of them don't follow the new ubiquity15:34
bladernrfor example: http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/NonEnglishLanguage#Installation%20Broken%20Internet15:34
arabladernr, any one from the Ubuntu QA15:35
arabladernr, yourself, i.e. ;-)15:36
fader_bladernr: Don't you know by now that asking questions is equivalent to volunteering? ;)15:36
* bladernr has quit (ping timeout)15:36
* charlie-tca is happy that one wasn't him15:37
arafader_, did you reproduce this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/65070315:37
ubot4Launchpad bug 650703 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "OEM config appears to work but user setup is not run after reboot (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]15:37
araI run oem several times, and they all worked for me15:38
fader_ara: I was able to reproduce it on my system several times, but I've also been seeing other bugs that nobody else is15:40
fader_(e.g. the sudo issue)15:40
fader_If other people are not able to reproduce it I think we can assume my test system is broken15:40
* fader_ sighs.15:40
fader_I guess I'll wipe and reinstall after the release... again15:41
bladernrhrmm... I've never done a non-english install before,... should localization also change the kernel messags and such?15:42
bladernrchoosing a language at boot does change ubiquity, but doesn't change the stuff that gets passed through syslog15:43
araaprt from jibel, did anyone else tried upgrading wubi?15:44
marjo__bladernr, ara, fader: anybody reporting problems of non-bootable system after alternate i386 entire disk install?15:44
aramarjo__, not that I know15:44
bladernrmarjo__:  I had no problems with any of my Alternate installs15:44
marjo__ara, bladernr: ack15:44
* bladernr has done both i386 and amd64 with no problems15:44
marjo__bladernr: did you choose "entire disk"15:45
aramarjo__, can you get the installation logs?15:45
bladernrmarjo__:  yeah, I've done entire disk, manual, manual LVM,15:45
marjo__bladernr: ack15:45
aramarjo__, and what do you mean by non-bootable? until which point=15:45
marjo__ara: just a flashing cursor in left hand corner; but no message error15:46
fader_marjo__: Something like bug 641259?15:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 641259 in grub2 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "grub does not appear to load after maverick post-beta install (affects: 6) (heat: 44)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64125915:46
marjo__ara: it's similar to what i got previously installing server on netbook15:46
fader_I haven't seen it specifically on alternate installs but I have seen it on a number of server systems in the test labs15:46
jibelara, didrocks fixed the upgrade issue this morning.15:47
arajibel, why is his task still marked as "triaged"15:48
marjo__fader: yes15:48
fader_marjo__: Try doing a side-by-side install of 10.04 LTS on it, and then booting into the maverick install afterward15:48
marjo__fader: is it worth trying your workaround?15:48
fader_My guess is it will work perfectly then15:48
fader_marjo__: Yes, I think so15:48
astraljavaara: All Ubuntu Studio amd64 tests completed successfully.15:48
araastraljava, great15:48
fader_This one is very hard to debug :(15:49
marjo__astraljava: thx! haven't had time to test studio this time15:49
marjo__on i38615:49
marjo__fader: ok will do15:49
astraljavamarjo__: Right, we had good help this time around. :)15:49
jibelara, don't know, gnome-keyring was uploaded this morning.15:49
fader_marjo__: Please let me know how it goes... I'm doing this one by one on the servers to try to at least get them booted and get some distro tests on them and it's worked 100% so far15:50
arajibel, and after this, did the upgrade was succesful?15:50
araor was the upgrade successful?15:50
marjo__fader: will do15:51
marjo__fader: ok to specify "entire disk", right? i don't want to change too many parameters15:51
marjo__for the 10.04 LTS initial install15:52
jibelara, It's still unapproved in the upload queue15:52
fader_marjo__: No15:52
marjo__fader: uh oh15:52
fader_marjo__: Do a maverick install on full disk, followed by a side-by-side of 10.0415:52
marjo__ah the other way around15:52
fader_That way you keep the maverick install on the disk but get the 10.04 grub15:52
arajibel, OK, then I guess it is safer to leave the release note as it is right now15:52
jibelwubi netbook install is a ... FAIL15:56
jibel1rst try, corrupted initrd15:56
jibel2nd try, no menu to install ubuntu15:56
jibelmvo, not really the period to do that but that would be interesting to disable the deferred sync in dpkg and retry the dpkg -i OOo-common and compare the results16:08
bladernrfader_:  what if you did a maverick install, then simply did a 10.04 RESCUE and redo grub install via rescue?16:08
jibelmvo, the current results will discourage many netbook users16:08
bladernr^^ or used the maverick alt disk for rescue to re-install grub?16:08
mvojibel: I suspect there is something else going on as well, I was just looking at the data and it does not make a lot of sense16:09
jibelmvo, what do you suspect ?16:09
mvojibel: maybe its a problem with my machine only, but it appears that the io stops/slows the HW clock on my test atom board16:09
mvojibel: so my numbers are not really accurate, it alos appears like pressing keys while the io is taking place influcense the result16:10
jibelmvo, yeah, a time machine16:10
mvojibel: I do a stop watch test next, I don't trust the times anymore :)16:10
mvojibel: fortunately its so slow that this should be ok16:10
mvojibel: can-of-worms-timemachine16:11
mvojibel: but it might be just odness with my atom, I doN't have a mini, just a old lenovo16:11
bladernrwow... 11:30... guess it's time to get dressed.16:24
davmor2bladernr: before lunch that's not like you16:24
bladernrdavmor2:  good point... I'll wait16:25
davmor2bladernr: Besides think of your missus food stains on skin is far easier to clean than food stains on clothing :D16:26
mvojibel: I put more info in the bug, maybe ara can run the same test to see if the mini9 shows a similar behavior)16:28
aramvo, sure, I can try next week again16:28
bladernrara:  question about http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/4563/44116:28
bladernrif Spanish (which should be fully localized according to the test case) still gives me the "You aren't fully localized" popup when doing the no-internet install, should I fail the case (it does fail the case) or just mark the bug and pass?16:29
* bladernr thinks it should fail, since it did give me the popup... but wanted ara's expert opinion16:30
arabladernr, then the testcase is wrong, because the cd contains most strings for spanish, but not full localization16:30
bladernrara... ok.16:31
* ara reads the testcase to check for the error16:31
* bladernr can't read.... 16:31
bladernrI saw "A pop up shows saying your language support is not complete" but my brain saw " no popup"16:32
bladernrI've been at this since 6am because I couldn't sleep last nigh... need more coffee, I think. TIme to brew another pot.16:32
charlie-tcaThanks to mvo, my bug got fixed!16:39
mvocharlie-tca: yw16:40
marjo__fader_ you're brilliant (never mind your nickname)16:50
marjo__fader_ your workaround worked for me; i'm able to choose and boot the previously unbootable maverick after installing 10.04 LTS side-by-side16:51
marjo__cjwatson: ^^^16:51
jibelI finally installed wubi/netbook with the help of the good old windows recipe: if that doesn't work then restart your computer and try again.17:10
fader_marjo__: Glad to hear it worked.  I'm very concerned about this though... it's an evil one17:15
fader_So far I don't even know if it's specific to individual systems or if it always happens on the same models17:15
marjo__fader: ack; i'll bring my netbook, so that cjwatson can try to dup it (assuming it's the same bug)17:15
fader_marjo__: That's cutting it very fine... I hope it's a simple fix :/17:16
fader_(Not that I'm suggesting you could do anything else)\17:16
mvojibel: it turns out that on my test system switching from "AHCI" to "compat" fixes the slowness17:16
marjo__fader: has to be grub, right? since 10.04 LTS grub is able to load and boot the successfully installed maverick17:16
mvojibel: now the question is, is that true on the mini9 as well :) ? I don't have one, I don't know17:16
fader_marjo__: grub is my guess, yeah17:16
marjo__fader: but why a server and an acer aspire one?!17:17
jibelmvo, that would be a kernel issue17:17
mvoso mini9 users, tell me please :)17:17
fader_marjo__: No idea... it's affected random systems so far, apparently.17:17
marjo__ah random systems! ok17:17
fader_But none of the easy ones to troubleshoot, e.g. systems in our lab or that have a KVM attached17:17
marjo__fader: this one has an external usb CD/DVD drive17:18
mvojibel: yeah, I tried the maverick kernel, no change on this system (lenovo s12)17:18
marjo__fader: so after all this, i never got to finish the rescue mode test that requires two root partitions! but ara covered it17:19
fader_marjo__: Yeah, reproducing bug 641259 on a system you can get to cjwatson might be a better thing anyway :)17:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 641259 in grub2 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "grub does not appear to load after maverick post-beta install (affects: 7) (heat: 50)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64125917:20
marjo__fader: i mentioned the "ronald mccollam workaround" in the comment17:21
jibelmvo, I'll try on mine to see if there is a difference, I can select ahci or ide, I guess "ide" is your "compat"17:21
mvojibel: yes, do you know what default is ?17:21
mvojibel: on mine it was ahci17:22
jibelmvo, ahci17:22
jibelmvo, did you talked with the kernel team ?17:22
mvoplease try ide then17:22
mvonot yet, I just discovered it 10min ago :)17:22
mvoI can ask them after dinne17:22
jibelmvo, having a break, I'll try later.17:23
marjo__fader: anybody going to cover the remaining arm test cases?17:24
fader_marjo__: No idea... I don't have any arm hardware to test on.  IIRC GrueMaster hit those last time17:24
marjo__GrueMaster not around17:24
marjo__plars? ^^^17:25
plarsmarjo__: what's left, let me take a look?17:26
marjo__plars: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/untested17:26
plarsmarjo__: since I'm not on that team anymore, I no longer have most of the needed hardware17:27
marjo__plars: ack17:27
plarsmarjo__: also, the one board I do have is tied up with linaro image testing right now, but if I get a moment I can try to work in a test on omap...17:29
marjo__plars: that'd be great! thx in advance17:29
marjo__plars: GrueMaster is testing some of the remaining arm tests17:49
plarsmarjo__: that's good, he'd be the one to have the hardware for it :)17:49
marjo__plars: ack17:50
GrueMasterTalking about me again?  :P17:50
plarsGrueMaster: only good things :)17:50
GrueMasterheh.  Riiiight.17:50
marjo__GrueMaster: thx for joining the fun channel17:52
GrueMasterI thought #pie was the fun channel.  I must be missing something.  :P17:52
plarsis there a workaround for reporting things that apport doesn't like because it crashed on an assertion failure?17:52
GrueMasterWhat are you trying to report?17:53
plarsGrueMaster: I had a .crash file for _usr_lib_gvfs_gvfs-gdu-volume-monitor on the efl image17:53
GrueMasterInteresting.  On beagle?17:54
plarsGrueMaster: yep17:54
plarsseems familiar17:54
GrueMasterI haven't fired up the beagle yet today.  I'll see if I can reproduce it.17:56
GrueMasterCould be related to bug 651302.17:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 651302 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "No sound in omap (beagle, beagleXM). (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65130217:56
GrueMasterplars: I may have to hold off retesting your volume-monitor crash issue until tomorrow.  We have some releases (albeit unsupported) that need testing.18:48
plarsGrueMaster: no worries, I think it's likely to be related to sound not working, but using your alsamixer settings I'm still not having much luck18:48
GrueMasterYesterday while getting ready for an upgrade test, I found everything works fine in Lucid.  So this is a regression.18:49
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davmor2cyphermox: ping22:35
cyphermoxdavmor2, yup?22:36
davmor2when you tested the wireless was the netbook plugged into the mains or not?22:36
davmor2cyphermox: ^22:37
cyphermoxremind me what was the bug number for this?22:37
cyphermoxI don't think it was plugged in wired... as for power, yes it was22:37
davmor2hang on22:38
ubot4Launchpad bug 649357 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "network-manager on une will not connect (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Incomplete]22:39
davmor2cyphermox:  I just noticed now I have the netbook plugged in the wireless is working22:40
cyphermoxwhen you say plugged, you mean mains as in electrical, right?22:42
davmor2cyphermox: yeap22:42
davmor2cyphermox: I plug into the mains switch on and I have wifi, I'm gonna do a reboot now and unplug and see if it connect then22:43
cyphermoxin that case, yes, when I tested I had the system plugged in... it's pretty much a must here, we always test without batteries (because the batteries would die quickly and don't help with rebooting systems quickly)22:43
cyphermoxdavmor2, cool, I'll be very interested to know22:44
davmor2cyphermox: bingo22:48
davmor2tried twice to connect with no power lead fail.  plug the power back in connects first time22:48
davmor2fader_: you still got your compaq?22:50
cyphermoxdavmor2, that is very weird... means its an hardware issue though22:51
davmor2cyphermox: it might be that the latest gnome settings thing has a power saving mode for wireless that is faulty may be22:53
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
cyphermoxdavmor2, I don't know, just checked and I can't see anything that would lead to that in gnome-power-manager... also, it would happen for a wider range of systems if it was the case22:58
davmor2true it's just really odd and has only happened recently22:59
cyphermoxdavmor2, I *will* need to reinstall my netbook probably tonight, so I'll give it a careful look :)22:59

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