newz2000oh, I believe it is fixed, forgot to close the bug14:34
popeynewz2000: will ubuntu.com be updated for rc?, it currently announces the beta16:25
newz2000popey: yep16:26
newz2000There has been debate about dropping the term "RC" because it's viewed as technical jargon and most of the world understands the concept of beta16:26
newz2000(dropping it from our advertising)16:26
newz2000but not this time. ;-) I just have to get the word from the release team where the final pieces are16:27
dakernewz2000, i don't if we can change the structure of the light-base-theme17:51
newz2000daker: not sure what you mean by that17:52
dakerthe structure of the document doesn't really help when trying to make something with17:53
dakeractually it has "header, aside, section ..."17:54
newz2000daker: you've really lost me, it could be because my head is full of release day stuff17:55
dakersorry :D17:55
newz2000what's the context? Are there some changes to the theme happening?17:56
dakerwe are working (me, mhall119 & cjohnston ) on that17:57
dakernewz2000, we are trying to follow the desing guidelines17:58
newz2000The design guidelines were not made with community websites in mind. As it turns out, they weren't even made for wiki.u.c17:59
newz2000The main ones to consider are the font (use ubuntu font), the logo usage guidelines and the color pallete. Also, understand the dots/ grid and take it into consideration17:59
newz2000I found this out 2 weeks ago, last week I got some updated design guidance but it's not quite ready18:01
newz2000however it does take into consideration community sites18:01
dakernewz2000, oki18:22
zkriesseOMG! its a popey !19:46

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