akgranerAwesome day 2 at Grace Hopper - gave out lots of information about ubuntu women! :-)  Many women who stopped by the booth were already using Ubuntu and wanted to know how to get involved with contribution - I sent them here :-)  Happy dance!!!06:50
hypatiaakgraner: awesome!06:50
akgranerThere were also a lot of students who had heard of Open Source - but not sure what it was - and it was just as exciting to talk to them and demo Ubuntu for them06:52
hypatiawow, that's fantastic :D06:52
hypatiamight be worth taking emails and signing them up to the mailing list?06:53
hypatiathe former (how do i get involved) types that is06:53
macoyeah set out a signup sheet06:53
akgranerI gave them my cards with the website information on it and had a link to the sign up page available if they wanted to sign up on the spot06:55
akgranerbut they wanted to read about the group first06:55
hypatia(and understandable)06:58
akgranerThen I left the Grace Hopper event to go to a meeting/expo for the National Association of Women Business Owners no one there knew anything about ubuntu  - so of course I had to tell them about it along with the business I was there with :-)07:02
akgranerso it was a great day!07:02
akgranerOh and I finally joined the systers mailing list - I kept meaning to do that  - but somehow forgot to...07:07
hypatiaoh, i should really do that07:07
akgranerThere were a lot of students there as well as teachers and school representatives it was cool to talk to them about what they use and why and what they would prefer to use and why07:14
akgranerThis is a great conference - it's very different than a Linux Fest and the women there are freakin' AWESOME!!!07:14
hypatiathanks for the systers reminder, akgraner07:17
* hypatia subscribed07:17
hypatiaoh wait, we were supposed to write an essay?  i just answered point-form07:18
macoessay? O_o07:19
nigelbessay? for what?07:22
hypatiathe systers application thingy07:23
nigelboh. OH.07:25
akgranerhypatia, I just wrote 5 4 or 5 sentences in the box  - nothing fancy or anything07:40
hypatiaah, cool07:40
czajkowskigood morning08:07
svakshahypatia: its just a few lines about /self08:16
hypatiasvaksha: yeah, that's what i put08:17
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optimumDoes Ubuntu-Women make public reports on its financial activities?09:11
hypatiaoptimum: we don't have any financial activities09:11
elkyoptimum, we have 0 monies.09:11
optimumshouldn't canonical provide funding?09:12
elkythere, this channel is logged and that report is now public. enjoy.09:12
hypatiaelky: lol09:12
hypatiathis just in: UW has 0 monies.09:12
hypatiaoptimum: canonical does fund some things such as the webhosting we use, and funding for some UW members to participate in UDS09:14
AlanBelloptimum: canonical provides support, some of which costs canonicl money09:14
hypatiabut it does this for all ubuntu projects09:14
elkyUW isn't a legal entity in any part of the universe. We have no reporting obligations.09:15
AlanBellwhy do you ask?09:15
optimumI would suggest that Canonical has a duty and responsibility to provide funding to Ubuntu-Women.09:15
rwwI maded you a cookie, but I eated it so we wouldn't have to put it on the tax forms.09:15
elkyoptimum, canonical does support us when we ask.09:16
hypatiarww: sadface09:16
svakshaoptimum: feel free to suggest that on our mailing-list for wider audience response09:17
optimumsvaksha: I will consider it.09:17
hypatiai'm not sure what we'd do with money09:18
hypatiaaside from send more folks to UDS09:18
rwwhazard pay for the channel ops09:18
MarkDuderww lol09:18
hypatiaon nights like tonight, that seems reasonable09:19
* hypatia sends thank-you cards09:19
elkyoptimum, was there some reason you wanted financial history for UW?09:22
optimumelky: I was wondering about who funds UW, how much funding they provide, and how the money is spent.  I am also a bit curious as to how the meetings are run, whether UW uses Robert's Rules, and so forth.09:25
valorieour past meetings are all online09:25
elkyoptimum, i've donated money and material objects to UW, and I really don't care for my financial activity to be public.09:25
hypatiaugh rob's rules09:25
hypatiado not want.09:25
hypatiaoptimum: you're welcome to attend our meetings, the schedule is public09:26
hypatiain the topic, actually09:26
valorieI've never seen a case where we needed something so hidebound and heavy09:26
AlanBelloptimum: I can tell you all about meeting processes if you like, how much time do you have?09:29
AlanBellout of interest does gentoo fund it's women's group?09:29
AlanBelloptimum: on the subject of meetings I would be interested in a discusion of the concept of quorum in an amorphous community group09:31
optimumI have a project I need to do, unfortunately. but I would be interested in having those discussions some other time.  I am not aware of a Gentoo women's group.  Gentoo is primarily a nonprofit production.09:34
AlanBellbit of a shame it doesn't have one, seeing as they cost zero moneies :)09:34
AlanBellthe "Ubuntu community" is basically not financially driven, Canonical is a very separate entity09:35
* valorie has seen the box where Gentoo is hosted09:39
valoriesame row as Linuxchix09:40
macoah osuosl?09:40
valorieand kernel.org09:40
valorieand a bunch of other cool projects09:40
rwwi love osuosl09:40
macoi met the osuosl guys. they had sharrow in their phone!09:40
rwwonly mirror that maxes out my download bandwidth <309:40
maco(for linuxchix.org reboots)09:40
* hypatia met the osuosl folks at osbridge09:41
hypatiai think?09:41
valorieyes, they were all great people09:41
hypatiathey were nice, wherever i met them09:41
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AlanBellaww, optimum didn't want to talk about processes :(10:17
svakshahe didnt mail the list asking for accounts either10:21
elkyoptimum, so how long have you been using gentoo?10:36
darkrosesomeone say gentoo?10:47
elkypick the ricer nick from the backscroll? :P10:58
AlanBellissyl0 in the news http://www.number10.gov.uk/news/topstorynews/2010/09/pm-challenges-departments-to-slash-energy-use-5533213:53
Pendulumissyl0: awesome :)13:56
popey http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/rorycellanjones/2010/09/isabells_idea_proving_green_gi.html15:34
vishwow! that is sooooooooo awesome! its like a new level of awesomeness!17:33
vishon http://www.govspark.org.uk/  "Isabell Long Age 16" nice touch! :)17:37
IdleOnevery cool17:57

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